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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Stephen (1) Flanders, immigrant ancestor of all the colonial families of this name in Massachusetts and Maine, and possiby of the whole country, was born in England about 1620. He was a pioneer in Salisbury, Mass. as early as 1640 and proprietor of that town from 1646 to 1677.
He married Jane _____, who died Nov. 19, 1683. He died June 27, 1684. His will was proved Sept. 30, 1684, bequeathing to eldest son Stephen, to daughters Mary and Naomi Flanders and Sarah Newhall; to grandchild, Thomas Flanders, and the residue to be divided between the sons Philip and John.
1. Mary, died May 4, 1650.
2. Stephen, born March 8, 1646, mentioned below.
3. Mary, born May 7, 1650.
4. Philip, born July 14, 1652, married Martha Collins.
5. Sarah, born Nov. 5, 1654.
6. Naomi, born Dec. 15, 1656, married April 4, 1699, Benjamin Eastman.
7. John, born Feb. 11, 1659, married Elizabeth Sargent and settled in Salisbury, later at Hampton, N. H.; descendants numerous.

(II) Stephen (2), son of Stephen (1) Flanders, was born in Salisbury, March 8, 1646, died Oct. 6, 1733. He married in 1670, Abigail, born Feb. 11, 1653, daughter of Thomas and Mary Carter. They resided at Salisbury.
1. Thomas, born Feb. 17, 1671, died April 12, 1672.
2. Stephen, born Jan. 31, 1672, married, 1706, Sarah Blaisdell.
3. Thomas, born Dec. 3, 1673, married March 6, 1711, Catherine Hackett.
4. Daniel, born March 16, 1676, mentioned below.
5. Joseph, born March 28, 1677, mentioned below.
6. Philip, born Jan. 11, 1678, died Feb. 23, 1678.
7. Sarah, born Dec. 7, 1679, died Jan. 16 following.
8. Philip, born Jan. 8, 1681, married Feb. 2, 1710, Joanna Smith, and resided at Kingston, N. H.
9. Jane, born March, 1684, married 1711, John Martin.
10. Jeremiah, born Sept., 1686, mararied 1724, Mary Hayes.
11. Abigail, born Oct., 1688, married, 1734, Jabez Page.

(III) Daniel, fourth son of Stephen (2) Flanders, was born March 16, 1676, in the little seaside town of Salisbury, Mass., and later lived in Amesbury. He was the father of Daniel and Jedediah.

(IV) Jedediah, eldest son of Daniel Flanders, was born April 13, 1705, and on Jan. 3, 1728, married Eleanor Barnard.
Sarah, Timothy, Hannah, Daniel, Barnard, Eleanor and Jedediah.

(V) Jedediah (2), fourth and eldest son of Jedediah (1) and Eleanor (Barnard) Flanders, was born Aug. 29, 1748. In the spring of 1795 he moved to Cornville, Somerset county, Maine, then a wilderness. He purchased a large tract of land and built sawmills there.
He married Judith Tewksbury.
Molly, Jonathan, Thomas, Sarah, William, Jedediah, Jacob, Judith, Sarah, Daniel and Moses.
He died Dec. 6, 1823.

(VII) James, there is a warrant in saying, was a grandson of Jedediah (2) Flanders, was born in Bowdoinham, Maine, where the Cathance turns its flood into the flowing Kennebec. He received an elementary education in the schools of his native town. For several years he carried on a farm, after which he removed to Baring, Washington county, Maine. He was a much respected citizen.
Mary Ann, Elbridge, James M., Samuel, Adrian, Elizabeth, Charles, Mary G. (married Charles Page and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.)

(VIII) James M., son of James Flanders, was born in Baring, Maine, in 1825, and received a rudimentary education in the common schools. Later he removed to Carroll, Penobscot county, where he engaged in lumbering and farming. Mr. Flanders was a staunch Democrat.
He married Emma Carr, of Carroll, by whom he had two children, both dying in infancy. He married (second) Rose, daughter of John K. Damon, of Carroll.
Children of 2d wife:
Carl, James D. and Louis E.
Mr. Flanders died May 6, 1907, and his wife died April 30, 1894.

(IX) James D., second son of James M. and Rose (Damon) Flanders, was born Sept. 4, 1871. The public schools of Carroll and Springfield Academy supplied his education. He then entered a shoe-shop in Auburn, Maine, and thoroughly learned the business. After this he engaged in outdoor employment, principally as a journeyman carpenter. His next venture was as clerk in a shoe-store, going into business for himself in 1906. In 1907 he formed a partnership under the firm name of Foss, Flanders & Company, carring a full line of sporting-goods and shoes. In this business he has been very successful.
He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellow.
On Dec. 6, 1905, he married Bertha, daughter of Louis Evans, of Minnesota, who was born Dec., 1875.

(IX) Louis E., third son of James M. and Rose (Damon) Flanders, was born in Carroll, Maine, Dec. 3, 1875. The common schools of that town provided his early education, supplemented by a finishing course at a business college in Lewiston. He began farming at the age of fifteen, and later entered a shoe-shop, clerked in a store for some years, embarking in the clothing business for himself in 1904. Mr. Flanders, though a young man, has been twice in the common council of his adopted city, twice a member of the board of aldermen, and he is a thorough Republican. His religious affiliations are with the Free Baptists.
He belongs to the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, the chapter, the subordinate lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, including the Grand Lodge.
He married, Oct. 5, 1898, Minnie Lee Abbott, of Auburn, Maine.
Olive Lee, born April 28, 1908.

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(III) Joseph, son of Stephen (2) Flanders, was born March 28, 1677. He married (first) Esther ____; (second) in 1703, Hannah _____; (third) Oct., 1716, Mary Thompson.
Child of 1st wife:
1. Anna, born June 15, 1701.
Children of 2d wife:
2. Ezekiel, born March 7, 1705.
3. Joseph, born Sept. 9, 1707, married Jan., 1732, Ruth Morrill.
4. Nehemiah, born Feb. 18, 1709, mentioned below.
5. Ebenezer, born 1712, married Maria _____.
Children of 3d wife:
6. Phineas, born June 25, 1720, married, April, 1744, Tabitha Clough.
7. Mary, born Aug. 6, 1721, married, 1737, John Lunt.
8. Jeremiah, born July 6, 1723.
9. Moses, born Nov. 17, 1727.

(IV) Nehemiah, son of Joseph Flanders, was born at Salisbury, Feb. 18, 1709. He married, in Feb., 1738, Sarah Hackett.
1. Jarvis (Jesse?), born Oct. 13, 1738.
2. Hezekiah, born July 5, 1742.
3. David, born Jan. 22, 1747, mentioned below.
4. Nehemiah, born Sept. 2, 1749.
5. Olive, born July 21, 1751.
6. Levi, born Feb. 26, 1754.

(V) David (1), son of Nehemiah Flanders, was born Jan. 22, 1747, at Salisbury, Mass. He and Jesse Flanders settled in Dorchester, New Hampshire. According to the census of 1790, David had two females in his family. Jesse, perhaps his son, had a son over sixteen and two females in his family, and Jesse jr. two sons under sixteen and five females. Jesse was in Dorchester as early as 1777; David signed the petition in 1783. David Flanders served on important committees in Dorchester during the revolution. In 1777 Jesse, David, Joseph, Ezekiel and John were all in Captain Peter Kimball's company.

(VI) David (2), son of David (1) Flanders, was in Dorchester, N. H. in 1790.
Lydia, Sylvester, James, David Pollard (mentioned below).

(VII) David Pollard (1), son of David (2) Flanders, was born in Dorchester, or Canaan, New Hampshire, Dec., 1796, and died Feb., 1874. He was educated in the district schools. He settled in Wilmot, N. H. when a young man and followed farming for an occupation. In politics he was first a Whig and later a Republican. He was a member of the Baptist church.
He married Sarah Houston, born Dec., 1799, at Bedford, N. H., and died Dec., 1884.
1. James, born Bradford, New Hampshire.
2. Hiram C., born Wilmot, N. H.
3. David Pollard, born Aug. 14, 1835, mentioned below.
4. Frank, born Wilmot, N. H.

(VIII) Dr. David Pollard (2), son of David Pollard (1) Flanders, was born at Wilmot, N. H., Aug. 14, 1835. He attended the public schools of his native town, Andover Academy, at Andover, N. H., Colby Academy, New London, New Hampshire. He studied his profession under Dr. Weymouth, of Andover, and Dr. Gale, of Amesbury, Mass., in Dartmouth College, where he was graduated in 1857. He practiced medicine first in Newburyport, Mass., where he was in partnership with Dr. Gale for one year, but since 1858 has been located continuously in the practice of his profession at Belfast, Maine. Dr. Flanders has a very large practice and stands high in the esteem of his fellow practitioners, as well as that of his patients. He has been favored with excellent health, never having lost a day from sickness during the half-century he has been in practice.
He is a member of Maine Homeopathic Medical Society and American Institute of Medicine, in which he is a senior.
Dr. Flanders is a Republican in politics. He is a member of Timothy Chase Lodge, Free Masons, Belfast. He and his family attend the Universalist church of Belfast.
He married (first) in 1856, Sarah A. Eaton, born at Seabrook, N. H. She died in 1863, and he married (second) Oct. 2, 1873, Leonora Speed, born Feb. 23, 1847, daughter of George Speed, of Belfast.
Child of 1st wife:
Florence Evelyn, who died when eight years old.

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