Publishments, Marriages, Births
And Deaths
From The Earlier Records
Of Gorham, Maine

Compiled by Marquis F. King
Maine Genealogical Society
Portland, Maine

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


Intentions of Marriage from Books 1 and 2 Records of Gorham, Me.

The first publishment is that of Ebenezer Murch of Gorham, with Margaret Philips of Pepperelborough, Dec. 8, 1763, attested by Amos Whitney, town clerk. His successors in office appear to have been Wentworth Stuart in 1770, Amos Whitney, again in 1772, William Gorham in 1773, Caleb Chase in 1776, Austin Alden In 1778, and Josiah Alden in 1804, completing the second book. These records are plainly written and in fair condition. Our copy retains original spelling, but superfluous words are omitted; the residence of contracting parties when of Gorham is left out.

From the earliest town records of Gorham, Me. These will be followed with marriages, births and deaths from the same books. As these latter records are quite deficient, the compiler will be very thankful to those having last century records of any Gorham families to furnish them, also to note errors in these publications.

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