Early Settlers of Swansea, Bristol Co., MA
Extracted from History of Swansea, Massachusetts, 1667 - 1917
Otis Olney Wright
Published by the town, 1917
pages 49 -

"At a town meeting lawfully warned, on the two and twentieth day of the twelfth month, commonly called February, in the year of our Lord 1669, it is ordered that all persons that are or shall be admitted inhabitants within this town, shall subscribe to the three proposalls* above written, to the several conditions and explanations therein expressed, before any lot of land be confirmed to them or any of them.

"We whose names are hereunder written, do fully, upon our admission to be inhabitants of the town of Swansea, assent to the above written agreement, made between the church now meeting here at Swansea and Capt. Thomas WILLETT and his associates, as the sd. agreement is specified and declared in the three proposalls afore written, with the severall conditions and explanation thereof concerning the present and future settlement of tis town. In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed." (Signed by fifty-five persons.)