Taunton, Massachusetts, Inscriptions

[Extracted from: History of Bristol County, Massachusetts, with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers & Prominent Men; D. Hamilton Hurd, Philadelphia, 1883]


Ancient Burying-Grounds


Burying Ground at the Neck of Land


BRIGGS, William [Cooper], d. 21 Apr 1725, aged 62

BURT, Lt. Abel, d. 16 Nov 1766, in his 75th yr

BURT, Charity, wife of Richard, d. 11 Jun 1711, aged 76

BURT, Ephraim, d. __ Nov 1704, aged 31

BURT, Grace, wife of Abel, d. 19 Sep 17__, aged 43

COBB, Abigail, d. 1 Aug 1727, aged 86

COBB, Sarah, wife of Edward, d. 13 Aug 1726, aged 66

DEAN, Mrs. Elizabeth, d. 15 Mar 1749, aged 73

DEAN, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. John DEAN, d. 15 Jul 1748, in her 71st yr

DEAN, Israel, d. 4 Jul 1719, aged 74

DEAN, Israel, d 29 Nov 1794, in his 82nd yr

DEANE, John, d. 18 Feb 171_, aged 77

DEAN, John, d. 31 Jul 1724, in his 50th yr

DEAN, Joshua, son of Israel & Sarah, d. 15 Sep 1761, in his 25th yr

DEAN, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Israel, d. 3 Sep 1773, in her 57th yr

DENNIS, Abraham, d. 2 Jul 1782, in his 70th yr

DENNIS, Sarah, wife of Abraham, d. 8 Apr 1794, in her 73rd yr

GILBERT, Annah, wife of Thomas, d. 9 May 1722, aged 71

GILBERT, Ensigne Thomas, d. 20 Apr 1723, aged 82

GODFREE, Mrs. Bethiah, wife of George, d. 27 Jan 1786, in her 63rd yr

GODFREY, George, Esq., d. 30 Jun 1793, in his 73rd yr

GODFREE, Joanna, wife of John, d. 9 Mar 1765, aged 78 yrs wanting 16 days

GODFREE, John, Esq. d. 4 Nov 1758, aged 67 yrs & 4 days

GODFREE, Mary, wife of Richard ye 1st, d. 5 Nov 1732, in her 78th yr

GODFREE, Richard, d. 14 Aug 1725, aged 75 yrs

HALL, Joseph, 17 Apr 1705, age 63

HODGES, Elder Henry, d. 30 Sep 1717, aged 65

INGELL, Mrs. Bethiah, wife of Capt. Jonathan, d. 4 Aug 1771, in her 44th yr

INGELL, Capt. Jonathan, d. 8 Feb 1802, in his 82nd yr

LEONARD, Capt. James, d. 1 Nov 1726, in his 84th yr

LEONARD, Joseph, d. 18 Oct 1692, in the 44th yr of his age

LEONARD, Mrs. Lydia, wife of Capt. James, d. 4 Jul 1705, in her 47th yr

LEONARD, Mrs. Mary, widow of Major Thomas, d. 1 Dec 1723, aged 81 yrs

LEONARD, Major Thomas, Esq., d. 24 Nov 1713, aged 72 yrs

RICHMOND, Abigail, d. 1 Aug 1727, aged 86

RICHMOND, John, d. 5 Oct 1715, aged 88

SMITH, Damaris, d. 29 Oct 1689, aged 21

SMITH, Elizabeth, d. 31 Jan 1687, aged 40

THAYER, Abigail, d. 20 Aug 1691, in her 52nd yr

TISDALE, John, d. 26 Jan 1728, aged 57

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Samuel, d. 23 Feb 1779, in her 94th yr

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Anna, widow of Benjamin, d. 12 Jan 1793, aged 68

WILLIAMS, Benjamin, Esq., d. 18 Mar 1784, age 64

WILLIAMS, Mary, wife of Seth, d. 8 Jun 1746, in her 66th yr

WILLIAMS, Samuel, Esq., d. 17 Apr 1765, in his 86th yr

WILLIAMS, Seth, Esq., d. 13 May 1761, in his 86th yr

WILLIS, Joseph, d. 31 Jan 1704/5, age 60



Walker Burying Ground, on Somerset Ave. near Dighton


ATWOOD, Esther, wife of Joseph, d. 8 Apr 1696, aged 46

ATWOOD, Joseph, d. 12 Feb 169_, aged 47

BAYLISS, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas, d. 8 Feb 1791 in her 75th yr

BAYLISS, Esther, wife of Thomas, d. 7 May 1754 in her 67th yr

BAYNES, Thomas, d. 6 Mar 1756, aged abt. 69

BLAKE, Ann, widow of Edward, d. 21 Nov 1790 in her 93rd yr

BLAKE, Edward, d. 25 Jul 1759, in his 70th yr

FRENCH, Mary, d. 18 May 1731, in her 73rd yr

FRENCH, Nathaniel, d. 14 Jun 1711, aged 73

WALKER, Bathsheba, wife of James, d. 24 Feb 1738, in her 85 yr

WALKER, Elizabeth, wife of James, d. 1678, aged 59

WALKER, Hannah, wife of Peter, d. 16 Jan 1704, aged 44

WALKER, James, d. 15 Feb 1691, aged 73

WALKER, James, d. 22 Jun 1718, aged 72

WALKER, Peter, d. 4 Apr 1711, aged 60

WALKER, Peter, d. 25 Jan 1770, in his 81st yr

WALKER, Sarah, wife of Peter, d. 22 Nov 1760 in her 72nd yr

WHITE, Cornelius, d. 18 Apr 1754, in his 79th yr

WHITE, Mrs. Mehitabel, wife of Cornelius, d. 13 Apr 1759, in her 74th yr


Cooper Burying Ground, mile south of the Weir on Berkley St.


COPPER, Elizabeth, wife of James, d. 5 Jan 1750, in her 39th yr

COPPER, Lydia, wife of Capt. James, d. 11 Jun 1793, aged 57

GILBERT, Hannah, widow of Capt. Nathaniel, d. 28 Jan 1772, inher 82nd yr

GILBERT, Capt. Nathaniel, d. 17 Aug 1765

GILBERT, Capt. Samuel, d. 7 Aug 1796, in his 73rd yr

HART, Hannah, wife of James, d. 25 Apr 1776 in her 45th yr

HART, John, d. 20 May 1757, in his 30th yr

TISDALE, Lt. Israel, d. 27 Oct 1769, in his 62nd yr


Burying Ground on Somerset Ave, near Sandy Hill


HARRIS, Abner, d. 19 May 1756, in his 46th yr

INGEL, James, d. 21 Sep 1762, in his 33rd yr

PRATT, Marey, wife of Dr. Micah, d. 26 Apr 17__, in her 80th yr

PRATT, Dr. Micah, d. 31 Dec 1758, in his 67th yr

PRATT, Dr. Micah, d. Oct 1765 in his 44th yr

PRATT, Sarah, widow of Dr. Micah, d. 26 Jan 1806 in her 83rd yr


Old Episcopal Church Burying-Ground on Providence Old Road


ANDREWS, Lt. Samuel, d. 5 Feb 1779, in his 71st yr

BURT, Mrs. Constance, widow of Nathaniel, d. 24 Nov 1777 in her 82nd yr

BURT, Nathaniel, d. 12 Nov 1765 in his 74th yr

BURT, Thomas, d. 3 Jan 1801, in his 81st year

COBB, Capt. Richard, d. Nov 1772, in his 56th yr

CROSSMAN, Benjamin, d. 24 May 1792, in his 85th yr

CROSSMAN, Mrs. Bethia, wife of Benjamin, d. 26 Aug 1786, in her 67th yr

WALKER, Peter, d. 6 Aug 1767 in his 68th yr


Oakland Cemetery on Glebe St.


BRIGGS, Abigail, wife of William, d. 2 Sep 1775 in her 71st yr

BRIGGS, Elizabeth, wife of William, d. 27 Nov 1729, in her 59th yr

BRIGGS, Judath, wife of Nathaniel, d. 22 Nov 1774, in her 77th yr

BRIGGS, Mehitebell, wife of William, d. 17 Oct 1732, in her 62nd yr

BRIGGS, Lt. Nathaniel, d. 14 Aug 1775, in his 75th yr

BRIGGS, William, d. 3 Jan 1728, in his 83rd yr

BRIGGS, William 2d, d. 20 Feb 1731, in his 54th yr

BURT, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, d. 16 Jul 1772, in her 70th yr

BURT, Mr. Thomas, d. 29 Mar 1774, in his 85th yr

COBB, Abigail, wife of Morgan, d. 30 Jan 1765, in her 81st yr

COBB, Mrs. Jean, relict of John, d. 19 Mar 1736, in her 85th yr

COBB, Bus. Morgan, d. 30 Sep 1755, in his 82nd yr

HASKINS, Samuel 2d, d. 11 Sep 1732, in his 53rd yr

HODGES, Lt. Henry, d. 18 Sep 1755, in his 70th yr

OGDEN, Nathaniel, A.B. of Fairfield, NJ, d. 11 Jul 1796

PORTER, Ebenezer, d. 26 Mar 1741, aged 39 yrs, 3 mon

REED, John, b. 29 Mar 1722, d. 24 Feb 1841 [son of John REED, b. 1722, d. Dec 1778; son of William Reed who d. abt 1734; son of John REED, b. abt 1648 or 1649, came to this town about 1680, d. in Dighton 13 Jan 1720/1; prob. the son of William READS, inhabitant of Weymouth in 1636]

REED, Mary, relict of John, d. 12 Oct 1843, age 91

SHORES, Mary, wife of Nathaniel, d. 20 Dec 1753, in her 74th yr

STACY, Mr. David, d. 22 Oct 1790, in his 76th yr

STACY, Lucy, wife of David, d. 17 Aug 1762, in her 35th yr

TISDALE, Abigail, wife of Loved, d. 31 Oct 1748, in her 36th yr

TISDALE, Loved, d. 19 May 1755, aged 47

WILDE, Mrs. Anna, widow of Dea. Daniel, d. 23 Sep 1794, in her _4th yr

WILDE, Deacon Daniel, d. 11 Aug 1792, in his 74th yr

WILDE, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Daniel, d. 24 Feb 1777, aged 42

WILLIS, Ensign Ebenezer, d. 30 May 1790, in his 68th yr



Walker Burying Ground in the west part of town


WALKER, Bethiah, wife of Capt. Elnathan, d. 11 May 1759, in her 49th yr

WALKER, Eliakim, d. 21 Feb 1785 in his 81st yr

WALKER, Col. Elnathan, d. 6 Jun 1775, in his 69th yr

WALKER, Mary, wife of Eliakim, d. Dec 1785 in her 79th yr


Burying Ground mile N.E. of Alms House


SUMNER, Deacon Samuel, d. 26 Jul 1671, in his 64th yr

STABLES, Rebecca, widow of Seth, d. 7 Jan 1809, age 89 yr, 3m, 4d


Burying Ground north of Prospect Hill


WETHERELL, Mrs. Hepzibah, wife of Solomon, d. 1 Apr 1782, in her 34th year

WHITE, Mrs. Rhoda, wife of Elijah, d. 17 Jul 1787, in her 46th year


Richmond Town Burying Ground


RICHMOND, Mr. Edward, d. 14 Nov 1802, in his 79th yr

RICHMOND, Mr. Eleazer, d. 27 Feb 1802, in his 66th yr

RICHMOND, Mr. Isaac, d. 16 Dec 1784, in his 49th yr

RICHMOND, Deacon Richard, d. 16 Fb 1771, in his 75th yr

RICHMOND, Mr. Simeon, son of Seth, d. 7 Nov 1793, in his 23rd yr


Caswell Street Burying Ground, East Taunton


KING, Mrs. Bethsheba, wife of Capt. Jonah, d. 15 Apr 1780, in her 35th yr

KING, Ensign Jonathan, d. 15 Mar 1754, in his 42nd yr

WASHBURN, James, 4 Aug 1741, in his 44th year

WILBORE, Mrs. Damaris, wife of Samuel, d. 25 Mar 1773, in her 71st yr

WILBORE, Mr. Samuel, d. 21 Mar 1773

WILBORE, Mr. Samuel, d. 29 Jun 1774, in his 50th yr


Pine Hill Cemetery, East Taunton


DEAN, Mrs. Abiah, wife of Israel, d. 1 Mar 1750 in her 25th yr

DEAN, Mrs. Abigail, widow of Lt. Joshua, d. 20 May 1800, in her 72nd yr

DEAN, Mr. Benjamin, d. 6 Jan 1785, in his 86th yr

DEAN, Deacon Benjamin, d. 14 Apr 1799, inhis 74th year

DEAN, Capt. Ebenezer, d. 30 Jan 1774, in his 72nd yr

DEAN, Capt. Ephiaint, d. in Gloucester, 23 Jun 1775, in his 75th yr

DEAN, Lt. Israel, d. 23 Mar 1760, in his 76th yr

DEAN, Lt. Israel, d. 23 Jul 1775, in his 55th year

DEAN, Joshua, d. 27 Aug 1773, in his 58th yr

DEAN, Lt. Joshua, d. 10 Jun 1772, in his 45th yr

DEAN, Mrs. Mary, wife of Capt. Ephraim, d. 8 Oct 1766, in her 67th yr

DEAN, Lt. Noah, d. 24 Aug 1794, in his 64th yr

DEAN, Mrs. Prudence, wife of Capt. Ebenezer, d. 10 Mar 1797, in her 83rd yr

DEAN, Mrs. Rachel, wife of Capt. Ebenezer, d. 31 Mar 1768, in her 63rd yr

DEAN, Mrs. Ruth, widow of Lt. Israel, d. 18 Apr 1769, in her 80th yr

DEAN, Mrs. Ziporah, wife of Mr. Benjamin, d. 27 Sep 1778, in her 75th yr

GODFREY, Mrs. Abigail, wife of George, formerly wife of Phillip DEAN, d. 23 Jan 1820, age 84

MACOMBER, Mrs. Abigail, wife of John, d. 15 Aug 1793, in her 71st year

MACOMBER, Mrs. Ruth, wife of James, d. 10 Oct 1770, age 42y, 11m

RICHMOND, Miss Silence, d. 18 Sep 1790, in her 31st yr


Ancient Burying Ground on Staples Street in the east part of town


ATWOOD, Sarah, dau of Elijah & Sarah MACOMBER, Relict of Joseph ATWOOD, d. 30 Oct 1867, aged 104 yrs, 2 months, 13 days

HASKINS, Abiel, d. 16 Jun 1788, in his 74th yr

HASKINS, Hannah, d. 17 Feb 1746 [no age given]

HASKINS, Stephen, d. 20 Dec 1799, in his 59th yr

HASKINS, Mrs. Phebe, wife of Stephen, d. 29 Mar 1787, in her 37th yr

HOAR, Jacob, d. 24 Mar 1736 [no age given]

HOAR, Jacob, d. 1756 [no other date given]

HOAR, Jude, d. 26 Feb 1761 [no age given]

HOAR, Nehemiah, d. 1765 [no further dates given]

HOAR, Rebekah, d. 21 Jul 1765 [no age given]

HOAR, Mrs. Sarah, d. 15 Nov 1774, aged 47 yrs, 11 mos, & 14 days

HOARD, Elizabeth, d. 2 Feb 1766 [no age given]

HOARDE, Samuel, d. 13 Feb 1746 [no age given]

HOARD, Samuel Jr., d. 5 Apr 1736 [no age given]

HOARDS, Sarah, d. 13 Jan 1753 [no age given]

HOARD, Dea. William, d. 25 Apr 1795, aged 75 yrs, 3 mos. 14 days

MACOMBER, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John, d. 2 May 1732, in her 47th yr

MACOMBER, John, d. 14 Dec 1747, in his 67th yr

MACOMBER, Josiah, d. 18 Nov 1801, in his 91st yr

MACOMBER, Dea. Nathaniel, d. 10 Nov 1787, in his 79th yr

MACOMBER, Priscilla, widow of Dea. Nathaniel, d. 30 Oct 1793, in her 84th yr

MACOMBER, Mrs. Ruth, wife of Josiah, d. 19 Sep 1791 in her 81st yr

RICHMOND, Mrs. Christian, wife of Samuel, d. 7 Feb 1784, in her 58th yr

RICHMOND, Mr. Samuel, d. 10 Mar 1790, in his 70th yr

RICHMOND, Thankful, wife of Samuel, d. 20 Oct 1758 in her 37th yr

SOUTHWORTH, Mrs. Esther, wife of Capt. Ichabod, d. Feb 1760, in her 82nd yr

STAPLE, Macy, wife of Nathaniel, d. 8 Sep 1757, in her 68th yr

STAPLE, Nathaniel, d. 26 Feb 1769, in his 84th yr

WILLIAMS, Eliphalet, d. 1778 [footstone]

WILLIAMS, Samuel, d. 7 Sep 1777, in his 72nd yr







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