Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Among the pioneer immigrants of Massachusetts were five or more named Colburn, Colborne or Colburn, as the name was variously spelled. They were:
Edward, of Chelmsford.
Richard, of Dorchester.
Robert, of Ipswich.
Samuel, of Salem.
William, of Boston.
Some of these were prominent in local affairs, and many of their descendants have been leading citizens in the year following their father's times.

(I) Edward Colborne, aged seventeen, came as a passenger on the "Defence," Capt. Barstock, Oct. 3, 1635, to Boston, after a passage of fifty-four days from England. In August, 1664, Sir Richard Saltonstall bought of Edward Colborne eight hundred acres of land as appears by the deed record. In 1668 Edward Colborne sold his marsh lot at Plum Island to Rev. William Hubbard, of Ipswich, and in 1671 he sold certain lands to Thomas Hinchman in Ipswich, near Wesbarn (Wenham) line. In 1664 he had a share in Hog Island, off Ipswich shore. In 1668 Edward Colborne, of the town of Ipswich, purchased 1,600 acres of land for 1,300 pounds, to be paid two-thirds in wheat, malt and peas; one-third in beef, pork and Indian corn. This farm was a grant from the general court of Massachusetts Bay Colony to Capt. John Everard, who was a deputy from Chelmsford for many years, and load out the wilderness along the Merrimack river. Five hundred acres of this land were on the eastern side of Beaver brook, adjoining Edward Tyng. In 1670 Edward Colborne added to his estate the Sachette lands lying between Colborne and Varnum, taking the land on both sides of Beaver brook from the Merrimack river to Long pond, and extending into the present limits of Pelham, N. H.
Edward Colborne, being the earliest settler of Dracut on the Merrimack, occupied an outpost on what was then the frontier. At that early date Mass. Bay Colony claimed jurisdiction over all the territory contiguous to the Merrimack river from its mouth to its source. Mr. Colborne and his sons continuted to be the sole inhabitant of a large area of territory west of Haverhill till Samuel Varnum settled upon his improvement with his sons; and there has not been a time since when representatives of these two families have not occupied lands transmitted from father to son from that remote date.
Edward Colborne dwelt in a garrison house built for the common defence against the savages. The sons resided on portions of the estate which he allotted them. Edward Colborne died in 1711. His wife's baptismal name was Hannah; the record does not disclose what her surname was.

(II) Thomas, probably son of Edward and Hannah Colborne, has left but little record to trace.

(III) Zachariah, son of Thomas Colborne, was born April 26, 1697, and resided in Dracut and Pelham. He married Joanna ____.
Hannah, Edward, Ruth, Zachariah, Silas, Jonas and Nathan.

(IV) Jonas, fourth son of Zachariah and Joanna Colborne, was born in Pelham, March 28, 1749, and removed to the then province of Maine, and resided in Lewiston and Buckfield. He married Dec. 6, 1770, Lucy Varnum, born July 31, 1751.
Sarah, Jonas, Asa, Lucy, Elizabeth, Silas, Hannah, Mercy and Peter.

(V) Jonas (2), eldest child of Jonas (1) and Lucy (Varnum) Colborne, was born in Lewiston, Maine, Jan. 11, 1774, the first white child born in that plantation. He married Hannah Knight, born March 9, 1774; they resided in Sumner and Livermore.
Samuel, Jonas, John, Rebecca, Greenfield, Hiram and Lavinia.

(VI) Colonel Samuel, eldest child of Jonas (2) and Hannah (Knight) Colburn, was born Sept. 26, 1792; the place of his birth is Buckfield or Sumner. He died July 26, 1849. He married April 10, 1817, Harriet Warren, of Paris, born Oct. 15, 1796, died Jan. 17, 1876.
Mary Ann, Emeline Orange, Greenfield Durwin, America Thayer, Ira Warren, Hiram Sidney, Elvira Jane, Roscoe Green, Adeline Ardelia and George Bates.

(VII) Mary Ann, eldest child of Col. Samuel and Harriet (Warren) Colburn, was born April 3, 1818, died Feb. 12, 1894. She married Nov. 18, 1838, John Gardner, of Patten.

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