[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

CHURCHIL (see Churchell, Churchill)
  • David, ch. David Jr. (s. David Churchill) and Jenne (Jane (Ellis)], Sept. 8, 1775 [Sept. 18, a. 4 y. 4 m., G.R.1.]
  • Elisebath, ch. William (s. David Churchill) and Sarah (Rider), Dec. 4, 1785). (Elizabeth Churchill, in 23d y., G.R.1.]
  • Isiaiah, (unm.), ch. (Capt.) James (s. David Churchill) and Pricela [(Priscilla (d. Benjamin Soule)], (Sept. 22, 1799, in Demarara). [Isaiah Churchill, Sept. 12, in 26th y., G.R.1.]
  • Jenne [(Jane (Ellis)], w. David Jr. (s. David Churchill), Aug. 23, 1775. [Jane, Aug. 21, a. 48 y. "wanting 6 d., G.R.1.]
  • Josiah, ch. Isaac 3d (s. Isaac Churchill) and Eunice (d. Dea. Timothy Ripley of P.), Sept. 4, 1766.
  • Levy, ch. David Jr. (s. David Churchill) and Jenne [(Jane (Ellis)], Aug. 18, 1775. [Levi, a. 14 y. 1 m. 14 d., G.R.1.]
  • Levy [dup. Levi Churchill), ch. Elias and Hannah [dup. see Earl Churchill], Aug. 28, 1779. [Levi. Aug. 29, a. 14 d., G.R.1.]
  • Patte, ch. David Jr, (s. David Churchill) and Jenne [(Jane (Ellis)), Sept. 25, 1775. [a. 11 y. 6 m. 13 d., G.R.1.]
  • Pricela, ch. James and Pricela [see Isiaiah], (Nov. 7, 1823).
  • (Rebackah, w. Ichabod (s. William), Dec. 19, 1753, in 31st. y.) Sarah, ch. William (s. David Churchill) and Sarah (Rider), Oct. 29, 1785). [in 21st y., G.R.1.]
  • Silvanus, (unm.), ch. Nathaniel (s. William Churchill) and Suseanah [(Susanna (Mackfarling or McFarland) (first w.)],---------.
  • Simeon, ch. Isaac 3d and Eunice [see Josiah], (Sept. 22, 1777). [s. Isaac Jr. and Eunice, a. 5 y. 7 m.. G.R.1.]
  • Stephen, (unm.), ch. Nathaniel and Suseanah [see Silvanus),------.
  • Suseanah, ch. Isaac 3d and Eunice [see Josiah], (May 4, 1785). [in 11th y., G.R.1.]
  • Timothy, ch. Isaac 3d and Eunice [see Josiah], (Sept. 19, 1794, at the Island of Martinico).
  • William [dup. Churchill 2d], ch. Ichebad and Suseanah [(Ichabod Churchill (s. William) and Susanna)], (Dec. 18, 1818) [dup. a. 57 y. 10 m.]. [Dec. 17, C.R.]
  • Zenus, (unm.), ch. William (s. David Churchill) and Sarah (Rider), lost at sea,-----).
CHURCHILL (see Churchell, Churchil)
  • Abigail, ch. Alfred (s. Ebenezer) and Lydia (d. Ebenezer Cushman), Feb. 26, 1821. [d. Alford and Lydia, in 12th y., G.R.1.]
  • (Benjamin, h. Mary (Shaw), s. William, one of the first Settlers of Plympton, and Lydia, Dec. 6, 1771, in 76th y., bur. in Carver. After his Children were born he moved to Middleborough).
  • Charlotte, ch. Simeon (s. Josiah) and Sally Cushman (d. John Bisbee 2d) [dup. chronic inflamation on the bowels], July 10, 1842 [dup. a. 1 y. 11 m. 20 d., in P.]. [July 8, C.R.]
  • Cornelius, h. Desire [q. v.], s. Ebenezer, Dec. 10, 1833, a. 53 y. 1 m. 6 d., in P., "on a visit . . . had not lived in Plympton for a number of years."
  • (David, h. Mary (Magoun), s. William, Sept. 27, 1785, a. 75 y. 10 m. 12 d. New Style).
  • Deborah, wid. Samuel, Jan. 14, 1846, in 85th y., G.R.1.
  • (Desire, ch. Samuel (s. William) and Deborah (d. Jacob Wright), Mar. 28, 1796). [in 14th y., G.R.1.]
  • Desire, w. Cornelius (s. Ebenezer), d. Ephraim Litchfield of Scituate, Mar. 18, 1813, a. 36 y. 5 m. 22 d., in P.
  • (Earl, ch. Capt. Elias (s. David Jr.) and Hannah (d. Elkanah Cushman), July 15, 1801).
  • (Ebenezer, h. Leah, s. William, May 7, 1751, a. 45 y. 6 m. 19 d.) [May 17, a. 45 y. 6 m. 9 d., G.R.1.
  • Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Lucy, May 15, 1781, a. 12 y. 10 m. 12 d. G.R.1.
  • Ebenezer, h. Lucy (d. Samuel Palmer of Halifax), s. Ichabod, May 19, 1822, a. 78 y. 2 m. 7 d. "N. S."
  • Edward, s. Ichabod and Abigail, Apr. 27, 1783, in 7th y., G.R.1.
  • (Elias, ch. Capt. Elias (s. David Jr.) and Hannah (d. Elkanah Cushman), May 28, 1786). [a. 6 m. 24 d., G.R.1.]
  • Elias, Capt., h. Hannah (d. Elkanah Cushman), s. David Jr., May 3, 1829, a. 70 y. 3 m. 7 d., in Duxbury. "moved to Duxbury in . . . 1825."
  • (Elizabeth, ch. Samuel (s. William) and Deborah (d. Jacob Wright), May 14, 1796). [in 8th y., G.R.1.]
  • (Eunice, first w. Jacob (s. Ebenezer), d. Jabez Sturtevant of Halifax and Azubah, Mar. 7, 1789, in Halifax).
  • (Eunice, ch. Daniel (s. Isaac) and Lucy (d. Ebenezer Churchill), Mar. 27, 1799). [a. 11 m. 25 d., G.R.1.]
  • Eunice, ch. Seth (s. Isaac 3d) and Rebecca (d. Ichabod Phinney), June 5, 1820. [Jan. 5, a. 12 y. 2 m. 14 d., G.R.1.]
  • Eunice [dup. Eunece , w. Isaac 3d (s. Isaac), d. Dea. Timothy Ripley of P. [dup. adds and Eunice (d. William Coomer and Joanna)], Apr. 6, 1821, a. 81 y. 10 m. "New Style."
  • Eunice, idiot [dup. b. Plymouth], d. Joseph formerly of P., cholera morbus, Oct. 15, 1843, a. 18 y. 9 m. 23 d. [dup. a. 21 y. 9 m. 24 d.], at the Almshouse in P.
  • Ezra, ch. Isaac Jr. [q. v.] and Polly (Grozer), June 11, 1822. [s. Isaac Jr. and Mary, a. 1 y. 22 d., G.R.1.]
  • Granville Mellen, ch. Isaiah (s. Oliver and Saba) and Polly Stephens (d. Jonathan Parker Esq. and Polly), Jan. 19, 1837. [a. 3 m. 25 d., P.R.6.]
  • Hannah, w. Capt. Elias (s. David Jr.), d. Elkanah Cushman, Feb. 11, 1828, a. 68 y. 7 m. 9 d., in Duxbury. "moved ... to Duxbury in ... 1825."
  • Henry, idiot [dup. b. Plymouth], s. Hosea formerly of P. [dup. adds (and Eunice)], cholera morbus, Aug. 29, 1843, a. 21 y. 2 m. 24 d., at the Almshouse in P. [Aug. 28, C.R.]
  • Hervey, h. Asenath (d. Daniel Vickery and Asenath), s. Capt. Joshua and Sylvia, Sept. 15, 1830, a. 29 y. 6 m. 22 d.
  • Hervey Lebbeus Ellis, ch. Hervey [q. v.] and Asenath (Vickery), Dec. 21, 1840, a. 10 y. 1 m. 16 d., in P. [ch. Prince [sic] and w., C.R.]
  • (Ichabod, h. Rebekah, h. Susanna, s. William, Aug. 24, 1808, a. 85 y. 10 m. 13 d. New Style). [in 87th y., in P., C.R.]
  • Isaac, s. Isaac and Susanna, Dec. 11, 1734, a. 3 y. 8 m. "Teen" d., G.R.1.
  • (Isaac, h. Susanna (Leach), s. William and Lydia (among the first Settlers of Plympton), Apr. 8, 1778, a. 84 y. 6 m. 4 d., in P.)
  • Isaac 3d, h. Eunice (d. Dea. Timothy Riley of P.), s. Isaac, Oct. 23, 1826, a. 85 y. 2 m. 26 d. "New Style," in P. [Oct. 24, C.R. Oct. 23, G.R.1.] Isaac, h. Polly (d. William Grozer of Truro), s. Isaac 3d, Aug. 17, 1842, a. 6o y. 3 m. 21 d., in Abington. "He had moved from Plympton to Abington."
  • Israel, s. Isaac and Maltiah, Dec. 16, 1775, a. 7 m. 11 d., G.R.1.
  • Jacob, (h. Eunice (Sturtevant) [q. v.], h. Joanna (Bosworth) [q. v.], s. Ebenezer), Mar. 19, 1803, (a. 36 y. 2 m. 28 d.), at sea.
  • (James, h. Mary (Mackfarling or McFarland), s. William Sr. and Lydia, Dec. 25, 1754, in 65th y. Had no children).
  • (James Jr., h. Sarah (d. Ebenezer Soule), s. Capt. James, Nov. 1, 1803, a. 32 y. 8 m. 5 d., in P.) [a. 32 y. 8 m. 4 d., G. R.1.]
  • (Joanna, w. Dea. Samuel, d. John Bryant and Sarah of P., sister of Capt. George Bryant of P., Apr. 18, 1746, a. 55 y. 5 m. 5 d.) [a. 55 y. 5 m. 14 d., G.R.1.]
  • Joanna, d. John and Joanna, Apr. 9, 1764, a. 1 y. 1 m. 11 d., G.R.1.
  • (Joanna (Bisbee), w. John [q. v.], Apr. 19, 1782, a. 50 y. 7 m. 7 d., in P.)
  • Joanna, second w. [dup. wid.) Jacob (s. Ebenezer), d. Ichabod Bosworth and Rebekah (d. Caleb Sturtevant, all of Halifax), old age, Mar. 28, 1843, a. 79 y. 7 m. 28 d., at the Almshouse in P.
  • John, h. Joannah (Bisbee), s. Ebenezer (s. William and Ruth) and Leah, Feb. 26, 1826, a. 94 y. 3 m. 1 d. New Style, in Chittendon, Vt.
  • Josiah, m., farmer, b. P. [dup. h. Deborah (d. Ichabod Phinney)], s. Isaac and Eunice of P., consumption, Dec. 14, 1844, a. 74 y. 10 m. 25 d., in P.
  • (Leah, w. [wid., G.R.1.] Ebenezer (s. William), Apr. 13, 1781, a. 78 y. 4 m. 23 d.)
  • Lucy, w. Ebenezer (s. Ichabod), d. Samuel Palmer of Halifax, Nov. 25, 1832, a. 89 y. 3 m. 27 d. "New Style."
  • Lurana, wid, David Jr. (s. David), d. Elijah Mackfarling, Mar. 5, 1834, a. 78 y. 6 m. 17 d., "at her Son Mr. Levi Churchill's in E. Bridgewater." "Urania is the correct spelling of that name. Also McFarland."
  • (Lydia, w. [dup. (wid.)] William [q. v.], Feb. 6, 1736, in 74th y.) [Feb. 16, G.R.1.]
  • (Lydia, w. Nathaniel of wid. Thomas Sampson (s. Benjamin), d. first Dea. Samuel Bryant in P., June 25, 1792, in 85th y.) [second w. Nathaniel, G.R.1.]
  • Lydia, w. Alfred (s. Ebenezer), d. Ebenezer Cushman, June 27, 1840, a. 66 y. 9 m. 29 d.
  • Maria, ch. (Capt.) Joshua (s. Joshua) and Silva, Jan. 31, 1806. [Jan. 30, a. 2 y. 10 m., G.R.1.
  • Mary, d. Isaac and Susanna, Aug. 23, 1738, in 5th y., G.R.1.
  • (Mary (Mackfarling or McFarland), wid. James (s. William Sr. and Lydia), June 9, 1770, in 81st y.)
  • (Mary (Magoun), w. David (s. William), May 18, 1785, in 81st y.)
  • Mary Grenville, ch. Isaiah (s. Oliver and Saba) and Polly Stephens (d. Jonathan Parker Esq. and Polly), May 10, 1839, a. 7 m.
  • (Meribah, second w. [wid., G.R.1.] William (s. William), wid.-----Gibbs, Nov. 16, 1774, in 80th y.)
  • (Nathaniel Jr., h. Deborah (d. Joseph Wright), s. Nathaniel, Nov. 18, 1784, a. 38 y. 5 m. 27 d. New Style).
  • Nathaniel, (h. Susanna Mackfarling or McFarland), h. Lydia, s. William), Aug. 17, 1803, (a. 85 y. 2 m. 25 d. New Style). [a. 85 y. 3 m. 6 d., G.R.1.]
  • Otis, s. David and Lurana, Jan. 1, 1798, a 11 m., G.R.1 (Persis, w. Capt. Perez, wid. Lemuel Rickard (s. Samuel and Rachel), wid. Isaac Shaw, d. James Harlow, Aug. 28, 1802, a. 73 y. 6 m. 9 d., at Nehemiah Cobb Esqr's in Carver).
  • Polly, wid. Thomas (s. Ichabod and Susanna (second w.) ), d. Zaccheus Holmes of Plymouth and Ruth, July 12, 1835, a. 76 y. 22 d., in P., bur. June 9, 1836, in Plymouth.
  • Priscilla, wid. Capt. James, d. Benjamin Soule, Oct. 9, 1837, a. 92 y. 5 m. 27 d. "New New Style."
  • Rebecca, ch. Seth (s. Isaac 3d) and Rebecca (d. Ichabod Phinney), July 22, 1820. [a. 3 y. 7 m. 29 d., G.R.1.]
  • Rebecca Whitmarsh, w. Daniel Jr. (s. Daniel), d. Zechariah Soule [dup. childbed], Nov. 26, 1842, a. 40 y. 2 m. 26 d. [dup. in P.]
  • (Ruth, w. William, d. John Bryant, sister of Capt. George Bryant, Mar. 24, 1757, in 73rd y.)
  • Saba, d. David and Lurana, Jan. 23, 1794, a. 7, G.R.1.
  • Saba, w. Oliver (s. Capt James), d. Asaph Soule, consumption, June 21, 1839, a. 66 y. 5 m. 5 d. [d. Asaph Soule and Mary, G.R.1.
  • Saba Soule, w. Samuel Jr. of Halifax, d. Oliver Churchill of P., consumption, June 14, 1834, 33 y. 11 m. 9 d., in P.
  • Salvanus, ch. Joseph (s. William) and Eunis (d. Ichabod Churchill), July 21, 1795). [Silvanus, s. Capt. Joseph and Eunice, a. 4 y. 8 m. G.R.1.]
  • (Samuel, Dea., h. Joanna (Bryant) [q. v.], s. first William in P., Apr. 20, 1751, a. 63 y. 5 d.)
  • Samuel, h. Deborah (d. Jacob Wright), s. William, June 14, 1843, a. 82 y. 11 m. 15 d., in Halifax, bur. in P.
  • Sarah (Rider), w. William (s. David). June 16, 1826, a. 86 y. 6 m. 5 d. "New Style."
  • Sarah, w. Oliver Jr., d. Perez Bradford (dup. (s. Capt. John and Elizabeth) and Lydia (second w.) (dup. (wid. Elisha Cushman of Kingston, d. Capt. Josiah Fuller of Kingston and Lydia)], consumption, Feb. 16, 1827, a. 27 y. 11 m. 21 d., in P.
  • Sarah [dup. family housework formerly, b. P.], d. Ichabod and Susanna (second w.) of P., old age, July 27, 1848. a. 90 y. 4 m. 18 d., at the Almshouse in P.
  • Seth, m, farmer, b. P. [dup. h. Rebecca (Phinney)], s. Isaac and Eunice, consumption, June 6 [dup. June 4] 1849, a. 71 y. 8 m. 5 d., in P. (June 4, C.R. G.R.1]
  • (Silence, first w. Prince of P., ch, Joseph Bryant (s. Dea. Samuel) and Zilpah (d. William Sampson and Joanna), Nov. 3, 1801, a. 33 y. 3 m. 20 d.)
  • Salvanus (see Salvanus).
  • (Susanna (Mackfarling or McFarland), first w. Nathaniel (s. William), June 22, 1765, in 49th y.)
  • (Susanna (Leach), w. Isaac [q. v.], Jan. 11, 1790, in 87th y.)
  • Thomas, ch. Thomas (Churchil) [q, v.] and Moly [(Polly (Holmes)], (July 4, 1789).
  • Thomas ch. Thomas (Churchil) [q. v.] and Moly [(Polly (Holmes)], drowned, (June 8, 1815, at sea).
  • Thomas, h. Polly (Holmes) [q. v], s. Ichabod and Susanna (second w.), Feb. 26, 1826, a. 69 y. 11 m. 19 d., in Plymouth.
  • Urania (see Lurana).
  • Ursula, first w. Spencer (s. Prince (s. Ebenezer) and Silence), d. David Crooker and Ursula of Pembroke, Oct. 6, 1826, a 35 y. 4 m. 24 d., in Pembroke.
  • (William, h. Ruth (Bryant) [q. v.], h. Meribah (-------) Gibbs, s. William, Feb. 23, 1760, a. 74 y. 6 m. 20 d.)
  • Zenas, ch. Joseph (s. William) and Eunis (d. Ichabod Churchill), Jan. 27, 1802. [s. Capt. Joseph and Eunice, Jan. 29, a. 4 y. 7 m., G.R.1.]
  • -----, s. Isaac and Susanna, Sept. 28, 1721, a. 15 d., G.R.1.
  • -----, s. Isaac and Susanna, Oct. 4, 1722, a. 14 d., G.R.1.
  • ----, inf. (Capt.) Joshua (s. Joshua) and Silva, Feb. 8, 1795.
  • -----, ch. David, bur. Feb. 1, 1798, in P., C.R.
  • -----, s. Andrew and Jane, May 10, 1801, G.R.1.
  • (-----, inf. Capt. Elias (s. David Jr.) and Hannah (d. Elkanah Cushman), still born, May 15, 1805).
  • ----, ch. Capt. Andrew, still born, bur. Aug. 21, 1808, in P., C.R.
  • -----, s. Daniel Jr. (s. Daniel) and Rebecca Whitmarsh (d. Zechariah Soule), still born, Nov. 23, 1842.
  • -----, [dup. b. P.], twin d. George Lewis (s. Ansel and Lois of P.) and Louisa Faunce (d. Ezekiel Bonney and Sarah of Duxbury), Apr. 14, 1844, a. 9 d. [dup. in P.]
  • -----, ch. Lucia, Aug. 1, 1844, C.R.
  • (Dorothy (Lettice), divorced w. Nathaniel Esq., second w. Edward Gray of Plymouth, mother of two ... daughters married Coles; of Lydia Gray (w. Caleb Loring Esq. of P.); of Edward Gray, settled at Tiverton, R. I., father of Sarah (w. Lt. Samuel Bradford of P.); of Thomas and Samuel Gray, settled at Little Compton, R. I., May 30, 1728, a. above 80, in P.)
  • Phebe, wid. David, wid. Capt. Thomas Marshall of New Bedford, mother of ---- (w. Willard Ellis), d. Joel Ellis, Feb. 14, 1822, in 70th y.
  • Adaline Augusta, ch. Cephas (s. Lemuel) and Adaline (d. Lemuel Bryant), Sept. 14, 1833.
  • (Fanny Clark), ch. Lemuel (s. Nehemiah Esq. of Carver) and Polly (d. Richard Whitmore), Mar. 23, 1818). [a. 11 m. 21 d., G.R.1]
  • George [dup. (unm.)], (s. William of Carver) [dup. (William, q. v., and Mary Pynchon)], Apr. 21, 1803, (in 33d y.) dup. (in P.)]
  • Hanah, (second w. Timothy of Carver), ch. Theophilous Rickard [q. v.] and Hanah, (Aug. 26, 1803).
  • Jerusha, w. Timothy of Carver, d. Lt. Oliver Parker (s. Jonahthan) and Phebe (second w., d. Joel Ellis), June 12, 1840.
  • (Joseph, h. Susanna (d. Dea. Jabez Weston), s. Joseph of Carver, June 1, 1807, in 33d y., in Saco, Me.)
  • Joseph, only ch. Joseph dec'd and Susanna, grand s. Joseph of Carver, grand (?), Dea. Jabez Weston of P., Aug. 14, 1825, a.19 y. (?) m. (?) d. in P.
  • Lydiah, ch. Nathaniel Jr. and Rebackah, ().
  • Nathan of Dover, Vt., s. Nathan, now resident in P., Sept. 30, 1813, in P., on a visit, but in P.
  • Nathan, "lived in Middleborough the most of his lifetime, and then sometime in Carver, and then sometime in Plympton," s. John of Middleborough, Aug. 29, 1818, a. 89 y. 9 rd. 25 d. "New Style," in P.
  • Sophia Mary Ann, ch. Lemuel Jr. (s. Lemuel and Polly of P.), and Sophia Peterson (d. Charles Chandler and Anna of Duxbury), Mar. 10, 1839, a. 8 y. 4 m. 28 d., in Athol.
  • (William, h. Mary Pynchon, s. Nathan (of that Part of Plympton . . . afterwards Carver) and Joanna, Apr. 25, 1805, in 70th y., in Carver).
  • (Barnabas, ch. Lt. Joseph [q. v.] and Ruth (Sampson),------,young).
  • (Betsy, ch. Lt. Joseph [q. v.] and Ruth (Sampson),-----, young)
  • Eleazar Crocker, unm., s. Lt. Lemuel formerly of Carver, Aug. 23, 1824, a. 30 y. 11 m. 20 d., in P., bur. in Carver.
  • (Gershom, h. Abigail (Vaughan) Jr. of Carver, then P., h.-----(Thomas) of Pembroke, ch. Lt. Joseph [q. v.] and Ruth (Sampson),------, in Buckfield, Me.)
  • Hezekiah [dup. and second dup. Hezekiah], s. John Jr. and Patienc, Mar. 16, 1723-4, in P.
  • John [dup. (h. Susanna (d. Edward Gray of Plymouth and Dorothy (second w.))], Mar. 14, 1723-4, (in 63d y.), in P.
  • (Joseph, Lt., h. Ruth (Sampson) [q. v.], h. Sarah Wallis, wid., of Carver, s. John Jr. and Patience, Jan. , 1786, a. 59, in Carver, then P.)
  • (Joseph, ch. Lt. Joseph [q. v.] and Ruth (Sampson),-------, young).
  • (Joseph, ch. Lt. Joseph [q. v.] and Ruth (Sampson),------, young).
  • Lemuel, Lt., formerly of Carver, father-in-law of Jonathan Rickard, s. Lt. Joseph of P., found dead, Sept. 21, 1839, a. 78 y. 6 m. 26 d., in P.
  • (Ruth, w. Lt. Joseph [q. v.], d. Gershom Sampson of Middleborough and Ruth (Clark) of Stoughton, Feb. 23, 1776, in 43d y., in Carver, then P.)
  • (Ruth, ch. Lt. Joseph [q. v.] and Ruth (Sampson),-----, in Heman, Me.)
  • Samuel, s. John, Mar. 22, 1723-4, (in 23d y.), in P.
  • Susanah [dup. (Susanna)], w. John Sr., [dup. (d. Edward Gray of Plymouth and Dorothy (second w.)] Aug. 20 [? 20 or 26], 1727, (in 59th y.)
COOK (see Cooke)
  • Francis Jr., drownded, May 4, 1724, "on plimouth shore."
COOKE (see Cook)
  • Elizabeth, w. Zenas, Oct. 11, 1789, in 29th y., G.R.1.
  • Zenas, May 20, 1794, a. 37 y. 7 m., G.R.1.
  • (Joanna, wid. William, July ---, 1759, a. 70 or upwards).
  • (William, h. Joanna, Nov. 1, 1741, a. 54 y. 10 m., bur. in P.)
  • (Betsy, ch. Richard [q. v.] and Hannah (Sampson), Aug. 25, 1799). [a. 6 y. 7 d., G.R.1.]
  • Eliza, ch. Richard [q. v.] and Hannah (Sampson), Jan. 28, 1816. [a. 16 y. 4 m. 5 d., G.R.1.]
  • Hannah, w. Richard of P. (s. Capt. Richard of Plymouth), d. Zabdiel Sampson of P. [dup. Zabdial (s. George) and Abiah], Mar. 7, 1813, a. 51 y. 4 d.
  • Lydia, w. Richard Jr., d. Billya Wright, Feb. 2, 1816, a, 24 y. 8 m. 15 d. [a. 24 y. 8 m. 16 d., G. R.1.]
  • Mercy [second dup. family housework formerly, b. Plymouth], second w. Richard dec'd of P., d. Samuel Wright [see birth] and Abigail [dup. (Standish)] of P., old age, Jan. 28, 1849, a. 83 y. 7 m. 1 d., in P. "She had no Children."
  • Richard [dup. Sr. of P., second dup. farmer, b. Plymouth], h. Hannah (Sampson) [q. v.], s. Capt. Richard [second dup. adds and Hannah] of Plymouth, old age, Jan. 30, 1844, a. "just" 81, in P.
CORTIS (see Curtice, Curtis)
  • Hanah (Curtis), wid., Jan. 17, 1723-4, (in 75th y.), in P. [Hannah, w. Francis, G.R.1.]
COTTRELL (see Kittrell).
  • (Abel, Dea., h. Mary (Isham) of Barnstable, July 17, 1781, in 86th y., in Carver, then P.)
  • (Daniel, h. Susanna (Dunham) [q. v.], h. Abigail Roberts, s. Dea. Abel of Carver, then P., and Mary (Isham) of Bunstable,------, in Yarmouth, N. S.)
  • Elejah, (unm.), ch. Abell [(Dea. Abel)] and Mary (Isham) (of Barnstable),--------).
  • (Mary (Isham) of Barnstable, w. Dea. Abel. Nov. 5, 1782, in 85th y., in Carver, then P.)
  • (Susanna, w. Daniel [q. v.], d. Israel Dunham and Joanna (d. Dea. John Rickard and Mary of P.), Oct. , 1763, in 42d y., in Carver, then P.)
  • (----------, inf. s. Daniel [q. v.] and Susanna (Dunham) (first w.),-------, in Carver, then P.)
  • (David, ch. John [q. v.] and Mary (Smith), Oct. 6, 1803). [a. 3 y. 11 m. 22 d., G.R.2.]
  • Henry Smith, unm., ch. John [q. v.] and Mary (Smith), Apr. 8, 1836.
  • John Jr., h. Huldah (Hunt) Jr. of Duxbury, father of John Henry, s. John [dup. John, q. v., and Mary (Smith)], consumption, Jan. 5, 1832, a. 24 y. 3 m. 11 d., in P.
  • John, h. Mary (Smith) [q. v.], h. Lucy (--------) Witherell, s. David of Pembroke, Aug. 29, 1834, a. 6o y. 29 d., in P.
  • Mary, w. John [q. v.], d. Joseph Smith of Bridgewater, Mar. 19, 1827, a. 52 y. 6 m. 24 d. [Mar. 20, C.R. Mar. 19, P.R. 10.]
  • Polly, ch. John [q. v.] and Mary (Smith), Aug. 21, 1828. [a. 27 y. 23 d., P.R.10.]
  • ------, ch. John [dup. (John, (q. v., and Mary (Smith)], Oct. 6, 1810.
CURTICE (see Cortis, Curtis)
  • Francis Sr. (Curtis), Apr. 24, 1717, (in 67th y.), in P.
CURTIS (see Cortis, Curtice)
  • Ansel Harris, ch. John (s. William and Hannah of Stoughton) and Orpah (d. Lt. Joshua Loring and Hannah of P.), Apr. 25, 1822, in Providence, R. I.
  • (Benjamin, h. Mary, Sept. 6, 1727, in 63d y., in P.) [in 53d y. G.R.1.]
  • (Mary, w. Benjamin, May 15, 1755, in 75th y., in P.) [wid., G.R.1.]
  • Deborah, ch. James (s. Col. Seth) and Deborah (d. Ebenezer Washburn Esq. of Kingston), Sept. I3, 1802. [a. 1 y. 4 m. 8 d., G.R.2.]
  • (Desire, ch. Isaac [q. v.] and Hannah (Churchill), Dec. 26, 1803). [a. 6 y. 1 m. 4 d., G.R.1.]
  • Ebenezer, ch. James and Deborah (Washburn) [see Deborah], Apr. 8, 1811.
  • Elijah, h. Mary (d. Isaac Rickard), s. Elijah, Mar. 11, 1820, in 45th y., at sea.
  • Hannah, d. Seth Jr. and Hannah, Apr. 27, 1802, a 5 y. 22 d. G.R.2.
  • Irene, (dup. first] w. Barak, [dup. mother of Sarah Howland Cushing] d. Noah Thomas (s. Eleazar of Middleborough) and Sarah (d. Rev. John Howland of Carver). Feb. 17, 1830, in Homer, N. Y.
  • Isaac, h. Hannah (d. William Churchill of P.), s. Elijah of Kingston, Sept. 11, 1815.
  • James, ch. James and Deborah (Washburn) [see Deborah]. Apr. 13, 1802.
  • James, ch. James and Deborah (Washburn) [see Deborah], Jan. 27, 1812.
  • (Lydia, w. Col. Seth [q. v.], d. James Everson of Kingston, Aug. 9, 1808, bur. in P.)
  • Ruth, ch. Ignatius and Ruth,--------[1720], a. abt. 3 m.
  • Sarah Howland, d. Barak and Irene (first w.), grand d. Noah Thomas of P. and Sarah, typhus fever. Feb. 10, 1839. a. 10 y. 7 m. 27 d., in P., bur. in Carver. "Her father .. . had moved into...NewYork. ...Sarah ...after the death of her mother ...was brought to Plympton..and lived there."
  • (Seth. Col., h. Lydia (d. James Everson of Kingston), s. Seth Sr., moved from Hingham to P., and Lydia (d.----- Fearing and-----(d. Capt. James Hawkes of Hingham and sister of Elizabeth (w. Rev. Daniel Lewis of Pembroke)), June 28, 1810, in 78th y., in P.) [in 84th y., C.R.]
  • Thomas, ch. Ignatius and Ruth,-----[1723), a. abt. 9 (worn, ? m. or w.].
  • ------, inf. Jacob Jr., Mar. 19, 1828, C.R.
  • ------, s. Josiah Cotton (s. Isaac and Lydia B.) and Harriet Whitmore (d. David Williams Wilbur of Bridgewater), Mar. 22, 1847, a. 1 m. 2 d., in Bridgewater, "Its Moths being there on a visit."
CUSHMAN (see Cushmon)
  • Alethea (see Elethea).
  • (Alice), ch. Allerton [q. v.] and Elizabeth (Sampson) (second w.), July 18, 1727). [a. 3 w. 6 d. G.R.1.]
  • (Allerton, h. Mary (Buck), h. Elizabeth (d. George Sampson), s. Dea. Elkanah of P. and Martha (second w.), Jan. 9, 1730-1, a. 47 y. 1 m. 18 d., in P.)
  • Allerton, ch. Allerton and Elethea, Aug. 19,--------[worn]. [s. Allerton and Alathea, Aug. 19, 1739, a. 15 m. 6 d., G.R.1. (Anna, w. Thomas, small pox, Jan. 4, 1778, in 49th y.)
  • Bartholomew, Dec. 21, 1721, (in 38th y.), in P.
  • Benjamen [dup. Benjamin Jr., h. Zeruiah (d. William Sampson and Joanna)], ch. Benjamin [q. v.] and Sarah (Eaton), Mar. 5, 1813) [dup. a. 90 y. 9 m. "New Style," in P.].
  • (Benjamin, h. Sarah (Eaton), s. Thomas and Abigail (second w.); s. Eld. Thomas of Plymouth and Mary; s. Robert, Oct. 17, 1770, in 78th y.)
  • (Benjamin, ch. Benjamin Jr. and Zeruiah (Sampson) [see Benjamen],----------, young).
  • Benjamin, unm., revolutionary pensioner [dup. laborer], ch. Benjamin Jr. and Zeruiah (Sampson) [see Benjamen, dup. "hard swelled in his feet and legs "], Feb. 23, 1842, a. 80 y. 7 m. 13 d., at the Almshouse in P. [Feb. 25, C.R.]
  • Chipman, ch. Thomas and Anna, (Mar. 4, 1789).
  • Deborah, "a descendant of Capt. Miles Standish," w. [wid., G.R.1.] Josiah (s. Josiah), d. Andrew Ring of Kingston, afterward of N. Yarmouth, Sept. 6, 1823, a. 81 y. 1 m. 5 d. N. S., in P.
  • (Ebenezer, h. Rebekah (d. Ichabod Churchill), h. Lucy (d. Abner Bisbee), s. Elkanah, Jan. 19, 1793, in 43d y.) (Ebenezer, ch. Ebenezer [q. v.] and Rebekah (Churchill) (first w.), Feb. 17, 1793, in 15th y.)
  • Elcanah [dup. (Elkanah)] [dup. (h. Elizabeth (Cole), h. Martha (Cooke), s. Eld. Thomas (s. Robert) of Plymouth and Mary (d. Isaac Allerton and Mary)), Sept. 4, 1727, (a. 76 y. 3 m. 3 d.) [dup. (in P.)]
  • Elcanah [dup. Elkanah), (h. Hannah (d. Zachariah Standish), h. Patience (wid. John Perkins, d. Ichabod Paddock)], ch. [dup. (Lt. )] Josiah [q. v.] and Susanah (Shurtleff), Aug. 6, 1803) [dup. a. "almost" 82, (or he was 81 y. 10 m. 17 d. New Style)]. [a. 82 y. 10 m. 28 d., G.R.1.]
  • Elethea, w. Alerton (Cushmon), Mar. 3, 1747-8.
  • Elijah, ch. Moses and Mary, Jan. 6, 1726-6.
  • (Elizabeth), [twin] ch. Thomas and Anna, (small pox, Dec. 3, 1777).
  • Elizabeth, ch. Josiah [q. v.] and Susanah (Shurtleff), Oct. 10, 1808, a. 80 y. 17 d. or 80 y. 7 d. New Style).
  • Elkanah (see Elcanah).
  • (Elkanah Jr., h. Hannah (d. David Churchill Jr.), s. Elkanah and Hannah (first w.), latter part of the summer of 1787, in 40th y.)
  • Ephraim, s. Allerton [dup. Allerton, q. v., and Mary (Buck) (first w.)], Nov. 15 [dup. (Nov. 17)] 1725, in P. [Nov. 17, G.R.1.]
  • Ephraim,--------[broken], a. 5 y. 2 d., G.R.1.
  • Eugenia (see Jane).
  • Frances Maria, ch. Capt. Zenas [see birth] and Deborah Lothrop (Johnson), Sept. 30, 1830, in P.
  • Gideon F. (see-----------Cushman).
  • (Hannah, first w. Elkanah (s. Lt. Josiah), d. Zachariah Standish, Oct. 16, 1756, a. 32 y. 9 m. 19 d. New Style). [a. 32 y. 10 m. 1 d., G.R.1.]
  • Ignatius, ch. Josiah (s. Josiah) and Deborah (Ring) [q. v.], in Belmont, Me. Had a family).
  • Isaac, ch. [dup. (Lt.) Isaac Jr. [q. v.] and Marcy [dup. (second w.)], Oct.---, 1721. [s. Lt. Isaac and Mercy, Oct. 18, a. 19 d., G. R. I.]
  • Isaac [dup. (Jr.)], Lt. [dup. (h. Sarah, h. Marcy (d. Maj. John Bradford of Kingston)], (s. Rev. I.) [dup. (Isaac)], Sept. 4, 1727, (in 51st y. His gravestone says he died Sept. 18). [Sept. 18, G.R.1.]
  • Isaac, Rev., Oct. 21, 1732, in 84th y. ["the first minister of the Church in Plympton," G.R. 1.]
  • Isaiah, h. Sarah (d. Andrew Ring and Zeruiah (d. Ebenezer Standish of P. and Hannah), s. Lt. Josiah, "moved from Plympton sometime in the Spring of 1795, and after living in several places died" Nov. 2, 1818, a. 87 y. 8 m. 17 d. "New Style," in Rome, N. Y.
  • Jacob [dup. farmer], revolutionary pensioner, h. Sylvia (Sampson) [q. v.], s. Benjamin and Zeruiah [dup. old age], July 11, 1842, a. 94 y. 4 m. "New Style," in the Almshouse in P.
  • Jane, ch. Elkanah (Cushmon) Jr. (s. Elkanah and Hannah (first w.)) and Hannah (d. David Churchill Jr.), Oct. 30, 1809. [Ugenia, C.R. Miss Jane, a. 25 y. 10 m., G.R.1.]
  • Jemima, May 2, 1727. [d. Samuel and Fear, in 4th y., G. R. 1.]
  • Jerusha, d. Benjamen [dup. Benjamin, q. v., and Sarah (Eaton)], May 22, 1727. [May 23, in 8th y., G.R.1.]
  • Joanna, unm., ch. Benjamin Jr. and Zeruiah (Sampson) (see Benjamen], Oct. 15, 1816, in 67th y. (dup. 64th y.], in P.
  • Job, ch. Thomas and Anna, (Jan. 3, 1826, in Maine).
  • Joseph, May 10, 1727. [s. Samuel and Fear, May [worn]9, in 10th y., G.R.1.]
  • Joseph, ch. Allerton [q. v.] and Elizebeth (Sampson) (second W.), July 26, 1731. [a. 17 m. 2 d., G.R.1.]
  • (Josiah, Lt., h. Susanna (d. Capt. William Shurtleff of P.), s. Dea. Elkanah of P. and Martha Cooke (second w.); s. Eld. Thomas of Plymouth and Mary (d. Isaac Allerton and Mary); s. Robert, Apr. 13, 1750, a. 62 y. 22 d.)
  • (Josiah), ch. Josiah (Cushmon) and Sary [(Sarah (first w., d. Zachariah Standish)], (Apr. 25, 1751).
  • (Josiah, h. Sarah, h. Deborah (Ring) [q. v.], s. Josiah, Sept. 17, 1784, a. 65 y. 25 d. New Style).
  • Keziah, w. Job, small pox, Dec. 13, 1777, in 28th y., G.R.3.
  • Lucy, second w. Ebenezer, d. Abner Bisbee, June 24, 1832, a. 74 y. 24 d.
  • (Marcy, second w. Lt. Isaac Jr. (s. Rev. Isaac), d. Maj. John Bradford of Kingston, June 27, 1738, in 57th y.) [Mercy, G.R.1.]
  • Martha [dup. adds (Cooke)]. [dup. (second)] w. Dea. Elcanah [dup. q. v.], Sept. 17, 1722, (in 65th y.), in P. [w. Dea. Elkanah, in 63d y., G.R.1.]
  • Mary [dup. (Buck)], [dup. (first)] w. Allerton [dup. q. v.], Dec. 13, 1725 [dup. (Oct. 15, 1725, in 37th y.)], in P. [Dec. 15, G.R.1.]
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Nathaniel, s. Job and Keziah, small pox, Dec. 24, 1777, a. 2 y. 2 m., G.R.3.
  • (Patience, second w. Elkanah (s. Lt. Josiah), formerly w. John Perkins, d. Ichabod Paddock, Dec. 10, 1772, a. 45 y. 27 d.) Rebeckah, w. [Rev., G.R.1.] Isaac, Sept. 3, 1727 in 73d y.
  • (Rebekah, first w. Ebenezer (s. Elkanah), d. Ichabod Churchill, Apr. 8, 1786, a. 32 y. 3 m. 29 d.) [in P., C.R.]
  • Robart, (unm.), ch. Josiah (s. Josiah) and Deborah (Ring) [q. v.], Jan. 13, 1802). [Robert, a. 26, G. R.1.]
  • Samuel, s. Samuel, Apr. 22, 1727. [s. Samuel and Fear, in 12th y., G.R.1.]
  • Samuel, ch. Thomas and Anna, (small pox, Nov. 20, 1777). [in 21st y., G.R.3.]
  • Sarah, w. Isaac Jr. [dup. (first w. Lt. Isaac Jr. (s. Rev. Isaac)], Oct. 28, 1716 [dup. (in 34th y.)], in P.
  • Sarah, w. Benjamin, Sept. 13, 1737, in 42d y., G.R.1.
  • Sarah, (unm.), ch. Benjamin [q. v.] and Sarah (Eaton),-------). [Jan. 24, 1745-6, in 21St y., G.R.1.)
  • (Sarah, first w. Josiah, d. Zachariah Standish, Feb. 11, 1752, a. 22 y. 6 m. 6 d.)
  • Sarah, ch. Thomas and Anna, (Mar. 14, 1779). [in 14th y., G.R.3.]
  • Sarah, second w. Benjamin, Jan. 16, 1783, in 89th y., G.R.1.
  • Susanah, ch. Josiah [q. v.] and Susanah (Shurtleff),------[? 1710].
  • (Susanna, w. Lt. Josiah [q. v.], d. Capt. William Shurtleff of P., July 27, 1763, in 73d y.)
  • Susanna [second dup. weaver, b. P.], d. Josiah (s. Josiah) and Deborah (Ring) [q. v., dup. (second w.) of P., aunt of Sally Bosworth, wid., consumption], (Mar. 7, 1845) [dup. and second dup. a. 74 y. 4 d., in P.].
  • Sylvia, w. Jacob [q. v.], d. Jonathan Sampson Jr. and Deborah (Bradford) [see birth of Sylvia], Jan. 27, 1836, a. 69 y. 9 m. 26 d., in Middleborough, bur. in P. "She and her husband moved from Plympton into . . . Middleborough ... in the Spring of 1835." [Jan. 26, C.R. Feb. 27, a. 71, G.R.1.]
  • Thomas, Aug. 23, 1726, a. 89 "wanting about one month," in P.
  • Thomas [dup. (h. Anna)], ch. Benjamin [q. v.] and Sarah (Eaton) [dup. (small pox)], Oct. 30, 1777) [dup. (a. 46 y. 11 m. 8 d. New Style)]. (in 48th y., G.R.1.]
  • William, s. William and Bathsheba, Sept. 18, 1830, in 24th y., G.R.1.
  • Zachariah, Lt., h. Saba (d. Capt. Joshua Adams of Kingston), s. Elkanah, June 11, 1826, in Needham. "He moved to Needham, Ms. April 28, 1815."
  • (Zenas, unm., ch. Ebenezer [q. v.] and Rebekah (Churchill) (first w.), Sept. 22, 1799, in Demarara).
  • Zeruiah, w. Benjamin [see Benjamen], d. William Sampson and Joanna, Feb. 29, 1820, a. 93 y. 11 m. "New Style, in P.
  • (Zeruiah, ch. Benjamin Jr. and Zeruiah (Sampson) [see Benjamen],-------, young).
  • Zilpah, d. William and Zilpah, Apr. 16, 1789, a. 12 w., G.R.1.
  • Zilpah, ch. Benjamin Jr. and Zeruiah (Sampson) [see Benjamen], Mar. 9, 1831, a. 76, in Halifax, bur. in P.
  • Zilpha, (w. William), ch. Dea. Thomas Savery and Hannah, (Mar. 11, 1789). [in 23d y., G.R.1.]
  • ------, d. Lt. Isaac and Sarah, Feb. 25, 1714-15, a. 7 d., G.R.1.
  • ------, ch. Jane [q. v.], Nov. 10, 1809. [s. Ugenia, C.R. Gideon F., s. Miss Jane, a. 1 y. 7 m., G.R.1.]
CUSHMON (see Cushman)
  • [Daborah], second w. Alorton, Dec. 1, 1751.
  • Ezra, ch. Elkanah Jr., (s. Elkanah and Hannah (first w.)) and Hannah (d. David Churchill Jr.), drowned, July 24, 1797, in Kingston). [a. 26 "wanting 5 d.," G.R.1.]
  • Ezra, ch. Elkenah and Hanah [(Elkanah Cushman (s. Lt. Josiah) and Hannah (first w., d. Zachariah Standish)],---- young).
  • James, (unm.), ch. Elkenah and Patiance [(Elkanah Cushman (s. Lt. Josiah) and Patience (second w., wid. John Perkins, d. Ichabod Paddock)], (Oct. 24, 1833, in Needham).
  • Levy, ch. Elkenah and Hanah (Standish) [see Ezra],----- young).
  • Suze [(Susanna)], ch. Elkenah and Hanah (Standish) [see Ezra], Apr. 22, 1822, in Needham).
  • Benjamin, Oct. 22, 1709, in 37th y., G.R.1.
  • Mercy, w. David, Feb. 22, 1737-8, In 24th y., G.R.1.
  • Lucia, ch. Zenas and Sarah (d. Martin Freeman of Rochester and Mercy); s. Capt. Timothy of Kingston and Pamela; s. Dea. Nicholas of Kingston, Oct. 13, 1826, a. 2 m. 24 d., in P.
DEAN (see Deane)
  • Ebenezer, Dr. [dup. (Deane, h. Hannah (d. Ebenezer Whitman of Bridgewater), s. Dea. Samuel of Dedham)], Feb. 24,1808. [Deane, a. 67 y. 3 m. 7 d., G.R.1.]
  • Ebenezer Tyler, m., trader and peddler, b. P. [dup. h. Rebecca (d. William Perkins and Sophia)], s. [Dr., C.R.] Ebenezer and Ruth, consumption, May 17, 1843, a. 26 y. 4 m. 20 d., in P.
  • Helen, ch. Ebenezer Tyler [q. v.] and Rebecca (Perkins), Mar. 26, 1842 [dup. a. 10 m. 19 d.].
  • Horatio Bowen, "last Captain of the standing Military Company in Plympton" [dup. farmer, b. P.], h. Mary Ann (d. Zebedee Wright 2d and Mary of P.). s. Dr. Ebenezer and Ruth of P., consumption, Feb. 9, 1847, a. 31 y. 11 m. 15 d. [dup. in P.] [a. 31 y. 11 m. 16 d., G.R.1.]
  • Horatio Bowen [dup. b. P.], ch. Capt. Horatio Bowen [q. v.] and Mary Ann (Wright), dysentery, Aug. 26, 1847, a. 1 y. 1 m. 5 d. [dup. in P.]
  • -------, s. Ebenezer Tyler [q. v.] and Rebecca (Perkins), May 26, 1840, a. abt. 6.5 h. [May 27, C.R.]
DEANE (see Dean)
  • Hannah, w. [wid., C.R.] Dr. Ebenezer (s. Dea. Samuel of Dedham), d. Ebenezer Whitman of Bridgewater, June 21, 1825, a. 77 y. 9 m. 17 d. "New Style."
  • Lydia Anderson [dup. housewifery, b. Duxbury], w. Avery (s. Dr. Ebenezer of P.), wid. Simon Richmond, d. Lemuel Simmons of Plymouth, inward cancer, Dec. 17, 1844, a. 63 y. 9 m. [dup. in P.] [Dean, wid. Capt. Simon Richmond, G.R.4.]
  • (Rebecca, ch. Dr. Ebenezer [q. v.] and Hannah (Whitman), Aug. 9, 1801). [Aug. 10, a. 20, G.R.1.]
  • Sarah, ch. Dr. Ebenezer [q. v.] and Hannah (Whitman), Aug. 27, 1835, a. 60 y. 8 m. 20 d., "at the dwellinghouse of her brother, Mr. Avery Deane," in P.
  • (Marcia, ch. Nathan (s. Malachi and Sybil of Duxbury) and Mercy (Holmes) [see birth), July 7, 1804, in Duxbury).
  • (Mary, ch. Nathan (s. Malachi and Sybil of Duxbury) and Mercy (Holmes) [see birth], Oct. 21, 1802, in Duxbury).
  • (Mary, w. John, ch. Edmund Weston of Duxbury,------, in Duxbury. Left Children).
  • Sarah Holmes, ch. Nathan (s. Malachi and Sybil of Duxbury) and Mercy (Holmes) [see birth], Feb. 11, 1825, in Duxbury.
  • Sophia, ch. Nathan (s. Malachi and Sybil of Duxbury) and Mercy (Holmes) [see birth], Oct. , 1825, in Duxbury.
  • John, Apr. 15, 1723, in P. [Despard, in 27th y., G.R.1.]
  • Clarissa, Mrs. [dup. (first w. Rev. Elijah, d. Joshua Crocker)], Sept. 18, 1810 [dup. (Sept. 19, 1810, a. 24)]. [Sept. 10, G.R.1.]
  • David Brainerd, ch. Rev. Elijah and Mary (Morton) (second w.) [q. v.], Oct. 18, 1817. [David Brainard Dexter, a. 10 h., G.R.1.]
  • Elijah, ch. Rev. Elijah and Mary (Morton) (second w.) [q. v.], Sept. 1, 1816. [a. 11 h., G.R.1.]
  • Elijah Crocker, ch. Rev. Elijah [dup. (s. Dea. Elijah of Rochester)] and Clarissa [dup. (d. Joshua Crocker)), Apr. 1, 1811 [dup. (in Wareham, bur. in P.)]. [only ch. Rev. Elijah and Clarissa, a. 6 m. 24 d., G.R.1].
  • Mary, "before her marriage had been Preceptress of several Academies," "dismissed from a Church in New Bedford;" second w. Rev. Elijah (s. Dea. Elijah of Rochester), d. Nathaniel Morton Esq. of Freetown, Oct. 16, 1822. [a. 37 y. 18 d., C.R. G.R.1.]
  • Nathaniel Morton, "associate principle of Plainfield Academy," s. Rev. Elijah and Mary (Morton) (second w.) [q. v.), Sept. 18, 1838, a. 24, in Plainfield, N. J., bur. in P.
  • Sofia, (w. Josiah of Plymouth), ch. Thomas Samson [(Sampson), q. v.] and Ruth (d. John Bryant), Aug. 7, 1814, in Plymouth).
  • Hannah, w. Samuel of Kingston, wid. Peleg Cook, d. Amos Puller (s. Nathaniel) and Abigail (first w., d. James Harlow), Mar. 23, 1819, a. 69 y. 5 m. 11 d. "New Style," in Kingston.
  • Joseph P., b. Plymouth, s. Samuel of Plymouth, Sept. 26, 1819, in 25th y., in P. "Left a widow and a young daughter less than six months old."
  • Israel [dup. (h. Joanna (d. Dea. John Rickard of P.)], Aug. 18, 1726 [dup. (in 36th y., bur. in P.)].
  • Isrell, ch. Salvenus and Rebeckah [(Israel, ch. Dea. Silvanus (s. Israel) and Rebekah (d. Dea. Abel Crocker)], (May 29, 1828).
  • Joanna, ch. Ebenezer and Lydia (Perry) (second w., wid. Nathaniel Fuller Jr.), Oct. 8, 1831, a. 8o y. 10 m. 3 d. "New Style," in P.
  • Mary, w. Nathaniell,-------, 1714, in P.
  • (Rebekah, w. Dea. Silvanus (s. Israel), d. Dea. Abel Crocker, Dec. 1, 1798, a. 79 y. 4 m. 5 d. New Style).
  • (Silvanus, Dea., h. Rebekah (d. Dea. Abel Crocker), s. Israel, May 8, 1796, a. 81 y. 11 m. 1 d. New Style, in Carver).
  • Silvenes, ch, Salvenus and Rebeckah [(Dea. Silvanus (s. Israel) and Rebekah (d. Abel Crocker)], May 7, 1744.
  • William, unm., b. Ireland, suddenly, intemperate, Aug. 21, 1840, a. "supposed" 49, in P. [b. Scotland, G.R.1.]
  • Benjamine, Jan. 16, 1711-12, aged, in P.
  • Hannah, wid. Benjamin of Kingston, Oct. 29, 1824, a. 78, in P., bur. in Kingston.
  • Jabez, May 19, 1722, in P. [a. 28, G. R.1.]
  • Mary, w. Benjamin, July 2, 1728, in 63d y., G.R.1.
  • Noah, "Pensioner on the Continental List of Pensioners," of P., Nov. 30, 1798, in P. [in 66th y., G.R.1.]
  • Ruth, d. Benjamin and Mercy, May 14, 1727, a. 7 w. 4 d., G.R.1.
  • Seth, s. Noah and Hannah, Mar. 30, 1769, a. 2 y. 7 m. 12 d., G.R.1.
EAVERSON (see Everson).
  • Ebenezer, ch. Jabiz Jr. and Thankfull, Nov. 15, 1730.
  • Susanah, ch. Jabiz Jr. and Thankfull, Dec. 23, 1731.
  • ------, s. Ezra and Nancy, Nov. 18, 1834, a. abt. 16 h.
ELESS (see Ellis)
  • Stephen [dup. Ellis, Lt., h. Susanna, q. v.], ch. Samuel and Marcy, (Mar. 5, 1824) (dup. a. 75 y. 4 m. 9 d. "New Style"].
ELLIS (see Eless)
  • Abigail, [dup. first], w. Capt. Thomas [dup. (s. Joel)], ch. Gideon Bradford Jr. (s. Gideon Esq.) and Abigail (d. Zabdiel Sampson), Sept. 24, 1812. [Sept. 4, in 27th y., G.R.1.
  • Abigail, w. [wid., G.R.1.] Maj. Samuel (s. Lt. Stephen), d. Jonathan Parker, Jan. 31, 1822, a. 43y. 5 m. 14 d.
  • Annis, w. [dup. wid.] Joel [q. v.], d. Nathaniel Pratt (s. Daniel) of P. and Mary (d. Nathaniel Cobb), Jan. 15, 1835 [dup. a. 90 y. 6 m. 4 d. "New Style," "at the dwellinghouse of her son-in-law Mr. Billya Wright," in P.].
  • Barzilla, ch. Joel [q. v.] and Annis (Pratt), drowned, Apr. 30, 1793, in Carolina). [Barziliai, s. Joel and Annice, May 30, in 26th y., G.R.1.]
  • Benjamin, ch. Freeman (s. Joel) and Sarah, (Jan. 14, 1836, in Hartford, Me. He had a family).
  • Betsy Carver [dup. housewifery, b. P.], w. Thomas Dudley (s. Capt. Thomas and Susanna (third w.) ), d. Samuel Bradford and Lusannah, consumption, Oct. 13, 1843, a. 27 y. 9 m. 2 d., in P.
  • Betsy Thomas [dup. b. P.], ch. Thomas Dudley and Betsy Carver [q. v.], consumption, Nov. 6, 1843, a. 5 m. 7 d. [dup. in P.]
  • Campbell, ch. Willard and Mary [q. v.], Dec. 18, 1814, in New York City). [a. 24 y. 2 m. 3 d., G.R.1.]
  • Freemon (Elles) [dup. (Freeman Ellis, h. Sarah)], ch. Joell Jr. [dup. (Joel), q. v., omits Jr.] and Phebe, Mar. 15, 1802 [dup. (in 57th y., in Hartford, Me. He had moved to Hartford in . . . 1792)].
  • (Joel Jr., h. Phebe, s. Joel of Middleborough and Elizabeth (Churchill) of Plymouth, Mar. 18, 1783, in 73d y.)
  • (Joel, h, Annis (d. Nathaniel Pratt and Mary), s. Joel, and Phebe; s. Capt. Joel, of Middleborough and Elizabeth (Churchill) of Plymouth, cancer, June 13 [dup. June 16], 1803, a. 64 y. 5 m. 11 d. New Style, in P.) [June 13, a. 65 y. 6 m. 6 d., G.R.1.]
  • Joel, h. Clara (d. Capt. James Churchill), s. Joel, Aug. 15, 1814, a. 37 y. 2 m. 24 d. [first h. Clara Chandler (wid.) [on stone with Peleg Chandler], G.R.1.]
  • John Milton [dup. nail cutter, b. P.], h. Abigail Ripley (d. Spencer Chandler and Lucretia of Kingston), s. Willard and Mary, July 28, 1847, a. 40 y. 4 m. 13 d., in P.
  • Lydia, d. Samuel and Lydia, Nov. 28, 1762, a. 1 y. 2 d., G.R.1.
  • Lydia, third w. Samuel, Jan. 26, 1763, in 27th y., G.R.1.
  • Marick, " Marick is here spelled as the ... person .. . spelled it himself; but in printed books it is spelled Merrick, which is the correct spelling," h. Sophia (d. Capt. James Churchill), [dup. ch. Lt. Stephen and Susanna] Aug. 8, 1827, a. 40 y. 15 d. [a. 40 y. 16 d., G.R.1.]
  • Mary, w. Samuel, Apr. 20, 1743 [sic, ? 1748], in 25th y., "With her 1st Born," G.R.1.
  • Mary [dup. housewifery, b. P.], w. Willard, d. Capt. Thomas Marshall and Phebe (d. Joel Ellis of P.), consumption, Oct. 9, 1846, a. 75 y. 2 m. 7 d. [dup. in P.]
  • Mary Loring, ch. (Maj.) Samuel [q.v.] and Abigail (Parker), Feb. 4, 1830) [dup. a. 22 y. 6 m. 4 d., in P.]. Mercy, ch. Josiah Thompson (s. Lt. Stephen) and Sophia (d. Lt. Isaac Wright) [dup. lingering consumption], May 17, 1840 [dup. a. 25 y. 8 m. 2 d.].
  • Merrick (see Marick).
  • (Patience, ch. Joel Jr. [q. v. l and Phebe,-------(1756], a. abt. 1 or 2 m.)
  • Phebe, w. [wid., G.R. 1.] Joel Jr. [q. v.], Nov. 5, 1792, in 80th y.)
  • Phebe, second w. Capt. Thomas, [dup. ch. Jonathan Nye (s. Isaac) and Betty (d. Joel Ellis Jr.)] Feb. 5, 1816. [a. 32, [on stone with son, Feb. 19, 1816] G.R.1.] Polly [dup. b. P.], d. Samuel of P. and Catharine (fourth w.), sister of Willard, consumption, Dec. 21, 1843, a. 74 y. 7 m. 24 d., in P.
  • Samuel, Feb. 20, 1771, in 56th ., G.R.1.
  • Samuel [dup. Maj., h. Abigail (d. Jonathan Parker)], ch. Lt. Stephen and Susanna dup. lingering consumption], (June 15, 1817) [dup. a. 40 y. 7 m.]
  • Samuel Pearce [second dup. seaman], ch. Capt. Thomas and Susanna (third w., d. Capt. John Bradford) [second dup. New Orleans fever], Aug. 4, 1842 [dup. a. 19 y. 11 m. 5 d.], in New Orleans.
  • Sophia, ch. Josiah Thompson (s. Lt. Stephen) and Sophia (d. Lt. Isaac Wright) Oct. 18, 1824. (Oct. 17, C.R. Sophi, d. Capt. Josiah T. and Sophi, Oct. 18, a. 7 y. 8 m. 26 d., G.R.1.]
  • Susanna, wid. Lt Stephen (s. Samuel), d. Ebenezer Thompson Esq. of Halifax and Mary (d. Isaac Wright), Mar. 24, 1835, a. 85 y. 9 m. 9 d. "New Style," in P.
  • Thomas, "Captain of the Military Company in Plympton," h. Abigail (d. Gideon Bradford Jr.), h. Phebe (d. Jonathan Nye), h. Susanna (d. Capt. John Bradford), Mar. 14, 1830, a. 46 y. 11 m. 12 d.
  • Thomas Marshall, ch. Willard and Mary [q. v.], (May 1, 1818). [a. 16 y. 9 m. 1 d., G.R.1.]
  • ------, s. Samuel and Mary,-------, a. 10 d., [on stone with his mother] G.R.1.
  • ------, inf. Willard and Mary [q. v.], July 31, 1797.
  • ------, inf. Thomas and Abigail [dup. (Capt. Thomas (s. Joel) and Abigail (first w., d. Gideon Bradford Jr.)), Oct. 15, 1809.
  • --------, s. Capt. Thomas and Phebe (second w., d.Jonathan Nye), Feb. 19, 1816. [a. 16 d., [on stone with Phebe] G.R.1.]
  • -------, twin s. Capt. James Churchill (s. Joel) and Nancy (d. Joseph Brewster of Duxbury and Sarah), June 14, 1838, "a few" min.
  • Asa, Dec. 3, 1800, in 19th y., [on stone with Ebenezer Jr.] G.R.2.
  • (Averick, w. Richard Jr. of Kingston, wid. Ebenezer Standish (s. Zachariah), d. Isaac Churchill,---------, in Kingston).
  • Benjamin, s. Ebenezer and Betty, May 6, 1802, in 22d y., G.R.2.
  • Betsey, w. Ebenezer, June 3, 1838, in 85th y., G.R.2.
  • Ebenezer Jr., Jan. 28, 1798, in 22d y., in W. Indies, [on stone with Asa] G.R.2.
  • Ebenezer, Feb. 17, 1812, a. 78, G.R.2.
  • Elizebeth (Eaverson), w. Richard, Feb. 16, 1716, in P.
  • Lydia, w. Joseph of Halifax, d. Dea. Benjamin Bryant and Sarah (second w.) of P., May 25, 1842, a. 61 y. 3 m. 18 d., in Halifax, bur. in P. "She had no Children."
  • Olive, d. Ebenezer and Betsey, Nov. 4, 1836, a. 59, G.R.2.
  • Moley (Fance), ch. James and Sarah, Mar. 24, 1760.
  • Ruth (Fance), ch. James and Sarah, Apr. 9, 1760.
FINNEY (see Phiney, Phinney)
  • Jane Stetson, w. James of Plymouth, d. Southworth Wright, typhus fever, Oct. 17, 1837, a. 22 y. 2 m. 17 d., in Eel River, Plymouth.
  • Nathan Esq., Dr., h. Susanna (d. Ebenezer Soule, afterward w. William Strobridge of Middleborough), Jan. 27, 1814, "would have been 53 years of age the last day of the month."
  • Charles, ch. Bradford (moved to Conn.) and Sarah; (s. Jonathan (Freeman) of Harwich and Mercy (d. Maj. John Bradford), Sept. 28, 1736.
  • Moley, ch. Bradford and Sarah [see Charles],-------. [Mary Freeman, Oct. 22, 1756, in 17th y., G.R.1.]
  • Hanah [dup. (Hannah)]. wid. Capt. Stephen late of Weymouth, [dup. (formerly wid. Thomas Loring)] (mother of Caleb Loring Esq. by her first husband), Oct. 8, 1720, (in 84th y.), in P. [Oct. 7, G.R.1.]
  • Abiall, Apr. 20, 1720, (in 44th y.), in P.
  • Abiel (see Abyal).
  • (Abigail, ch. Amos [q. v.] and Abigail (first w.), Feb. 6, 1754).
  • (Abigail, first w. Amos (s. Nathaniel), d. James Harlow, Apr. 15, 1755. in 33d y.)
  • Abigail, Oct. 23, 1750, in 47th y., G.R.1.
  • Abyal, ch. Abyal (Abiel)] and Sarah, June 12, 1759.
  • (Amos, h. Abigail (d. James Harlow), h. Rachel (wid. Philemon Sampson, d. Moses Standish), s. Nathaniel, Dec. 31, 1790, a. 71 y. 10 m. 8 d., bur. in P.)
  • (Amos, ch. Amos [q. v.] and Rachel (second w.), Nov. ----, 1796, in Beverly).
  • Annis, Feb. 24, 1737, in 19th y., G.R.1.
  • Benjamen, s. Abiel, July 26, 1724, in P. [Benjamin, s. Abial and Annis, in 19th y., G.R.1.]
  • Clara, ch. Ephraim [q. v.] and Zerviah (Chandler) [dup. lung fever], Jan. 13, 1840 [dup. a. 29 y. 24 d.]. [Clarissa, Jan. 12, C.R. Clara, Jan. 13, G.R.1.]
  • Deborah, w. Jabez, Jan. 24, 1724, in P. [Jan. 24, 1724-5, in [broken]3 y., G.R.1.]
  • Deborah, w. Charles (s. Philemon), d. Lt. Daniel Soule, Dec. 6, 1818. [a.. 30 y. 2 m 18 d., G.R.1.]
  • (Elizabeth, twin ch. Nathaniel [q. v.] and Martha (Sampson) [q. v.], ------, 1716).
  • Elizebeth, wid. Samuell ("formerly minester at Middleborough"), Nov. 11, 1713, aged, in P.
  • Elvira Lincoln, ch. Ephraim and Mary B., cholera infantum, Aug. 9, 1844, bur. in P. [d. Ephraim Jr. and Mary B., Aug. 19, a. 3 m. 9 d., G.R.1.].
  • Ephraim (dup. farmer, b. Halifax], h. Zerviah (d. Zebedee Chandler of P.), s. Ephraim of Halifax [dup. adds and Zerviah], consumption, Aug. 7 [dup. Aug. 10, sic, bur. Aug. 10], 1847, a. 67 y. 3 m. 3 d., in P. [Ephraim Sr., C.R.]
  • Henry [dup. school boy, b. P.], ch. Amos (s. Philemon and Mercy) and Priscilla Vaughan [q. v.], spine complaint, Jan. 19, 1846, a. 12 y. 1 m. [dup. in P.]
  • Jabez, Oct. 14, 1728.
  • Jesse, ch. Nathaniell [(Nathaniel), q. v.] and Martha (Sampson) [q. v.],-----, it is said he died young).
  • John, s. Abiell, May 18, 1715, in P. [s. Abial and Annis, in 12th y., G.R.1.]
  • John,--------.
  • Judeth [second and third dups. (Judith)], w. James [third dup. (s. Samuel and Mercy of P.)], [dup. d. Henery [third dup. (Henry)] Rickard [second and third dups. (Sr. of P.)] and Mary (first w.)] Feb. 23, 1725-6, in P. [Judeth, in 21St y., G.R.1.]
  • Juliet Maria, ch. George Bonney (s. Bildad and Margaret of P.) and Sarah Rosmond (d. Charles Fuller and Sarah (second w.) of P.)-------.
  • (Lydia, d. Nathaniel Jr. [see birth] and Lydia (Perry), small pox, Dec. 20, 1776, a. 30 y. 7 m. 17 d. New Style, in P.) (Martha, ch. Amos [q. v.] and Abigail (first w.), sore mouth, Jan. --, 1746-7).
  • (Martha, w. Nathaniel [q. v.] first George Sampson of P. and Elizabeth, June 8, 1770, a. 80 y. 7 m. 3 d. New Style, in P.)
  • (Mary, ch. Amos [q. v.] and Abigail (first w.), Oct. 31, 1747).
  • Mercy, wid. Philemon [q. v., dup. housewifery formerly, b. Kingston], d. Capt. Seth Chipman of Kingston and Sarah Ripley; s. Seth of Kingston and Priscilla (d. Maj. John Bradford; s. Maj. William; s. Gov. William), old age, Oct. 23, 1847, a. 81 y. 4 m. 1 d., in P.
  • (Nathaniel, h. Martha (Sampson) [q. v.], s. Samuel, one of the first Settlers of Plympton, and Mercy; s. Rev. Samuel of Middleborough and Elizabeth; s. Dr. Samuel, one of the first Pilgrims at Plymouth, Apr. 20, 1750, a. 62 y. 5 m. 6 d., in P.)
  • Philemon, h. Mercy (Chipman) [q. v.], s. Amos and Rachel; s. Nathanile of P.; s. Samuel, "one of the first Settlers of Plympton;" s. Rev. Samuel, "the first Minister of Middleborough;" s. Dr. Samuel of Plymouth, "who came . . . in the Mayflower in 1620:" Dec. 6, 1838, a. 75 y. 1 m. 16 d.
  • Polly, w. Benjamin of Halifax, ch. Bennett [dup. Bennet] Perkins (s. Nathan) and Hannah, Nov. 11, 1821, in Halifax.
  • Priscilla Vaughan, w. Amos (s. Philemon and Mercy), d. Capt. George Shaw of Middleborough and Betsy, Feb. 28, 1834, a. 26 y. 1 m. 10 d.
  • (Rachel, w. [second dup. (second w.)] Amos [second dup. (s. Nathaniel)], wid. Philemon Sampson (s. Benjamin), d. Moses Standish [second dup. (Lt. Moses Standish; s. Ebenezer; s. Alexander; s. Capt. Miles, one of the first Pilgrims at Plymouth), dup. (mother of Philemon Fuller)], Oct. 13, 1809 [second dup. (a. 83 y. 5 m. 8 d.)], in P.) [wid., C.R.]
  • Samuel Jr., Apr. 18, 1724.
  • (Samuel, Sept. 6, 1728, in 70th y.)
  • Samuell, ch. Nathaniell (Nathaniel), q. v.] and Martha (Sampson) [q. v.], Mar. 7, 17423). [Mar. 7, 1743, a. 13 y. 3 m. 26 d., G.R.1.]
  • Sarah, w. Seth, June 7, 1726.
  • Seth, Nov. 22, 1760, in 46th y., G.R.1.
  • Susan Frances [dup. b. P.], ch. Solomon (s. Ephraim and Zerviah of P.) and Mary (d. Benjamin Soule and Polly), Sept. 23, 1847, a. 1 y. 2 m. 27 d. [dup. in P.] [a. 1 y. 2 m. 28 d., G.R.1.]
  • Thankful , w. Chipman, ch. Ebenezer Wright (s. Moses) and Anna (first w., d.---------Tripp of Dartmouth), Nov. ---, 1815, in Halifax.
  • (William, twin ch. Nathaniel [q. v.] and Martha (Sampson) q. v.],--------,1716).
  • ----------, two chn. Jabez and Deborah, still born, Jan. 24, 1724-5, G.R.1.
  • -------, ch. Samuel, Nov. 6, 1786, in P., C.R.
  • --------, [dup. b. P.], ch. Zebedee Chandler (s. Ephraim and Zerviah of P.) and Mary Martin (d. Josiah Perkins Jr. and Deborah of P.), Aug. 20, 1845, a. 1 d. [dup. in P.] [Aug. 18, C.R]
  • (Susanna, w. Thomas [q. v.], d. Dr. Polycarpus Loring (s. Caleb Esq.) and Mary, Oct. 23, 1801, a. 64 y. 8 m. 6 d. as appears by her gravestone; but by the record of her birth, 63 y. 8 m. 6 d. New Style).
  • Thomas, (had a College Education, h. Susanna [q. v.], s. Joseph of Bridgewater and Hannah (second w.), Oct. 28, 1810, (a. 74 y. 6 m. 17 d. Left no children.) [Gannet, C.R.]
  • (Hannah, w. Charles, d. Samuel Wright of P. and Abigail (Standish) [see Abigail Wright, b. July 9, 1756], childbed, Nov. 4, 1793, in 36th y., in P. Left no children.) [Nov. 5, "Buryd with her child on her arm," G.R.1.]
  • --------, inf. Charles and Hannah,--------, G.R.1.
  • George Wellington, s. George Woodville (s. Zenas T. and Caroline of P. and Mary Ann (d. Silvanus Bryant and Mary of P.), bowel complaint, Sept. 10, 1849, a. 1 m. 15 d., in Halifax.
  • Sarah, w. Capt. LeBaron, d. Noah Thomas (s. Eleazar of Middleborough) and Sarah (d. Rev. John Howland of Carver), Dec. 31, 1828, in Deruyter, N. Y.
  • (Edward, gentleman], of Plymouth, h. Dorothy (Lettice) (second w.), father of one son and five daughters by his first wife; by his second w. father of two . . . daughters married Coles; of Lydia (w. Caleb Loring Esq.); of Edward, settled at Tiverton, R. I. (father of Sarah (w. Lt. Samuel Bradford of P.); of Thomas and Samuel, settled at Little Compton, R. I., last of June, 1681, a. abt. 52).
  • Eunice, wid. Lt. Samuel formerly of Kingston, Sept. 6, 1833, a. 89 y. 24 d. "New Style," in P., bur. in Duxbury. [of Duxbury, Sept. 7, C.R.]
  • Molly (second dup. housewifery, b. P.], second w. William dec'd of Cairo, N. Y., "After his death, She returned to Plympton," d. Rev. Jonathan Parker [q. v.] of P. and Lydia (second w.), old age, Oct. 29, 1843, a. 87 y. 8 m. 24 d., in P: (wid., G. R. 1.]
  • William, h. Molly (Parker) [q. v.], July 6, 1814, in Cairo, N. Y.

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