Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The Bergeron family is of ancient French origin. The family bears this coat-of-arms: Gules au chevron d'or acc. de trois croisettes d'argent. The family seat is at Toulouse, France.
Two immigrants of this name were early settlers in Quebec, Canada. Andre Bergeron, born in France in 1643, married Marguerite, daughter of Jean Dumay. In 1696 he gave his house for the use of a missionary of St. Nicholas who baptized and said mass there.
1. Jean, born Dec. 29, 1676, married Nov. 9, 1699, Marguerite Guernon.
2. Pierre, born May 15, 1678, died Dec., 1701, at St. Nicholas.
3. Jacques, born 1681, married April 2, 1704, Marie Louise Brenon.
4. Marie Francoise, born June 30, 1682.
5. Eustache, born May 11, 1693.
6. Genevieve, born June 1, 1695.
7. Nicholas, born April 15, 1697.
8. Joseph, born June 28, 1699.
[trans. note: notice the eleven yr gap between child 4 & 5. Makes one wonder if his first wife died & he remarried??].

(I) Francois Bergeron, probably brother of Andre Bergeron, settled at Trois-Rivieres, Canada, in the province of Quebec, where his descendants have lived to the present (1908) time. He married Etiennette Le Clerc.
Children, b. at Trois-Rieieres:
1. Francois, born Feb. 11, 1682.
2. Marie Claire, born June 14, 1686, at Sorel, married Nov. 5, 1709, Jean Charles Vacher.
3. Pierre, born July 15, 1691.
4. Maurice, born May, 1694.
5. Charlotte, born Sept. 21, 1696, married Maurice Gelmas.
6. Marie Francoise, born Aug. 17, 1699.
7. Margaret, married 1728, Jean Baptiste Fouvault.
8. Jeanne, born Jan. 11, 1701, married Nicholas Vanasse.

(II) Louis Bergeron, a descendant of the pioneers mentioned above, was born in Riviere du Loup, and for many years conducted a retail grocery store and a considerable lumber business in Trois-Rivieres. He died at Trios-Rivieres, Canada, in March, 1895.
He married Julia Lemyre, born in Miskinonge, province of Quebec, and died Sept. 13, 1896.
Rev. Father Louis, (born April 9, 1849, mentioned below), Victoria, Joseph, Emma, Irenee, Dorilla, Arthur, Corinna, Blanche, Virginie, Cecile, Eva.

(III) Rev. Father Louis (2), son of Louis (1) Bergeron, was born in Trois-Rivieres, Canada, province of Quebec, April 9, 1849. He attended the Brother's school at Trois-Rivieres and St. Joseph Seminary, where he was a student eleven years. After teaching in the seminary seven years he was appointed assistant to Rev. Father Dupont, pastor of the French Catholic Church of Biddeford. In 1891 he was appointed to take charge of the new parish at Fairfield, Maine, where previously a mission had been located and the masses said by priests from adjacent towns. He built a new church, beginning it in 1891 and celebrating the first mass in it on Passion Sunday, 1892. He was a popular and efficient pastor. In 1899 he was appointed to the pastorate of At. Andre's Church, which position he holds at the present time. In this parish are eight hundred and twenty-five families, comprising about four thousand three hundred souls. There is in process of construction at the present (1908) time a new church that will cost a hundred thousand dollars. Father Bergeron has built a new parochial school building that will accomodate about seven hudnred pupils. A handsome parsonage adjoins the church.

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