Belfast, Maine
Vital Records
to the Year 1892
Volume II - Marriages and Deaths

Editor Alfred Johnson, A. M., Litt. D.
Committee on Publication
William Davis Patterson and Alfred Johnson, A.M., Litt. D.

Published Under Authority of the
Maine Historical Society

Marriages - MACAULEY to MAYO

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

MACAULEY (see McCauley)

  • Annie McBride of Blue Hill and George R. Sweetser, son Samuel L. and Susannah H. (Stephenson), Dec. 25, 1880, PR125.
McCABE (also see McKabe)
  • Brian McCabe and Bridget Hough, int. Oct. 16, 1853.
  • Brian McCabe and Margaret Handerhan, int. Apr. 16, 1864, "Cert. issued April 20."
  • Bryan McCabe and Bridget Hanrahan, int. Jan. 23, 1883, "Cert. issued Jan. 27."
  • John McCabe and Mrs. Maggie Ryder, int. Apr. 18, 1882, "Cert. issued Apr. 22."
  • William McCabe and Nancy Flanders of Prospect, int. May 5, 1839, "Cert. issued May 24."
  • William McCabe and Nora Wellman, Mar. 15, 1879.
  • William A. McCabe, 21, hostler, and Mary E. Patterson, 18, int. Mar. 22, 1871.
  • William A. McCabe, hostler, and Eliza Payson of Knox, int. Jan. 7, 1872, "cert. issued Jan. 11, 1873."
  • James McCaffray and Mrs. Emily Whitney, May 28, 1874.
McCARTE (also see McCartie, McCarty)
  • Sarah McCarte and Daniel Sweney, int. Nov. 22, 1846, "Cert. issued Dec. 6."
McCARTIE (also see McCarte, McCarty)
  • Esther McCartie of Prospect and Leslie Hawes of Prospect, Apr. 10, 1887.
McCARTY (also see McCarte, McCartie)
  • Caroline McCarty [int. 22] and Daniel McGee 2d [int. 27, master mariner] of Brooksville, Jan. 30, 1866.
  • Charles H. McCarty and Esther Curtis, June 12, 1877.
  • Collins McCarty Jr. and Mrs. Sarah D. Walton, Mar. 16, 1877.
  • Mary E. McCarty of Swanville and Richard T. Filmore of Swanville, Feb. 15, 1857. [Fillmore of Swanville, May 15, Co.R.]
  • Timothy McCarty [int. seaman] and Georgie A. Card, July 18, 1872.
  • William H. McCarty [int. seaman] and Velzora Staples, Aug. 20, 1870.
  • William H. McCarty and Ella F. Downes [int. Downs], Jan. 12, 1875. [MacCarty and Ella F. Downs, CR1.]
  • Catherine McCauley [int. adds Hurley, divorced] and John Shaw [int. widr.], Nov. 25, 1868. [Catharine H. Macauley and John Shaw, CR1.]
  • James McCauley and Mrs. Kate Hurley, int. Sept. 28, 1858, "Cert. issued Oct. 2."
  • James McCauley [int. divorced, laborer] and Lucy Walker, Mar. 27, 1869.
McCLASKEY (also see McCloskey)
  • Richard McClaskey and Emily J. Curtis of Munroe, int. July 4, 1844. [McGlasky and Emily Jane Curtis of Monroe, m. July 14, Co.R.]
McCLELLAN (see McLellan).

  • Arixene L. McClintock [int. 26] and Robert T. Emery [int. widr., 42, seaman], Oct. 24, 1865, [Robert T., CR1. McLintock and Robert T. Emery, Co.R.]
  • Margaret McClintock and Jonathan McFadding of Bristol, Dec. 29, 1833.
  • William McClintock, Capt., and Hannah Staples of Swanville, Dec. 21, 1837.
McCLOSKEY (also see McClaskey)
  • James McCloskey and Betsey Higgins [dup. Betsy Higgins], int. Apr. 7, 1841, "Cert. issued Apr. 13."
McCLOUD (also see McLaud)
  • Joanna McCloud, Mrs., and Lewis Brewster, Feb. 4, 1890.
  • John McCloud (see John McCobb).
  • Robert A. McCloy, 25 [int. 26], merchant, of Salem, Mass., son Robert [int. John], shoe maker (b. Salem, Mass.], and Isabella (b. Salem, Mass.), and Abbie B. Redman, 19, dress maker, dau. John B., ship carpenter (b. Brooksville), and Jane (Dyer) (b. Brooksville), Oct. 31, 1864.
McCLUER (also see McClure, McLure)
  • James McCluer and Kezia Page of Belgrade, int. Sept. 15, 1821, "Cert. granted."
  • James N. McCleur of Knox and Susanna Kinney of Knox, int. Jan. 20, 1811.
  • Martha McCleur of Washington Plantation and Salatheil Nickerson [int. "both of this Town"], July 27, 1812.
  • Mary Ann McCleur (M'Cluer) and Stoddard Matthews of Prospect, int. Feb. 11, 1825, "Cert. Feb. 25."
  • Nancy McCleur and Job Chase Jr., Jan. 15, 1818.
  • Robert McCleur and Ruth Thomas, Apr. 30, 1825.
McCLURE (also see McCleur, McLure)
  • John McClure and Mrs. Wealthy Stickney of Thorndike, int. July 27, 1823, "Cert. Aug. 10."
  • Rachel Hunter McClure and John Blethen of Lincoln Plantation, Hancock Co., int. Jan. 11, 1814.
  • Sally McClure [int. McCleur] and John Brown 3d, Nov. 20, 1806. [McCleur, CR2.]
  • Welthy B. McClure of Searsport and Albert S. Rust, int. Nov. 19, 1853.
  • Atlanta A. McCobb, 30, teacher, of Lincolnville, dau. Andrew, farmer (b. Boothbay) and Almira (b. Northport), and Edward A. Rhoades, 45, second m., farmer, of Northport, son Jacob, farmer (b. Waldboro) and Elizabeth (b. Bristol), Dec. 18, 1864. [Edwin A. of Northport, Co.R.]
  • Edna L. McCobb of Lincolnville and Shubael M. Dunton 2d of Lincolnville, Dec. 24, 1890.
  • John McCobb [int. John McCloud] of Presque Isle and Mrs. Joanna McCorrison, Aug. 23, 1886.
  • Robert McCobb of Lincolnville and Sarah F. Andrews of Lincolnville, May 10, 1866.
McCORISON (also see McCorrison, McCurrison)
  • Edwin L. McCorison and Frances E. Braley, Oct. 28, 1883.
  • Lenora M. McCorison and Frank E. Trundy, Apr. 19, 1879.
  • Sarah McCorison and William Chaples, int. Apr. 29, 1843, "Cert. issued May 13."
McCORRISON (also see McCorison, McCurrison)
  • Frances E. McCorrison [int. McCorison], Mrs., and Fred E. McKeen, Oct. 24, 1889.
  • Joanna McCorrison, Mrs., and John McCobb [int. McCloud] of Presque Isle, Aug. 23, 1886.
  • Joanna McCorrison, Mrs., and Lewis Brewster, May 7, 1888.
  • Mary McCorrison and Capt. John Flowers, Jan. 3, 1833.
  • Gilbert McCoy and Huldah Cram, int. _____ [rec. between Sept. 29 and Oct. 14], 1804.
  • Ann J. McCrillis and John M. Trussell, Oct. 2, 1856. [Anna J., dau. James and Jane (Durham), June 2, PR138.]
  • Clarissa B. McCrillis and George D. Palmer, Sept. 13, 1841. [Clarissa B., dau. James and Jane (Durham), Pr138.]
  • George D. McCrillis and Aurinda B. Doe, int. Aug. 28, 1852. [George D., son James and Jane (Durham), m. Aug. 29, PR138.]
  • James McCrillis and Jane Durham, Sept. 22, 1808.
  • James H. McCrillis and Phebe G. Rogers, Dec. 29, 1835. [Phebe G., dau. Martin and Sarah M. (Grinnell), PR136. James H., son James and Jane (Durham), Dec. 25, PR138.]
  • John F. McCrillis and Harriet M. Jones of Unity, Sept. 28, 1856, in Unity, Co.R. [John T., son James and Jane (Durham), Sept. 26, in Belfast, PR138.]
  • Lorinda E. McCrillis and Horatio H. Carter, Dec. 30, 1844. [Lorinda E., dau. James and Jane (Durham), Dec. 31, 1845, PR138.]
  • Mary Ann McCrillis and Stephen B. Day, int. Jan. 10, 1841. [m. Jan. 24, Co.R. Mary Ann, dau. James and Jane (Durham), m. June 16, PR138.]
  • Nancy McCrillis and James Durham, int. Apr. 28, 1811.
  • Nellie J. McCrillis and Fred E. Avery of Lawrence, Mass., int. Mar. 24, 1883. [m. Apr. 22, CR3.]
  • Sarah Jane McCrillis, dau. James and Jane (Durham), and _____ _____, Sept. __, 1825. PR138.
  • Sarah Jane McCrillis and Capt. James Young, int. Aug. 23, 1827, "Cert. issued Sept. 17."
  • Sarah P. McCrillis [int. 18] and Timothy H. Mace [int. 20, paper maker], May 8, 1866.
McCURDEY (also see McCurdy)
  • James McCurdey and Mrs. Ann Mitchal, Nov. 30, 1776.
McCURDY (also see McCurdey)
  • Frank B. McCurdy of Liberty and Mabel A. Gove of Searsmont, Jan. 24, 1884.
McCURRISON (also see McCorison, McCorrison)
  • Thomas McCurrison of Waldo Plantation and Azubah Knight of same, Jan. 19, 1826.
McDONALD (also see McDonnald, McDonnel, McDonold)
  • Abigail McDonald and Daniel Blake, int. Oct. 3, 1824, "Cert. Oct. 17."
  • Alice McDonald of Minot and Elisha L. Harris, Aug. 9, 1887.
  • Anna H. McDonald and Willard B. Ellis, farmer, int. Apr. 15, 1868. [m. Apr. 30, CR3.]
  • Cyntha McDonald and Bryan F. Hall, int. Aug. 25, 1832, "Cert. issued Sept. 14."
  • Davis McDonald and Lucy Ann Kendall of Waldo Plantation, int. Oct. 6, 1839, "Cert. issued July 8, 1840."
  • Edgar S. McDonald [int. seaman] and Jennie N. Patterson [int. M.], Apr. 10, 1872, in Chelsea. [Jennie N., in Chelsea, Mass., PR23.]
  • Elizabeth McDonald and Prescott H. Nason, Jan. 11, 1852.
  • George A. McDonald and Hannah J. Ryder, int. Sept. 18, 1850, "Cert. issued Oct. 28."
  • H. Eugene McDonald, watchmaker, and Dasie C. Brown of Searsport, int. Nov. 1, 1871, "Cert. issued Nov. 10."
  • H. H. McDonald [int. Henry H. McDonald], 29, harness maker, son George, shoemaker, and Sarah (int. (Hutchins)] (b. Penobscot [int. adds Hancock Co.]), and Sarah E. Dyer, 24, dau. David W., ship caulker (b. Stewben [int. adds Hancock Co.] (trans. note: that has to be spelled Steuben??) and Sarah Ann [int. Shute], Sept. 5, 1864. [Henry H. and Sarah Ellen Dyer, CR1. H. H. and Sarah E. Dyer, Co.R.]
  • Harrison McDonald and Harriet H. Flowers, int. Jan. 31, 1841. [m. Feb. 16, Co.R.]
  • Henry H. McDonald (see H. H.)
  • Herbert R. McDonald and Minnie H. Knowlton, Dec. 24, 1882.
  • Hollis M. McDonald and Mrs. Almira W. Tandy, int. Aug. 28, 1852, "Cert. issd."
  • Irene McDonald and Loren D. Cunningham, int. Dec. 9, 1833, "Cert. issued Jan. 14, 1834."
  • John McDonald [int. McDoneld] and Polly Webster, Oct. 4, 1806. [McDonald, CR2.]
  • John McDonald and Emily Cilly, int. Nov. 16, 1843, "Cert. issued Dec. 20."
  • John McDonald, Capt. [second up. and int. omits Capt., int. 31, seaman], of Boston, Mass., and Flora E. Condon, Apr. 17, 1873. [John of Boston, Mass., CR3.]
  • John Thomas McDonald Jr. [MacDonald] of Boston, Mass., and Alice Bicknell, Apr. 15, 1891. [John T. MacDonald Jr. of Boston and Alice Bicknell, dau. Stephen G. and Sarah W. (Spratt), Pr114.]
  • Joseph McDonald and Mrs. Mary Powers [int. Sarah], Sept .19, 1850.
  • Lizzie McDonald of St. Johns, N. B., and Joshua Elwell of Northport, Mar. 10, 1881.
  • Lucius F. McDonald [int. harness maker] and Emma F. Abbott, Dec. 25, 1871. [Emma F., dau. Nehemiah and Caroline W. (Belcher), PR22.]
  • Luella V. McDonald [int. Veazie] and Edward N. Winslow [int. tailor] of Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 14, 1873. [Luella V., CR1.]
  • Margaret C. McDonald of Harbour Au Bouchie and Francis M. Howard of Harbour Au Bouchie, N. S., Aug. 30, 1880.
  • Mary McDonald [int. Polley McDonels] and Jerom Stephenson Jr., May 21, 1812.
  • Mary (see Polly).
  • Mary E. McDonald and Nathaniel G. Ames [int. O.], Sept .9, 1849.
  • Nancy T. McDonald [int. Jane] and Hesekiah Staples Jr. of Swanville, Dec. 2, 1842. [Nancy T. and Hezekiah Staples of Swanville, Co.R.]
  • Nathan McDonald and Clarissa Reed, May 28, 1809.
  • Nathan McDonald Jr. and Elizabeth A. Adams, int. Mar. 2, 1854.
  • Polly McDonald [int. Mrs. Mary McDonald] and Simon Coombs [int. of Islesborough], May 16, 1814.
  • Sally McDonald and Charles Flowers, Feb. 4, 1843.
  • Saphronia McDonald of Belmont and Thomas Cuningham, int. Nov. 15, 1834, "Cert. issued Dec. 6."
  • Sarah McDonald, 32, milliner, dau. Joseph, shoemaker (b. Belfast) and Mary (b. Brooksville [int. adds Hancock Co.]), and Horatio Spicer, 38, second m., joiner, son Jeremiah, seaman (b. Machias [int. adds Washington Co.]), and Fannie (b. Cherryfield [int. adds Washington Co.,]), July 27, 1864.
  • Simon D. McDonald and Mrs. Hannah Veazy of Brooks, int. Feb. 9, 1823, "Cert. issued Feb. 23."
  • Sophronia McDonald (see Saphronia).
  • William McDonald and Rebecca M. Stevenson of Montville, int. June 12, 1841, "Cert. issued June 26."
  • Peggy McDoneld (see Peggy McDonnel).
  • Mary McDonels (see Mary McDonald).
McDONNALD (also see McDonald, McDonnel, McDonold)
  • Harriet McDonnald and Rufus Derby, int. Nov. 24, 1832, "Cert. isused Dec. 19."
McDONNEL (also see McDonald, McDonnald, McDonold)
  • Peggy McDonnel [int. Pegey McDoneld] and Lemuel Cooper, Sept. 15, 1805.
McDONOLD (also see McDonald, McDonnald, McDonnel)
  • Benjamin McDonold [int. Benjamin McDonald] and Dolly E. Greely [int. Dolly Elizabeth Greeley], July 19, 1838.
  • Sybel McDonold [int. Sybil McDonald] and Bancroft Wymand [int. Bancraft Wymond], Oct. 1, 1829.
  • Thomas McDonold [int. Thomas R. McDonald] and Polly Laten [int. Laton], June 13, 1832.
  • Clarrie S. McDowell of Washington and Sanford H. Matthews [int. Mathews], May 29, 1858. [Clarice S. of Washington and Sanford H. Matthews, Co.R. Clarrie S. and Sanford H. Mathews, Pr89.]
  • Angelia F. Mace and Frank H. Stephenson, Jan. 1, 1876. [Angelia T., CR3.]
  • Charles W. Mace, 25, paper maker, and Jane S. Elder, 22, of Gorham, int. Nov. 13, 1865, "Cert. issued Dec. 12."
  • Ida M. Mace and Ambrose J. Morrison, Mar. 16, 1887.
  • John A. Mace Jr. and Ina Collins, Sept. 17, 1877.
  • Maria C. Mace and Charles B. Stover, Oct. 1, 1885.
  • Timothy H. Mace [int. 20, paper maker] and Sarah P. McCrillis [int. 18], May 8, 1866.
  • Margee McEldridge, Mrs. [int. Margia, wid., third m.], of Camden, and Samuel Robbins [int. widr., third m., seaman], Apr. 13, 1871.
  • Jonathan McFadding of Bristol and Margaret McClintock, Dec. 29, 1833.
  • Abigail McFarland of Castine and Capt. Ebenezer Colburn Jr., int. Oct. 1, 1825, "Cert. issd Oct. 18."
  • Annette V. McFarland and James B. Miller, Jan. 1, 1863. [Annette V., CR3. Annet V., Co.R.]
  • Clara F. McFarland and William B. Forbush [int. widr., clerk] of Boston, Mass., Nov. 18, 1869.
  • Dora J. McFarland of Northport and Edwin G. Crabtree of Chelsea, mass., July 2, 1882.
  • Ephraim McFarland (int. Capt.] and Susan Stevens, Nov. 12, 1815.
  • Eunice McFarland of Montville and Gowin M. Armor, int. Mar. 3, 1838, "Cert. issued March 17."
  • Eunice McFarland of Montville and John W. Daniels, int. Aug. 22, 1851, "Cert. issd Sept. 6."
  • Harriet H. McFarland, Mrs., and James Holmes, int. Aug. 6, 1863, [m. Aug. 10 in Montville, Co.R.]
  • Jane McFarland, Mrs., and William H. H. Reeves. Nov. 17, 1887.
  • Joseph F. McFarland of Montville and Harriet H. Gilbreth, Sept. 27, 1848.
  • Josephine H. McFarland and Lewis A. Maker of Concord, N. H., Dec. 25, 1880. [Lewis A. of Concord, Mass., CR3.]
  • Justin L. McFarland, 24, sailor, and Eldora J. Chapman, 19, of Northport, int. Oct. 24, 1866, "Cert. issued Oct. 29."
  • Mary McFarland of Boothbay and Thomas Cunningham 3d, int. Jan. 17, 1821, "Cert. issued Feb."
  • Mary E. McFarland [int. 22] and Roscoe B. Leavitt [int. Leavitt, 22, pressman], Jan. 17, 1874.
  • Mary J. McFarland of Montville and Augustua Whitaker of Montville, Feb. 23, 1842.
  • Merriam McFarland of Knox and Asa Hilley, int. Sept. 6, 1804.
  • Minnie McFarland and Joseph M. Flagg, Sept. 21, 1891.
  • Mintie McFarland and James Holbrook [int. 27, seaman], Jan. 14, 1869.
  • Moses McFarland and Rhoda Ann Carter, int. Oct. 7, 1837. [m. Dec. 25, Co.R.]
  • Nathaniel H. McFarland and Nancy M. Thompson of Freedom, int. July 12, 1861, "Cert. issued July 19."
  • Susan McFarland and Capt. Bernice S. Hale [int. omits Capt.] of Lowell, Mass., Sept. 2, 1832.
  • Thomas McFarland [int. adds H.], 28, seaman, son John, farmer (b. Bristol), and Nancy, and Mary A. Whitmore [int. wid.], 28, second m., dau. Reuben Higgins, farmer (b. Gorham) and Susan (b. Northport), Dec. 26, 1864. [Thomas H. and Mary A. Whitmore, Dec. 21, Co.R.]
  • W. J. McFarland [int. Walter J. McFarland] and Netta B. Hallowell [int. Erminna B. Hollowell], Mar. 18, 1883.
  • Walter McFarland of Northport and Phebee Newton of Northport, Mar. 25, 1802.
  • Walter J. McFarland (see W. J.)
  • William E. McFarland, widr., stage driver, and Abbie A. Snowman of Bucksport, int. Nov. 9, 1870, "Cert. issued Nov. 14."
  • Zadob McFarland [int. second m., fisherman] and Susan Robbins [int. wid.], Nov. 24, 1868.
  • Zedock Stone McFarland and Phoebe Jane Worthen, int. Dec. 9, 1854.
McGEE (also see Magee)
  • Daniel McGee 2d [int. 27, master mariner] of Brooksville and Caroline McCarty [int. 22], Jan. 30, 1866.
  • Lizzie McGee and Hiram G. B. Eastman, Nov. 28, 1883.
  • William J. McGee [int. William J. Magee] of Unity and Ella I. Condon [int. Etta I. Condon], Sept. 11, 1881.
  • John W. McGilvery, Capt., of Searsport, and Ann L. Carver of Searsport, Nov. 13, 1855.
  • Olivia McGilvery and Alvah Mudgett [int. clerk] of Stockton, Nov. 28, 1867. [Alva of Stockton, Co.R.]
  • Orella G. McGilvery [int. Orilla G. McGilvery] and Fred E. Beane [int. Bean] of Readfield, Sept. 14, 1876.
  • Selwyn N. McGilvery and Prudy G. Pendleton of Searsport, int. Jan. 28, 1879, "Cert. issued Feb. 1."
  • Richard McGlasky (see Richard McClaskey).
McGLAUGHLEN (also see McLaughlin)
  • Thomas McGlaughlen of Fairfax and Lette Sawyer of Knox Plantation, int. Mar. 17, 1809.
  • Elizabeth McGowan and John Whibby, int. Feb. 2, 1853, "Cert. issd."
  • John D. McGowan and Elisabeth J. Lynch, int. Apr. 1, 1843, "Cert. issued May 26."
  • L. D. McGray [int. Lorenzo D. McGray] and Caroline M. Reed of St. Johns, N. B., Oct. 8, 1853. [L. D. McGray, CR1.]
  • John McHassel and Betsey Pierce, Dec. 30, 1821.
McINTIRE (also see McIntyre)
  • Harriet A. McIntire and Warren Larabee [int. Larrabee], June 11, 1856. [Larabee, Co.R.]
  • Lizzie L. McIntire of York and John G. Brooks, int. Nov. 9, 1861, "Cert. issued Nov. 16."
  • Albert McIntosh [int. seaman] and Huldah R. Payson, Sept. 19, 1870.
  • Asa McIntosh and Mrs. Olive Lanpher of Stockton Springs, int. Aug. 31, 1889.
  • Hannah Maria McIntosh [int. Hannah Maria McIntosh], Mrs., and Jonathan Thurston, Oct. 20, 1821.
  • Henry McIntosh and Mary A. Bateman, Sept. 24, 1842. [Mary A., Co.R.]
  • John McIntosh and Abigail Tuttle, int. June 22, 1845.
  • John McIntosh and Abigail Wade, Jan. 21, 1847.
  • M. A. McIntosh [int. Mattie A. McIntosh] and Samuel N. Rackliff, Nov. 18, 1875.
  • Melissa Jane McIntosh and Andrew B. Evans, May 21, 1887.
  • Nathan McIntosh and Sarah Clark, Mar. 4, 1849.
  • William H. McIntosh and Annie F. Kelley, May 31, 1884.
McINTYRE (also see McIntire)
  • John W. McIntyre [int. McIntire] and Mrs. Addie Dockham, Nov. 29, 1888. [McIntyre, CR3.]
McKABE (also see McCabe)
  • Bryant McKabe and Mrs. Margaret Spinks, int. June 2, 1849, "Cert. issued June 16."
McKEAN (also see McKeen, McKeene)
  • John McKean [int. John MKeen] and Sabra Godding [int. adds R.] of Waldo Plantation, Nov. 29, 1833.
McKEEN (also see McKean, McKeene)
  • Aaron McKeen of Fryburg Plantation, Accademy Grant, and Mary Cates of Lincoln Plantation, int. Feb. 19, 1815.
  • Ada L. McKeen and George A. Linnikin, Jan. 27, 1875.
  • Albert J. McKeen [int. seaman] and Annie L. Burgess, July 20, 1869. [Albert J., son Joseph and Eliza (Holmes), PR46.]
  • Betsey C. McKeen and Josiah Curtis of Swanville, Oct. 26, 1834.
  • Charles M. McKeen (see Charles M. Keene).
  • Clara T. McKeen [int. 18] and George W. Maker [int. 24, laborer], June 28, 1873.
  • Eliza McKeen and David Gilmore, Dec. 19, 1827. [Dec. 14, PR106.]
  • Emma F. McKeen and James H. Perkins [int. seaman], May 22, 1869. [Emma F., dau. Joseph and Eliza (Holmes), PR46. Emma F. (first w.) and James Henry Perkins, son Joseph and Cyrena (French), PR158.]
  • Ephraim McKeen of Swanville and Sarah Jane Nickerson of Swanville, Nov. 23, 1851. [Ephraim, son Joseph and Eliza (Holmes), Oct. _, 1857, PR46.]
  • Fred E. McKeen and Etta E. Wilson, Feb. 14, 1883.
  • Fred E. McKeen and Mrs. Frances E. McCorrison [int. McCorison], Oct. 24, 1889.
  • Hannah P. McKeen and James Bicknell Jr., May 7, 1837.
  • Isaac McKeen and Martha Drew Buffet, Jan. 9, 1798.
  • James F. McKeen [int. 30, farmer] of Swanville and Julia G. Miller [int. 21], May 1, 1866. [Julia G., dau. George A. and Susan L. (Kellock), PR21. James F., son Joseph and Eliza (Holmes), PR46.]
  • Jane McKeen and John Simpson, Apr. 9, 1822.
  • John McKeen and Fanny True [int. Fanny Trew], Mar. 19, 1812. [True, CR2.]
  • John McKeen and Elsay Gilbreth, Sept. 28, 1818.
  • Joseph McKeen and Eliza Holmes, Dec. 29, 1825.
  • Joseph A. McKeen and Elmira A. Sholes, Jan. 23, 1890.
  • Kezia McKeen and Joseph Eayrs, Jan. 5, 1791.
  • Lucy M. McKeen [int. Maria] and Samuel B. Hanson, Sept. 18, 1825.
  • Nancy McKeen and William Ryan, int. Mar. 25, 1812 [? sic> 1820], "Cert. issued Apr. 8, 1820. [m. ______, PR163.]
  • Nellie E. McKeen and William W. Blazo, May 6, 1886.
  • Rhoda M. McKeen and Leander Staples, Dec. 31, 1861. [McKeene, Co.R. Rhoda M. McKeen, dau. Joseph and Eliza (Holmes), and Leander J. Staples, PR46.]
  • Roscoe D. McKeen of Danforth and Mettie L. Adams of Lincolnville, Dec. 1, 1891, CR1.
  • Sally McKeen and Hiram Holmes, Sept. 11, 1825.
  • Sarah J. McKeen of Swanville and Henry C. Beal of Swanville, July 2, 1874. CR3.
  • Serena McKeen and Rev. Charles Duren of Sangerville, int. Aug. 28, 1841, "Cert. issued Sept. 13."
McKEENE (also see McKean, McKeen)
  • Hazeel McKeene of Swanville and Abby A. Harris of Swanville, Aug. 22, 1852. [Hazael McKeen of Swanville, Aug. 27, CR1. Hazael H. McKeen, son Joseph and Eliza (Holmes), and Amanda A. Harris, Aug. 21, PR46.]
  • John McKennan [int. John McKennon] and Phebe Bates, Apr. 12, 1851.
McKENNEY (also see McKenny, McKinney)
  • Charles A. McKenney of Knox, int. June 11, 1887, "Cert. issued June 18."
  • George W. McKenney [int. shoemaker] and Ida E. Patterson of Waldo, Dec. 15, 1872.
  • Mary Jane McKenney and Lorenzo Mayo, Oct. 7, 1859.
  • Otis W. McKenney and Mrs. Josie H. Dow, Dec. 25, 1877.
  • Thomas McKenney of Lincolnville and Julia E. Elmes of Belmont, Aug. 30, 1868.
McKENNON (see McKennan).

McKENNY (also see McKenney, McKinney)
  • Alvina McKenny [int. Alvine E. McKenney] of Unity and William H. Grady, Nov. 22, 1883.
  • Elizabeth McKinley [int. wid.] and Joseph Drinkwater [int. of N. Yamouth], Oct. 7, 1806. [McKinly and Capt. Joseph Drinkwater, CR2.]
  • Henry D. McKinley of Jackson and Ellen E. Parker of Waldo, Nov. 26, 1884.
  • Jane C. McKinley and [int. Capt.] William E. Mitchel [int. Mitchell], Oct. 22, 1842. [William E. Mitchell, Co.R.]
  • John McKinley and Dorothy K. Johnson, int. Nov. 15, 1812.
  • John McKinley Jr. and Clarissa A. Davidson of Waldo Plantation, int. Oct. 26, 1844, "Cert. issued Nov. 13."
  • Martha Ann McKinley of Concord, N. H., and William E. Mitchell, int. Mar. 30, 1848, "Cert. issued Apr. 13."
  • Mary McKinley and Elisha Cole, int. Mar. 12, 1804.
  • Thomas McKinley and Eliza Ann Wiley, Sept. 19, 1848.
McKINNEY (also see McKenney, McKenny)
  • Mary McKinney and Ahan Leighton, int. Nov. 2, 1845, "Cert. issued Dec. 10."
  • Susan W. McKinney of Northport and Stephen B. Libby, int. Aug. 24, 1845, "Cert. issued Dec. 17."
McLAIN (also see McLane, McLean)
  • William McLain of Bremen and Georgianna Hilton of Appleton, May 15, 1871.
McLANE (also see McLain, McLean)
  • Elizabeth A. McLane [int. McLean] and George W. Burgess, Feb. 10, 1859. [McLain, Co.R. McLean and George Washington Burgess, son Ezekiel and Nancy P. (Morang), PR169.]
  • Daniel McLaren and Mrs. Sarah E. Leman of Bangor, int. Sept. 7, 1853.
McLAUD (also see McCloud)
  • Mary A. McLaud and John Haugh, June 14, 1876.
  • Ruth M. McLaud [int. McLand] and Isaiah K. Royal of Thorndike, Mar. 31, 1842. [McLaud and Isaiah R. Royal of Thorndike, Co.R.]
McLAUGHLIN (also see McGlaughlen)
  • Daniel McLaughlin and Polly Ring, int. Apr. 4, 1803.
  • Dorcas McLaughlin of Montville and Bradford S. Foster, int. Aug. 22, 1830, "Cert. issued Sept. 20."
  • Nora McLaughlin of Bucksport and James W. Grant of Portland, Sept. 26, 1880, CR3.
  • Susan Worth McLaughlin (second w.) of China and Ebenezer Newell Jr., Mar. 13, 1854 [? in China], PR81.
McLEAN (also see McLain, McLane)
  • William A. McLean and Julia A. Rowe, June 17, 1875.
  • Frances D. McLellan of Warren and Hon. Ralph C. Johnson, int. Oct. 30, 1847, "Cert. isued Oct. 13."
  • Helen McLellan and Charles M. Patterson of Marysville, Cal., Sept. 29, 1858. [Hellen, Co.R. Helen and Charles Milton Patterson, son John Tufts and Jane (Ferguson), PR119.]
  • William H. McLellan Esq. of Searsport and Angeline Nichols of Searsport, Mar. 3, 1863, in Searsport, Co.R.
McLINTOCK (see McClintock)

McLURE (also see McCluer, McClure)
  • Mary McLure of Thorndike and Hugh Shirley, int. Feb. 24, 1830, "Cert. Mar. 15."
  • Thomas McLure [int. adds A., of Swanville] and Betsey Armor [int. Betsy], Nov. 30, 1823.
McMAHAN (also see McMahon, McMann)
  • Agnes F. McMahan and Irving M. Cottrell, July 4, 1886, in Searsport.
  • Flora Belle McMahan and Linwood G. Hasson, Sept. 28, 1889, in Northport.
  • Lorenzo E. McMahan and Lillian L. Patterson, int. Sept. 13, 1881, "Cert. issued Sept. 17."
McMAHON (also see McMahan, McMann)
  • Ann McMahon [int. McMann] and Michael Freel, Nov. 10, 1854.
McMANN (also see McMahan, McMahon)
  • Hannah McMann and Dennis Connell, int. Nov. 18, 1853.
  • Timothy McMann and Ellen O'Conner int. Nov. 22, 1858, "Cert. issued Nov. 27."
  • Adoniram Judson Macomber and Lucretia M. Coombs, Mar. 2, 1848. [Lucretia M., dau. Robert and Jane P. (Gilkey), PR98.]
  • Alice F. Macomber and Leroy Corbett of Brattleboro, Vt., Mar. 10, 1887.
  • Edgar L. Macomber and Nellie Scott, Jan. 6, 1890.
  • Nancy J. McPheters of Hartland and Silas E. Woodbury, int. Nov. 8, 1888, "Cert. issued Nov. 13."
  • Sarah Russ McRuer and Edward Mann Field, son Bohan P. and Abigal (Davis), June 1, 1852, PR155.
MADDAN (also see Madden, Maddin, Maden)
  • Rebecca Maddan of Waldo Plantation and Samuel Payson of Waldo Plantation, Feb. 17, 1827.
MADDEN (also see Maddan, Maddin, Maden)
  • George W. Madden of Greenfield and Edna J. Allen, May 6, 1889, in Monroe.
  • Sally Madden of Three Miles Square Plantation [int. adds Hancock Co.] and John Sandborn of same, Apr. 23, 1815.
  • Simon Madden [int. Madin] of Three Mile Square and Abigail Cuningham, July 26, 1818.
MADDIN (also see Maddan, Madden, Maden)
  • Eliza Maddin and Horatio Gray, int. Feb. 22, 1822. [m. Mar. 28, Co.R.]
MADDOCK (also see Maddocks, Maddox)
  • Elizabeth Ann Maddock [int. Maddocks] and Albert Gardner, Dec. 24, 1848.
  • Olive R. Maddock and John N. Hunter, int. Apr. 16, 1853. [Maddocks, dau. Samuel and Eliza (Weed), and John L. Hunter, m. Apr. 17, PR164.]
  • Thomas Maddock and Margaret Monro, Oct. 26, 1823.
MADDOCKS (also see Maddock, Maddox)
  • Abigail G. Maddocks and Willard L. Maddocks, Nov. 6, 1842. [Abigail C., Co.R.]
  • Alexander H. Maddocks and Betsey F. Dow [int. Betsy] of China, Nov. 24, 1855. [Betsy F. of China, CO.R.]
  • Amanda Maddocks [int. Amanda Maddox] and Chesbrook Burgin, Dec. 17, 1862. [Maddox, CO.R.]
  • Anna W. Maddocks (see Emma W.)
  • Daniel W. Maddocks and Charity W. Thompson of Unity, int. Mar. 19, 1850. [Charity of Belfast, m. Apr. 7, in Unity, Co.R. Daniel W., son Samuel and Eliza (Weed), m. Apr. 7, PR164.]
  • E. P. Maddocks, Miss, and G. P. Ryan [int. F.], May 10, 1862. [G. P., Co.R. Ellen P. and George Flowers Ryan, son William and Nancy (Weed), and George F. Ryan, Mar. 10, PR1164.]
  • Eliza M. Maddocks of Swanville and George M. Gillam, Nov. 7, 1879.
  • Elizabeth Maddocks and Benjamin Philbrook of Thomaston, int. July 31, 1848. [Elizabeth, dau. Samuel and Eliza (Weed), and Benjamin W. Philbrook, m. Aug. 29, PR164.]
  • Ellen P. Maddocks (see E. P.)
  • Emma W. Maddocks [int. Anna] and Horace W. Littlefield [int. farmer] of Waldo, Sept. 13, 1868. [Anna W., dau. Samuel and Eliza (Weed), PR164.]
  • Ephraim Maddocks and Sarah A. Harper, int. Apr. 11, 1863, "Cert. issued April 18." [Ephraim, son Samuel and Eliza (Weed), m. ____, 1862, PR164.]
  • Ephraim Maddocks and Estella C. Hilton, July 25, 1874.
  • Ephraim K. Maddocks, widr., farmer, and Mary Rose, wid., of Searsport, int. Nov. 8, 1870, "Cert. issued Nov. 12."
  • John Maddocks 2d and Eliza Jane Keith of Brooks, int. Sept. 11, 1848. [John, son Samuel and Eliza (Weed), m. Sept. 25, PR164.]
  • John S. Maddocks [int. 28, soldier, son Asa D., millman (b. Ellsworth), and Mary (b. Shapleigh)], and Mrs. Eliza A. Hodgdon [int. Hodgden, wid., 20, dau. Joseph Thomas, farmer, and Mary], Mar. 25, 1865.
  • Maria F. Maddocks, dau. Samuel and Eliza (Weed), and Tolford Durham, _____, PR164.
  • Martha E. Maddocks, 21, dau. Daniel R., shoemaker, and Mary (b. Gorham), and Jonas B. Ferguson, 26, seamsn, son Moses W., farmer and merchant, and Lydia (b. Provincetown), Nov. 12, 1864.
  • Mary W. Maddocks and Paul H. Clary of Brooks, int. Jan. 8, 1842. [Mary W., dau. Samuel and Eliza (Weed), and Paul Hanson Cleary, m. Feb. 22, 1844, PR164.]
  • Otis D. Maddocks and Jane Mears, int. Nov. 23, 1852, "Cert. issd."
  • Rachel A. Maddocks of Searsmont and Elias R. Thompson of Searsmont, June 11, 1885. [Mrs. Rachel A. of Searsmont, CR3.]
  • Samuel Maddocks, son Samuel and Eliza (Weed), and Harriet Ann Way, Oct. 19, 1870, PR164.
  • Sarah E. Maddocks and Samuel G. Gilbreth, int. May 11, 1858. [Maddox and Samuel G. Gilberth, m. May 16, in Montvillle, Co.R.]
  • Susan G. Maddocks and Elijah Pope of Vassalboro, Apr. 9, 1854.
  • Willard L. Maddocks and Abigail G. Maddocks, Nov. 6, 1842. [Abigal C., Co.R.]
  • Willard L. Maddocks and Atlanta E. Dow of China, int. Aug. 4, 1855.
MADDOX (also see Maddock, Maddocks)
  • Mary Ann Maddox and Salathiel N. Otis, son Samuel and Eliza M. (Nickerson), Sept. 23, 1852, PR14.
MADEN (also see Maddan, Madden, Maddin)
  • Polly Maden of Gloseter and Silas Bennet, int. Dec. 6, 1803.
  • Simon Madin (see Simon Madden.)
MAGEE (also see McGee)
  • Susan H. Magee of Brooksville and Charles R. Stevens, 23, seaman, int. Feb. 19, 1872, "Cert. issued mar. 11."
  • David H. Magoon of Lancaster, Mass., and Josephine M. Littlefield of Montville, Nov. 9, 1874.
MAHAR (see Mahon, Mahr)

MAHEW (also see Mayhew)
  • Vinal Mahew [Vinal Mayhew] and Martha Coles [sic, int. Martha Cates of Waldo Plantation], June 17, 1828.
MAHON (also see Mahr)
  • Llewellyn Mahon [int. Mahar] of Wrentham, Mass., and Florence M. Shibles, Oct. 25, 1880. [Mahar and Florence M. Shibles, dau. Alexander and Julia A. (Maddocks), PR161.]
MAHONEY (also see Mahony)
  • Alice M. Mahoney of Lincolnville and Melvin F. Dickey of Lincolnville, Nov. 25, 1884.
  • Angie M. Mahoney of Searsmont and Mark W. Mahoney [int. seaman], Dec. 17, 1868.
  • Aurelius A. Mahoney, 19, clerk, and Louisa F. Tupper, 18, of Jonesboro, int. June 13, 1866, "Cert. issued June 18."
  • Carrie B. Mahoney and Henry W. Clark, Aug. 1, 1889.
  • Charles A. Mahoney and Annie W. Daisley of Searsmont, int. Sept. 17, 1887.
  • Charles A. Mahoney and Vesta H. Perkins, Sept. 12, 1889.
  • Delia M. Mahoney of Lincolnville and William Mathews, Nov. 4, 1861.
  • Elzira A. Mahoney and A. W. Crockett of Rockland, Sept. 22, 1875.
  • Eva L. Mahoney of Northport and Edgar Brown, int. Mar. 30, 1880, "Cert. issued Apr. 3."
  • Everett P. Mahoney and Kate E. Haugh, int. Aug. 3, 1891, "Cert. issued Aug. 8."
  • F. E. Mahoney and Mark Welch, Dec. 31, 1846, in E. Northport, PR96.
  • Fred P. Mahoney and Mary J. Smith, Apr. 6, 1889.
  • Generva J. Mahoney and George I. Mudgett, Feb. 28, 1885. [Genevra Jenkins Mahoney and George Irving Mudgett, PR109].
  • George D. Mahoney and Ida A. Wilson, Feb. 3, 1878. [George Dickey Mahoney and Ida Albertine Wilson, dau. James Albert and Hannah Augusta (Herrick), PR95.]
  • Harriet J. Mahoney of Northport and James R. Howard of Lincolnville, Mar. 9, 1856.
  • Jail P. Mahoney and Joanna M. Knowlton, int. Nov. 16, 1848, "Cert. issued Nov. 30."
  • James W. Mahoney of Lawrence, Mass., and Rebecca Parker, Feb. 11, 1888.
  • Jennie Mahoney of Searsmont and Jefferson Butler of Searsmont, Jan. 30, 1871.
  • Lizzie B. Mahoney of Northport and Capt. I. W. Havener of Searsport, Sept. 22, 1869.
  • Lucy Ann Mahoney of Northport and Isaac Sanborn of Orono, May 14, 1836.
  • Mark W. Mahoney [int. seaman] and Angie M. Mahoney of Searsmont, Dec. 17, 1868.
  • Sarah A. Mahoney of Northport and William F. Wilson, int. Oct. 30, 1841, "Cert. issued Nov. 27."
  • Sarah E. Mahoney of Northport and William E. Mahoney of Northport, Nov. 22, 1855. [Mahony of Northport and William Mahoney of Northport, Co.R.]
  • William E. Mahoney of Northport and Sarah E. Mahoney of Northport, Nov. 22, 1855. [Mahony of Northport and Sarah E. Mahoney of Northport, Co.R.]
  • William G. Mahoney of Searsmont and Mary F. Philbrook of Searsmont, Jan. 1, 1856. [William S. Mahony and Mary F. Philbrick, both of Searsmont, Co.R.]
MAHONY (also see Mahoney)
  • Eliza A. Mahony of Northport and John H. Whitaker of Northport, Dec. 25, 1850.
MAHR (also see Mahon)
  • William Mahr of Searsmont and Catherine Kyle, int. Sept. 28, 1857, "Cert. issued Oct. 17."
  • George W. Maker and Mary T. Whitney [sic, int. Mary Jane Whitney], Feb. 10, 1839.
  • George W. Maker [int. 24, laborer] and Clara T. McKeen [int. 18], June 28, 1873.
  • Lewis A. Maker of Concord, N. H., and Josephine H. McFarland, Dec. 25, 1880. [Lewis A. of Concord, Mass., CR3.]
  • Robert Maker and Charlotte French, int. Oct. 29, 1836.
  • Charles R. Malcomb and Ella Black, int. Nov. 9, 1878. [m. Dec. 24, CR3.]
MALEY (also see Maly)
  • Mary Maley and Michael Casey, int. May 7, 1841, "Cert. issd June 1."
MALODY (also see Melody)
  • Ann Malody and Peter Ward, int. Mar. 30, 1853, "Cert. issd."
MALONE (see Meloon)

  • Cornelius Malony and Susan Dodge of Swan Plantation, June 6, 1816.
MALY (also see Maley)
  • Anthony Maly and Mrs. Margaret Leary [int. Suery, sic], Aug. 9, 1863. [Maley and Mrs. Margaret Leary, Co.R.]
  • Samuel H. Mank and Jennie P. Leighton of Islesboro, int. Aug. 10, 1875, "Cert. issued Aug. 31."
  • Timothy D. Manning of Rockland and Isabella T. Pitcher, Oct. 12 [sic, int. Oct. 15], 1855. [Oct. 12, CR1. Co.R. Isabell T., dau. Fisher A. and Eliza (Whittier), Oct. 15, PR162.]
MANSEY (also see Muny)
  • Joseph Mansey of Wiscasset and Hannah French, int. Jan. 4, 1818, "Cert. issued."
  • Arena Mansfield (second w.) and Humphrey Lancaster, May _, 1855, PR108.
  • Augustine P. Mansfield and Mary L. Carle, Sept. 18, 1878.
  • Daniel H. Mansfield of Hope and Clara A. Moore of Searsmont, Aug. 10, 1873.
  • Eleanor C. Mansfield and Josiah P. Nutting of Concord, N. H., Oct. 1, 1883.
  • Mary Ann Mansfield of Portland and Joseph Hutchins, Oct. 25, 1840, "Cert. issued Nov. 21."
  • Newell Mansfield and Harriet M. Clark of Bangor, int. Feb. 7, 1860, "Cert. issued Feb. 14."
  • Nettie Manson and Charles W. Berry of Montville, May 9, 1888.
  • James Mansur [int. James Mansure] and Polly Peirce [int. Polly Perce], Apr. 7, 1805.
  • Maria Mansur and Moses Brier, int. Dec. 30, 1843, "Cert. issued Jan. 17, 1844."
  • Bitsey Marble [int. Betsy Marble] and William Davis, Dec. 20, 1810. [Betsy, CR2.]
  • Helen Marcoo of Frankfort and Henry Pooler, int. Jan. 11, 1849, "Cert. issued Jan. 25."
MARDEN (also see Mardin)
  • Agnes E. Marden and Cassius I. York of Washington, Apr. 22, 1885.
  • Benaiah G. Marden and Mrs. Mary Jane Smith of Monroe, int. July 20, 1877, "Cert. issued July 25."
  • Benaiah G. Marden and Etta Carter, int. Nov. 3, 1884, "Cert. issued Nov. 10."
  • Emma H. Marden and William G. West [int. seaman], Dec. 20, 1868.
  • Eva M. Marden of Searsport and Varnum W. Rose, int. Dec. 1, 1874, "Cert. issued Dec. 5."
  • Henry C. Marden of Washington and Nancy M. Miller, Dec. 25, 1882. [Nancy M., dau. George A. and Susan L. (Kellock), PR21.]
  • James E. Marden of Searsport and Mrs. Ida Rivers, Apr. 20, 1879.
  • Richard Marden of Swanville and Julia A. Ellis, int. Sept. 29, 1854.
  • Sarah A. Marden, 22, and George A. Young, 26, seaman, int. Jan. 29, 1867, "Cert. issued Feb. 4."
  • Thomas Marden and Olive E. Jackson of Jefferson, int. Sept. 18, 1847, "Cert. issued Oct. 2."
  • Weston B. Marden of Montville and Maria A. Knowlton of Liberty, Nov. 23, 1870.
  • William H. Marden of Thomaston and Angelina York, int. Oct. 1, 1848, "Cert. issued Oct. 15."
MARDIN (also see Marden)
  • James E. Mardin of Searsport and Fannie E. Cunningham of Swanville, Apr. 10, 1864. [Fanny F. of Swanville, CR3. Marden of Searsport and Fannie E. Cunningham of Swanville, Co.R.]
MARIAM (also see Marriam, Merriam, Merrion)
  • Mathew Thatcher Mariam of Green Plantation and Abigial Smith of same, int. Oct. 19, 1805.
MARRIAM (also see Mariam, Merriam, Merrion)
  • Sally Marrian [int. Sally Merriam] and John Haskell, Apr. 12, 1801. [Merriam, CR2.]
MARRINER (also see Merriner)
  • Alfaretta Marriner and Charles J. Ingraham, int. Dec. 15, 1883, "Cert. issued Dec. 19."
  • Elvira M. Marriner and John Toothaker, int. Apr. 27, 1852, "Cert. issued June 15."
  • Henry Wadsworth Marriner, son Alden and Sybil (Lakin), and Ann Maria Donnell, dau. Samuel and Eliza (Wyman), Mar. 31, 1866, in Lincolnville, PR167.
  • Lenora R. Marriner and William E. Bickford, clerk, int. Oct. 11, 1869, "Cert. issued Oct. 15."
  • William F. Marriner and Mary C. Brackett, int. Feb. 4, 1857.
  • Albert W. Marsh of Orono and Anna Pease, July 31, 1853.
  • Frances A. Marsh of Deer Isle and Edson L. Morse, May 28, 1878, in Deer Isle.
  • Isaac N. Marsh [int. 26, carpenter] and Ellem M. Beckwith [int. 23], Nov. 28, 1867. [Isaac W., CR3. Isaac N., Co.R. Ellen Melissa, dau. Thomas A. and Hannah E. (Patterson), PR111.]
  • Warren E. Marsh and Alice P. Nutt of Waldo, Jan. 8, 1885.
MARSHAL (also see Marshall, Marshell)
  • Thomas Marshal and Susan Colburn, Jan. 28, 1821.
MARSHALL (also see Marshal, Marshell)
  • Abigail S. Marshall and Franklin W. Berry of Boston, Mass., Sept. 27, 1847.
  • Augustus Marshall and Nora Gilson, int. Oct. 8, 1887.
  • Augustus F. Marshall and Nellie Dill, July 4, 1891.
  • Aurelia Marshall and James N. Hall Jr., int. Oct. 21, 1843, "Cert. issued Nov. 4."
  • Charles F. Marshall of Northport and Inez M. Ordway, Dec. 24, 1887.
  • Flora A. Marshall of Islesboro and Isaac M. Burgess of Islesboro, Jan. 12, 1875.
  • Robert H. Marshall and Lizzie I. Cottrell, Aug. 4, 1879.
  • Thomas H. Marshall and Emily S. Tilden, Jan. 1, 1852.
  • William Marshall of Montville and Mrs. Sarah E. Abbott of Montville, Aug. 9, 1876.
  • William R. Marshall and Eva A. Conant, Jan. 1, 1891.
MARSHELL (also see Marshal, Marshall)
  • Joshua Marshell of Isles Borough and Rachell Chapels of Isles Borough, Jan. 22, 1799.
  • Hannah J. Marston, Mrs., and Horace M. Staples, int Jan. 16, 1875, "Cert. issued Jan. 21."
  • Nathaniel Marston of Knox and Frances Kay, Nov. 21, 1826.
  • E. M. Martin [int. Dr., widr., third m.] of Hampden and Mrs. Olive B. Clark [int. wid.], Jan. 12, 1869.
  • Eliza J. Martin of Searsport and Hudson B. Biather of Searsport, May 21, 1860. [Eliza Jane of Searsport, Co.R.]
  • Emily Martin of Hallowell and Willian Center (trans note: William Center?) int. Sept. 24, 1831, "Cert. issued Oct. 15."
  • Hanson Martin and Sarah S. Cremer of Washington, int. Sept. 20, 1834, "Cert. issued Oct. 8."
  • Martha G. Martin of Palermo, Waldo Co., and William K. Worthen of same, Apr. 28, 1833.
  • Violet A. Martin of Morrill and Daniel Higgins of Morrill, May 27, 1876.
  • John Marze and Mrs. Mary Thomas, int. Oct. 6, 1822, "Cert. Oct. 20."
  • Andrew J. Mason of Searsport and Lizzie V. Smith, June 2, 1867. [May 23 [dup. June 2], Co.R.]
  • Clara E. Mason, Mrs. [int. wid.] and Charles J. Konitze [int. Konitz, seaman] of Boston, Mass., Aug. 3, 1871.
  • Cyrus Mason and Clara Tewkesbury, May 7, 1862. [Tewksbury, Co.R.]
  • Ella A. Mason and Dexter T. Guptill, carpenter, int. June 15, 1868. [m. June 28, in Monroe, Co.R.]
  • Henry W. Mason and Martha A. Davis, int. Sept. 14, 1845, "Cert. issued Oct. 2."
  • Isaac Mason and Susan L. Tripp of Swanville, June 16, 1856.
  • James C. Mason and Abba H. Howard [int. Abby], Aug. 8, 1858. [Abba H., Co.R.]
  • John Mason of Prospect and Jemima Nickerson of a plantation near Prospect, Oct. 18, 1799, CR2.
  • Joseph Mason and Nancy Gilman, int. Mar. 29, 1803.
  • Lucy G. Mason and Horrace G. Small, int. Nov. 30, 1844, "Cert. issued Feb. 28, 1845."
  • Lydia Mason of Prospect and James Lord of Frankfort, Dec. 18, 1831.
  • M____ A. Mason and William Davis, int. Feb. 15, 1850, "Cert. issued Mar. 4."
  • Mary Jane Mason and James Guptil of Swanville, int. May 6, 1838, "Cert. issued May 17."
  • Mary Jane Mason of Monroe and Edmond M. Cates, int. June 30, 1839, "Cert. issued July 14."
  • Philena E. C. Mason and Benjamin F. Walker of Newbury [int. Newbury], Mar. 12, 1864. [Benjamin F. of Newburg, CR3. Co.R.]
MATHEUES (also see Matheus, Mathews, Matthews)
  • Charlotte Matheues and Matheus Robbins, int. Jan. 1, 1852, "Cert. issued Jan. 15."
MATHEUS (also see Matheues, Mathews, Matthews)
  • Charles H. Matheus [int. Charles H. Matthews], Capt. [int. 21, seaman] and Ella M. Conant [int. 20] of Appeleton, Mar. 4, 1873.
MATHEWS (also see Matheues, Matheus, Matthews)
  • Arthur D. Mathews and Mrs. Martha J. Batchelder, Apr. 26, 1881.
  • Arthur D. Mathews and Rachel Page of Frankfort, Apr. 9, 1885.
  • Betsy Mathews of Prospect and James Durham, int. Sept. 19, 1818.
  • Clara A. Mathews and Edward J. Morison, Oct. 25, 1876. [Clara Avis, dau. Spencer Walcott and Susan Church (Heath), PR64.]
  • Cynthia E. Mathews of Lincolnville, dau. William, and Charles F. Carver of Lincolnville, son Benjamin, Dec. 24, 1864.
  • Elisabeth J. Mathews and Joseph E. Nichols of Prospect, int. Aug. 7, 1841, "Cert. issued Aug. 25."
  • Ellen Mathews [int. Ellen Matthews] and George M. Knowlton [int .30, farmer] of [int. adds E.] Northport, Dec. 9, 1866. [Mathews and George W. Knowlton of Northport, Co.R.]
  • Emma B. Mathews, Mrs., and Albert W. Gordon, Dec. 23, 1880.
  • Etta M. Mathews of Portland and Horace M. Thurlow, int. Mar. 23, 1876. [Etta May and Horace Moody Thurlow, son Samuel Greenleaf and Anne Whittier (Hutchinson), m. Mar. 30, in Portland, pr159/]
  • Etta M. Mathews of Searsport and Libbeus B. Chapin of Isle au Haut, Mar. 1, 1878.
  • Fidelia J. Mathews [int. Fidelia J. Matthews], and John R. Curtis [int. divorced], third m., ship master] of Bristol, Jan. 30, 1870.
  • Frank B. Mathews, son Sanford H. and Clarrie S. (McDowell), and Addie L. Richmond, Dec. 20, 1888, in Rocheser, N. Y., PR89.
  • Fred H. Mathews and Clara A. Morrison, Oct. 20, 1886.
  • Hannah Mathews of Swanville and John O. Heard of Swanville, Dec. 27, 1852.
  • James M. Mathews [int. James M. Matthews, 27, printer] of Rockland and Carrie M. Couillard [int. Coulliard, 27], May 10, 1866. [Matthews of Rockland and Carrie M. Couillard, Co.R.]
  • Leander Mathews and Sarah J. Durham, int. Nov. 23, 1842, "Cert. issued Dec. 10."
  • Margaret Mathews of Lawrence, Mass., and Lovell L. Blood of Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 31, 1867. [Matthews of Lawrence, Mass., CO.R.]
  • Mary Hellen Mathews and Francis Davis Holt, son William and Hannah P. (Shute), Jan. 29, 1857, PR29.
  • Mary T. Mathews of Searsport and Walter H. Carter of Searsport, Jan. 25, 1881, CR3.
  • Noah M. Mathews and Sarah W. Pitcher, Jan. 27, 1850. [Sally or Sarah W., dau. Calvin and Joanna (Prescott), PR172.]
  • Phoebe J. Mathews of Prospect and Z. M. Quimby of New York, June 16, 1844.
  • Spencer W. Mathews and Susan C. Heath, Feb. 10, 1854. [Susan C., dau. Simeon A. and Mary (Hinkley), PR63. Spencer Walcott Mathews and Susan Church Heath, PR64.]
  • Webster L. Mathews [widr., blacksmith] of Waldoboro and Susie A. Sides, Nov. 26, 1868.
  • William Mathews and Delia M. Mahoney of Lincolnville, Nov. 4, 1861.
MATTHEWS (also see Matheues, Matheus, Mathews)
  • Albert D. Matthews [int. Mathews] of Liberty and Tamzon W. Pitcher [int. Tamzen], Feb. 15, 1860. [Matthews of Liberty and Tamzen W. Pitcher, CR1. Matthews of Liberty and Tamzen W. Pitcher, Feb. 14, CO.R. Matthews of Liberty and Tamzen Pitcher, dau. Fisher A. and Eliza (Whittier), Pr162.]
  • Allen F. Matthews, 25, seaman, son John, seaman (b. Lincolnville), and Mary Jane (b. Hampden), and Sarah E. Tuttle, 22, dau. James [int. dec'd], laborer (b. Thomaston) and Abigail Tuttle McIntosh, (b. Monmouth, Kennebec Co.), June 30, 1864.
  • Amanda K. Matthews of Searsport and Albert M. Eames of Stockton Springs, Aug. 7, 1889.
  • Arthur D. Matthews, laborer, and Julia Ryan, wid., of Waldo, int. Oct. 20, 1869, "Cert. issued Oct. 25."
  • Betsey Matthews and Chandler Peavy, Apr. 10, 1811. [Betsy Mathews, CR2.]
  • Inez L. Matthews of Bangor and Mark P. Pendleton, Sept. 10, 1889, in Bangor.
  • Joseph Matthews 2d of Prospect and Margaret Durham, Oct. 31, 1822.
  • Sanford H. Matthews [int. Mathews] and Clarrie S. McDowell of Washington, May 29, 1858. [Matthews and Clarice S. McDowell of Washington, Co.R. Mathews and Clarrie S. McDowell, PR89.]
  • Stoddard Matthews of Prospect and Mary Ann M'Cluer [sic, Mary Ann McCleur], int. Feb. 11, 1825, "Cert. Feb. 25."
  • Carrie E. Maxey and William J. Price of Northport, Dec. 25, 1883.
  • Harvey Maxey and Maria Staples of Swanville, Sept. 22, 1842.
  • Huldah Maxfield and [int. Capt.] James Gammans, May 7, 1848. [James, son James Sr., PR117.]
  • Lydia J. Maxfield of Bangor and Naham Norris, int. Aug. 16, 1846, "Cert. Aug. 23."
  • Margarett Maxwell of Wolwich and Isaac Smith, int. Apr. 20, 1833, "Cert. issued May 4."
MAYHEW (also see Mahew)
  • Alfred Mayhew and Phoebe Nickerson of Waldo, int. July 26, 1832, "Cert. issued May 4, 1833."
  • Alluria Mayhew of Three Mile Square Plantation and William Royex of same, Nov. 1, 1816, in Hancock Co., Mass.
  • Diana Mayhew and Thomas Day of Plantation No. 5, Somerset Co. Jan. 18, 1827.
  • George E. Mayhew [int. F.] and Lydia Johnson of Waldo, Nov. 25, 1876.
  • Martha J. Mayhew and George W. Patterson, Feb. 9, 1852.
  • Sally Mayhew of Waldo Plantation and Samuel Coombs, Dec. 24, 1822.
  • Vinal Mayhew and Lydia Day of Waldo Plantation, Dec. 11, 1823.
  • William Mayhew Jr. and Almatia West, Feb. 18, 1830.
  • Ann B. (_____) [int. Ann B.] Mayo and Andrew Etheridge [int. Ethredge], Mar. 7, 1835.
  • Charles M. Mayo and Lettie A. Pace, int. Feb. 3, 1881, "Cert. issued Feb. 8." [m. Feb. 11, CR3.]
  • Clifton E. Mayo of Stockton and Helen M. Nason, Jan. 2, 1887. [Helen N., CR3.]
  • Eldorous Mayo (see Joseph E.)
  • Frank H. Mayo and Viola Redman, July 1, 1891.
  • Gideon Mayo of Orono and Martha A. Houston, int. Aug. 27, 1832, "Cert. issued Sept. 25."
  • Hattie L. Mayo and Charles E. Dunton, June 4, 1880.
  • Joseph E. Mayo and Cora E. Haskell [int. Hassell], Dec. 10, 1884. [Eldorous and Cora E. Hassell, dau. Rufus P. and Harriet (Parker), PR34.]
  • Lorenzo Mayo and Mary Jane McKenney, Oct. 7, 1859.
  • Rosilla F. Mayo, 18, dau. Alfred, farmer (b. Waldo) and Phoebe (b. N. H.), and Ezra W. Skinner, 23, machinist, of Biddeford, son Harris, farmer (b. Potton C. E.}, and Betsey A. (b. Kingsey, C. E.), Sept. 17, 1864.
  • Thomas Mayo and Harriet D. Grotton, Aug. 28, 1825.
  • Timothy Mayo of Monroe and Louisa Houston, Mar. 22, 1827.
  • Walter E. Mayo of Gloucester, Mass., and Daisy M. Ames, June 3, 1891.

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