Marriages - LAMBERT to PARSONS

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

  • (Silas of Winthrop, Me., and Hannah Bonney, formerly w. Isaac of Winthrop, Me., ch. Benjamin Soule of P. and Mehetabel (Bonney) [see birth of Aaron Soule], ----).
  • Edward and Abiah Bryant, Feb. 2, 1758.
  • Thomas of Kingston and Miss Sophia McLauthlen of Pembroke, May 13, 1830, in P.
  • Ebenezer and Jemima a Shurtliff, Oct. 6, 1776.
LATHROP (see Lathrop)
  • Joseph [dup. (Lothrop)] and Daborah Perkins [dup. Deborah, ch. Josiah ((s. Luke and Martha)) and Deborah ((d. Nehemiah Bennet))], May 22, 1755.
LEACH (see Lech)
  • Caleb and Abigail Tinkham, Jan. 17, 1782. [Caleb of Halifax, C.R.]
  • Ebenezer of Bridgewater and Lydia Tilson of P., Nov. 27, 1739, in Bridgewater.
  • Ebenezer of P., s. Asa and Eunice of Bridgewater, and Catharine Ellis of P., d. Willard of P. and Mary, Sept. 6, 1832, in P.
  • Edwin Jackson of Middleborough, s. Dea. Ephraim of Middleborough and Susan, and Abigail Harlow Rickard of P., d. Simeon of P., and Rebeccah, Nov. 18, 1832, in P.
  • Eliza of Halifax and Jonathan Shurtliff of P., Nov. 1, 1750, in Halifax.
  • Erastus of P., s. Joseph of Middleborough and Susanna, and Maria Bradford of P., d. Lt. John dec'd of P., Apr. 22, 1832.
  • Giles and Anna Waterman, Nov. 2, 1721.
  • Mary and Isaac King, Aug. 13, 1718.
  • Nehemiah and Mercy Bryant [int. Marcy, both of P.], Nov. 11, 1735. [Marcy, C.R.]
  • Soloman of Bridgewater and Jerush Bryant of P., Apr. 19, 1739, in Bridgewater.
  • Susanah and Isaac Churchell, Dec. 29, 1720.
  • Molly and Abial Shurtliff, Jan. 4, 1756.
LECH (see Leach)
  • Jesey [int. Jese Leah] and Elce Churchil [int. Alles Churchill], both of P., Apr. 26, 1738. [Jesse Leach and Alice Churchell, C.R.]
  • Nancy of P. and Nathaniell Vaughan of Carver, int. Dec. 4, 1796.
  • (Dorothy and Edward Gray, widr., of Plymouth, Dec. 12, 1665).
LEWES (see Lewis)
  • Elisebath and Levy Bradford, Nov. 16 [dup. Nov. 15], 1764. [Nov. 15, P.C.R Elizabeth Lewis and Levi Bradford, Nov. 15, C.R.]
  • Shubell and Hesediah Eddy [int. both of P.], Mar. 14, 1733 [int. 1733-4].
LEWIS (see Lewes)
  • Elizabeth Jr., Mrs., of Pembroke, and Rev. John Howland of P., Jan. 21, 1747-8, in Pembroke.
  • Keziah and Joseph Prat [int. Pratt Jr., both of P.], Mar. 30, 1734.
  • Lewis of Middleborough and Eliza B. Chandler of P., d. Zebedee of P., Apr. 24, 1825.
  • Lucy of Pembroke, Plymouth Co., and Cephas Bryant of P., int. Oct. 15, 1815.
  • Stephen T. of Mansfield and Elizabeth P. Ring of Mansfield, d. Rufus, now resident in P., Sept. 29, 1840, in P.
  • Abigail formerly w. George, ch. Benjamin Sole and Hannah [see birth of Abugall Sole], (and Luke Perkins, ----).
  • George and Abigail Sole) [dup. (Abigail Soule), ch. Benjamin and Hannah, see birth of Abugall Sole], Nov. 13, 1755.
  • Isaac and Hanah Sole [dup. (Hannah (Whitman) Soule, wid. Benjamin)], Jan. 10, 1754.
LOBDELL (see Lobden, Lobdil)
  • Ebenezer and Elizabeth F. Thomas, both of P., Nov. 23, 1812.
  • George B. of P. and Miss Nancy Pease of New Bedford, int. Sept. 19, 1824, cert. given Oct. 3.
  • George Walter, 25, railroad business, of P., b. P., s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth F. of P., and Miss Lucy L. B. Meigs of Rochester, int. Dec. 3, 1848, cert. given Dec. 17.
  • Jeremiah [int. of P.], ch. Capt. Ebenezer of P. (s. Isaac and Ruth) and Judith (d. Jeremiah Bumpus of Wareham and Judith (Randall)), and Maria Drew [int. of Kingston], ---- [int. cert. given Nov. 2, 1816].
  • Judith [int. of P., dup. (ch. Capt. Ebenezer and Judith), see Jeremiah] and William Sturtevant [int. of Halifax], Sept. 23, 1800. [William of Hallifax, C.R.]
  • Lydia [of Plympton crossed out] and Samuel Ellis of Plymouth, Jan. 25, 1753. [Lobden, C.R.]
  • Marcy [dup. (Mercy)], (wid. Ebenezer), d. Ebenezer Standish and Hannah, (and Benjamin Weston, ----).
  • Mercy of P. [dup. (ch. Capt. Ebenezer and Judith), see birh of Ebenezer Lobdel] and [dup. (Lt.)] Pelham Holmes of Kingston, Nov. 11, 1799.
  • Ruth [dup. and second dup. (d. Capt. Ebenezer and Judith), see Jeremiah Lobdell] and [second dup. (Hon.)] Zabdiel Sampson [dup. (Esq.); int. of New Bedford; second dup. (s. George of P. and Hannah)], Oct. 18, 1804.
LOBDEN (see Lobdell, Lobdil)
  • Ebenezer [dup. (Lobdell)] and Lidia [dup. (Lydia)] Shaw, July 12, 1716.
LOBDIL (see Lobdell, Lobden)
  • Daborah [second dup. ch. Isaac ((s. Ebenezer Lobdell)) and Ruth ((Clark))] and Sath [dup. and second dup. Seth] Bryant, Oct. 24, 1765.
  • Ebenezer [dup. and second dup. (Lobdell)] of P. and Marcy; dup. ch. Standish of P. [second dup. (Mercy, second w.) dup. ch. Ebenezer and Hannah], Dec. 18, 1745. [Lobden, C.R.]
  • Hanah [dup. d. Isaac ((s. Ebenezer Lobdell)) and Ruth ((Clark))] and Job Randel [dup. (Randall)], Feb. 15, 1770.
  • Isaac [dup. (Lobdell)] and Ruth Clark, Feb. 24, 1741 [dup. (1741-2)]. [Lobdel and Ruth Clarke, P.C.R. Lobden and Ruth Clark, Feb. 24, 1741-2, C.R.]
  • Isaac and Polley Stutson, Dec. 21, 1776. [Lobdell and Polly Stetson, P.C.R. Lobden and Polly Stutson, Dec. 23, C.R.]
  • Sarah [dup. Lobdell, ch. Ebenezer and Lidia] and [dup. (Capt.)] Thomas Loring [dup. (s. Caleb Esq.)], Feb. 24, 1741. [Lobdel, P.C.R. Lobden, Feb. 24, 1741-2, C.R.]
  • Sarah [dup. ch. Isaac ((s. Ebenezer)) and Ruth ((Clark))] and Georg [dup. (George)] Bryant, Dec. 15, 1763. [Lobdell, P.C.R. Lobden, C.R.]
  • (Erastus of Hallowell, Me.), and Sarah Soule, ch. Benjamin of P. and Mehetabel [see birth of Aaron Soule], (----).
  • Abegail and Jonathan Parker Jr., Dec. 5, 1765.
  • Bathsheba of Kingston and William Cushman of P., Sept. 7, 1795, in Kingston.
  • Caleb of P. and Sarah Packard of Bridgewater, int. Mar. 7, 1802.
  • Deborah of P., wid. Lt. Jabez of P., d. Caleb Stetson of P., and Capt. Robert McLauthlen of Kingston, Plymouth Co., Nov. 28, 1819.
  • Deborah of P., d. Metzar of P. [dup. Melzar, see birth, and Deborah (Cushman)], and Daniel McLean of P., s. Angus of Barnakill, Argyle Co., Scot., Feb. 8, 1824.
  • Eunes and Capt. John Bradford, Dec. 26, 1776. [Eunice, d. Ignatius Esq. and Bathsheba Bass of P., and Capt. John Bradford, s. Capt. John and Elizabeth, P.R.4.]
  • Ezekiel of P. and Miss Hannah Stetson of Kingston, July 1, 1773, in Kingston.
  • George of P., s. Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Friend dec'd of Portland, Me., formerly of P., and Hannah Harlow Bryant of P., d. Micah and Drusilla of P., July 7, 1836, in P.
  • Hannah [dup. (ch. Caleb Esq. and Lydia), see Caleb Loring, b. Oct. 2, 1704] and Joseph Thomas [dup. (Esq. of P.)], Oct. 11, 1721.
  • Hannah 2d [dup. omits 2d] of P. [dup. ch. (Lt.) Joshua ((s. Thomas 2d)) and Hannah] and Lewis Ames of Bridgewater, Apr. 9, 1815.
  • (Hannah, wid. Thomas (s. Dea. Thomas of Hingham, afterwards of Hull, and Jane), and Capt. Stephen French of Weymouth, ----).
  • Ignatious and Sarah Shurtlef, June 11, 1724. [Lt. Ignatius, s. Caleb Esq. of P., and Sarah Shurtleff, P.R.4.]
  • Ignatius Jr. of P. and Abigail Soule of Halifax, Nov. 27, 1776, in Halifax.
  • Isaac 2d of P. and Miss Elizabeth Morton of Plymouth, int. Nov. 6, 1825, cert. given Nov. 20.
  • Jabez, Lt. [int. omits Lt.], and Deborah Stetson, both of P., May 20, 1811. [Jabez, C.R.]
  • John of P. and Abigaill Thomas of Plymouth, int. Sept. 27, 1812.
  • John, ch. Melzar [see birth] and Deborah (Cushman), and Miss Mary Whitten of Kingston, ----, 1819.
  • Joshua [dup. (ch. Thomas see birth, and Zilpah (Bradford))] and Hannah Kimbel [dup. (Cambell d. Shubael of Raynham)], Jan. 22, 1778. [Kimball, C.R.]
  • Levi and Meribah Ellis, both of P., Nov. 28, 1800.
  • Levi Jr. of P. and Miss Ruth H. Sampson of Pembroke, int. Apr. 24, 1825, cert. given May 8.
  • Lucy of P., d. Jacob of P., and George W. [int. Washington] Goldthwait of Stoughton or Randolph, Apr. 16, 1815.
  • Lydia Jr. [int. Lidia of P., dup. Lidia (first w., ch. Capt. Caleb Esq. and Lydia), see Caleb, b. Oct. 2, 1704] and [dup. (Lt.)] Zebedee Chandler [dup. and int. of P.], Aug. 8, 1737.
  • Lydia [dup. ch. Lt. Ezekiel and Hannah, see birth of Charles Loring] and Josiah Wright [dup. (of P.)], Sept. 2, 1802.
  • Lydiah [dup. Lidia, ch. Ignatious ((s. Caleb Esq.)) and Sarah Porter [dup. ((d. Capt. William Shurtleff))] and Ebenezer (of Bridgewater)], Oct. 24, 1754. [Lydia, P.C.R. Lydia and Ebenezer Porter of Bridgwater, C.R.]
  • (Maria Morton, ch. Ezekiel Jr. [see birth] and Lydia (Sherman), and James T. Barstow, ----).
  • Mary of P. [dup. ch. Ignatious ((s. Caleb Esq.)) and Sarah ((d. Capt. William Shurtleff))] and Thomas Thomson [dup. (Thompson)] of Halifax, Oct. 25, 1745.
  • Mary Ann, d. Capt. Ezekiel and Lydia, and Oliver Churchill Jr., s. Oliver and Saba, all of P., Oct. 14, 1832, in P.
  • Melzar [dup. and second dup. (s. Thomas 2d of P. and Zilpah)] and Deborah Cushmon [dup. and second dup. (Cushman Jr.), dup. (d. Josiah of P. and Deborah (second w.)), see birth of Daborah Cushmon], June 12, 1782.
  • Moley and Dr. Thomas Ruggles, Dec. 4, 1755. [Molly and Dr. Thomas Ruggles of Royeston, C.R.]
  • Orpha of P. [dup. ch. (Lt.) Joshua ((s. Thomas 2d)) and Hannah] and John Curtis of Stoughton, Oct. 12, 1813.
  • Pollicarpus and Mary Brick (Breck), Sept. 17, 1729.
  • Polly [int. of P.], ch. (Lt.) Joshua ((s. Thomas 2d)) and Hannah, (and Charles Brewster of Duxbury, ---- [int. Nov. 16], 1806).
  • Rebecca 2d of P., d. Simeon of P., and Thomas Randall of P., s. Onesimus, Sept. 14, 1817.
  • Sarah and Silvenus Brartlet [sic, Bartlet], Nov. 19, 1772.
  • Sarah 3d of P., d. Jacob of P., and Samuel V. Robbins of Plymouth, Apr. 2, 1821. [Samuel F. of Plymouth, C.R.]
  • Sarah 2d of P., d. Lt. Ezekiel of P.. [dup. adds and Hannah], and [dup. Dea.] John Cook of Kingston, s. Silvanus of Kingston, Dec. 11, 1811.
  • Simeon [dup. (ch. Thomas 2d, see birth, and Zilpah)] and Rebecca Soule [dup. (Jr., d. Ephraim of P.)], June 14, 1792.
  • Simeon Morton, 19, shoemaker, b. P., s. Isaac 2d and Elizabeth, and Mary Elizabeth Blanchard, 15, boot and shoe fitter, b. P., d. Capt. Jonathan and Mary Ann (second w.), all of P., Oct. 26, 1845, in P.
  • Sophia, 58, family housework, of P., b. P., d. Lt. Ezekiel and Hannah of P., and Lemuel Sturtevant, widr., 52, farmer and shoemaker, of P., b. Halifax, s. Zenas and Betsy of Halifax, Apr. 23, 1848, in P.
  • Southworth of P., s. Levi and Mira, and Miss Ann Otis Tinkham of Middleborough, int. Oct. 16, 1842, cert. given Oct. 30.
  • Suseanah and Thomas Gannet, Jan. 10, 1777.
  • Thomas [dup. (Capt., s. Caleb Esq.)] and Sarah Lobdil [dup. Lobdell, ch. Ebenezer and Lidia], Feb. 24, 1741. [Lobdel, P.C.R. Lobden, Feb. 24, 1741-2, C.R.]
  • Thomas, 31, carpenter, of Winslow [dup. adds Stevenson Co.], Ill., b. P., s. [dup. Capt.] Ezekiel and Lydia of Homer, N.Y. [dup. formerly of P.], and Lucy Parker, 28, school P., teacher, of P., b. P., d. Jonathan [dup. and int. Esq.] and Polly of P., Oct. 24, 1844, in P.
  • Thomas Ellis, Col. [int. omits Col.], of Sandwich, s. Levi formerly of P., and Lydia Ann Standish of P., d. Thomas C. of P., May 27, 1832, in P.
  • William of ,P. and Lucy Rider of Plymouth, Oct. 25, 1768, in Plymouth.
LOTHROP (see Lathrop)
  • (Deborah, wid. Joseph, ch. Josiah Perkins (s. Luke and Martha) and Deborah (d. Nehemiah Bennet), and ---- Atkins, ----).
  • Zephaniah Jr. of Bridgewater and Lydia Ripley of P., June 21, 1812.
LOVEL (see Lovell, Lovewell)
  • James and Patiance Barrowes, Dec. 27, 1750. [Patience Barrow, P.C.R.]
LOVELL (see Lovel, Lovewell)
  • James B., 30, shoemaker, of Middleborough, b. Barnstable, s. [dup. and int. Dea.] Robert and Jerusha of Barnstable, and Mary Peterson Dean, 27, shoefitter, of P., b. P., d. Winslow and Rebecca of P., Sept. 6, 1846, in P.
  • Hannah and Daniell Taler, both of P., June 10, 1740.
LOVEWELL (see Lovel, Lovell)
  • John [dup. (Lovell)] and Lidia Churchell [dup. (Lydia Churchill, d. William, one of the first Settlers in Plympton, and Lydia)], Nov. 8, 1727.
  • (Nathaniel of Waterville, Me.), and Martha Mackfarlin, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), ----).
  • Abegal and Lt. Nathaniel Atwood, Oct. 9, 1747. [Abigail and Lt. Nathaniel Attwood, Oct. 7, P.C.R.]
  • Abial of P. and Deziah Sturtevant of Halifax, Feb. 12, 1758, in Halifax.
  • Abigail (see Abegal).
  • Abigail and Robart Beanse [? misreading of Bearse], Oct. 31, 1782. (At Carver Oct. 27, 1826, I enquired . . .who Robert Beanse was, and was satisfactorily informed that Robert Bearce married Abigail Lucas, daughter of Mr. Benjamin Lucas.) [Robert Benson, sic, P.C.R.]
  • Abigail and Malatiah Barrows, Oct. 23, 1783.
  • Barnabas of P. and Anna Pierce of Pembroke, June 28, 1753, in Pembroke.
  • Barnebas and Betty Cole, Feb. 17, 1783.
  • Bela and Hannah Lucas, Feb. 22, 1781.
  • Benjamin and Lydiah Crocker, Apr. 3, 1755.
  • Benoney and Elisebath Wilkinson, Nov. 16, 1753.
  • Bethiah and David Shurtleff, Oct. 14, 1731.
  • Caleb, widr., 49, farmer and furnace man, of Middleborough, b. Carver, s. Caleb of Carver, and Betsy Bent, wid., 42, housekeeper, of Middleborough, b. Middleborough [dup. wid. Everett of Middleborough], d. Zenas Bent of Middleborough, Aug. 15, 1848, in P.
  • Elijah and Sarah Shaw, Apr. 15, 1779. [Apr. 17, P.C.R.]
  • Elijah and Mary Robbins, Oct. 25, 1781.
  • Elisebath and Franceis Atwood, Aug. 27, 1747. [Elizabeth and Francis Attwood, P.C.R.]
  • Elisebath and John Shaw Jr., Jan. 31, 1750.
  • Elisha and Margret Shaw, Jan. 10, 1722-3.
  • Elisha Jr. and Rebackah Barowes, June 6, 1754. [Rebecca Barrow, P.C.R.]
  • Elizabeth (see Elisebath).
  • Elkenah and Mehitebel Lucas, Mar. 27, 1766.
  • Ephraim [dup. (then of Carver)] and Azuba Pratt [dup. (Azubah, ch. Nathaniel and Mary), see Annes Pratt], Nov. 20, 1791.
  • Ezra, 49, farmer, of P., b. Carver, s. Nehemiah and Hannah of Carver and P., and Rhoda Blackington, 38, family housework, of Middleborough, b. W. Cambridge, d. William and Betsy of W. Cambridge, June 10, 1846, in P. [June 18, C.R.]
  • Hannah and Bela Lucas, Feb. 22, 1781.
  • Isaac Shaw and Martha Shaw, Oct. 29, 1778.
  • James and Ruth Murdoch, Sept. 15, 1748. [Murdock, P.C.R.]
  • Joanah and Jonathan Sampson, Sept. 28, 1721.
  • John and Lidia Doty, both of P., June 10, 1739.
  • John and Lydia Fuller, Nov. 16, 1769.
  • Joseph and Percis Shaw, Mar. 10, 1714-15.
  • Joseph and Rube Fuller, Sept. 24, 1767.
  • Lovice and Jabez Churchill, May 11, 1780.
  • Lucia Robbins, 18, dressmaker, of P., b. Carver, d. and Deborah of P., formerly of Carver, and Frederick Wright, 35, farmer, of P., b. Boston, s. Winslow and Sarah of Boston, May 7, 1848, in P.
  • Malatiah and William Whitten, May 1, 1781.
  • Martin Bradford of Kingston, s. Nathan of Kingston, and Deborah Bryant Briggs of Halifax, d. Lewis of Halifax, May 3, 1835, in P.
  • Mary and John Wright, May 20, 1708.
  • Mary and Nelson Tomas, Feb. 1, 1781.
  • Mehitebel and Elkenah Lucas, Mar. 27, 1766.
  • Melatiah (see Malatiah).
  • Moley and James Whiten Jr both of P., Jan. 19, 1743. [Molly and James Whiten Jr., P.C.R. Moley and James Whiton, Jan. 19, 1743-4, C.R.]
  • Nathaniel of P., s. Nehemiah of Carver and Hannah, and Mary Wright 2d of P., d. Isaac Esq. of P. and Selah, Oct. 13, 1843, in P.
  • Nehemiah [dup. (of Carver)] and Hannah Pratt [dup. (ch. Nathaniel and Mary), see Annes Pratt], Apr. 13, 1791. [Nehemiah of Carver, C.R.]
  • Patiance and Joshua Paree, Aug. 22, 1751. [Patience and Joshua Perrey, Aug. 21, P.C.R.]
  • Patience [dup. Patiance, ch. Dea. Samuel and Abegail] and Joseph Robins [dup. (Robbins)], Dec. 28, 1786.
  • Phebe of Plymouth and Ebenezer Dunham of P., Apr. 25, 1745, in Plymouth.
  • Phebe and George Dunham, Oct. 15, 1778.
  • Pricela and John Cobb, Sept. 17, 1766.
  • Prisela and Elezer Robins, Dec. 7, 1762. [Priscilla and Eleazer Robins, P.C.R.]
  • Samuel and Abigail Shaw, both of P., Feb. 29, 1731-2, in Plymouth.
  • Samuel and Abegal Shaw, Nov. 9, 1749. [Abigail, P.C.R.]
  • Samuel Jr. of P. and Abigail Drew Jr. of Halifax, Nov. 21, 1771, in Halifax.
  • Samuel 3d and Jemiamah Robins, Mar. 21, 1776.
  • Samuell and Elizebeth Shaw, Dec. 29, 1720.
  • Sarah and John Carver, Oct. 6, 1715.
  • Sarah and Bartlett Murdoch, Mar. 9, 1748. [Murdock, P.C.R.]
  • Mary Marsh, Miss, of Kingston, and Winslow Pratt of P., Apr. 29, 1838, in P. [dup. "Shortly after that they both signed articles of mutual agreement to separate"]
  • Aseal of P. and Fear Cushman of Halifax, Oct. 10, 1776, in Halifax.
McALLISTER (see McCanester).

  • William (McAllister . . .was his real name) formerly of Philadelphia, now resident in Carver, and Amanda Jones of Carver, Sept. 17, 1819.
  • (Mary and William Howland, ch. Rev. John [see birth] and Elizabeth (Lewis), ----).
MACFARLEN (see Macfarling, Mackfarlin, Mackfarling, Makfarling)
  • Solomon Solomon [sic] and Desire Sturtevant, Dec. 3, 1730.
MACFARLING (see Macfarlen, Mackfarlin, Mackfarling, Makfarling)
  • Lurany (McFarling) of Dartmouth [dup. (Lurana Mackfarling, ch. Elijah and Lurana), see birth of Abigail Mackfarling] and David Churchill [dup. (Jr.)] of P., Nov. 7, 1776, in Dartmouth [dup. (New Bedford)].
  • Reuben and Margaret Crooker, Nov. 26, 1778. [Mackfarland and Margaret Crocker, P.C.R.]
MACKFARLIN (see Macfarlen, Macfarling, Mankfarling, Makfarling)
  • Elijah [int. Mackfarling, (McFarland)] of P. and Raunah Bradford of P. [int. Luranah, (Urania, d. Elisha of Kingston)], Nov. 14, 1745.
  • Huit, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), and Mercy Tillson, ----).
  • James, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), and Olive Elms, ----).
  • James, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), and Ruth Barrows, second w., ----).
  • John and Martha Glove (Glover), Nov. 26, 1754. [Glover, C.R.]
  • Martha, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), and Nathaniel Low of Waterville, Me., ----).
  • Moly and Paterack Colen, Oct. 27, 1768. [Molly Mackfarland and Patrick Colen, P.C.R.]
  • Solomon, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), and Deborah Marshall, ----).
  • Suseanah and Nathaniel Churchil, June 4, 1744.
  • Suseananh, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), and Samuel Bates of Wareham, ----).
MACKFARLING (see Macfarlen, Macfarling, Marckfarlin, Makfarling)
  • Elijah and Sarah Marshall, May 12, 1774.
  • Sarah of P. [dup. Mackfarlin, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover))] and Peleg Samson [dup. (Sampson)] of P., Jan. 21, 1798.
McLAUGHLON (see McLauthlen)
  • Lydia of Pembroke and Nathaniell Bonney Jr. of P., int. Jan. 26, 1800.
McLAUGHLEN (see Mclaughlon)
  • Almira B., 18, family housework, b. Kingston, d. Elisha and Abigail, and Nahum Simmons, 30, blacksmith, b. Kingston, s. William and Betsy, all of Kingston, July 11, 1847, in P.
  • Deborah, Miss, and Ezra Mitchell, both of Kingston, May 8, 1836, in P.
  • Elisha Jr. of Kingston and Abigail Wright 3d of P., d. John of P., Feb. 11, 1821. [Abigail 2d of P., C.R.]
  • Margaret, Miss, and Harvey Ransom, both of Kingston, Mar. 24, 1833, in P.
  • Mary, Miss, residing in P., formerly resided in Pembroke, and John Bonney, residing in P., formerly resided in Duxbury, Feb. 9, 1840, in P.
  • Olive, Miss, and Ira Hayward, both of Kingston, Feb. 11, 1827 [in P.].
  • Rebekah, Miss, of Kingston, and Samuel Soule Jr. of Kingston, s. Samuel, who moved from Plympton, Nov. 23, 1828, in P.
  • Robert, Capt., of Kingston, Plymouth Co., and Deborah Loring of P., wid. Lt. Jabez of P., d. Caleb Stetson of P., Nov. 28, 1819.
  • Sally, d. John, and Edward Doten Chandler, s. Dea. Nathan, all of Kingston, June 17, 1832, in P.
  • Sophia, Miss, of Pembroke, and Thomas Lanman of Kingston, May 13, 1830, in P.
  • Daniel of N. Providence, R.I., and Susanna Fobes 2d of P., July 5, 1814.
  • Daniel of P., s. Angus of Barnakill, Argyle Co., Scot., and Deborah Loring of P., d. Melzar of P. [dup. Melzar, see birth, and Deborah (Cushman)], Feb. 8, 1824.
MAGOON (see Magoun, Megone)
  • Mary and David Churchel, Apr. 17, 1729.
MAGOUN (see Magoon, Megone)
  • Betsy and Martin Howard [int. Hayward], both of P., June 12, 1808.
  • Rachel and Thomas B. Harrub, both of P., int. May 9, 1802.
MAKFARLING (see Macfarlen, Macfarling, Mackfarlin, Mackfarling)
  • Mary [dup. (Mackfarling or McFarland)] and James Churchell [dup. (Churchill, s. William, one of the first Settlers in Plympton, and Lydia)], Dec. 27, 1716.
  • Thomas of Boston, Suffolk Co., and Prudence Bryant of P., int. Dec. 31, 1815. "This Couple were not married."
  • Belcher, 21, seaman, of Plymouth, b. Plymouth s. Prince and Lydia of Plymouth, and Eliza Ann Bradford Phinney, 21, cotton factory weaver, of P., "but she had resided in Middleborough about two months previous," b. P., d. Otis and Betsy of P., Oct. 14, 1849, in P.
  • Zachariah of Braintree and Sarah Nye of P., int. June 6, 1742.
  • Marcy of Taunton, (There are people by the name Merrick, Myrick and Marrett), and Samuel Ellis of P., int. Dec. 15, 1744.
MARSHAL (see Marshall, Marshill)
  • Josiah and Mrs. Sarah Churchil, Nov. 16, 1749. [Marshal and Sarah Churchell, P.C.R. Marshall and Mrs. Sarah Churchell, C.R.]
MARSHALL (see Marshal, Marshill)
  • Betsey and Beza Bisbe [int. both of P.], ---- [int. Jan. 17, 1802]. [Martial and and Beza Bisbee, ----, 1802, C.R.]
  • (Deborah) and Solomon Mackfarlin, ch. John ((s. Solomon Mackfarling)) and Martha ((Glover), ----).
  • Sarah and Elijah Mackfarling, May 12, 1774.
MARSHILL (see Marshal, Marshall)
  • Mary and Willard Ellis, Apr. 6, 1790. [Marshall, C.R.]
  • Molley and Samuel Arnold, Apr. 7, 1786. [Marshall and Samuel Arnold of Rochester, C.R.]
  • Eliza of Plymouth and Stetson Chandler of P., int. Oct. 6, 1816, cert. given Nov. 9.
  • Henry, residing in P., and Abiga Bradford of P., wid. Nathaniel of P., d. Isaac Cobb, residing in P., formerly of Middleborough [dup. of Carver], Mar. 4, 1818.
  • (Sarah and James Howland, had a family and lived in Walpole, N.H., ch. Rev. John [see birth] and Elizabeth (Lewis), ----).
MAXIM (see Muxam, Muxham)
  • Catharine Louisa, 21 "in February 1838," of P., d. Levi and Ruby of Middleborough, and Winslow Pratt of P., int. Sept. 9, 1838, cert. given Sept. 23.
  • Edward and Anah Parish, Sept. 27, 1739. [Ann, C.R.]
  • George Washington of Stoughton, s. David of Stoughton and Sarah, and Hannah Fuller of P., d. Ephraim of P., Feb. 1, 1835, in P.
  • Ira of Stoughton, s. David and Sarah of Stoughton, and Zerviah Thompson Fuller of P., d. Ephraim, May 25, 1828.
  • Israel and Elisabeth Barber, Feb. 5, 1700.
MEGONE (see Magoon, Magoun)
  • James and Elisebath Bradford, May 19, 1768. [Magoun, P.C.R. Magoun of P. and Elizabeth Bradford, d. Capt. John and Elizabeth, P.R.4.]
  • Rachel and Josiah Chandler, Nov. 14, 1771. [Magoun, P.C.R.]
  • Lucy L. B., Miss, of Rochester, and George Walter Lobdell, 25, railroad business, of P., b. P., s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth F. of P., int. Dec. 3, 1848, cert. given Dec. 17.
  • (Jane, third w., and Winslow Wright, ch. Isaac and Faith [see birth of Billya Wright], ----) [? in Boston].
  • Jabez of P. and Maria Churchill of Plymouth, July 3, 1746, in Plymouth.
MERRICK (see Marick).

  • Content of Plymouth and Samuel Ransom of P., Oct. 2, 1753, in Plymouth.
  • (John) and Hulday Fearing, (wid. David), d. Benjamin Cushman and Sarah ((Eaton) [see birth of Abigal Cushman], ----).
  • Alden of Middleborough, s. Alden dec'd of Middleborough and Millison, and Fanny Woodbury Bumpus of P., d. Dea. Cephas and Lydia of P., Oct. 27, 1836, in P.
  • Thomas and Mary Boney [dup. ch. Isaac and Mary], Apr. 17, 1766.
MITCHELL (see Mitchill)
  • Ezra and Miss Deborah McLauthlen, both of Kingston, May 8, 1836, in P.
  • George Washington, widr., 41, blacksmith, of Halifax, s. Seth and Lusanna of Bridgewater, and Mercy Dammon Briggs, 42, tayloress, of P., d. Samuel dec'd and Mercy (first w.) of P., int. Sept. 21, 1845, cert. given Oct. 5.
  • Hannah and Elijah Crooker of P., Dec. 8, 1793, in Kingston.
  • Joseph [int. Mitchel of Kingston] and Lucy Sampson [int. of P.], Aug. 3, 1806.
  • Mary P., Miss, and Alfred Fuller, both of Halifax, Apr. 16, 1837, in P.
  • Ransom and Miss Lucy Simmons, both of Kingston, May 16, 1833, in P.
  • (Rebekah, d. Benjamin of Kingston and Mary, and Joshua Pratt, s. Nathaniel and Mary [see Armes Pratt], ----).
  • Seth of New Bedford and Martha Bartlett, July 30, 1795.
MITCHELL (see Mitchell)
  • Isaac of N. Yarmouth and Mary Cushman of P., int. Mar. 25, 1738.
MORCE (see Morse, Morss)
  • Jonathan [int. of Middlebrough] and Martha King [int. of P.], Mar. 7, 1737.
  • Mary [int. Morse] of Middlebrough and David Rickard of P., Oct. 20, 1740.
MORDOCH (see Murdoch, Murdock)
  • James and Lydia Hammond, Nov. 9, 1780. [Murdock Jr., P.C.R.]
MOREY (see Mory)
  • Eunice of Plymouth and Hosea Churchill of P., int. Feb. 10, 1811.
  • Ichabod of Plymouth and Mary Churchill of P., d. Capt. Joseph formerly of P., Dec. 1, 1818.
  • Josiah of P., s. Cornelius and Jerusha of Plymouth, and Nancy Holmes of Plymouth, wid. Seth of Plymouth, d. Richard Blackmer of Plymouth and Nancy (Ellis), int. May 5, 1839, cert. given May 21.
MORSE (see Morce, Morss)
  • David [int. Morce of P.] and Sarah Bryant [int. of P., dup. ch. John Bryant and Mary], Dec. 14, 1732.
  • Hannah of P. and Josiah West of Kingston, int. Sept. 20, 1801.
  • Joshua of Middleboro and Sarah Bisbe of P., int. Feb. 25, 1798.
  • Lydia, Miss, of Taunton, and Kimball Pratt of P., int. Sept. 11, 1825, cert. given Sept. 27.
  • (Thankful and Daniel Howland, ch. Rev. John [see birth] and Elizabeth (Lewis), ----).
MORSS (see Morce, Morse)
  • Dabrah and Ebenezer Pratt, both of P., Sept. 23, 1750.
  • William and Hannah Waterman, May 22, 1728.
  • Cyrus, Dr., s. Dr. Nathaniel and Joanna, and Lydia H. Drew, d. Capt. George, all of Halifax, Nov. 25, 1841 [in P.].
  • Elizabeth, Miss, of Plymouth, and Isaac Loring 2d of P., int. Nov. 6, 1825, cert. given Nov. 20.
  • Elizabeth and Sameuel Donhan, Dec. 13, 1781.
  • James [int. of Plymouth] and Mehetabel Churchill [int. Mehitable of P.], d. Dea. Samuel, Sept. 16, 1736.
  • James and Mary Holmes, Oct. 9, 1766.
  • Josiah of Plymouth and Molly Whiting, Dec. 7, 1780. [Whitten, C.R.]
  • Margaret of Plymouth and Moses Donham of P., Jan. 15, 1785, in Plymouth.
  • Mary, Miss, of Freetown, and Rev. Elijah Dexter of P., int. Dec. 6, 1812.
  • Nathaniell [int. of Plymouth] and Mary Shaw [int. of P.], Oct. 25, 1733.
  • Rebecca Finney of P., d. Nathaniel dec'd of Plymouth and Sally (afterward w. John Sherman of P.), and Rev. Alexander M. Averill of Rochester, June 22, 1842 [dup. in P.]. [Alexander M. of Mattapoisett, P.R.1.]
  • Sally of Carver, wid. Nathaniel of Plymouth, d. Benjamin Ransom of Carver, and John Sherman of P., s. Capt. John of Carver, May 25, 1829, in P. [May 24, P.R.1.]
  • William Osborn, 23, shoemaker, of Kingston, b. Plymouth, s. Osborn and Celia P. of Kingston, and Deborah Ellis Perkins, 20, seamstress, of P., b. P., d. Lt. Jonathan B. and Ruth of P., int. Oct. 7, 1849, cert. dated Oct. 21.
MORY (see Morey)
  • Patience and William Boney, June 16, 1730.
MURDOCH (see Mordoch, Murdock)
  • Bartlett and Sarah Lucas, Mar. 9, 1748. [Murdock, P.C.R.]
  • Bartlett [dup. (Murdock Jr.)] and Daborah Perkins [dup. d. Capt. Joshua ((s. Dea. Josiah)) and Hanah ((d. George Sampson))], Nov. 11, 1773.
  • Daborah and Robart Sturtevant, Feb. 28, 1765.
  • Hannah and Ebenezer Blosom, Nov. 11, 1773.
  • Huldah and Isaac Rickard, Apr. 10, 1788.
  • James and Hannah Tilson, both of P., Apr. 2, 1741.
  • Jennet and Stephen Tilson, both of P., Apr. 17, 1740.
  • Jennet and Stephen Atwood, May 11, 1769.
  • Lydia and Benjamin White, Dec. 7, 1775.
  • Ruth and James Lucas, Sept. 15, 1748. [Murdock, P.C.R.]
MURDOCK (see Mordoch, Murdoch)
  • (Elisha Capt.), and Martha Perkins, ch. Capt. Joshua ((s. Dea. Josiah)) and Hanah ((d. George Sampson), ----).
  • James of P. arid Faith Sturtevant of Halifax, Apr. 26, 1764, in Halifax.
MUXAM (see Maxim, Muxham)
  • Jabez and Anna Shurtliff, Oct. 30, 1765.
  • Lameuel and Abegail Faunce, Dec. 12, 1776.
MUXHAM (see Maxim, Muxam)
  • John of P. and Martha Norris of Wareham, July 29, 1767, in Wareham.
  • Lydia and William Churchill, July 6, 1784.
MYRICK (see Marick).

  • Charles Henry, 24, woollen factory weaver, of Halifax, b. Woolwich [Kent Co., Eng.], s. William H. and Mary Ann of Woolwich, Kent Co., Eng., and Betsy Shaw Fuller, 18, woollen factory weaver, of P., b. Colerain, d. Amos and Priscilla V. (first w.) of P., Dec. 12, 1847, in Kingston.
  • Jabez and Rebeckah Cushman [dup. (Rebekah, d. Isaac Jr. and Sarah (first w.))], Dec. 8, 1726.
  • Jabez and Sarah Standish [dup. and second dup. d. Ebenezer and Hannah], Sept. 23, 1728.
  • Samuel [dup. (Nichols)] and Sarah Soul [dup. Sole, ch. Ebenezer and Susanah, see birth of Asaph Sole], May 21, 1767.
  • Elisebath (Orcutt) and John Rayment 2d, Mar. 2, 1769. [Elizabeth Norcutt, P.C.R.]
NORES (see Norris)
  • Samuel [(Norris)] and Lydiah Washborn, Dec. 21, 1749.
  • Samuel (see Sath Fuller Jr.).
NORRIS (see Nores)
  • Content of Pembroke and Consider Cole of P., Apr. 16, 1755, in Pembroke.
  • Martha of Wareham and John Muxham of P., July 29, 1767, in Wareham.
  • (Shubael) and Phebe Bradford, ch. Samuell and Sarah [see birth of Abegail], (----).
  • John Jr. of Abington and Rebekah Harlow Bates of P., d. Isaac, resident in P., int. Aug. 7, 1831, cert. given Aug. 26.
  • Bonnum and Marcy Barowes, both of P., Feb. 2, 1742.
  • Elias and Ruth Shurtliff, Feb. 3, 1780. [Ruth Shaw., P.C.R.]
  • Elias of P. and Elizabeth Bartlett 2d of Plymouth, Apr. 23, 1786, in Plymouth.
  • Hannah and Samuel Tilson, both of P., Nov. 13, 1740.
  • Ichabod and Elizabeth Bonum, Feb. 16, 1709-10.
  • Jabez and Ruth Bonum, May 31, 1711.
  • Jonathan and Betty Ellis, Mar. 28, 1782.
  • Joseph and Polly Bisbe, both of P., Oct. 18, 1814.
  • Joseph, Lt. [dup. s. Jonathan], and Susanna Churchill, d. Josiah and Deborah, all of P., Jan. 26, 1839, in P.
  • Joseph Bradish, 25, trader, b. P., s. Lt. Joseph and Mary, and Susan Williams Bisbee, 22, seamstress, b. P., d. Elijah and Maria, all of P., July 4, 1848, in Boston.
  • Mary, ch. Isaac and Sarah, (and ---- Orcutt, ----).
  • Mary Bisbee, d. Lt. Joseph [int. dec'd] and Mary, and Ephraim Fuller Jr., s. Ephraim and Zerviah, all of P., Apr. 10, 1842.
  • Meribah [dup. ch. Isaac and Sarah] and James Palmer, July 2, 1752.
  • Phebe and Lt. Thomas Ellis, both of P., Mar. 29, 1814.
  • Sarah of P. and Zachariah Marguard of Braintree, int. June 6, 1742.
  • Sarah [dup. ch. Isaac and Sarah] and Frances [sic] Pumery [dup. (Francis Pomeroy of Middleborough)], Aug. 26, 1762.
  • Sarah of P., d. Jonathan of P., and Charles Fuller of P., s. Philemon, Sept. 10, 1823.
  • Susanna, 49, of P., b. P., wid. [dup. Lt.] Joseph [dup. and int. of P.], d. Josiah Churchill and Deborah of P., and John Delano, widr., of Duxbury, b. Duxbury, s. Nathaniel and Deborah of Duxbury, Jan. 18, 1845, in P.
  • Ellis of Pembroke and Hervey Rickard of P., Feb. 19, 1723-4, in Pembroke.
  • Peter and Lucy Thair, Dec. 27, 1787.
  • Elizabeth (see Elisebath Norcut).
  • (----) and Mary Nye, ch. Isaac and Sarah, (----).
  • Bethiah, 20, b. E. Bridgewater, d. Peleg and Sally, and Henry Pollard, 21, shoemaker, b. E. Bridgewater, s. Martin and Anne, all of E. Bridgewater, Apr. 7, 1848, in P.
  • Cynthia (see Sintha).
  • Elizabeth, wid., of Middleborough, d. Benjamin Pratt dec'd of Middleborough, and Alfred Churchill of P., s. Ebenezer and Lucy of P., Oct. 6, 1841, in P.
  • Mary Jones of Abington, wid. Isaac of W. Bridgewater, d. Samuel Foster of Abington and Mary Jones, and Ezekiel Ripley of P., s. Ezekiel dec'd of P., int. Apr. 3, 1831, cert. given Apr. 18.
  • Perez [dup. abt. 21] of P. s. Isaac of W. Bridgewater and Mary Jones, and Mercy Bradford Sherman [dup. 19 y. 4 m.] of P., d. Lt. Joseph and Nancy of P., Jan. 1, 1843 [dup. in P.].
  • (Reuel) and Molley Harlow, ch. Barnabas ((s. James)) and Molley ((d. Dea. Peter West of Kingston), ----).
  • Sarah of Bridgewater and Caleb Loring of P., int. Mar. 7, 1802.
  • Sintha [int. Cyntha] of Bridgewater and Levi Churchill of P., Sept. 19, 1799, in Bridgewater.
PADACK (see Paddock)
  • Ephraim [dup. (Paddock)] of Plymouth and Sarah Bradford of P. [dup. ch. Samuell and Sarah, see birth of Abegail], Nov. 25, 1742.
PADDOCK (see Padack)
  • Jane of Plymouth and Gideon Bradford of P. Oct. 8, 1741, in Plymouth.
  • John and Lydia Cushing [dup. ch. Sath Jr. and Lydiah, see birth of Hannah Cushing], Nov. 9, 1786.
  • Lydia and Capt. Joshua Eddy, Apr. 16, 1778. [Capt. Joshua of Middleborough, C.R.]
  • (Zechariah of Middleborough and Martha Washburn, d. Elisha of Kingston and Martha (d. Luke Perkins and Martha), ----).
  • Emmieline of Boston, d. Simeon of Boston, and Henry Martyn Dexter of P., s. Rev. Elijah and Mary of P., int. Oct. 27, 1844, cert. dated Nov. 10. "The town Clerk would have written her name Emeline if it had not been written as above in the application.
  • James and Meribah Nye [dup. ch. Isaac and Sarah], July 2, 1752.
  • Luce [dup. Pamor] and Ebenezer Churchil, July 17, 1764.
  • Samuel and Sarah Whiting, wid. [dup. (Whitten, wid. Mathew)], Dec. 8, 1785. [Whitten, C.R.]
  • Zurishaddai and Susanna Cobb, Dec. 24, 1778. [Dec. 21, P.C.R.]
PAREE (see Parree, Perre, Perrey, Perry)
  • Joshua and Patiance Lucas, Aug. 22, 1751. [Perrey and Patience Lucas, Aug. 21, P.C.R.]
PARISH (see Parris)
  • Anah and Edward May, Sept. 27, 1739. [Ann, C.R.]
  • Abigail and Samuel Ellis [int. both of P.], Nov. 30, 1800.
  • Betsy of P., d. Jonathan Esq. and Polly of P., and Dr. Josiah Sturtevant Hammond of P., s. Benjamin and Hannah of Carver, Nov. 25, 1838, in P.
  • Charity Soule of P., d. Lt. Oliver and Phebe (second w.), and Lt. John Sampson of P., s. Gideon and Lydia, Dec. 20, 1835, in P.
  • (Elisha of New Bedford and Lydia Parker, ch. Rev. Jonathan and Lydia (second w.) [see birth of Batte Parker], ----).
  • Eliza, d. Lt. Oliver and Phebe, and George Ellis Wright, s. Billya and Patience, all of P., June 26, 1834, in P.
  • Ira, Lt., of P., s. Lt. Oliver and Phebe (second w.) of P., and Miss Mary Delano Knowles of Plymouth, int. June 18, 1843, cert. given July 2.
  • Jerusha 2d of P. d. Lt. Oliver of P. [dup. Lt. Oliver, see birth, and Phebe (Ellis) (second w.)], and Timothy Cobb of Carver, s. [int. Capt.] Thomas Esq. of Carver, May 24, 1831, in P.
  • John A. and Averick Standish, Feb. 28, 1788. [John Avery Parker, P.C.R.]
  • Jonathan, Rev., of P. [dup. (s. Judge Daniel of Barnstable)], and Jerusha Avery [dup. (Ruth), int. Mrs. Ruth Averey] of Truro [dup. (d. Rev. John of Truro)], Sept. 6, 1733, in Truro.
  • Jonathan, Rev., of P., and Mrs. Lydia Bartlett of Plymouth, July 5, 1748, in Plymouth.
  • Jonathan Jr. and Abegail Loring, Dec. 5, 1765.
  • ((Jonathan Jr., Lt. [int. of P.], s. Jonathan, and Silence Soule, first w. [int. of P.], d. Asaph, Feb. ----, 1805).
  • (Jonathan Jr. and Miss Polly Sherman [dup. and int. both of P.], Dec. 8, 1807).
  • Jonathan Esq., widr., 71, farmer [dup. b. P.], s. Jonathan dec'd and Abigail, and Susanna Ellis, 50, shoefitter and housewifery [dup. b. P.], wid. Capt. Thomas, d. Capt. John Bradford and Eunice, all of P., Mar. 10, 1846, in P.
  • Lucy, 28, school teacher; of P. b. P., d. Jonathan [dup. and int. Esq.] and Polly of P., and Thomas Loring, 31, carpenter, of Winslow [dup. adds Stevenson Co.], Ill., b. P., s. [dup. Capt.] Ezekiel and Lydia of Homer, N.Y. [dup. formerly of P.], Oct. 24, 1844, in P.
  • (Lydia, ch. Rev. Jonathan and Lydia (second w.) [see birth of Batte Parker], and Elisha Parker of New Bedford, ----).
  • (Lydia [int. of P.], wid. Elisha of New Bedford, ch. Rev. Jonathan Parker and Lydia (second w.) [see birth of Batte Parker], and Capt. Benjamin Church of Fairhaven [int. New Bedford], ----) [int. Oct. 9, 1796].
  • Margrett and Benj amine Sampson, May 4, 1710.
  • Mary [dup. (Molly or Mary, ch. Judge Daniel)] and Capt. [dup. (afterward Col.)] Josiah Edson [dup. (of Bridgewater)], Nov. 25, 1746.
  • (Molly, second w., ch. Rev. Jonathan and Lydia (second w.), and William Gray of Athens, N.Y., ----, lived in Plympton several years, and then moved to Cairo, N.Y.)
  • Oliver and Charity Soule, Aug. 29, 1794.
  • Oliver [int. Lt.] and Phebe Ellis, both of P., Mar. 14, 1799.
  • Oliver Jr. of P., s. Lt. Oliver [int. of P.], and Mary Bradford Standish of P., d. Shadrach Jr. [int. of P.], Apr. 29, 1828.
  • Phebe Ellis of P., d. Lt. Oliver and Phebe (second w.) of P., and Lt. John Sampson of P., s. Gideon and Lydia formerly of P., Nov. 16, 1841.
  • Polly Stepens [int. Stephens], d. Jonathan Esq. and Polly, and Isaiah Churchill, s. Oliver and Saba, all of P., May 19, 1833, in P.
  • Polycarpus and Marcy Ellis, Oct. 12, 1795.
  • Polycarpus and Susanna Bisbe 2d, both of P., May 5, 1814.
  • Polycarpus of P., s. Jonathan of P., and Sarah Jackson of Plymouth, wid. Ransom of Plymouth, d. Daniel Faunce late of Carver, May 25, 1819.
  • (Rebekah, second w., ch. Judge Daniel, and Dea. Josiah Perkins of P., ----).
  • Ruth [dup. see birth] and John Bishup [dup. (Bishop of Norwich, Conn.)], Oct. 18, 1753. [Byshop of Norwich, C.R.]
  • Silence, 32, tayloress, of P., b. P., d. Jonathan [dup. and int. Esq.] and Polly of P. and Joshua Curtis Thompson, widr., 43, farmer, of P., b. Halifax, s. Nehemiah and Experience of Halifax, Dec. 5, 1844, in P.
  • Zaccheus of P., s. Jonathan Esq. of P. and Polly, and Betsy Bartlett of Plymouth, d. Capt. Ansel of Plymouth and Elizabeth, Dec. 10, 1834, in P.
PARREE (see Paree, Perre, Perrey, Perry)
  • Elijah [dup. (Perry of Middleborough)] and Sarah Crocker [dup. (ch. Dea. Abel of Carver, then P., and Mary (Isham) of Barnstable)], Aug. 1, 1751.
  • Elisebath and William Perkins, both of P., Oct. 21, 1745. [Elizabeth Percy, C.R.]
  • Joseph (Perry) and Prisela Samson [dup. Priscila, ch. Jonathan and Joannah, see birth of Abigal Sampson], Apr. 14, 1747. [Perey, C.R.]
  • Lydiah [dup. (Miss Lydia Perry)] of P. and Nathaniel Fuller Jr. of P. [dup. (s. Nathaniel, see birth, and Martha (Sampson))], June 12, 1744.
PARRIS (see Parish)
  • Abigail of Pembroke and Job Simmons of P., Oct. 20, 1742, in Pembroke.
PARSONS (see Person)
  • Charles Daniel, Lt., of Carver, adopted s. Margaret Bradford, wid., formerly wid. Daniel Parsons of Gloucester, and Catharine Sherman of P., d. Capt. Jabez dec'd of Carver and Polly, Sept. 1, 1839, in P.
  • Margaret, wid. Daniel of Gloucester, d. Joseph Tucker and Hannah of Gloucester, and Hezekiah Bradford, Nov. 4, 1824.

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