Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The first in this country of the line of the Bowler family to be followed in this place was William Ormskirk, born in Chester county, England, Nov. 8, 1758, son of Joseph Bowler, and who was conscripted into the British army to serve in this country under Burgoyne in the revolution. But he deserted the British ranks, joined the Colonial army and served until the close of the war. He then went to Salisbury, New Hampshire, where he taught school and carried on a small farm as well. He died in 1835 in Andersonville, Indiana.
He married Jane Lang, of Salisbury in 1781.
1. Joseph O., born 1781 (see post.)
2. Stephen T., born June 22, 1782, died Sept. 6, 1857.
3. William, born April 30, 1788, died Sept. 24, 1873.
4. James H., born 1790.
5. Belloni, lost at sea.
6. Samuel H.

(II) Joseph O., eldest son of William O. and Jane (Lang) Bowler, was born in Salisbury, N. H. June 22, 1781. He married Hannah Greeley March 1, 1801.
1. Louisa, born July, 1802.
2. Silas Hamilton, born June 3, 1804 (see post).
3. William O., born Feb., 1808, died June, 1832.
4. Joseph, born Feb. 4, 1810, died April 15, 1881.
5. Jane L., born July 18, 1813, died 1831.
6. Louisa, born Jan. 13, 1816, died April 17, 1904.
7. Allan, born Jan. 8, 1819, died Dec. 1, 1884.
8. Albert, born Jan. 7, 1821, died 1888.
9. James R., born July 10, 1825, died Jan., 1891.

(III) Silas Hamilton (1), second child and eldest son of Joseph O. and Hannah (Greeley) Bowler, was born in Palermo, Maine, June 3, 1804, died Aug. 31, 1830.
He married Hannah Brown, of Palermo, who died in 1897.
1. Anson B., born Oct. 14, 1826.
2. Silas H. Jr. (see post).

(IV) Silas Hamilton (2), second son of Silas H. (1) and Hannah (Brown) Bowler, was born in Palermo, Maine, Feb. 24, 1829. He attended school in Palermo, and in the earlier years of manhood took up shipbuilding as a trade, working in Rockland and Walderboro for a period of several years. He later settled on part of the old homestead farm and gave his attention to conducting it, subsequently acquiring the whole of the property and living there for the remainder of his life. He died Sept. 10, 1907. He was always noted for frankness, but was kind hearted and true. He had for nearly fifty years been an active christian worker, was deacon of the Second Advent church at Sand Hill, Somerville, since its organization and ever took a deep interest in all its affairs. For fourteen years he was a trial justice, and the same principle of life which was dominant in all his secular and relgious work governed all his official acts, and he was never biased by friend, foe or influence. He has been heard to remark that he had the satisfaction of feeling that he had never rendered an unjust decision.
He married May 20, 1858, Mary M. Farrar, of Washington.
1. Fred A., died young.
2. Lila May, died young.
3. Emma C., born Nov. 8, 1861, married Dec. 25, 1883, O. C. Cushman, of Centre Montville, Maine; children: Chester Bowler, b. July 13, 1885; Harold Ernest, b. Nov. 13, 1889; Cassie K., born Sept. 2, 1896.
4. Silas E., born Nov. 8, 1863, resides on the old homestead. He is one of the substantial men of his town, where he has served as selectman and superintendent of schools for many years; is also deputy sheriff of Waldo county; he is an active christian worker and deacon of the Baptist church; he has two children: Kathryn C., b. Nov. 4, 1894, and Beatrice E., b. Dec. 20, 1867.
5. Wilfred, born Nov. 12, 1867; by profession he is an oculist and practices in Bridgton, Maine; he has served his native town, Palermo, as selectman, and is a prominent Mason; married Sept. 22, 1889, Edith B. Dodge, of Somerville, Maine; children: Grace E., died young, and Edna D.
6. Ernest Constant (see post).

(V) Ernest Constant, youngest son of Silas H. (2) and Mary M. (Farrar) Bowler, was born in Palermo, Maine, May 6, 1870. He attended the public schools in Palermo and then entered upon a course at the Castine Normal school, where he graduated in 1890. For five years he was engaged in school-teaching in Waldo, Lincoln and Knox counties, in Maine. He attained high standing in this profession, and later for four years was superintendent of schools in Palermo, and held the same office for two years in Bethel. For five years also he served as president of the Waldo County Teachers' Association. In the advancement of educational standards Mr. Bowler always has retained a deep interest, and has been active in taking advantage of the smallest opportunity to further the work. In 1896 he entered the field of journalism as editor and proprietor of the Bethel, Maine, News, which he purchased of A. D. Ellenwood. By persistent effort and hustle, which are among his noticeable characteristics, he has built up one of the best equipped publishing plants to be found in any town in New England. In addition to conducting the News, he does a large book publishing business, and since 1906 has also been owner and publisher of the Rumford Citizen, of Rumford Falls, Maine. And in addition to his duties as a publisher he acts as director of the Bethel National Bank.
In politics he is a Republican and has served his party as chairman of the Republican town committee and is also a member of the Republican county committee. He is a Mason, member of Bethel Lodge, of Bethel, and an Odd Fellow, holding membership in the order at Coopers Mills, in Whitefield, Maine. By religious preference he is a Congragationalist and is active in the work of his parish, being one of the assessors for the society, superintendent of the Sunday-school and president of the Christian Endeavor Society. During the summer months Mr. Bowler puts away business cares and gives himself to the enjoyment of the advantages of travel. He has been very successful as a personal conductor of partie in trips across the continent and through the south.
Mr. Bowler married, Jan. 31, 1891, Mabel, daughter of George H. and Henrietta Dingley, of Hallowell, Maine.
1. Ernest C. Jr., born in Palermo, Dec. 25, 1895.
2. Mary Ernestine, born in Bethel, Nov. 9, 1907.

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