Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Peter Cooper, immigrant ancestor, came to New England in 1635 on the ship "Susan and Ellen." He was then twenty-six years old. He settled in Rowley, Mass., and was the owner of a house lot of an acre and a half as early as 1643.
He married Emme, Ame, or Amelia _____, who died in Rowley in 1689. He died Jan. 15, 1667.
1. Mary, born April 2, 1642, married John How of Topsfield.
2. Samuel, born Dec. 8, 1646, mentioned below.
3. Deborah, born June 30, 1650, married Dec. 28, 1670, Samuel Hazeltine, of Haverhill.
4. Sarah, born June 14, 1652, married Jan. 3, 1676, Edward Moors, of Newbury.

(II) Samuel, son of Peter Cooper, was born in Rowley, Dec. 8, 1646, died May 25, 1727. He lived in Rowley all his life. He married, June 25, 1691, Mary Harriman, who died Oct. 7, 1732.
1. Mary, born Nov. 10, 1693, married Nov. 5, 1734, Moses Hopkinson.
2. Peter, born March 7, 1696, drowned Aug. 12, 1715.
3. Hannah, born April 10, 1701, died Sept. 25, 1705.
4. Moses, born April 19, 1703.
5. Leonard, born June 26, 1707, mentioned below.

(III) Leonard (1), son of Samuel Cooper, was born in Rowley, June 26, 1707. He settled in Newcastle, Maine. He married March 13, 1729, Sarah Platts, born June 22, 1710.
1. Hannah, born April 7, 1730, married Nov. 7, 1749, Thomas Lull as his second wife; died Sept. 29, 1793.
2. Peter, born March 3, 1732, married (first) Dec. 25, 1755, Mary Skillian; (second) Widow Woodman; died returning from the French war Oct. 22, 1759.
3. Mary (baptized Sarah), born Nov. 18, 1734, married May 31, 1753, Jacob Pearson.
4. James, born March 4, 1737, married Hannah _____.
5. Jedediah, born July 3, 1739.
6. Susannah, baptized May 6, 1742, died June 27, 1742.
7. Moses, born May 26, 1743, married ____ Tarr, widow, and settled in Whitefield, Maine.
8. Ezekiel, born Oct. 7, 1745, removed to Ohio.
9. Sarah, born Feb. 26, 1748.
10. Jesse, born May 17, 1751, mentioned below.
11. Susannah, born Oct. 11, 1753, married Samuel Gray; died Sept. 6, 1842.

(IV) Sergeant Jesse, son of Leonard Cooper, was born in Rowley, Mass., May 17, 1751, died in 1828. He married Nov. 8, 1777, Hannah Nichols, of Bristol, Maine, born Aug. 22, 1755, died April 30, 1818. He was a farmer and lumberman. He got out the masts for the ship "Constitution," which were thirty-six inches in diameter and ninety-four and ninety-six feet high. He was sergeant in Capt. Robert Hodge's company, Colonel William Jones' regiment in the revolution. He assisted in the recapture of the ship "Grout," or "Gruel," from the British ship "Rainbow," Sept. 10, 1777.
1. Sally, born May 27, 1778, married Samuel Gray, died 1809.
2. Fanny, born March 2, 1780, died young.
3. James Nichols, born March 29, 1782, married Nov. 14, 1809, Sally Little; died July 17, 1848.
4. Fanny, born Feb. 19, 1784, died young. 5. Jesse, born Feb. 8, 1785, died young.
6. Alexander, born Feb. 18, 1787, died March 11, 1838; married Betsey Nichols.
7. Leonard, born Sept. 16, 1789, died young.
8. Ruth, born Sept. 7, 1791, died young.
9. Hannah Lull, born Sept. 1, 1794, married July 4, 1828, William Nichols Ames; died March 7, 1872.
10. Leonard, born July 4, 1796, mentioned below.
11. William, born July 7, 1798, married Frances Wilder.
12. Gilmore, born June 17, 1800, married Jan. 1, 1824, Lucia Lewis; died July 21, 1861.

(V) Leonard (2), son of Jesse Cooper, was born in Newcastle, Maine, July 4, 1796, died at Montville, Oct. 6, 1863. He received his education in the district schools, and was a farmer and lumberman. He had a sawmill at what was known as Cooper's Mills. He was a prominent citizen, serving as selectman and in other town offices. In politics he was a Whig. He was captain of militia, and was in the war of 1812 in Bristol, Maine.
He married Nov. 23, 1823, Abigail Weeks, of Jefferson, Maine, born April 26, 1801, died Nov. 6, 1881, daughter of Thomas and Ruth (Taylor) Weeks.
1. Thomas W., born Nov. 16, 1824, died May, 1896; married Nov. 22, 1854, Ursula J. Stevens, and resided at East Machias, Maine.
2. Hannah N., born Feb. 28, 1827, married May 25, 1854, Daniel Stevens, of Montville, Maine, and had Abbie Wilder Stevens, b. Dec. 31, 1859.
3. Leonard, born March 12, 1829, mentioned below.
4. William Edwin, born May 9, 1832, married Dec. 13, 1865, Julia A. Weeks and resides at East Machias.
5. Marcellus R., born may 11, 1835, died at Belfast, 1893; married July 16, 1864, Olive Hayford.
6. Freeman B., born Aug. 29, 1838, married Feb. 11, 1865, Sarah Gunn, at Newport, Maine, and had Walter, b. Oct. 2, 1869, and Isabel, b. Oct., 1878.
7. Laura A., born Sept. 19, 1841, married Feb. 10, 1864, William Ames Cooper, born Aug. 5, 1826, and had Clara Maria, b. Dec. 13, 1867, and Abbie Lucia, b. June 21, 1876.
8. Alexander, born April 13, 1844, married Dec. 17, 1871, Eugenia A. Russell, and had Helen S., b. May 19, 1881; lived at Newport.

(VI) Leonard (3), son of Leonard (2) Cooper, was born March 12, 1829, at Cooper's Mills, Whitefield, Maine. He received his education in the public schools of his native town. He worked on his father's farm as a youth and young man. In 1853 he established a livery-stable business at Rockland, Maine, and continued it until 1860, when he returned to Montville and took charge of the homestead farm. He also engaged in the lumber business there, and in partnerhsip with his nephew in Belfast, where the firm had a lumber-yard. At the present time (1908) his son Ralph is his partner, and the firm conducts both a retail and wholesale business, shipping much lumber to distant markets, carrying a stock worthy twenty thousand dollars, and having an annual business of fifty thousand or more. Mr. Cooper has made his home at Belfast since 1898, and is one of the substantial and influential citizens. In business he has been very successful, evincing special ability and great enterprise and industry. He has accumulated a handsome competence through his own energy and efforts and is a model of the American self-made man of affairs.
As a citizen he takes a keen interest in municipal affairs and lends his help to every movement for the improvement and welfare of the towns in which he has lived. In politics he is an old-line Democrat, having voted first for General Scott for president, and bein influential in his party, though not a seeker of office. He is a member of Montville Grange, Patrons of Husbandry.
He married (first) Feb. 12, 1863, Mary Agnes Keating, of Searsmont, Maine, who died May 30, 1870. He married (second) June 2, 1880, Annie S., born Sept. 12, 1840, daughter of William and Charlotte (Nesmith) Cuningham, of Montville. Her father was born in Peterborough, N. H., son of Samuel Cunningham.
Child of 1st wife:
Mary Hanly, born Sept. 28, 1867; died Feb. 26, 1877.
Child of 2d wife:
Ralph L., born in Montville, Aug. 3, 1881, graduated at the Belfast high school and was a student at the University of Maine nearly four years, but was obliged to leave before receiving his degree to assist his father in his business. He is at present in partnership with his father and has virtually the management of the business.

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