Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The Cutts family is of English descent, and the final s, which the early ancestors in America did not use, was subsequently added, as will be seen. The name is a prominent one in Saco, and an avenue in that city was named in honor of the family. A William Cutt was taxed there as early as 1640, and also at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1680, as was Lawrence Cutt. Richard, Robert and John Cutt, perhaps brothers of William and Lawrence, were early settlers in Portsmouth. In 1646 Richard Cutt succeeded Sampson Lane, one of Capt. John Mason's stewards, as occupant of what was known as the "Great House" at Strawberry Bank (now Portsmouth). John Cutt was one of the five selectmen of Portsmouth in 1657, and Anna Cutt, a sister, married John Shipway. Richard Cutt is said to have resided for a time on the Isle of Shoals before settling in Portsmouth. With the exception of William, all are supposed to have arrived in New England after 1640 and prior to 1646.

(I) Robert Cutt emigrated from England to the Barbadoes, where he married a young English lady named Mary Hoel, and subsequently coming to New England located first on Great Island (now New Castle), near Portsmouth, after settling in Kittery, Maine. He died in Kittery and was probably buried in the old cemetery near Spruce Creek.
Richard, Elizabeth, Bridget, Sarah, Mary and Robert.

(II) Richard, eldest child of Robert and Mary (Hoel) Cutt, was probably born in New England and died about the year 1743. He was married in 1686 to Joanna, daughter of Thomas and Lucia (Treworgye) Wills.
Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Bridget (died young), Thomas, Bridget, Lucia, Edward, Samuel, Joseph and Joanna.

(III) Thomas (1), third son and seventh child of Richard and Joanna (Wills) Cutt, born April 15, 1700, died Jan. 10, 1795. He was married April 23, 1723-24, to Dorcas, daughter of Judge Joseph and Hannah (Storer) Hammond.
Mary, Lucy, John, Thomas, Robert, Joseph, Hannah and Samuel. (N.B. Commencing with the fourth generation the letter s was added to the name).

(IV) Samuel Cutts, youngest child of Thomas and Dorcas (Hammond) Cutt, born Sept. 20, 1744, died Nov. 16, 1820. His wife, whom he married Oct. 15, 1767, was Sarah, daughter of Judge John and Mary (Plaisted) Hill.
Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Thomas, Samuel, Elisha, Robert, Betsey, Dorcas and Abigail.

(V) Thomas (2), fourth child and eldest son of Samuel and Sarah (Hill) Cutts, born March 30, 1775, died March 2, 1857. His marriage took place Nov. 30, 1797, to Sarah, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Burns) Colburn.
Samuel, Thomas, Dorcas, William, Abigail, George, James H., Sarah Ann and Oliver.

(VI) Major James H., fifth son and seventh child of Thomas and Sarah (Colburn) Cutts, was born Aug. 11, 1810. He resided in Farmington, Maine. Jan. 28, 1834, he married Olive, daughter of John and Olive (Colburn) Colburn. Her death occurred in Farmington, May 12, 1887.
Edwin R., Helen (died in infancy), Helen M., Maria Colburn, Charles Colburn, Jonathan Colburn, Olive Colburn, Sarah and Georgianna.

(VII) Georgianna, youngest child of Major James H. and Olive (Colburn) Cutts, born in Farmington, May 2, 1856, died in Saco, Aug. 22, 1886. She was married, Sept. 6, 1880, to Melville Hutchins Kelly, of Saco.

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