Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Anthony Austin, immigrant ancestor, was born in England. He settled first at Rowley, Mass., and was admited a freeman in Mass. in 1669. He removed to Suffield, Connecticut, where he died in 1708. His wife Esther died there in 1698.
Children, b. at Rowley:
1. Richard, born 1666.
2. Anthony, born 1668.
3. John, born 1672, mentioned below.
Children b. in Connecticut:
4. Nathaniel, born 1678.
5. Elizabeth, born 1681, died young.
6. Elizabeth, born 1684.
7. Esther, born 1686.

(II) John, son of Anthony Austin, was born in Rowley, Mass., removed when young to Suffield, Connecticut, where he died May, 1737, and where he was a prominent citizen, town clerk, selectman, etc.
He married (first) Oct. 5, 1699, Agnes _____, who died Jan. 7, 1732-33; (second) Mary Burbank, widow, July 3, 1734.
1. Agnes, born Jan. 21, 1701.
2. John, born Aug. 9, 1702, died 1702.
3. Elizabeth, born Feb. 3, 1703-04.
4. John, born May 7, 1706, mentioned below.
5. Mary, born June 27, 1708.
6. James, born Dec. 29, 1710.
7. William, born March 5, 1712-13.
8. Margaret.
9. Bethia, born June 15, 1718.

(III) John (2), son of John (1) Austin, was born in Suffield, Connecticut, May 7, 1706. He settled in Mansfield, Connecticut. There was a John Austin, of Woodstock, in 1756, and on the committee to seat the meeting house at Woodstock in 1790.
Children, b. in Mansfield:
1. John, married April 21, 1759, Margaret Nelts; children: i. John, b. at Mansfield Jan. 25, 1762; ii. James, born June 1, 1764.
2. Thomas, mentioned below.
3. Caleb, of Coventry and Windham.
4. David, born July 5, 1734.
5. Agnes, born April 23, 1736.
6. Phillis, born Jan. 8, 1737-38.
7. Ruth, born Oct .29, 1739.
8. James, born Dec. 10, 1742, died May 22, 1748.
9. Eunice, born Oct. 11, 1744.

(IV) Thomas, son of John (2) Austin, according to the best evidence available, was born in Windham county, Connecticut about 1730. He resided in Canterbury. Among his children was Perez, born 1766, mentioned below.

(V) Perez, son of Thomas Austin, was born in Canterbury in 1766. He married Nov. 16, 1797, Lois Cady, born in Stafford, Connecticut, Feb. 20, 1779, and died there Aug. 13, 1860, daughter of Jesse and Jerusha (Chapin) Cady, granddaughter of Jonas, who was son of Daniel, grandson of James Cady, and great-grandson of the immigrant, Nicholas Cady, who was born in England, settled in Watertown, Mass., and bought land and house in partnership with John Knapp, Dec. 8, 1645, and sold his share to him March 6, 1650-51; married Judith Knapp, daughter of William Knapp Sr. Nicholas Cady removed to Groton, Mass. Children: i. John Cady, b. Sept. 2, 1653; ii. Judith Cady, b. Sept. 2, 1653; iii. James Cady, b. Aug. 28, 1655, married June 14, 1678, Hannah Barron, of a famous Irish family; iv. Nicholas Cady, b. Aug. 2, 1657, d. Jan. 21 following; v. Daniel Cady, b. Nov. 27, 1659, resided in Groton; vi. Ezekiel Cady, b. June 14, 1662; vii. Nicholas Cady, b. Feb. 20, 1663-64. viii. Joseph Cady, b. May 28, 166_.
Perez Austin was a blacksmith and wheelwright at Plainfield; made and repaired wagons and manufactured edge tools (p. 504), Vol 2 Windham Co.).
1. Orra, born June 21, 1798, married Marcus Eaton; died July 10, 1879; had Hannah Eaton, b. Sept. 5, 1837.
2. Jesse, born March 10, 1800, settled in Ohio.
3. Deborah (twin), born July 10, 1802, died unmarried Dec. 11, 1885.
4. David (twin), born July 10, 1802, mentioned below.
5. Jerusha, born July 7, 1804, married March 31, 1828, Walter Eaton.
6. Mary, born Sept. 6, 1806, married John Willard; died Aug. 13, 1833.
7. John, born Dec. 10, 1808, married in 1827 Samantha Richards; married (second) in 1832, Laura Staples.
8. Emily, born Sept. 27, 1811, died April 26, 1887; married Olin Comuner.
9. Henry, born June 3, 1814, died unmarried June 22, 1801.
10. Perez (twin), born Sept. 10, 1816, died young.
11. Lois (twin), born Sept. 10, 1816, died May 10, 1867; married William Cady.

(VI) David, son of Perez Austin, was born July 10, 1802, died Nov. 21, 1860. He was a maker of edged tools, as was his father before him, making axes and knives by hand. He employed a number of men. He lived in Canterbury, Connecticut, until the early thirties, when he removed to Wings Mills, in Mount Vernon, Maine.
He married (first), in 1823, Elizabeth (Clark) Getchell, who died in Mount Vernon July 21, 1847, aged forty-five years. He removed to Belgrade, Maine, and married there (second) Betsey Farnham, Oct. 5, 1848. He resided in Belgrade the remainder of his life.
He was a prominent citizen; was justice of the peace, notary public and did considerable business in settling estates and conveyancing.
Children of 1st wife:
1. William H., born March, 1825, died Nov. 14, 1846.
2. Frank Jesse, born Nov. 15, 1826, mentioned below.
3. Elizabeth, born April 9, 1829, died April 12, 1846.
4. Horace, born Nov. 15, 1831, died Nov. 6, 1905; married, 1859, Lena Morrill, of Manchester, Maine; children: i. Lenora, b. 1860, m. Conde H. Hamlin of St. Paul, Minnesota, and lives at Hull House, Chicago, Illinois; ii. Alice, born 1862, photographer at 248 Boylston street, Boston, Mass.; iii. Ida, born 1864, died March 22, 1888; iv. Herbert, born 1868, lives at The Ashland, St. Paul; v. Mabel, born 1871, married Dr. Elmer E. Southard, of Boston, June 27, 1906, and lives at Lincoln avenue, Salem, Mass.; vi. Helen, born 1875, resides at The Ashland, St. Paul.
5. Theresa, born March 11, 1834, resides at Belgrade Lakes, Maine, married, in Belgrade Nov. 4, 1864, Marcellus N. Libby, who died June 12, 1897; children: i. Grace A., b. May 21, 1866, died April 6, 1885, at Weld, Maine; ii. Blanche M., b. Aug. 17, 1872, d. March 9, 1893, at Belgrade.
6. George, born Nov. 29, 1837, resides at 1532 Rockefeller avenue, Everett, Washington; married 1868, at Great Bend, Pennsylvania, Sophia Presler; (second) Ellen Hurd in June, 1895; no children.
7. Lois Cady, born July 29, 1839, died Aug. 16, 1902; married Henry S. Back, of Minnesota, Nov. 23, 1864; children: i. Frank H. Back, b. in Minnesota Oct. 20, 1865, lives in Alaska; married in Spokane, Washington, 1872, Ida Rusk and had one child, Lois Back, b. 1894, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; ii. Myrtle Austin Back, b. June 23, 1868, in Minnesota, married 1889, Albert Mathewson and had one child, Doris m. Mathewson, b. Aug. 19. 1890; married (second) Leon S. Ayotte, in Rathdrum, Idaho, 1900, and lives at Twin Falls, Idaho; children by 2d husband: Austin Ayotte, b. July 31, 1902; Effie Ayotte, b. Oct. 8, 1904.
Children of David and his 2d wife Betsey (Farnham) Austin:
8. William H., born May 22, 1849, lives at Phillips, Maine, superintendent of the factory of Austin & Company; married Nov. 2, 1873, Octavia Towle, of Belgrade; she died Sept. 17, 1895, and he married (second) Oct. 29, 1902, Lauretta Wentworth; no children.
9. Sidney, born April 24, 1851, farmer on the old homestead at Belgrade Lakes, Maine; married Nellis Hammond; no children.
10. Charles David, born March 26, 1856, lawyer in the New York Life Building, Minneapolis; married Ada Van Vleck; child: Van Vleck..
11. Elizabeth, born Jan. 7, 1859, lives at Oakland, Maine; married Wesley Folsom; no children.

(VII) Frank Jesse, son of David Austin, was born Nov. 15, 1826, died Aug. 4, 1882. He came from Connecticut with his parents when he was six years old, and was educated in the schools at Mount Vernon, Maine. He worked with his father learning the tool making business until he was of age. He then learned the trade of machinist in the railroad shops in Lewiston, Maine, and was engineer for a time on the old Kennebec railroad. He went to Louisiana as chief engineer on a sugar plantation, but after a year returned in 1854 to Maine. Two years later, in company with David Golden, he started the manufacture of spools at Belgrade, Maine, continuing until 1864. At this time he went to Portland and was superintendent for a concern which manufacutured spools and spades. In 1865 he removed to Fall River, Mass., and engaged in the manufacutre of spools with a Mr. Rockwell, under the firm name of Austin & Rockwell. The next year the firm was dissolved and he took as a partner B. F. Morrill, and continued business until 1868. He then removed to Weld, Maine, and was in the same business with D. C. Sanborn, as the firm of Austin & Sanborn, and continued there until his death. He resided in Farmington, Maine, with his business at Weld.
In politics he was a Republican. He was a charter member and the first master of the Mystic Tie Lodge of Free Masons at Weld, Maine, and a charter memeber of Franklin Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, of Farmington, Maine.
He married, in Mansfield, Mass., Sept., 1854, Achsah Crocker Fillebrown, who died Dec. 14, 1907.
1. Mabel Estelle, born Nov. 14, 1856.
2. Frank, born Jan. 18, 1865, died Aug 5, 1865.
3. Harry Bursley, born April 30, 1866, mentioned below.

(VIII) Harry Bursley, son of Frank Jesse Austin, was born at Farmington Falls, Maine, April 30, 1866. He was educated in the public schools of Farmington, graduating in 1883 from the Farmington high school in the first class graduating from that school. He entered Bowdoin College, from which he was graduated in 1887. He succeeded to the spool manufactory of his father at Weld, Maine, and conducted that business from 1887 to 1896, when he moved the plant to Phillips, Maine, where he has continued in the same ilne of business to the present time, under the firm name of Austin & Company, his partner being his sister.
In politics Mr. Austin in a Republican and he has represented his party in various nominating conventions. He was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1900 and district delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1904.
He is a member of the Blue Mountain Lodge of Free Masons of Phillips; of Franklin Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, of Farmington; past commander of Pilgrim Commandery, Knights Templar, of Farmington; of Jephtha Council, Royal and Select Masters, and of Kora Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Lewiston.
In religion he is liberal.
Mr. Austin married Oct. 1, 1890, Dora Lizzie Hillman, born July 14, 1865, died Sept. 17, 1899. He married (second) June 1, 1904, Bertha Mary True, born Oct. 14, 1881.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Ruth Hillman, born Nov. 8, 1891 at Weld, Maine.
2. Frank, born Sept. 16, 1899, died Jan. 13, 1900.

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