Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surname Fowle and Fowles are identical. There were only two early pioneers of this name. Thomas Fowle settled in Boston before 1635; by wife Elizabeth had children: John, b. July 11, 1641; Mary, baptized April, 1643; and James, born Dec. 3, 1644. He returned to England with is family in 1646 and has no known descendants.

(I) George Fowle or Fowles, the other immigrant, is progenitor of most of the Fowle or Fowles families of New England. He settled in Concord, Mass.; was admitted a freeman March 14, 1639; admitted an inhabitant of Charlestown in 1648. He bought at Charlestown land of R. Mousal on the road to Penney Ferry. He owned a hay lot in Malden in 1650-51. He died Sept. 19, 1682. His will was dated March 11, 1681-82, and proved Oct. 3, 1682.
1. John, aged thirty-four in 1671.
2. Hannah, married 1654-55, Samuel Ruggles.
3. Mary, b. at Concord, Nov. 24, 1640, died young.
4. Peter, b. at Concord, Dec. 24, 1641, lived at Charlestown.
5. James, mentioned below.
6. Mary, b. at Concord, Feb. 9, 1646.
7. Abraham, b. at Charlestown.
8. Isaac, b. at Charlestown, lived at Charlestown.
9. Jacob, b. at Charlestown, lived at Boston.
10. Elizabeth, b. at Charlestown Jan. 27, 1656, died March 10, 1656-57.

(II) Lieutenant James, son of George Fowle (or Fowles), was born in Concord, March 12, 1643, died Dec. 17, 1690. He settled in Woburn, where he was taxed in 1666; was a commoner in 1668; freeman in 1668; cordwainer by trade. He was granted a town lot to set his shop on behind Bell Hill, to be laid out by the selectmen. This hill was the elevation west of the old Fowle Tavern near the center of the town, where the bell for calling the people to meeting was located.
His widow married (second) Ensign Samuel Walker, of Woburn.
1. James, born March 4, 1667, mentioned below.
2. Abigail, born Oct. 15, 1669, married Jonathan Wyman.
3. John, born March 12, 1671.
4. Samuel, born Sept. 17, 1674.
5. Jacob, born April 3, 1677.
6. Elizabeth, born Sept. 28, 1681, married 1699, Timothy Walker.
7. Hannah, born Jan. 23, 1683-84, married 1705, Samuel Trumbull.
8. Mary, born July 18, 1687.

(III) Captain James (2), son of Lieut. James (1) Fowle (or Fowles), was born in Woburn, March 4, 1667, died March 19, 1714. He married Oct. 2, 1688, Mary, daughter of Joseph Richardson. His widow married, 1735, Deacon Samuel Walker, and she died Oct. 23, 1748, aged eighty years (gravestone).
1. Mary, born June 18, 1689, married 1714, James Simonds.
2. James, born July 20, 1691, died Oct. 11, 1706.
3. John, born Aug. 23, 1693.
4. Hannah, born Sept. 13, 1697.
5. Elizabeth, born August, 1699.
6. Ruth, born April 6, 1701, died March 3, 1713.
7. Sarah, born July 29, 1703, married James Richardson.
8. Samuel, born June 10, 1705, mentioned below.
9. Esther, born May 29, 1707, married Nov. 2, 1726, _____.
10. Martha, born March 12, 1709, married Rev. Supply Clapp.
11. Katherine, born Sept. 20, 1711, married Josiah Whittemore.

(IV) Samuel, son of Capt. James (2) Fowle (or Fowles), was born at Woburn, June 10, 1705; married Sept. 5, 1727, Susannah Reed.
1. Samuel, born Sept. 11, 1728, married Dec., 1766, Elizabeth Barron, of Billerica.
2. Joseph, born June 17, 1732, mentioned below.
3. Joshua, born June 21, 1733.
4. William, born Sept. 13, 1735.
5. Jonathan, born June 16, 1747.

(V) Joseph, son of Samuel Fowle, was born in Woburn June 17, 1732. He married Sarah ____. He and his brothers Joshua and William settled in Maine. Joshua and William were in Balltown early. Samuel and Joseph signed a petition in 1755 of inhabitants of Lincoln county, Maine.
Children, b. in Woburn:
1. Samuel, born Jan. 23, 1756 (twin).
2. Susanna (twin), born Jan. 23, 1756.
3. Joseph, born March 9, 1758, mentioned below.
Probably several others in Maine.

(VI) Joseph (2) Fowles, as the name is generally spelled by the Maine family, son of Joseph (1) Fowle, was born in Woburn March 9, 1758. He settled in Maine, probably at Pemaquid, and lived in Lincoln county, Maine. According to family tradition he had sons:
1. William, mentioned below.
2. Samuel, went to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he was a pioneer in the lumber business.
3. Bradford, settled to the eastward in Maine.

(VII) William, son of Joseph Fowles, was born in Maine, perhaps at South Whitfield, where he lived. He was a farmer for many years there, and was universally respected for his integrity and kindliness. He died there in 1859.
He married Charlotte Blair.
Children, b. in Whitfield:
1. Benjamin, born May 21, 1819, mentioned below.
2. Caroline, married Ferd Richards.
3. Charles, married ____ Potter.
4. Hannah, married Abial Fossett.
5. William, married Elizabeth Fossett, cousin of Abial Fossett.

(VIII) Benjamin, son of William Fowles, was born in South Whitfield, Maine, May 21, 1819. He was educated in his native town, and carried on a farm there until 1859, when he removed to Hallowell and engaged in the retail grocery business. He became interested in public affairs and held various offfices of honor and trust. He was city marshal for a time, member of the common council and alderman of the city of Hallowell. He was a Republican in politics.
He married, 1845, Harriet, daughter of James and Sylvia Philbrick, of Whitfield, Maine.
1. Charles E., born 1848, died 1859.
2. Alvin Waterston, mentioned below.

(IX) Alvin Waterston, son of Benjamin Fowles, was born in South Whitfield, Maine, June 24, 1853. He received his education in the public schools, and at the age of fifteen became a clerk in a grocery store. When a young man he entered partnership with E. S. Paul, of Lewiston, Maine, in the dry goods business and the firm continued for five years. In 1889 the firm was dissolved and he engged in the same line of business under his own name in Auburn, Maine. He was one of the leading dry goods merchants of that section. In 1894 he removed his stock to Lewiston, where he has continued in the dry goods business with much success and is now one of the prominent business men of that city.
He is a member of Golden Rule Lodge of Odd Fellows. In religion he is a Congregationalist, in politics a Republican.
He married Sept. 11, 1879, Addie S., born Aug. 14, 1854, daughter of Daniel Wood.
1. Arthur Linwood, born Dec. 27, 1881, died Aug. 7, 1882.
2. Frank Roscoe, born July 25, 1883, mentioned below.
3. Edward Leslie, born at Lewiston Sept. 3, 1886, educated in the public schools and graduate of the Edward Little high school.

(X) Frank Roscoe, son of Alvin Waterston Fowles, was born in Lewiston, Maine, July 25, 1883. He was educated in the Edward Little high school of Auburn, Maine, and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he was graduated in 1906. He is now (1908) an electrical engineer with the General Electric Company of Schenectady, New York.

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