Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This family is one of those which are mentioned by writers as "first comers;" only those who arrived in New England in the first three ships being thus characterized.

(I) Widow Foord (Ford) came to Massachusetts in the "Fortune" in 1621, with three children: William, Martha and John. History states that she gave birth to a child the next night after landing; but perhaps it soon died.

(II) Deacon William Ford, probably a son of Widow Ford, was born in 1594, and died Sept. 28, 1676. He was a miller, was of Marshfield in 1639, and established a mill on the site known as "Dunham's Mill." His residence was near Havelly beach. He was at Duxbury in 1643, and sold land there to F. West in 1661. He was also an original proprietor of Bridgewater.
He married Ann, who died Sept. 1, 1684.
William, Michael, Margaret and Millicent.

(III) Michael, son of William and Ann Ford, resided in Marshfield, and died in 1721. He married (first), Dec. 12, 1667, Abigail, daughter of Anthony and Abigail (Warren) Snow, of Plymouth, who died with two infant daughters, June 26, 1682. He married (second) in 1683, Bethia, daughter of Walter Hatch, of Scituate, who died 1728.
Children of 1st wife:
Lydia, Hannah, William, Elizabeth, James, Abigail and Patience.
Chidlren of 2d wife:
Thomas, Deborah, Susanna, Bathsheba, Bethia, Ephraim, Elizabeth, Elisha, Mehitable, Martha.

(IV) Elisha, eighth child and third son of Michael and Bethia (Hatch) Ford, was born in Marshfield in 1696, and died in 1758. He married, 1719, Elizabeth Oakman, who died in 1768.
Lemuel, Patience, Jerusha, Priscilla, Elisha, Isaac and Tabitha.

(V) Elisha (2), fifth child and second son of Elisha (1) and Elizabeth (Oakman) Ford, was born in Marshfield in 1734. He married Elizabeth Tilden in 1759, and they were the parents of Elisha, John, Joshua Tilden, and probably others.

(VI) Joshua Tilden, son of Elisha (2) and Elizabeth (Tilden) Ford, was born in Marshfield, June 24, 1766. Married (first), March 3, 1789, Deborah Hatch.
1. Joshua Tilden, born April 23, 1790.
2. Deborah Hatch, born Dec. 11, 1791.
3. Oakman, born June 27, 1794.
4. Benjamin F., born Feb. 14, 1797.
5. Celia, born April 9, 1799.
6. Elizabeth T., born June 14, 1802.
Married (second), Sept. 19, 1810, Nabby Simmons.
7. Ruth, born Sept. 8, 1812.
8. Elisha, born March 10, 1814.
9. George, born Jan. 26, 1817.

(VII) Benjamin F., son of Joshua T. and Deborah (Hatch) Ford, was born Feb. 14, 1797. He married Nabby Baker Simmons.
1. Abby W., born June 30, 1820.
2. Ann M., born July 23, 1822.
3. Benjamin Franklin, born Feb. 22, 1824.
4. Augustus H., born Nov. 4, 1825.
5. Marcia E., born July 31, 1827, died young.
6. Elizabeth T., born May 28, 1829.
7. Marcia T., born April 1, 1831.
8. Charles W., born June 10, 1832.
9. Harriette, born Aug. 1, 1833.
10. and 11. Eugene H., now living in Chicago, and Josephine H., twins, born June 12, 1837.
12. Mary A., born May 26, 1840.
Eugene H., Augustus H., living in Elmira, New York, and Elizabeth T., living in Portland, Maine, are the only ones now (1908) living.

(VIII) Abby Williams, daughter of Benjamin F. and Nabby Baker (Simmons) Ford, was born June 30, 1820, died in Portland, May 8, 1908. She married John P. Baker.

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