Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Among the finest families that first trod the soil of New England and bore a conspicuous part in subduing the savage and the establishment of the civilization of its time was that of Denison. Its representatives are now found in every part of the United States, and noted for fine minds and fine characters. The ancestor of most of those bearing the name had a romantic career, and left an indelible impress upon the formative history of New England. He was of vigorous physical as well as mental makeup, and his posterity is numberous and of credit to its noble origin.

(I) John Denyson was living in Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, in 1567, and died there of plague in 1582.

(II) William, son of John Denyson, was baptized at Stortford, Feb. 3, 1571, and married Nov. 7, 1603, Margaret (Chandler) Monck. He was well seated at Stortford, but hearing of the promise of the New England colonies, decided to cast his lot with the Puritans there. His eldest son, James Denyson, was a clergyman, and remained in England.
The parents, with three sons - Daniel, Edward and George - crossed the ocean in 1631 and settled at Roxbury, Mass. in 1634. They bore a prominent part in social and religious life there. John Eliot, the apoltle, was a tutor in their family.
William Denison died at Roxbury, Jan. 25, 1653, and his wife, Feb. 23, 1645.

(III) Captain George, fourth son of William and Margaret C. (Monck) Denison, was born in Stortford in 1618, and was baptized there Dec. 10, 1620.
He married about 1640, Bridget Thompson, born Sept. 11, 1622, daughter of John and Alice Thompson, of Preston, Northamptonshire, England. Bridget died in 1643, leaving daughters:
Sarah and Hannah, born 1641 and 1643, respectively.
After the death of his wife, Captain Denison went to England and joined Cromwell's army. He was severly wounded in the battle of Nasby, and was nursed back to health by Lady Ann Borodel, at the home of her father, John Borodel. As soon as his strength was restored he married her, and in 1645 they came to New England and lived in Roxbury, Mass., continuing their residence there until 1651, when they located with their family to New London, Connecticut. Captain Denison distinguished himself as a soldier in the Pequot war, and again rendered valuable service to the colony after his return from England, rising to the rank of colonel. He was also prominent in civil life.
Children of 2d wife:
John, Ann, Borodel, George William, Margaret and Mary.

(IV) Captain William (2), fourth son of Capt. George and Ann (Borodel) Denison, was born in 1655, and married Mrs. Sarah (Stanton) Prentice, widow of Thomas Prentice (2) and daughter of Thomas Stanton. Capt. Denison served in King Philip's war, and died March 2, 1715, and his wife died Aug. 7 , 1713.
William, Sarah, George and others.

(V) George (2), son of Captain William (2) and Sarah (Stanton) Dennison, was born in 1699, and died March 14, 1748, in Gloucester, Mass., where he settled early in life. He first appears of record in that town at his marriage, Jan. 14, 1725, to Abigail, daughter of Edward and Hannah (York) Haraden. She was born in 1706, and died May 1, 1753.
George Dennison was one of the original proprietors of the township of New Gloucester, in what is now Maine, and Freeport, where his sons, Abner and David, settled in 1757.
He was a man of energy and influence and accumulated much property. He sent vessels to the banks and was very successful in business, leaving an estate valued at 1,532 pounds.
George, Abner, Isaac, David, Jonathan, Abigail and Susanna.

(VI) David, fourth son of George (2) and Abigail (Haraden) Dennison, was born Aug. 6, 1734, in Gloucester, Mass., and died March 5, 1799, in Freeport, Maine, where he settled in 1757. He and his brother were men of much enterprise. They built a sawmill and vessel and did a large trade in lumber, along the coast.
He married, about 1757, Jenny, daughter of Joseph and Joanna (Emerson) Harden, born Oct. 18, 1742, died Oct., 1813.
David (died young), David, George, Jenny, Joanna, Esther, Timothy, Lucretia, John, Abigail, Joseph, Jonathan and Priscilla.

(VII) George (3), third son of David and Joanna (Haraden) Dennison, was born May 19, 1762, in Freeport, and resided in that town. He married, Aug. 21, 1783, Dorcas Soule, born March 11, 1766, and was of the sixth generation in descent from George Soule, passenger on the "Mayflower" in 1620.
Emerson, Betsey, George Washington, Timothy, Dorcas (died young), Bradbury, Jonathan and Dorcas.

(VIII) Betsey, eldest daughter of George (3) and Dorcas (Soule) Dennison, was born Dec. 2, 1785, in Freeport, Maine, and was married Aug. 13, 1813, to Stephen Stetson, of Durham, Maine.

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