Vital Records of
Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts,
To the Year 1850

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


  • Catherine [-----],w. Michael, May--1836. G.R.4.
  • Henry H_,---,1845,[on monument with Nathaniel Presho], G.R.50.
  • Michael,h. Catherine, Dec.--,1827.G.R.4.


  • Adaline,S.[?m.],Feb.9,1841,[in lot with Edgar D.Brown and Charles H. Ridder] G.R.50.
  • Asa R.h. Eliza M. Hammond, May 18,1834. G.R.50.
  • George F.,nailor,b. Providence, R.I.,s. John Q. and Harriet enl.Aug.14,1862. a.24,R.R.
  • Horace L. Farmer,b. Norton,enl.July 15,1863,a.23,R.R.
  • Joanna[-----],w. John, June 13,1775,in Middleton, G.R.34.


  • William,s. Robert,shoemaker, and Mary, Apr.--,1847, in T.


  • Levi,h. Martha Shaw,---1842,G.R.50.
  • Martha Shaw[---],w.Levi---,1842, G.R.50

AINEMAN (See Hinman)


  • Ann Eliza,---1844,[on stone with James Durfee Albro]G.R.50.
  • Bradford Durfee,h. Harriet Maria Davis,---1846,G.R.50.
  • Eleanor Hewson [----],w. George Franklin,---1848. G.R.50.
  • George F.,engraver,b. Fall River, enl. Nov.---,1863,a.16,R.R.[George Franklin Albro,h. Eleanor Hewson,b.---1848, G.R/50].
  • Harriet Maria Davis [---],w. Bradford Durfee,---,1848, G.R.50.
  • Irene Almy Chase [----],w. James Durfee,----1819,G.R.50.
  • James Durfee,h. Irene Almy Chase,----1818,G.R.50.
  • James Holder,----1849,[on stone with James Durfee Albro] G.R.50.
  • Moses, July 10,1823,C.R.7


  • Eliza Ann Williams[---],w. John C.,Aug.22,1836, G.R.17.
  • John C.,h. Eliza Ann Williams, Apr.4,1836,G.R.17.


  • Albro W.,Private,Co.H,40th Mass.Vols.,Sept.17,1845,[on stone with Eliza S.] G.R.50. Charles S.,s. Summer,harness maker, and Matha, Dec.16,1844,in T.[Charles Summer Aldrich,s.Marietta, C.R.3. Charles S.,ch.Summer and Marietta Nelson, Nov. 16. G.R.17.
  • Desire H.[?m.] May3, 1819,G.R.19.
  • Eliza S.[?m.],Nov.20,1809,[on stone with Mary M. Aldrich Wilber] G.R.50.
  • Emily Crawford, ch. Mariette,bp. Mar. 19,1843,C.R.3.
  • Emma J.,d. Ira, teamster, and Betsey G.,Nov.19,1847, in T.
  • Hannah S.[?m.],Dec.17,1824,G.R.19.
  • Haynes C.,cooper, enl. Sept.15,1862,a.23,R.R.
  • Henry Oran,s. Summer, harness maker, and Marietta[Nelson,G.R.17.],Oct.14,1846.
  • Jane(see----Aldrich).
  • Solomon, Apr.6,1814, G.R.19.
  • Summer,h. Marietta Nelson, an.9,1810, G.R.17.
  • Theodore N., clerk,b.T.,s. Summer and Marietta,enl.-----,1861,a.20.R.R.[Theodore Nelson Aldrich bp. May 16,1841,C.R.3. [Theodore N.,ch. Summer and Marietta Nelson,b. Aug.8,1840,G.R.17]
  • ------,d. Summer, harness maker, and Marietta Nelson,Apr.20,1849, in T.[Jane,C.R.3. Jane Summer and Marietta nelson, G.R.17]
  • ------,s. Ira, laborer, and Betsey, Oct. 28,1849, in T.


  • John William,s. John(Afeck), blacksmith, and Margaret, Nov. 30, 1848, in T.


  • Helen M. [?m.], Mar.7,1841,G.R.50.
  • Newton, H., s. James N. butcher, and Roxana M.,Jan.28,1847, in T.[Newton Herbert Alger,h. Abbie Ann,b.----,1848, G.R.50] ----,s. William, trader, and Maria, Mar. 10,1846, in T.
  • ----,s. James N. butcher, and Roxana M., Aug.30,1849, in T.


  • Abbie G.[---] (Allyn),w. George A., Mar.22,1799, G.R.50.
  • Abigail,d. Betsey (wid.),bp. Aug. 4,1816, C.R.1.
  • Adaline E. d. E.F., machinist, and Cordelia, Nov. 24,1846, in T.
  • Adaline Elizabeth,ch. Edward and Cordelia,bp. July1, 1849, C.R.3.
  • Caroline Frances, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Allen, bp. Dec. 27, 1840, C.R.5.
  • Catherine Leonard, ch. James and Abigail,---,1832, G.R.50.
  • Cyrus Williams,ch. John and Betsey, Oct.28,1806.
  • Cyrus Williams,s. John and Betsey, bp. [June7] 1812, C.R.1.
  • Davis,h. Susan C. Witherell,----,1807, G.R.17.
  • Eliza Leonard,ch. James and Abigail,----1843, G.R.50.
  • Elizabeth,ch. james and Abigail,---,1843, G.R.50.
  • Elizabeth,d. John and Betsey,bp.[June 7] 1812,C.R.1.
  • Ephraim, Dec.8,1801,[in lot with Joseph(d.1839)] G.R.3.
  • Esther(see Ester Asten).
  • Eudora M. [?m.],----1848,[on monument with Davis Allen] G.R.17.
  • George, Jan.31,1833, G.R.50.
  • George A. (Allyn),h. Abbie G. July 26,1803, G.R.50.
  • George Esdras, inf. James, bp. July 28, 1833, C.r. 3.
  • Isabelle Walker [-----],w. Albert W.,----,1849, G.R. 17.
  • James, h. Abigail [(Leonard)],----,1802,G.R.50.
  • James Davis, ch. James and Abigail,---1828,G.R.17.
  • James M., enl. Feb. 1, 1864,a. 22, R.R.
  • James O.,h. Mary A. Nov.15,1829, G.R.17.
  • James Otis, ch. Mr. and Mrs. Allen,bp. Dec.27,1840. C.R.5 Jane[?m.],----1827,[on monument with Joseph H. Norris and Cynthis A.] G.R.11.
  • John H., Dec. 25, 1844,[on stone with Capt. Edward W. Wyman] G.R.50.
  • Jonah(see Jonah Asten).
  • Joseph, ch. John and Betsey, bp. [June 7] 1812, C.R.1.
  • Joseph, Mar.16,1817,[in lot with sarah Thayer Allen] G.R.3.
  • Joseph,ch. james and Abigail,---,1834, G.R.50.
  • Lucy F.[----],w. Otis, Jan.16,1805. C.R.1.
  • Lydia,d. John and Betsey,bp. Nov.21,1813. C.R.1.
  • Manlius Bradford,ch. James and Abigail,---1838, G.R.50.
  • Mary(see Mary Asten) Mary A.[---],w. James O., Mar.18,1829. G.R.17.
  • Mary Drake, d. John and Betsey,bp. [Jume 7] 1812,C.R.1 Mary Frances,ch. John and Rhoda, Aug.2,1830.
  • Nancy Maria, "Mother," w. Rev. Reuben H. Cobb,d. Rev. Barna, Nov. 19,1834, in Fort Ann, N.Y., G.R.50.
  • Nelina Worth,d. James and Abigail,bp.Aug. 23,1840, C.R.3.
  • Otis,ch. John and Betsey, Feb.28,1809,[On stone beside that of Lucy F.,G.R1.]
  • Sarah(see Sarah Asten) Sarah Thayer[-----],w. Joseph, Feb. 8,1824. G.R.3.
  • William, "dedicated by William Coden," bp. May 26,1781. C.R.1.
  • William B. (Allyn), clerk, enl. Sept.15,1862,a.22,R.R.
  • -------, s. Phillip, block printer, and Matilda, Jan.12,1847, in T.


  • Otis E. June 2,1849. G.R.50.

ALLYN(see Allen)


  • Josiah Smith,ch.----[dup. Jos[eph]] and Hannah,bp. Feb.17,1824,"youngest child very ill," C.R.7.
  • Sarah Ann,ch.-------[dup. Jos[eph]] and Hannah,bp. Feb.17,1842."youngest child very ill,". C.R.7.


  • Anne T. [?m.]----,1844,[on stone with Thomas F. Martin] C.R.40 Mary[---],w. James (b. Parish of Aghabulg, Cork Co., Ire.),----,1836. G.R.41.


  • Lawriston,fireman,b. Palermo, Me. enl. Dec.24,1863,a. 18,R.R.
  • Lois[sic] D.(Eames), machinist,b. Maine, enl. July 15,1863, a. 32, R.R.
  • Samuel Francis,s. Francis, machinist, and Maria, Sept.28,1849, in T.


  • Alonzo D., Harriet,-----1842,G.R.50.
  • Harriet[-----],w. Alonzo D.,----1835. G.R.50.


  • Elias,-----1844. G.R.50


  • Abigail, d. Sammuel.bp. July 7, 1765. C.R.7.
  • Charles Edward,ch. Moses G. and Sarah, Nov.10,1834.[shoemaker, in T.,R.R.]
  • David,ch. Phillip. bp. Dec.5,1970. C.R.1.
  • Elizabeth Collins,ch. Samuel T. and Lydia, Jan.23,1825.
  • Freelove, d. Sammuel,bp. July7,1765, C.R.7.
  • George W.(Andros). clerk,b. Providence, R.I., enl. July 15,1863,a.30.R.R.
  • Hannah[?m.],-------1768,[on monument with Asa Williams(1803)]G.R.14.
  • Henry S. (Andros), clerk,b. New York, enl. July 15,1863,a.21. R.R.
  • Liddy, d. Sammuel, bp. July 7, 1765. C.R.7.
  • Linkon, inf. Samuel, bp. July 7, 1765, C.R.7.
  • Lovica, d. Nathaniel and Ruth, Nov. 13,1797, G.R.14.
  • Lydia(see Liddy).
  • Marian, inf. Sam[ue]l and Abigal, bp. Feb. 15,1767, C.R.7.
  • Nathaniel,shoemaker,eln. July 15,1883,a.30,R.R.
  • Nathaniel Hathaway,ch. Samuel T. and Lydia, Mar.9,1833.
  • Sally, d. Sammuel,bp. July 7,1765. C.R.7.
  • Sarah Emeline,ch. Moses G. and Sarah, Feb.20,1820.
  • Thomas, inf. Samuel T. and Lydia, Apr.12,1827.
  • William Otis,ch. Samuel T. and Lydia, Apr.12,1827.
  • Zephaniah G. P., cooper, May---,1830, in Raynham, R.R.


  • Adeline,ch. Edmund and Nancy Jane, Apr. 14,1839.
  • Benjamin,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Oct.---,1836.
  • Charles S. painter,b. Somerset, enl. Sept. 2,1864, R.R. [h. Martha A. Hamilton,b. June 23,1835, G.R.17.]
  • Edmund,h. Ruth Adaline [(Soper)], h. Nancy Jane, Aug.2, 1808, in Somerset, G.R.17.
  • Edmund Jr.,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Oct. 19,1833.
  • Elizabeth, twin d. Edmund, printer and publisher, and Nancy J.[dup. Jane], May 22,1843,in T.
  • Elizabeth Emeline [----],w. Edmund B., Nov.11,1843, C.R. 17.
  • Harriet M.[----],w. James H., June 7,1806,[on monument with Abigail Bradley Yale] G.R.17.
  • Isabel Helena, d. James H., bp. Feb 5,1849, C.R.5. [Isabel H.w. Clarence Fuller Boyden,b. Aug.2,1844,G.R.17]
  • James Hoxie,h. Harriet M., Aug. 31, 1806, G.R.17.
  • James Yale,s. James H., carpenter, and Harriet M., July 14,1846.
  • Joseph S.,-----1839. G.R.17.
  • Marcus Morton, ch. Edmund and Nancy Jane, Aug. 28, 1840.
  • Maria L. w. William A. Percival, d. Luther and Julia A. Nov. 21,1841. G.R.17.
  • Martha A. Hamilton [----]. w. Charles S., Nov. 17, 1841.G.R.17.
  • Mary Baker,w. Job Williams King. Nov. 10, 1815. G.R.17.
  • Nancy Jane[-----],w. Edmund, May 15, 1811, in Norton, G.R.17.
  • Nathan,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Feb.11,1832.
  • Oliver Soper,ch. Edmund and Ruth Adaline, Ayg. 15, 1835.
  • Sarah, twin d. Edmund, printer and publisher, and Nancy J.[dup. Jane]. May 22, 1843, in T.
  • Sarah E, d. Charles(carpenter), Feb. 22, 1846, in T.
  • Sarah P. Simmons [-----],w. harles, Dec. 21,1821,G.R.17.
  • W[illia]m Augustus,s. Fred[eric]k A.,factory agent, and Elizabeth, July 13,1846.
  • W[illia]m B. s. E., printer, and N.J., Jan.22,1848, in T.
  • ------,d. James(carpenter), Aug.2,1844, in T.
  • ------,ch.------bp.-----1846, C.R.7.


  • Alexander S.,h.,Mary Jane, mar.24,1837, G.R.50 Mary Jane[----],w. Alexander S. June 14, 1836, G.R.50.


  • Mary J., d. John, machinist, and Bridget, Sept. 14,1848, in T. [Mary Jane Audrey, C.R.8.]


  • Isaac, nailor,b. Orsable Forks, enl. June 4,1861,a. 22,R.R.


  • Ann J., d. C.T., machinist, and Mehitable, Dec. 21,1847, in T.


  • Jeremiah [T.P.R. Jerimaiah Armsbe], ch. Thomas, Nov.25,1678. [Jeremiah Ormsbey, Nov. 25, 1672[sic], P.C.R.]
  • Juda,d. Thomas, Jan.8,1673,[Judith Armbey,d. Thomas(Armsbey), P.C.R.]
  • Mary,ch. Thomas, Mar.30[T.P.R. Oct.3],1670.[Oct.3,1671, P.C.R.]
  • Rebecka (T.P.R. Rebeka),ch. Thomas, May 26, 1672.[Rebeeckah Armesbey,d. Thomas (Armsbey),P,C.R.]
  • Richard Henry (Ormsby),s.Richard H.(Ormsbee), baker and Eliz[abeth], Aug.10, 1849, in T.
  • Thomas,s. Thomas, Feb.23,1668.


  • Barbara, d. William, barber, and Susana F., Sept. 11,1849, in T.


  • James Henry,s. James A., machinist and Bethiah, Dec. 31,1848, in T.
  • Martha Bowers,ch. Lemuel and Harriet Tisdale, May 8, 1837.
  • Wilson, W., h. Saraphine A. (Goff),----1836, G.R.17.


  • Mary S.[?m.], Aug. 27,1815,[on stone with George R. Shurtleff(1842)] G.R.11.


  • William, July 12,1844, G.R.11.


  • Abiel W., h. Louisa S. (Staples), Dec. 16, 1817. G.R.17.
  • Abigail S.[----],"Mother," w. Noah, Oct. 3, 1816. G.R.14.
  • Albert B., shoemaker[dup. cooper], b. Lakeville,s. Elbridge [dup. adds G] and Henrietta[dup. adds M],enl. Aug.13,1863,a. 25, R.R.
  • Cornelius Watson,s. Cornelius G. teamster, and Emily W. Aug.19, 1847, in T.
  • Ellen D. Pero[----],w. William C. Apr. 18, 1843, G.R.50.
  • Emily Jane,d. William, laborer, and Sarah, June 11,1849,in T.
  • George-----, 1848,[on stone with Elbridge G. and Henrietta M.] G.R.14.
  • Jacob T. (Ash[l]ey), nailor,b. Lakeville,s. Elbridge and Henrietta, enl. May 9,1861,a.20,R.R. [Ashley,b. Apr.9,1842,G.R.14]
  • Luther G., mason, b. Freetown,s. Elbridge and Henrietta, enl. Sept. 15, 1862,a. 28, R.R.
  • Mary Louisa,d. J.H.,carriage maker, and M.S. H.,Jan.31,1849, in T.
  • Millard Fillmore,s. Calvin, merchant, and Rebecca C. Oct.31,1848, in T.
  • Noah, "Father," h. Abigail S., Sept. 16, 1815, G.R.14.
  • Noah E., s. Noah and Abigail S., Nov.1,1845, G.R.14 Noah E., Sept.11, 1847, G.R.17.
  • Noah W.,h. Mary M.(Thomas),----1842, G.R.17.
  • Otis A.,s. Abiel W., wheelwright, and Louisa T., July 23,1848,in T. [Otis Abiel,s. Abiel W. and Louisa S. G.R.17.]
  • Rufus M. blacksmith,b. Rochester, enl. May 21,1863,a 21 R.R.
  • Sarah J.[---],w. Josiah R. May 15, G.R.5.
  • Theodore A., s. Noah, carpenter, and Abigail, June 24,1848, in T.[Theodora A., d. Noah and Abigail S., G.R.14.]
  • William C. h. Ellen D. Pero, Dec.28,1845, G.R. 50.


  • Nancy L., d. Sarah, Mar.17,1847, in T.
  • Sarah,d. William M., labourer, and Sarah, July 5,1847, in T.

ASTEN(see Austin).



  • Alfred, W.,---1848,[on stone with Hirarn and Angenette] G.R.1.
  • Angenette[?m.],----1824,[on stone with Hiram] G.R.1 Daniel,h. Deborah W. Wilbur,----1814,G.R.50.
  • Deborah W. Wilbur [---],w. Daniel,----,1816,G.R.50.
  • Frank C.,----1845,[on stone with Hiram and Angenette] G.R.1.
  • Hiram,---1819[on stone with Angenette] G.R.1.


  • Hartwell, hatter, enl. Oct.--1861,a.35,R.R.


  • Harry C. painter,b. London, Eng.,Charles, enl.July29,1862,a.33,R.R, [Henry E.,Co.B,33rd Regt. Mass. Vol. Inf. h. Mary A., h. Rachel, b.---1828,G.R.50.
  • Mary A.[---],w. Henry E.----1830,G.R.50.
  • Rachel[---]w.Henry E.,---1828,G.R.50.

ATWOOD(see also Wood)

  • Alice B. Williams[---],w. Henry Dean, Apr.22,1842,G.R.17.
  • Ann S.,d. George B. and Ann, July 19,1820. G.R.1.
  • Anna Richmond[----],w. George,----1767,G.R.17.
  • Authar Bowens,s. George T., grocer, and Hannah A. Aug.6, 1848, in T.
  • Charles A. June 25, 1835,[on monument with Charles R.] G.R.17.
  • Charles Henry, inf. Geo[rge] B. and Eliza F. bp. July 12,1829, C.r.3.
  • Charles Henry, inf. Geo[rge] B. and Eliza A. bp. Sept.6, 1835. C.R.3.
  • Charles R., h. Susan P.(Dean), Jan. 20, 1804,[on monument with George(1765)] G.R.17.
  • Edward Sumner, inf. George B. and Eliza A.bp. Sept.1,1833, C.R.3.
  • Elizabeth, d. Walter H., carpenter, and Elizabeth, Mar. 13,1849,in T.
  • Elizabeth Bowers, inf. Geo[rge] B. and Eliza F. bp. Aug.5, 1827, C.R.3.
  • Ellen J.[----],w. George H. B., Nov.18,1837, G.R.50.
  • Ephrain, Jan.20,1777,[see Anna (Hatheway)] G.R.13.
  • Frank A.,h. Jennie B., Oct.9,1845. G.R.50.
  • George,h. Anna Richmond,----,1765,G.R.17.
  • George H. B.,h. Ellen J.,Mar.23,1819, G.R.50.
  • Geo[rge] Thomas,s. G.B., hp. Apr.24, 1825,C.R.3.
  • Henry Dean,h.Alice B. Williams, Jan.29,1839,[on monument with Charles R.] G.R.17.
  • James S.,s. george B. and Ann, July,19,1820. G.R.1.
  • Jennie B.[----],w.Frank A.,Jan.13,1848. G.R.50.
  • Leonard W., May 7,1844,[in lot with Walter H. and Lydia] G.R.50.
  • Lydia[---],w. Walter H., Jan.22, 1789.G.R.50.
  • Lydia[---],w.----,Nov.3,1792,[on stone beside that of Stephen]G.R.13.
  • Lydia Ann Hathaway,ch. Stephen Hathaway and Lydia, Oct.4, 1829.
  • Robert D., May 6,1837,[on monument with Charles R.] G.R.17.
  • Ruth, Nov. 30, 1753, G.R. 33.
  • Stephen, Jan.7,1804,[on stone beside that of Lydia(1792)] G.R.13.
  • Walter H.,h. Lydia, mar.31,1788,G.R.50.
  • William Earl,s. Stephen, dress tender, and Roxana, June 27, 1846. in T.
  • William H., laborer,b. T., enl. June----,1861,a.33,R.R.

AUDREY(see Andy).

AUSTIN(Asten, Astin)

  • Abby Maria,ch. daniel and Betsey, July 16,1832.
  • Abiatha F--s. Henry, shoemaker,and sally, Feb.3,1849,in T.
  • Adelade Eliza,ch. Otis Chapin and Catharine Amand, Mar.8, 1841.
  • Adeline Dean,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Nov.29,1825.
  • Albert S., s. Otis C.,pedlar, and Caroline A. Dec.19,1846, in T.
  • Alfred B., s. John, labourer, and Ann, Aug.20, 1847, in T.
  • Alonzo, ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Jan. 4,1838.
  • Angeline, ch. daniel and Betsey, Sept. 15,1828.
  • Ann[---](Astin), w. Astin,---.1819, G.R.50.
  • Ann Maria,ch. Otis Chapin and Catharine Amand, Nov.1,1837.
  • Astin(Astin),h. Ann,----,1814,G.R.50.
  • Betsey,ch. Palmer and Elizabeth, Aug. 14,1826.
  • Betsey Barney[---],w. Daniel, Feb.14,1789. G.R.1.
  • Betsey Philinda,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Apr. 28,1834.
  • Caroline,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, May 10,1831.
  • Caroline E.[---],w. Gilbert l., Dec.5,1823, G.R.50.
  • Caroline Matilda,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, June 12,1813.
  • Charles B., carpenter, b. T.,s. Charles and Mary, enl. Aug.4, 1862,a.33,R,R.[h. Prudence E.,b.----,1829, G.R.50.]
  • Charles E.,-----,1848,[on monument with Daniel L.] G.R.50.
  • Charles R., h. mary----,1804, G.R.1.
  • Daniel Lincoln,ch. Daniel and Betsey, Aug.12,1823.[[h.jane A.] G.R.50.]
  • Dinah[?m.], Feb. 22,1801,[on stone beside that of Stephen] G.R.1.
  • Elizabeth[---], "Mother,"w. Palmer, Dec.26,1800, G.R.50.
  • Ester(Asten),d. Jonah Jr., Jan.3,1662.[Allin,P.C.R. Austin, S.C.F.]
  • Francis,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Mar. 24,1826.
  • George, moulder, enl. July 15,1863,a.33, R.R.
  • George, laborer,b. Ireland,enl. Sept.2,1864,a.42,R.R.
  • George Willard,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Nov.13,1829.
  • Gilbert Leonard, ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Feb. 12,1815.
  • Granville,s. Otis C., teamster, and Catharine, Feb.7,1845,in T.
  • Hannah,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, July 29,1817.
  • Hannah,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Nov. 19,1827.
  • Hannah Jane,ch. Daniel[dup. cordwainer] and Jane, Oct.9,1843[dup. in T.]. [[w. Charles William Briggs]G.R/50.]
  • Harriet,ch. Daniel and Betsey, Apr.16,1819.
  • Harriet maria,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, May 5,1821.
  • Henry,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Oct.8,1821.[h. Pininah Williams, Oct.8,1825[sic],G.R.50.]
  • Henry Colburn,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Apr. 20, 1832.
  • James,h. Sarah A. (Godfrey), July 20, 1820, G.R.50.
  • Jane A.[---] [w. Daniel L.].Apr.28,1825,[on monument with Linda Perry Titus] G.R.50.
  • John(Asten),s. Jonah Jr., July 1,1671. [Austine, P,C.R. Austin, S.C.F.]
  • John C., s. John,labourer, and Ann, Apr.2,1864, in T.
  • Jonah (Asten),s. Jonah Jr., Aug.17,1667. [Allin,P.C.R. Austin, S.C.F.]
  • Josephine C., d. tis C.(farmer), July--,1843, in T.
  • Lloyd Belsher,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Mar.16,1834.
  • Lloyd W., machinist,b. T., s. Abiather and Esther L., enl. Apr. 16, 1861,a.20,R.R.
  • Louis leprilette,ch. Stephen and Dinah, July 13,1831.
  • Louisa F., w. Nathaniel E. Leonard,w. Timothy R. Studley, ---,1845, G.R. 50.
  • Mary(Asrten),d.Jonah Jr., May 12,1663, [Allin,P.C.R. Austin S.C.F.]
  • Mary[---],w. Charles r.----,1805, G.R.1.
  • Mary, ch. Palmer and Elizabeth, Oct. 7,1821.
  • Mary,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Apr.30,1822.
  • Nancy,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Dec.12,1824.
  • Nancy H., ch. Solomon and Nancy, Jan.25, 1806.[w.Aaron Dean,w. Elbridge G. Williams, G.R.10.
  • Otis chapin,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Sept. 2,1811.
  • Palmer, "Father," h. Elizabeth, July 5, 1792, G.R.50.
  • Peleg Gordon,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Jan. 14,1829.
  • Philena, ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Nov.1,1832.
  • Philena Wetherell,ch. daniel and Betsey, May 7,1816.
  • Pininah Williams[----],w.Henry, Dec.13,1834, G.R.50.
  • Prudence E.[----],w. Charles B., ----,1831,G.R.50.
  • Rhoda,ch. Solomon and Nancy, Dec. 26,1795-
  • Rhoda,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Feb.7,1822.[Rhoda B.,w. Benjamin H. Paull, G.R.50]
  • Rhoda,ch. Palmer and Elizabeth, June 11,1824.
  • Rosina Russell,ch.Stephan and Dinah, Mar.4,1824-[Rossina R.,w. Joseph N. Pratt, G,R.50.]
  • Sally, ch.Palmer and Elizabeth, feb.27,1819.
  • Sanford Baylie,ch. Otis Chapin and Catharine Amand, May 5,1839.
  • Sarah (Asten),d. Jonah Jr., Nov.4,1665-[Allin,P.C.R. Austin S.C.F.]
  • Sarah Alden,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Feb.15, 1833-
  • Sarah J. [?m.]----,1837,[on stone with Phillip H. Fletcher] G.R.50.
  • Serena Dean,ch. Solomon and Zilpha, Oct.20,1826.
  • Solomon, ch. Solomon and Nancy, Oct.3,1791.
  • Stephen,ch.Solomon and Nancy, Aug.--1800.[Aug.5[on stone beside that of Dinah]G.R.1.]
  • Stephen Alexander,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Feb 29,1828.
  • Warren Bradford,ch. Stephen and Dinah, Feb.29,1828.
  • William,ch. Palmer and elizabeth, Feb. 27,1828.
  • William,ch. Abiathar and Ellen, Sept.26,1829.


  • George Waverly,---1813,G.R.50.

Ayers(see Eayers).


  • S.,b. or d.----,1803,G.R.15.

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