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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


(For preceding generations see Ebenezer Eastman 1).

(IV) Moses, seventh son of Capt. Ebenezer and Sarah (Peaslee) Eastman, born in Concord, N. H., Feb. 28, 1732, died in Concord, April 4, 1812, aged eighty. Gus S. Rix, in the "History of the Eastman Family," states: "During the French and Indian war in Sept., 1754, he was one of Capt. John Chandler's company of scouts, and in 1755 he was sergeant in Capt. Joseph Eastman's (his brother's) company of Rangers, who marched to Albany, then to Fort Edward, in the expedition against Crown Point. Sept., 1762, he was one of Capt. Marston's company at Crown Point. Early in the revolution he enlisted as sergeant, April 23, 1775, for three months and sixteen days, in Captain Baldwin's company, in Col. John Stark's regiment. He was with Stark on the seventeenth of June at the battle of Bunker Hill. During the siege of Boston, in 1775, in consequence of the Connecticut troops retiring at the expiration of their term of enlistment, General Washington sent messages to the committee of saftety of New Hampshire for three regiments of militia to be raised immediately for his reinforcements, and within ten days thereafter New Hampshire furnished thirty-one companies of six-weeks men, who, on their arrival at Cambridge, were highly complimented by Washington. The sixth company on the lsit was from Concord, N. H., had fifty-one privates, three sergeants, three corporals, commanded by Capt. Benjamin Emery, of which company Moses Eastman was second lieutenant. These companies of militia were discharged soon after the evacuation of Boston, March 17, 1776. In Sept., 1777, Moses Eastman again enlisted in Capt. Joshua Abbott's company, in Lieut. Col. Henry Gerrish's regiment. This company marched to reenforce the Northern Army, and while they arrived too late for the battle of Bennington, they joined the army at Saratoga, and were present at the surrender of Burgoyne. In August, 1778, Moses Eastman again enlisted as sergeant in Capt. Aaron Quinby's company of volunteers, in Col. Moses Kelly's regiment, in the expedition to Rhode Island."
Following is Mr. Eastman's record as it is taken from the Rolls in the Archives of New Hampshire. Moses Eastman's name is on the "Muster Roll of a company of men in His Majesty's service under the command of John Chandler anno 1754." Moses Eastman entered this service Sept. 8, 1754. He was sergeant in "Captain Jacob Eastman's company, Col. Blanchard's regiment in the expedition against Crown Point. Sergeant Moses Eastman entered this service April 24, 1755. He was also an active participant in the Revolution. On the "Pay Roll of Captain Isaac Baldwin's Company in Col. John Stark's Regiment to Aug'st 1, 1775" appears the name Moses Eastman, rank sergeant, date of enlistment April 23. The following receipt shows Moses Eastman to have been later in the service: "In 1775, Oct. 17, Rec'd of Timo Walker, Jr., Ten pounds sixteen shillings L. my (lawful money) for regimental Coats for the nine following Persons vizt Ammi Andrews, Andrew Wilkins, Moses Eastman" (and seven others) "which money I promise to pay to the above persons on Demand. John Hale Capt." "Colo Burnham's report of the Company's recruited in New Hampshire. To the Hon'ble the Committee of Safety in the Colony of New Hampshire Return of the Companies of New Hampshire Militia in the Continental Army December 1775." The name of Moses Eastman is one of those on this list, where his rank is given as second lieutenant, and his captain as Benjamin Emery. The "Pay Roll of Captain Joshua Abbot's Company in L't Col Henry Gerrish's Regiemtn New Hampshire Volunteers which company marched from Concord and towns Adjacent Sept;r 1777 and join'd the Northern Continental Army at Saratoga," contains the name of Moses Eastman; date of entry Sept. 28, 1777; discharged Oct. 26, 1777. "Moses was a signer of the Association Test in 1776, wherein each of the subscribers solemnly promised that he would to the utmost of his power, at the 'risque' of his life and fortune, with arms oppose the hostile proceedings of the British fleets and armies against the united American colonies. In the Old Fort Cemetery in East Concord, a fine granite monolith was erected Oct., 1897, to the memory of thirteen Revolutionary soldiers buried there. Five of the names inscribed on the tablet are those of Eastmans, among which are those of Moses and David Eastman."
Moses Eastman married, in 1756, Elizabeth, born in Concord, N. H. Sept. 23, 1738, daughter of David and Mary (Wilson) Kimball, and granddaughter of David, the son of Benjamin, the son of Richard, the immigrant.
Sarah, Susannah, David, Ebenezer, Betsey and Persis.
Sarah Eastman, born Aug. 8, 1757, married Jacob Carter.

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