Marriages - BRATTLES to CLERK

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

  • Marcy [int. Mary of P.] and Barnebus Bryant [int. Barnabas of Kingston], Dec. 18, 1744.
BRECK (see Brick).

  • (Charles of Duxbury) and Polly Loring [int. of P.], ch. (Lt.) Joshua ((s. Thomas 2d)) and Hannah, (---- [int. Nov. 16], 1806).
  • Eunice of Duxbury, d. Joseph of Duxbury and Sarah, and Nathaniel Ellis of P., s. Joel dec'd of P. and Clara, int. June 12, 1836, cert. given June 30.
  • Joshua and Deborah Jackson, Mar. 13, 1721-2.
  • Nance and James C. Ellis, Dec. 25, 1830, P.R.2.
  • Sarah [int. of Duxbury] and Joseph Wright of P., Nov. 8, 1748, in Duxbury.
BRIANT (see Brient, Bryand, Bryannt, Bryant)
  • Abigail and Josiah Phiney, Dec. 13, 1722.
  • Aseph of P. and Betsey Barden of Rehoboth, June 25, 1789, in Rehoboth.
  • Benjamine and Hannah Eaton, July 31, 1712.
  • Elisabeth and Isaac Waterman, Dec. 23, 1725.
  • Elizebeth and Benjamen Benson, Mar. 17, 1714-15.
  • Georg and Sarah Ripley, Jan. 26, 1715.
  • James and Dorkas Whipple, May 12, 1725.
  • Joanah and Josiah Waterman, Feb. 21, 1722-3.
  • Johana and Samuell Churchell, Sept. 6, 1711.
  • Prescilla and John Prat, July 5, 1722.
  • Sarah and John Briggs, Mar. 3, 1714-15.
  • Mary (Breck) and Policarpus Loring, Sept. 17, 1729.
  • Elisebath and John Rusel, June 4, 1755. [Elizabeth and John Russel, P.C.R.]
  • John [dup. (of P.)] and Joanah Comer [dup. (Joanna Coomer, d. William and Joanna)], Feb. 28, 1754.
  • John, Lt., and Sybil Shaw, June 11, 1778.
  • Ruth and Caleb Binson Jr., Nov. 24, 1774.
  • William, Dr., and Anne Hammond, Nov. 18, 1779. [Anna, Nov. 15, P.C.R.]
BRIENT (see Briant, Bryand, Bryannt, Bryant)
  • James and Sarah Cushman, July 8, 1708.
  • Elizabeth of Middleborough [int. d. Zachariah of Kingston and Lydia ("who after her husband's death lives in Middleborough")) and Isaiah Wright of P., s. Zebedee and Rhoda of P., Nov. 16, 1840.
  • Abigail of P., d. Samuel of P. [dup. Samuel, see birth, and Mercy (Dammon) (first w.)], and Ebenezer Tinkham 2d of Middleborough, Plymouth Co., Mar. 15, 1821.
  • (Anna Thomas, ch. Samuel and Mercy (Dammon) (first w.), and Sylvanus Tinkham of Middleborough, ----).
  • Barnabus [int. Barnabas] of Halifax and Lois Bryant of P., Nov. 23, 1743, in Halifax.
  • Deborah Bryant of Halifax, d. Lewis of Halifax, and Martin Bradford Lucas of Kingston, s. Nathan of Kingston, May 3, 1835, in P.
  • Ephraim, Rev., of Chatham and Deborah Samson of P int. Sept. 24, 1796.
  • Harriet of Halifax and Nathaniel Chandler of P., int. July 6, 1806.
  • Joanna B. of Pembroke and Sylvanus Thomas of Hanson, Apr. 15, 1832, in P.
  • John (Brigs) and Sarah Briant, Mar. 3, 1714-15.
  • John and Sarah Bent, May 5, 1785.
  • Lewis Jr. of Halifax, s. Lewis and Joanna of Halifax, and Hannah Vickery of P., d. Daniel and Asenath of P., Sept. 13, 1840.
  • (Lucy, ch. Samuel and Mercy (Dammon) (first w.), and Asaph Tinkham of Middleborough, ----).
  • Mercy Dammon, 42, tayloress, of P., d. Samuel dec'd and Mercy (first w.) of P., and George Washington Mitchell, widr., 41, blacksmith, of Halifax, s. Seth and Lusanna of Bridgewater, int. Sept. 21, 1845, cert. given Oct. 5.
  • Ruth of Wareham and Thomas Washburn of P., Apr. 25, 1785, in Wareham.
  • Sebre of Middleborough, s. Ebenezer, and Bethiah Bent of Middleborough, d. Lt. Experience of Middleborough, May 25, 1819.
  • Seneca of P. and Molly Holmes 2d of Kingston, Plymouth Co., int. Aug. 8, 1819, cert. given Sept. 3.
  • Zephaniah L. P., 24, shoemaker, b. Halifax, s. Zephaniah L. and Elsey, and Rebecca Fuller, wid., 29, family housework, b. Halifax, d. Ebenezer Abigail, all of Halifax, Nov. 7, 1847, in P.
  • Saba of Duxbury, wid. Capt. John of Duxbury, d. Capt. Andrew Sampson of Duxbury, and Capt. Samuel Bryant of P., s. Joshua and Dorcas of P., int. Nov. 21, 1830.
  • Sally, Mrs., of Plymouth, and Harry Churchill of P., int. Jan. 7, 1844. "Harry Churchill did not marry said Sally Brown."
BRYAND (see Briant, Brient, Bryannt, Bryant)
  • Lydia [dup. Lidia Bryant, ch. George and Sarah [see Ephraim, b. Apr. 12, 1726], int. Lidia Bryant of P.] and Nathaniell Boney [dup. (Nathaniel Bonney), int. Nathanell of P.], Oct. 27, 1737.
BRYANNT (see Briant, Brient, Bryand, Bryant)
  • Joshua and Dorcas Haward, Feb. 18, 1779. [Bryant and Dorcas Hayward P.C.R. Bryant and Dorcas Howard, C.R.]
  • Lucy and Mathew Porter, July 12, 1778. [Bryant and Matthew Porter, July 19, P.C.R. Bryant and Mathew Porter of Abington, July 19, C.R.]
  • Ruth [dup. (Bryant, d. Joseph and Zilpah (d. William Sampson and Joanna))] and William Shaw [dup. (2d of Middleborough)], Sept. 26, 1782.
BRYANT (see Briant, Brient, Bryand, Bryannt)
  • Abiah and Edward Lanman, Feb. 2, 1758.
  • Abigail and John Wright, both of P., Nov. 12, 1797.
  • Abigail of P. and Alvin Snell of Bridgewater, Oct. 17, 1799.
  • Abijah and Solame Dunham, Dec. 28, 1786. [Elijah, P.C.R.]
  • Adeline, d. Lemuel [dup. see birth of Adeline], and Cephas Cobb, s. Lemuel, all of P., June 4, 1829, in P.
  • Alvan [int. of P.], s. Lemuel [int. dec'd] and Clarissa of P., and Miss Betsy Johnson [int. Betsey of Kingston, d. Capt. John dec'd of Kingston], ---- [int. cert. given Dec. 2], 1832.
  • Amos and Margret Pratt, Apr. 3, 1759.
  • Barnebus [int. Barnabas of Kingston] and Marcy Brattles [int. Mary of P.], Dec. 18, 1744.
  • Benjamin and Sarah Tinkham, Feb. 1, 1759.
  • Benjamin [dup. (Dea.)] and Sarah Harlow [dup. ch. James and Hannah, see birth of Abigail Harlow], Sept. 13, 1768.
  • Benjamin [int. Jr.] of P. and Bethia Gray of Halifax [int. Kingston], July 23, 1797, in Halifax.
  • Betty [int. Betsey of P.] and William Simmonds [int. of Kingston], May 5, 1802.
  • Caleb and Hannah Eless, June 4, 1767.
  • Caroline of P. d. Joshua dec'd of P., and Thomas Glass of Duxbury "Glass' real name was Zenas Thomas Glass," Nov. 26, 1820.
  • Cephas of P. and Lucy Lincoln of Pembroke, Plymouth Co., int. Oct. 15, 1815.
  • Deborah Bradford of P., d. Capt. Samuel [int. of P.], and Cephas Ripley of P., s. Isaiah [int. of P.], June 15, 1829, in P.
  • Ebenezer and Elizabeth King, Mar. 19, 1729-30.
  • Elijah (see Abijah).
  • Elisha and Hannah Bryant [int. both of P.], Oct. 4, 1737.
  • Eliza Holmes of P., d. Lemuel dec'd of P. and Clarissa [dup. see birth of Adeline Bryant.], and Edward Holmes of Kingston, s. Joseph of Kingston and Lucy, Jan. 1, 1838, in P.
  • (Ephraim) [int. of P.] and Abigal Samson [int. Abigail Sampson of of Middleborough], ch. Ephraim and Abigail [see birth of Abigal Samson], (----) [int. Nov. 23, 1748].
  • Ezekiel of P. and Lucy Bearce of Halifax, Oct. 31, 1768, in Halifax.
  • Georg [dup. (George)] and Sarah Lobdil [dup. ch. Isaac ((s. Ebenezer)) and Ruth ((Clark))], Dec. 15, 1763. [Lobdell, P.C.R. Lobden, C.R.]
  • George of P., s. Zenas of P., and Mary Soule of Duxbury, d. Capt. Nathaniel of Duxbury and Lydia, int. Nov. 22, 1829, cert. given Jan. 20, 1830.
  • George, 27, farmer and shoemaker, b. P., s. Micah and Drusilla, and Joann Sumner Bumpus, 24, school teacher, b. P., d. Cephas and Lydia, all of P., Nov. 19, 1845, in P.
  • Hannah and Elisha Bryant [int. both of P.], Oct. 4, 1737.
  • Hannah Harlow of P., d. Micah and Drusilla of P. and George Loring of P., s. Lt. [int. omits Lt.] Friend dec'd of Portland, Me., formerly of P., July 7, 1836, in P.
  • Hope and Benjamin Jackson [int. both of P.], Mar. 14, 1733.
  • Jabez and Hannah Pratt, Oct. 30, 1771.
  • James and Patience Raymond, Mar. 15, 1743-4. [Rament, C.R.]
  • James of P. and Abiah Wormwol, (Probably that name should be Wermall), of Ducksborough, Dec. 12, 1745. [Wormwal, C.R.]
  • (Jane, ch. Joseph and Zilpah (d. William Sampson and Joanna), and Eleazar Dunham of Carver, afterwards of Maine, ----).
  • Jerush of P. and Soloman Leach of Bridgewater, Apr. 19, 1739, in Bridgewater.
  • Joanah and Solomon Dotin, Sept. 13, 1755. [Joannah and Solomon Doten, P.C.R. Joanna and Solomon Dotey, C.R.]
  • John and Abegail Churchil, Feb. 10, 1740. [Feb. 10, 1740-1, C.R.]
  • Joseph and Zilpha Samson [dup. (Zilpah Sampson, d. William and Joanna)], Nov. 23, 1756. [Nov. 1, C.R.]
  • Joshua of P. and Princes Peterson of Duxbury, int. Oct. 26, 1800.
  • Josiah and Mary Griffeth, Jan. 1, 1756.
  • Laura of P., d. Zenas of P. [dup. see birth of Ann Bryant], and Benjamin Cushman of Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Oct. 18, 1818.
  • Laura Ann of P., d. Micah of P., and Augustus Cushing of Homer [int. adds Cortland Co.], N.Y., s. James of Homer, N.Y., formerly of P., Oct. 6, 1833, in P.
  • Lemuel of P., 23, farmer and shoemaker, s. Lemuel dec'd and Clarissa of P., and Maria Bradford of Kingston, d. Thomas and Lydia of Kingston, int. Aug. 31, 1845, cert. given Sept. 14.
  • Levy [dup. (Capt. Levi then of P.)] and Lydia Bradford [dup. (ch. Capt. John, see birth, and Elizabeth (Holmes))], Dec. 24, 1777. [Dec. 25, C.R.]
  • Lois of P. and Barnabus [int. Barnabas] Briggs of Halifax, Nov. 23, 1743, in Halifax.
  • Lucy of P. and Joshua P. Kittrell of Kingston, Apr. 6, 1815.
  • Luseanah [int. Lucy of P.] and Asey Coock [int. Asa Cook of Kingston], Nov. 10, 1742. [Lusanna and Asa Cook, P.C.R. C.R.]
  • Luther of P. and Prissilla Washburn, Jan. 30, 1785, in Kingston.
  • Lydia and Thomas Samson, Nov. 16, 1730.
  • Lydia [int. of P., dup. ch. Benjamin ((s. Dea. Nathaniel)) and Sarah (second w., (d. James Harlow))] and Joseph Everson [int. of Kingston], Mar. 21, 1803.
  • Lydiah and Consider Fuller, Feb. 21, 1759. [Lydia and Consider Fuller of Kingston, C.R.]
  • Mary (see Mercy).
  • Mary, 24 y. 5 m. 25 d., b. P., d. Lemuel and Clarissa [second dup. see birth of Adeline Bryant], and George Whitefield Harrub, 29 y. 11 m. 10 d., trader, s. Thomas B. and Rachel [dup. (first w.)], all of P., Feb. 25, 1844, in P.
  • Mary Ann, 21, dressmaker, b. P., d. Silvanus and Mary, and George Woodville Glass, 20, school teacher, b. P., s. Zenas T. and Caroline, all of P., Mar. 14, 1847, in P.
  • Mary Harlow of P., d. Micah and Drusilla of P., and Edward Thompson of Middleborough, s. Francis of Nelson, N.H., Apr. 22, 1833, in P.
  • Mary Loring (see Mercy).
  • (Mehetabel and Isaac King, Aug. 13, 1689).
  • Mercy [int. Marcy] and Nehemiah Leach [int. both of P.], Nov. 11, 1735. [Marcy, C.R.]
  • Mercy [int. Mary, dup. Mary Loring Bryant, see birth] and Dr. Isaac Bartlett, both of P., Nov. 2, 1797, in Halifax.
  • Micah and Drusilla Harlow, Mar. 29, 1801.
  • Nancy Bradford, 18, of Bridgewater, b. P., d. Silvanus and Mary of P., and Ralph Copeland Jr., 23, shoemaker, of Middleborough, b. Middleborough, s. Ralph and Anne of Middleborough, Nov. 26, 1847, in P.
  • Nathan of P. and Betty Bearce of Pembroke, June 24, 1773, in Pembroke.
  • Nathaniel and Joanah Cole, Feb. 21, 1759. [Nathaniel Jr., P.C.R.]
  • Nathaniel of P. and Zervyah Curtice of Pembrook, int. Sept. 15, 1733. [Nathanael and Zerviah Curtice, m. Nov. 8, C.R.]
  • Nathamell Jr. of P. and Polly Croaker of Pembroke, int. Nov. 13, 1803.
  • Peleg of P. and Elice Sturtevant of Halifax, Nov. 11, 1767, in Halifax.
  • Peleg and Patience Stevens, Nov. 29, 1792.
  • Phebe and David Seears [int. Seers, both of P.], Nov. 29, 1733.
  • Phebe of P. [dup. ch. Zenas and Mary, see birth of Ann Bryant] and Dr. Bartholomew Cushman of Sandwich, Nov. 27, 1811.
  • Prudence of P. and Thomas Mancir of Boston, Suffolk Co., int. Dec. 31, 1815. "This Couple were not married."
  • (Rizpah, ch. Joseph (s. Dea. Samuel) and Zilpah (d. William Sampson and Joanna), and Eleazar Thomas of Middleborough, ----).
  • Ruth, ch. John Jr. ((s. Capt. George)) and Abegail, (and Capt. Thomas Sampson, ----).
  • Sally [int. of P., dup. Salley, ch. Zenas and Mary, see birth of Ann Bryant] and Allerton Cushman [int. of New Bedford] Oct. 3, 1805.
  • Samuel of P. and Elisabitha Foord of Pembroke, Mar. 28, 1723, in Pembroke.
  • Samuel [int. Samuell], Dea., (of P.), and Mrs. Elezebeth [dup. (Elizabeth), int. Elizebeth] Cushman, (wid. Allerton) [dup. (second w. Allerton, d. George Sampson)], Oct. 4, 1737.
  • Samuel and Deborah Bradford [int. both of P.], July 27, 1806.
  • Samuel, Capt., of P., s. Joshua late of P., and Olive Winsor of Duxbury, Plymouth Co., wid. Samuel of Duxbury, d. Samuel Chandler of Duxbury, May 6, 1819.
  • Samuel, Capt., of P., s. Joshua and Dorcas of P., and Saba Brown of Duxbury, wid. Capt. John of Duxbury, d. Capt. Andrew Sampson of Duxbury, int. Nov. 21, 1830.
  • Sarah [int. of P., dup. ch. John Briant and Mary] and David Morse [int. Morce of P.], Dec. 14, 1732.
  • Sarah, ch. George and Sarah [see Ephraim, b. Apr. 12, 1726], and (Zachariah Soule, ----).
  • Sarah [dup. (wid. Silvanus (s. Dea. Samuel), d. ---- Sears)] and [dup. (Capt.)] James Harlow, Mar. 18, 1773.
  • Sarah [dup. ch. John Jr. ((s. Capt. George)) and Abegail] and [dup. (Capt.)] Joshua Holmes, May 5, 1774.
  • Sarah of P., d. Dea. Benjamin of P., and Ebenezer Wright of P., s. Ebenezer [int. of P.], Dec. 19, 1826.
  • Sath [dup. and second dup. Seth] and Daborah Lobdil [second dup. ch. Isaac ((s. Ebenezer Lobdell)) and Ruth ((Clark))], Oct. 24, 1765.
  • Silance [dup. (Silence, ch. Joseph (s. Dea. Samuel) and Zilpah (d. William Sampson and Joanna))] and Prince Churchill [dup. (of P.)], Oct. 31, 1789.
  • Silvanus (see Sylvanus).
  • Silvanus and Miss Mary Phinney Jr., both of P., int. July 3, 1825, cert. given Aug. 2.
  • Susannah and Abel Gardner, Dec. 15, 1785. [Abel of Kingston, C.R.]
  • Susannah [dup. ch. George and Sarah, see Ephraim, b. Apr. 12, 1726] and John Ridder [dup. (Rider)], May 15, 1760.
  • Sylvanus of P. and Sarah Sears of Halifax, Jan. 17, 1754, in Halifax.
  • Tabetha and William Bennett, Nov. 26, 1753. [Tabathe Briant and William Bennitt of Middleborough], P.C.R. Tabatha Bryant and William Benet, Nov. 27, C.R.]
  • Zenas [int. Jr.] Esq. of P. and Judith Lobdell Sturtevant [int. of Halifax], ch. William and Judith (ch. Capt. Ebenezer Lobdell and Judith), ---- [int. cert. given Feb. 23, 1822].
  • Zenas and Moly Rugles, Oct. 2, 1777. [Zenas and Molly Ruggles, P.C.R. C.R.]
  • Zerviah of P. and James Bradford of Duxbury, int. Mar. 18, 1804.
  • Zuruiah [second dup. Zeruiab, ch. Nathaniel and Zeviah, see Benjamin, b. Dec. 25, 1734] and Ephraim Holmes Jr., Oct. 30, 1765.
  • (Abigail, Miss, and Nathaniel Harlow Sr., s. of Plymouth, Mar. 17, 1692, as appears by Plymouth Town Recordt).
  • Mary and Allerton Cushman, Jan. 11, 1710-11.
  • Elizabeth of Hingham and Jedediah Sampson of P., Nov. 4, 1757, in Hingham.
  • Jesse of Rehoboth, Bristol Co., and Mercy Chandler of P., d. Arthur of P., Aug. 17, 1817.
BUMP (see Bumpus)
  • Huldah and Moris Bumpus, Feb. 10, 1780. [Morris Bump, P.C.R.]
BUMPUS (see Bump)
  • Cephas of P. and Lydia Cushman of Kingston, int. Aug. 21, 1808.
  • Cephas Cushman of P., s. Dea. Cephas C. of P. and Lydia, and Amelia Drew Foster of Kingston, d. Capt. Joseph dec'd of Kingston and Lydia, Oct. 5, 1834, in Kingston.
  • Fanny Woodbury of P., d. Dea. Cephas and Lydia of P., and Alden Miller of Middleborough, s. Alden dec'd of Middleborough and Millison, Oct. 27, 1836, in P.
  • Joann Sumner, 24, school teacher, b. P., d. Cephas and Lydia, and George Bryant, 27, farmer and shoemaker b. P., s. Micah and Drusilla, all of P., Nov. 19, 1845, in P.
  • Lydia Cushman of P., d. Dea. Cephas and Lydia of P., and Nathan Sumner Walker of Barre, s. Ebenezer and Susan of Athol, Apr. 7, 1836, in P.
  • Mary Dexter [dup. 20 y. 2 m. 25 d.] of P. [dup. b. P.], d. Dea. Cephas and Lydia of P., and William Greenfield of Mansfield, s. Moses and Betsy of Concord, Vt., formerly of Henniker, N.H., Nov. 8, 1843, in P.
  • Moris and Huldah Bump, Feb. 10, 1780. [Morris Bump, P.C.R.]
  • Sarah Bradford, 18 y. 26 d., school teacher, b. P., d. [dup. and int. Dea.] Cephas and Lydia, and Edward Stevens [dup. and int. Stephens] Sherman, 26 y. 10 m. 13 d. farmer, s. [dup. and int. Lt.] Joseph and Nancy, all of P., Apr. 17, 1844, in P.
  • William and Hannah Barrows, Feb. 10, 1780. [Bump, P.C.R.]
  • Ezra of Plymouth and Lydia Drew of Eastown, Apr. 3, 1792, in Plymouth.
  • Nehemiah of Plymouth and Rebekah Soule of P., Jan. 27, 1813.
BURDEN (see Barden)
  • John and Hannah Chemberlin, Sept. 28, 1775. [Barden and Hannah Chamberlin, P.C.R. Barden and Hannah Chamberlain, C.R.]
  • Thomas Edward and Elisebath Rogers, Jan. 15, 1771. [Barrows, P.C.R.]
BUSHUP (see Bishop, Bishup)
  • James and Daborah Samson, May 16, 1754.
  • John (Bush ----) and Zilpha Sampson, May 6, 1754, P.C.R. [John Byshop and Zilpha Samson, May 16, "By the Town Records it appears James Bishup and Deborah Samson were married May 16, 1754, and are doubtless the persons intended above ---- Zilpha Samson married Joseph Bryant," quotation in later handwriting, C.R.]
  • John and Elizabeth Bolts, Sept. 27, 1778. [Boult, P.C.R.]
BYRAM (see Birum).

  • Hannah (see Hanah Bisbe).
  • John (see John Bushup).
CALDWELL (see Colwell)
  • Daniel of Baltimore, Md., and Sephronia Sturtevant of P., d. Winslow, int. Mar. 11, 1821, cert. given Aug. 5.
  • (Catharine, ch. Rev. Othniel and Catharine (Willard) (first w.), and Samuel Ellis, ----).
  • Hannah (see Hannah Kimpbel).
  • Otheniel, Rev., and Mrs. Mary Waterman, both of P., int. Aug. 4, 1733.
  • Othniel, Rev., of P., and Deborah Torrey, Nov. 22, 1737, in Boston.
  • Joanna M., 23, housekeeper, of Boston, d. Dr. Robert and Mary of Boston, and Charles W. Colton, 23, publisher of books, of Boston, s. ---- of Syracuse, N.Y., Nov. 12, 1848, in P. [Nov. 13, C.R.]
  • Mary Elizabeth, 21, seamstress, of Boston, d. Dr. Robert and Mary of Boston, and Ebenezer W. Drake, M.D., 29, of Middleborough, b. Stoughton, s. Jesse and Catharine of Stoughton, May 3, 1848, in Boston [dup.? in P.].
CAREY (see Cary).

  • Hannah and Ichabod Shurtlef, Sept. 21, 1721.
  • John and Sarah Lucas, Oct. 6, 1715.
  • Lucy [int. of P.] and Rufus Sherman [int. Jr. of Carver], Nov. 25, 1802. [Shearman Jr., C.R.]
  • Mary and Moses Barrows, Dec. 4, 1717.
  • Sarah, wid. John Jr., and John Shurtlef, Mar. 23, 1726-7.
  • Aaron and Jemima Attwood, May 31, 1781.
  • Eleazar of Middleborough and Polly W. Cobb of P., d. Lemuel of P., Nov. 19, 1823.
  • Henry of P. and Betsey [int. Betsy] Reed of Plymouth, Mar. 25, 1808.
  • Lois and Ansel Churchill, Sept. 27, 1807.
  • Mary Ann of Charlestown, d. Pelatiah of York, Me., and Mary, and Capt. Jonathan Blanchard of P., s. Jonathan of Stoughton, int. May 11, 1828, cert. given June 30.
  • John [int. of Plymouth] and Elizabeth Randall [int. of P.], May 13, 1736.
CHACE (see Chase)
  • Consider and Eunes Tilson, June 7, 1759. [Chase and Eunice Tillson, P.C.R.]
  • Joseph of Dedham and Mary Ann Barrows of P., d. George of Carver and Sophia, Mar. 18, 1838, in P.
CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlin, Chamberlin)
  • Nancy, 16, family housework, formerly of P., but now resident in Middleborough [dup. b. P.], d. Samuel and Polly formerly of P., but now resident in Middleborough, and Martin Everett Holmes, 22, shoemaker, of P. [dup. b. P.], s. Sampson and Bathsheba of P., Nov. 8, 1846, in P.
  • Philip of P. and Deborah Randall of Rochester, Feb. 4, 1792, in Rochester.
  • Robert Manlius, 24, house carpenter, of Abington, b. Auburn, Me., s. Aaron J. [int. omits J.] and Jane of Auburn, Me., and Eliza Ann Wright, 23, dressmaker, of P., b. P., d. Barzillai E. and Priscilla V. of P., Apr. 27, 1848, in P.
CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain, Chemberlin)
  • Hannah of P., d. Samuel (b. P.), and Joseph Ward formerly of Middletown, R.I., now resident in P., May 14, 1820.
  • John and Patiance Whitin, Feb. 19, 1778.
  • Joseph and Suseanah Pratt, Apr. 10, 1764. [Chamberlain and Susannah Pratt, P.C.R.]
  • Mehitebel and Abner Haul, June 24, 1764. [Hall, P.C.R. Mehetabel Chamberlain and Abner Hall, C.R.]
  • Sarah and Jabez Pratt Jr., Oct. 9, 1770.
  • Abigail Ripley of Kingston, d. Spencer dec'd of Kingston and Lucretia, and John Milton Ellis of P., s. Willard and Mary of P., int. Apr. 24, 1836, cert. given May 21.
  • Arthur of P. and Polly Fuller of Rehoboth, Bristol Co., int. Oct. 15, 1820, cert. given Nov. 3.
  • Betsy Darling, 20, cotton factory spinner, of P. [dup. b. Duxbury], d. Peleg dec'd of Duxbury and Clara (second w.), and William Henry Willis, 24, shovel finisher, of P. [dup. b. Easton], s. George dec'd and Sally of Easton, Jan. 1, 1846, in P.
  • Charlotte of P., d. Zebedee of P., and Oliver Richmond of Halifax, Plymouth Co., Jan. 7, 1819.
  • (David of Duxbury and Laura Churchill, ch. Capt. Andrew (s. Joshua and Elizabeth) and Jane (d. Shadrach Standish), ----).
  • Edward Doten, s. Dea. Nathan, and Sally McLauthlen, d. John, all of Kingston, June 17, 1832, in P.
  • Eliza B. of P., d. Zebedee of P., and Lewis Lincoln of Middleborough, Apr. 24, 1825.
  • Ephraim (Chandle) and Mary Dotin, Oct. 11, 1775.
  • Faith and Isaac Wright, July 2, 1761. [Isaac Jr., C.R.]
  • Hannah of P. and Bela Sturtevant of Halifax, int. Aug. 21, 1808.
  • H(?)ard [int. Jr.] of Duxbury and Polly Bisbee [int. of P.], ch. George and Grace [see birth of Daniel Bisbe], ---- [int. cert. given Dec. 8, 1825].
  • Job Cole of P., s. Zebedee Jr., grand s. Zebedee, and Nancy Bradford Sherman of P. d. Lt. Joseph of P., Apr. 11, 1830.
  • John and Bethiah Rickard, May 6, 1724.
  • Jonathan and Abigail Jackson, Nov. 29, 1723.
  • Joseph and Polly Cushman, Nov. 27, 1794.
  • Josiah and Rachel Megone, Nov. 14, 1771. [Magoun, P.C.R.]
  • (Josiah, moved into Maine in 1812, and Lydia Barrows, second w., wid. Jonathan, d. Nathan Perkins of P. ----).
  • Lydia and Samuel Eless, Jan. 20, 1761. [Ellis, P.C.R. C.R.]
  • Lydia [int. of P., dup. ch. Josiah and Rachel ((d. David Magoun of P.)] and Caleb Sturtevant [dup. and int. of Halifax], Nov. 27, 1806.
  • Mercy of P. d. Arthur of P., and Jesse Bullock of Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Aug. 17, 1817.
  • Merrick E. [int. Ellis], Lt. [int. omits Lt.], of P. [int. s. Peleg dec'd and Clara of Duxbury], and Mary Barrows [int. of Carver], d. John [see birth, int. adds dec'd] and Deborah Cobb (Doten) [int. of Carver], ---- [int. cert. given May 2, 1840].
  • Nancy of Duxbury, Plymouth Co,, and Cyrus Churchill of P., int. Apr. 16, 1817, cert. given May 2.
  • Nathaniel of P. and Harriet Briggs of Halifax, int. July 6, 1806.
  • Peleg of Duxbury, Plymouth Co., and Clara Ellis of P., wid. Joel, d. Capt. James Churchill of P., Apr. 28, 1817.
  • Rachel [dup. ch. Josiah and Rachel ((d. David Magoun of P.))] and Rev. Otis Tomson [dup. (Thompson of Rehoboth)], Dec. 3, 1801. [Thompson, C.R.]
  • Rebekah and Levi Harlow Jr. both of P., Oct. 14, 1813.
  • Sally of P. and Josiah Blanchard of Stoughton, Norfolk Co., int. Oct. 22, 1815.
  • Sophia Peterson of Duxbury, d. Charles of Duxbury and Anna, and Lemuel Cobb Jr. of P., s. Lemuel of P., int. Aug. 30, 1829, cert. given Sept. 13.
  • Stetson of P. and Eliza Marston of Plymouth, int. Oct. 6, 1816, cert. given Nov. 9.
  • Zabede and Repentance Bennett, Aug. 6, 1761. [Zebedee and Repentance Bennet, P.C.R.]
  • Zebedee [dup. (Lt.), dup. and int. of P.] and Lydia [dup. and int. Lidia] Loring Jr. [int. of P., dup. (first w., ch. Capt. Caleb Esq. and Lydia), see Caleb, b. Oct. 2, 1704], Aug. 8, 1737.
  • Zeruiah [see Benjamin, b. (Zebedee of P. and Zeruiah Cushman, ch. Benjamin Jr. and ]
  • Zebedee Jr. of P. and Ruth Cole of Carver, int. July 1, 1804. Zerviah of P. and Ephraim Fuller Jr. of Halifax, int. July 24, 1808.
  • Joseph and Rebekah Bears, Nov. 30, 1727.(?)
CHASE (see Chace)
  • Consider and Molly Rickard, Dec.(?) 14, 1780.
  • Hannah Dunham, 22, shoefitter, b. Carver, d. Benjamin and Kezia, and Edward Doten Barrows, 23, shoemaker, b. Carver, s. John [dup. dec'd] and Deborah C., all of Carver, Dec. 7, 1845, in P.
  • Kezia W. 27, b. Carver, d. Benjamin and Kezia, and William Tillson, 29, shoemaker, b. Carver, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, all of Carver, Apr. 15, 1849, in P.
  • Lois Ann, 21, cotton factory weaver, of Carver, b. Taunton, d. James and Patience of Taunton, and Edward Gray Bradford, 21, farmer and shoemaker, of P., b. P., s. Samuel and Lusannah of P., Oct. 14, 1849, in P.
  • Lucy and Ebenezer Washburn, Nov. 22, 1787.
  • Martha and Ebenezer Ransom, Jan. 17, 1782.
  • Sally and Ebnezer Dunham, Dec. 15, 1785.
  • Sally of Carver, d. Levi and w. of Carver, and Gideon Bradford of P., s. Samuel and Lusannah of P., int. Nov. 10, 1844, cert. given Nov. 28.
CHEMBERLIN (see Chamberlain, Chamberlin)
  • Hannah and John Burden, Sept. 28, 1775. [Chamberlin and John Barden, P.C.R. Chamberlain and John Barden, C.R.]
CHIPMAN (see Chipmon)
  • Luce of P. and George Ring of Kingston, Apr. 14, 1747, in Kingston.
  • Lucy and William Ripley Jr., Dec. 13, 1789.
  • (Mercy and Philemon Fuller, both of P., abt. 1786, in P.)
CHIPMON (see Chipman)
  • Sarah and Oliver Bradford, Feb. 21, 1782. [Sally Chipman, C.R.]
  • James and Bethiah Coock, Dec. 21, 1775.
  • Abagil [dup. (Abigail)] of Rochester and Calvin Howland of P. [dup. (had a family, and some years after his Father's death, he moved to Warren, Me., ch. Rev. John, see birth, and Elizabeth (Lewis))], May 21, 1790, in Rochester.
  • (Benjamin, Capt., of Fairhaven [int. New Bedford], and Lydia Parker [int. of P.], wid. Elisha of New Bedford, ch. Rev. Jonathan Parker and Lydia (second w.) [see birth of Batte Parker], ----) [int. Oct. 9, 1796].
CHURCHEL (see Churchell, Churchil, Churchill)
  • David and Mary Magoon, Apr. 17, 1729.
  • Ebenazor of P. and Leah Kean, Mar. 18, 1727-8, in Rochester.
  • Ichabud of P. and Susanna Gibes of Easton, Feb. 6, 1755 in Easton.
  • Josiah and Jamima Hamblen, May 16, 1723.
  • Mehetabel [dup. (Churchill, d William, one of the first Settlers in Plympton, and Lydia)] and Elcanah [dup. (Elkanah)] Shaw, Jan. 11, 1726-7.
  • William of P. and Merabah Gibes of Easton, Nov. 9, 1757, in Easton.
CHURCHELL (see Churchel, Churchil, Churchill)
  • Benjamin and Mary Shaw, Dec. 5, 1717.
  • Isaac and Susanah Leach, Dec. 29, 1720.
  • James [dup. (Churchill, s. William, one of the first Settlers in Plympton, and Lydia)] and Mary Makfarling [dup. (Mackfarling or McFarland)], Dec. 27, 1716.
  • Lidia [dup. (Lydia Churchill, d. William, one of the first Settlers in Plympton, and Lydia)] and John Lovewell [dup. (Lovell)], Nov. 8, 1727.
  • Marcy [int. Marcey Churchill of P., dup. ch. Samuell and Johana, (Dea. Samuel Churchill (s. first William in P.) and Joanna (d. John Bryant and Sarah, and sister of Capt. George Bryant, all of P.))] and (David Darling [int. of P.], ----) [int. Jan. 6, 1732].
  • Mary and Eleizer Rickard Jr., both of P., Aug. 2, 1739.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Rebeckah and Amas Ford, Nov. 25, 1731.
  • Ruth [dup. and int. Churchill, int. of P.], ch. William ((s. William)) and Ruth ((d. John Bryant and sister of Capt. George Bryant)), and (Ebenezer Cole [int. of P.], ----) [int. Jan. 6, 1732].
  • Samuell and Johana Briant, Sept. 6, 1711.
CHURCHIL (see Churchel, Churchell, Churchill)
  • Abegail and John Bryant, Feb. 10, 1740. [Feb. 10, 1740-1, C.R.]
  • Abegail [dup. Abigail, see birth] and Hopstil Bisbe [dup. (Hopestill Bisbee)] Jr., Sept. 4, 1766.
  • Alice (see Elce).
  • Daborah and Timothy Cobb, Apr. 16, 1765.
  • Daborah and Ichebad Phiny, Nov. 1, 1770. [Deborah Churchill and Ichabod Phinney, P.C.R.]
  • David Jr. and Jane Eless, Feb. 20, 1751. [Churchell and Jane Ellis, P.C.R.]
  • Deborah (see Daborah).
  • Deliverance and Ebenezer Wright, Feb. 7, 1776.
  • Ebenezer and Luce Palmer [dup. Pamor], July 17, 1764.
  • Elce [int. Alles Churchill] and Jesey Lech [int. Jesse Leah], both of P., Apr. 26, 1738. [Alice Churchell and Jesse Leach, C.R.]
  • Elisebath [int. Elizabeth Churchill] of P. and Benjamin Thomas of Middleborough, Sept. 9, 1742.
  • Elisebath [dup. ch. Isaac Churchell and Susanah, see birth of Averick Churchell] and Luke Perkins, Mar. 27, 1757.
  • Hannah and Elkenah Cushman, May 17, 1770.
  • Ichebad and Rebackah Curtis, both of P., Nov. 14, 1742. [Ichabod Churchel and Rebecca Curtis, Nov. 11, P.C.R. [Ichabod Churchel and Rebekah Curtis, Nov. 11, C.R.]
  • Ichebad Jr. and Abegail Dotin, Oct. 12, 1775.
  • Isaac 3d and Eunice Riply, Jan. 26, 1764. [Churchell 3d and Eunice Ripley, P.C.R.]
  • Isaac Jr. and Maletiah Bradford, Aug. 1, 1765.
  • James [second dup. (Capt.)] and Pricelah [dup. Precela] Soul [second dup. Prissella Sole, ch. Benjamin and Hannah, see birth of Abagall Sole], Oct. 31, 1765.
  • Jenne [int. Jane Jr. of P., dup. ch. David Jr. ((s. David Churchill)) and Jenne [(Jane (Ellis))]] and David Riply [dup. and int. Ripley, int. of P.], Dec. 3, 1772.
  • Joanah and Silos Tilton, Nov. 28, 1765. [Tillson, P.C.r. Silas Tillton, C.R.]
  • John [dup. (Churchill of Pittsfield)] and Moly Bradford [dup. (Molly, ch. Capt. John, see birth, and Elizabeth (Holmes))], Apr. 4, 1771. [Churchil of Plymouth and Mary Bradford, C.R.]
  • Joshua [dup. (Churchill)] and Elisebath Bony [dup. Boney, ch. Isaac and Mary], Feb. 4, 1768.
  • Leah and Ebenezer Aatwood, Nov. 25, 1762. [Churchell and Ebenezer Atwood, P.C.R.]
  • Lydia [dup. (Churchill, d. Capt. Perez of Middleborough)] and Hemon Crocker [dup. (Heman, ch. Daniel, [q.v., and Susanna (Dunham))), Oct. 13, 1774.
  • Marcy and Joshua Fobes, June 5, 1754. [Mercy Churchill, P.C.R. Marcy Churchill and Joshua Fobes of Bridgewater, C.R.]
  • Moly [(Mary)] and Shadreck Standish, Apr. 25, 1771.
  • Nathaniel and Suseanah Mackfarlin, June 4, 1744.
  • Nathaniel [dup. (Churchill)] and Lydia Samson, (wid.) [dup. (Sampson, wid. Thomas (s. Benjamin), d. first Dea. Samuel Bryant)], Mar. 20, 1766.
  • Nathaniel [dup. (Churchill)] Jr. and Doborah Wright [dup. Daborah, ch. Joseph ((s. Isaac)) and Sarah ((Brewster))], Dec. 27, 1770.
  • Peres [dup. (Capt. Perez Churchill)] and Dabrah Theare [dup. Deborah Thear, ch. Isaac (Thayer) and Deliverence], Dec. 21, 1741.
  • Rebackah and Ebenezer Cushmon, Apr. 4, 1771.
  • Rebackah and Obed Barlow, Mar. 25, 1773.
  • Ruth and Jonathen Whitmon, Sept. 28, 1775. [Churchill and Jonathan Whitman, Sept. 21, P.C.R. C.R.]
  • Sarah, Mrs., and Josiah Marshal, Nov. 16, 1749. [Churchell and Josiah Marshel, P.C.R. Churchell and Josiah Marshall, C.R.]
  • Sarah of Wareham and Samuel Cobb of Middleborough, Sept. 24, 1772.
  • Suseanah [dup. Susannah, ch. Nathaniel and Suseanah, see birth of Abigail Churchil] and Holmes Thomas, July 9, 1777.
  • William and Sarah Ridder, Nov. 29, 1759. [Churchell and Sarah Rider, P.C.R. Churchel Jr. and Sarah Ryder, C.R.]
  • Zebede and Sarah Cushmon, May 24, 1764.
CHURCHILL (see Churchel, Churchell, Churchil)
  • Abigail Washburn of Plymouth, d. Nathaniel and Susan of Plymouth, and Lt. Simeon Thompson of P., s. Jabez and Betsy of P., Sept. 15, 1833, in P.
  • Adeline C. [dup. Adeline Crocker Churchill], 31 y. 10 m. 12 d., boot and shoe fitter, of E. Bridgewater [dup. b. P.], wid. Levi of E. Bridgewater, formerly of P., d. Zebedee Wright and Rhoda of P., and Rufus Curtis, widr., 50, cordwainer or shoemaker, of Randolph [dup. b. Randolph], s. Joshua and Nancy [dup. of Randolph], Jan. 28, 1846, in P.
  • Albert Smith, Lt., of P., s. Josiah and Deborah of P., and Priscilla C. Simmons of Plymouth, d. Lemuel and Priscilla of Plymouth, int. Nov. 7, 1841, cert. given Nov. 21.
  • Alexander of P., s. Josiah of P. and Deborah, and Lydia Standish Bosworth of Halifax, d. Jabez of Halifax and Sarah (d. Capt. John Bradford and Elizabeth), int. July 12, 1835. [m. Aug. 25, P.R.8.]
  • Alfred and Lydia Cushman, July 11, 1793.
  • Alfred of P., s. Ebenezer and Lucy of P., and Elizabeth Packard, wid., of Middleborough, d. Benjamin Pratt dec'd of Middleborough, Oct. 6, 1841, in P.
  • Andrew and Jane Standish [int. both of P.], Mar. 26, 1796.
  • Ansel and Lois Caswell, Sept. 27, 1807.
  • Ansel Jr., 36, shovel finisher, b. P., s. Ansel and Lois, and Sarah Pruden Delano, 19, family housework, b. Duxbury, d. Nathan and Mercy, all of P., Oct. 18, 1846 [dup. in Kingston].
  • Asenath of P., wid. Hervey of P., d. Daniel Vickery of P., and Prince Churchill Jr. of Kingston, s. Prince of Kingston, formerly of P., Jan. 30, 1834, in Kingston.
  • Averick of P. [dup. Churchell, d. Isaac and Susanah, see birth of Averick] and Ebenezer Standish Jr. of P., Dec. 27, 1739, in Halifax.
  • Bathsheba of P. [dup. ch. Ebenezer Churchil, see birth, and Luce (Lucy (Palmer))] and Elijah Vickry [dup. Vickery)] of Taunton, Mar. 28, 1808.
  • Clara (see Clary).
  • Clarissa of P. and Otis Weston of Marshfield, Plymouth Co., int. May 12, 1816, cert. given Oct. 9.
  • Clary [int. Clara] and Joel Ellis Jr. [int. both of P.], Apr. 1, 1802.
  • Cordelia, 18, shoefitter and family housework, of P., b. P., d. Timothy and Ruth H. of P., and George Henry Sherman, 23, carpenter, of Taunton, b. P., s. George and Betsy (first w.) of P., Oct. 1, 1848, in P.
  • Cyrus of P. and Nancy Chandler of Duxbury, Plymouth Co., int. Apr. 16, 1817, cert. given May 2.
  • Daniel and Lucy Churchill [int. both of P.], Nov. 13, 1796.
  • Daniel Jr., s. Daniel, and Rebecca W. Soule, d. Zechariah, all of P., Oct. 8, 1820.
  • Daniel Jr., widr., 46, farmer, b. P., s. Daniel and Lucy, and Mary Thurston Sturtevant, 28, family housework, b. P., d. Lemuel and Olive S., all of P., Apr. 28, 1847, in P.
  • David [dup. (Jr.)] of P. and Lurany McFarling of Dartmouth [dup. (Lurana Mackfarling, ch. Elijah and Lurana), see birth of Abigail Mackfarling], Nov. 7, 1776, in Dartmouth [dup. (New Bedford)].
  • Deborah 2d, d. Seth and Rebekah, and Isaac Ripley Sturtevant, s. Bela and Hannah [dup. Bela, see birth, and Hannah (Chandler)], all of P., Mar 18, 1841.
  • (Deborah, wid. Nathaniel Jr. (s. Nathaniel), d. Joseph Wright, and Seth Washburn of Plymouth, ----).
  • Ebenezer and Miss Emily Adeline Bonney, both of Kingston, Feb. 5, 1837, in P.
  • Elias and Hannah Cushmon, Oct. 22, 1778.
  • Elkanah of Plymouth, s. Charles of Plymouth and Hannah, and Lydia Sherman 2d of P., d. John of P. and Eleanor, Jan. 29, 1835, in P.
  • Esther of P. and Nathan Weston of Middleborough, Mar. 7, 1813.
  • Frances of P., d. Oliver of P., and Stephens Bonney of P., s. Capt. Isaac formerly of P., Nov. 17, 1822. [Nov. 19, C.R. Frances, d. Oliver (s. Capt. James) and Saba (Soule), Nov. 17, P.R.6.]
  • George Lewis of Kingston, s. Ansel formerly of P., and Miss Louisa Bonney of Kingston, Jan. 2, 1838, in P.
  • Hannah and Hopestll Besbey, Nov. 25, 1731.
  • Hannah [dup. Churchil, ch. William ((s. David Churchill)) and Sarah ((Rider))] and Isaac Cushing, Mar. 26, 1795.
  • Hannah Jr. of P., d. Capt. Elias of P., and Lewis Weston of Duxbury, Apr. 1, 1821.
  • Harry of P. and Mrs. Sally Brown of Plymouth, int. Jan. 7, 1844. "Harry Churchill did not marry said Sally Brown."
  • Harry, 39, farmer, of P., b. P., s. Daniel and Lucy of P., and Eliza Paine Vose, 25, of P., b. Keene, N.H., d. William and Mary Ann of Keene, N.H., June 16, 1844, in P.
  • Henry of P., s. Ansel of P. and Lois, and Esther Shaw of Pembroke, d. James of Pembroke, int. Sept. 9, 1832, cert. given Dec. 3.
  • Hervey of P., s. Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Joshua, and Asenath Vickery Jr. of P., d. Daniel, Sept. 14, 1828, in P.
  • Hiram of P. and Miss Betsy Whiting of Plymouth, int. Dec. 20, 1822, cert. given Feb. 2, 1823.
  • Hosea of P. and Eunice Morey of Plymouth, int. Feb. 10, 1811.
  • Isaac Jr. of P. and Polly Growzer of Provincetown, int. Nov. 2, 1806.
  • Isaiah, s. Oliver and Saba, and Polly Stepens [int. Stephens] Parker, d. Jonathan Esq. and Polly, all of P., May 19, 1833, in P.
  • Jabez and Lovice Lucas, May 11, 1780.
  • James [int. Jr.] of P. and Martha Blackwell [int. of Sandwich], Jan. 28, 1727-8. [sic, int. Dec. 19, 1747], in Sandwich.
  • James Jr. and Sally (Sarah) Soule, Feb. 16 1794.
  • James of P., s. Ansel and Lois formerly of P., and Rebecca Crocker Jr. of Carver, d. Heman and Rebecca of Carver, int. Apr. 2, 1837, cert. given Apr. 26.
  • Jane of P. and Francis Wood [int. Woods] of Halifax, Oct. 4, 1797, in Halifax.
  • Jane [int. of P.] and John Standish [int, of Halifax], Nov. 28, 1805.
  • John of P. and Joanna Bisbee of Bridgewater, int. Dec. 27, 1765.
  • Joshua Jr. and Sylvia Churchill, Aug. 10, 1794.
  • Josiah and Deborah Phinney [dup. Daborah Phyne, see birth], Dec. 1, 1794.
  • (Laura, ch. Capt. Andrew (s. Joshua and Elizabeth) and Jane (d. Shadrach Standish), and David Chandler of Duxbury, ----).
  • Leah [int. of P.] and Zenas Smith [int. of Middleborough], Sept. 28, 1802.
  • Levi of P. and Sintha [int. Cyntha] Packard of Bridgewater, Sept. 19, 1799, in Bridgewater.
  • Levi and Lydia Ripley, both of P., Nov. 3, 1799.
  • Levi of E. Bridgewater, s. David and Lurana (second w.) formerly of P., and Adeline Crocker Wright of P., d. Zebedee and Rhoda of P., int. Sept. 29, 1833, cert. given Oct. 20.
  • Lucia Ann, 28, family housework, of P., b. Pembroke, d. Spencer and Ursula (first w.) of P., and William Donovan, 40, laborer, of Easton, b. Cork Co., Ire., s. Daniel and Joanna of Cork Co., Ire., June 12, 1849, in P.
  • Lucy and Daniel Churchill [int. both of P.], Nov. 13, 1796.
  • Lucy 3d of P., d. Alfred of P., and Benjamin Runeles Aldrich of Colebrook, Coos Co., N.H., s. Job of Colebrook [int. adds and Abigail], Sept. 30, 1827.
  • Lucy Ann, 16 y. 2 m., b. P., d. Daniel Jr. and Rebecca W., and Otis Williams Phinney, 22 y. 18 d. seaman, s. Otis and Betsy, all of P., Oct. 22, 1843, in P.
  • Lydia [dup. Lydiah Churchil, see birth] and Amittai Barlow, June 6, 1781., [Lydia Churchill and Amittai Barlow of Rochester, C.R.]
  • Lydia of P. and Augustus Vickery [int. Vickry] of Taunton, Sept. 17, 1809.
  • Marcy [dup. Churchil, ch. William ((s. David Churchill)) and Sarah ((Rider))] and Jonathan Holmes, June 25, 1786.
  • Maria of Plymouth and Jabez Mendall of P., July 3, 1746, in Plymouth.
  • Mariah of Plymouth and Archipus Fuller of P., Sept. 26, 1753, in Plymouth.
  • Martha (see Patty).
  • Mary and Asaph Soule Jr. [int. both of P.], Jan. 7, 1807.
  • Mary of P., d. Capt. Joseph formerly of P and Ichabod Morey of Plymouth, Dec. 1, 1818.
  • Mary Grozier [int. Grozer] of P., d. Isaac of P., and Hector Foster of Abington, Oct. 30, 1828.
  • Mary Magoun of P., d. Oliver of P. and Saba, and Martin Bosworth of Halifax, s. Seth [int. dec'd] of Halifax, Sept. 2, 1832, in P.
  • Mehetabel [int. Mehitable of P.], d. Dea. Samuel, and James Morton [int. of Plymouth], Sept. 16, 1736.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Mercy Sekins [dup. 19 y. 3 m. 17 d.], d. Ansel and Lois, and Robert Waterman Weston [dup. 20 y. 29 d.], s. Benjamin [int. dec'd] and Lucy, all of P., May 12, 1842 [dup. in P.].
  • Miriam of P. and Zaccheus Holmes of Plymouth, Dec. 30, 1784.
  • Molly (see Poly).
  • Nancy of P., d. Alfred of P., and Ezra Eddy of Middleborough, s. Seth of Middleborough, Jan. 15, 1827.
  • Olive and Samuel Churchill, Sept. 26, 1793.
  • Olive Soule of P., d. James Jr. of P., and Lemuel Sturtevant, resident in P., s. Zenas of Halifax, Aug. 17, 1817.
  • Oliver and Saba Soule, Dec. 1, 1793. [Oliver, s. Capt. James, and Saba Soule, d. Asaph, P.R.6.]
  • Oliver Jr. of P., s. Oliver, and Sarah Bradford 2d of P., d. Perez, Dec. 28, 1825.
  • Oliver Jr., s. Oliver and Saba, and Mary Ann Loring, d. Capt. Ezekiel and Lydia, all of P., Oct. 14, 1832, in P.
  • Patty and Luther Sturtevant, both of P., Nov. 26, 1801. [Martha alias Patty, C.R.]
  • Pelham of P., s. Josiah of P., and Eunice Torrey Simmons of P., d. Lemuel of Plymouth, Aug. 14, 1828.
  • Perez Jr. and Priscilla Wood, Oct. 1, 1778.
  • Perez [dup. and second dup. (Capt.)] and Percis Rickard [dup. Persis, ch. James Harlow and Hannah, see birth of Abigail Harlow, second dup. (Persis, wid. Lemuel, wid. Isaac Shaw, d. James Harlow)], Feb. 6, 1780. [Capt. Perez of Middleborough and Parcis Rickard, wid., C.R.]
  • Poly of P. [dup. Molley, ch. William Churchil ((s. David)) and Sarah ((Rider))] and Barnabas Phinney of P., Nov. 5, 1797.
  • Prince [dup. (of P.)] and Silance Bryant [dup. (Silence, ch. Joseph (s. Dea. Samuel) and Zilpah (d. William Sampson and Joanna))], Oct. 31, 1789.
  • Prince Jr. of Kingston, s. Prince of Kingston, formerly of P., and Asenath Churchill of P., wid. Hervey of P., d. Daniel Vickery of P., Jan. 30, 1834, in Kingston.
  • Rebecca Soule, d. Daniel Jr. and Rebecca W., and Ira Sumner, all of P., int. Jan. 24, 1841, cert. given Feb. 11,
  • Rebeckah and Abner Bisbe Jr., both of P., Dec. 4, 1797.
  • Ruth Hatch 2d of P., d. Daniel Jr. [int. of P.], and Nelson Wright of P., s. Adam [int. dec'd, "for a time of Plympton "] (s. Levi and Betsy), Mar. 8, 1837, in P.
  • Saba Soule of P., d. Oliver of P., and Samuel Churchill Jr. of Halifax, s. Samuel of Halifax, Apr. 23, 1829.
  • Sally [int. of P.] and James Predeux [dup. Pridaux, int. Predeux], Apr. 9, 1809. [Pridaux, both of P., C.R.]
  • Samuel [int. Dea.] of P. and Mary [int. Marcy] Ellis of Plymouth, Apr. 12, 1748, in Plymouth.
  • Samuel and Daborah Wright, Mar. 22, 1780. [Anna, C.R.]
  • Samuel and Olive Churchill, Sept. 26, 1793.
  • Samuel Jr. of Halifax, s. Samuel of Halifax, and Saba Soule Churchill of P., d. Oliver of P., Apr. 23, 1829.
  • Sarah of P., wid. James Jr. [dup. (s. Capt. James)], d. Ebenezer Soule of P., and Jephthah Delano of Duxbury, Nov. 17, 1816.
  • Sarah H. of P., d. James Jr. of P., and Jabez Fuller of Middleborough, s. Dr. Jonathan of Middleborough, Sept. 7, 1815.
  • Seth of P. and Rebeckah Phinney of P. [dup. Rebaca Phyne, ch. Ichabod and Daborah, see birth of Bamebas], Jan. 5, 1808.
  • Simeon of P., s. Josiah of P., and Sally Cushman Bisbee of P., d. John 2d [dup. adds and Priscilla], Mar. 7, 1830, in P.
  • Sophia and Mirick Ellis, both of P. int. July 5, 1807.
  • Spencer of P., s. Prince formerly of P. and Silence, and Levona Wade, wid., of E. Bridgewater, int. Feb. 11, 1838, cert. given Feb. 25.
  • Susan of P., d. Nathaniel and Susan of Plymouth, and Ichabod Wadsworth Thompson of P., s. Jabez, int. Apr. 25, 1830, cert. given May 20.
  • Susanna of P. and Peter Tower of Hingham, Dec. 26, 1805.
  • Susanna of P. and Jabez Wright of Roxbury, Norfolk Co., int. May 6, 1821. "This Couple were not married."
  • Susanna, d. Josiah and Deborah, and Lt. Joseph Nye [dup. s. Jonathan], all of P., Jan. 26, 1839, in P.
  • Susannah [dup. Suseanah Churchel, int. Susanna Jr.] of P. [dup. ch. Isaac Churchell and Susanah, see birth of Averick Churchell] and David Weston of Duxbury, Oct. 23, 1744, in Pembroke.
  • Sylvia and Joshua Churchill Jr., Aug. 10, 1794.
  • Thomas and Molley Holmes, July 28, 1778.
  • Timothy of P., s. Josiah, and Ruth H. [int. Hatch] Soule of P., d. Zechariah, Dec. 20, 1825. [Ruth Hatch Soule of P., C.R.]
  • William and Lydia Muxham, July 6, 1784.
  • William of P. and Peggy Tilton of Chilmark, Apr. 14, 1791, in Chilmark.
  • Zadok [int. of Halifax] and Betsey Bisbe [int. of P.], Apr. 1, 1800. [Zadok of Hallifax and Betsy Bisbee, C.R.]
CLARK (see Clerk)
  • Amanda, 22, dressmaker, of P., b. Plymouth, d. Capt. Stephen and Cynthia of P., and Asa Cook Hammond, 23, carpenter, of Kingston, b. Pembroke, s. David and Judith of Pembroke, int. Oct. 14, 1849, cert. given Nov. 2.
  • Fanny of Halifax and Walter Thomas of P., int. Mar. 5, 1815.
  • Marcus of Halifax and Nancy Cobb of P., int. Aug. 7, 1814.
  • Mehitable of Halifax and Shadrach Standish Jr. of P., int. Nov. 29, 1798.
  • (Nathaniel Esq. and Dorothy (Lattice) Gray, wid. Edward of Plymouth, ----).
  • Ruth and Isaac Lobdil [dup. (Lobdell)], Feb. 24, 1741 [dup. (1741-2)]. [Clarke and Isaac Lobdel, P.C.R. Clark and Isaac Lobden, P.C.R. Feb. 24, 1741-2, C.R.]
  • Israel and Phebe Shurtleff, both of P., May 10, 1743, in Pembroke.
CLERK (see Clark)
  • Thomas Jr. and Daborah Fuller, Apr. 16, 1778.

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