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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The name of Dole is believed to be of French origin, and may have been derived from the ancient city of that name. There is evidence that it was brought into England at the time of the Norman conquest, and was then written De Dole.

(I) The emigrant ancestor of the New England Doles, and in fact of nearly all who bear the name in America, was Richard Dole, son of William and grandson of Richard Dole, of Ringworthy, near Bristol, England. He was baptized in Ringworthy, Dec. 31, 1622 (O.S.), at an early age was apprenticed to John Towle, a glover of Bristol. In 1630 he accompanined the Towle family to New England, and in 1639 went with them to Newbury, Mass., continuing in their employ as a clerk for some time after their settlement in that town. Being a young man of activity and enterprise, he embraced the first opportunity to engage in business for himself, and became a prosperous merchant and an extensive landowner. He left at his death the date of which is unknown, an estate valued at eighteen hundred and forty pounds.
His first wife, who died Nov. 16, 1678, was Hannah (Robie) Dole, of Newbury. His second wife was Hannah, widow of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, of Rowley, Mass. His third wife was Patience (Walker) Dole, of Haverhill, same state.
John, Richard, Anna, Benjamin, Joseph, William, Henry, Hannah, Apphia and Abner.

(II) Richard (2), second son of Richard (1) and Hannah (Robie) Dole, was born Sept. 6, 1650, in Newbury, and died there Aug. 1, 1723. He resided on a farm near his father, and was buried in the oldest buyring-ground in Newbury.
He married Sarah, daughter of Capt. Stephen Greenleaf.
Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, John, Stephen (died young), Stephen, Joseph and Mary.

(III) Richard (3), eldest child of Richard (2) and Sarah (Greenleaf) Dole, was born April 28, 1678, in Newbury, and resided in Rowley about 1715. He married (first) April 3, 1706, Sarah Ilsley, who died Feb. 20, 1708; he married (second), Aug. 14, 1709, Elizabeth Stickney, born June 13, 1684, daughter of John and Hannah (Brocklebank) Stickney, and granddaughter of William and Elizabeth Stickney, pioneers of Newbury.
Children included:
Enoch, Edmund, Moses, Sarah, Stephen and Amos.

(IV) Enoch, eldest son of Richard (3) Dole and only child of his first wife, Sarah (Ilsley) Dole, was born Jan. 20, 1708, in Rowley, and about 1749 settled in Littleton, Mass. He was married Nov. 13, 1729, to Rachel Jewett, born Jan. 30, 1709, in Rowley, the second daughter of Aquila and Ann (Tenney) Jewett, the granddaughter of Jsoeph and Rebecca (Law) Jewett, and great-granddaughter of Deacon Maximilian and Ann Jewett, pioneer settlers of Rowley.
Both were dismissed from the Rowley church to the Littleton church Oct. 15, 1749.

(V) Amos, second son of Enoch and Rachel (Jewett) Dole, was born Jan. 12, 1733, in Rowley, and was yet a child when his parents removed to Littleton. About 1750 he settled in Shirley, Mass., but must have returned to Littleton, where his third son was born.
He married, May 29, 1755, Molly Page, of Groton, born Nov. 15, 1734, in that town, daughter of John and Mary (Parker) Page, and granddaughter of Jonathan and Mary Page.
Lemuel, Benjamin, Amos, Mary, Rachel, Enoch, Lucy, Sarah, John and Benjamin.

(VI) Amos (2), third son of Amos (1) and Molly (Page) Dole, was born Sept. 19, 1759, in Littleton, and died July 20, 1832, in Hampden, Maine. His name appears very frequently in the revolutionary rolls of Massachusetts, being credited sometimes to Shirley and sometimes to Groton. He was among the minute-men who responded to the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775, serving eight days as a private in Capt. Henry Haskell's company of Col. James Prescott's regiment. He again enlisted April 26, 1775, and served until Aug. 1st of that year, in Capt. Ephraim Richardson's company, Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment. He was again in the service at Prospect Hill, Oct. 6, 1775. He was at Cambridge in 1776, as a private in Capt. Job Shattuck's company, Col. John Robinson's regiment. In a roll of Capt. Blood's company, Col. Jonathan Reed's regiment (Sixth Middlesex), dated Littleton, Sept. 17, 1777, he is credited with services in the continental army. He appears on the pay-roll of Capt. Munro, Col. Bigelow's regiment, as having enlisted March 12, 1777, and served to Dec. 2, same year. He again enlisted March 2, 1778, and served until Dec. 31, 1779, during which time hw as in service at Stillwater and Valley Forge. He was discharged Jan. 10, 1778, and re-enlisted for three years March 12, of the same year. He appears to have been in the hospital at Brooklyn in March and April, 1778, and is reported ill at other times. A pay-roll is extant showing his services from April 19, 1778, to the last of the same year. He enlisted in 1780, in Putnam's Fifth Massachusetts regiment, and held the rank of orderly sergeant. He also served in the first company of Vose's Mass. regiment. It is known that he drew a pension for his revolutionary service. He was present at the capture of Burgoyne and participated in the battle of Monmouth, New Jersey.
Sergeant Dole married, Sept. 8, 1785, Martha Hewes.
Elihu, Sophronia, Ann and Amelia R.

(VII) Elihu, only son of Amos (2) and Martha (Hewes) Dole, was born Jan., 1787, at Orrington, Maine, and died in South Brewer, same state, July 21, 1852. He was a mill and lumberman, and was a communicant of the Methodist church. In politics he was a Whig.
He married, in 1816, Dorcas (Fernald) Brewer, born in 1787 in Kittery, Maine, died in South Brewer, 1848, widow of Francis Brewer, of South Brewer.
1. Cyrus R., see foward.
2. Henrietta, born Jan. 24, 1831, in South Brewer, married March, 1851, William Hewes, of Hermon Pond; children: i. Willis, b. Sept. 29, 1852; ii. Charles E., b. June 28, 1854; iii. Julia E., b. March 14, 1856; iv. Myra A., b. April 7, 1859, d. Oct. 27, 1877. Married (second) in 1861, George W. Chase, of Hermon Pond; children: v. Lizzie, b. May 20, 1863, d. Feb. 7, 1865; vi. George, b. Sept. 9, 1864, d. Dec. 3, 1864; vii. Nellie Burr, b. Aug. 23, 1866, d. Nov. 14, 1905; viii. Hattie, b. May 6, 1869, d. Nov. 23, 1869.
3. A daughter who died in infancy.

(VIII) Cyrus Rufus, son of Elihu and Dorcas (Fernald) (Brewer) Dole, was born April 9, 1825, and died July 17, 1900. He was a carpenter, and spent most of his life in Brewer and was a descendant of the Brewer famil for whom the city was named. He possessed some musical gift and sang in the church choir.
He married, Jan. 11, 1853, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Copeland) Stone, who was born Dec. 24, 1831, and who survived him (1908).
1. Charles Edmund, see forward.
2. Frank Brewer, born Sept. 15, 1858, married Nov. 5, 1890, Lydia Flora, dau. of Silas and Lydia Mars (Gardiner) Hamilton, of Brewer, and granddaughter of Aaron Hamilton, of Gardiner, Maine. An only child, George Raymond, b. Sept. 27, 1891, died Nov. 31 of the same year.
3. George Addison, born June 23, 1860, died Dec. 20, 1880.

(IX) Charles Edmund, eldest son of Cyrus Rufus and Mary Elizabeth (Stone) Dole, was born in Brewer, Jan. 14, 1856. He was educated in the local schools and was engaged in farming until 1873, when he entered the employ of the Bangor Gas Light Company, in Bangor, remaining until he started out in business for himsef as a general electical contractor. In connection therewith he has a large store for the sale of electrical supplies. His business has been chiefly in the city of Bangor and vicinity.
In politics Mr. Dole is a Republican, and was a member of the city council of Bangor, representing his ward for two terms.
He is a Mason of the thirty-second degree, a member of Saint Andrews Lodge, F. and A.M.; Mount Moriah, R.A.C.; Bangor Council, R.S.M.; St. Johns Commandery, K.T.' Eastern Star Lodge of Perfection; Palesine Council, Princes of Jerusalem; the Bangor Chapter Rose Croix; Maine Consistory, S.P.R.S., of Portland; and the Mystic Shrine, Kora Temple, Lewiston, Maine.
Mr. Dole married, Dec. 3, 1889, Florence, daughter of Andrew and Martha (Robertson) Wattes, of Brewer, formerly of Calais, Maine. On the maternal line she was of Scotch (Scottish!!) descent, tracing ancestors to Aberdeen, Scotland, and said to be related to Ann Robertson, the mother of Gladstone.
1. Florence Margaret, born Feb. 12, 1892.
2. Charles Edmund, born Dec. 8, 1893.
3. Robert Alden, born Feb. 16, 1899.
4. Alexander Watters, born July 8, 1902.

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