Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


[For early generations see Anthony Emery I]

(VII) William Emery (2), son of William (1) Emery, born April 10, 1791, died Nov. 23, 1877. He was educated in the public schools, and when a young man went to sea and made several voyages as a common sailor. He was promoted to be first mate and finally captain. The embargo of 1812 detained him on land, and changed his whole plan of life. At this time, as an inducement to stay at home, he received from his grandfather, Colonel Caleb Emery, a valuable farm in South Sanford, Maine, and he lived there several years. For twelve years he was deputy sheriff for York county, and then became a merchant at Sanford Corner and Springvale, where he continued for many years.
He was a Whig and Republican in politics, and served as town treasurer in 1863. He was a member of the Congregational church, and with a few others built the meeting house at Sanford Corner. He was an active and energetic, shrewd business man, and an honorable, sagacious, intelligent and far-sighted citizen.
He married (first), in 1812, Elizabeth, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth (Parsons) Emery. She died Aug. 29, 1827, and he married (second), Nov. 17, 1829, Abigail Moulton, born May 16, 1809, died May 8, 1834. He married (third), in Limerick, Maine, Sept. 22, 1836, Mary J. Hill, born 1807, died Feb. 11, 1861. He married (fourth [this guy doesn't give up does he?] Oct. 20, 1861, Mrs. Sarah A. Gowen, who died Dec. 28, 1877, aged seventy-four years.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Caleb, born March 18, 1813, died about 1890.
2. William, born March 3, 1815, died Feb. 28, 1821.
3. Mary Ann, born Jan. 7, 1817, died April 28, 1821.
4. Elizabeth, born Feb. 3, 1819, died July, 1900.
5. Mary Ann, born April 5, 1821, died Dec. 1, 1873, in Brookline, Mass.
6. William, born March 15, 1823, mentioned below.
7. Titus S., born March 3, 1825, died about 1891; married Jan. 23, 1851, Annie Witmer, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
8. Martha G., born May 27, 1827, died at Great Falls, New Hampshire, Aug. 29, 1855.
Children of 2d wife:
9. George, born April 24, 1831, died April 1, 1853; graduate of Philadelphia College of Medicine.
10. Helen B., born Aug. 1, 1833, died March 3, 1834.
Children of 3d wife:
11. Edward H., born July 9, 1837, removed to Kansas.
12. Charles Oscar, born Nov. 15, 1838.
13. Howard, born July 9, 1845, died in Sanford, July 15, 1869.

(VIII) Hon. William (3), son of William (2) Emery, was born March 15, 1823. He was educated in the public schools of North Yarmouth, Maine, and in Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. He began the study of law in the office of Bradley & Haines, afterward the firm of Bradley & Eastman, of Saco. He complete his legal studies at Harvard Law School. He aided in raising Company H when the war with Mexico broke out, and was elected captain when the company was organized Dec. 12, 1846. He served in the Mexican campaign with credit, and on his return was admitted to the bar of York county in 1847 and forthwith began the practice of law. He rose rapidly to the top of his profession and enjoyed a large and interesting practice. He became a leader in his profession, well known in all walks of life, and especially honored among the lawyers themselves, who best knew his ability and character. His health failing in 1869 he went south. On his return he entered into political life with renewed vigor and success.
Mr. Emery was a conspicuous figure in the public life of Maine for many years, and when a resident of Lebanon held various municipal offices. In 1854 he represented his district, comprising the towns of Sanford and Lebanon, in the state legislature. He removed to Alfred, Maine, in May, 1871, and held various municipal offices in that town and was county attorney.
He was a Democrat in politics and of large influence in his party, a natural political leader. He was an earnest supporter of the reform measures of 1878, and among the foremost advocates of a reduction of salaries of York county offices as well as in the state offices. He led this movement at the earnest request of his townsmen, solely for the public good and relief of the taxpayers. He was a candidate for congress against Thomas B. Reed at one time.
Mr. Emery was an able lawyer, far-sighted and shrewd, upright and honorable in his practice as in his private life. He had a pleasing and magnetic personality, attracting many friends and retaining friendship once secured. He was a member of Fraternal Lodge of Free Masons, of Alfred. In religion he was a Congregationalist. He died at his home in Alfred, Aug. 31, 1889.
He married, May 26, 1852, Harriet W. Fall, born at Lebanon, Maine, Feb. 18, 1832, died March 18, 1903.
1. Martha G., born Oct. 24, 1853, died Dec. 20, 1854.
2. Ella H., born July 8, 1863, married Oct., 1882, John B. Donovan, an attorney-at-law of Biddeford, Maine.

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