Taunton, Bristol Co., MA, 1678 Purchase Rights
Extracted from
Our County & Its People
A Descriptive & Biographical Record of
Bristol County
Alanson Borden
Page 235-236

          There was some complaint made in 1662 as to the manner of division of the lands, which was somewhat modified, particularly in 1669, by a committee of ten appointed for the purpose, and again in 1680. On the 25th of May in this year the inhabitants voted as follows:

          The town hath voted that they accept of what the committee hath done; by the committee is understood those that did this day present what they had caused to be entered on the town book of Town Orders, concerning settling our land and town orders.

          This "settling of our lands" is thus set forth in the report:

          A list of the names of the present purchasers or proprietors of the Town of Taunton unto whom the town hath already granted or divided lands by virture of their enjoying either purchase lots or purchase rights to divisions of land as followeth:

          These purchasers or proprietors, fore-mentioned, are hereby and by virtue hereof entitled and interesed only unto the first purchase of the township of Taunton and not unto any later purchases.

          This list was made and agreed upon and concluded and confirmed by us whose names are underwritten, being the major part of the committee chosen by the town for that end. Dated May 14, 1678.

          Richard WILLIAMS
          James WALKER
          Walter DEAN
          John RICHMOND
          John HALL
          Joseph WILBORE
          Thomas LEONARD

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