Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, Deputies & Representatives
Extracted from History of Swansea, Massachusetts
1667 - 1917
Compiled & Edited by Otis Olney Wright
Published by the Town, 1917
p 58-

Deputies and Representatives, from 1670 to 1899 have been as follows:

1670 John ALLEN
1671-72 James BROWN
1674-75 Hugh COLE
1677-79 Samuel LUTHER
1680 Hugh COLE
1681-82 Obadiah BROWN
1683-86 Hugh COLE
1689 Lieut. Timothy BROOKS & William HOWARD
1691 Capt. John BROWN
1692 "Representatives to a great and general court or assembly to be held at ye town-house in Boston;" Capt. John BROWN & Samuel NEWMAN
1693 Ebenezer BRENTON
1697 Ensign Joseph KENT
1698-1705 Ephraim PIERCE
1706 Hezekiah LUTHER
1707-8 Joseph MASON
1709-10 Epharim PIERCE
1711-12 John THOMAS
1716-18 John ROGERS Esq.
1720 Joseph MASON, Jr., & William SALISBURY
1724 Captain John BROWN
1726-27 Eph PIERCE
1728 Hugh COLE
1730-33 Joseph MASON, Jr.
1736 Justice BRANDFORD, Esq.
1739 William ANTHONY
1741 Mr. Ezek. BROWN
1743 Perez BRANDFORD, Esq.
1744 "Voted not to have a Representative"
1745 Ezek. BROWN
1746 Mr. Caleb LUTHER
1747-50 Mr. Ezek. BROWN
1751-52 William SLADE
1754 John ANTHONY
1756 William SLADE
1757-58 John ANTHONY
1759-74 Jeruthamel BOWERS
1775 "Jeruthamel BOWERS & Philip SLEAD to represent the Town in the Provincial Congress and that these two persons have no more than the wages of one;"
1777 Col. Andrew COLE & Mr. Philip SLEAD
1778 Col. Edward ANTHONY
1779 Philip SLEAD & Israel BARNEY; "Israel BARNEY, delegate to the Convention at Concord in October;" "Capt. Philip SLEAD & Mr. John MASON delegates to represent the town at Cambridge in forming a new constitution."
1780-1783 Jurathamel BOWERS, "John RICHMOND to go to Boston the first Wednesday of June."
1781-82 Voted not to send a Representative
1784 Simeon POTTER
1785-86 Christopher MASON
1787 Christopher MASON & James LUTHER
1789-1803 Christopher MASON
1806-7 Daniel HALE
1809-10 Daniel HALE & Edward MASON
1811-12 Daniel HALE & Benanuel MARVEL
1813-19 Daniel HALE
1820 Dr. John WINSLOW
1821-22 John MASON
1823-25 Benjamin MARVEL
1826 Benjamin TAYLOR
1827 Daniel HALE & John BUFFINGTON; "Voted that D. HALE be instructed to attend the Legislature, and if in his opinion it is necessary for John BUFFINGTON to attend, he must write or send to him, and he is instructed to attend if called for."
1829 (May) "Voted to exonerate John MASON from paying into the Treasury the sum generally expended in treating the inhabitants of the town at a choice of representatives, which he agreed to at his election in 1828."
1829 Luther BAKER & Benjam MASON; "Voted, That the Reps be instructed to oppose all R.R. constructed at the expense of the State."
1830 L. BAKER & B. MASON
1831 John EARL & B. MASON
1832 Menanuel MARVEL
1833 B. MARVEL & John EARL
1834 James CORNELL
1835 J. CORNELL & George AUSTIN
1836-37 George MASON
1838-39 Artemas STEBBINS
1840 Jonathan R. BROWN
1841-42 Stephen BUFFINGTON
1843 James CORNELL
1844-45 Philip M. MARVEL
1848-49 Ezra P. SHORT
1850 William T. CHASE
1851 Daniel EDSON
1852 No Choice
1853 Horatio PECK
1854 Allen MASON
1855 Benjamin S. EARL
1856 Voted not to send a representative

Representatives, from the District of which Swansea was a part, residents of this town:

1859 Edward F. GARDNER
1862 William H. PEARSE
1865 Ezra P. SHORT
1868 Rufus SLADE
1871 Job GARDNER
1874 Nathan M. WOOD
1878 James E. ESTABROOKS
1882 James H. MASON
1886 Mason BARNEY
1890 Daniel R. CHILD
1894 Henry O. WOOD
1899 Edward M. THURSTON

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