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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Second to no other trade in importance to the human family is that of the baker; and from the trade which from the dawn of civilization has given employment to a multitude of laborers, continuously, comes the surname which has been the appelation of some of the msot prominent and useful men among the English speaking people. The Baker family of this sketch came early and the qualities of the early Bakers are still prominent among their descendants.

(I) Edward Baker was of Lynn, Mass., in 1630, and was a farmer. March 14, 1638, he was made a freeman. He removed to Northampton about 1650, and subsequently to Lynn and there died, March, 1687. His will was dated Oct. 6, 1685. He had a wife Jane, who died April 9, 1693, and certainly five sons and a daughter:
Joseph, Timothy, John, Edward and Thomas and Mary.

(II) Edward (2), son of Edward (1) and Jane Baker, was made a freeman in 1691, and was an ensign in the mlitia. He married April 7, 1685, Mary Marshall, born May 25, 1665, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Marshall, of Reading and Lynn; came probably in the "James" from London, 1635, at the age of twenty-two. He was a leading citizen and was representative in 1659-60-63-63-67-68; lieutentant, and perhaps captain.
He died Dec. 23, 1689. His wife was Rebecca, who died Aug., 1693.
Hannah, Samuel, Abigail, Sarah (died young), Thomas and Rebecca (twins), Elizabeth, Sarah, and perhaps Joanna, John, Ruth and Mary.

(III) Edward (3), eldest son of Edward (2) and Mary (Marshall) Baker, was of Westborough, Mass., where he was settled about the time the town was incorporated. Daniel Warren and Edward Baker were chosen the first school committee of Westboro, Oct. 3, 1726, and instructed to procure a school master, which they did.
He married Persis Brigham, who was born July 10, 1703. Her grandfather, Thomas Brigham, of Watertown and Cambridge, embarked in the "Susan and Ellen" April 18, 1625, was a freeman 1629, and selectman. His will dated 17, 10, 1654, was probated 25, 11, 1654. He married, about 1637, Mercy Hurd, who survived him. She married (second) Edmund Rice, and (third) William Hunt, and died at Marlboro, Dec. 23, 1693. Samuel Brigham, father of Persis, removed from Sudbury to Marlborough, where he was town treasurer 1699-1703, and selectman 1723. He was b. Jan. 12, 1653, d. July 24, 1713. He married Elizabeth Howe, of Marlborough. She was born April 5, 1665, died July 26, 1739, daughter of Abraham and Hannah (Ward) Howe. Abraham Howe, of Marlboroug, 1660, was probably first of Roxbury. He died June 30, 1695. He married March 26, 1658, Hannah Ward, bor about 1639, died Nov. 3, 1717 or 1718. They had eleven children.
The children of Edward and Persis were:
Samuel, Solomon, Persis, Abigial, Hepsibah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Lavinia, Ezra and Mary.

(IV) Joseph, third son of Edward (3) and Persis (Brigham) Baker, born Westborough, Mass., May 19, 1736 (?), died Limerick, Maine, Nov. 19, 1811, aged sevwnry-five. He married, Nov. 15, 1758, Martha Death, b. May 27, 1738, died Limerick, Maine, May 13, 1809, aged seventy-one.
John, Sally, Martha, Hannah, Lydia (died young), Persis, Edward, Lydia, Betsey, Joseph and Samuel.
Martha Death was the granddaughter of Oliver and Martha (Fairbank) Death. Martha Fairbank was the great-granddaughter of Jonathan Fairbank, who came over in 1641; granddaughter of George Fairbank, of Dedham, who came with his father from Yorkshire, England; and daughter of Eliezer and Martha (Bullard) Fairbank, of Medford. Eliezer, born June 8, 1655, died Sept. 19, 1741. Oliver Death, of Framingham, Mass., married April 7, 1697, Martha Fairbank. She survived Oliver, who died March 3, 1705, and married (second) 1708, Ebenezer Leland, of Sherborn. John Death, son of Oliver and Martha (Fairbank) Death, born May 30, 1702, married 1729, Hannah Morse. Martha, above mentioned, was their daughter.

(V) Joseph (2), third son of Joseph (1) and Martha (Death) Baker, born 1779, died July 20, 1817, aged thirty-eight. He was married Feb. 12, 1804, by Rev. Elijah Kellogg, to Mrs. Elizabeth Hale, formerly Elizabeth Bickford, of Salem, Mass. She was born about 1767 and died April 14, 1819, aged fifty-two. Bradstreet Hale, of Gloucester, and "Betsy" Bickford, of Salem, were married Nov. 30, 1792.
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Mary and Joseph Danforth.
Elizabeth BICKFORD was descended as follows: (1) John Bickford, of Salem, married about May, 1699, Rebecca Pinson, and they had George, John, Rebecca, William, Bethiah, Benjamin, Ebenezer, Priscilla, Mary and Sarah. (2) John (2), son of John (1) and Rebecca (Pinson) Bickford, b. Sept. 15, 1702, m. Oct. 6, 1724, Elizabeth Hayward. (3) John (3) Bickford, of Salem, m. July 20, 1760, at Salem, Rebecca Ruck, bap. Mar. 2, 1740, at the First Church, Salem; died Oct. 29, 1817, aged seventy-nine; was buried in the Eastern cemetery, Portland, Maine. Her grandfather, Samuel RUCK, of Salem, had five children: Elizabeth, Ruth, Samuel, Abigail and John. Samuel (2), third son of Samuel (1), was bap. Oct. 14, 1705, m. Nov. 13, 1729, Bethiah Bickford, of Salem, b. Feb. 2, 1708, dau. of John and Rebecca (Pinson) Bickford, who were m. about May, 1699, at Salem, Mass. The children of Samuel & Bethiah were Elizabeth (died young), Ruth, Bethiah, John, Rebecca, Abigail, Sarah, William and Elizabeth. Rebecca, dau. of Samuel & Bethiah (Bickford) Ruck, was the wife of the above named John Bickford, and they were the parents of Elizabeth (Bickford) (Hale) Baker, wife of Joseph Baker, and they were the parents of Elizabeth Mary, next mentioned.

(VI) Elizabeth Mary, only daughter ofo Joseph (2) and Elizabeth (Bickford) (Hale) Baker, was born in Portland, Nov. 11, 1804, and died there Dec. 27, 1875. She married March 6, 1826, Charles Edwards Barrett.


Family tradition states that three brothers named Baker settled in Maine, one in Washington county, one on Sandy river, and one at Alma in Lincoln county.

(I) Prince Baker, born July 18, 1742, died March 24, 1829. He married (first) Dec. 15, 1770, Experience Gould, born Nov. 13, 1752, died April 9, 1803. Married (second) Oct. 27, 1803, Thankful Mayhew, born Dec. 31, 1770, died Dec. 28, 1827.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Abel, born April 18, 1772 died Aug. 17, 1837.
2. Sarah, born June 5, 1773.
3. Prince, born April 12, 1775, died July 14, 1799.
4. Elisha, born Jan. 31, 1777.
5. Experience, born Oct. 5, 1778, died July 13, 1851.
6. Daniel, born Nov. 3, 1780.
7. Snow, born Jan. 22, 1783, mentioned below.
8. William, born Aug. 12, 1785.
9. Amelia, born March 5, 1788, died Dec., 1840.
10. Elizabeth, born April 15, 1790.
11. Joshua, born May 5, 1792.
12. John, born Oct. 16, 1794, died Jan. 12, 1803.
Children of 2d wife:
13. Thomas Jefferson, born Nov. 4, 1804, died Aug. 24, 1807.
14. James Sullivan, born Nov. 4, 1804, died Oct. 8, 1805.
15. Thankful Mayhew, born Oct. 31, 1808, married June 16, 1835, Turner B. Hilton, born April 14, 1811; children: i. Thankful Elizabeth, b. Sept. 17, 1826, d. Oct. 4, 1835; ii. Prince Edgar, b. July 17, 1840; iii. Ard Augustine, b. June 12, 1843; iv. Henry Oscar, b. Sept. 13, 184_.

(II) Snow, son of Prince and Experience (Gould) Baker, was born Jan. 22, 1783. He resided at Alna, Bristol and Boothbay. He learned the trade of millwright, and after working at this trade for some years bought and operated a tide mill at Boothbay.
He married Abby Plummer, a native of Alna, Maine, daughter of John and Susannah (Longfellow) Plummer, the former of whom came from New Hampshire in the early part of 1700, and the latter from Palermo, Maine. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Plummber were: Joseph, Moses, John, Nathaniel, Nathan, Samuel, Jeremiah, Nancy, Lydia, Abby and two other daughters. Mr. Plummer was a millwright and owner of a mill which he operated until it was burned and then returned to his trade. He was a Republican, a Methodist and a member of Bristol Lodge, No. 74, Free and Accepted Masons, of Bristol.
Children of Snow & Abby (Plummer) Baker:
1. Elbridge, born in Newcastle, died in Lubec.
2. Daniel, died in Augusta.
3. Susan, married Hartley Erskine, of Newcastle.
4. John Plummer, mentioned below.
5. Nancy, mararied Franklin Tukey.
6. Snow, married and lived in Boothbay.
7. A daughter who died young.
8. Charles Wesley, who went to California in 1849 and never returned.

(III) John Plummer, third son of Snow and Abby (Plummer) Baker, was born in Alna, Maine, May 15, 1816, died Nov. 23, 1885. He was educated in the common schools, and the greater part of his life was engaged in the milling business in Newcastle and Bristol. In policis he was a Republican.
He married, Oct. 18, 1841, Abby Williams Ford, born in Marshfield, Mass. June 30, 1820, died May 8, 1908, daughter of Deacon Benjamin F. and Nabby (Simmons) Ford, of Marshfield, who moved to Bristol Mills and settled in 1828. Mr. Ford was for fifty years a deacon in the Congregational church.
Children of John P. & Abby W. (Ford) Baker:
1. Augusta, died a spinster at the age of fifty years.
2. Edward L., married Beulah Mosely; she was a passenger on the ill-fated steamer "Portland," which foundred with all on board betweent Boston and Portland Nov., 1898. She left two children: Winnifred and Donald; ii. Erven W.
3. Clarence A., mentioned below.
4. Charles Wesley, married Mary Ella Davis; one child, Winnifred Cornelia, a graduate of Wellesley College.
5. Annie Howland, unmarried.

(IV) Dr. Clarence Atwood, second son of John P. and Abby W. (Ford) Baker, was born in North Newcastle, Lincoln county, Maine, Jan. 3, 1852. He acquired his education in the common schools, at Lincoln Academy and Bowdoin Collge, from which latter institution he graduated in 1878, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. In the succeeding four years he mastered the medical course in the Maine Medical College and was graduated Doctor of Medicine in 1882. He established himself in practice in the city of Portland, where he soon had a large and paying business. In 1887 he went to Europe for the purposes of study, which he pursued in the hospitals and medical institutions of Edinburgh, Vienna, Berlin and London, for eighteen months, taking the regular post-graduate course at Edinburgh.
In the winter of 1888-89, he returned to Portland and resumed practice, in which he has become very successful and well known. He is a member of the Cumberland County Medical Association, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Medicine, and the British Gynecological Society.
In politics he is a Republican. For some time he was a member of the Portland school board. He is a member of St. Paul's Church (Episcopal) of Portland, of which he is senior warden. In 1873 he was made a Mason in Bristol Lodge of Bristol, No. 74, Free and Accepted Masons, and has since become a member of Greenleaf Royal Arch Chapter, St. Alban Commandery, No. 8, Knights Templar, Portland council, Royal and Select Masters, and Maine Consistory, Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, in which he is a thirty-second degree member.
Dr. Clarence A. Baker married, in Providence, Rhode Island, June 4, 1884, Mary Augusta Whitman, born in Anthony, town of Coventry, Rhode Island, Sept. 26, 1854, daughter of Thomas Arnold and Mary Augusta (Rice) Whitman, of Natick, Warwick. Her ancestry is traced from George Wightman as follows:
(i) George Wightman, of Kingston, Rhode Island, was born in 1632, and died in 1722, aged ninety years. He married Elizabeth, dau. of Gilbert Updike.
(ii) George (2), son of George (1) and Elizabeth (Updike) Wightman, was born 1, 8, 1673, and died in 1761. His wife's baptismal name was Elizabeth.
(iii) John, son of George (2) and Elizabeth Wightman, was born about 1701; married 6, 14, 1722, Phebe, dau. of Thomas Harms, and resided in Warwick, R. I.
(iv) Elisha (1), son of John and Phebe (Harms) Wightman, spelled his name Wightman or Whitman. He was born 12, 13, 1728, married 2, 27, 1752, Sybil, dau of Martin Salisbury, of Warwick, and was of Cranston.
(v) Elisha (2), son of Elisha (1) and Sybil (Salisbury) Whitman, was born 6, 4, 1769, married 6, 19, 1790, Elizabeth, b. 9, 14, 1766, dau of Stephen Arnold.
(vi) Christopher Arnold, son of Elisha (2) and Elizabeth (Arnold) Whitman, was born 5, 25, 1795, married 1, 20, 1822, Betsey Arnold, born 9, 24, 1803, died 10, 27,1855. He died 3, 30, 1869. Children: Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Arnold, Louisa Sisson, Lydia, Ann Frances and Sarah Gorton.
(vii) Thomas Arnold, son of Christopher A. and Betsey (Arnold) Whitman, was born 9, 24, 1824, in Anthony, Rhode Island, and was first employed as a clerk in a store. Later he became a clerk in the Coventry Savings Bank, where he finally was advanced to be cashier, which position he held until his death, June 24, 1874. He wa a Republian; was a member of the school committee, selectman and representativge in the legislature. He was also prominent in Masonry. He married Mary Augusta Rice. Their children were: Almira Sprague, m. Walter B. Swarts, of Providence, R. I.; Mary Augusta, wife of Dr. Clarence A. Baker, aforementioned; Elizabeth Arnold, died single at the age of twenty-three.
Betsey (Arnold) Whitman, wife of Christopher Arnold Whitman is descended as follows:
(i) Stephen Arnold was born 12, 22, 1622, married 11, 24, 1646, and died 11, 15, 1699.
(ii) Stephen (2), son of Stephen (i) Arnold, was born 11, 27, 1654, married 1, 12, 1688, and died 3, 1, 1720.
(iii) Philip, son of Stephen (2) Arnold, was born 2, 12, 1693, married 6. 10, 1714.
(iv) Benjamin, son of Philip Arnold, was born 1, 6, 1722, married in 1748, and died 2, 25, 1799.
(v) Thomas, son of Benjamin Arnold, was born in 1759, married 5, 1, 1796, Sarah Gorton, and died 10, 8, 1820. Betsey, aforementioned, was their daughter.

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