FROM 1640 TO 1873.

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

  • Sarah S. Hackett and Edward E. Thompson, both of Woburn, at South Hadley, Sept. 9, 1848.
  • Patrick Hade and Catharine Marrow, both of Woburn, Nov. 1, 1871.
  • Samuel Hadley of Stoneham and Abigail Richardson of Woburn, at Stoneham, March 2, 1739.
  • Willis Hadley of Stoneham and Abigail Hadley of Woburn, Sept. 8, 1791.
  • Abigail Hadley of Woburn and Willis Hadley of Stoneham, Sept. 8, 1791.
  • Else Hadley and James Parsons, both of Malden, Jan. 26, 1794.
  • David Hadley, Jr., and Sarah Fisher, both of Woburn, at Charlestown, March 10, 1797.
  • Daniel Hadley of Woburn and Lois Holden of Stoneham, at Stoneham, Nov. 16, 1797.
  • Ebenezer Hadley of Medford and Sally Hadley of Woburn, June 20, 1806.
  • Sally Hadley of Woburn and Ebenezer Hadley of Medford, June 20, 1806.
  • Mr. Willis Hadley of Woburn and Miss Abigail Pierce of Boston, Nov. 28, 1816.
  • Mr. Daniel Hadley, Jr., and Miss Sally Hadley, both of Woburn, Sept. 21, 1820.
  • Miss Sally Hadley and Mr. Daniel Hadley, Jr., both of Woburn, Sept. 21, 1820.
  • Mr. Gamaliel J. Hadley and Miss Martha F. Knight, both of Woburn, Nov. 8, 1820.
  • Miss Elizabeth Hadley and Mr. Zadock Wyman, Jr., both of Woburn, Dec. 24, 1826.
  • Reuben Hadley and Sarah Challis, both of Woburn. March 24, 1828.
  • Stephen Hadley of Woburn and Anna Clifton of Lexington, at Lexington, Nov. 7, 1837.
  • Cyrus Hadley and Harriet Wyman, both of Woburn, Sept. 4, 1844.
  • Cyrus Hadley and Nancy Tarbox, both of Woburn, at Norwich, Vt., Sept. 14, 1846.
  • Amos Hadley and Nancy J. Raymond, both of Woburn. Jan. 15, 1851.
  • Margaret Hadley and Alonzo Andrews, both of Stoneham, Jan. 1, 1856.
  • Alonzo S. Hadley and Rachel G. Goldsmith, both of Woburn, Feb. 13, 1861.
  • Ephraim W. Hadley and Dorinda Stone, both of Woburn, Oct. 20, 1861.
  • Emma Hadley and James Rice, both of Woburn, May 18, 1870.
  • Ellen Haggerty and Daniel McMahon, both of Woburn, Sept. 5, 1857.
  • Mary Haggerty and Neal Doary, both of Woburn, June 9, 1859.
  • Patrick Haggerty and Rosa Canney, both of Woburn. Nov. 1, 1863.
  • John Haggerty and Mary Ann McGee, both of Woburn, May 20, 1865.
  • Pauline S. Haggett, of Norridgewock, Me., and Charles H. Day of Woburn, Aug. 4, 1867.
  • Jonas Hale and Sally Fowle, both of Woburn, Sept. 17, 1806.
  • Sarah F. Hale of Woburn and Mr. Benjamin F. Swanton of Lexington, July 15, 1829.
  • Miss Mary Ann Hale of Woburn and Mr. William J. Niles of Boston, Nov. 19, 1829.
  • Jonas Hale and Abigail Winn, at Burlington, May ,1832.
  • John W. Hale of Lynn and Sarah J. Plummer of Woburn, March 23, 1856.
  • Mary E. Hale and John A. Taylor, both of Wilmington, Nov. 12, 1863.
  • Mary B. Hale and Charles Wendall Macy, both of Woburn, Aug. 30, 1865.
  • Angie Hale and Eleazer W. Davis, both of Wilmington, Nov. 1, 1866.
HALL (See note under Henshaw)
  • Percival Hall and Jane Willis, Feb. 2, 1696.
  • Stephen Hall and Elizabeth Willis, Oct. 18, 1697.
  • Mehetabel Hall of Tewksbury and Josiah Coburn of Dracut, May 5, 1737.
  • Elisabeth [Hall] of Bedford and James Simonds [3rd,] of Woburn at Lexington, June 30, 1763.
  • Josiah Hall of Cambridge and Elizabeth Cummings of Woburn, Aug. 31, 1773.
  • Mr. Isaac Hall of West Cambridge and Miss Hannah Kendall of Woburn, May 22, 1826.
  • Charles Hall and Adeline A. Cutter, both of Woburn, Sept. 4, 1845.
  • Orlando P. Hall and Juliette A. Smith, both of Keene, N. H., Jan. 13, 1857.
  • Martin Hall and Mary Murray, both of Woburn, Aug. 15, 1857.
  • Melvin Hall of Ashland and Roxanna Bowl of Woburn, Sept. 14, 1858.
  • Abiathar M. Hall of Woburn and Mary Washburn of Weston, June 2, 1859.
  • Harriet E. Hall and George H. Harris, both of Woburn, Sept. 18, 1859.
  • George A. Hall and Mary U. Bates, both of Woburn, Nov. 6, 1865.
  • Annie M. Hall and Walter B. Berry, both of Woburn, Mar. 15, 1866.
  • Alicia Hall and Samuel E. Wyman, both of Woburn, Dec. 18, 1867.
  • Patrick Halloran and Bridget Sheehan, both of Woburn, Dec, 30, 1865.
  • Ann Halpin and Peter Finn, both of Woburn, July 5, 1858.
  • James Ham and Martha Buckman, both of Woburn, Dec. 8, 1849.
  • Benjamin F. Ham and Sarah R. Wise, both of Boston, Aug. 2, 1856.
  • Mark Ham and Maria R. Page, both of Woburn, Sept. 14, 1860.
  • William Hamblet and Rebecca Butters, both of Woburn, Dec. 8, 1720. (See note under Farley. In April, 1680, Jacob Hamlet and his wire Mary, relict widow of Abram Jaquith petition the court for administration on his estate.---Middlesex County Court Vol. Ill., page 312.
  • John Hamblet of Nottingham and Phebe Baldwin of Woburn, Oct. 29, 1735.
  • Rebecca Hamblet of Wilmington and Joshua Simonds of Woburn, at Wilmington, Aug. 27, 1746.
  • Miss Rebecca C. Hamilton and Mr. Alpheus Merriam, both of Woburn, July 12, 1835.
  • Elizabeth B. Hamilton and John J. Pearsons, both of Burlington, Aug. 10, 1843.
  • William M. Hamilton and Jane H. Richards, both of Franklin, Sept. 25, 1850.
  • Ellen Hamilton and Patrick McGowan, both of Woburn, Nov. 10, 1866.
  • John R. Hamilton of Woburn and Mary M. Fisk of Lexington, Mar. 16, 1872.
  • Joseph Hamlet and Susanna Cutler, both of Woburn, at Charlestown, April 14, 1707.
  • Catharine Hammel of Lynn and Edward Foley of Woburn, Aug. 6, 1871.
  • Joseph W. Hammond and Elizabeth P. Smith, both of Woburn, Aug. 20, 1851.
  • Elizabeth Hancock of Cambridge and Benjamin Wyman of Woburn, at Cambridge, Jan. 20, 1702.
  • Hannah Hancock of Stoneham and Hezekiah Richardson of Woburn, at Stoneham, --, 1759.
  • Susan J. Handen and William Emery, both of Woburn. May 1, 1851.
  • Frances R. Handen and William Emery, both of Woburn, Feb. 2, 1854.
  • Emma I. Handy of Dedham and Charles L. Lyman of Woburn, June 11, 1867.
  • Annie Hanley and William Porter, both of Burlington, Jan. 20, 1872.
  • Bridget Hanna and Edward Doherty, both of Woburn, Jan. 16, 1858.
  • Henrietta Hanson of Woburn and Enoch Holt of Lowell, Dec. 16, 1827.
  • Phineas C. Hanson and Helen L. Weston, both of Woburn, April 26, 1860.
  • Marquis A. Hanson of Stoneham and Catharine Buckman of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1861.
  • Sarah B. Hanson of So. Danvers and Josiah Parker, 2nd, of Woburn, Nov. 17, 1864.
  • George W. Hanson and Frances S. Buckman, both of Woburn, Nov. 28, 1866.
  • James I. Hanson of Woburn and Helen C. Adams of Uxbridge, July 14. 1869.
  • Marquis A. Hanson and Julia A. G. Richardson, both of Woburn, Mar. 5, 1871. Joseph Hanson of Stoneham and Sarah A. Morrison of Woburn, July 19, 1871.
  • Milicent Hardy and Richard Penhallow, both of Woburn, at Boston, Mar. 4, 1760.
  • Asher Hardy of Woburn and Sarah Foster of Boxford, at Boxford, July 18, 1782.
  • Martha Hardy of Medford and Nathaniel Pierce of Woburn, at Medford, Feb. 4, 1810.
  • Miss Eliza R. Hardy of Woburn and Mr. George Clough of Lowell, Oct. 16, 1840.
  • William Hardy of East Cambridge and Susan W. Robinson of Woburn, Nov. 19, 1845.
  • Mary Harkins and Terence McGowan, both of Woburn, Jan. 16, 1865.
  • Margery Harkins and Michael Shields, both of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1868.
  • William Harkins and Margery Doherty, both of Woburn, Dec. 24, 1868.
  • Michael Harkins and Nancy McIntire, both of Woburn, Sept. 2, 1870.
  • Edward Harkins and Ann Doherty, both of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1871.
  • Daniel Harkins and Bridget Hillary, both of Woburn, Feb. 10, 1872.
  • Hannah Harnden of Reading and Stephen Wright of Woburn, at Reading, Jan. 21, 1713.
  • Benjamin Harnden and Joanna Dale of Woburn, July 17, 1722.
  • John Harnden of Reading and Mary Jaquith of Woburn, at Reading, Dec. 13, 1727.
  • Miss Janet Harnden of Reading and Mr. Preston Richardson of Woburn, April 26, 1837.
  • Elizabeth Harrington of Waltham and Isaac Gleason, June 26, 1740.
  • Thaddeus Harrington of Lexington and Lydia [Phebe, County Record] Porter of Woburn, at Lexington, Sept. 20, 1764.
  • Mary Harrington of Lexington and Newhall Reed of Woburn, at Lexington, Oct. 16, 1777.
  • Betty Harrington of Lexington and James Bruce of Woburn, at Lexington, June 15, 1797.
  • Miss Dorcas Harrington of Woburn and Mr. Joshua Paine Frothingham of Charlestown, June 10, 1813.
  • Elizabeth Harrington of Woburn and William Chandler of Lexington, at Lexington, Oct. 17, 1813.
  • Moses Harrington Jr. (?), and Esther Gloyd (?), both of Lexington, May 4, 1817.
  • Betsey Harrington and Emery Gaffield, both of Burlington, at Burlington, May 4. 1823.
  • Franklin M. Harrington of Lexington and Susan Wiley of Ashby, June 2, 1847.
  • Edward Harrington of Charlestown and Margaret J. Holland of Winchester, July 16, 1867.
  • Joseph Harris of Concord and Sarah Snow of Woburn, April 8, 1724.
  • Hannah E. Harris and John K. Pearson, both of Woburn, Oct. 5, 1851.
  • George H. Harris and Harriet E. Hall, both of Woburn, Sept. 18, 1859.
  • James W. Harris of Woburn and Anna F. Pattee of Foxborough, Oct. 25, 1860.
  • William H. Harris and Susan A. McCarthy, both of Woburn, April 4, 1867.
  • Mary C. Harris and Joseph W. Garfield, both of Woburn, April 19, 1869.
  • Otis S. Harris and Lucy Jane Skinner, both of Woburn, Nov. 16, 1870.
  • Charles J. Harrison and Alcesta Onion, both of Woburn, June 11, 1848.
  • Mary A. Harrison of Woburn and William Nolan of Boston, May 22, 1872.
  • Adam Hart of Reading and Abigail Dale of Woburn. Sept. 29, 1725.
  • Miss Lavinia Hart of Woburn and Mr. John B. Kendall of Tewksbury, May 2, 1839.
  • Miss Mary Hart of Woburn and Mr. Stephen A. Coburn of Lowell, Jan. 19, 1843.
  • Sylvania Hart of Woburn and John Wood of Burlington, Dec. 26, 1847.
  • James R. Hart of Woburn and Mary Champney of Boston, Sept. 28, 1853.
  • Orlando J. Hart and Abby DeMerritt, both of Woburn, April 10, 1863.
  • Charles W. Hart and Kittie Ashland, both of Woburn, Sept. 8, 1866.
  • Catharine Hart and Terence Carroll, both of Woburn, July 18, 1866.
  • Charles C. Hart of Woburn and Philena G. Richardson of Stoneham, April 12, 1868.
  • Daniel Hartford, Jr., and Alcina Shedd, both of Billerica, Jan. 29, 1860.
  • James Hartshorne, Jr., of Reading and Abigail Coggin of Woburn, July 26, 1803.
  • Abby A. Hartshorne and J. Frederick Leslie, both of Woburn, April 6, 1870.
  • Joseph Hartwell and Ruhamah Cutter, Feb.1, 1706.
  • Joseph Hartwell and Hannah Reed, both of Woburn, at Concord, Sept. 21, 1738.
  • Abigail Hartwell of Charlestown and Samuel Wyman of Woburn, at Charlestown. Dec. 30, 1742.
  • Tabitha Hartwell and Judah Wright, both of Bedford, at Lexington, May 14, 1767.
  • Ruth Hartwell of Bedford and Daze Skelton of Woburn, June 19, 1770.
  • Elizabeth Hartwell of Bedford and Robert Reed of Woburn, at Lexington, March 2, 1771.
  • Jemima Hartwell of Bedford and Ebenezer Cummings of Woburn, at Bedford, June 22, 1774.
  • Hannah C. Hartwell and Edward Carroll, both of Woburn, May 6, 1843.
  • Frederick A. Hartwell and Lavinia A. Nichols, both of Woburn, Nov. 23, 1865.
  • Sarah Harty and Timothy Martin, both of Wilmington, Nov. 12, 1859.
  • Ann Harvey and William Cosgrove, both of Winchester, Sept. 12, 1857.
  • Mary Harwood and Thomas Powers, both of Concord, Oct. 28, 1702.
  • Nancy Harwood of Mt. Vernon, N. H., and Edward Fowle of Woburn, March 8, 1865.
  • Elizabeth Hassell and Joseph Wright, Nov. 1, 1661.
  • Elizabeth G. Hastings of Woburn and Moses S. Judkins of Castine, March 6, 1808.
  • Miss Frances M. Hastings and Mr. Thomas Gibson, both of Woburn, March 28, 1815.
  • Harriet Hastings of Woburn and Joseph Young of Cambridge, Feb. 27, 1855.
  • Mary G. Hastings and John Gilnes, both of Woburn, Dec. 6, 1855.
  • Mr. Daniel P. Hatch of Woburn and Miss Sally D. Richardson of Charlestown, April 7, 1835.
  • Mr. Alvah Hatch and Miss Mary Cutter, both of Woburn, July 27, 1835.
  • Mr. Horace Hatch and Miss Esther W. Thompson, both of Woburn, Oct. 12, 1841.
  • Mr. Nason M. Hatch and Miss Maria J. Thompson, both of Woburn, May 5, 1842.
  • Alvah Hatch and Lucinda Walton, both of Charlestown, Aug. 30, 1845.
  • Sarah Abby Hatch and John Francis Simonds, both of Woburn, Nov. 24, 1864.
  • James I. Hatch of Peabody and Ella B. Kilbourn of Woburn, Sept. 5, 1870.
  • Aaron K. Hathaway of Woburn and Mary A. Holmes of Newburyport, at Newburyport, Aug. 30, 1836.
  • William Hathorne and Abigail Cutler, both of Charlestown, Dec. 23, 1700.
  • Mr. Samuel Hathorne of Wilmington and Grace Walker of Woburn, Feb. 11, 1741.
  • Jonas Haven and Sally Wilson, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Aug. 9, 1801.
  • Jonas Haven and Mary Tay, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Sept. 26, 1820.
  • Jonas Haven and Abigail Simonds, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Dec. 5, 1822.
  • Sarah W. Haven of Burlington and Ebenezer Cummings of Woburn, Oct. 17, 1847.
  • Timothy W. Haven and Laura A. Tibbetts both of Burlington, April 22, 1857.
  • Robert Hawks of Woburn and Margaret Graham of Winchester, July 2, 1872.
  • Caroline A. Hawkins and Sereno B. Pratt, both of Woburn, April 24, 1860.
  • Peter Hay of Stoneham and Mary Brooks of Woburn, Jan. 15, 1734.
  • John Hay of Woburn and Sarah King of Danvers, at Danvers, May 6, 1762.
  • Mrs. Dorcas Hay and Mr. Jonathan Green, Jr., both of Stoneham, by Josiah Johnson, Esq., May 9, 1769. (County Record)
  • Peter C. Hay of Stoneham and Ann Allen of Woburn, June 12, 1850.
  • Mary Hayden of Woburn and Nathaniel Evans of Reading, March 12, 1771.
  • John H. Hayden and Nancy Gage, both of Woburn, May 30, 1847.
  • Edward D. Hayden and Marcia A. Winn, both of Woburn, Feb. 9, 1860.
  • Albert J. Hayden of Lawrence and Fannie H. Ellis of Woburn, May 25, 1865.
  • Timothy Hayes and Ellen O'Connor, both of Woburn, Feb. 4, 1858.
  • Susan Hayes and Charles Kearns, both of Woburn, Feb. 26, 1865.
  • Charles Hayes of Woburn and Mary A. White of Framingham, June 30, 1865.
  • Clara G. Hayes of Woburn and James R. Grove of Trenton, N. Y., March 7, 1872.
  • Miss Margaret G. Haynes and Mr. Henry H. Flanders, both of Lowell, May 2, 1839.
  • Judith Hayward and William Simonds, Jan. 18, 1644. [March 18, 1643, County Record.]
  • Sarah Hayward and Samuel Richardson, Sept. 8, 1680.
  • Persis Hayward and Jacob Kendall, Jan. 2, 1683.
  • John Hayward of Concord and Sarah Blodgett of Woburn, Jan. 7, 1687. (County Record.)
  • Abigail Hayward and William Locke, June 8, 1698.
  • Mr. Jonathan Hayward and Mrs. Ruth Burbeen, Feb. 4, 1735.
  • Nathaniel Hayward and Sarah Wyman, both of Woburn, May 14, 1747.
  • Jonathan Hayward [Harwood] of Chelmsford and Judith Reed of Woburn, May 2, 1759.
  • Nathaniel Hayward of Woburn and Amy Richardson of Billerica, July 12, 1764.
  • Prudence Hayward and Henry Reed, both of Woburn, Sept. 22, 1768.
  • Bathsheba Hayward and Luther Simonds, both of Woburn, Feb. 28, 1775.
  • James Hayward of Malden and Elisabeth Thompson of Woburn, Nov. 19, 1795. (Ruth. Marriage Intention.)
  • H. Porter Hayward and Frances A. Young, both of Stoneham, June 26, 1864.
  • Hiram R. Hazeltine of Pomeroy, Ohio, and Catharine J. McDonald of Woburn, Jan. 25, 1869.
  • Mr. Peter Hazelton of Dracut and Miss Hannah Smith of Woburn, Sept. 6, 1812.
  • Mr. Benjamin Headley and Lucy Dean, both of Woburn, Sept. 19, 1782.
  • Charlotte Heald of Lowell and Warren Emerson of Woburn, May 1, 1860.
  • George H. Healey and Nellie McCarthy, both of Woburn, Oct. 10, 1866.
  • John Hearan and Catharine McGee, both of Woburn, Sept. 16, 1866.
  • Mr. James Heath and Sally (Johnson) Gloyd, both of Woburn, Dec. 31, 1795. (Precinct Church Record.)
  • Belle Heckbert and John Doherty, both of Woburn, April 2, 1872.
  • Matthew Heleston and Jane Becket, both of Woburn, Dec. 25, 1851.
  • Isabel I. Hemmenway and Willard Edmunds, both of Malden, Nov. 14, 1847. (See entry under Edmunds where the name is spelled as it appears on the records.)
  • Ann Henchy and Philip Byrne, both of Woburn, July 24. 1859.
  • William Henderson of Lunenburg and Sarah Smith of Wobur, March 13, 1740.
  • Mary Jane Henderson and Colin Sutheland, both of Woburn, Oct. 13, 1870.
  • John Hennessy [of Billerica (?)] and Sarah Proctor [of Woburn (?)], at Billerica, April 2, 1784.
  • Nora A. Hennessy and Patrick W. Kinney, both of Woburn, April 28, 1870.
  • James Henney of Johnson, R. I., and Ann Doherty of Woburn, Sept. 1, 1862.
  • Ellen Hennigan and Thomas Madden, both of Woburn, May 22, 1864.
  • Hannah Hennigan and James Mahoney, both of Woburn, Dec. 3, 1868.
  • Thomas Henshaw and Hannah Cleveland, Sept. 24, 1677. (In April, 1672, "Thomas Henshaw and Thomas Hall, singlemen of Woburn, being convicted of living from under family government, contrary to law, are ordered forthwith to submit themselves to family government as the law directs, and to appear at next Court & bring with them certificate thereof. Middlesex County Cort Records, VOL II., page 24.)
  • Elizabeth Henshaw of Charlestown and John Mansur, June 3, 1701.
  • Hannah Henshaw and Thomas Lepingwell, both of Woburn, at Charlestown, May 28, 1706.
  • Thomas Henshaw and Mary Brooks, May 26, 1712.
  • William Henshaw and Priscilla Reed, March 8, 1739.
  • Thomas A. Henshaw and Susanna Clemson, both of Woburn, Oct. 8, 1857.
  • Chloe Herrington of Lexington and Mr. David Cummings of Woburn, April 16, 1795.
  • Eliza A. Hetherington of Lawrence and William H. Lee of Marlborough, Sept. 10, 1867.
  • Mary Hickey and Bernard Cordell, both of Woburn, Aug. 16, 1862.
  • Michael Hickey and Mary Duncan, both of Woburn, Jan. 16, 1866.
  • Elizabeth Hickey and Michael Lowe, both of Woburn, April 19, 1868.
  • Sarah Hickey and John McGarthy, both of Woburn, April 8, 1869.
  • James Hickey and Mary A. Kelley, both of Woburn, June 25, 1871.
  • James W. Higgins of Crawford, N. J,, and Adelia J. Littlefield of Woburn, Feb. 17, 1869.
  • Isaac Hildreth and Elizabeth Wilson of Woburn, at Chelmsford, Nov.12, 1685.
HILL (See also HILS) (In 1657, Woburn was presented by Ralph Hill for want of a pound and for not sufficient repairing of a Bridge called blind bridge. Middlesex County Records, Vol. I.)
  • Elizabeth Hill of Billerica and Timothy Baldwin of Woburn, June 2, 1687.
  • Isaac Hill of Woodstock and Sarah Wright of Woburn, at Medford, May 20, 1719.
  • Nathaniel Hill of Cambridge and Martha Paine of Woburn. June 25, 1723.
  • Sarah Hill and Thomas Belknap, both of Woburn. Dec. 14, 1727.
  • Widow Rebecca Hill [of Cambridge] and Capt. Samuel Carter [of Woburn], at Cambridge, Dec. 11, 1770.
  • Amos Hill and Sarah Wyman, both of Woburn. Jan. 17, 1807.
  • Amos Hill of Nottingham West (N. H.,) and Lucy Locke of Lexington, at Burlington, Dec. 27, 1807.
  • James Hill of Stoneham and Nancy Symmes of Woburn, March 28, 1811.
  • Miss Abigail E. Hill and Mr. Josiah Wood, both of Woburn, May 5, 1824.
  • Mr. Nathaniel Hill, Jr., and Miss Electa P. Buckman, both of Woburn, April 26, 1836.
  • Miss Nancy Hill and Mr. Jonas Wood, both of Woburn, Nov. 30, 1837.
  • Mr. Jotham Hill and Miss Lucy F. Locke, both of Woburn, May 26, 1841.
  • Mary Hill and Alpha E. Thompson, both of Woburn, Feb. 27, 1844.
  • Samuel Hill and Martha M. Wyman, both of Woburn, Oct. 23, 1849.
  • Henry S. Hill of New York and Kate E. Parker of Woburn, Jan. 23, 1854.
  • Alexander Hill and Mary Ryan, both of Woburn, Dec. 31, 1859.
  • Alfred G. Hill of Saugus and Mary G. Wiley of Stoneham, June 23, 1861
  • Jotham F. Hill and Agnes E. Allen, both of Woburn, June 7, 1869.
  • Henry A. Hill and Ella M. Boutelle, both of Stoneham, April 23, 1871.
  • Waldo Hill and Mariette Quimby, both of Woburn, Dec. 23, 1872.
  • Bridget Hillary and Daniel Harkins, both of Woburn, Feb.10, 1872.
  • Ebenezer Hils and Sarah Converse, Jan. 14, 1697.
  • Nancy Hilton of Dorchester and Mr. William Fowle, Jr., of Woburn, April 6, 1817. (See entry and note under Fowles.)
  • Miss Lucy Ann Hinckley of Woburn and Mr. Prentice S. Barnard of South Reading, Nov. 25, 1841.
  • Helen M. Hinckley of Woburn and Capt. Joseph M. Whitman of Westminster, Feb. 6, 1851.
  • William Hinckley and Carrie F. Worth, both of Vassalborough, Me., Feb. 13, 1867.
  • Naomi Hines of Malden and Matthew Grover, Aug. 20, 1701.
  • Stephen Hines and Ellen E. Beers, both of Woburn, March 16, 1847.
  • Dorothy D. Hines and Jesse G. Bolles, both of Woburn, Aug. 15, 1848.
  • Julia Hines and John Bartlett, both of Woburn, Dec. 25, 1861.
  • Robert H. Hitchborn and Fanny M. Clark, both of Bangor, Nov. 2, 1854.
  • George J. Hittinger of Woburn and Julia E. Field of Independence, Ia., Dec. 8, 1862.
  • Sylvester Hodgdon of Boston and Allina C. G. Brown of Woburn, Dec. 23, 1869.
  • John C. Hodge of Winchester and Mary Rooney of Woburn, Aug. 19, 1866.
  • Francis B. Hodgkins of South Weymouth and Elizabeth Ward of Woburn, June 11, 1871.
  • Peter Hogan and Bridget Whalen, both of Woburn, July 7, 1860.
  • Joanna Hogan and Thomas Long, both of Woburn, April 13, 1872.
  • Mr. Stillman Hoisington and Miss Alice Cutler, both of Woburn. Sept. 1, 1836.
  • Stillman M. Hoisington and Miss Miriam Watson, both of Woburn, Sept. 1, 1839.
  • Stillman M. Hoisington of Woburn and Margaret J. Rogers of Waltham, Aug. 1, 1847.
HOLDEN (For some genealogical information on the Holden family see Woburn Record of Deaths, star page 135. See note under Tottingham.)
  • Elizabeth Holden and John Reed, March 21, 1682.
  • John Holden and Sarah Pierce, June 19, 1690.
  • Anna Holden and Ephraim [John, County Record] Leatherby, both of Charlestown, April 17, 1717.
  • Thomas Holden and Rebecca Wyman, both of Woburn, March 7, 1723.
  • John Holden of Woburn and Mary Damon of Reading, at Reading, Dec. 17, 1724.
  • Jonathan Holden and Joanna Wyman, both of Woburn, Dec. 30, 1731.
  • Rebecca Holden of Woburn and Nathaniel Tay, at Boston, Aug. 3, 1748.
  • Elizabeth Holden and Jacob Gould, both of Stoneham, Nov. 25, 1751.
  • Sarah Holden of Woburn and Joseph Knight, Jr., of Stoneham, April 16, 1769.
  • Ruhamah Holden of Woburn and Joseph Whittemore of Malden, Sept. 10, 1771.
  • Thomas Holden of Stoneham and Polly Munroe of Woburn, Oct. 12, 1794.
  • Asa Holden and Sally Miller, both of Woburn, July 23, 1795.
  • Lois Holden of Stoneham and Daniel Hadley of Woburn, at Stoneham, Nov. 16, 1797.
  • Asa Holden and Polly Richardson, both of Woburn, Aug. 10, 1798.
  • Asa Holden of Woburn and Nancy Wyman of Burlington, at Burlington, Jan. 1, 1801.
  • Mr. William Holden and Miss Sally Tay, both of Woburn, May 4, 1817.
  • Mr. William Holden, Jr., and Miss Catharine T. Childs, both of Woburn, July 8, 1821.
  • Mr. William Holden and Miss Abigail Converse, both of Woburn, Jan. 13, 1823.
  • Mr. Luther Holden and Miss Mary R. Brooks, both of Woburn, May 20, 1825.
  • Mr. William Holden, Sen., and Miss Betsey Simonds, both of Woburn, Dec. 21, 1841.
  • Susan T. Holden and Levi P. Littlefield, both of Woburn, April 5, 1843.
  • Stoughton B. Holden and Emeline L. York, both of Woburn, Dec. 17, 1851.
  • Emily T. Holden and John B. Reed, both of Woburn, May 19, 1853.
  • Clinton B. Holden of Reading and Henrietta Brooks of Woburn, Oct. , 1853.
  • Albert P. Holden and Lydia Shaw, both of Woburn, July 1, 1858.
  • Mary A. Holden of Billerica and Stephen Lynde of Stoneham, Sept. 26, 1858.
  • Sara F. Holden of Ottawa, III., and Benjamin F. Chamberlain of Woburn, Jan. 26, 1859.
  • Amasa A. Holden and Ellen A. Buckman, both of Stoneham, Aug. 2, 1869.
  • Ceszar Holland and Jane Prescott, both of Bedford, Jan. 30, 1787.
  • George A. Holland and Huldah A. Spaulding, both of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1854.
  • Timothy Holland and Julia Darbody, both of Woburn, July 2, 1859.
  • Susan Holland and Francis Warren Parker, both of Woburn, Aug. 20, 1863.
  • Nancy Holland and H. James Lynch, both of Woburn, Jan. 15, 1865.
  • Ellen Holland and Michael Dunegan, both of Woburn, Oct. 8, 1865.
  • Magaret J. Holland of Winchester and Edward Harrington of Charlestown, July 16, 1867.
  • Peter Holland and Ellen Cummings, both of Woburn, Oct. 6, 1870.
  • Charlotte Hollis and Elijah Farmer, both of Woburn (July 23) 1801. (Samuel Thompson's Record.)
  • Miss Sally Hollis of Woburn and Mr. Abijah Carter, Jr., of Boston, Sept. 26, 1812. (November. Church Record.)
  • Miss Mary Hollis and Mr. Abel Richardson, 5th, both of Woburn, June 18, 1816.
  • Mr. David Hollis, Jr., and Miss Sophia Farwell, both of Woburn, Jan. 14, 1817.
  • Miss Prudence Hollis and Mr. Moses Knight, both of Woburn, Dec. 28, 1817.
  • Miss Mary Holman and Mr. Asa Holt, both of Woburn, Oct. 2, 1834.
  • Isabel Holmes of Woburn and Henry Aiken of Lexington, Aug. 22, 1721.
  • Mr. William Thomas Holmes of Holden and Miss Ruth Wyman, of Woburn, April 10, 1783.
  • Rev. Cyrus Holmes of Woburn and Sophia Ann Collamore, at Pembroke, July --,1832.
  • Mary A. Holmes of Newburyport and Aaron K. Hathaway of Woburn, at Newburyport, Aug. 30, 1836.
  • Abbe Holmes of N. Strafford, N. H., and Martha A. Craig of Woburn, Sept. 12, 1859.
  • Dinah Holt of Andover and Daniel Pierce of Woburn, July 3, 1705.
  • Martha Holt of Andover and Summers Pierce of Woburn, at Andover, March 3, 1726.
  • John Holt of Boston and Mary Tuttle of Woburn, June 22, 1732.
  • John Holt and Sarah Wright, Nov. 26, 1739.
  • Deborah Holt and David Eames, both of Woburn, July 24, 1770.
  • Enoch Holt of Lowell and Henrietta Hanson of Woburn, Dec. 16, 1827.
  • Mr. Asa Holt and Miss Mary Holman, both of Woburn, Oct. 2, 1834.
  • Susan Holt and James Bell, both of Woburn, Dec. 29, 1843.
  • Julia A. Holt and Irad S. Ingerson, both of Woburn, Oct. 26, 1854.
  • Phebe Hooper of Wilmington and Nicholas Sticker of Roxbury, Nov. 29, 1731.
  • Olive Hooper and Zebadiah Tweed, both of Woburn, July 3, 1851.
  • Samuel Hooper and Bridget Mooney, both of Woburn, June 6, 1858.
  • Olive C. Hooper and Martin V. Wade, both of Woburn, Sept. 6, 1865.
  • Caroline F. Hooper and John H. Davis, both of Woburn, Dec. 7, 1870.
  • George E. Hooper of Reading and Martha E. Stowers of Woburn, Aug. 21, 1871.
  • William Hopkins of Wilmington and Rebecca Reed of Woburn, March 28, 1754.
  • Rebecca Hopkins of Woburn and Zachariah Alexander of Wilmington, at Wilmington, April 21, 1761.
  • Mr. Jesee Hopkins of Wilmington and Keziah Twist of Woburn, at Wilmington, Feb. 1, 1782.
  • Joanna C. Hopkins and Charles S. Converse, both of Woburn, Nov.10, 1844.
  • Leonard F. Hopkins and Emeline O'Neil, both of Woburn, Oct. 27, 1858.
  • Mr. John Hopley and Miss Harriet Richardson, both of Woburn, Nov. 15, 1842.
  • Daniel H. Horn and Maria L. Hovey, both of Woburn, April 22, 1849.
  • Leonard W. Horn and Laura A. Smith, both of Woburn, July 12, 1849.
  • Harriet N. Horn and James G. Shute, both of Dover, N. H., Oct. 2, 1849.
  • Lydia S. Horn and Bernard Fletcher, both of Woburn, Nov. 6, 1856.
  • Margaret J. Horn and Benjamin F. Warren, both of Woburn, July 14, 1859.
  • Abby W. Horn of Woburn and Charles A. Sweetser of Stoneham, Oct. 9, 1859.
  • Stephen P. Horn of Wolfborough, N. H., and Abba Boutwell of Woburn, Feb. 20, 1863.
  • Thomas W. Horn of Stratham, N. H., and Mary Jane Patterson of Edgecomb, Me., Feb. 7, 1867.
  • Thomas Jones Horsey of Charleston, S. C., and Floranna Reed of Burlington, at Burlington, Sept. 19, 1811.
  • Sevina R. Horton and John Knight, 3rd, both of Woburn, Dec. 31, 1845.
  • Betsey D. Horton and Parker L. Converse, both of Woburn, June 26, 1854.
  • Lewis Horton and Pamela A. Chapman, both of Woburn, July 12, 1857.
  • Cyntnta Horton and Daniel H. Richards, both of Woburn, Oct. 7, 1857.
  • Louise B. Horton of Woburn and Horace Wyman of Worcester, May 1, 1860.
  • Sparrow Horton and Mary Josephine Grey Brooks, both of Woburn, Oct. 14, 1872.
  • Edward Hoskins and Mary Gillespie, both of Woburn, Jan. 10, 1872.
  • Rebecca M. Hoskins and George H. Ayer, both of Woburn, June 17, 1872.
  • Rebecca Hosley of Billerica and Joseph Johnson, 4th, of Woburn, Jan. 31, 1765.
  • Mehetabel Hosmer of Concord and Samuel Kendall of Woburn, at Concord, July 23, 1751.
  • Mehetabel Hosmer [Rossum, County Record] and Jonathan Fowle, both of Woburn, Aug. 1, 1754.
  • Mr. Christopher P. Hosmer of Bedford and Nancy Thompson of Woburn, Feb. 27, 1812.
  • Miss Lucy Ann Hosmer of Billerica and Mr. Franklin Jones of Woburn, Sept. 12, 1824.
  • Miss Sally B. Hosmer of Woburn and Mr. John Clark of New Ipswich, N. H., Jan. 1, 1843.
  • Christopher P. Hosmer and Susan T. Small, both of Woburn, Feb. 6, 1853.
  • Mary J. Hosmer and James E. Abbott, both of Woburn, April 3, 1859.
  • Jonah Hougton of Lancaster and Mary Burbeen of Woburn, at Lancaster, Feb. 15, 1681.
  • Sarah Houghton of Lancaster and Francis Richardson of Woburn, at Charlestown, July 7, 1708.
  • Oliver Houghton of Charlestown and Ruth Taylor of Woburn, June 24, 1798.
  • Catharine Hauran and Michael Cronin, both of Winchester, May 22, 1859.
  • Mary Hourihan and Richard Neagle, both of Woburn, Nov. 13, 1861.
  • Maria L. Hovey and Daniel H. Horn, both of Woburn, April 22, 1849.
  • Catharine S. Hovey of Woburn and Charles F. Foster of Dorchester, Nov. 4, 1857.
  • Judith Howard [of Concord] and Samuel Walker, [of Woburn], June 1, 1689.[1688.] (County Record.)
  • James Howard and Harriet Poole, both of Woburn, Oct. 4, 1827.
  • Mr. Joseph P. Howard and Miss Cynthia Tidd, both of Woburn, Oct. 27, 1833.
  • Miss Elizabeth Howard and Mr. Francis F. Kimball, both of Woburn, May 16, 1839.
  • Elvira E. Howard of Reading and Joseph W. Russell of Middletown, Nov. 14, 1867.
  • David Howe of Lancaster and Mary Reed of Woburn, May 29, 1733.
  • Mary Howe and Josiah Walker, both of Woburn, May 3, 1753.
  • Elizabeth Howe of Woburn and Hezekiah Richardson of Townsend, Sept. 4, 1766.
  • Miss Mary Howe and Mr. Tufts Richardson, both of Woburn, May 22, 1826.
  • Nellie A. Howland and Charles E. Stephens, both of Woburn, Dec. 10, 1867.
  • Susan Howley and Mark Flaherty, both of Woburn, Jan. 8, 1870.
  • Mary G. Hoyt of Lynn and Caleb S. Moulton of Woburn, May 8, 1871.
  • Lazarus Hubbard and Abigail Gilmore, both of Woburn, Feb. 23, 1764.
  • George N. Hubbard of Chelsea and Eliza Jury of Woburn, Mar 4, 1868.
  • Edward Hudson and Sarah L. Lowery, both of Woburn, March 1, 1859.
  • Mr. Isaac Huffmaster of Lexington and Miss Frances Wyer of Woburn, Dec. 28, 1827.
  • Patrick Hughes and Hannah O'Brien, both of Woburn, July 4, 1869.
  • Joshua Humphreys of Boston and Elizabeth Skinner of Woburn, Feb. 22, 1809.
  • James Hunnewell and Esther Reed, both of Woburn, March 27, 1755.
  • Mary E. Hunnewell and Horace Nowell, both of Woburn, Dec. 23, 1849.
  • Catherine Hunt of Woburn and Amos Whitney of Boston, Oct. 31, 1802.
  • Mr. David A. Hunt and Miss Abigail R. Dean, both of Woburn, May 8, 1842.
  • Mr. George L. Hunt and Miss Mehetabel H. Dean, both of Woburn, Jan. 26, 1843.
  • Susan E. Hunt of Woburn and Jacob Page, Jr., of Charlestown, May 11, 1847.
  • Georgianna L. Hunt and Harvey S. LeBarron, both of Woburn, Feb. 13, 1872.
  • William Hunting and Mary Caroline Cook, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1861.
  • Elizabeth Huntress and Henry A. Colby, both of Woburn, Feb. 25, 1851.
  • Elizabeth Hurd of Charlestown and Isaac Richardson of Woburn, at Cambridge, Dec. 20, 1801.
  • Mr. John Hurd of Charlestown and Miss Hannah B. Skinner of Woburn, Oct. 17, 1815.
  • Emma Hurleston and Thomas Robinson, both of Woburn, Nov. 1, 1845.
  • Dennis Hurley and Ellen Williams, both of Woburn, April 21, 1866.
  • Emily Huse and Joseph A. Parker, both of Woburn, June 11, 1854.
  • Alvan Hussey of Bristol, Me., and Maria L. Thurlow of Woburn, July 1, 1847.
  • Harriet E. Hussey and Thomas J. Gray, both of Stoneham, Nov. 23, 1856.
  • Ellen P. Hutchins of Chelsea and Henry W. Burrill of Woburn, March 24, 1869.
  • Sarah Hutchins of Melrose and Luzen Weeks of Malden, May 4, 1870.
  • Elizabeth Hutchinson of Sutton and Israel Richardson of Woburn, at Sutton, Aug. 13, 1762.
  • Nathaniel Hutchinson of Charlestown and Rebecca Center of Woburn, Dec. 15, 1763.
  • Rhoda Hutchinson of Carlisle and Asaph Evans of Woburn, at Carlisle, Nov. 22, 1796.
  • Abigail Hutchinson of Charlestown and Henry Parker of Woburn, at West Cambridge, May 28, 1807.
  • Mr. Nathaniel Hutchinson and Harriet Sanderson, both (?) of Woburn, Dec. 14, 1819.
  • Miss Mary G. Hutchinson of Woburn and Mr. John H. Coates of Boston, April 2, 1835.
  • Mr. John B. Hutchinson of Boston and Miss Ruthy B. Wyman of Woburn, June 12, 1838.
  • Miss Elizabeth W. Hutchinson of Woburn and Mr. William A. Dodge of Boston, Feb. 16, 1841.
  • Mr. Nathaniel Hutchinson and Miss Lydia Reed, both of Woburn, Feb. 1, 1842.
  • Adeline M. Hutchinson of West Cambridge and Gardner Symmes of Woburn, Nov. 19, 1843.
  • Thomas O. Hutchinson of West Cambridge and Harriet A. Locke of Woburn, Feb. 26, 1846.
  • Maria L. Hutchinson of West Cambridge and Francis H. Johnson of Woburn, Sept. 29, 1846.
  • Eliza A. Hutchinson and Kenelum W. Baker, both of Woburn, Oct. 14, 1847.
  • Lydia L. Hutchinson and Cyrus Blood, both of Woburn, Oct. 19, 1848.
  • Harriet N. Hutchinson and Richard Y. Wiswall, both of Woburn, Feb. 3, 1852.
  • John W. Hutchinson of Woburn and Clara W. Tibbetts of Burlington, March 24, 1859.
  • Angeline Hutchinson and Henry Capell, both of Lexington, Nov. 26, 1862.
  • Daniel Hutson of Bridgewater and Mary Pierce of Woburn, at Medford, May 19, 1719. (In April, 1683, administration was granted to "Daniel Hudsun" Senior, on the estate of William Whitburn, deceased. Middlesex County Court Records, Vol. IV., page 63.)
  • David Ingalls, Sen. (?), of Wilton and Anna Winn of Woburn, April 6, 1779.
  • Mr. Ezra C. Ingalls and Miss Ruthy B. Wyman, both of Woburn, May 29, 1839.
  • Elizabeth A. Ingalls of Lynn and Charles A. Fowler of Woburn, at Lynn. May 9, 1850.
  • Annie R. Ingalls and Robert E. Jameson, both of Woburn, Oct. 18, 1865.
  • Irad S. Ingerson and Julia A. Holt, both of Woburn, Oct. 26, 1854.
  • George L. Ingerson and Mary Luce, both of Woburn, Oct. 29, 1866.
  • Sarah Ingles of Andover and Joshua Swan, formerly of Haverhill, but now a mariner at Woburn, Jan. 6, 1701.
  • Elizabeth Iris and William Wilson, both of Woburn, Jan. 30, 1820.
  • Miss Sally Iris and Mr. William Nichols, both of Woburn, June 1, 1825.
  • (" In 1651,Edward Iron of Woburn, upon promise to take some effectual course to send for his wife now in England by the next opportunity, hath liberty granted him by this Court to abide in the Country until the next return of ships from England, and in case such provisions he shall make shall fail, then the aformentioned Iron is ordered by this Court to depart out of this jurisdiction by the next opportunity." ----Middlesex County Court Records, Vol. I., page 22. Iron had not secured his wife two years later when the Court granted him liberty "yet to use what more effectual means he may or can to send for his wife from old England --Ibid, page 45.) IRVING
    • Maria S. Irving and Charles E. Nelson, both of Woburn, Sept. 19, 1847.
    • Elizabeth Isaac and Nicholas Davis, July 12, 1643.
    • Miss Harriet M. G. Jackson of Charlestown and Mr. Abel Green of Woburn, Jan. 6, 1842.
    • Susan W. James and Jeremiah T. Farnsworth, both of Lowell, Aug. 22, 1851.
    • John Jameson and Marlette Thompson, both of Woburn, Feb. 10, 1856.
    • Martha E. Jameson of Woburn and Lewis Miller of Kinston, N. C., Aug. 28, 1856.
    • Robert E. Jameson and Annie R. Ingalls, both of Woburn, Oct. 18, 1865.
    • Sophronia G. Jaques of Stoneham and Jacob C. Whitcher of Woburn, April 24, 1851.
    JAQUITH (In 1659, Abram Jaquis of Woburn presented to the court his inability to military exercise by reason of his bodily infirmity as also the same certified to under the hand of Capt. Edward Johnson is dismissed from all ordinary trainings, he paying 5 shillings per annum to the use of the military company in the town where be dwelt.--Middlesex County Court Records, Vol. I., page 187. See note under Hamlet.)
    • Abraham Jaquith and Mary Adford, March 13, 1671.
    • Lydia jaquith and David Fox, Jan. 10, 1678.
    • Annes Jaquith and Henry Brooks, July 12, 1682.
    • Abraham Jaquith and Sarah Jones, both of Woburn, Dec. 26, 1700.
    • Sarah Jaquith and Samuel Butters, both of Woburn, Jan. 25, 1726.
    • Mary Jaquith of Woburn and John Harnden of Reading, at Reading, Dec. 13, 1727.
    • John Jaquith of Woburn and Mary Needham of Billerica, at Billerica, Oct. 30, 1729.
    • Jonathan Jaquith of Wilmington and Lydia Johnson of Woburn, Jan, 14, 1773.
    • Isaac Jaquith and Prudence Wyman, both of Woburn, July 18, 1775. (see note under Wyman)
    • Lydia Jaquith of Wilmington and Jonathan Johnson of Woburn, at Wilmington, Dec. 1, 1776.
    • Jacob Jaquith and Rachel Dix, both of Wilmington, June 10, 1795.
    • Andrew Jaquith and Lucy Peters, both of Burlington, at Burlington, July 15, 1802.
    • Miss Susan Jaquith and Mr. Amos Shattuck, both of Woburn, April 8, 1830.
    • Miss Achsah Jaquith of Woburn and Mr. William B. Littlefield of Reading, March 30, 1837.
    • Simeon Jaquith and Minerva Badger, both of Woburn, Oct. 11, 1860.
    • Louisa M. Jeffards of East Boston and Matthew F. Kirk of Woburn, Sept. 21, 1871.
    • Henry Jefts and Anna Stowers, Sept. 13, 1647.
    • Henry Jefts and Hannah Births, May 21, 1649.
    JEME (See Wyman, June 24, 1684.)
    • Elizabeth Jenkins and Timothy Stearns, both of Wilmington, Nov. 3, 1737.
    • Ann Jenkins and Henry Gould, both of Woburn, Nov. 22, 1871.
    • Eleazer J. Jenks of Woburn and Elvira A. Walcott of Rochester, N. Y., June 26, 1860.
    • Eleazer J. Jenks and Eliza W. Thomas, both of Woburn, Sept. 3, 1868.
    • Eunice Jennison of Weston and Joshua Richardson of Woburn, at Weston, July 11, 1739.
    • Nahum Jennison and Lucretia Wyman, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Oct. 25, 1807.
    • Mr. Nahum Jennison, Jr., and Miss Eliza Butterfield, both of Burlington, Dec. 3, 1835.
    • Miss Lucretia Jennison of Burlington and Mr. Jonathan K. Woodman of Sanbornton, N. H., Nov. 1, 1842.
    • Washington Jewett of Readfield, Me., and Lydia Simonds of Burlington, at Burlington, June 7, 1808.
    • Mary Jewett and Isaac Burton, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Feb. 14, 1822.
    • Fifield H. Jewett of Tewksbury and Miss Melicent L. Richardson of Woburn, Feb. 11, 1840.
    • (In 1876, Rev. William W. Johnson of North Greenfield, Wisconsin, published a genealogy entitled "Records of the Descendants of David Johnson of Leominster, Mass." (Milwaukee, 1876.)
            ln his introduction he assumes that David John was born in Woburn between the years 1700 and 1710: that he was a son of Josiah Johnson of Woburn, and great-grandson of Capt. Edward Johnson.
            The publication of the Woburn Records of Births convinced Rev. Mr. Johnson that his assumptions in reguard to the ancestry of David Johnson were erroneous, and at his request I undenook to determine the parentage of David Johnson. After a somewhat extended research, the following facts were ascertained: John Johnson, the emigrant ancestor, and a shoemaker by trade, first settled in Ipswich as early as 1635, and removed to Andover a few years later with his son Thomas. (See deed from Thomas Johnson of Andover to Alexander Lovewell of Ipswich, dated Sept. 12, 1715, and recorded in Essex Registry of Deeds, at Salem, book 32, page 43.) Susanna, wife of John Johnson died in Andover Sept. 12, 1683. Thomas Johnson, the son, a carpenter was born in 1631, married Mary Holt of Andover in 1657, and died there Feb. 15, 1719. His first wife died Nov. 15, 1700, and July 14, 1703, he married second, Damaris Marshall of Billerica. Josiah Johnson, youngest son of Thomas and Mary (Holt) Johnson, was born in Andover, Oct. 29, 1683. He married Annis Chandler June 19, 1711, and moved to that pan of Lancaster, now Harvard, about 1725, and died there Oct. 15, 1727. His son David was born in Andover Aug. 20, 1715, and died in Leominster Nov. , 1799. He married, first, Mary Warner, Feb. 22, 1739, and, second, Prudence -----. His will, dated July 30, 1798, is on file at Worcester. For more detailed information see probate records and deeds of Essex County, Probate records of Middlesex and Worcester Counties, and town records of Andover, published in Andover Townsman, 1888-89, by Rev. C. C. Carpenter, a copy of which is in Woburn Public library.)
    • Edward Johnson (Jr.) and Catherine Baker, Jan. 10, 1650.
    • Martha Johnson and John Ames, March 18, 1650.
    • William Johnson and Heather Wiswall, May 16, 1655. (See notes under Pierce, Capt. John Carter, and Tottingham.)
    • Matthew Johnson and Hannah Palfrey, Nov. 12, 1656. (See notes under Pierce, Capt. John Carter, and Tottingham.)
    • John Johnson and Bethiah Reed, April 28, 1657. (For a reference to Bethiah Johnson, daughter of John, see Middlesex County Court Records, Vol. III., pages 311, 329. See note under Russell.)
    • Matthew Johnson and Rebecca Wiswall, Oct. 23, 1662.
    • Heather Johnson and Seth Wyman, Dec. 17, 1685.
    • Edward Johnson and Sarah Walker, both of Woburn, by John Brown, Esq., of Reading, J. P., Jan. 12, 1687. (Son of William Johnson, Esq.)
    • Ebenezer Johnson and Sarah Winn, April 13, 1691.
    • Rebecca Johnson and Samuel Wyman,-----,1692.
    • Matthew Johnson, Jr., and Mary Reed, Dec. 12, 1695.
    • Ruth Johnson and John Reed, Jan. 10, 1697.
    • Benjamin Johnson of Woburn and Sarah Walker of Billerica, at Billerica, Nov. 22, 1699.
    • Sarah Johnson and Daniel Reed, Jan. 17, 1700.
    • Matthew Johnson and Alice Ward, Nov. 30, 1704.
    • Susanna Johnson and Daniel Reed, both of Woburn, at Watertown, June 6, 1704.
    • Abigail Johnson and Samuel Pierce, June 14, 1705.
    • Josiah Johnaon of Woburn and Martha Whitmore of Medford, Jan. 24, 1706.
    • William Johnson of Woburn and Sarah Dole of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan. 1, 1708.
    • Esther Johnson of Woburn and John Stearns, Jr., of Billerica, at Billerica, "about January," 1716.
    • Elizabeth Johnson of Woburn and Richard Condon of Cambridge, at Watertown, Sept. 27, 1716.
    • Abigail Johnson of Woburn and Oliver Farmer of Billerica, at Billerica, Jan. 24, 1717.
    • Abigail Johnson and Timothy Richardson, both of Woburn, Dec.11, 1717.
    • Mary Johnson and Ebenezer Knight, both of Woburn, Nov, --, 1717.
    • Sarah Johnson and John Blodgett, both of Woburn, May 14, 1722.
    • Susanna Johnson and Samuel Jones, both of Woburn, May 23, 1722.
    • Anna Johnson of Woburn and Joseph Davis of [Marshfield ?], May 24, 1722.
    • Elizabeth Johnson and John Winn, both of Woburn, Jan. 1, 1723.
    • Ruth Johnson of Woburn and Thomas Robbins of Charlestown, May 2, 1723.
    • Samuel Johnson and Mary Butters, both of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1724.
    • Ebenezer Johnson, Jr., of Woburn, and Sarah Stearns of Billerica, at Billerica, May 19, 1725.
    • Matthew Johnson of [Woburn?] and Elizabeth Prentice of---------, at Cambridge, March 9, 1726.
    • Matthew Johnson of Woburn and Ann Tuttle, at Boston, Sept. 28, 1727.
    • Abigail Johnson and Zurishaddai Pierce, both of Woburn, July 24, 1728.
    • Benjamin Johnson and Mary Walker, both of Woburn, April 10, 1728.
    • Samuel Johnson of Woburn and Judith Kendall of Wilmington, Dec. 23, 1731.
    • Joseph Johnson of Woburn and Elizabeth Baldwin of Billerica, May 8, 1734.
    • Timothy Johnson and Mary Wyman, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1734.
    • Mary Johnson and Enoch Richardson, both of Woburn, June 3, 1735.
    • Rebecca Johnson and Ebenezer Wyman, Feb. 24, 1736.
    • Esther Johnson and John Wood, Oct. 21, 1736.
    • Joseph Johnson and Sarah Thompson, both of Woburn, July 5, 1739.
    • Francis Johnson and Sarah Wyman, both of Woburn, Jan. 23, 1741.
    • Hannah Johnson of Woburn and Benjamin Tufts of Medford, at Medford, Nov. 16, 1743.
    • Abigail Johnson and Samuel Wilson, June 5, 1744.
    • Edward Johnson of Woburn and Esther Coolidge of Watertown, at Watertown, Dec. 13, 1750.
    • Samuel Johnson and Hannah Wyman, both of Woburn, Dec. 25, 1751.
    • Mary Johnson [daughter of Benjamin] and Eli Wyman, both of Woburn, Dec. 31, 1751.
    • Mary Johnson of Woburn and Joseph Wyman, Jr., of Pelham, April 16, 1752. (She afterwards married John Wells.)
    • Martha Johnson and Solomon Wood, both of Woburn, Sept. 20, 1752.
    • Susanna Johnson and Joshua Kendall, both of Woburn, May 2, 1753.
    • Dea. Edward Johnson and Sarah Wilson, both of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1755.
    • Judith Johnson of Woburn and David Wilson of Bedford, July 9, 1755.
    • Mary Johnson of Woburn and James Boutwell of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Nov. 4, 1756.
    • Ebenezer Johnson, Jr., of Woburn and Deborah Bowles of Ipswich, Apr. 30, 1756.
    • Sarah Johnson and Joseph Kendall, both of Woburn, Aug. 18, 1757.
    • Azel Johnson and Rebecca Wilson, both of Woburn, Oct. 13, 1757.
    • Mary Johnson of Woburn and John Wyman of Cambridge, Nov. 17, 1757.
    • Elizabeth Johnson and Jonathan Lawrence, Jr., both of Woburn, Dec. 13. 1757.
    • Ruth Johnson of Woburn and Nathaniel Dunklee of Billerica, Nov. 23, 1758.
    • Joseph Johnson, 3rd, and Hannah Snow, both of Woburn, July 26, 1759.
    • Joseph Johnson, Jr,, of Woburn and Ruth Kendall of Wilmington, April [Sept., County Record] 10, 1760. (And said Johnson declared before marriage in presence of a number of witnesses, that he was about to take Mrs. Ruth Kendall without any of the effects of her former husband, Ephraim Kendall, deceased, and that she was now clothed with his effects or of his providing as those witnesses could testify.)
    • Kezia Johnson and Jacob Kendall, both of Woburn, at Lexington, June 21, 1760. [June 25, 1761. County Record.]
    • William Johnson, Jr., and Sarah Kendall, both of Woburn, July 9, 1760. (Son of William (born 1710) and Elisabeth (Pierce) Johnson and grandson of Ebenezer and Sarah (Winn)Johnson. William Johnson, Jr., removed to Acton about 1770 and, about 1774 to Westford. Sometime prior to 1788 he removed to Littleton. He or, his son William and possibly both, afterwards Iived in Ashby. His wife was a daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Kendall. Nathaniel Kendall died in Woburn in 1776. His will, dated April 22, 1776, makes mention of his grandson, John Kendall (son of John Kendall, deceased) to whom he gives his messuage bounded south and west by the County raod, east lands of Joseph Winn and north by lands of Timothy Winn; and daughters Anna Tyler [wife of Moses Tyler and formerly wife of John Munroe], Elizabeth Johnson[wife of Samuel), Sarah Johnson [wife of William, then of Westford], and Abigail Bruce, deceased, wife of William of Marlboro.] The will also speaks of the heirs of John Lock, alias Kendall. The residue of the testator's estate was to be divided among the heirs of his four daughters. In 1776 these heirs appear to have been:
      • (1) Anna Munroe, aged 17, Sarah Mumroe 11, Lydia Munroe 9, Benjamon Tyler 5, and Jonas Tyler 3:
      • (2) Rhoda, Olive, John and Jesse Johnson, children of Samuel and Elisabeth Johnson:
      • (3) William, Nathaniel, Sarah [afterwards wife of Peter Whitcomb] martha, Anna, Lucretia, Betty and Lydia Johnson, who were children of William and Sarah Johnson, then living in Westford; and (4) John Bruce, aged 17, and Martha Bruce, aged 15, both of Marborough.
            The following signatures are found appended to a receipt of the residue of the estate in 1790:--William Young, Jonas Reed, Thomas Gleason, Samuel Johnson, James Reed, John Bruce, Moses Tyler, Guardian, William Johnson, Guardian, Joshua Walker [formerly guardian of Rhoda, Olive, John and Jesse Johnson], Abel Severance, John Wilkins, Elisha Flagg, Elisha Morse, John Bruce and Nathaniel Bruce.
    • Josiah Johnson, Jr., of Woburn and Sarah Gardner of Charlestown, Dec. 2, 1760.
    • Shubael Johnson and Mary Cutler, both of Woburn, Dec. 9, 1760.
    • James Johnson and Judith Wilson, both of Woburn, Dec. 3, 1761.
    • Olive Johnson of Woburn and William Barron of Wilmington, March 18, 1762.
    • Abigail Johnson of Woburn and Jesse Wyman of Billerica, Sept. 18, 1764.
    • David Johnson and Mary Richardson, both of Woburn, Jan. 10, 1765.
    • Rebecca Johnson and Isaac Burton, both of Woburn, Jan. 22, 1765.
    • Joseph Johnson (4th) of Woburn and Rebecca Hosley of Billerica, Jan. 31, 1765.
    • Benjamin Johnson and Mary Wyman, both of Woburn, Feb. 14, 1765.
    • Abijah Johnson and Mary Reed, both of Woburn, May 7, 1765.
    • Edward Johnson, Jr., and Mary Godfrey, both of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1765.
    • Ruth Johnson and Silas Cutler, both of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1765.
    • Elizabeth Johnson of Leominster and Samuel Evans of Woburn, at Leominster, Sept. 29, 1766.
    • Giles Johnson and Elizabeth Brooks, both of Woburn, Oct. 14, 1766.
    • William Johnson, 3rd, of Woburn and Abigail Richardson of Billerica, at Billerica, March 10, 1767.
    • Abiathar Johnson and Sarah Skelton, both of Woburn, July 9, 1767.
    • Sybil Johnson and Jonathan Carter, both of Woburn, Jan. 27, 1768.
    • Joanna Johnson and John Skelton, both of Woburn, Feb. 2, 1768.
    • Isaac Johnson and Judith Pierce, both of Woburn, March 29, 1768.
    • Elizabeth Johnson and Thomas Skelton, Jr., both of Woburn, May 10, 1768.
    • Sarah Johnson and Eliphaz Wyman, both of Woburn, Dec. 20, 1768.
    • Sarah Johnson and Samuel Tay, both of Woburn, April 27, 1769.
    • Elizabeth Johnson and William Young, both of Woburn, June 8, 1769.
    • Samuel Jobnon [Thompson] of Woburn and Lydia Jones of Concord, at Concord, May 10, 1770. (see note under Jones.)
    • Isabel Johnson of Bedford and Thomas Dean, Jr., of Woburn, April 24, 1770.
    • Samuel Johnson, Jr., and Rebecca Connolly, both of Woburn, Nov. 8, 1770.
    • Sarah Johnson and John Bruce, Jr., both of Woburn, Nov. 29, 1770.
    • Daniel Johnson of Woburn and Joanna Pollard of Billerica, at Billerica, Dec. 20, 1770.
    • Francis Johnson, Jr., and Abigail Brooks, both of Woburn, June 27, 1771.
    • Josiah Johnson, Esq., and Susanna Brooks, both of Woburn, Aug. 5, 1771.
    • Lydia Johnson of Woburn and Jonathan Jaquith of Wilmington, Jan. 14, 1773.
    • Abigail Johnson and Thomas Gleason, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1773.
    • Susanna Johnson and Joseph Kimball, both of Woburn, Nov. 25, 1773.
    • Jotham Johnson and Eunice Reed, both of Woburn, at Lexington, Feb. 23, 1775.
    • Esther Johnson of Woburn and Jonathan Eastman of Concord, N. H., at W. Cambridge, Sept. 15, 1776.
    • Jonathan Johnsen of Woburn and Lydia Jaquith of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Dec. 12, 1776.
    • Reuben Johnson and Widow Keziah Baldwin, both of Woburn, at W. Cambridge, Aug. 5, 1777.
    • Sarah Johnson of Woburn and Nathan Clough of Brentwood, Jan. 13, 1778.
    • Rhoda Johnson and Jonas Reed, both of Woburn, July 2, 1778.
    • Deborah Johnson and Joseph Kendall, both of Woburn, Dec. 3, 1778.
    • Olive Johnson and James Reed, both of Woburn, July 29, 1779.
    • Seth Johnson of Woburn and Abigail Symmes of Medford, at W. Cambridge, Feb. 10, 1780.
    • Mr. Samuel Johnson and Martha Wood, both of Woburn, Aug. 1, 1782.
    • Sarah Johnson and Mr. Obadiah Kendall, Jr., both of Woburn, Sept. 5, 1782.
    • Mr. Isaac Johnson and Miss Sarah Wyman, both of Woburn, May 11, 1783.
    • Martha Johnson and Jacob Pierce, both of Woburn, Oct. 13, 1781.
    • John Johnson and Achsah Simonds, both of Woburn, Dec. 9, 1783.
    • Miss Lucy Johnson of Woburn and Mr. John Walker of Charlestown, Jan. 22, 1784.
    • Ichabod Johnson and Sarah Reed, both of Woburn, May 26, 1784.
    • Miss Abigail Johnson and Mr. Timothy Walker, both of Woburn, May 31, 1787. (T.W. of Medford. Precinct Church Record.)
    • Miss Rebecca Johnson and Mr. Jeremiah Winn, both of Woburn, Nov. 25, 1787.
    • Patty Johnson and Maj. Robert Douglass, both of Woburn, Jan. 1, 1789.
    • Miss Lydia Johnson and Mr. Edmund Parker, both of Woburn, April 5, 1790.
    • Mrs. Sarah Johnson of Woburn and Mr. James Dalton of Littleton, at Littleton, March 9, 1791.
    • Jesse Johnson and Sukey Symmes, both of Woburn, Dec. 19, 1792.
    • Catherine Johnson of Woburn and Mr. Jacob Kendall of Boston, Sept. 22, 1795.
    • Edward Johnson of Hollis and Sally Bruce of Woburn, Nov. 13, 1796.
    • Eunice Johnson and Samuel Caldwell, both of Woburn, May 8, 1796.
    • William Johnson, Jr., and Sarah Twist, both of Woburn, July 19, 1796.
    • Munson Johnson and Betsey Munroe of Lexington, at Lexington, March 20, 1798.
    • Martha Johnson and Ahira Wyman, both of Woburn, Aug. 12, 1798.
    • Mrs. Achsah Johnson and Mr. Paul Wyman, both of Woburn, Sept. 30, 1798.
    • Miss Dorothy Johnson of Woburn and Mr. Nathaniel Simonds of Lexington, Sept. 21, 1800.
    • Mr. Francis Johnson, Jr., and Elizabeth Young, both of Woburn, Nov. 19, 1800.
    • Miss Sarah Johnson and Mr. Moses Winn, both of Woburn, April 17, 1805.
    • Mr. David Johnson and Mrs. Betty or Elizabeth Russell, both of Woburn, Dec. 12, 1805.
    • Samuel Johnson of Salem and Abigail Penney of Woburn, July 29, 1806.
    • Betsey Johnson of Woburn and Josiah Symmes of Medford, at Medford, May 28, 1807.
    • Lucy Johnson of Burlington and Samuel Kent of Charlestown, at Burlington, April 1808.
    • Susanna Johnson and Josiah Tay, both of Woburn, May 29, 1808.
    • Noah Johnson of Woburn and Katharine Thompson of Medford, at Medford, Nov. 15, 1808.
    • Susanna Johnson and James Reed, Jr,, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Jan. 11, 1810.
    • Seth Johnson and Lydia Eames, both of Woburn, Sept. 23, 1810.
    • Maj. Francis Johnson and Mehetabel Parker, both of Woburn, Nov. 8, 1810.
    • Miss Kezia Johnson of Woburn and Mr. Hanson Connor of Malden, March 29, 1812.
    • Miss Susanna Johnson of Woburn and Mr. Josiah Learned of Watertown, April 12, 1812.
    • Miss Mary Johnson and Mr. Freeman Wade, both of Woburn, June 7, 1812.
    • Mr. John Johnson and Miss Sally Kendall, both of Woburn, April 22, 1813.
    • Mr. Ezekiel Johnson and Miss Hannah Cummings, both of Woburn, Jan. 10, 1815.
    • Miss Abigail Johnson and Mr. James Bruce, both of Woburn, Aug. 1, 1815.
    • Miss Elizabeth P. Johnson and Mr. William Beers, both of Woburn, March 6, 1817.
    • Mr. Reuel Johnson and Miss Betsey Kendall, both of Woburn, April 28, 1817.
    • Josephus Johnson of Woburn and Maria Wellington of Medford, at Medford, Nov. 18, 1819.
    • Miss Delia Pierce Johnson and Mr. Willis Buckman, both of Woburn, Oct. 4, 1819.
    • Nathan B. Johnson and Miss Almira Parker, both of Woburn, Nov. 2, 1819.
    • Miss Charlotte Johnson and Mr. Horatio Symmes, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1819.
    • Edward Johnson of Burlington and Hannah Gibson, a resident of Wilmington, at Burlington, Oct. 14, 1824.
    • Mr. Minot Johnson of Woburn and Miss Betsey Grammer of Boston, Jan. 13, 1825.
    • Nathan M. Johnson and Charlotte Wright, both of Woburn, Oct. 25, 1827.
    • Miss Elizabeth M. Johnson and Mr. Charles R. Thompson, both of Woburn, Dec. 10, 1829.
    • Mr. Munson Johnson, Jr., and Miss Sarah S. Thompson, of Woburn, --,1831.
    • Miss Betsey Johnson of Woburn and Mr. Samuel M. Rice of Lynn, May 19, 1836.
    • Miss Eliza Johnson of Woburn and Mr. Albert F. Fessenden of Lexington, Mar. 13, 1838.
    • Francis Johnson, Jr., of Woburn and Susan E. Munroe, of Lexington, at Lexington [May 22], 1838.
    • Mrs. Rachel P. Johnson of West Cambridge and Mr. John C. Martain of Woburn, Dec. 12, 1838.
    • Mr. Harris Johnson and Miss Diantha Chamberlain, both of Woburn, April 25, 1839.
    • Mr. John Johnson, Jr., of Woburn and Miss Rosella Malvina Waldo of Chesterfield, N. H., at Chesterfield, Nov. 25, 1841.
    • Mr. Joseph Johnson, 2nd, and Miss Susan W. Daland, both of Woburn, Sept 28, 1842.
    • Miss Adeline Johnson and Mr. Sylvester P. Cutler, both of Woburn, April 6, 1843.
    • Hannah Johnson and George Clark, both of Woburn, Sept. 14, 1843.
    • Mary Johnson and John W. Whitney, both of Wrentham, Oct. 6, 1843.
    • Almira Johnson and Stephen H. Cutter, both of Woburn, Sept. 19, 1844.
    • Sarah K. Johnson and Stephen R. Moreland, both of Woburn, Feb. 28, 1845.
    • John Johnson, Jr., and Julia A. Bulfinch, both of Woburn, July 28, 1846.
    • Francis H. Johnson of Woburn and Maria L. Hutchinson of W. Cambridge, Sept. 29, 1846.
    • John Johnson of Woburn and Eliza Butman of Lowell, Jan. 12, 1848.
    • Caroline Johnson and Timothy F. Reed, both of Woburn, April 28, 1849.
    • Martha Johnson and Joseph M. Eaton, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1849.
    • Charlotte J. Johnson and William S. Bennett, both of Woburn, Jan. 9, 1851.
    • Albert B. Johnson and Abba A. Moore, both of Woburn, Dec. 20, 1854.
    • Osgood Johnson of Worcester and Martha P. Choate of Woburn, Aug. 9, 1855.
    • Eliza S. Johnson of Newbury, Vt., and Newell Z. Tabor of Woburn, at Newbury, Vt., Oct. 19, 1858.
    • Mary Johnson and Jaques Gowing, both of Woburn, May 12, 1860.
    • Edward Johnson and Isabella Sholes, both of Woburn, Feb. 26, 1866.
    • George Johnson and Winifred McAvoy, both of Woburn, Nov. 26, 1866.
    • Susan J. Johnson and George Eddy, both of Woburn, April 5, 1867.
    • Anna Lida Johnson of Woburn and John Page, Jr., of Quincy, Aug. 26, 1868.
    • Oscar E. Johnson of Woburn and Sophia B. Bancroft of Wilmington, Dec. 17, 1868.
    • Charles H. Johnson. and Caroline A. Poole, both of Woburn, Dec. 2, 1869.
    • Elizabeth A. Johnson and Timothy A. Thompson, both of Winchester, Jan. 10, 1870.
    • WiIliam K. Johnson of Charlestown and Mary E. Armstrong of Woburn, June 8, 1870.
    • Lucinda F. Johnson of S. Sutton, N. H., and Moses T. Palmer of Concord, N. H., Dec. 20, 1870.
    • Thomas Johnson and Flora A. Ramsdell, both of Woburn, Jan. 17, 1871.
    • Amanda A. Johnson and Henry H. Leathe, both of Woburn, March 1, 1871.
    • Luther N. Johnson and Ella W. Brown, both of Woburn, July 24, 1872.
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