Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The name Dunbar is found very early in the history of New England, and especialy in Plymouth colony, and from one ancestor have sprung nearly all who bear the name in America. The name is of Scottish origin, and those who bear it are of a sturdy, industrious race.

(I) Robert Dunbar, immigrant ancestor, came to America from Dunbar, Scotland, and settled in Hingham, Mass. about 1650, bringing his wife Rose with him. She died Nov. 10, 1700, surviving him for several years. He died Sept. 13, 1693, at Hingham, he gives "to wife Rose a living in my now dwelling-house, and the use of all the land which I give to my sons, Joseph and James, the whole term of her keeping the name of Dunbar, and in case of necessity she may sell or let said land for her maintenance;" to sons John, Joseph and Peter the home land; to son Joshua "the rest of my land as far as the river;" bequeaths to James Dunbar, "the son of my son James deceased," ten pounds. He further gives to Joseph "enough apples annually from the trees in my orchard to make two barrels of cyder." To his three daughters, "Mary Dunbar, Sarah Dunbar and Hannah Dunbar all my land on the other side of the river, share and share alike, and all my indoor movables after my wife's decease."
Children, b. in Hingham:
John, Mary, Joseph, James, Robert (died young), Peter, Joshua, Robert (died young), Sarah, Hannah and Benjamin.

(II) James, third son of Robert and Rose Dunbar, was born June 5, 1664, in Hingham, Mass., in 1699. His widow married (second) Peletiah Smith. He was an arly settler of West Bridgewater. He was married to Jane, daughter of Isaac and Mercy (Latham) Harris; Mercy Latham was born in 1650, and was the daughter of Robert and Susannah (Winslow) Latham. Susannah Winslow was a daughter of John and Mary (Chilton) Winslow. Mary Chilton was the first England woman to land on Plymouth Rock from the "Mayflower." John Winslow was brother to Gov. Edward Winslow.
Robert, James (died young), Elisha, Samuel, James, Capt. Josiah and Jesse.

(III) Elisha, third son of James and Jane (Harris) Dunbar, was born in 1699, in West Bridgewater, and died in North Bridgewater in 1773. He settled in North Bridgewater.
He was married in 1727 to Mercy, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Hayward.
Abigail, Jacob, Lemuel, Elisha, Seth, Nathaniel, Peter and Silas.

(IV) Jacob, eldest son of Elisha and Mercy (Hayward) Dunbar, was born in 1730 in North Bridgewater. He married (first), July 8, 1756, Hannah Randell, who died July 5, 1775. He married (second), in 1776, Thankful Thayer.
Children, all by 1st wife:
Ebenezer, Hannah, Anna, Mercy, Jacob, Lemuel and Thomas.

(V) Lemuel, third son of Jacob and Hannah (Randell) Dunbar, was born Aug. 9, 1771, in Bridgewater. He removed in 1803 to Maine, resided for a time in Minot, later removed to Clinton, then to Bloomfield (now Skowhegan), where he settled on a farm.
He married, in 1795, in Bridgewater, Mary Morey, who died Nov., 1864.
Jacob, Sally, Franklin, Thankful, Thomas, Lewis, Matthew, Cornelius and Mary.

(VI) Mary, youngest child of Lemuel and Mary (Morey) Dunbar, was born in Clinton, Maine, Aug. 17, 1815, married in 1839, Samuel W. Pooler, of Skowhegan.

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