To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Marriages - PARIS to PIKE

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

  • Nancy T. and Hiram P. Wands, int. Sept 28, 1845.
PARKER (see also Parler)
  • Betsey of London, Eng., and Henry Folger Jr., s. Henry and Betsey (Coffin) (second w.), m. _____, PR38.
  • Charles of N. and Desire J. Fisher of Wareham, May 6, 1838. [Charles, s. Jonathan, and Desire Fisher, d. Lemuel and Martha, PR38.]
  • Charlotte C. and Alexander R. Hull, Sept. 10, 1829. [Charlotte (first w.), d. Jesse and Betsey, and Alexander Hull, s. Thomas and Mary (Ames), PR38.]
  • David Jr. and Judith J. Gardner, both of N., Feb. 9, 1837. [David, s. David of Cape Cod, and Judith J. Gardner, d. Edward J. and Susan (Allen), PR38.]
  • Deborah Y. and Henry W. Derby, Jan. 7, 1849.
  • Elijah and Sarah W. Turner, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1828 and Apr. 8, 1829, int. Aug. 30, 1828]. [Elijah, s. Isaac and Prudence, and Sally Turner, d. Baker and Susan (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Elisha and Elizabeth Hammond, Aug. 13, 1795.
  • Elisha and Elizabeth C. Gardner, both of N., Oct. 10, 1841. [Elisha, s. Joshua and Deborah, and Elizabeth C. Gardner, d. Benjamin and Rachael (Folger) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Eliza of N. and Asahel Cady of N.Y., int Apr. 25, 1841.
  • Eliza A. and Charles B. Coffin, Apr. 18, 1827. [Eliza A., d. Jonathan, and Charles Bunker Coffin, s. Bartlett and Elizabeth (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and James Warren, int. July 16, 1803. [Elizabeth, wid. Elishai, d. ____ Hammond, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth, d. Elisha, and Samuel Atwood, _____, PR38.]
  • Eunice F. and James T. Worth, Aug. 8, 1833. [Eunice, d. Jonathan and Ruth, and James T. Worth, s. Solon and Phebe (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Frederick F. and Sarah Hatch, int. June 14, 1828.
  • Freeman and Elizabeth Macy, both of N., Oct 11, 1840. [Freeman, s. Joshua, and Elizabeth Macy, d. Job and Deborah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • George and Lucy Smallwood, Oct. 30, 1834. [George 2d and Lucy Smallwood, d. James and Mary (Burridge), PR38.]
  • George 3d of N. and Laura Parker of Charlestown [int. Charleston], N.H., July 7 [dup. June 23], 1839. [George Barker 3d. CR4.]
  • Harriet S. and James Folger, Apr. 17, 1845.
  • Isaac H. [and] Louisa F. Coffin, June 6, 1830. [Isaac Jr. and Louisa F. Coffin, d. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), PR38.]
  • Jane C. and Edward A. Pease. both of N., Nov. 4, 1838.
  • Jerusha M. of Newbedford and Joseph Holmes of N., int. Apr. 14 1839.
  • Jesse [int Jessa] and Betsey [int. Elizabeth] Perkins, May 1, 1808. [Jessie [sic] and Betsey Perkins, wid. George, d.. William Johnson and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Jonathan and Ruth Coffin, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. Sept 15, 1798]. [Jonathan., s. Nathan, and Ruth Coffin, d. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), PR38.]
  • Joseph and Anna Upham, Jan. 16, 1806. [Joseph, s. Nathan and Mary, and Anna Upham, d. Jonathan and Anna (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Joseph of N. and Hannah Holmes of Ossippee, N.H., Jan. 2, 1842.
  • Judith J. and William B. Swain, Apr. 6, 1846.
  • Laura of Charlestown [int. Charleston], N.H., and George Parker 3d of N., July 7 [dup. June 23], 1839. [George Barker 3d, CR4.]
  • Lewis P. [int. Philips] and Ann F. Hilliker, July 7, 1831.
  • Lydia H. and William H. Farnham, Sept 25, 1836. [Lydia (second w.), d. Jonathan, and William H. Farnham, s. William and Sally (d. Isaac Myrick), PR38.]
  • Malinda and James Coleman, s. Edward and Anna (Fish), _____, PR38.
  • Mary and Moses Swain, 3d, 2 mo. 1791, CR4.
  • Mary, Miss, and Henry Chase, May 18, 1825.
  • Mary (see Mary P. Perkins).
  • Mary Ann and Otis H. Snell, May 15, 1828.
  • Mary J. and Watson Burges, Nov. 17, 1833. [Mary J., d. Jesse, PR38.]
  • Miriam and Charles Coffin, 29th, 11 mo. 1792, CR4.
  • Nathan and Mary Williams, int. Mar. 11, 1769. [Mary, wid. James, d. Benjamin Frost and Deborah (Folger), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Nathan and Susanna Gardner, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1799 and Apr. 25, 1800, int. Nov. 9, 1799]. [Nathan, s. Nathan, and Susanna Gardner, d. Joseph and Abigail (Clark), PR38.]
  • Olive B. and Samuel B. Meader, June 15, 1843.
  • Phebe D. and Edvrard C. Austin, Aug. 23, 1835. [Edmund C., CR2. Phebe, d. Joshua, and Edward C. Austin, s. George and Susan (Creasy), PR38.]
  • Rebecca of Falmouth and Samuel Bunker [sic, int. Barker Jr.] of N., June 30, 1791, in Falmouth. [Rebecca, d. Joseph of Woodshole [dup. Falmouth], and Samuel Barker, s. Josiah and Elizabeth (Hussey) (Coffin) (second w.), 20th, 6 mo. 1794., PR38.]
  • Rebecca of R.I. and Gayer Coffin, s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), _____, PR38.
  • Rebecca C. and Richard C. Swain, Nov. 24, 1836. [Rebecca, d. Jonathan and Ruth, and Richard C. Swain, s. Richard G. and Judith (Chase), PR38.]
  • Robert F. and Love Pollard, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Jan. 20, 1821]. [Feb. 8, 1821, CR2. Robert F. of Nova Scotia and Love Pollard, d. George and Tamar (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Roby (see Ruby).
  • Royal B. Charleston [int. Charlestown], N.H., and Nancy W. Miller of N., Aug. 16, 1840.
  • Ruby [int. Roby] and Nathan Gibbs,_____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Sept. 30, 1820]. [Roby, Nov. 15, 1820, CR2. Roby, d. Samuel, and Nathan Gbbs, s. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), PR38.]
  • Sarah L. [dup. F.] and George M. Hinkley [dup. Hinckley], Sept, 30, 1824. [Sarah L. and George M. Hinckley, CR2. Sarah L. of Barnstable and George M. Hinckley, s. John and Lydia (Macy), PR38.]
  • Sarah S. and Benjamin C. Weeks, int. Nov. 9, 1834. [m. Nov. 27, CR2.]
  • Silas, s. Thomas and Experience of Falmouth, Barnstable Co., and Phebe Gardner, d. Daniel and Provided of Sherborn in N., 11th, 12 mo., "called December," 1766, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Silas of New Bedford and Phebe Gardner, d. Daniel and Provided (Allen), PR38.]
  • Sophia W. and John P. Barnard, Dec. 25, 1831. [Sophia W., d. Joseph, and John P. Barnard, s. Libni and Lydia (Paddack), PR38.]
  • Stephen and Mary Hillburn [int. Hilburn], both of N., Apr. 17, 1842. [Hillburn, CR1.]
  • Susan F. and Franklin Worth, both of N, int. July 18, 1841. [Susan, d. Jonathan and Ruth, and Franklin Worth, s. Solon and Phebe (Bunker), m. z-----, PR38.]
  • Susan U. and Edward Chase, both of N., Dec. 21, 1837. [Susan, d. Joseph, and Edward Chase, s. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), PR38.]
  • Susanna and William Parker, June 7, 1806. [Susanna, wid. Nathan, d. Joseph Gardner and Abigail (Clark), and William Parker, s. Nathan, PR38.]
  • Thomas and Kezia Giles, July 30, 1789. [Kezia, d. Paul and Keziah, PR38.]
  • Timothy, s. Silas and Phebe of Sherburn in N., and Miriam Chase, d. Francis and Naomi of Sherburn in N., 3d, 9 mo. 1789, in Sherburn in N., CR4. [Miriam, d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner). PR38.]
  • William and Susanna. Parker, June 7, 1806. [William, s. Nathan, and Susanna Parker, wid. Nathan, d. Joseph Gardner and Abigail (Clark), PR38.]
  • William F. and Rebecca Macy, July 7, 1835. [William F., s. Benjamin and Susan F. of Boston, and Rebecca Macy, d. Peleg Jr. and Lucretia (Folger) (first w.), July 6, 1836, PR38.]
  • Jonathan and Betsey Clark, d. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • Nathan and Lydia Clark, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), _____, PR38.
  • Simon and Charlotte Elkins, Oct. 27, 1831. [Charlotte, d. David and Betsey (Aldridge), PR38.]
  • Henry [int Parkingson] and Jane Ann Hussey, Oct. 25. 1835. [Parkingson, C.R2. Parkinson and Jane Ann Hussey, d. Silvanus and Prudence (Pease), PR38.]
  • Phebe, and Thomas Holmes [int Homes], Oct 6, 1811. [Parlow and Thomas Holmes, Oct. 9, CR2. Parker and Thomas Holmes, s. William and Lydia (Burrage), PR38.]
  • Eliza [dup. Parrs], Miss, and Benjamin A. [dup. omits A.] Coleman, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1824 and Apr. 2, 1825, int. July 17, 1824]. [Parr, d. Stephen and Betsey (Bunker), and Benjamin A. Coleman, s. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), 8th, 5 mo. 1824, PR38.]
  • Stephen and Elizabeth Bunker, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799. int Jan. 19, 1799]. [Stephen Jr., s. Stephen and Sarah (Merchant), and Betsey Bunker, d. Ebenezar and Mary (Maxey), PR38.]
  • Stephen and Sarah Merchant, d. Benjamin and Rebecca, _____, PR38.
  • Thomas and Sarah Merchant, int July 23, 1774.
PARROTTON (see Perrotten.)

  • Louisa (see Louisa Perry).
PARSONS (Persons)
  • Lydia (Persons) and John Brown, Nov. 1, 1835.
  • Samuel [int. Persons] and Lydia Holmes, Apr. 17, 1828. [Parsons and Lydia Holmes, d. George Folger and Valina (Swazey), PR38.]
  • Rachel, d. William, and Joseph Chase, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), 31st, 1 mo. 1672, PR38.
  • John, 23, lawyer, [of] Ipswich, and Elizabeth G. Austin, 21, [of] N, [d.] Isaac, int. June 2, 1844. "Withdrawn" [Withdrawn written in pencil].
  • Jashua [int Joshua] and Meribah Maxwell, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. May 22, 1819]. [Joshua, m. June 27, 1819, CR2.]
  • Joshua and Anna Coffin, Apr. 22, 1823. [Joshua of Maine and Anna Coffin, formerly w. Benjamin, d. Benjamin Stubbs and Eunice Daggett (second w.), PR38.]
  • Mary Ann and John Bearse, Dec. 21, 1848.
  • Ruth Ann and Wiliam H. Lambert, June 20, 1847.
PAUCHAMY (see Panchame)

PAUL (Pauls)
  • Amy (Pauls) [int. Paul] and John Brown 3d, Sept. 10, 1804.
  • Amy (see Amy Brown).
  • Andrew and Priscilla Williams, June 4, 1815. [Priscilla, black, CR2.]
  • Eliza and Joshua Gardner, Mar. 9, 1813. [Eliza, d. Joseph and Phebe, and Joshua. Gardner, s. Sylvanus and Anna (Folger), PR38.]
  • Jeremiah and Amy Perkins, July 26, 1798. [Pauls and Amey Perkins, d. John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Joseph and Phebe Briggs, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec. 9, 1790. [Phibe, N.C.R.]
  • Mary Ann (Pauls) [int. of N.] and William F. Swon [int Swan] of England., Oct. 7, 1841. [Mary Ann, d. Betsey (d. Jeremiah. and Amey (Perkins)), and William Swann, PR38.]
  • Phebe and Elijah Cash, Dec. 23, 1806, in N.
PEABODY (Peebody)
  • Elisabeth, Miss, of Boston, and Thaddeus Defrieze, Henry I. and Betsey (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • William (Peebody) and Polly Green, int. Nov. 23, 1811.
  • William B. of New York and Elizabeth Burssell [int. Barssell] of Boston, "residents of Nantucket," Aug. 17, 1836.
  • William and Janie Oliver, int Mar. 27, 1762.
PEARCE (see Peirce)

PEARS (see Peirce)

PEARSE (see Peirce)

PEASE (Peas)
  • Abisha [int Jr.] and Mary Raymond, Sept. 25, 1786. [Abishai, N.C.R. PR38]
  • Abraham and Mary Pinkham, Dec. 18, 1766. [Abraham of Martha's Vineyard and Mary Pinkham, wid. Barnabas, d. Thomas Jones and Hannah Butler, PR38.]
  • Abraham (Peas) [int Pease] and Sarah Ross, Dec. 25, 1817. [Pease, CR2. Pease, s. Elijah and Phebe, and Sally Ross, d. Isaac and Peggy (Chase), PR38.]
  • Alexander and Susan James, both of N., June 17, 1838.
  • Alexander, single, 23, calker, of N., b. N., s. Ab[raha]m and Sarah of N., and Phebe E. Smith, 24, of N., b. N., d. Jonathan and Anna of Baltimore, May 23, 1847, in N. [Alexander, s. Abraham and Sally (Ross), and Phebe Smith, d. Jonathan and Anna (Pease), PR38.]
  • Anna and David Folger, Sept 3, 1789. [Anna, wid. Noah, d. Thomas Giles and Susan (Jones), and David Folger, s. David and Anna (Pitts), PR38.]
  • Anna and Obed Wyer, May 19, 1793. [Anna, d. Noah and Anna (Giles), and Obed Wyer, s. Edward and Abigail, PR38.]
  • Anna (Peas) and Jonathan Smith, Dec. 27, 1801. [Pease, d. Elijah and Phebe (Russell), (first w.), and Jonathan Smith, s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Pinkham), PR.38.]
  • Bethania (see Ethany).
  • David and Sally Forsdick [int. Fosdick], Aug. 22, 1793. [David, s. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), and Sally Fosdick, d. John and Betsey [dup. Elizabeth] Norton, PR38.]
  • Deborah (Peas) and John Beard, 2d, 9 mo., "called November.," 1731, CR4.
  • Deborah (see Deborah Pearse).
  • Deborah [int. Peas] and Davis Gorham [int. 2d], Jan. 18, 1818. [Pease, d. Dr. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), and Davis Gorham, s. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), PR38.]
  • Edward A. and Jane C. Parker, both of N., Nov. 4, 1838.
  • Edward B. of Hudson and Mary Coffin, d. Alexander Jr. and Mary (Dayton) (Gelston) (second w.), _____, PR38.
  • Elijah [int Elisha] and Phebe Russel, Mar. 18, 1769. [Elijah, N.C.R. Elijah, s. Matthew and Mary, and Phebe Russell (first w.), d. Jonathan and Patience (Swain), PR38.]
  • Elijah and Mary Long, both of N., June 15, 1800. [Dr. Elijah, s. Matthew and Mary, and Mary Long, wid. Abraham, d. James Marshall and Patience, PR38. Dr. Abraham [sic] and Mrs. Mary Long, PR64.]
  • Elisha (see Elijah).
  • Eliz[abet]h and William Wotton, Apr. 7, 1771. [Elizabeth, d. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), PR38.]
  • Ethany and William Manter, int. Apr. 8, 1797. [Bethania, d. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), PR38.]
  • Francis S., widr., 34, mariner, of N., b. Fayall, and Maria Holmes, 27, of N., b. N., d. Robert [int. Holms] and Deborah of N., Aug. 31, 1848, in N.
  • Francis Sylvia of Fayal and Lydia Brown of N., int. Aug. 5, 1838.
  • George W. and Lucindia [int. Lucinda] A. Snow, July 22, 1834 [George W. of Edgartown and Lucinda Snow, d. Gideon and Lucinda (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Hannah of Edgartown and John Long of Sherbourn [in. N.], Oct. 24, 1765, in Edgartown.
  • Jemima and Elihu Coffin, s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Jerusha and Jonathan Bunker, int. Apr. 13, 1754. [Jonathan, s. Zacheriah and Desire (Gorham), m _____, PR38.
  • John and Elizabeth Baker, int. Apr. 24, 1831.
  • John H. (Peas) [int. Pease] and Mary B. [int omits B.] Bunker, Mar. 21, 1816. [Pease and Mary B. Bunker, CR2. Pease and Mary Bunker, d. Benjamin and Rebecca, PR38.]
  • Joseph F. and Lydia Earl, Jan. 26, 1818. [Joseph, s. Matthew and Betsey, and Lydia Earle, d. Joseph and Partial (second w., d. Joseph Paddack), PR38.]
  • Judith and William Killy, May 14, 1769. [Judith, d. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), and William Kelley [dup. Killey], PR38.]
  • Lois N. and Charles E. Starbuck, int. Feb. 15, 1846.
  • Love and Charles Jenkins, Sept. 30 [sic, int. Oct. 18], 1817. [Love, d. Matthew, and Charles Jenkins of Barnstable, s. Joseph Jr. and Lydia (Ewer), PR38.]
  • Lucinda and William Moores [int. Jr.], May 6, 1796. [Lucinda, d. Noah and Anna (Giles), and William Mooers, s. William, PR38.]
  • Lucinclia. of N. and William Slater of Ipswich, int. Apr. 11, 1841. [Lucinda, formerly w. George W. of Edgartown, d. Gideon Snow and Lucinda (Fisher), m. , 4 mo., PR38.]
  • Mary, d. James and Elizabeth of Martha's Vineyard, and Isaac Chase, s. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 3d, 4 mo. 1702, "removed to Martha's Vineyard," PR38.
  • Mary and Thomas Cranmer [int Crammer], Nov. 7, 1769. [Crammer, N.C.R. Mary, d.. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), and Thomas Cranmer, PR38.]
  • Mary [int. Peas] and David Ewers, Mar. [int. Mar. 7], 1801. [Polly [dup. Mary] Pease, d. Dr. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), and David Ewer, s. Seth of Cape Cod, PR38.]
  • Mary and Robert Bennet, _____ [rec. Apr. 6, 1822, int. Jan. 26, 1822]. [Mary, d. Bethania, and Robert Bennett, PR38.]
  • Mary and William Case of Edgartown, _____, PR38.
  • Mary R. and Robert L. Farris, int. May 26, 1833.
  • Matthew [int. Mathew] and Betsey Fitch, Sept 19, 1793. [Matthew, s. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), and Betsey Fitch, d. Ebenezer and Abigail (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Matthew and Elizabeth Butler, d. Samuel and Mary, _____, PR38.
  • Matthew Jr., s. Matthew and Elizabeth (Butler), and Mary Butler of "the Vineyard," sister of William, _____, PR38.
  • Matthew, s. Matthew and Betsey, and Sarah H. Pease of Edgartown, _____, PR38.
  • Nab and Mordecai Thasme, int. Oct. 18, 1766.
  • Nancy, d. Prince and Nancy (Addlington), and ____ Walcott, _____, PR38.
  • Nathan (Peas) and Hannah Chace, 31st, 10 mo. 1712. [Pease, s. Stephen and Deborah (Gardner) (Macy) (first w.), and Hannah Chase, d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, PR38.]
  • Noah and Anna Giles, Nov. 20, 1768. [Noah, s. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), and Anna Giles, d. Thomas and Susan (Jones), PR38.]
  • Paul and Elizabeth Folger, Aug. 8, 1737. [Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Chase), , 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Phebe and Nathan Nye, July 24, 1794. [Phebe, d. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Phebe and Henry Cottle, Oct. 10, 1816. [Phebe, d. David and Sally (Fosdick), and Henry Cottle, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Polly (see Mary).
  • Prince and Nancy Adlington, Mar. 6, 1808. [Prince, s. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), and Nancy Addlington [dup. Adlington], d. John and Lydia (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Prudence [int. Prudence], Miss, and Silvanus Hussey of N., Dec. 25, 1794, in Edgartown. [Prudence, d. John, and Silvanus Hussey, s. George and Deborah (Paddack), PR38.]
  • Ruth (Peas) and Jonathan Upham, both of N., Dec. 19, 1717. [Pease (first w.), d. Stephen and Deborah (Gardner) (Macy) (first w.), and Jonathan Upham Sr., PR38. PR68.]
  • Sarah (Peas) and Richard Folger, both of N., Oct. 11, 1722. [Pease of "the Vineyard," d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Butler), and Richard Folger, s. John (s. Peter and Mary) and Mary (Barnard), PR38. Peas and Richerd Folger, June 20, PR68.]
  • Sarah and Matthew Lewis, both residents of N., Dec. 3, 1835. [Sarah H., formerly w. Matthew Pease, and Matthew Lewis, "a Portuguese," PR38.]
  • Sarah, d. Matthew and Mary (sister of William Butler), and ____ Weeks of L.I., _____, PR38.
  • Sarah H. (see Sarah).
  • Sarah H. of Edgartown and Matthew Pease, s. Matthew and Betsey, _____, PR38.
  • Susan (see Susanna).
  • Susan [and] Eben Soule [int. Elin Sowle], Nov. 24, 1831. [Eben Sowle, CR2. Susan, d. Mary (w. Robert Bennett), and Eben Soule, PR38.]
  • Susan of N. and Francis Howland of Fyal. int. May 3, 1840.
  • Susan B. and Allen C. Hinckley, May 19, 1844.
  • Susanna and Albert Folger, May 19, 1793. [dup. Susan] d. Noah and Anna (Giles), and Albert Folger, s. Seth and Anna (Ramsdell), PR38.]
  • Velina and Jethro Worth Esq., s. John Esq. and Dorcas (third w.), Apr. 1, 1788, PR38.
  • Watey and Peter Brock, int Oct. 21, 1797. [Waity of Martha's Vineyard and Peter Brock, s. John and Parnal (Coffin) (Paddack) (second. w.), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Samuel and Sally Guthridge [int. Gutridge], Aug. 18, 1808.
  • Samuell and Abigail Dingle, int. July 5, 1789.
PECHAM (see Peckham)

  • Charles M. of Providence, R.I., and Adrianna. [int. Adriana] Fisher of N., Sept. 16, 1838.
PECKHAM (Pecham, Peckam)
  • Jonathan K., single, 28, farmer, of Rochester, b. Rochester, s. David and Judith of Rochester, and Lydia F. Edwards, 21, of N., b. N., d. Joseph and Lydia of N., Nov. 22, 1848, in N. [Jonathan of Middleborough and Lydia F. Edwards, d. Joseph and Lydia (Gates), PR38.]
  • Mary and Benjamin Myrick, int. June 25, 1768. [Peckcom of Dartmouth and Benjamin Mirick of Shearburn, m. June 30, in Dartmouth, B.C.M.]
  • Rhoda (Pecham) [int. Peckham] and Josiah Barnard, Oct. 22, 1807. [Peckham, d. William and Elizabeth, and Josiah Barnard, s. Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), PR38.]
  • Richard (Perkin) of Portsmouth, R.I., and Keturah Arthur, d. John and Mary (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • William, s. Benjamin and Mary both dec'd of S. Kingston, Washington Co., R.I., and Dorcas Gardner, d. Paul and Rachel both dec'd of N., 26th, 4 mo. 1816, in N, [Dorcas, d. Paul and Rachel (Starbuck), PR38. William Pinkham [sic], PR64.]
PEEBODY (see Peabody).

PEERS (see Peirce)

PEESE (see Pease).

PEIRCE (Pearce, Pearse, Peers, Pierce)
  • Alonzo F. (Pearce) of Rehoboth and Mary P. Eldrige of Barnstable, int. Aug. 6, 1837.
  • Benjamin (Pearce) and Puella Fitch, July 7, 1774. [Pierce and Puella Fitch, d. Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), PR38.]
  • Clother, s. Clother and Hannah dec'd of Newport, R.I., and Lydia Hussey, d. George and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., 18th, 9 mo. 1742, in N., CR4. [Clothier and Lydia Hussey (second w.), d. George and Elizabeth (Starbuck), PR38.]
  • Clothier (Pierce) and Mary Coffin, Nov. 29, 1731. [Clothier, s. John of Newport, and Mary Coffin (first w.), wid. Paul, d. Edward Allen and Ann (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Cyrus [int. Pearce] and Harriet Coffin, Apr. 1, 1816. [Peirce, CR2. Peirce of Waltham and Harriet Coffin, d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Deborah (Pearse) [int. Perse] and Timothy Coffin, Aug. , 1810. [Pierce [dup. Pease], d. Henry of Cape Cod, and Timothy Coffin, s. Miriam, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and John Gorton, both of N., Nov. 17, 1717.
  • Elizabeth [int. Pearce] and John Bunker, June 30, 1818. [Pierce, wid. John [dup. Tyler], d. Tuba ____, and John Bunker, s. George of Fairhaven and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • George R. (Pierce), single, 26, merchant, of N., b. Albion, Me., s. Stephen and Betsey of Albion, Me., and Susan P. Gibs, 21, of N., b. N., d. James and Martha [int. of N.], June 10, 1846, in N.
  • James (Peers) [int. Pears] and Huldah Rafe, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 23, 1801, int. Sept. 27, 1800] .
  • Kezia and Josiah Gorham, Apr. 21, 1818. [Pierce [dap. Peirce] (first w.), d. Henry of Cape Cod, and Josiah Gorham, s. Jonathan. and Polly [dup. Mary] (Davis), PR38.]
  • Thomas (Pearce) and Rebecca Elaw, colourd, int. Jan. 6, 1833.
  • Bathsheba and William Arnold, s. Will of Reding, 24th, 12 mo. 1709-10. [William, s. William of Reading, 24th, 5 mo. 1809 [sic], PR38.]
  • Martha, wid. Capt Peter, d. Thomas Coffin and Anna (Folger), and David Wright of New York, _____ [? before 1850]. PR38.
  • Peter, Capt., and Martha Coffin, d. Thomas and Anna (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Benjamin, s. Joshua and Phebe both dec'd of the Manor of Pelham, West Chester Co., N.Y., and Susana Folger, d. George Jr. and Rebecca of N., 4th, 5 mo. 1808, in N, CR4. [Susan, d. George and Rebecca (Slocum), PR38.]
  • Obadiah and Mary Beck, June 29, 1788.
  • Pemelia [int. Pamelia] H. and William S. Ellis, Aug. 10, 1834. [Pamela and William Ellis, s Reuben and Eunice (Swain), PR38.]
  • Lucy and Henry Smith, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, mt. Jan. 15, 1820]. [Lucy, black, Jan. 20, 1820, CR2.]
  • Abraham and Lurana Rose, July 15, 1817.
  • Luraney and William King, Aug. 14, 1828.
  • Lydia and George W. Macy, int. Aug. 16, 1835. [Lydia, d. Benjamin and Phebe (Swift), and George Wendell Macy, s. John Wendell and Sarah (Swain), m. Aug. 20, in Philadelphia, Pa., PR38.]
  • Perces and Joseph William Plasket, Jan. 7, 1798. [Persis ____, d. Susan Colesworthy, and Joseph Plaskett, PR38.]
  • Amy and Jeremiah Paul, July 26, 1798. [Amey, d. John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson), and Jeremiah Pauls, PR38.]
  • Amy (see Emma).
  • Betsey [int. Elizabeth] and Jesse [int. Jessa] Parker, May 1, 1808. [Betsey, wid. George, d. William Johnson and Mary (Coffin), and Jessie [sic] Parker, PR38.]
  • Charles and Eunice Jones, May 15, 1825. [Charles, s. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), and Eunice Jones, d. Elizabeth, PR38.
  • Ebenezer and Mary Hussey, Jan. 18, 1783. [Polly [dup. Mary], d. Obed and Mary (Calef) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Eliza and William Christian, int. Mar. 26, 1825. [Eliza, d. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), and David [sic] Christian, s. Peter and Katy, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and John Derrick, Aug. 4, 1796. [Elizabeth, d. John ("1st of Nant") and Mercy (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth (see Betsey).
  • Emma and Charles Raymond, Aug. 22, 1819. [Amey, d. William and Eunice (Ellis), and Charles Raymond, s. Samuel and Mary (Folger) (second w.), PR38.]
  • George and Betsy [int Betsey] Johnson, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1799 and Apr. 25, 1800, mt. July 24, 1799]. [George from R.I. and Betsey Johnson, d. William and Mary (Coffin), PR38. Betsy, Aug. 15, 1799, PR64.]
  • George H. and Miss Nancy L. Orpin [int. Orpins], Apr. 16, 1837. [George, s. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), and Nancy Orpin, d. John B. and Mary, PR38.]
  • Gilbert and Meriam [int. Miriam] Manter, Oct. 18, 1791. [Gilbert, s. John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson), and Miriam Manter, d. Joseph and Jerusha, PR38.]
  • Henry and Lydia Coffin, d. Uriah and Mary, _____, PR38.
  • John and Mercy Johnson, July 6, 1761. [John "1st of Nant. and Mercy Johnson, d. John and Sarah (Clark), PR38.]
  • John and Watey B. [int. omits B.] Vaughn, May 25, 1826. [John, s. Love (later w. Henry Watson, d. John Perkins and Mercy), and Waity Vaughn of R.I., PR38.]
  • John S. and Rebecca E. Gibbs, June 8, 1834. [John S., s. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), and Rebecca E. Gibbs, d. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), PR38.]
  • Love and Henry Watson, Aug. 1, 1811. [Love, d. John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Love and William Dawson, Jan. 21, 1813, in N. [Love, d. William and Eunice (Ellis), and William Dawson, "an Englishman," PR38.]
  • Mary, d. Isaac and Susanna of Hampton, and Lt. Isaac Chase, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), _____, PR38.
  • Mary P. and Valentine Hussey, May 3, 1827. [Perkins [dup. Parker, sic], wid., d. Samuel J. Tuck, and Valentine Hussey, s. Zaccheas and Lydia (Folger), PR38.]
  • Phebe and William Dunham, Oct. 12, 1826. [Phebe, d. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), and William Dunham, s. Ebenezer and Huldah (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Polly and Antonia [int. Antana Chadwick, Aug. 31, 1806. [Polly, d. William and Eunice (Ellis), and Anthony Chadwick, "from the Vineyard," PR38.]
  • Rebecca E. and William Ray [int. both of N.], Dec. 22, 1839. [Rebecca E., wid. John S., d. Stephen Gibbs and Deborah (Swift), and William Ray, s. Peter and Zilpha (Raymond), PR38.]
  • William and Eunice Ellis, Aug. 11, 1787. [William, s. John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson), and Eunice Ellis (first w.), d. Francis and Sarah (Mooers), PR38.]
  • William and Elizabeth Head, Oct. 20, 1816. [William, s. John ("1st of Nant.") and Mercy (Johnson), and Betsey Head (second w.), wid. Isaac of Westport, d. James Whiteus and Susan, PR38.]
  • William and Nancy Pinkham, May 30, 1827. [William Jr., s. William and Eunice (Ellis), and Nancy Pinkham, d. Barzillai and Deborah (Russell), PR38.]
  • William of Boston and Miriam Haws of Chatham, int. Apr. 8, 1838.
  • William R. of N.H. and Eliza P. Swain of N., Dec. 25, 1842.
  • Mary and Sampson Tikins, int. Nov. 26, 1768.
  • William and Nancy B. Swain, June 3, 1832 [Parrotton and Nancy Swain [ ? divorced w. Noah Swain, d. Cyrus Hussey and Nancy], PR38.]
  • Abby and David Long, int. May 30, 1818. [Abigail of New Bedford and David Long, s. Richard and Elizabeth (Foster), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Alexander and Valina Folger, Jan. 30, 1812 [Alexander, s. Jonathan and Susanna (Gardner) (second w.), and Valina Folger, d. Francis and Susan (Folger), PR38.]
  • Alexander of N. and Susan Garfield, int. Nov. 12, 1843. [Alexander, s. Alexander and Valina (Folger), and Susan Garfield, sister of Jonas, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Amelia and Benjamin L'Hommedieu, Oct. 15, 1814. [Amelia (second w.), d. Jonathan and Susanna (Gardner) (second w.), and Benjamin L'Hommedieu, PR38.]
  • Arthur and Susanna Crosby, Nov. 3, 1806.
  • Betsey and Joseph Pratt, Sept. 7, 1820.
  • Charles W, single, 22, mason, of N., b. New Bedford, s. Samuell and Freelove of New Bedford, and Anna Goodman, 17, of N., b. N., d. John and Lydia of N., Apr. 2, 1848, in N.
  • Deborah and Reuben Cash, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1799 and Apr. 25, 1800, int. Nov. 23, 1799. [Deborah, d. James Jr. and Susan (Gorham), and Reuben Cash, s. William and Mary (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Deborah and Robert Holmes [int. Homes], Aug. 31, 1808. [Deborah, d. Reuben and Eunice (Coffin) (Joseph) (second w.), and Robert Holmes, s. William and Lydia (Burrage), PR38.]
  • Edward W. and Elizabeth S. Paddack, Feb. 23, 1836. [Edward W. of New Bedford and Elizabeth S. Paddack, d. David and Mary, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth (see Elizabith).
  • Elizabeth B. and John Thornton, Sept. 5, 1824. [Elizabeth (second w.), d. Samuel and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), and John Thornton, s. Elisha, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth H. and James M. Hudson, Apr. 9, 1844.
  • Elizabith [int. Elizabeth] and Benjamin Barnard, July 6, 1802. [Elizabeth (first w.), d. Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w.), and Benjamin Barnard, s. Benjamin and Lydia (Swain), PR38.]
  • Emeline [int. Emeline] and Reuben Creasy [int. Creasey], July 11, 1820. [Emmeline [dup. Emma), d. Samuel and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), and Reuben Creasy, s. Edward and Deborah (Cash), PR38.]
  • Hannah and Nathaniel Magoon [dup. Nath, int. Nathaniel Megoonj, June 1, 1823.
  • Henry and Deborah Coffin, Oct. 28, 1784. [Henry, s. James and Miriam (Stretton), and Deborah Coffin, d. Thomas and Abigail (Russell), PR38.]
  • Henry and Phebe Macy, June 6, 1809. [Henry Jr., s. Henry and Deborah (Coffin), and Phebe Macy, d. Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock), PR38.]
  • Henry, widr., 25, dresser tender, of Blackston, b. Blackstone, s. William and Betsey of Blackstone, and Mary C. Hart, 19, of N, b. N., d. William and Anna of N., Apr. 22, 1849, in N. [Mary C., d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), PR38.]
  • James, s. Edward dec'd and Eliphel of Sandwitch, Barnstable Co., and Miriam Stretton, d. William dec'd and Susanna of Sherborn in N., 28th, 8 mo. 1740, in N., CR4. [Miriam, d. William and Susanna (Cartwright), PR38.]
  • Jedidah [int. Jedida] [and] Scotto Wing, Oct. 23, 1800. [Jedida, d. Reuben and Margaret (Pitts) (first w.), and Scotter Wing, PR38.]
  • John and Elizabeth Wyer, _____, [rec. Apr. 28, 1810. int. Oct. 14, 1809], in N. [Betsey, PR38.]
  • John of Portsmouth, N.H., and Elizabeth Heyer of Newbedford, int. Dec. 17, 1837.
  • John H. of Boston and Sarah N. Russell of N., June 25, 1837, in N. [Sarah [dup. Susan N.], d. William and Betsey (Nye), PR38.]
  • Jonathan and Anna Kidder, Dec. 15, 1770. [Anna (first w.), d. Stephen and Mercy Godfrey, PR38.]
  • Jonathan and Susanna Gardner, Oct. 13, 1782. [Susanna (second w.), d. Peleg and Anna (Ramsdell), PR38.]
  • Jonathan of N. and Mahitable Robinson [int Robason] of Chilmark, Jan. 6, 1796, in Chilmark. [Jonathan, s. Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w.), and Mahitable Robinson, d. Paul, PR38.]
  • Josiah [int. Joseph] H. of Liverpool, Eng., and Emerme James of N., May 3, 1842. [Joseph H., "an Englishman," and Emmeline James, d. Charles and Mary Smith, PR38.]
  • Lewis and Rachel Gifford, Sept 9, 1830.
  • Louisa [int. Luisa Parry] and Charles Russell 3d, May 9, 1821. [Louisa Perry, d. William and Deborah (Harris), and Charles Russell, s. David and Betsey (Shadwell), PR38.]
  • Louisa and Elisha Phinney, Apr. 20, 1825.
  • Mahitable and William Major, Mar. 16, 1809. [Mahitabel, wid. Jonathan, d. Paul Robinson, PR38.]
  • Margret [int. Margaret] and Joshua Bunker, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int July 3, 1819]. [Margarett, July 22, 1819, CR2. Margaret [dup. Peggy], d. Jonathan and Susanna (Gardner) (second w.), and Joshua Bunker, s. Joshua and Parnal (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Mary [int Derry] and Joseph Castle, May 23, 1762. [Perry, N.C.R. Perry, d. James and Miriam (Stretton), PR38.]
  • Mary (see Polly).
  • Mehitable (see Mahitable).
  • Meriam [int. Miriam] and David Harris, Apr. 15, 1794. [Miriam, d. Reuben and Margaret (Pitts) (first w.) , and David Harris, s. Humphrey ("an Englshman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), PR38.]
  • Miriam and Peter Coffin, Oct. 18, 1773. [Miriam (second w.), d. James and Miriam (Stretton), and Peter Coffin, s. Peter ("Nope") and Hope (Gardner), "Removed to New Garden 8.30. 1784," PR38. Marriam, PR68.]
  • Nancy and Stephen Skinner, _____ [between Mar. 30, 1801 and Mar. 30, 1802, int Dec. 5, 1801]. [Nancy, d. Jonathan and Susanna (Gardner) (second w.), and Stephen Skinner, s. Stephen and Mary (Joy), PR38.]
  • Nathaniel and Susanna Edwards, Sept. 29, 1811.
  • Phebe and Leman Granger, Oct. 16, 1821. [Phebe, formerly w. Henry, d. Nathaniel Macy Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock), and Lyman Granger, PR38.]
  • Polly and Uriah Brown, Dec. 3, 1805. [Mary, d. Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w.), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Margaret Pitts, Mar. 9, 1769. [Margret, N.C.R. Reuben, s. James and Miriam (Stretton), and Margaret Pitts, d. Jonathan and Judah (Stewart), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Eunice Joseph, Jan. 29, 1786. [Reuben, s. James and Miriam (Stretton), and Eunice Joseph (second w.), wid. Manual, d. Micah Coffin and Dorcas (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Ruth and Samuell [int. Samuel] Bennet, Mar. 15, 1767. [Samuell, N.C.R. Ruth, d. James and Miriam (Stretton), and Samuel Bennett, PR38.]
  • Sally, d. Samuel and Mary Cammett (first w.), and Louis Edwards of Washington, _____,"No chn.," PR38.
  • Samuel and Mary Pinkham, July 13, 1794. [Mary, d. Jethro and Susanna (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Samuel and Polly Gardner, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Jan. 31, 1801]. [Polly (second w.), d. Peleg and Anna (Ramsdell), PR38.]
  • Samuel Jr., s. Samuel and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), and Susan Williams of Fairhaven, d. Solomon, _____, PR38.
  • Samuell and Mary Cammet [int. Cammes], Apr. 4, 1773. [Cammet, N.C.R. Cammett, "a stranger," PR38.]
  • Sophia W. of Sandwich and Abraham Ewer of N., int Apr. 12, 1840. [Sophia, d. James and Susan (Jones), and Abraham Ewer, s. David and Polly (Pease), m. _____, PR38. m. May , 1841, PR42.]
  • Sophronia, d. Jonathan and Mahitabel (Robinson), and Elias D. Trafton, _____, PR38.
  • Susan M. and Amaziah Washburn, Oct. 3, 1847.
  • Valenia W. [int. Vailna W. Perrey] and Edmund Forbes, Jan. 10, 1830. [Valina W. Perry, CR2. Valina Perry, d. William and Deborah (Harris), PR38.]
  • William and Deborah Harris, Mar. 2, 1797. [William, s. Reuben and Margaret (Pitts) (first w.), and Deborah Harris, d. Humphrey (an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), PR38.]
  • William H. and Mary G. Atwood, both of N., int. Dec. 2, 1838. [m. Dec. 18, CR2. William H., s. Henry and Phebe (Macy), and Mary G. Atwood, d. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), m. _____, PR38.]
  • William H. s. Jonathan and Mahitabel (Robinson), and Adaline Brown, d. Uriah and Mary, _____, PR38.
PERSE (see Peirce)

PERSONS (see Parsons)

PETERS (Peter)
  • Betzy and Tom Carter, int. July 19, 1789.
  • Drusilla and Peter Fountain, int July 5, 1806.
  • Druzzilla and Elijah [int Elisha] Green, Oct. 12, 1806, in N. [Drusilla Peters [dup. Petus], wid. John, d. Samuel Marshall and Abigail (Coffin), and Elisha Green, soap boiler, PR38.]
  • Jery and Betsey Barlow, June 13, 1811.
  • John and Drusilla Marshall, Dec. 23, 1790. [Petus and Drusilla Marshall, d. Samuel and Abigail (Coffin), PR38.]
  • John and Sally Allen, Oct 18, 1807. [Petus [dup. Peters] and Sally Allen, d. John Jr. and Amy (Swain), PR38.]
  • John and Betsey Opponna [int. Opperna], Oct. 7, 1810.
  • Love and Michael Lee, June 9, 1793.
  • Mary Ann and James H. Larthrop [int. Lothrop], _____, [between Apr. 1, 1828 and Apr. 8, 1829, int Nov. 8, 1828]. [Mary Ann Petus, d. John and Sally (Allen), and James H. Lothrop, PR38.]
  • Polly and Absalom Fortun [int. Forton], Oct. 22, 1795.
  • Simeon (Peter) and Luce Harry, int. May 17, 1766.
  • Venus and Francis Smith, black, int. Mar. 26, 1791.
  • Joseph and Mary Hater, May 6, 1822.
  • Patty and Benjamin Lewis, int. Aug. 6, 1837.
PETTIS (see also Peters)
  • Sally and Thomas Coffin, s. Albert, _____, PR38.
  • Lucy, d. Zachariah and Nancy (Dotson), and Reuben Macy, s. Joseph and Mary (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
PETUS (see Peters)

PHARIS (see Farris)

  • Jeremiah and Lois Talmon, Dec. 9, 1794.
PHELAN (Phelon)
  • Henry (Phelon) and Mary Ann Folger, Dec. 13, 1829. [Mary Ann, d. Peleg Slocum and Ann (Macy), PR38.]
  • Mary of Halifax, N.S, and Samuel King of N.Y., int. Sept. 26, 1841.
  • ____ and Lydia Drew, d. Alexander and Priscilla (Bunker), _____, PR38.
PHENIX (Fenix)
  • George (Fenix) and Patience Lymas, Feb. 15, 1806.
  • Jenny Jaeson [int. Jenny Jackson Fenix] and William Freeman, June 15, 1815. [Jenny Jackson Fenix, black, CR2.]
  • Isaac C. [int. E.] and Sarah C. Swain, Aug. 19, 1829. [Isaac and Sally Swain, d. Absalom and Betsey (Shadwell) (Russell), PR38.]
PHILLIPS (Philip, Philips)
  • Beriah (Philips) and "a Squaw," int. June 22, 1773.
  • Elizabeth G. [int. omits G.] and Francis Ellis, Oct. 18, 1832. [Elizabeth G., CR2. Elizabeth (Gardner) (Hiliar) (Swazey) Phillips, wid. William, and Francis Ellis, widr., s. Simeon and Charity (Clark), PR38.]
  • George (Philip) [int Philips] and Rachel Smith [int. both of N.], June 9, 1841.
  • Richard (Philips) and Viner Pompey, int Nov. 14, 1774.
  • William [int. Philips] and Eliza G Swazy [dup. Eliza S. Swasey, int. Eliza G. Swayza], Apr. 4, 1824. [Phillips and Eliza G. Swaza, CR2. Phillips and Eliza (Gardner) (Hillar) Swazey, wid. Henry, PR38.]
  • William B. and Eunice G. Folger, int. May 3, 1828.
PHINNEY (Finney)
  • Abigail (see Nabby).
  • Ann S. of N. and Thomas Barnard, int. Aug. 1, 1841. [m. Aug. 15, CR2.]
  • Elisha and Louisa Perry, Apr. 20, 1825.
  • Eliza Ann and Oliver C. Backus, Jan. 24, 1847.
  • Hannah S. and Charles G. Coffin 2d, Feb. 11, 1846.
  • Isaac and Elizabeth Chapel, int. Dec. 4, 1836.
  • Joanna, d. Gershom, and Thomas F. Barnard, s. Benjamin and Anna (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Mary A. and Barzillai Pinkham, both of N., Apr. 11, 1841. [Barzillai, s. Obed and Rebecca Hatch. PR38.]
  • Nabby (Forney) and Linzey Coffin, int. May 23, 1807. [Abigail Phinney and Lindsey Coffin, s. Philip and Hannah (Wharton), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Nancy M. and James H. Fisher, Mar. 30, 1830.
  • Rebecca G. of Barnstable and Robert Lee of Philadelphia [Pa.], int. Apr. 12, 1840. [m. _____, PR38.]
  • Warren of Barnstable and Lavinia Worth of N., June 6, 1837. [Lavinia (first w.), d. Joseph T. and Sophronia (Riddell), PR38.]
  • Warren, widr. [int omits widr.], 26, mariner, of N., b. Falmouth, and Henrietta J. Smith, 23, of N., b. N., d. Joseph and ____ of N., June 3, 1844, in N. [Henrietta (second w.), d. Joseph and Ann, PR38.]
  • William H., single, 22, b. N., farmer, s. David [int. (Phiney)] and Joanna, and Mary S. Chadwick, 19, b. N., d. Oliver and Sarah [int. Sally], all of N., May 29, 1849, in N. [Mary, d. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), PR38.]
  • ____, d. Dr. Phinney, and Henry Coffin, s. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), _____, PR38.
  • John R, single, 36, of N., b. Smithfield, R.I., and Miss Parnell Knights, 36, of N., b. N., Nov. 17, 1847, in N. [Phitteplace and Parnal E. Knight, wid. Jonas, d. Moses Carr and Mary (Earl), PR38.]
PHOENIX (see Phenix)

PHONY (Fony)
  • James and Phillis Brock, int. Oct 29, 1768.
  • James (Fony) and Cloe Folger, int. June 18, 1774.
  • ____, s. Jessie, and Laura Coffin, d. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • ____, s. Jessie, and Mary B. Coffin, d. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), _____, PR38.
PIERCE (see Peirce)

  • John and Lydia Little, wid. Moses, d. Tristram Coffin and Judith (Greenleaf) (Somerby), _____ [? before 1850], PR38.
  • Sarah E., d. Benjamin and Abigail B., and Nicholas F. Rollins, , 10 mo. 1837, in Boston, PR38.

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