FROM 1640 TO 1873.

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

  • Ellen Daily of Woburn and Thomas Dempsey of Somerville, April 24, 1859.
  • Mr. Benjamin Daland and Miss Sally Thayer, both of Woburn, Sept. 31, 1815.
  • Miss Sally Daland of Woburn and Mr. Benjamin Fisk of Lexington, March 20, 1827.
  • Joseph F. Daland of Woburn and Lucy Mulliken of Lexington, at Lexington, Nov. 1, 1838.
  • Miss Susan W. Daland and Mr. Joseph Johnson, 2nd, both of Woburn, Sept. 28, 1842.
  • Benjamin Daland and Mary A. Reed, both of Woburn, at Lancaster, July 25, 1844.
  • Sarah W. Daland and John E. Came, both of Woburn, May 24, 1849.
  • Samuel F. Daland and Martha T. Brown, both of Woburn, Dec. 20, 1849.
  • Anna E. Daland and William H. Cummings, both of Woburn, Sept. 17, 1863.
  • Robert Dale and Joanna Farrar, Nov. 30, 1680.
  • Martha Dale and Joshua Thompson, May 6, 1703.
  • Elizabeth Dale and Ebenezer Jones, both of Woburn, Nov. 18, 1719.
  • Joanna Dale of Woburn and Benjamin Harnden, July 17, 1722.
  • Abigail Dale of Woburn and Adam Hart of Reading, Sept. 29, 1725.
  • Samuel Dale and Hannah Blodgett, both of Woburn, Nov. 29, 1798.
  • Miss Mary E. Dale and Mr. Thomas Richardson, Jr., both of Woburn, Dec. 9, 1830.
  • Miss Abigail Dale of Boston and Mr. Sumner Richardson of Woburn, April 29, 1836.
  • Mr. James Dalton of Littleton and Mrs. Sarah Johnson of Woburn, at Littleton, March 9, 1791.
  • Frank S. Dalton and Sarah S. Spelman, both of Stoneham, July 6, 1856.
  • Charles J. Dalton and Mary E. Armstrong, both of Woburn, Aug. 8, 1871.
  • Tristram Dalton of Woburn and Mary W. Waters of Cambridge, Oct. 1, 1872 .
  • Adeline A. Dame and Ebenezer Cummings, both of Woburn, April 28, 1845.
  • Samuel Damon of Reading and Priscilla Wright of Woburn, at Charlestown, May 7, 1707.
  • Mary Damon of Reading and John Holden of Woburn, at Reading, Dec. 17, 1724.
  • Thomas Damon of Charlestown and Abigail Rice of Woburn, Feb. 5, 1729.
  • Jabez Damon of Reading and Lucy Wyman of Woburn, April 3, 1755.
  • Joseph Damon of Reading and Patience Richardson of Woburn, at Reading, Jan. 15, 1782.
  • Ebenezer Damon, 4th, of Reading and Miss Betsey Center of Woburn, April 14, 1793.
  • Mr. Joseph Damon, Jr., and Miss Susan Brown, both of Woburn, Dec. 6, 1820.
  • Nancy Damon and Stillman Wyman, both of Woburn, May 13, 1843.
  • Charles R. Damon of Wayland and Mary J. Walker of Burlington, April 14, 1850.
  • Alice Damon of Woburn and Arthur Christin of Stoneham, Sept. 24, 1850.
  • Harriet Damon and Joseph Sharp, both of Woburn, June 16, 1856.
  • Mary Dana of Concord and David Mead of Woburn, at Concord, Sept. 15, 1713.
  • Jonathan Danforth, Senior, of Billerica and Esther Converse [of Woburn?), at Billerica, Nov. 17, 1690. (see note under Converse.)
  • Joshua Danforth and Kezia Reed, both of Woburn, July 25, 1754.
  • Jacob Danforth and Ann Connolly, both of Woburn, Jan. 13, 1768.
  • Mr. Joseph Danforth of Billerica and Miss Dorcas Wyman of Woburn, Aug. 27, 1789.
  • Mr. Otis Danforth of Cambridge and Miss Czarina Plympton of Woburn. Sept. 26, 1827.
  • Frank W. Danforth and Emma J. Pierce, both of Winchester, May 14, 1868.
  • Miriam Daniels and Isaac Brooks, Jan. 10, 1666.
  • David Daniels of Woburn and Charity Collins, at Lynn, Oct. 19, 1775.
  • Charles H. Daniels and Abbie Livingston, both of Woburn, Dec. 14, 1854.
  • Helen M. Daniels and William G. Chandler, both or Stoneham, Dec. 6, 1863.
  • Samuel S. Danley and Rhoda Twist, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Oct. 20, 1824.
  • Julia Darbody and Timothy Holland, both of Woburn, July 2, 1859.
  • Lydia Ann Darling and Walter M. Tuck, both of Woburn. Sept. 24, 1850.
  • Agnes B. Darling and William H. Childs, both of Woburn, June 23, 1859.
  • Richard Darmody and Delia Mclnerny, both of Woburn, June 25, 1859.
DAVIS (see records of Deaths, pages 119 and 144.)
  • Nicholas Davis and Elizabeth Isaac, July 12, 1643.
  • Nathaniel Davis and Mary Converse, Mar. 31, 1675.
  • Susanna Davis and John Richardson, Jr., Oct. 22, 1680.
  • Rebecca Davis and John Merrow, Jr., both of Reading, Jan. 30, 1722.
  • Joseph Davis of [Marshfield ?] and Anna Johnson of Woburn, May 24, 1722.
  • Rachel Davis and Joseph Kemp, both of Billerica, June 29, 1731.
  • Sarah Bond Davis and Benjamin B. Richardson, both of Woburn, May 21, 1807.
  • Dea. Thaddeus Davit of Bedford and Susanna Tidd of Woburn, Dec. 13, 1808.
  • Elijah Davis and Phebe Richardson, both of Woburn, May 11, 1809.
  • Mrs. Phebe Davis and Mr. Daniel Bell, both of Woburn, June 3, 1813.
  • Miss Betsy Davis of Woburn and Mr. Edward Upton of Reading, Oct. 12, 1815.
  • Nancy Davis and William Reed, both of Woburn, Apr. 20, 1824.
  • Miss Hannah Davis and Mr. Gilbert Richardson, both of Woburn, June 6, 1824.
  • Mr. Samuel H. Davis and Miss Hannah Steele, both of Woburn, Mar. 20, 1825.
  • Miss Eleanor Davis and Mr. Josiah Pierce, both of Woburn, Nov. 9, 1826.
  • Miss Lydia Davis of Woburn and Mr. William H. Kimball of Stoneham, Oct. 30, 1836.
  • Mr. John B. Davis and Miss Mary E. Thayer, both of Woburn, Jan. 15, 1840.
  • Mr. Nathaniel Davis and Miss Sophia Tidd, both of Woburn, Dec. 16, 1842.
  • William H. Davis and Lorena S. Flanders, both of Woburn, July 12, 1846.
  • Charles G. Davis of Woburn and Jane Fessenden of Lexington, at Lexington, Dec.-- 1847.
  • Sophia B. Davis and Aaron S. Stephens, both of Woburn, June 30, 1848.
  • Edward Davis of Winchester and Mary E. Onion of Woburn, Apr. 2, 1856.
  • Ephraim Davis of Lowell and Lydia A. Flagg of Woburn. June 5, 1859.
  • Mary E. Davis and Aurelius C. Frost, both of Woburn, May 1, 1860.
  • Martha J. Davis and Ira Johonnot, both of Winchester, Aug. 21, 1860.
  • Eleazar W. Davis and Angie Hale, both of Wilmington, Nov. 1, 1866.
  • Charles W. Davis of Winchester and Ann Leonard of Digby, N. S., Sept. 14, 1868.
  • John H. Davis and Caroline F. Hooper, both of Woburn, Dec. 7 , 1870.
  • William W. Davis and Emma L. Sawtell, both of Woburn, Dec. 22, 1870.
  • Joseph T. Davis and Carrie A. Lewis, both of Woburn, June 8, 1871.
  • Sarah Dawes and John Cragge, Nov. 4, 1661. (In 1636, Sarah Dawes aged about 21, and Daniel Mackdonsell, both servants of John Wyman, were convicted in court. Mackdonnel testified to being about 30 years of age and that he came from the north of Scotland about seven and a half years ago, leaving behind him a wife and two small children.—Meddlesex County Court Records, Vol. 1., pages 113, 123.)
  • Albert C. Dawes and Harriet E. Sawyer, both of Boston, Oct. 9, 1858.
  • Miss Elizabeth Day of Medford and Mr. John B. Beers, Jr., of Woburn, May 27, 1828.
  • Miss Hannah Day of Reading and Mr. Joseph Morrill of Pepperell, May 3, 1836.
  • Charles H. Day of Woburn and Pauline S. Haggett of Norridgewock, Me., Aug. 4, 1867.
  • Alice M. Day and Frank S. Wade, both of Woburn, Jan. 1, 1871.
  • Edward G. C. Day and Delia Foss, both of Woburn, Dec. 21, 1871.
  • William Dean and Sarah Underwood, March 10, 1736.
  • Thomas Dean and Lydia Smith, March 14, 1737.
  • Samuel Dean and Martha Wyman, Sept. 6, 1739.
  • Edward Dean and Patience Wyman, both of Woburn, May 1, 1740.
  • Lydia Dean and Jabez Carter (Jr.,) both of Woburn, Feb. 17, 1757.
  • Molly Dean of Wilmington and Seth Thompson of Woburn, at Wilmington, Dec. 11, 1760.
  • Martha Dean and Benjamin Mann, both of Woburn, Mar. 18, 1762.
  • Molly Dean and Silas Simonds, both of Woburn, Nov. 20, 1766.
  • Thomas Dean, Jr., of Woburn and Isabel Johnson of Bedford, Apr. 24, 1770.
  • Patience Dean and Benjamin Gloyd, both of Woburn, Dec. 27, 1770.
  • Lemuel Dean and Abigail Reed, both of Woburn, Dec. 9, 1779.
  • Elizabeth Dean and Benjamin Kendall, both of Woburn, Aug. 20, 1780.
  • Lucy Dean and Mr. Benjamin Headley, both of Woburn, Sept. 19, 1782.
  • Sarah Dean and John Radford, both of Woburn, May 27, 1784.
  • Samuel Dean and Mary Reed, both of Woburn, May 18, 1788.
  • Sally Dean and Hiram Flagg, both of Woburn, Sept. 4, 1788.
  • Betsey Dean of Wilmington and Allen Lanchlen of Goffstown, Jan. 16, 1794.
  • Sally Dean of Woburn and Josiah Converse of Reading, at Reading, Dec. 22, 1796.
  • Timothy Dean of Lexington and Mary Glover of Burlington, at Burlington, Dec. 5, 1802.
  • Mary Dean and James Cutler, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Dec. 23, 1802.
  • Loammi Dean and Harriet Reed, both of Woburn, May 6, 1810.
  • John Dean and Mehetabel Winn, both of Burlington, at Burlington, April 17, 1816.
  • Miss Abigail Dean and Mr. John S. Emerson, both (?) of Woburn, Dec. 6, 1821.
  • Miss Fanny Dean and Mr. Edward Cutter, both of Woburn, July 25, 1824.
  • Mr. Jesse Dean and Mrs. Ruth Reed, both of Burlington, at Burlington, Feb. 1, 1827.
  • Mr. John A. Dean and Miss Susanna Wade, both of Woburn, Oct. 28, 1830.
  • Miss Mary Ann Dean of Woburn and Mr. Luke Wyman of Hanover, N. H., Jan. 14, 1834.
  • Mr. Sylvester Dean and Miss Catharine M. Jones, both of Woburn, Apr. 5, 1840.
  • Miss Sarah Dean and William Miles, both of Woburn, Dec. 31, 1840.
  • Miss Abigail R. Dean and Mr. David A. Hunt, both of Woburn, May 8, 1842.
  • Miss Mary Ann Dean and Mr. Aaron Tuttle, Jr., both of Woburn, May 24, 1842.
  • Mrs. Lucinda Dean and Mr. Joseph Gaffet, both of Woburn, Jan. 1, 1843.
  • Miss Mehetabel [H.] Dean and Mr. George L. Hunt, both of Woburn, Jan. 26, 1843.
  • Mr. John Dean of Woburn and Miss Sarah Snow of Wilmington, April 25, 1843.
  • Mehetabel Dean and Benjamin Stephens, both of Woburn, July 27, 1845.
  • Joseph G. Dean of Woburn and Harriet Tandy of Charlestown, ----, 1846.
  • Nancy E. Dean and James Phillips, both of Woburn, Oct. 21, 1846.
  • James W. Dean and Esther W. Pearsons, both of Woburn, Nov. 30, 1848.
  • Charles S. Dean of Woburn and Caroline I. Bowen of Lebanon, N. H., July 21, 1852.
  • Henry U. Dean and Hannah M. Pierce, both of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1854.
  • Sarah Dean and Joseph Tweed, both of Woburn, March 6, 1863.
  • Rosanna E. Dean of Woburn and Andrew Baker of Andover, April 4, 1867.
  • George W. Dean of Woburn and Maria F. Parker of Reading, Jan. 1, 1868.
  • S. Elmira Dean and Julius F. Ramsdell, both of Woburn, Oct. 24, 1868.
  • Daniel Dearborn and Harriet O'Brien, both of Woburn, July 20, 1851.
  • Sarah F. Dearborn of Portsmouth, N. H., and Samuel Caldwell of Woburn, Jan. 13, 1852.
  • Andrew Dearborn, Jr., and Ann J. Delaney, both of Woburn, Nov. 25, 1863.
  • Clara E. Dearborn and William W. Cook, both of Woburn, July 4, 1865.
  • Patrick De Courcy and Honora Cronin, both of Winchester, Nov. 19, 1859.
  • John Degrushe of Medford and Eunice Richardson of Woburn, at Medford, Jan. 13, 1732.
  • John Degrushe and Sarah Richardson [of Woburn], at Medford, Sept. 3, 1776.
  • Ann J. Delaney and Andrew Dearborn, Jr., both of Woburn, Nov. 25, 1863.
  • James W. De Loriea and Elizabeth McCarthy, both of Woburn, Nov. 4, 1852.
  • Eugene F. Deluce of Melrose and C. E. Ryder of Lynn, Jan. 12, 1856.
DE MERRITT (see note under Dumaresque.)
  • Abby De Merritt and Orlando J. Hart, both of Woburn, April 10, 1863.
  • Thomas Dempsey of Somerville and Ellen Daily of Woburn, April 24, 1859.
  • Ellen Denehy and Michael Lynch, both of Woburn, Sept. 1, 1863.
  • Mary Dennan and Bernard Reddy, both of Woburn, Aug. 29, 1863.
  • Catharine Dennan and James Doherty, both of Woburn, Oct. 19, 1864.
  • Ellen Dennett of Woburn and Thomas H. Perkins of Malden, Jan. 25, 1848.
  • William Derby and Mary Center, both of Reading, Nov. 27, 1806.
  • Patrick Devaney and Rosanna Murray, both of Woburn, Sept. 4, 1870.
  • Grace Dever and Edward Callahan, both of Woburn, Aug. 18, 1870.
  • Alice E. Devine of Woburn and Charles D. Cyers of New York, Aug. 20, 1872.
  • Elizabeth M. Devlin and George F. McDonald, both of Woburn, Nov. 29, 1871.
  • Hugh Devlin and Rosa Dolan, both of Woburn, April 14, 1872.
  • Martha H. D. Dewhurst of Woburn and Conrad R. Converse of Chelsea, June 10, 1869.
  • George B. Dexter and Mary Wyman of Woburn, May --, 1823.
  • John B. L. Dickerson and Asenath A. Clark, both of Reading, April 29, 1851.
  • Ella A. Dickerson and William H. Lewis, both of Woburn, Dec. 25, 1872.
  • Margery Dickson of Cambridge and Samuel Carter of Woburn, at Cambridge, June 30, 1719.
  • Isaiah Dickson of Cambridge and Judith Symmes of Woburn, Nov. 16, 1773.
  • William Dickson, Jr., of Cambridge and Rachel Cutter of Woburn, at Cambridge, May 15, 1792.
  • Thomas Dill of Cambridge Farms and Mary Pierce of Woburn, Jan. 17, 1706.
DINAH (See POOLE, 1787.)
  • Zoe Dion of Winchester and Calixt Gooday of Woburn, Jan. 14, 1872.
  • Thomas Ditson of Billerica and Elizabeth Lawrence of Woburn, June 22, 1732.
  • Sarah Dix of Woburn and Joshua Reed of Medford, at Medford, March 27, 1755.
  • Nathan Dix and Elizabeth Wyman, both of Woburn, Nov. 16, 1769.
  • Rachel Dix and Jacob Jaquith, both of Wilmington, June 10, 1795.
  • Miss Deborah Dixon of Cambridge and Mr. David Tottingham of Woburn, Dec. 1, 1785.
  • Mary J. Doane and Alfred C. Kimball, both of Woburn, Jan. 29, 1846.
  • Neal Doary and Mary Haggerty, both of Woburn. June 9, 1859.
  • Ruth Dodge and Joseph Carter, both of Woburn, at Charlestown, Sept. 3, 1728.
  • Hannah Dodge of Beverly and Nathaniel Wyman of Woburn, at Beverly, May 30, 1765.
  • Eliphalet Dodge of Danvers and Mary Cox of Woburn, at Cambridge, Feb. 13, 1802.
  • Mr. William A. Dodge of Boston and Miss Elizabeth W. Hutchinson of Woburn, Feb. 16, 1841.
  • Israel F. Dodge of Crestline, Ohio, and Julia M. Allen of Woburn, Oct. 22, 1854.
  • Charles S. Dodge and Lucy A. Waite, both of Stoneham, Feb. 24, 1859.
  • John Doherty and Ann M. Cook, both of Woburn, May 7, 1848.
  • Margaret Doherty and Bernard McConologue, both of Woburn, Sept. 6, 1857.
  • James Doherty and Sarah Black, both of Woburn, Jan. 9, 1858.
  • Edward Doherty and Bridget Hanna, both of Woburn, Jan. 16, 1858.
  • Hugh Doherty and Ellen Doherty, both of Woburn, Jan. 22, 1859.
  • Ellen Doherty and Hugh Doherty, both of Woburn, Jan. 22, 1859.
  • Mary Doherty and Neal Lafferty, both of Woburn, April 24, 1859.
  • Neal Doherty and Mary Bradley, both of Woburn, Jan. 28, 1860.
  • Ann Doherty of Woburn and James Henney of Johnson, R. I., Sept. 1, 1862.
  • John Doherty and Mary Doherty, both of Woburn, June 4, 1863.
  • Mary Doherty and John Doherty, both of Woburn, June 4, 1863.
  • Hugh Doherty and Catharine Doherty, both of Woburn, Aug. 16, 1863.
  • Catharine Doherty and Hugh Doherty, both of Woburn, Aug. 16, 1863.
  • Mary Ann Doherty and George Reynolds, both of Woburn, Aug. 30, 1864.
  • James Doherty and Catharine Dennan, both of Woburn, Oct. 19, 1864.
  • Rose Doherty and John McDevitt, both of Woburn, Aug. 19, 1866.
  • Mary E. Doherty and Timothy Corcoran, both of Woburn, Jan. 12, 1868.
  • Hugh Doherty and Grace Doherty, both of Woburn, April 19, 1868.
  • Grace Doherty and Hugh Doherty, both of Woburn, April 19, 1868.
  • Neal Doherty and Catharine Porter, both of Woburn, April 19, 1868.
  • Margery Doherty and William Harkins, both of Woburn, Dec. 24, 1868.
  • Ann Doherty and Patrick Grant, both of Woburn, Jan. 14, 1869.
  • Hannah Doherty and Hugh McColgan, both of Woburn, Feb. 9, 1869.
  • Mary Doherty and Patrick Gibbons, both of Woburn. Aug. 12, 1869.
  • John A. Doherty and Susan Barr, both of Woburn, Jan. 12, 1871.
  • Ann Doherty and Edward Harkins, both of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1871.
  • Cecilia Doherty of Stoneham and David Fitzpatrick of Woburn, Dec. 31, 1871.
  • John Doherty and Eliza Doherty, both of Woburn, Jan. 18, 1872.
  • Eliza Doherty and John Doherty, both of Woburn, Jan. 18, 1872.
  • John Doherty and Belle Heckbert, both of Woburn, April 2, 1872.
  • Michael Doherty and Susan Doherty, both of Woburn, Aug. 18, 1872.
  • Susan Doherty and Michael Doherty, both of Woburn, Aug. 18, 1872.
  • Roger Doherty and Rosa Kenney, both of Woburn, Oct. 29, 1872.
  • Mary Dolan and James O'Brien, both of Woburn, Jan. 11, 1863.
  • Mary Dolan and Michael Flynn, both of Woburn, Nov. 24, 1869.
  • James Dolan of Woburn and Annie M. Kenney of Peabody, May 24, 1871.
  • Rosa Dolan and Hugh Devlin, both of Woburn, April 14, 1872.
  • Sarah Dole of Newbury and William Johnson of Woburn, at Newbury, Jan. 1, 1708.
  • Eliza Ann Dolliver and Henry Bulfinch, both of Woburn, March 30, 1847.
  • Samuel R. Dolliver and Maria L. Parker, both of Woburn, March 5, 1848.
  • John Dolliver of Woburn and Abba E. Conant of Lyndeborough, N.H., Feb. 3, 1853.
  • Ann Donahoe and James Monahan, both of Woburn. Nov. 21, 1866.
  • Eliza M. Donahoe and Edward Fountain, both of Woburn, Dec. 19, 1867.
  • Catharine Donahoe and Martin Costello, both of Woburn, Aug. 25, 1871.
  • Richard Donlan of Charlestown and Georgianna Fickett of Woburn, May 8, 1848.
  • Patrick Donlan and Jane McNulty, of Woburn, Oct. 29, 1863.
  • Georgianna Donlan and John Goodwin, both of Woburn, May 22, 1866.
  • Francis Donnelly of Woburn and Bridget McAvoy of Cambridge, Jan. 8, 1869.
  • Margaret Donovan of Lowell and John Fleetwood of Woburn, April 8, 1863.
  • Margaret E. Doorley and Thomas Ryan, both of Woburn, Jan. 1, 1868.
  • John Doran and Catharine O'Neil, both of Woburn. Nov. 14, 1857.
  • Bridget Doran of Boston and John Gallagher of Woburn, Nov. 27, 1862.
  • Thomas Doran and Mary Cullen, both Woburn, Nov. 30, 1862.
  • Mrs. Phebe Dorman and Col. Bill Russell, both of Woburn, May 29, 1821.
DORR (Whereas Josiah Pierce and Maw Dorr was published the last Sabbath and I, subscriber, forbid the bans, I, being satisfied, have nothing against the clerk's proceeding according to law. Benjamin Wyman. Woburn, August 21, 1752.)
  • Maj. Robert Douglass and Patty Johnson, both of Woburn, Jan. 1, 1789.
  • Barnard Douglass and Hannah Pierce, both of Woburn, June 12, 1791.
  • Julia A. Douglass and William B. Ward, both of Woburn, May 6, 1857.
DOW (See also DOWS)
  • Mr. Stephen Dow of Portland and Miss Celende Thompson of Woburn, May 24, 1836.
  • Emma M. Dow of Woburn and Benjamin Pond of Boston, June 28, 1848.
  • Eleanor Dow and Ephraim Wentworth, both of Woburn, May 16, 1851.
  • James Neal Dow of Woburn and Ellen Sophia Beeman of North Bridgton, Me., at Biddeford, Me., August 11, 1853.
  • Ellen T. Dow of Woburn and William T. Barrett of Northfield, Vt., May 27, 1858.
  • Alfred A. Dow and Carrie S. Ellis, both of Woburn, Sept. 23, 1862.
  • Harriet Josephine Dow of Woburn and William Henry Winn of Burlington, Nov. 11, 1863.
  • Julia Thompson Dow of Woburn and James W. C. Pickering of Manchester, N. H., Sept. 1, 1868.
  • S. Henry Dow and Emma T. Thompson, both of Woburn, Oct. 24, 1869.
  • Margaret Downey and John Fitzgerald, both of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1860.
  • Jonathan P. Downing and Louisa F. Fisk, both of Woburn, Dec. 24, 1857.
  • Moses J. Downs and Alma E. Keniston, both of Stoneham, Nov. 6, 1859.
  • Sarah Dows of Billerica and Ebenezer Newman of Woburn, at Billerica, Jan. 17, 1782.
  • John B. Doyle and Julia A. Thompson, both of Woburn, June 1, 1854.
  • William Doyle of Woburn and Ann Glynn of Winchester, May 21, 1859.
  • Ellen Doyle and Andrew Granfield, both of Woburn, June 23, 1861.
  • Delia Doyle of Woburn and Francis Gamier of Pittsfield, Sept. 20, 1863.
  • John B. Doyle of Woburn and Hattie L. Pierce of Whiting, Vt., Dec. 8, 1870.
  • Jane Drenner of Woburn and Thomas McCarthy of Winchester, Nov. 4, 1852.
  • Phebe S. Dresser and Alvin P. Knapp, both of Stoneham, Sept. 7, 1851.
  • Sarah J. Drew and James Macfarlane, both of Woburn, Jan. 6, 1869.
  • Annie E. Drew and Alexander Y. Smith, both of Woburn, Sept 12, 1871.
  • George A. Drew of East Milton and Mary Leona Willoughby of Woburn, June 2, 1872.
  • Ann Driscoll and George Ansty, both of Woburn, Nov. 6, 1864.
  • Miss Mary Driziell and Mr. Samuel P. Larymand, both of Boston, Oct. 3, 1841. (Langmaid and Durrell. Church Record.)
  • Samuel H. Drown and Ella G. Parker, both of Woburn, Sept. 2, 1860.
  • Ella C. Drown and Sydney S. Richardson, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1872.
  • Henry Dublois and Ann Wright, both of West Cambridge, Jan. 9, 1853.
  • Patrick Duffy and Alice Martin, both of Woburn, Oct. 2, 1859.
  • James Duffy and Catharine Powell, both of Woburn, Dec. 27, 1863.
  • Thomas Dumaresque of Boston and Abigail Richardson of Woburn, Feb. 19, 1736. (As recorded in Boston his name was Demeritt.)
  • Emily O. Dunbar and Edward T. Moody, both of Woburn, Feb. 2, 1864.
  • John Duncan and Sarah Dutton of Billerica. June 16, 1701.
  • Mary Duncan and Michael Hickey, both of Woburn, Jan. 16, 1866.
  • John Dundon and Margaret Murray, both of Bedford, Nov. 26, 1863.
  • Michael Dunegan and Ellen Holland, both of Woburn, Oct. 8, 1865.
  • Lysander L. Dunham of Boston and Rebecca B. Barnes of Plymouth, Jan. 24, 1863.
  • Nathaniel Dunklee of Billerica and Ruth Johnson of Woburn, Nov. 23, 1758.
  • Harriet M. Dunlap of Taunton and Jesse Frank Frisbie of Woburn, Nov. 27, 1866.
  • Ruth Duntlin and Francis Wilson, March 6, 1683.
  • Hannah Duntlin and Thomas Lepingwell, Jan. 15, 1691.
  • Samuel Dunton of Billerica and Deborah Pierce of Woburn, Sept. 25, 1722.
  • Elizabeth Dunton and Jacob P. Richardson, both of Woburn, July 18, 1868.
  • Warren Dunton and Abbie Richardson, both of Woburn, Feb. 12, 1869.
  • Mary Ann Dupee and David Richardson, both of Woburn, Sept. 1, 1740.
  • Abraham Duren of Lexington and Mary Russell of Woburn, at Lexington, Oct. 25, 1801.
  • Miss Lydia Duren and Mr. Joseph Kendall, both of Woburn, Dec. 28, 1826.
  • Mr. Abraham Duren of Woburn and Miss Prudence Simonds of Billerica, April 5, 1842.
  • William Duren of Woburn and Augusta R. Locke of Lexington, Feb. 4, 1845.
  • Warren Duren of Woburn and Mary Chandler of Lexington, Oct. 18, 1848.
  • S. Russell Duren, Jr., of Woburn and Cornelia M. Cutler of Lexington, Dec. 2, 1856.
  • George W. Duren and Sarah F. Pierce, both of Woburn, Nov. 8, 1868.
  • Mary A. Dunn of Woburn and James O. Allen of Charlestown, Nov, 25, 1869.
  • Henrietta A. Duren and William C. Tufts, both of Woburn, Dec. 19, 1872.
  • Hannah F. Durgin of Lee, N. H., and Stillman Nichols of Woburn, June 23, 1855.
  • Jacob R. Durgin of Winchester and Mary Jane Murdock of Woburn, Feb. 9, 1871.
  • Nellie Durgin of Woburn and Maurice Coughlin of Hyde Park, Vt., July 27, 1872.
  • Samuel Dusten of Haverhill and Ruth Fowle of Woburn, March 29, 1744.
  • (In 1651, Thomas Duttom was convicted of beating his wife, although both he and his wife denied the fact. The Court sentenced him to be admonished and to pay a fine of five pounds and costs, Middlesex County Court Records. Vol. l,. Page 230. In 1668, Thomas Dutton brought an action of slander against Michael Bacon, Jr., who had charged him with being a thief. Capt. Edward Johnson and his wife Susan, aged 71, testified in this case that Michell Baker, junior, came to our house &, shewed us a Napkin & spoone, which he said they found is Goodman Dutton's" and when the witnesses said that "Dutton was not mistrusted for any such thing as theft the said Michell Baken Junior and he had word from one of Reading that the said Dutton was known to bee soe (?) these: & therefore wisht him [i.e., Johnson] to search for his goods at his house." Twenty-two citizens of Reading signed an endorsement of Dutton to the effect that he had "Lived amongst us in the town of Reeding the Space of Seven years or Thereabouts: did carry himself well & honestly Towards his Neighbors, etc." The following paper also appears as evidence in this case and is very valuable for its autographs." Wee whose Names are under written testify that Thomas Dutton having lived amongst us in the Towne of Woburne nere the space of tenne years, has bine very Industrous in his calling and has not to our knowledge bine any way given to steal, or to take any thing that is not his owne. Josias Conuars, William Johnson, Mathew Johnson, James Conuars, Samuell Consars, John Broockes, Thomas Peirce, Samuel Walker sr., John Russell Junior, Henry Broockes, Isack Broockes, Edward Win, Richard Gardner, John Russell, John Carter." The plaintiff obtained a verdict of fifteen pounds. See note under Tottingham.)
  • Sarah Dutton of Billerica and John Duncan, June 16, 1701.
  • Thomas Dutton, Jr., of Billerica and Sarah Converse [of Woburn], at Billerica, Nov. --, 1721.
  • Laura A. Dwyer and Thomas T. Penney, both of Woburn, June 8, 1851.
  • Mary Dwyer and John Shea, both of Woburn, Jan. 17, 1858.
EAGER (See entry under Algier.)
  • David Eager of Watertown and Margaret Greenwood of Woburn. Nov. 11, 1792.
  • Mr. Dwight F. Eager and Miss Mary Mead, both of Woburn, Oct. 7, 1841.
  • James Eager of Lynnfield and Mary Ann Masurey of South Reading, Oct. 24, 1863.
  • Hattie E. Eager and Eben M. Coffin, both of Woburn, June 8, 1864.
EAMES (See also AMES)
  • John Eames and Martha Johnson, March 18, 1650.
  • Mary Eames and Abraham Cousens, Nov. 19, 1684.
  • Abigail Eames of Woburn and Samuel Wesson of Reading, Aug. 29, 1688.
  • Joseph Eames and Mary Everett, May 20, 1697.
  • "Lydia Eames and Ebenezer Buck, both of Woburn, were married by me and according to the best of my remembrance it was in the year 1713.----John Fox."
  • Mary Eames of Woburn and Jonathan Smith of Exeter, March 17, 1714.
  • Samuel Eames and Judith Simonds, both of Woburn, July 2, 1717.
  • Daniel Eames of Woburn and Abigail Nourse of Reading, at Reading, March 8, 1720.
  • Caleb Eames and Sarah Simonds, both of Woburn, April 5, 1732.
  • Jonathan Eames and Sarah Roberts, both of Wilmington, March 14, 1738.
  • Judith Eames and Mr. Zachariah Symmes, both of Woburn, Oct. 29, 1741.
  • Simon Eames and Sarah Wilson, both of Woburn, Sept. 2, 1762.
  • Huldah Eames and Elijah Wyman, both of Woburn, March 13,1765.
  • Sarah Eames and Edward Twist, Jr., both of Woburn, Oct. 4, 1768.
  • Dea. Samuel Eames of Woburn and Joanna Fassett of Bedford, July 4, 1770.
  • David Eames and Deborah Holt, both of Woburn, July 24, 1770.
  • John Eames, Jr., of Wilmington and Azubah Tidd of Woburn, at Wilmington, March 18, 1773.
  • Jacob Eames and Esther Tay, both of Woburn, Aug. 3, 1775.
  • Rachel Eames of Woburn and Jonas Evans of Reading, Oct. 5, 1775.
  • Ruth Eames of Woburn and Samuel Evans of Reading, July 30, 1778.
  • John Eames, 3d, of Wilmington and Abigail Thompson of Woburn, at Wilmington, Aug. 19, 1779.
  • Mary Eames of Wilmington and Jonathan Carter of Woburn, at Wilmington, Feb. 5, 1788.
  • Ruth Eames of Wilmington and Isaac Abbott, Jr., of Amherst, N. H., Oct. 15, 1793.
  • Mr. Samuel Eames and Miss Elizabeth Tay, both of Woburn, May 30, 1805.
  • Miss Cynthia Eames and Mr. Jonathan Tidd, Jr., both of Woburn, Jan. 29, 1806.
  • Esther Eames and Elijah Wyman, both of Woburn, April 24, 1806.
  • John Eames, Jr., and Polly Kimball, both of Woburn, June 10, 1806.
  • Lydia Eames and Seth Johnson, both of Woburn, Sept. 23, 1810.
  • Mr. Stephen Eames and Miss Susanna Barnard, both of Woburn, May 30, 1813.
  • Miss Ruth Eames and Mr. Samuel Leathe, both of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1820.
  • Betsey Eames of Wilmington and Samuel Converse of Woburn, at Wilmington, Feb. 27, 1821.
  • Mr. Robert Eames and Mrs. Lucy Oystead, both of Woburn, Dec. 30, 1822.
  • Clara C. Eames and James Leslie, both of Woburn, Jan. 27, 1854.
  • Daniel Eames, Jr., and Julia A. C. Beers, both of Woburn, Aug. 2, 1856.
  • Lavinia R. Eames and Isaac Swasey, both of Stoneham, July 19, 1857.
  • James Taylor Eames and Betsey Reach, both of No. Reading, Aug. 8, 1860.
  • Lucy L. Eames and Charles E. Morse, both of Woburn, Dec. 4, 1860.
  • Mary Eames of Winchester and Michael Ryan of Woburn, Sept. 8, 1870.
  • Maria Early of Winchester and John Connors of Woburn, June 19, 1870.
  • Jonathan Eastman of Concord, N. H., and Esther Johnson of Woburn, at West Cambridge, Sept. 15, 1776.
  • Isaac Eastman of Concord, N. H., and Abigail (Jones) Tay of Woburn, Feb. 14, 1807. (Sammuel Thompson's, record.)
  • Miss Jemima Eastman and Mr. William Ward, both of Woburn, May 30, 1838.
  • Rev. Mr. David Eastman of Amherst and Miss Sarah E. Smith of Woburn, Jan. 31, 1839.
  • Noah B. Eastman and Martha M. Wyer, both of Woburn, Dec. 25, 1848.
  • Frank C. Eastman of Chelsea and Martha M. Fowle of Woburn, Aug. 13, 1863.
  • Cyrus L. Eastman of Woburn and Jane C. Rice of Springfield, Sept. 14, 1870.
  • Rebecca Eaton and James Richardson, ----, 1698.
  • Samuel Eaton and Ruth Russell, both of Woburn, March 20, 1722.
  • Noah Eaton of Reading and Phebe Lilley of Woburn, Dec. 1, 1726.
  • Hannah Eaton of Woburn and Joseph Boutwell of Wilmington, April 12, 1763.
  • Susanna Eaton of Reading and John White of Woburn, April 28, 1768.
  • Miss Abigail Eaton and Mr. Ichabod Parker, both of Reading, June 30, 1785.
  • Mr. Jonathan Eaton, Jr., and Mary Bruce, both of Woburn, April 19, 1787.
  • Lucy Eaton and Edward Wyer, both of Woburn. March 20, 1788.
  • Lot Eaton and Mrs. Mary Tay, both of Woburn, June 17, 1788.
  • Mr. Noah Eaton and Rebecca Locke, both of Woburn, Jan. 15, 1795.
  • Thomas Eaton and Abigail Bruce, both of Woburn, July 19, 1795.
  • John Eaton and Abigill Miller, both of Woburn, Sept. 27, 1802.
  • Mr. Noah Eaton and Esther Thompson, both of Woburn, Nov. 21, 1811.
  • Abigail Eaton and Mr. William Fox, Jr., both of Woburn, Dec. 6, 1815.
  • Miss Abigail Eaton and Mr. Loammi Richardson, both of Woburn, Nov. 28, 1816.
  • Lot Eaton, Jr., of Woburn, and Ruth Smith of Lexington, at West Cambridge, April 17, 1817.
  • Mr. Jonathan Eaton, Jr., and Miss Nancy B. Abbott, both of Woburn, April 29, 1819.
  • Miss Polly Eaton of Woburn and Mr. William Jordan of Boston, Oct. 5, 1819.
  • Benjamin Eaton of Woburn and Hephzibah Smith of Lexington, at Lexington, April 19, 1821. (April 12, according to Lexington Church Records.)
  • Mr. Joseph Eaton and Miss Mary Tidd, both of Woburn, May 6, 1824.
  • Miss Lucy Eaton and Mr. Stanley Wyman, both of Woburn, March 26, 1828.
  • Esther T. Eaton and Mr. Asa C. Smith, both of Woburn, Sept. 27, 1829.
  • Daniel Eaton and Mary W. Richardson, both of Woburn, April 9, 1834.
  • Miss Mary Eaton and Mr. Charles Nichols, both of Woburn, Jan. 25, 1838.
  • Miss Abby Eaton and Mr. Charles Tidd, both of Woburn, March 9, 1839.
  • Nancy B. Eaton of Woburn and Jonas Gleason of Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 14, 1845.
  • Abiel Eaton and Catharine West, both of Woburn, March 28, 1845.
  • Emily O. Eaton and Nathan Wyman, Jr., both of Woburn, Oct. 18, 1848.
  • Cyrus A. Eaton and Mary Ann Jones, both of Woburn, April 22, 1849.
  • Marcus Eaton of Boston and Phebe B. Wilson of Woburn, Oct. 14, 1849.
  • Joseph M. Eaton and Martha Johnson, both of Woburn, Nov. 11, 1849.
  • Melzar Eaton of Stoneham and Eleanor A. Reynolds of Woburn, Nov. 27, 1851.
  • Parker Eaton and Martha Cummings, both of Woburn, April 26, 1852.
  • Alfred Eaton and Rosanna B. Parks, both of Woburn, May 23, 1852.
  • Susan Eaton and Humphrey French, both of Lunenburg, N. S., June 18, 1862.
  • Nancy M. Eaton and John W. Francis, both of Woburn, Aug. 18, 1870.
  • Mary L. Eaton and Enoch H. Curtis, both of Woburn, Feb. 4, 1871.
  • George F. Eaton and Calista A. Sweetser, both of Woburn, Feb. 15, 1871.
  • Abby E. Eaton and Walter S. Fifield, both of Woburn, April 26, 1871.
  • Austin H. Eaton and Catharine V. Boynton, both of Winchester, Sept. 17, 1872.
  • George Eddy and Susan J. Johnson, both of Woburn, April 5, 1867.
  • John Edgecomb and Lavinia Niles, both of Winchester, Sept. 15, 1850.
  • Frances E. Edgecomb and John Andrews, both of Woburn, June 25, 1853.
  • Sarah R. Edgecomb and William Emery, both of Woburn, Nov. 10, 1864.
  • Charles W. Edgecomb and Nellie E. Stygles, both of Woburn, Aug. 15, 1871.
  • George Henry Edgecomb and Lizzie Sowersby, both of Woburn, Sept. 5, 1871.
  • John Edgell of Westminster and Rebekah Winship of Lexington, at Lexington, Nov. 9, 1762.
  • Susan Edgell and Josiah Wright, Jr., both of Woburn, May 19, 1801.
  • Francis Edmond of Brookline and Mary Newell Abbott, of Woburn, April 21, 1858.
  • Helen A. Edmond and Frank S. Burgess, both of Woburn, Aug. 31, 1871.
  • Emma A. Edmond of Woburn and George R. Russell of Boston, Dec. 7, 1871.
  • Willard Edmunds and Isabel I. Hemmingtory, both of Maiden, Nov. 14, 1847. (Hemmenway. See Guide Post, Nov. 18, 1847.)
  • Jesse E. Edmunds and Charles E. Sutton, both of Woburn, Sept. 7, 1867.
  • Emma Edmunds and Henry Owen, both of Woburn, May 24, 1871.
EDWARDS (An article in "The News" of Woburn, Jan. 17, 1801 (?), entitled "Memorial Rings," contains much interesting information about the Edwards family of Woburn in the eighteenth century.)
  • Miss Sarah T. Edwards and Mr. James Kendall, both of Woburn, April 11, 1833.
  • Margaret N. Edwards of Raleigh, N. C., and Marcellus Bailey of Woburn, June 4, 1861.
  • Hannah T. Edwards and Joseph L. Brainard (?), both of Boston, Sept. 11, 1866.
  • Sarah Eggleton and John Nutting, Aug. 28, 1650.
  • Ruth Eggleton and Samuel Blodgett, Dec. 13, 1655.
ELDOR (In 1663., "Daniel Eldor, Schotchman, for seeking to draw away the affections of Ruth Richardson, being convicted thereof his owne confession in open Court, is fined five pounds." - Middlesex County Court Record, Vol., 1., Page 281.)
  • Caroline M. Eldridge of Chatham and Edgar E. Ellis of Woburn, Nov. 14, 1871.
  • Lovica J. Eliveil and Josiah Brooks, both of Lexington, Nov. 14, 1848.
  • J. R. Elkins and Almira Simonds, both of Wilmington, Dec. 7, 1845.
  • John Ellard of Woburn and Jane B. Lamb of Boston, April 17, 1866.
  • Alice Elliot and Thomas Martin, June 1, 1650.
  • Joshua Ellis of Keene and Sarah Russell of Woburn, July 11, 1776.
  • Carrie S. Ellis and Alfred A. Dow, both of Woburn, Sept. 23, 1862.
  • Fannie H. Ellis of Woburn and Albert J. Hayden of Lawrence, May 25, 1865.
  • George F. Ellis and Ellen T. Barrett, both of Woburn, July 6, 1865.
  • Frederick B. Ellis of Woburn and Jennie M. Andrus of Milford, Conn., May 2, 1869.
  • Clara A. Ellis of Woburn and George H. Eustis of Somerville, Nov. 24, 1869.
  • Fred William Ellis of Woburn and Alice May Moore of Maine, Nov. 8, 1871.
  • Edgar E. Ellis of Woburn and Caroline M. Eldridge of Chatham, Nov. 14, 1871.
  • Miss Charlotte Ellsworth and Mr. Jonathan Reed, Jr., both of Woburn, Dec. 30, 1819.
  • Nathaniel P. Ellsworth of Woburn and Caroline Miller of Burlington, at Burlington, Apr. 17, 1825.
  • Rebecca Embree of Woburn and Philip Russell of Lexington, Sept. 21, 1864.
  • Timothy Emerson of Haverhill and Hannah Wright of Woburn, Jan. 23, 1739.
  • Jonathan Emerson of Haverhill and Sarah Wright of Woburn, at Haverhill, Apr. 18, 1741.
  • William Emerson of Reading and Lydia Scottow of Woburn, Oct. 9, 1794.
  • Mr. Loring Emerson and Miss Tryphena Russell, both of Woburn, May 17, 1821.
  • Mr. John S. Emerson and Miss Abigail Dean, both (?) of Woburn, Dec. 6, 1821.
  • Mr. Warren Emerson and Fanny Reed, both of Woburn, Feb. 6, 1834.
  • Miss Mary M. Emerson and Mr. Stephen Thompson, both of Woburn, Mar. 18, 1838.
  • Mr. Robert R. Emerson of West Cambridge and Miss ElvIra Richardson of Woburn, Nov. 23, 1842.
  • Tryphena R. Emerson of Woburn and John Ayer of Charlestown, Nov. 18, 1846.
  • Lincoln Emerson and Helen Stoddard, both of Woburn, July 19, 1859.
  • Warren Emerson of Woburn and Charlotte Heald of Lowell, May 1, 1860.
  • Isaac Emery of Concord, N. H., and Hadassah Tay of Woburn, Mar. 12, 1795.
  • William Emery and Susan J. Handen, both of Woburn, May 1, 1851.
  • William Emery and Frances R. Handen, both of Woburn, Feb. 2, 1854.
  • Gideon F. Emery of Biddeford, Me., and Ann M. Small of Woburn, June 20, 1855.
  • Mary Emery and Robert Campbell, both of Woburn, Apr. 12, 1856.
  • George W. Emery and Mary Caroll, both of Woburn, Nov. 10, 1857.
  • Adolphus Emery and Catharine McCall, both of Woburn, April 29, 1860.
  • William Emery and Sarah R. Edgecomb, both of Woburn, Nov. 10, 1864.
  • James Emery, Jr., of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Marianna L. Rich of Woburn, Oct. 11, 1870.
  • David Estabrook and Hannah Wright, Sept. 17, 1736.
  • Samuel Estabrook and Abigail Flagg, Dec. 18, 1738.
  • Hannah Estabrook of Lexington and Ebenezer Lawrence of Woburn, at Lexington, Apr. 6, 1785.
  • Caroline Esty of Nashua, N. H., and Rev. Joseph Bennett of Woburn, at Nashua, Oct. 11, 1847.
  • George H. Eustis of Somerville and Clara A. Ellis of Woburn, Nov. 24, 1869.
  • David Evans of Charlestown and Abigail Walker of Wobuurn, Sept. 22, 1729. (David Evans removed to Pennacook about 1731. In 1762, his sons, David and John, were amoung the first settlers of Fryburg, Me.--S.A. Evans, M.D., of Conway, N.H.)
  • Andrew Evans and Mary Richardson of Woburn. Dec. 4, 1730.
  • Sarah Evans of Reading and Josiah Converse of Woburn,--, 1732.
  • Elizabeth Evans and David Alexander, Jan.10, 1739.
  • Elizabeth Evans and Nathaniel Wyman, both of Woburn, Apr. 10, 1740.
  • David Evans of Reading and Hannah Nevers of Woburn, Aug. 5, 1740. (This David Evans was a son of Nathaniel Evans of Reading. By deed dated May 2, 1750, Nathaniel Evans conveys his homestead in Reading to his "dutiful son," David. In 1762, David conveys it to Jonathan Evans of Reading, and Hannah Evans, wife of David, releases dower.)
  • Nathaniel Evans and Mary Tidd, both of Woburn, Apr. 18, 1758.
  • Andrew Evans. Jr., and Sarah Center, both of Woburn, Nov. 25, 1760.
  • Hannah Evans and Bill Center, both of Woburn, Mar. 22, 1763.
  • Samuel Evans of Woburn and Elizabeth Johnson of Leominster, at Leominster, Sept. 29, 1766.
  • Nathaniel Evans of Reading and Mary Hayden of Woburn. Mar. 12, 1771.
  • Jonas Evans of Reading and Rachel Eames of Woburn, Oct. 5, 1775. (Rachael Evans was appointed administratix of Jones Evans of Woburn in 1784. The will of Jonathan Evans of Reading, who died in 1798, makes mention of his wife Eunice, of Jonathan "my eldest son," of sons Thomas and Samuel (the youngest), of grandsons, Jonas and Jacob Evans, " son of my third son Jonas," of son Amos and children of Amos [Rachel Carter and Elizabeth Evans] of eldest daughter Eunice Alexander, and of " youngest surviving daughter Lois Evans."
          There was also a Jonathan Evans of Wilmington who died in 1783, and in his will mention is made of his father, Thomas Evans, to whom be gives "all the Land which I am entitled to is Consequence of my enlisting into the Continental army for during the war. Likewise all the wages and clothing which is Due to me for my Services in the army."
          The testator refers to his sisters, Ruth Upton, Lydia Cowdri, Anna Beard, and Sarah Eaton, and to his brothers Sherebiah and Thomas Evans.
          There is on record at Cambridge an inventory of the estate of Henry Evans [of Malden?] who was "drowned about the first of March 1666-7."
  • Samuel Evans of Reading and Ruth Eames of Woburn, July 30, 1778.
  • Sarah Evans of Woburn, and Daniel Green, Jr., of Stoneham, at Reading, Oct. 15, 1783.
  • Andrew Evans of Woburn and Hannah Brown [of Bedford], at Bedford, Feb. 12, 1784.
  • Miss Abigail Evans of Woburn and Mr. Nathan Gould of Stoneham, Apr. 23, 1789.
  • Rachel Evans and Mr. William Carter, both of Woburn, Apr. 23, 1795.
  • Asaph Evans of Woburn and Rhoda Hutchinson, of Carlisle, at Carlisle, Nov. 22, 1796.
  • Thomas Evans, Jr., of Reading and Phebe Cummings of Woburn, July 15, 1802.
  • Elizabeth Evans of Woburn and Samuel H. Ash of Boston, Dec. 1, 1803.
  • Jacob Eames Evans and Sarah Carter, both of Burlington, at Burlington, April 16, 1810.
  • Miss Rhoda Evans of Woburn and Mr. Cyrus Bancroft of Stoneham, Dec. 30, 1828.
  • Mr. Thomas J. Evans of Woburn and Miss Mary D. Simonds of Reading, Dec. 1, 1836.
  • Hosea Evans of Townsend and Miss Hannah P. Martin of Woburn. Nov. 3, 1839.
  • Mary Everett and Joseph Eames, May 20, 1697.

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