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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The line of Bradstreet sketched below is descended from one of the earliest recorded settlers of this name in New England, his landfall being in 1634. An earlier immigrant of this name was Simon, who came over in the fleet with Winthrop, 1630, and afterward won distinction as governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Fromt those two are descended most of the New England Bradstreets.

(I) Humphrey Bradstreet came from Ipswich, England, in the ship "Elizabeth," William Andrews, master, the last of April, 1634, bringing with him his wife Bridget and children as follows:
Hannah, aged nine; John, aged three; Martha, aged two; and Mary, aged one year.
At that time his age is given as forty years, and that of his wife as thirty years. He settled in Ipswich, Mass., where he received a considerable grant of land on the north side of Egypt river, his being the most northerly grant made by the town of Ipswich; the northerly boundary of this farm was the southerly boundary of the town of Rowley, settled in 1638, and in 1784 the farm for the convenience of its occupants was set off from Ipswich to Rowley. From the location of this farm, after the Rowley settlement, the Bradstreets were associated almost wholly with Rowley, having their membership in the Rowley church, burying their dead in the Rowley cemetery, and training with the Rowley military company. In the following lists of children, where not othersie stated, the births are from Ipswich records and the baptism from the Rowley record.
Humphrey Bradsteet was made a freeman May 6, 1635, and was a representative for Ipswich to the general court in the same year; he died in the summer of 1655. His will, dated July 21, 1655, proved Sept. 25, 1655, directs, among other things, that son Moses is to have the home farm after the decease of his mother; son John is to have the farm at Muddy river.
His wife Bridget Bradstreet died in Nov., 1665. Her will is dated Oct. 16, 1665.
Hannah, John, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Rebecca and Moses (the subject of the next paragraph).

(II) Captain Moses, youngest child of Humphrey and Bridget Bradstreet, was born in 1643. He was a man of substance and influence, and was a captain of the military company. His will, dated Aug. 16, 1690, proved Sept. 30, 1690, mentions a ship, his home farm, lands in Haverhill and other property of his.
He married, March 11, 1662, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Bridget Harris of Rowley. After her death he married (second) Sarah, widow of Samuel Prime, of Rowley, and daughter of Samuel Platts. The dates cannot be found. Samuel Prime died March 18, 1684. She died before 1697, Moses Bradstreet's gravestone, the oldest in Rowley burying ground, bears the following inscription:
Here Lys What Was Mortal
of ye Worthy Cap. Moses Brad-
Deceased August ye 17, 1690, & in ye
47th Year of His Age.
Friends & Relatives
You Might Behold
A Lamb of God
Fitt for the Fold

John, Moses, Elizabeth, Humphrey, Nathaniel, Hannah, Samuel (died young), Bridget, Aaron, Samuel (died young) and Jonathan.

(III) Moses (2), son of Captain Moses (1) and Elizabeth (Harris) Bradstreet, was born Oct. 17, 1665; and died Dec. 20, 1757. He succeeded to one-half the ancestral homestead and all the buildings thereon, and was a farmer. His will, dated Dec. 19, 1737, proved Jan. 9, 1738, provides, among other things that his son Nathaniel shall have the homestead.
He married (first), July 19, 1686, Hannah, daughter of John and Jane (Crosby) Pickard, of Rowley. She was born in Rowley, and died Jan. 3, 1737, aged sixty-seven years. He married (second), Oct. 20, 1737, Dorothy (Sewall) Northend, widow of Ezekiel Northend, of Rowley. She died June 17, 1752.
Children of Moses and Hannah (Pickard) Bradstreet:
Elizabeth, Hannah, Bridget, Moses, John, Nathaniel (died young), Nathaniel and Jane.

(IV) Lieutenant Nathaniel, seventh child and youngest son of Moses (2) and Hannah (Pickard) Bradstreet, was baptized Nov. 18, 1705, and died Dec. 2, 1752. He had the farm his father left, and also acquired other lands. His will was dated Nov. 30, 1752, and proved Dec. 25, 1752. It provides that wife Hannah shall have "that land which was in my uncle John's division;" son Moses to have most of the estate, and so on.
He married (first) April 19, 1727, Hannah, daughter of Ezekiel and Dorothy (Sewall) Northend, of Rowley. She was born Jan. 31, 1703, and died April 11, 1739. He married (second) Aug. 15, 1739, Hannah, daughter of Thomas Hammond, of Ipswich. She was baptized in Rowley, July, 1716, and died between Oct. 26, 1787, the date of her will, and May 7, 1792, the date when it was proved.
Children by 1st wife:
Moses, John (died young), Hannah (died young), Hannah, Nathaniel, Ezekiel, Nathaniel (died young), and Jane.
Children by 2d wife:
Nathaniel, Elizabeth, John, Mary and Sarah.

(V) Nathaniel (2), eldest child of Lieut. Nathaniel (1) and Hannah (Hammond) Bradstreet, was baptized June 20, 1740, and died March 28, 1806, aged sixty-six years. His home was in Ipswich, just over the Rowley line, and was formerly a Hammond place. His will was dated Jan. 2, 1804, and probated May 7, 1806.
He married, Dec. 7, 1762, Phebe, daughter of Eliphalet and Ruth (Pickard) Jewett, of Rowley. She was born in Rowley April 13, 1741, and died dec. 18, 1815, aged seventy-four years.
Elizabeth, David, Daniel, Nathan, Phebe, Mary, Nathaniel, Sarah and Hannah.

(VI) Daniel, third child and second son of Nathaniel (2) and Phebe (Jewett) Bradstreet, was born in Ipswich, and baptized March 13, 1768. He removed from Rowley, Mass. to Bridgton, Maine, where he settled and died Oct. 20, 1816, aged forty-nine years. His wife, Betsey A. Bradstreet, died July 2, 1831.

(VII) Sophia, daughter of Daniel and Betsey A. Bradstreet, was born in Bridgton, Maine, Nov. 21, 1804, died Sept. 16, 1882, aged seventy-seven years, She married Thomas Cleaves, of Bridgton.

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