Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This ancient and respectable family established itself in America about the end of the first decade of colonization in Massachusetts, and has furnished many valued citizens. The name comes either from a French ancestor who settled in Britain and was called "the French" in reference to his nationality, or from his having lived in France.

(I) Edward French was born about 1590, in England, and died Dec. 28, 1674, in Salisbury, Mass. With his wife Ann and two or more sons he came to America about 1637, and received land in the firt division at Salisbury, where he also bought land in 1642. He was a tailor by trade, and probably possessed means when he left England. He was a selectman in 1646-47-48, and his name appears on most of the early town lists as "commoner," taxpayer, etc.
His will was made April 10, 1673, and proved two years and three days later. His widow, who was probably a sister of Richard Goodale (1), died March 9, 1683, in Salisbury. Edward French is listed among the settlers of Ipswich in 1637-38.
Joseph, John, Samuel and Hannah, the second born before 1633.

(II) Samuel, third son of Edward and Ann French, resided in Salisbury, where he signed petitions in 1658, and was a member of the church in 1677 and 1687. He died July 26, 1692, in Salisbury. Administration of his eatate was established Nov. 16 following.
He married (first), June 1, 1664, in Salisbury, Abigail, daughter of Henry and Abigail Brown, of Salisbury. She was born Jan. 11, 1680, in that town. Samuel French's second wife was named Esther, and she survived him.
Children of 1st wife:
Abigail, Hannah, Samuel, Henry, Joseph, Nathaniel.
Children of 2d wife:
Joanna, John and Esther.

(III) Joseph, third son and fifth child of Samuel and Abigial (Brown) French, was born about 1676 in Salisbury, and resided in that town where he was a cardwainer. His will was made March 20, 1745, and proven Sept. 18, 1749. This goes to show that he was prudent, as his will was probably made some years before his death. His wife's name was Hannah, as indicated by his will.
Abigail, Samuel, Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Joseph.

(IV) Samuel (2), eldest son and second child of Joseph and Hannah French, was born Dec. 11, 1699, in Salisbury, and lived in that town until the establishment of the province line in 1741 threw his home into South Hampton, New Hampshire, where he continued to reside throughout his life.
He had sons:
Samuel, Henry, Benjamin, Nathaniel and probably Simon.
A daughter:
_____, who married Moses Page.
Benjamin settled in Gilmanton.

(V) Nathaniel, third son of Samuel (2) French, was born in 1724, in South Hampton, and probably settled in Kingston, New Hampshire.

(VI) Nathaniel (2), son of Nathaniel (1) French, was born in 1757 and died in 1799. He was a farmer, residing in Epping, New Hampshire, and served as a revolutionary soldier, enlisting June 15, 1775, in Captain John Norris' company.

(VII) Sargent, son of Nathaniel (2) French, was born Sept. 11, 1781, in Epping , and died Sept. 11, 1866.

(VIII) Nathaniel Waldo, son of Sargent French, was born at Tamworth, New Hampshire, Nov. 23, 1807, and died May 30, 1876, in Lewiston, Maine. A large part of his life was spent in Lunenburg, Vermont, where he was a merchant and farmer.
His wife was Catherine Gates, born at Lunenburg, Vermont, April 13, 1809, died in Portland, Maine. Dec. 10, 1902. They had a daughter Annette and two sons, George Foster and Samuel Gates.

(IX) Samuel Gates, son of Nathaniel Waldo French, was born June 13, 1840. After completing his education he assisted his father in business at Lunenburg, Vermont, later going to Lewiston, Maine, where he was in the book and stationery business for several years with his brother.
He married Hannah Lowell, Oct. 19, 1865.
Annette Eliza, Mae Louise, Infant, and Waldo Lowell.

(X) Mae Louise French, daughter of Samuel Gates and Hannah (Lowell) French, was born June 22, 1869, in Lunenburg, Vermont, and was married Nov. 29, 1893, to Edward Smith Stetson, of Lewiston, Maine.
Hannah (LOWELL) French is a descendant of Percival Lowell, the immigrant (q.v.), through Richard (II), Percival (III), Captain Gideon (IV) and [for some reason this stops right here]br>
(V) Stephen, fourth son of Captain Gideon and Miriam (Swett) Lowell, was born Feb. 19, 1703, in Newbury, and died Oct. 27, 1775. He was a mariner. Intention of marriage was published Nov. 18, and married Dec. 22, 1727, to Miriam, daughter of Samuel and Mary Collins, of Salisbury, Mass., who was born May 23, 1706, and died April 29, 1767.
Stephen and Lewis.

(VI) Stephen (2), eldest son of Stephen (1) and Miriam (Collins) Lowell, was born Oct. 6, 1728, in Amesbury, and died June 15, 1801, in Buckfield, Maine. He sold property in Amesbury to his cousin, Lewis Lowell, as "mariner," Oct. 10, 1765, and probably removed about this time to Windham, Maine, and later to Buckfield, Maine, where he reared his family and became the ancestor of the Minot, Maine, Lowells. In May, 1765, while at Windham, they sold land on the corner of Love land and Middle street, Falmouth, Maine.
He married, Dec. 20, 1753, Agnes Bolton, of Falmouth, who died June 13, 1801, in Buckfield, Maine.
Miriam W., Molly, Thomas, Anne, Stephen and William.

(VII) William, youngest son of Stephen (2) and Agnes (Bolton) Lowell, was born May 28, 1768, in Windham, Maine, died in Minot, Maine, July 10, 1840, and was buried in Buckfield, Maine. He lived in Buckfield until 1804 or 1817, when he removed to West Minot, Maine.
He was married (first) at Turner, Maine, by Rev. J. Struckland, Aug. 9, 1790, to Margery Irish, who was born Apri 12, 1771, in Gorham, Maine, and died Nov. 12, 1812. He married (second) Mrs. Betsey Blake Turner, who was born and died in Turner, Maine.
His children:
Hon. James, Mark, Polly, Dorcas, Hon. Stephen, Hon. William, Elizabeth, Margery and Miriam.

(VIII) Hon. James, eldest son of William and Margery (Irish) Lowell, was born Jan. 5, 1792, at Buckfield, Maine, and died in Lewiston, Maine, July 27, 1858. When twenty-one years of age he removed to the new county of Lewiston, and there bought lands which afterwards became very valuable, so that by keen business foresight he became very independent, and helped very materially in the building of the city, and had a large mercantile trade. He was the first president of the Lewiston Falls Bank, now the First National Bank. He was town treasurer from 1829 to 1849, and was representative of the legislature in 1838=39-41-51-52, and was state senator in 1853, with his brothers Stephen and William. In 1854 he was again in the senate with his brother William. He was very prominent in his adopted city, accumulated quite a fortune, and was very much respected by all.
He was married, May 1, 1814, in Lewiston, to Hannah Paul, of New Gloucester, Maine.
Hon. Mark, James, Daniel and Vesta.

(IX) Hon. Mark, eldest son of Hon. James and Hannah (Paul) Lowell, was born March 17, 1815, at Lewiston. He was educated at the academies at Hebron, Gorham and Monmouth, Maine, and then entered into business with his father in 1837 at Lowells Corners, Maine. He was selectman in Lewiston many years, and was postmaster, and member of the Maine legislature in 1862-63. He and his brother were prominent and public-spirited men, aiding in all town and city enterprises, and he was one of the leading citizens of his town.
He married (first), Dec. 25, 1836, Ann S. T. Davis, and (second) Jan. 13, 1847, Alma Esther Burbank.
Children of 1st wife:
Eliza Davis, Amanda G., Hannah, Ann C., Alma B. and Edward M.
He died in 1888.

(X) Hannah, third daughter of Hon. Mark and Ann S.T. (Davis) Lowell, was born April 22, 1844, in Lewiston. She was married Oct. 19, 1865, to Sameul G. French, and resided in Lunenburg, Vermont, then later in Lewiston. She died in Auburn, Maine, Dec. 26, 1905.

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