Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The Isle of Jersey in the English channel was once a part of France, but for many years past has been counted among the British possessions. At one time its inhabitants were almost wholly of French blood, and even now its people are largely of French extraction. The island has a considerable area of fertile lands and its inhabitants for centuries have been given to farming pursuits and the seafaring life. It is from this beautiful island region whence came the progenitor of the family proposed to be treated in this place.

(I) Nicholas Anthoine, the immigrant ancestor of the family of that surname which has been known in New England history for nearly two centuries, was a native of the Isle of Jersey and came from thence to Marblehead, Mass., some time previous to the year 1750. In the town and parish records his surname appears variously written Anthoine, Anthony, Anthoney and sometimes as Antony, according to the understanding or fancy of the recording officer; but the baptismal name of Nicholas Anthoine does not appear in the vital records of that ancient town, itself originally part of the still older town of Salem, and separated therefrom long before Nicholas Anthoine left the land of his birth.
As to the date of his marriage with Rachel Hawkes the records give no light, nor of her birth and parentage; but there is no question of her being a descendant of the Hawkes family of Lynn, whose American ancestor was one of the founders of that town in 1630. It is not surprising, however, that no account of this marriage appears when we consider the imperfections in the records made by the old town and parish clerks.
Among the children:
John, Rachel and Nicholas Jr.

(II) Nicholas Jr. (2), son of Nicholas (1) and Rachel (Hawkes) Anthoine, is believed to have been born in Marblehead, Mass., and when he was a young man joined with a colony of emigrants who went down into the province of Maine and settled in what then was called New Marblehead, but now is the town of Windham. That town was settled by colonists from Marblehead and Salem soon after 1730, nearly thirty years before the elder Nicholas Anthoine appeared in Marblehead; therefore his son was not one of the propeitors of the new town. He was, however, a man of considerable prominence in his time, and it is said of him that although "he had only six weeks schooling in all his life, yet was a fine scholar, for many years a teacher in the common schools, and a teacher of Latin, and was particularly proficient in astronomy. He had his telescope and library of astronomical works, and used to calculate the various eclipses. He also studied medicine sufficiently to be of great use in that place and day, when physicians were remote."
He married Anna Pettingill, with whom he became acquainted in his new home down in Maine.

(III) John, son of Nicholas Jr. (2) and Anna (Pettingill) Anthoine, was born in Windham, Maine, and was a blacksmith, brickmaker and farmer. He was a soldier of the war of 1812-15 and received a pension for his service.
In politics he was a Democrat. He married Mary Ann Gilman, who probably was born in Falmouth, Maine, and was a daughter of John Gilman, whose wife was a McIntosh, of an old and highly respected family of Falmouth.
1. William.
2. John G., died 1906; soldier of the civil war, private in the Fifth Maine Volunteer Infantry.
3. Ambrose, soldier of the civil war; private in the Fifth Maine Volunteer Infantry; killed in the battle of the Wilderness, 1863.
4. Joseph, soldier of the civil war; private in the Twenty-fifth Maine Volunteer Infantry and the Seventh Maine Heavy Artillery.
5. Caroline, died a child.
6. An infant unnamed.
7. Isaish G.
8. Amos A.
9. Lewis H.
10. Alfred W.

(IV) Dr. Isaiah G., son of John and Mary Ann (Gilman) Anthoine, was born in Windham, Maine, March 25, 1846, and acquired his earlier literary education at the Windham Center high school and the North Bridgton Academy. He fitted for college at Westbrook Seminary, graduating in the college preparatory course in 1868, afterward for a time was a student at Maine Wesleyan Seminary, at Kent's Hill, then entered Dartmouth College and made the course to his junior year. Having determined to enter the profession of medicine he matriculated at the Portland School for Medical Instruction, remained there nearly two years, and graduated from Bowdoin Medical College with the degree of M. D. in 1874.
Dr. Anthoine began his professional career in Antrim, New Hampshire, in July, 1874, succeeding Dr. Kimball, and for the next eighteen years as superintendent of public schools in Antrim. In 1892 he removed to Nashua, N. H., where he has since engaged in general and successful practice, and where for six years he served as member of the city board of education. He holds membership in the several subordinate masonic lodge, chapter, council and commandery, and is a charter member and past grand of Waverly Lodgte, I. O. O. F. He is also a member of the American Medical Association, the American Association of Electro-Therapeutists, the New Hampshire State Medical Society, the New Hampshire Surgical Club, the Hillsborough County Medical Society, and the Nashua Medical Society. He is a Republican in politics, a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he is a trustee.
He married, in Antrim, Jan. 2, 1877, Kate I., daughter of Sylvester and Achsah (Boutell) Preston of Antrim.
1. Harry, born in Antrim Oct. 2, 1879, educated at Nashua high school and Boston University College, liberal arts course.
2. Mary, born Antrim Aug. 11, 1885, educated at Nashua high school, Wheaton Seminary, and Miss Wheelock's Kindergarten School, graduating from the latter institution.

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