To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
at the charge of
The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Boston, Mass.


[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


ArvIla and John Pomeroy, Apr. 19, 1821.

William, coloured, and Abigail Robinson, coloured, Mar. 3, 1820.

William and Charlotte Higgins, Oct. , 1835.


Amos of Windsor, and Hannah Lee, int._____.


Sarah of Worcester, and Nahun Eager, int. May 30, 1711.


Damaris of Sheffield, and Eleazer Ring, Sept. 7, 1789.

John J. and Laura Tower,_____[rec. after Apr. 19, 1821].


David, 29, carpenter, s. John and Nancy, and Martha H. [dup. omits H.] Brown, 22, d. Alfred and Pollina, June 12, 1845. [Martha H., CR]

Otis and Susanna Granger, May 30, 2832. CR [Oct. 24,, PR8]


Abegil of Pembrock, and Elezar King, int._____.


William Jr. of Chesterfield, and Mrs. Lucinda Whitting of Chesterfield, Feb. 14, 1813.


Silence and Jonathan Cole of Windsor, Oct. 9, 1791.


Elizabeth and John Smith Jr. of Chester, June 14, 1804.

Harte and Joseph Burr, Jan. 7,1834. [Hearty and Joseph M. Burr, Feb. , CR]

James and Ruby Marsh, Feb. 12, 1807.
James, Capt., and Martha Bisbee, Mar. 10, 1842.

Louisa and Clement Burr, Sept. 21, 1826. [Sept. TO, 1827, PR7.]

Patty and Eliphalet Coleman of Chester, Oct. 24, 1803.


Anna and David P. Hadsall, Dec. 2, 1824. [Kelsa, and David P. Hadsall of Hancock, CR)


F. C. and Sophia L. Stone [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)], Jan. 6, 1840. PR20.


John [int. of " No. 5"] and Patience Kennon [int. Patience Goss of "No. 5" ], Apr. 25, 1773.

Patience [int. Patience Goss of "No. 5"] and John Kennon [int. of " No. 5"], Apr. 25, 1773.


Elezar and Abegil Josling of Pembrock, int._____.

Isaac of Chesterfield, and Lucinda Worthington, Nov. 20,1806.

Sarah and Horace Cole, May 9, 18201 in Brooklyn. PR6.


Alphonso and Sally Parsons, May 13, 1824.

Lucy W. and Jonathan Dawes, Sept. , 1836. [Jonathan] Jr., CR]

Sally and Bela Warner, Jan. 16, 1812.

Sally and Eli Benjamin, May 10, 1827. [Sally, wid., CR.]

Sophronia M. and Elisha H. Brewster, June 8, 1831.


Abner and Cynthia Cushing, May 2, 1813.

Desire and Abner Brown, Sept. 25, 1788.

Dorothy and Timothy Lyman of Murreyfield, int. May 26, 1769.

Hannah, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Thomas Holbert [int. of Chesterfield], Apr. 26, 1770.

Judith and Gershon Randel [int. Gershom Randle], Mar. 31, 1774.

Maria Cole and Horace Cole, Oct. I4, 1839. PR6.

Mary of Chesterfield, and Elijah Higgins of Chesterfield, Nov. 23, 1820.

Thomas and Mrs. Eunice Towgood of Providence, R.L, int. Feb. 27, 1775.


Jacob and Annis Burton, Oct. 27, 1803.

Maddison, 36, farmer, s. Jacob and Annis, and Mary E. Sherman, 20, d. George] and Betsey, Nov. 11, 1847. [Madison, CR]

Persis M. and Franklin Burr, June 20, 1844. PR7.


Betsey and Samuel Ayers, Apr. 19, 1829. [Samuel C. Ayer of Amherst, CR]


Laura W., 23, of Norwich, d. John and Sarah, and Horace Conves, 27, farmer, s. Elisha (Convers) and Lucy, Nov. 11, 1847. [Converse, CR]


Bessie and Oliver Everett, Feb. 5, 1845, in Dixon, Ill. PR12.


Benjamin and Mrs. Anna Danils, int. Nov. 25, 1771.


Hannah, and Amos James of Windsor, int._____.


John, Rev., of Peru, and Anna Parrish, wid., Apr. 1, 1822. [Ann, wid., CR]

LEONARD (also see Leonord)

Abigail and William Hatch, Dec. 28, 1820.

Amey, Mrs. [int. Amy, omits Mrs.] and Beriah Curtis, Nov. 15, 1770.

Betsey and William Williams, Nov. 19, 1809.

Branch and Sally Follet, Nov. 26, 1807.

Charles C., farmer, and Martha E. Moore, Mar. 4, 1847.

Eben Jr. and Betsey Burr, Jan. 27, 1811. CR

Electa, 21, d. Lonson and Flavia, and William L. Cowing, widr., 27, farmer, of Williamsburgh, s. Thomas and Patience, Mar. 22, 1849.

Elizabeth, wid., and Seth Porter of Cummington, May 22, 1821.

John [int. of Preston "Collony Conecticut and County of New Lond"] and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Sarah Pierce, Apr. 26, 1770.

Jonas and Eunice Herrick of Preston, May 31, 1781.

Lucy and Jarum Bates, Feb. 4, 1793.

Lydia and William Meader, Nov. 30, 1803.

Mercia and John W. Brown, Apr. 2, 1815. [Mar. 2, CR]

Olive and Joseph Starkwather, Jan. 30, 1805.
Robert B. and Abigail Sampson, Oct. 4, 1830. [Oct. 2, CR]

William F. and Mary S. C. Everett, Jan. 6, 1825.

LEONORD (also see Leonard)

Sally and Nahum Moore, Apr. 17, 1814. [Leonard, CR]


John G. Esq. and Ermine Starkweather, Oct. 26, 1829. [John G. of Ashby, and Ermina Starkweather, CR]


David (see David Ives).

LOOMIS (also see Loomiss)

Salmon of Hinsdale, and Mrs. Nancy P. Benjamin, Mar. 3, 1841.

LOOMISS (also see Loomis)

Nathaniel of Suffield, and Bethena Brunson, int._____.


Joshua of Cummington, and Sarah Tower, May 21, 1807.


Ambrose O. of Middlefield, and Eliza W. B. Turner, Nov. 28, 1839. CR

Eunice and John Boyd, Sept. 27, 1827. [John of Northampton, CR]

John W., 28, farmer, of Hinsdale, s. Alfred and Polly, and Amelia H. Shepard, 24, of Hinsdale, d. Narcissus, Apr. 5, 1849. [John M. of Hinsdale, and Amelia H. Shepherd of Hinsdale, CR]


Ahira of Northampton, and Theresa Lyman of Easthampton, Feb. 6, 1841, in Easthampton.

Daniel F., widr., 38, farmer, of Easthampton, and Almena Smith, 37, d. Rufus and Saloma, Oct. 7, 1847.

Henry B. of Vergennes, Vt., and Mary L. Wood, Aug. 4, 1825. CR

Nancy and James Benton, June 4, 1818. PR17.

Theresa of Easthampton, and Ahira Lyman of Northampton, Feb. 6, 1841, in Easthampton.

Timothy of Murreyfield, and Dorothy Kinne, int. May 26, 1769.

_____and Jane P. Watts, Dec. , 1837. [Lyman of Southampton, CR]


Talcot of Middlefield, and Lydia Randall, Mar. 4, 1805.

MAINARD (also see Maynard)

Mary of Montgomery, and Elias Monk, June 15, 1792.


Alvah B. and Jane M. White, Oct. 11, 1849 [? in Worthington]. PR1

Aurelia B. and Nathan C. Brewer, Apr. 5, 1837 [? in Worthington]. PR1

Eunice W., 24, d. Silas and Harriet, and Abner W. Witt, 29, farmer, of Easthampton, s. William and Bulah, Oct. 28, 1847.

Joseph B. and Jerutia Ann Morgan, June I1, 1846 [? in Worthington]. PR1

Lucy A., 20, d. Silas and Harriet, and William R. Searl, 25, carpenter, of Southampton, s. Samuel and Zeruah, June 22, 1848.

Mary and David P. Eno of Granby, Conn., Jan. 23, 1840.

Permelia and Jonathan Prentice, Apr. 5, 1837 [? in Worthington]. PR1

Sarah W., 26, d. Silas and Harriet, and Charles F. Moor, 29, farmer, s. John and Anna, Oct. 28, 1847. [Moore, Oct. 15, PR1]

Silas and Harriot Warner, Dec. 15, ISo8 [? in Worthington]. PR1


Daniel and Cloe Norton, May 30, 1787.

Job and Elisabeth Smith of Hadley, int._____.

Joseph and Zipporah Brewster, Sept. 28, 1780.

Ruby and James Kelly, Feb. 12, 1807.

Rufus and Polly Adams of Canterbury, Conn., int._____.

Thomas And Charlotte Huntington, Feb. 19, 1792.

Zipporah S. and Dr. Enoch Pierce, Dec. 5, 1816.


Ichabod of Cummington, and Brianthy Hunt, July 24, 1817.

Orra R. of Cummington, d.____of Cummington, and Ephraim Burton, farmer, June 3, 1845.


Mary A. of Norwich, and Theodore Drake, widr., cordwainer, Nov. 17, 1844. [Mary Ann, CR]

MAYNARD (also see Mainard)

Arnold and Lydia P. Rice, May 23, 1831. [Arnold of Pottsville, Pa., and Lydia G. Rice, CR]


James of Cummington, and Susanah Patridge, Jan. 14, 1790.


Andrew T. and Elizabeth Brewster, Aug. , 1835. [Andrew T. of Detroit, Mich., and Elizabeth M. Brewster, CR]


William and Lydia Leonard, Nov. 30, 1803.


Cyprain and Polly Rowe, May 31, 1798.

Cypian and Eunice Drewry, wid., Mar. 17 [1822]. [Cyprian Meach and Eunice Drury, wid., CR]


Reuben of Cumington, and Achsah Smith, Dec. 10, 1790


Hollowell of Wells, Vt., and Mehitabel Clemmons, Mar. 9, 1789.

METCALF (also see Mettcalf)

Eliphalet and Elmira Burr, Nov. 1, 1820.

Orpha and Epaphroditus Partridge, Nov. 2, 1820.

METTCALF (also see Metcalf)

Laura and Solomon Burton of Norwich, _____. [Metcalf, Oct. 17, 1816, CR]


Allexander, Lt., and Mrs. Roxey Tayler, int. Mar. 23, 1775.

Lydia of Granville, and David Ingraham, int._____.


Benjamin and Eliza Brewster, July 24, 1826. [Benjamin of Vandalia, Ill., CR]


Horrace of Peru, and Elizabeth Brown, July 15, 1823. [Horace Miner of Peru, and Elizabeth Bruce, CR]

MITCHEL (also see Mitchell)

William and Mary Ward, Aug. , 1776.

MITCHELL (also see Mitchel)

EIisha of Cummington, and Lucinda Brewster, Jan. 7, 1818. [Mitchel, CR]


Gidion [int. Gideon] and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Sarah Morse [int. Mors], May 30, 1769.


Elias and Mary Mainard of Montgomery, June 15, 1792.

Rachel and Edmond Pettingill Jr., Dec. 29, 1790.

MOOR (also see Moore, More)

Charles F., 29, farmer, s. John and Anna, and Sarah W. Marble, 26, d. Silas and Harriet, Oct. 28, 1847. [Moore, Oct. 15, PR1]

MOORE (also see Moor, More)

Alivia and Ezra P. Wilber, Mar. , 1835. [Wilbur, Mar. 12, CR)

Duandler F., iron founder, of Chesterfield, and Catharine E. Anable, d. ____ of Chesterfield, Nov. 28, 1844. [Catherine E., CR]

Lydia M., 20, d. Anna, and Gideon W. Rhodes, 20, merchant, of Chesterfield, s. Jacob and Sarah, May 17, 1848. [Rhoades, May 18, CR]

Maria E. and Albert G. Campbell, Sept. , 1836. [Albert G. of Chester, CR]

Martha E. and Charles C. Leonard, farmer, Mar. 4, 1847.

Nahum and Sally Leonord, Apr. 17, 1814 [Leonard, CR]

Nancy and Jonathan Burr, Jan. 3, 1815. [Moor, CR]

Sally, wid, and Azariah Parsons Jr., Sept. 13, 1818.

Sarah L., 22, and Charles W. Taylor, 24, farmer, of New Salem, May 21, 1845.

Sophia and Linus S. Everett, Sept. 18, 1816. [Sept. 19, CR]

MORE (also see Moor, Moore)

Harriet and Chester Annibal, Feb. 16, 1814. [Moor, CR]


Jerutia Ann and Joseph B. Marble, June 11, 1846 [? in Worthington]. PR1.


Harriet A. and Horace Ames Bartlett, Mar. 19, 1849, in Canaan, N.Y.

MORS (also see Morse)

Elisibeth, Mrs. [int. Elisabith Morse, omits Mrs.], and Josiah Fisk [int. of "the New plantation Called Number two"], Dec. 6, 1770.

MORSE (also see Mors)

Elijah and Mary Morse, Sept. 18, 1788. Mary and Elijah Morse, Sept. 18, 1788.

Nancy and Jesse Bussey of Windsor, Feb. 12, 1791.

Sarah, Mrs. [int. Mors, omits Mrs.], and Gideon [int. Gideon] Mixer, May 30, 1769.


Ruth of "No. 5," and Abram Dias of "No. 5," int. _____.


Waty Ann and William Cross, May 26, 1831, PR15

NIELLS (also see Niles)

Mary of Chesterfield, and William Roods, int._____.

NILES (also see Niells)

Benjamin and Nancy Cole, May 19, 1842.

Cinthia and Henry F. Deney, June , 1837. [Cynthia and Henry F. Dewey of Southampton, CR]

Eunice, 32, d. Peter and Rebecca [dup. Rebbecca], and David Blair, 28, farmer, of Chester, Oct 16, 1843 [dup. 1846, sic].

Hannak and Daniel Cole, Mar. 27, 1814.

Lewis and Charlotte Phelps, Mar. 16, 1807.

Mary and Ethan Barns, Apr. 24, 1837.

Stephen and Polly Daley, Nov. 9, 1788.


Cloe and Daniel Marsh, May 30, 1787.

PACKARD, Adam of Cumington, and Abigail Porter, Nov. 11, 1790.

Fordyce Cummington, and Catherine M. Stevens, Nov. 17, 1842. CR PR9.

Laura S. and La Fayette Stevens, Sept. zoo, 1826. PR9.


Susannah and Samuell Buck, Feb. 14, 1771.

PARISH (also see Parrish)

Betsey and Cyrus Richmond, Apr. 4, 1803.

Charles C. and Rosamond H. Pierce of Goshen, Dec. 16, 1841, in Goshen.

Dollouisa and James Bisbee, May 11, 1830. [Dellouisa, CR]

Eliphalet and Theodosia Brewster, May 24, 1809.

Eliphalet and Zipporah Brewster May 23, 1827. [Eliphalet of Bergen, CR]

Elvira and John H. Tinker, Oct. 18, 1840.

Gordon of Hinsdale, and Chloe Bates, Apr. 21, 1842. CR [Chloe G., PR8.]

Hannah and Silas Bartlet of Northampton, Feb. 17, 1787.

Hannah and Eliphalet Williams, Aug. 30, 1810. CR

Lora and John Stone Jr., Nov. 26, 1807.

Rosiel and Sally Burton, Feb. 13, 1812. [Rossel, CR]

S. Nelson and Louisa K. Burr, Oct. 18, 1840. [Louisa H., CR]

Sarah Ann W. and Elisha R. Searl, Mar. 22, 1832. [Elisha B., CR]

Shubal and Irene Bishop, June , 1836.

Shubel and Priscilla Cushing, Sept. 10, 1805.

Solyma and Rufas M. Wright, Nov. 27, 1828. [Rufus M. of Hinsdale, CR]

Spencer and Eunice Benjamin, Jan. 26, 1812. [Spencer, in 24th y., and Eunice Benjamin, in 24th y., PR16]

Spencer and Semantha Thompson, Mar. 26, 1839. PR16.


Hannah and John Webber, May 17, 1792.

PARRISH (also see Parish)

Anna, wid., and Rev. John Leland of Peru, Apr. 2, 1822. [Ann, wid., CR]

Elvira and Allen Cady of New Canaan, N.Y., Mar. 8, 1818. [Parish, CR]

Matilda and Daniel T. Hewitt, Sept. 12, 1822. [Parish, CR.] [Parish, and Daniel Tyler Hewitt, Sept. 13, PR23]

Nancy and Jonathan Benjamin, Dec. 4, 1817. [Parish, CR]

Sally and Joseph Bardwell, Oct. 5, 1815 [Parish, CR]

PARSONS (also see Persons)

Azariah and Lucretia Brewster, Dec. 31, 1815.

Azariah Jr. and Sally Moore, wid., Sept. 13, 1818.

Betsey and Elijah Drurey, Nov. 30, 1809. [Elizabeth and Elijah Drury, CR] [Elizabeth and Elijah Drury, Nov. 28, PR25]

Betsey and George Sherman, Jan. 5, 1826.

Elijah and Wealthy Sherman, Apr. 3, 1822.

Elizabeth (see Betsey).

Mary and John Wentworth of Hinsdale, Feb. 7, 1805.

Mary, 24, d. Maures and Amanda, and Jonathan H. Eager, 26, farmer, s. Nathaniel and Sybil, Jan. 18, 1848.

Phebe and Jabes Wilder of Chesterfield, June 30, 1809. [Jabez Wilber, CR]

Phebe and Andrew Brewster, Apr. 13, 1826.

Sally and Alphonso Kingman, May 13, 1824.

PARTRIDGE (also see Patridge)

Ebenezer L. and Lydia Taylor, Nov. 21, 1816. [Eben Leonard Partridge Jr., CR]

Epaphroditus and Orpha Metcalf, Nov. 2, 1820.

Eunice E. and Alanson Cushman of Southwick, Oct. 30, 1832. CR.

Hannah and L. Carter of Preston, Conn., June 25, 1804.


Eunice of Chesterfield, and Seth Gardner, int._____.

Nancy of Chesterfield, and John S. Taylor of Chester, Oct. 12, 1837.

Penelope of Chesterfield, and Joseph Ring, Dec. 7, 1780.

PATRIDGE (also see Partridge)

Susanah and James McKenney of Cumington, Jan. 14, 1790.


Erastus and Sarah Converse, Mar. 27, 1827. [Erastus of Chester, Mar. 28, CR]

John F. and Betsey H. Converse, Nov. , 1835. [Dec. 3, PR22.]

PEIRCE (also see Pierce)

William, Capt., of Firsdale, Berkshire Co., and _____Anibal, Aid., Aug. 20, 1807.


Darius M. and Delia B. Tinker, Max. 20, 1832. [Darius M. of Becket, CR]

Joel and Eunice Fuller, Jan. 14, 1790.


Alden [s. John and Amy (Bowen)] and Hannah C. Young, June 12, 1832 [? in Worthington]. PR5.

Charles Dexter [s. John and Amy (Bowen)] and Silince Young, June 1, 1841 [? in Worthington]. PR5.

John and Amy Bowen, Sept. 22, 1805 [? in Worthington]. PR5.

Samantha and John M. Bardwell of Whately, Oct. 21, 1834. [Semantha [ch. John and Amy (Bowen)] and John Morse Bardwell, Oct. 9, PR5]

PERSONS (also see Parsons)

Lois and Prentice Collins of Hinsdale, May 27, 1813. [Parsons, CR]


Dorcas and Oliver Cole of Chesterfield, Oct. 27, 1793.

Edmond Jr. and Rachel Monk, Dec. 29, 1790.

Josiah and Lydia Hawkins, Dec. 13, 1793.

Martha [int. Pettingil, adds Mrs.] and John Ford, Nov. 18, 1773.

Mehetabel and Jacob Townsend, int._____.

Polly and Benjamin Tanner, Mar. 31, 1791.

Sarah and Jeremiah Townsendof Easttown, N.Y., July 1,1792.


Charlotte and Lewis Niles, Mar. 16, 1807.

Mary and Dr. Lewis Nicholas Giguet, Jan. 1, 1790.


Hannah and Obadiah Tower, Oct. 30, 1817. [Phipps, CR]

Jeremiah and Patty Stone, Nov. 24, 1807.

Sally and James Bailey, Nov. 21, 1811.


Hannah (also see Hannah Phillips).

PIERCE (also see Peirce)

Electa F. of Peru, and Lyman Granger, May 16, 1840, in Peru. [Lyman G., CR] [Fidelia and Lyman Granger, May 6, PR8]

Enoch, Dr., and Zipporah S. Marsh, Dec. 5, 1816.

Rosamond H. of Goshen, and Charles C. Parish, Dec. 16, 1841, in Goshen.

Sarah, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and John Leonard [int. of Preston "Collony Conecticut and County of New Loud"], Apr. 26, 1770.


Cynthia and David Prentice, Apr. 12, 1820.


Cynthia and Job Cowing, June 1, 1826. [Job of Norwich, CR]

John and Arvila Jackson, Apr. 19, 1821.

Martha, 16, of Chesterfield, d. John and Sophia of Chesterfield, and Jonathan E. Sanderson, 23, machanic, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, Nov. 26, 1846.

Nancy and Samuel Ring, Apr. 2, 1805.

Rhoda and Elijah Higgins Jr. of Chesterfield, Jan. 1, 1812.


Akish and Mercey Dunbarr, Aug. 2, 1776.


Abigail and Adam Packard of Cumington, Nov. 11, 1700.

Alanson H. and Lydia A. Hall, Jan. 2, 1832. [Alanson H. of Williamstown, CR]

Daniel R., 27, farmer, s. Jacob and Hannah, and Dolly Ann Geer, 24, d. Luther, May 19, 1848. [June 1, CR]

Jacob and Hannah Burr, Feb. 7, 1816.

Olive and Moses Fisk of Chesterfield, Dec. 11, 1821.

Seth of Cummington, and Elizabeth Leonard, wid., May 22, 1821.


Catharine of "Number 5th" and John Gains of "Number 5th" int. Dec. 9,1771.

PRENTICE (also see Prentis)

Ama and Calvin Collins, Oct. 23, 1788.

Amy and William Warner, Mar. , 1838. [Mary, CR]

Betsey and James Elder of Chester, Dec. 7, 1807.

Betsey W. and Solomon Cushman, Nov. 1, 1824. [Cushing, CR]

David and Cynthia Pike, Apr. 12, 1820.

Eliza and Jonathan Brewster Jr., Apr. 28, 1842. CR

Ephraim and Susan Bisbe, Mar. 9, 1831. [Bisbee, CR]

Hannah and Thomas Wait, May 14, 1807.

Jonathon and Permelia Marble, Apr. 5, 1837 [? in Worthington]. PR1.

Leonard and Fanny Fanning, Dec. 22, 1825.

Mary (see Amy).

Phineas of Middlefield, and Eunice H. Cushman, Oct. 31, 1832. CR

Polly and Barney Higgins, Sept. 8, 1792.

Sarah and Benjamin T. Allen, Feb. 10,1831. [Benjamin T. of Suffield, Conn., CR]

Sarah E. and David Ives [dup. of N. Adams], May , 1838. [David Lois of Adams, CR]

William and Theody Williams, May 10, 1804.

PRENTIS (also see Prentice)

Harriet, 28, d. Jonathan and Charity, and James W. Smith, widr., 31, farmer, of Chester, s. John and Elizabath, May 13, 1846. [Prentice, CR]


Charles and Zilpah Procter, Dec. 16, 1830. CR

Zilpah and Charles Procter, Dec. 16, 1830. CR


Damaras and Samuel Ford, Aug. 26, 1773.

Mary and William Dowd, Nov. 16, 1788.

Rachel and Joseph Hendrick of New Townsend, int._____.


Lyman and Rebecca Burr, Feb. 13, 1822. [Rebekah, CR] [Rebecca A., Feb. 12, PR7.


John of Goshen, and Susannah Taylor, July z, 1517. [July 3, CR]

RANDALL (also see Randel)

Adaline and James Robinson, Nov. 21, 1827. [James of Cummington, CR]

Betsey and Zechariah Wilder of Northampton, Oct. 31 [1813]. [Randal, CR]

Epharhum and Coziah Drake, int. Aug. 21, 1778.

Jotham and Eunice Cushing, Nov. 26 [1823]. [Randal, CR]

Laura and Edmond M. Bartlett, Dcc. 6, 1821. [Randal, and Edmond M. Bartlett of Northampton, CR]

Lydia and Talcot Mack of Middlefield, Mar. 4, 1805.

Mercy and Jedediah Wilber Jr., Jan. 24, 1805.

Phebe and Nathan Scearl, Aug. 4, 1807.

Zebidee and Phebe Tillson, Nov. , 1834. [Zebedee of Cummington, and Phebe Tilson, CR]

RANDEL (also see Randall)

Gershon [int. Gershom Randle] and Judith Kinne, Mar. 31, 1774.


Samuel Jr. of Chesterfield, and Sally Bates, Mar. 7, 1805.


Reuben and Sally Shoals, Oct. 12, 1825. [Reuben of Plainfield, CR]

RHODES (also see Roads, Roods)

Gideon W., 20, merchant, of Chesterfield, s. Jacob and Sarah, and Lydia M. Moore, 20, d. Anna, May 17, 1848. [Rhoades, May I8, CR]


George M., 23, farmer, s. William and Wealthy, and Jane E. Burr, 22, d. Ames and Relief, Sept. 6, 1848. [Jane C., CR]

Lydia P. and Arnold Maynard, May 23, 1831. [Lydia G. and Arnold Maynard of Pottsville, Pa., CR]

Rebecca C. and Walter R. Bush of Albany, Apr. 24, 1838.

Wealthy Ann and John Wilson, M.D., of Albany, N.Y., May 20, 1841.


F. G., 25, iron founder, of Cummington, s. Gilbert and Susan, and Ernely E. Sherman, 17, d. George and Betsey, June 24, 1847. [Emily E., CR]


Cyrus and Betsey Parish, Apr. 4, 1803.


Eleazer and Damaris Johnson of Sheffield, Sept. 7,1789.

Elezar and Elisebeth Spalden, Jan. 22, 1774.

Elkanah Jr. and Eliza Cole of Chesterfield, Oct. 18, 1840.

Elkanah Jr., widr., toolmaker, and Betsey Burr, Nov. 30,1843.

Joseph and Penelope Patch of Chesterfield, Dec. 7, 1780.

Samuel and Nancy Pomeroy, Apr. 2, 1805.

Thomas and Lucretia B. Clark, Apr. -- 1837.


C. B. Esq. and Louisa Ward, Nov. 8, 1832. CR

ROADS (also see Rhodes, Roods)

Martha and Thomas Arms, Apr. 11, 1773.


Abigail, coloured, and William Jackson, coloured, Mar. 3, 1820.

Emily A., 22, d. Silas and Cynthia, and Franklin E. Burr, 25, farmer, of Blueker, N.Y., s. Ames and Relief, Oct. 11, 1849. [Franklin E. of Bleeker, N.Y., CR)

Howland J., 28, farmer, s. Josiah and Sophia, and Mary Jane Shartes, 20, Dec. 7, 1847. [Sharts, CR]

James and Adaline Randall, Nov. 21, 1827. [James of Cummington, CR]

Julia A., 23, d. Silas and Cinthia, and Erastus G. Allen, 21, farmer, of Windsor, s. Josiah and Sarah, Jan. 20, 1848.

Lucy and David Woods, int._____.


Joseph W. of Cummington, and Sophronia Dawes of Curnmington, Mar. 25, 1840, in Cummington. [Sophronia C., CR]

ROODS (also see Rhoades, Roads)

William and Mary Niells of Chesterfield, int._____.


Emeline H., 23, d. Selden and W. Irene of Middlefield, and Charles Coit, 23, farmer, s. John H. and Betsey, Nov. 26, 1846. [Emiline H., CR]

Sylvester of Rockdale, Pa., and Mercy Thomas, Oct. 5, 1824.


John of Peru, and Catherine Turner, May 14, 1840.


Asahel and Polly Hanchet, Mar. 28, 1787.

Polly and Cyprain Meech, May 31, 1798.

Polly and David Todd, Apr. 29, 1810.


Hiram, farmer, of Hoosick, N.Y., and Lucy A. Goldthwait of Dover, Vt., Aug. 30, 1846.

Timothy A., carpenter; of Chesterfield, s._____of Chesterfield, and Mercy L. Stearns, d._____of Chesterfield, Aug. 31, 1843.


Abigail and Robert B. Leonard, Oct. 4, 1830. [Oct. 2, CR]

Europhea of Chester, and Christopher Snow of Cummington, Mar. 9, 1842.

Fordyce and Abigail Clapp, Apr. 8, 1820 [Apr. 3, CR]


Sarah, Mrs., of Mendon, Worcester Co., and Samuel Beals of "No. 5," int. Aug. 20, 1774.


Alonzo and Sophia Drake, Nov. 25, 1834. [Alonzo S. and Sophia D. Drake, PR10]

Jonathan E., 23, machanic, s. Nathaniel and Betsey, and Martha Pomeroy, 16, of Chesterfield, d. John and Sophia of Chesterfield, Nov. 26, 1846.

Mary and Jotham Drake, farmer, Dec. 3, 1843.

SAUNDERS (see Sanders).

SAUNDERSON (see Sanderson).

SCEARL (also see Searl)

Nathan and Phebe Randall, Aug. 4,1807.


Sarah, 16, of New York City, and Lewis Cole, 22, farmer, s. Daniel S. and Hannah, Nov. 16, 1847.


Fanny and Joseph Coolley of Windsor, Apr. 6, 1815.

Mary and Socratus Frissel of Peru, June 1, 1814.

SEARL (also see Scearl)

Elisha R. and Sarah Ann W. Parish, Mar. 22, 1832. [Elisha B., CR]

Sarah and Ezra Chapman, Apr. 20, 1830. [Ezra of Windsor, CR]

William R., 25, carpenter, of Southampton, s. Samuel and Zeruah, and Lucy A. Marble, 20, d. Silas and Harriet, June 22, 1848.


Elisibith of Pelham, and John Buck, int. Dec. 25, 1772.


Jason and Martha E. Coit, Apr. , 1836. [Jason of Buffalo, N.Y., CR]

Noah and Patty Watt, July 23, 1789.


Henry B. and Mary L. Ward, Aug. 4, 1825.


Mary Jane, 20, and Howland J. Robinson, 28, farmer, s. Josiah and Sophia, Dec. 7, 1847. [Sharts, CR]


Amelia H., 24, of Hinsdale, d. Narcissus, and John W. Loveland, 28, farmer, of Hinsdale, s. Alfred and Polly, Apr. 5,1849. [Sheherd of Hinsdale, and John M. Loveland of Hindsale, CR]


Asa of Providence, R.I., and Sabra Burton, Apr. I2, 1792.

Catherine P. and Corn1 B. Stevens, Oct. 15, 1843. PR9

Emely E., 17, d. George and Betsey, and F. G. Richards, 25, iron founder, of Cummington, s. Gilbert and Susan, June 24, 1847. [Emily E., CR]

George and Betsey Parsons, Jan. 5, 1826.

Maria and Thomas Young, Apr. 23, 1829.

Mary and Christopher Brown, Nov. 26, 1829.

Mary E., 20, d. George and Betsey, and Maddison Knapp, 36, farmer, s. Jacob and Annis, Nov. II, 1847. [Madison, CR]

Sarah C. and Edward Bridgman of Westhampton, Jan. 14, 1840. [Edward C., CR]

Wealthy and Elijah Parsons, Apr. 3, 1822.


Sally and Reuben Remington, Oct. 12, 1825. [Reuben of Plainfield, CR]

SILVESTER (also see Sylvester)

Stephen [int. Sylvester of Chesterfield] and Lydia Garner, Mar. 17, 1774.


John and Delight Benjamin, Apr. I, 1773.


Amanda R. and Edmund S. Smith of Chester, Nov. 24, 1842. CR.

John of Middlefield, and Polly Herrick, May 12, 1814. [May 18, CR]

Sarah M. and Freeman Conran of Lanesboro, Feb. 23, 1843. CR


Achsah and Reuben Melvin of Cumington, Dec. 20, 1790.

Almena, 37, d. Rufus and Saloma, and Daniel F. Lyman, widr., 38, farmer, of Easthampton, Oct. 7, 1847.

Anna and Lemuel Fuller, Apr. 4, 1813.

Bethiah and Franklin Buck, farmer, of Chesterfield, s. of Chesterfield, June 8, 1843. [Bethia C., CR]

Edmund S. of Chester, and Amanda R. Slade, Nov. 24, 1842, CR.

Elisabeth of Hadley, and Job Marsh, int._____.

. George of Northampton, and Louisa Cole, Sept. 14, 1841.

James W., widr., 31, farmer, of Chester, s. John and Elizabath, and Harriet Prentis, 28, d. Jonathan and Charity, May 13, 1846. [Prentice, CR]

John Jr. of Chester, and Elizabeth Kelly, June 14, 1804.

John and Charlotte Cottrill, Nov. 5, 1817. [Cottrell, CR]

Joseph M., widr., farmer, of Cummington, and Orril R. Drake, Aug. 5, 1844. [Aug. 15, CR]

Paulina, 28, d. Rufus and Salome, and E. H. Coening, widr., 36, tailor, of Chicopee Falls, Nov. 6, 1847. [Ezra H., CR]

Persis and Luther Granger, June 6, 1833. PR8.

Sophronia and Ralph E. Blair, May , 1837. [Ralph E. of Clayton, N.Y., CR]

William and Zerviah Sturdifant, Oct. 28, 1776.


Christopher of Cummington, and Europhea Sampson of Chester, Mar. 9, 1842.


Mehitabel and Moses Warner, July 13, 1802.

SPALDEN (also see Spalding, Spaulding)

Elisebeth and Elezar Ring, Jan. 22, 1774.

SPALDING (also see Spalden, Spaulding)

Asa and Mary_____,Jul 29, 1779. PR19

Paulina ands Alfred Brown, Jan. 12, 18. PR19.

SPAULDING (also see Spalden, Spalding)

Harvey and Temperance Worthington, Feb. 12, 1807.


Roxana and Theodore Drake, Jan. 23, 1822.

Sarah and Aaron Stevens, Dec. 5, 1811. PR9.


Charity of Plainfield, and Williard Thompson of Plainfield, Mar. 10, 1807.


Nancy and James Hiscock, Dec. 2, 1813.


Charles and Persis Follett, July 7,184.4. [Charles of Pittsfield, and Persis Samantha Follett, CR]


John W. of Norwich, and Sally Brewster, Dec. 13, 1813.

STARKWATHER (also see Starkweather)

Anna and Jonathan Hascall, Mar. 11, 1790.

Joseph and Olive Leonard, Jan. 30, 1805.

Mary and Rev. Eber Clark, Sept. 8, 1812. [Starkweather, and Rev. Eber Clarke of Chatham, Conn., CR]

STARKWEATHER (also see Starkwather)

Deborah and Daniel Henshaw Esq. of Winchendon, Nov. 19, 1821.

Ermine and John G. Locke Esq., Oct. 26, 1829. [Ermina and John G. Locke of Ashby, CR]

Nancy and Ranslo Daniels, Dec. 14, 1822. [Ransloe, CRl]

William, Capt., and Mary S. Brown, Oct. 18, 1840.

br> Eli of S. Hadley, and Patty Webber, Dec. 29,1808.

Mercy L., d._____of Chesterfield, and Timothy A. Russell, carpenter, of Chesterfield, s. _____ of Chesterfield, Aug. 31, 1843.


Alvah, 26, farmer, of Chesterfield, s. Levi and Ema, and Electa C. Thayer, 18, of Chesterfield, d. Ansel and Electa D., May 24, 1849.

Johnson G. and Betsey S. Everett, Mar. , 1836.

STEPHENS (also see Stevens)

Hariett and Asa Cottrell, Nov. 30 [1815]. [Harriet Stevens and Asa Cottrell, CR]

STEVENS (also see Stephens)

Aaron and Sarah Spelman, Dec. 5, 1811. PR9.

Aaron Jr. and Sophia P. Stone, Mar. 17, 1842. PR9

Carrol (see Corril B.)

Catherine M. and Fordyce Packard of Cummington, Nov. 17, 1842. CR PR9.

Corril B. and Catherine P. Sherman, Oct. I5, 1843. PR9

La Fayette and Laura S. Packard, Sept. to, 1826. PR9.

Nathan S. and Sybil Cowing, Jan. 1, 1846. PR9

Sarah (see Sarah Scevens).


Spencer of Middlefield, and Rosilla J. Geer, Sept. 16, 1840. [Roslla G., CR]


Alfred P. [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)] and Anna Townsend, May 11, 1841. PR20.

Dwight [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)] and Olive Evans, May 25, 1841. PR20.

Elizabeth M. [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)] and John Field, Feb. , 1840 PR20.

Jane E., 18, d. Oren and Jane, and Israel A. Graves, 27, farmer, of Northampton, s. Israel and Fanny, Apr. 26, 1849.

Jesse and Keziah Benjamin, Jan. 1, 1818.

John Jr. and Lora Parish, Nov. 26, 1807.

Lucretia L. and Daniel Ward, Oct. --,1834. [Daniel of N.H., CR] [Lucretia L. [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)] and Daniel Ward, Oct. 8, PR20]

Nancy and Harvey Coit of Norwich, Dec. 4, 1816. [Hervey, CR]

Patty and Jeremiah Phillips, Nov. 24, 1807.

Sophia L. [ch.. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)] and F. C. Kelton, Jan. 6, 184o. PR20.

Sophia P. and Aaron Stevens Jr., Mar. 17, 1842. PR9.

Sophronia and Gurdon C. Coit, Oct. 8, 1828. [Gurdon C. of Macon, Ga., CR] [Sophrona [ch. John Tr. and Lora (Parish)] and Gurdin C. Coit, Oct. 9, PR20]


Zerviah and William Smith, Oct. 28, 1776.

SYLVESTER. (also see Silvester)

Mariam and Cyrus Childs, Dec. 12, 1813.

Seth W. and Lydia Webber, Nov. 19, 1789.


Benjamin and Polly Pettingill, Mar. 31, 1791.

TAYLER. (also see Taylor)

Roxey, Mrs., and Lt. Allexander Miller, int. Mar. 23, 1775.

TAYLOR (also see Tayler)

Abigail and Justin Hillman of Conway, Nov. 2, 1814.

Angeline B. of Norwich, and Joel Baker of Hawley, June 7, 1843, in Norwich. CR

Charles W., 24, farmer, of New Salem, and Sarah L. Moore, 22, May 21, 1845.

Edmund and Rowena Childs, Mar. 22, 1827. [Tayler, CR]

Electa and Rufus Taylor Jr.,_____[rec. between Nov. 2, 1814, and Jan. 3, 1815], CR]

John S. of Chester, and Nancy Patch of Chesterfield, Oct. 12, 1837.

Lydia and Ebenezer L. Partridge, Nov. 21, 1816. [Eben Leonard Partridge Jr., CR]

Rufus Jr. and Electa Taylor, _____[rec. between Nov. 2, 1814, and Jan. 3, 1815], CR]

Susannah and John Putney of Goshen, July 1,1817. [July 3, CR.]


Electa C., 18, of Chesterfield, d. Ansel and Electa D., and Alvah Stebbins, 26, farmer, of Chesterfield, s. Levi and Ema, May 24, 1849.

Mary and Edwin Everett, May 27, 1834, in Williamsburg. PR12


Betsy and Samuel Tower Jr., Nov. 26, 1789.

Lucy and Zenas H. Burt, Apr. 21, 1830. [Zenas H. of Pittsfield, CR]

Mercy and Sylvester Root of Rockdale, Pa., Oct. 5, 1824.

Sally and Elam Holcomb, May 13, 1829. [Elam of Windsor, CR]


Semantha and Spencer Parish, Mar. 26, 1839. PR16

Williard of Plainfield, and Charity Spencer of Plainfield, Mar. 10, 1807.

T1LLSON (also see Tilson)

Edmund W. and Mary Ann Cobb of Cummington, Dec. 8, 1840, in Cummington.

Phebe and Zebidee Randall, Nov. , 1834. [Tilson, and Zebedee Randall of Cummington, CR]

TILSON (Tillson)

Welcom of Halifax, and Leah Tower, Sept. 14, 1820.


Delia B. and Darius M. Perkins, Mar. 20, 1832. [Darius M. of Becket, CR]

John H. and Elvira Parish, Oct. 18, 1840.

Lydia and Justin Goodwell of Chester, June 7, 1816. [Lydia H. and Justus Goodwill of Chester, CR]

Minerva and Aaron Goodell, Nov. 30, 1826.


David and Polly Rowe, Apr. 29, 1810.

TOOGOOD (see Towgood).


Ira of Hinsdale, and Relief Buck of Chesterfield, Oct. 10, 1841.


Alden and Laura Everett, Dec..13, 1832, in Cummington. PR12.

Betsey and Tho[mals Hall, Aug. 24, 1813.

Calvin and Amanda Higgins, May , 1835 [Amanda M., CR]

Celemna and Hiram Bartlett, May , 1835. [Celemna of Cummington, CR]

Laura and John J. Johnson,_____[rec. after Apr. 19, 1821]

Leah and Welcom Tilson of Halifax, Sept. 14, 1820.

Lyman J. and Lucy Converse, Mar. 21, 1832.

Obadiah and Hannah Phillips, Oct. 30, 1817. [Phipps, CR]

Permelia and Tilson Bartlett, July 8, 1830. PR21.

Samuel Jr. and Betsy Thomas, Nov. 26, 1789.

Sarah and Joshua Lovel of Cummington, May 21, 1807.

William E. and Lucy M. Gilbert, Apr. , 1836.


Eunice, Mrs., of Providence, R.I., and Thomas Kinne, int. Feb. 27, 1775.


Anna and Alfred P. Stone [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)], May 11, 1841. PR20.

Jacob and Mehetabel Pettingill, int._____.

Jeremiah of Easttown, N.Y., and Sarah Pettingill, July 1, 1792.


Catherine and John Ross of Peru, May 14, 1840.

Chloe Ann, 27, d. John and Chloe, and John T. Goldthwait, 25, farmer, of Savoy, s. Calvin and Hannah, June 23, 1847

Eliza W. B. and Ambrose O. Loveland of Middlefield, Nov. 28, 1839. CR

Ruth and Cornelius Ellis of Becket, May 27, 1812.


Abner and Mercy Hall, Nov. 2, 1806.


Stephen S., 27, farmer, of Becket, s. Stephen and Rachel, and Mary E. Clark, 21, d. Joel and Eliza, Sept. 15, 1847.


Miriam and Luther Granger, Jan. 11, 1778 (? in Worthington]. PR8.

Thomas and Hannah Prentice, May 14, 1807.


Daniel and Lucretia L. Stone, Oct. --,1834. [Daniel of N.H., CR] [Daniel and Lucretia L. Stone [ch. John Jr. and Lora (Parish)], Oct. 8, PR20.

Louisa and C. B. Rising Esq., Nov. 8, 1832. CR.

Mary and William Mitchel, Aug. , 1776.

Mary L. and Henry B. Seymour, Aug. 4, 1825.

Nahum and Priscilla Herrick, Aug. 26, 1808.

Nancy and Ezra Herrick, Nov. 6, 1806.

William and Betsey Gove, Feb. 10, 1805.


Austin, 22, farmer, of S. Deerfield, s. of S. Deerfield, and Sarah W. Clapp, 35, d. Charles and Abigail, Nov. 27, 1844.


Bela and Sally Kingman, Jan. 16, 1812.

Curtis and Permelia Cushman, Nov. 2, 1824. [Curtis of Suffield, Conn., CR]

Fanny and Calvin Burr, Apr. 18, 1814.

Harriot and Silas Marble, Dec. 15, 1808 [? in Worthington]. PR1.

Milbar and Polly Watt, Apr. 2, 1792.

Moses and Mehitabel Sole, July 13, 1802.

Nabby and Nicholas Cotterill of Cummington, June 24, 1806.

William and Amy Prentice, Mar. --,1838. [Mary, CR]


Benjamin E. of Cummington, and Lydia Hall, Mar. 7, 1811. CR

WATT (also see Watts)

Fanny and Samuel Brewer of Wendell, July 3, 1808.

Huldah and William Coit, Mar. 16, 1806.

John Jr. and Philura Annable, Sept. 2, 1804.

Lucy and Moses Brewster, Dec. 5, 1793.

Patty and Noah Sexton, July 23, 1789

Polly and Milbar Warner, Apr. 2, 1792.

WATTS (also see Watt)

Jane P. and_____ Lyman, Dec. , 1837. [Lyman of Southampton, CR]


John and Hannah Park, May 17, 1792.

Lydia and Seth W. Sylvester, Nov. 19, 1789.

Patty and Eli Stearns of S. Hadley, Dec. 29, 1808.


Lydia and Joseph Duncan, Mar. 17, 1808.


John of Hinsdale, and Mary Parsons, Feb. 7, 1805.

WHEELAR (also see Wheeler)

Moses and Eunice Freeman, Feb. 1, 1787.

WHEELER (also see Wheelar)

Keturah and Capt. Stephen Clap, int._____.


Jane M. and Alvah B. Marble, Oct. z i, 1849 [? in Worthington]. PR1.

Lyman of Ludlow, and Anna Granger, Nov. 19, 1815.

WHITING (see Whitting).


William and Laura Anable, June 19, 1815. [Anabal, CR]


Lucinda, Mrs., of Chesterfield, and William Keen Jr. of Chesterfield, Feb. 14, 1815.


Harriet of Avon, N.Y., and Elisha R. Converse, Dec. 22, 1842. CR


Ezra P. and Alivia Moore, Mar. ,1835. [Wilbur, Mar. 12, CR]

Jabez (see Jabes Wilder).

Jedediah Jr. and Mercy Randall, Jan. 24, 1805.


Jabes of Chesterfield, and Phebe Parsons, June 30, 1809. [Jabez Wilber, CR]

Lot of Chesterfield, and Chloe M. Daniels, Jan. 19, 1820. [Lot Jr., CR]

Zechariah of Northampton, and Betsey Randall, Oct. 31, 1813. [Randal, CR]


Silence and John Fintin, Sept. 26, 1776.


Anna and Daniel Collins, Nov. 27, 1788.

Eliphalet and Hannah Parish, Aug. 30, 1810. CR

Theody and William Prentice, May 10, 1804.

William and Betsey Leonard, Nov. 19, 1809.

WILLIS (see Willes).


John, M.D., of Albany, N.Y., and Wealthy Ann Rice, May 20, 1841.


Milo and Martha A. Hatch, Mar. 14, 1843. CR


Abner W., 29, farmer, of Easthampton, s. William and Bulah, and Eunice W. Marble, 24, d. Silas and Harriet, Oct. 28, 1847.

WOOD (also see Woods)

Charles E. of Middlefield, and Mercey Goodrich, Sept. 30, 1840. [Mercy, CR]

Mary L. and Henry B. Lyman of Vergennes, Vt., Aug. 4, 1825. CR

Taber of Chesterfield, and Eliza Fuller, Mar. 10, 1824.


Lucy E. and Edmond S. Herrick of Albany, Aug. 6, 1820.


Daniel and Charity Wyburn, int._____.

WOODS (also see Wood)

David and Lucy Robinson, int._____.

WOODWARD (see Wooderd).


Elizabeth and William Dickinson of Hadley, Apr. 11, 1808.

Eunice and James Benjamin, int._____.

Lucinda and Isaac King of Chesterfield, Nov. 20, 1806.

Temperance and Harvey Spaulding, Feb. 12, 1807.


Elizabeth and Rufus Herrick, Nov. 10, 1801 [sic, ? 1831]. [Nov. 10, 1831, CR]

Rufas M. and Solyma Parish, Nov. 27, 1828. [Rufus M. of Hinsdale, CR]

WYBOURN (also see Wyburn)

James and Mrs. Lydia Hotton, int. Jan. 20, 1775.

WYBURN (also see Wybourn)

Charity and Daniel Wooderd, int._____.


Hannah C. and Alden Perry [s. John and Amy (Bowen)], June 12, 1832 [? in Worthington]. PR5.

Silince and Charles Dexter Perry [s. John and Amy (Bowen)], June 1, 1841 [? in Worthington]. PR5

Thomas and Maria Sherman, Apr. 23, 1829.


_____, Betsy and Andrew Everett, Feb. 7, 1803. PR12.

_____, Desier and Nathaniel Ayer, Dec. g, 1756.

_____, Mary and Asa Spalding, July 29, 1779. PR19.

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