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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surname Derby or Darby is of ancient English origin, derived from a place-name. Many distinguished men of this name have figured in the history of England and United States. Three pioneers of this family came from England to Massachusetts before 1650.
Edward Derby from Bisley, county Surrey, England, settled at Weymouth, removed to Boston, married Jan. 25, 1659, Susanna Hooke, died 1724.
John Derby, son of Christopher Derby, of Sturtle, near Bridport, Dorsetshire, England, came to Plymouth and was a proprietor of that town in 1637, removed to Yarmouth and died before March 5, 1655-56.
Richard Derby, brother of John, came to Plymouth about 1630, was proprietor and juryman; brought with him his kinsman, John Chipman.
The Maine families are probably descended from one of the emigrants mentioned above.

(I) George Bradford Derby was a resident of Stillwater, where he is buried. He was a farmer and lumberman. He was drowned in the Penobscot river in 1831 together with others in the party who were in the same boat.
He married a Miss Lunt.
1. Mary, who died in young womanhood.
2. Martha, who married a Severance and lived in Salem, Mass.
3. George Bradford, see forward.

(II) George Bradford (2), only son of George Bradford (1) Derby, was born in Stillwater, Maine (now Old Town), in 1831, and died at Fort Sumner, near Washington, D. C., Dec. 28, 1863, a soldier in the civil war. He was an inspector and explorer of timber land for his uncle, David Lunt, and in the winter was in charge of various lumbering enterprises. He enliseted in the spring of 1861 in the First Maine Heavy Artillery, and was recruiting office for some time. He was appointed sergeant and went with his regiment to Fort Sumner near Washington.
He married Mercy Ann Mason, born Sept. 1, 1833, daughter of Zelotes and Eleanor B. (Lancaster) Mason. His widow married (second) July 19, 1866, E. C. Danforth, a contractor, of Bangor, and she died Feb. 12, 1900.
1. George Bradford, born Dec. 16, 1859, mentioned below.
2. Charles Ferdinand Hamlin, born Aug. 12, 1863.

(III) George Bradford (3), son of George Bradford (2) Derby, was born in Stillwater, Maine, Dec. 16, 1859. He was educated in the public schools of Bangor, Maine, and began to work as a driver for his stepfather's firm, E. C. Danforth & Company, trucking, and in 1880 was admitted to partnership. He remained in this firm until March 1, 1804, [trans note: couldn't be 1804, he wasn't born tlill 1859, maybe it should be 1904?] when he began business on his own account in the same line under the name of G. B. Derby Company at Bangor. He has an extensive business in trucking, employing fifteen men and twenty-five horses regularly. His outfit includes trucks for the heaviest work, such as safe-moving and boiler-moving and handling heavy machinery. he does a large share of the furniture moving of the city. His brother, Charles F. H. Derby, is bookkeeper for the company.
Mr. Derby is a member of Oriental Lodge, No, 60, Odd Fellows, of Bangor.
He married, Feb. 14, 1893, Georgie E. Hamm, born in Calais, Maine, June 26, 1864, daughter of Rufus and Martha Almena HAMM, of Bangor. Six children were born to Rufus and Martha A. Hamm, three of whom are now (1908) living: Herbert Hamm, of Bangor; Jessie (Mrs. Alfred Jones) of Bangor; and Mrs. George B. Derby. Catherine Hamm died Feb. 26, 1907; Rufus Hamm died at the age of twenty-six of consumption; Margherita Arlina Hamm, the well-known author of works of travel and biography, died Dec., 1907; Rufus Hamm was a dealer in ship timeber; he died June 24, 1908, aged eighty-two. Mrs. Rufus Hamm lives with her son Herbert in Bangor, Maine.
Children of Mr. & Mrs. DERBY, b. at Bangor:
1. Pauline, born Nov. 19, 1895.
2. Bradford Lunt, born April 21, 1896. [trans note: one of these two b. dates has to be in error; nobody has a child 5 months after the first one.]
3. Helena Mason, born April 14, 1898.
4. George Albert, born July 29, 1900.
5. Charles Frederick, born Dec. 2, 1905, died Aug. 18, 1906.

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