Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The Currier family in England is identical with Currer, Currie, Curry, Corror and Carrier. The coat-of-arms of the Carrier family of Wirksworth, Derbyshire is: Sable, a bend between three spears' heads. The Currier, or Carrier, family of Gosport, Hampshire bears: Sabel, a chevron ermine between three crosses crooslet argent. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet a dragon's head vert.

(I) Richard Currier, immingrant ancestor, was born in England about 1616. He deposed April 12, 1664, stating his age at forty-seven. He settled in Salisbury, Mass., where he was a planter and millwright. He drew land in 1641-42 and was a commoner of that town, taxed there in 1650, and in 1654 he was the largest taxpayer in Amesbury, the town adjoining Salisbury. He was town clerk of Salisbury in 1654-56-59-62-64-68. He and his predecessor, Macy, were authorized to build a sawmill in 1656, and he owned a sawmill right in 1676. In the seating of the Amesbury meeting-house in 1667 his name stands first "to set at the table," but he apparently retained membership in the Salisbury church as late as 1677. He seems to have been a soldier in King Philip's war, although older than most of the soldiers. He was for many years an active and influential citizen. His last years were spent at the home of his wife's son, Philip Rowell. He had conveyed his real estate by deed to his heirs, so that no administration was necessary at the time of his death. Twenty-five years afterward, however, his grandson was appointed administrator, Nov. 6, 1710, and his heirs at law were granted land at Buxton, Maine, for his service in King Philip's war. He died Feb. 22, 1686-87, and his widow, Jaanna, Oct., 1690. His daughter Hannah joined with Sarah Rowell, widow of Philip Rowell, in petition for a settlement of the estate of Richard and Joanna Currier.
He married (first) Ann ____, and (second) Oct. 26, 1676, Joanna Pindar, widow of Valentine Pindar and also of William Sargent, daughter of Henry Pindar, who came in the ship "Susan and Ellen," in April, 1636, to Ipswich, Joanna being then fourteen years old.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Samuel, born in England about 1636, mentioned below.
2. Hannah, born July 8, 1643, married June 23, 1659, Samuel Foote.
3. Thomas, born March 8, 1646, died Sept. 27, 1712; married Dec. 9, 1668, Mary Osgood.

(II) Samuel, son of Richard Currier (1), was born in England about 1636. He was a weaver and millwright. As early as 1665 he settled in Haverhill and took the oath of allegiance to the crown there in 1677. He owned a right to a corn-mill in Haverhill. He died March 14, 1712-13, at Haverhill. His will was dated March 9, proved April 6, 1713.
He married Mary, daughter of Thomas Hardy. She survived him.
1. Sarah, born at Bradford, married (first) Jan. 3, 1689-90, Ichabod Rogers; (second) Amos Singletary, son of Richard.
2. Ann, born at Bradford, Oct. 23, 1666; lived at Haverhill.
3. Samuel, born and died Feb. 26, 1669.
4. Richard, born Dec. 24, 1670, died April, 1689.
6. [trans note: they jumped to this number, not me] John, born April 22, 1673, married Feb. 7, 1705-06, Grace Hall.
7. Mary, born Jan. 2, 1675, married Oct. 23, 1701, Anthony Colby.
8. Alice, born Aug. 9, 1678, married Dec. 6, 1701, Robert Peasley.
9. Elizabeth, born Feb. 21, 1680.
10. Hannah, born Jan. 24, 1682, died Feb. 4, 1682.
11. Samuel, born Feb. 14, 1685, mentioned below.

(III) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) Currier, was born Feb. 14, 1685, at Haverhill. He was a farmer at Havrhill and Methuen. He married June 30, 1714, Abigail, daughter of John and granddaughter of John Kelly, the immigrant. He died in 1734. His wife was admitted to the Haverhill church June 19, 1720 and her seven children were baptized there 1720-1728. She was dismissed to become one of the charter members of the Methuen church Oct. 26, 1729.
Children, b. at Haverhill:
1. Jonathan, born May 4, 1715.
2. Samuel, born Feb. 4, 1716-17, mentioned below.
3. Richard, born Nov. 13, 1718.
4. Abigail, born Feb. 20, 1720-21, married Edmund Worth (Elizabeth baptized April 16, 1721, perhaps the same child).
5. Alice, born March 28, 1723, married Nov, 7, 1745, Amos Davis.
6. William, born May 31, 1726.
7. John, born May 22, 1728.
8. Amos, born Sept. 12, 1730, married March 13, 1753, Mary Currie, of Haverhill.
9. Asa, born May 12, 1734, married March 22, 1759, Rebecca Plummer, of Hempstead, N. H.; died at West Point in 1781.

(IV) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) Currier, was born Feb. 4, 1716-17. He married Lydia Williams.
Jonathan, born Nov. 27, 1737, mentioned below.

(V) Sergeant Jonathan, son of Samuel (3) Currier, was born Nov. 27, 1737, died March, 1778, at Valley Forge. He removed with his family from Bedford, N. H., to Cornish, N. H., in 1774. He was in the revolution in Col. John Stark's regiment, Capt. Joshua Abbott's company, and in Capt. Aaron Kinsman's company. He enlisted from Cornish in the continental army in Jan., 1777, at that time being a private in Col. Jonathan Chase's regiment, and under Lieut. Moody Dustan went to join the troops in the field. He was a sergeant in Capt. Emerson's company, Col. Cilley's regiment and died in the service.
He married, probably at Dunstable, Sarah Searles, who died Jan. 24, 1817.
1. Jonathan, born June 5, 1767, mentioned below.
2. James.
3. Oliver, born Dec. 6, 1771, married Hannah ____.
4. Samuel, born 1774, at Winthrop, Maine, married Patience Stanley.
6. [trans note: they jumped to 6] Sarah, died young.
7. David.

(VI) Jonathan (2), son of Sergeant Jonathan (1) Currier, was born June 5, 1767, in New Hampshire, died May 26, 1853.
He married April 30, 1793, Phebe, born May 20, 1774, died March 19, 1853, daughter of Rev. Gideon and Susanna Lambert. Her father was born at Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, and his ancestors were originally from Essex county. He removed to Winthrop, Maine, about 1770; was assessor in 1771, elected at the first town meeting there. It is likely the Lambert ancestors of the Curriers came from the vicinity of Cape Cod, instead of the paternal ancestry. Children of Gideon & Susanna Lambert, born at Tisbury: i. Ebenezer Lambert , born May 8, 1761; ii. Paul Lambert, b, July 16, 1763; iii. Silas Lambert, b. Oct. 15, 1765, married Hannah Soule Bonney; iv. Beulah Lambert, b. Jan. 1, 1768, born in Winthrop; v. Susanna Lambert, b. Sept. 24, 1770, married Samuel Pease; vi. Phebe Lambert, b. May 20, 1774, mentioned above, wife of Jonathan Currier; vii. Gideon Lambert Jr., b. June 11, 1777, married Susanna Fairbanks.
Children of Jonathan & Phebe (Lambert) Currier:
1. Jonathan Jr., born Nov. 27, 1793, mentioned below.
2. Sally, born Feb. 6, 1796, married Daniel Daley.
3. Franklin, born Nov. 12, 1797, died Aug. 9, 1887; married Prudence Luce; one child, Andrew Franklin, b. Sept. 22, 1859, married March 7, 1881, Augusta E. Waugh, child: Clyde Harrison, b. Sept. 2, 1889.
4. Daniel Searle, born Dec. 3, 1799, died 1883; married Anna Sturtevant, who died in Aug., 1854; children: i. Survilla, b. July 2, 1829, d. Jan., 1856; ii. Laura Etta, b. July 23, 1831, d. July, 1854; iii. Hannah Curtis, b. Sept., 1832, d. Sept., 1854; iv. John Milton, b. Jan. 18, 1834, d. June, 1854; v. Lenora, b. 1840, died same year; vi. Annie Sturtevant, b. 1842, died 1843; vii. Daniel Searle Jr., b. April 5, 1844, d. 1846; viii. Georgiana, b. Jan. 8, 1846.
5. Sullivan, born Feb. 3, 1802.
6. Oliver, born March, 1805.
7. Oliver Lambert, born March 6, 1807, was president of the first Republican convention which was held at Strong, Maine, and at which assembly the Republican party was named; married Mary Ann Weston; child, Mary Ann, married a Dr. Pratt and has lived in Chelsea, Mass. for many years.
8. David, born Sept. 17, 1809.
9. Olive, born June 16, 1811.
10. Mary Ann, born Aug. 27, 1813.
11. Almira, born Feb. 23, 1816.
12. Emily, born Jan. 12, 1819.

(VII) Jonathan Jr. (3), son of Jonathan (2) Currier, was born in Winthrop, Maine, Nov. 27, 1793, died Jan. 26, 1875. He was a soldier in the war of 1812.
He married Dec. 23, 1819, Polly, b. Aug. 30, 1796, d. Aug. 31, 1890, daughter of Arnold Sweet, b. March 3, 1767, at Attleborough, Mass., and granddaughter of Ebenezer Sweet, b. at Attleborough, June 18, 1741, d. at Farmington, Maine, Nov. 4, 1838. Ebenezer married (first) Naomi Daggett, of Attleborough, (second) Desire Daggett; children: Calvin, Arnold, Elizabeth, Ellis, Abel, Ebenezer, Naomi.
Jonathan Currier was a farmer, living in Winthrop, New Sharon and Wilton, Maine, most of his life being spent in Wilton on the Currier farm.
1. Russell Sweet, born March 6, 1822, mentioned below.
2. Mary Ann, b. Winthrop, Maine, Sept. 20, 1825, died at New Sharon, Maine, 1888; she married Benjamin Fletcher.

(VIII) Russell Sweet, son of Jonathan (3) Currier Jr., was born in Winthrop, Maine, March 5, 1822, died Jan. 21, 1902. He was educated in the common and high schools, and, when a young man, taught school several years. He went to Lowell, Mass., to work in the cotton mills and rose to the position of a foreman in one of the mills. In 1854 he returned to Wilton, Maine, and engaged in farming during the remainder of this active life.
He was a Democrat in politics, member of the board of selectmen of Wilton and supervisor of schools for many years. He represented the town in the state legislautre in 1856 and 1876, and was one of the most prominent and influential citizens of the town.
He married Dec. 19, 1855, Betsey, born at Chesterville, Maine, Sept. 24, 1826, daughter of Joseph and Betsey (Conforth) Keith.
1. George Russell, born in Wilton, July 14, 1860; he was on the board of selectmen and one of the school committee of East Livermore, Maine, for several years; went from there to Washington, D.C., to accept a position in the pension department; lived there for several years; afterward was a practicing physician at Pontiac, Rhode Island; married Josie Paine, of East Livermore, Maine; he died at Pontiac, R. I. Dec. 7, 1899.
2. Henrietta K., born Sept. 2, 1861, married Henry W. Lowell June 13, 1881; he is engaged in the apple exporting business, residing at Farmington, Maine; child, Arthur C. Lowell, b. April 11, 1884.
3. Everett B., born April 12, 1866, mentioned below.

(IX) Everett Benton, son of Russell Sweet Currier, was born in Wilton, Maine, April 12, 1866, and was educated in the Wilton public schools, the Wilton Academy and Westbook Seminary. After teaching in the district and high schools for a time he began the study of his profession in 1890 in the Portland School of Medical Instruction, continued for a time in the Bowdoin Medical School and completed his course in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the class of 1893. He began later in the year to practice medicine at Rangeley, Maine, and continued there three years. Since 1896 he has been located at Phillips, Maine, where he has had a large practice.
He is a member of Mount Saddleback Lodge of Odd Fellows, Phillips. In politics he is a Republican, and while in Rangeley served on the school board of selectmen and as superintendent of schools. He has also served several years as superintendent of schools in the town of Phillips.
He married May 9, 1895, Georgia Evelyn, born at Skowhegan, Maine, April 8, 1874, daughter of Augustus and Georgianna (Friend) Bigelow, of Skowhegan.

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