Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]

BRADFORD, continued

(For earlier generations see preceding sketch).

(V) Samuel, son of Major William Bradford, married Hannah Rogers, who bore him seven children.
He had the title of Lieutenant, and lived in Duxbury, about one-third of a mile northeast from the mouth of Island creek. After filling numerous local offices, he died in April, 1714, aged forty-six years.

(VI) Gamaliel, third son and seventh child of Lieut. Samuel and Hannah (Rogers) Bradford, was born in Plymouth county, Mass., May 18, 1704, and died in 1778. He lived in Duxbury, from which town he was chosen a member of the governor's council and judge of the court of Plymouth county. He served in the administration of Gov. William Shirley during part of his term of office, and in the administration of Gov. Jonathan Belcher, the service in the governor's council being between 1730 and 1756.
He married, Aug. 30, 1728, Abigail Bartlett.
Children, b. in Duxbury:
1. Abigail.
2. Samuel.
3. Gamaliel.
4. Seth.
5. Peabody (Paybody), removed to Turner, Maine; married July 29, 1788, Hannah Freeman, ceremony performed by Rev. John Strickland, pastor of the Congregational church in Turner, Maine.
6. Deborah.
7. Hannah.
8. Ruth.
9. Peter (q.v.)
10. Andrew, twin of Peter, born Jan. 2, 1745; graduated Harvard College, A.B., 1771, A.M. 1774, died 1837.

(VII) Peter, fifth son and ninth child of Gamliel and Abigail (Bartlett) Bradford, was born in Duxbury, Mass., June 2, 1745. He married, at Pembroke, Plymouth county, Abigail Loring, and they removed to the District of Maine, locating at Kingsfield and being among the first settlers of that place in 1764. The first settlers were largely from Plymouth county, and the town as first incorporated included Waterville, which was set off as a separate town in 1802. He later removed his family to Readfield, same county, and died there in Dec., 1833.
He was prominent in revolutionary times, being a judge, and long a member of the colonial assembly.
Children, b. Winthrop, Maine:
1. Judith, born April 27, 1770.
2. Priscilla, born June 16, 1773, married William Rand.
3. Alexander, born Dec. 18, 1776.
4. Nathaniel.
5. Polly, married ____ Rollins, of Winslow.
6. Betsey, born 1785; married Joshua Merritt, of Portland, Maine.
7. Martin (q.v.)
8. Andrew, married Almira Merritt.

(VIII) Martin, third son and seventh child of Peter and Abigail (Loring) Bradford, was born in Duxbury, Mass., Sept. 22, 1790, and died April 29, 1873.
He married, March 22, 1813, Tyla (Emily) Hayden, born Feb. 26, 1791, died May 12, 1865. He was a farmer and became one of the first settlers of St. Albans, Somerset county, Maine.
1. Charles Gamaliel, born April 28, 1814, see following.
2. Mary H., born April 4, 1816.
3. Peter A., born Nov. 26, 1818.
4. Abigail L., born March 8, 1821.
5. Andrew, born March 31, 1823.
6. Jane P., born June 26, 1825.
7. James H., born April 1, 1827.
8. Anna K., born June 5, 1829.
9. Olive S., born Aug. 26, 1831.
10. Emily A., born Dec. 30, 1833.
11. Sidney K., born May 10, 1836.
12. George S., born Nov. 19, 1839.

(IX) Charles Gamaliel, eldest son of Martin and Tyla (Hayden) Bradford, was born in Vassalboro, Maine, April 28, 1814, and died in Detroit, Somerset county, May 31, 1868. He removed to Mattawamkeag, Probscot county, Maine, where he was among the first incorporators of the town, Feb. 14, 1860, and served as selectman. He was a farmer and lumberman. He was a member of the Methodist church.
He married (first) Jan., 1841, Emily White, of Wayne, Maine, who died Nov. 23, 1842; (second) Oct. 15, 1850, Mary Prentiss, of St. Albans, born in South China, Kennebec county, July 20, 1823, died at Mattawamkeag, July 13, 1867, daughter of Jesse and Mary (Varney) Prentiss. She was a descendant of Valentine PRENTISS (1), who came from Roxbury, Mass. in 1631, through John (2), born in England, Valentine (3), born about 1680, Joseph (4) born March 26, 1747, and Jesse ............. [line or so cut off the top of the scan of this pg]..................Mary Varney, of China, Maine, and became the parents of Mary Prentiss, wife of Charles Gamaliel Bradford.
1. Chester, see forward.
2. Tyla, born May 29, 1856, died in 1857.
3. Jane Prentiss, born April 3, 1858, died July 27, 1888.
4. Elizabeth Mary, born Aug. 8, 1860, married Arthur T. Smith, of Waltham, Mass.
5. Ernest W., see forward.

(X) Chester, eldest surviving son of Charles Gamaliel and Mary (Prentiss) Bradford, was born in St. Albans, Maine, May 3, 1852. Beginning with the common schools, he was otherwise self-educated. He followed various pursuits until he was twenty-four years of age, when he began his professional work a a solicitor of patents, devoting his spare time to the study of law, more particularly patent law. He was soon admitted to the bar, and in 1892 to the bar of the supreme court of the U.S. He has practiced his profession constantly, and is now senior member of the firm of Bradford & Hood, with offices in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a charter member of the Columbia Club of Indianapolis, which was organized as a political club to further the interests of the late General Harrison during his presidential candidacy, but which was developed into a permanent organization, and is now probably the leading club in the state.
In religion he is a member of the Second Presbyterian church.
He married, at Indianapolis, Indiana, Dec. 29, 1891, Ruby S. Claypool, born near Terre Haute, Indiana, March 14, 1866. Her father, Judge Solomon CLAYPOOL, born Aug. 17, 1829, died March 19, 1898, was a member of the Indiana legislature at the age of twenty-seven, and circuit judge at twenty-eight, serving on the bench seven years. He married Hannah M. Osborne; children: i. Anna C. ii. John W. iii. Hannah M. iv. Ruby S. (wife of Chester Bradford), v. Mary Alice, vi. Lucy G. vii. Elizabeth C.
Children of Chester & Ruby S. (Claypool) Bradford:
1. Hannah May, born Nov. 19, 1893.
2. Ruby Claypool, born Oct. 11, 1895.
3. Ernestine Elizabeth, born Feb. 22, 1901.

(X) Ernest Wilder, youngest child of Charles Gamaliel and Mary (Prentiss) Bradford, was born in Mattawamkeag, Penobscot county, Maine, May 23, 1862. Left an orphan by the death of his parents, his mother dying July 13, 1867, and his father May 31, 1868, he was taken by his father's cousin, Charles ............[line cut off top of scan] in Winslow, Kennebec county, Maine, and remained with these relatives working on the farm and attending the district school when opportunity was afforded until he was seventten years of age, when he began an entirely self-dependent career. He took a three years course at Oak Grove Siminary, Vassalboro, Maine, where he graduated in the spring of 1882, paying his expenses with money earned during vacations and outside of school hours in term time.
He removed to Indianapolis, Indiana, in May, 1882, at the instance of his brother Chester, who was conducting a patent law business in that city, and was a clerk in his brother's office until the spring of 1887, when he purchased a half interest in the business. During his first year in Indianapolis he took a course in law at the Central Law School of Indiana, and was graduated LL.B. in April, 1883, second in a class of about twenty students, completing a two years course of study in one school year. He had charge of his brother's office in Washington, D.C., at the time the partnership ws formed by Chester and Ernest Wilder Bradford as C. & E. W. Bradford, attorneys and counsellors-at-law and patent lawyers, with offices in Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1893 he sold out his partnership interests with his brother Chester and established a law business in Washington on his own account. He was admitted to practice in the supreme court of Indiana in 1883, and the supreme court of the U. S. in 1893, and meantime in many of the district and circuit courts of the U. S.
He was a charter member of the Columbia Club of Indianapolis. He is past grand master of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in the District of Columbia, and secretary of the General Military Council, Patriarchs Militant, I.O.O.F.; also past grand of Beacon Lodge, No. 15, and past chief patriarch of F. D. Stuart Encampment, No. 7, I.O.O.F. He is a member of the Society of the Mayflower Descendants in the District of Columbia by right of descent from William Bradford, he being of the eighth generation in lineal descent, and secretary of the Society. He is also past president of the Maine Association of the District of Columbia, and naturally very popular among the sons and daughters of Maine residing there.
Mr. Bradford never married.
His office in Washington, D. C. is in the Washington Loan and Trust Company's building.


[for prior generations, see original sketch of this surname]

(VII) Martin, son of Ezekiel and Betsey (Chandler) Bradford, was born in Duxbury, Mass., Oct. 17, 1763. He accompanied his parents to Turner, Maine, where he became the owner of a farm of five hundred acres of land and was one of the leading men of the town. He died June 7, 1832.
He married, in 1790, Prudence Dillingham, born Oct. 17, 1757, died Sept. 5, 1822.
Martin, Calvin, Anna, Ezekiel, Freeman and Richmond (next mentioned).

(VIII) Dr. Richmond, youngest child of Martin and Prudence (Dillingham) Bradford, was born in Turner, Maine, April 30, 1801, and died after a long illness Dec. 21, 1874. He studied medicine in Minot and at Bowdoin College, graduating from the latter in the famous class of 1825; took the degree of M. D. in 1828, and commenced practice in Turner, after which he practiced a while in Lewiston Falls and the city of Portland, and finally removed to Auburn, where the latter part of his life was passed. In 1845 he relinquished allopathy for homeopathy, which he thereafter practiced. He had a large practice, and at the time of his death was the oldest physician in the county, also one of its best linguists.
He was a trustee of Lewiston Falls Academy for many years, a deacon and treasurer of the Congregational church, and a devoted Christian.
He married, in Turner, Sept. 3, 1829, Arcy Cary, b. Feb. 15, 1797, died July 5, 1855, in Portland. She was the daughter of Daniel and Mehitable (Brett) Cary, of Bridgewater.
1. George Richmond, born 1831.
2. Herbert Cary, see forward.
3. Clara French, born 1835.
4. Theodore Dwight, born 1838.
Dr. Bradford married (second) Mary Howe, in Portland, Maine, Nov. 16, 1859. No children.

(IX) Dr, Herbert Cary, second son of Dr. Richmond and Arcy (Cary) Bradford, was born in Turner, Aug. 24, 1833. He studied medicine with his father, was a student at the Medical School of Maine, at Bowdoin College, and at the Homeopathic Medical College in 1856. He immediately began the practice of his profession in Lewiston, where he sill continues and where he has attained an enviable reputation. His practice steadily increased from year to year, and is now (1908) one of the largest and most select in the city, of which he is also one of the highly respected citizens.
He is a member of the Maine Homoeopathic Society ............[one or more lines cut off top of page]...................Feb. 17, 1834, at Thomaston, Maine, died Oct. 14, 1887, at Lewiston, Maine, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Spear) FALES, the former of whom was b. at Thomaston Nov. 17, 1778, d. Dec. 10, 1858, at Rockland, and the latter b. at Rockland, Maine, Jan. 16, 1799, d. Jan. 18, 1884, at Lewiston. Mr. and Mrs. Fales were the parents of four children: Mary Thomas, Oliver Bailey, Edward S. and Julia Melinda. [the last named of these dau. has to have m. this Bradford fellow, but it was cut off the top of the page].
Children of Dr. & Mrs. Bradford:
1. Carrie Adams, born June 3, 1862, resides at home.
2. William Herbert, see forward.

(X) Dr. William Herbert, son of Dr. Herbert Cary and Julia Melinda (Fales) Bradford, was born in Lewiston, Maine, Jan. 1, 1866. He attended the Lewiston public school; he received the degrees of A.B. and A.M. from Bowdoin College in 1888 and 1891, respectively, and that of M. D. in 1891 at the Medical School of Maine, and is now practicing his profession in the city of Portland, making a specialty of surgery, in which line he is highly successful. He is instructor in surgery and clinical surgery in the Medical School of Maine, is serving in the capacity of surgeon at the Maine General Hospital, which position he has occupied for eight years, and for seven years previously was assistnat surgeon at the same institution. He is consulting surgeon to the Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Children's Hospital of Portland. He is a member of the Maine Medical Association, American Academy of Medicine, Portland Medical Club, Cumberland County Medical Association and Pathological Club.
Dr. Bradford married, at Portland, Sept. 4, 1901, Marcia Bowman Knight, born in Portland, Oct. 11, 1869, dau. of George H. Knight, of Portland.
1. William Herbert, Jr., born Aug. 19, 1902.
2. George Knight, born June 22, 1908.
Dr. Bradford is a Congregationalist, and his wife a member of the Unitarian church.


(For ancestry see William Bradford I)

(V) Major John, eldest son of Major William Bradford and his first wife, Alice Richards, was born at Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 20, 1651-52, and died at Kingston, Mass., Dec. 8, 1736. He was a justice of the peace, as appears by record of a marriage ceremony performed at Plympton, and probably bore a part in the colonial wars. He lived a little northwest of the Kingston landing. On Jan 6, 1674-75, ...............[line cut off, but it has to be about his marriage]............Priscilla Warren, born Sept. 23, 1653, died in March, 1747, aged ninety-three years six months. Joseph Warren, father of Mrs. Bradford, was son of Richard Warren, who came over in the "Mayflower."
1, John, born Dec. 25, 1675.
2. Alice, born Jan. 28, 1677.
3. Abigail, born Dec. 10, 1679.
4. Mercy, born Dec. 20, 1681.
5. Samuel, whose sketch follows.
6. Priscilla, born March 10, 1686.
7. William, born April 15, 1688.

(VI) Lieutenant Samuel, second son of Major John and Mercy (Warren) Bradford, was born at Kingston, Mass., Dec. 23, 1683, lived at Plympton, Mass., and died there March 26, 1740, aged fifty-six years three months. He was often elected a selectman, and was a representative to the general court.
Oct. 21, 1714, he married Sarah, dau. of Edward Gray, of Tiverton, Rhode Island, granddaughter of Edward Gray, of Plympton, by Dorothy, his second wife.
Nine years after her husband's death, Sept. 7, 1749, Mrs. Sarah Bradford married William Hunt, of Martha's Vineyard, where she died Oct., 1770, having passed her fourscore years.
1. John, born April 8, 1717, died Sept. 28 of that year.
2. Gideon, whose sketch follows.
3. William, born Dec. 16, 1720, died Feb. 16, 1724-25.
4. Mary, born Oct. 16, 1722, married Abial Cook, of Tiverton, R. I.
5. Sarah, born April 14, 1725, married Ephraim Paddock.
6. William, born Nov. 8, 1728, died at Bristol, R. I. July 6, 1808.
7. Mercy, born April 12, 1731, died on June 1 of that year.
8. Abigail, born June 12, 1732, married Caleb Stetson and died at Plympton, July 31, 1775.
9. Phebe, born March 30, 1735, married Shubal Norton, of Martha's Vineyard.
10. Samuel, born April 13, 1740, died at Williamsburg, Mass. Aug. 1, 1813.

(VII) Gideon, second son of Lieut. Samuel and Sarah (Gray) Bradford, was born Oct. 27, 1718, at Plympton, Mass., and died there Oct. 18, 1793, lacking three weeks of seventy-five years.
He was married about 1742 by Rev. Nathaniel Leonard, to Jane, dau. of Ichabod and Joanna Paddock, of Yarmouth, afterwards of Middleboro, Mass. She was born Aug. 30, 1717, dau. of Elder Thomas Faunce, the last ruling elder of the church at Plymouth. Mrs. Jane (Paddock) Bradford, widow of Gideon Bradford, died at Plympton, Mass. April 18, 1795, aged seventy- ...............[line cut off top of scanned page] .....................Gideon and Jane (Paddock) Bradford:
1. Levi, born Feb. 16, 1743, died at Homer, New York, Sept. 5, 1822, aged seventy-nine years.
2. Joseph, born Oct. 19, 1745, died at Washington, Beaufort county, North Carolina, Aug., 1787.
3. Sarah, mentioned in next paragraph.
4. Samuel, born June 20, 1750, died at Plympton, Mass., March 26, 1835, aged eighty-five years.
5. Gideon, born May 30, 1752, died at Plympton, Mass., April 16, 1805, aged fifty-two years ten months.
6. Calvin, born July 25, 1754, died at Plympton April 24, 1835, in his eighty-first year.

(VIII) Sarah, eldest daughter of Gideon and Jane (Paddock) Bradford, was born May 19, 1749, at Plympton, Mass., and died at the home of her son Freeman (2) Ellis at Carthage, Maine, Sept. 2, 1837, in her ninetieth year.
She was mararied at Plympton, in 1766, to Freeman Ellis, then of that town, but who subsequently removed to Hartford, Maine, where he died March 15, 1802.

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