To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Marriages - NARBOTH to PAPINS

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

NARBOTH (Narbeth)
  • Edward [int Narbeth] and Emeline [int. Emmeline] McCleave, June 19, 1831. [Narboth and Emeline McCleave, d. Joseph and Sally (Chase), PR38.]
  • John (Narbeth) and Mary East, Feb. 15, 1798.
  • John and Mary Skinner, d. Stephen and Mary (Joy), , 1798, PR38.
  • Susan [int Narbeth] and Charles W. Macy, July 5, 1827. [Narboth, CR2. Nerboth, d. John and Mary, and Charles W. Macy, s. Abisha and Phebe (Worth), PR38.]
  • John [int Narshar] and Hepzibeth [int Hepzabeth] Lane, Mar. 26, 1795.
  • William and Rebecca Bunker, d. David and Miriam (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Charity, d. Joseph and Mary of N., and Joseph Meader, s. John Jr. and Sarah, Dec. 29, 1703.
  • London and Roxanna Fortune, int. May 6, 1797.
  • Roxanna and James Steward, July 15, 1806.
NEALS (Neal, Neale)
  • Catharine (Neal) and Nathaniel Austin, s. Thomas and Ann, _____, PR38.
  • Daniel (Neale) of Philadelphia, Pa, and Rebecca Bunker, d. Zacheriah and Judith (Folger),_____, in Aurora [N.Y.], PR38.
  • John 0. (see John Oneal).
  • Margaret and Edward [int. adds Comston] How, July 3, 1766. [Ed ward, N.C.R.]
  • Thomas [int. Niels) and Sarah Allen, Dec. 9, 1767. Neals, N.C.R. Neal and Sarah Allen, d. John and Rachel (Hovey), PR38.]
  • Hannah and Isaac Johnson, int. Oct. 13, 1764.
  • Hannah and Thomas Moses, Nov. 12, 1767.
  • Margaret and George Bunker, s. William and Mary (Russell), _____, in N.Y., PR38.
  • Susan (see Susan Narboth).
NETCHAR (see Nicher)

  • David of Boston and Eliza S. Coffin of N., int. Sept. 30, 1838. [Nevins, m. Oct. 1.4, CR2. Nevins and Eliza S. Coffin, d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), m. _____, PR38.]
NEVERS (Never)
  • Betty (Never) and Isaac Joel, int. Feb. 20, 1756.
  • John and Jerusha Low, int Aug. 29, 1818.
NEVINS (see Nevans)

NEWALL (see Newell)

  • Eliza and Abraham Hussey, _____ [rec. Apr. 6, 1822, int. Mar. 16, 1822]. [Eliza, d. George and Charlotte, and Abraham Hussey, s. Seth and Naomi (Chase), PR38.]
  • George and Mary Stannel, Mar. 17, 1726-7.
  • George, s. James and Phebe of Sherborn in N., and Charlotte Gardner, d. Nath[anie]l dec'd and Anna of Sherborn in N., 2d, 12 mo. 1790, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Charlotte, d. Nathaniel and Anna (Beard), PR38.]
  • Hepsibeth [int. Hepsabeth], Miss, and William Larbey (or Larhey], July 19, 1839. [Hepzibah, d. George, and William Laha, PR38.]
  • Sally and Frederick Jones, May 20, 1810. [Sally, d. George, and Frederick Jones, s. Beirjamin and Elizabeth (Swain), PR38.
  • Levi Jr. [int. omits Jr.], widr., 26, mason, of N., b. Scituate, s. Levi and Joana F. of Scituate, and Phebe Ann Edwards, 18, of N., b. N., d. Asa and Louise of N, Mar. 7, 1847, in N. [Levi of Boston and Phebe Ann Edwards, d. Asa (s. Asa) and Louisa (Robinson), PR38.]
  • Thomas and Eunice Manning, 28th, 10 mo. 1712.
NEWELL (Newall, Newel)
  • Andrew (Newel) and Eunice Coffin, both of N., Nov. 6, 1726. [Newell and Eunice Coffin, d. Joseph and Bethia (Macy), 6th, 11 mo., PR38. Newell, Nov. 6, PR63.]
  • Christina F. and William Port, July 1, 1849.
  • Daniel S. and Miss Eliza Ann Walden, July 23, 1829. [Waldron, d. Winslow and Martha (James) (first w.), PR38.]
  • David (Newall) and Mary Gardner, Oct. 19, 1733. [Newell and Mary Gardner, d. John 3d and Priscilla (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Eliza Ann and George R. Friend, Nov. 24, 1833. [Eliza ____, d. Winslow Waldron, and George Friend, s. [sic, ? of] Belmont, PR38.]
  • Eliza Ann G. and Theodore Sampson, Dec. 9, 1847.
  • George and Eliza B. Gibbs, both of N., Mar. 24, 1839. [Newall, s. Nathan and Polly, and Eliza B. Gibbs, d. Allen and Sarah (Bartlett), PR38.]
  • George, s. Polly, and Sarah Gibbs, _____, PR38.
  • George, s. Polly, and Eliza Allen, _____ [ ? before 1850], PR38.
  • John and Christina B. Pompey, both of N., int. Sept. 10, 1837.
  • John G. and Susan H. Cartwright, d. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 13th, 1 mo. 1843, PR38.
  • Nathan (Newel) and Mary Johnson [int Johnston], Oct. 28, 1806. [Newell and Polly Johnson, d. William and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Polly and David Bunker, Aug. 24, 1817. [Polly, wid. Nathan, d. William Johnson and Mary (Coffin), and David Bunker, s. Nathvniel, PR38.]
NEWIT (Nowit)
  • Hosey and William Stanch, int. May 19, 1770.
  • Hosy (Nowit) and Gideon Holly, int. Nov. 2, 1765.
  • Elizabeth and Anson Gardner, int. Nov. 19, 1791. [Erizabeth, wid. Thomas Churchman Newman, d. Freeman Ellis (s. Mordecai), and Ansel Gardner, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Thomas Churchman and Elizabeth Ellis, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Dec. 31, 1788. [Elizabeth, d. Freeman (s. Mordecai), PR38.]
  • Thomas and Mary Dirkins, Nov. 17, 1776.
NICHELSON (see Nicholson)

NICHER (Nitcher)
  • Avis, wid. Daniel, d. Zacheriah Coffin and Deborah (Beard), and Howes Sears, _____, PR38.
  • Daniel and Avis Coffin, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Jan. 10, 1801]. [Avis, d. Zacheriah and Deborah (Beard), PR38.]
  • Deborah (Nitcher) [int. Netchar] and David FitzGerald [dup. Fitzgerald], Jan. 15, 1824. [Nicher, d. Daniel and Avis, and David FitzGerald, s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
NICHERSON (see Nickerson)

NICHOLS (Nicholes)
  • Abigail and Augustus Thomson [int. Agustus Tomson], Nov. 26, 1795.
  • Betsey [int. Bettsey] and Edward Cowell, Mar. 12, 1805. [Betsey, d. William and Desire, PR38.]
  • Charles and Sally Folger, Dec. 22, 1808. [Charles, s. William and Desire, and Sally Folger, d. Elisha and Deborah (Swain). PR38.]
  • Edward and Susanna Hussey, July 22, 1806. [Edward, s. William and Desire, and Susan Hussey, d. David and Lydia (Swain), PR38.]
  • George (Nicholes) and Mary Pompy, int Nov. 14, 1829.
  • Horatio and Love Myrick, Oct. 4, 1793.
  • Isaac and Ruth Jones, int. July 6, 1766.
  • James and Mary Coffin, both of N., July 16, 1837. [James, s. Charles and Sally, and Mary Coffin, d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Joseph, s. William and Bethiah of Boston, Suffolk Co., and Ann Barnard, d. Matthew and Mary of Sherborn is N., 24th, 3 mo., "called March," 1757, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Ann, d. Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), PR38.]
  • Joseph Jr. [int. 2d] and Eunice Phumb, Oct. 21, 1802.
  • Mary and Freeborn [int. Freeman] Fisher, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 end Apr. 21, 1799, int. Nov. 24, 1798]. [Polly, d. William and Desire, and Freeborn Fisher, s. Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), PR38.]
  • Nancy and Joshua Besse, int. Nov. 18, 1832.
  • Polly (see Mary).
  • Sally G. and Benjamin Mooers, both of N., Oct. 6, 1803.
  • Sarah and Sanford [int. Santfull] Adams, Oct. 17, 1771. [Sanford Addams, N.C.R.]
  • Sarah C. and James Doty [int. Jr.], Dec. 8, 1835.
  • Susan and Job Coleman 2d [int. omits 2d], Apr. 6, 1813, in N. [Susan, wid. Edward, d. David Hussey and Lydia (Swain), and Job Coleman, s. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), PR38.]
  • William of N. and Desire Hedge of Yarmouth, Apr. 19 [sic, int. Aug. 1], 1778, in Yarmouth.
NICHOLSON (Nichelson, Nicolson, also see Nickerson)
  • Abigail and Daniel Swain, int. Apr. 4, 1778. [Abigail (second w.), wid. William, and Daniel Swain, s. George and Love (Paddock), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Benona and Deborah Pinkham, May 22, 1814. [Deborah, wid. Barzillai, d. Seth Russell and Abigail (Meader), PR38.]
  • Charity and John Joy, int. Mar. 29, 1777. [John, s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Covill), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Edward B. and Lydia C. Hart, both of N. int. May 8, 1842. [Edward B., s. Benoni and Deborah, and Lydia Hart, d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Peter Ray, June 19, 1733. [19th, 6 mo. 1723, PR38.]
  • George W. and Ann M. Robinson, int. Feb. 24. 1833. [m. Mar. 14, 1832 [sic], CR2. George B., s. Isaiah and Sally, and Ann Robinson, d. James and Judith (West), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Isaac (Nichelson) [ ? Isaiah Nickerson] and Phebe Beard, d. John and Deborah (Pease), _____, PR38.
  • Jeptha (Nicolson) [int. Nickerson] of Dennis and Deborah Baker, Mar. 11, 1798. [Nickerson of Cape Cod and Deborah Baker, James and Elizabeth Nickerson, PR38,]
  • John B. 2d, single, 28, carpenter, of N., b. N., s. Benoni and Deborah of N., and Elizabeth Ann Lace, 15 [int. b. N.], d. Elijah and Jerusha [int. of N.], Aug. 26, 1849, in N. [Elizabeth A., d. Elijah and Jerusha C. (Morey) (Gibbs), PR38.]
  • John Beard and Eliza Harris, July 2, 1812. [John B., s. Isaiah, and Eliza Harris, wid. Samuel, d. Silvanus Coffin and Lyra (Long), PR38.]
  • John S. and Ellen Kelley, int. Aug. 7, 1836. " John S. Nicholson appered and Disannuled his intention of marriage with Ellen Kelley August the 11th 1836. . ."
  • John S. and Paulina [int. Polina] F. Fuller, both of N., Sept. 19, 1841. [John, s. Isaiah and Sally, and Paulina Fuller, d. Allen (s. Zaccheus and Martha) and Phebe (second w.), PR38.]
  • Joseph H. and [dup. Mrs.] Rebecca Coffin [dup. both of N.], Aug. 2, 1835, in N. [Capt. Joseph Nickerson and Rebecca Coffin, wid. John Gayer Coffin, d. Obed Joy and Anna (Cartwright), PR38.]
  • Lydia and Thomas Snow, Sept. 5, 1773.
  • Tamesin [int. Tamsie] and Moses Barlow, Nov. 24, 1785. [Thamesin, N.C.R.]
  • Thankfull and Joseph Smith, int. Mar. 12, 1768.
NICKERSON (Nicherson, Nixon, also see Nicholson)
  • Barzillai Jr., single, 20, yeoman, of N., b. Chatham, s. Barz[i]l[lai] and Sarah of Chatham, and Mary Ann Griffice, 19, of N., b. N., d. Thomas and Mary [int. Polly] of N., Apr. 19, 1846, in N. [Barzillai of Cape Cod and Mary Ann Griffiths, d. Thomas and Polly (Allen), PR38.]
  • Desire and Reuben Merchant, int. Sept. 3, 1774.
  • Elizabeth and James Baker of Chatham, Cape Cod, _____, PR38.
  • Franklin of Barnstable and Priscilla C. [int. omits C.] Morris of N., Oct. 4, 1840.
  • George G. (Nixon), single, 26, mariner, of N.Y., and Sarah [dup. and int. Jane] F. Allen, 21, of N., d. Walter and Mary, Apr. 21, 1844, in N. [Nickerson and Jane F. Allen, d. Walter and Rebecca. D. (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Hannah (Nicherson) [int. Nichorson] and George Bunker 4th, Dec 9, 1817.
  • Isaiah (Nicherson) [int. Nickerson] and Sarah Beebe, Apr. 14, 1811. [Nicholson Jr. and Sarah Beebe, d. Nathan and Elizabeth, PR38.]
  • Isaiah (see Isaac Nichelson).
  • Mary (Nicherson) and Charles Rawson, May 1, 1817. [Nickerson (first w.), d. Thomas and Rebecca, and Charles Rawson, s. Stephen and Abigail (Heath), PR38.]
  • Mary (Nixon) and Marmaduke Coffin, s. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, _____, PR38.
  • Rhoda and Cephas J. Ames of Barnstable, _____, PR38.
  • Ruth, Miss, of N., and Charles B. Hammon [int. Hammand] of Rochester, Aug. 1 [dup. Aug. 3], 1825.
  • Sarah (Nicherson) [dup. Ncikerson, int. Nikerson] and James Gellespie, Jan. 18, 1824.
  • Sarah [dup. Sally Nixon] of Hudson [dup. d. James] and George G. Coffin, s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Sarah G. and Edmund G. Hibbert, int. July 8, 1846.
  • Thomas (Nicherson) [int. Nickerson] and Margaret B. Drew, Aug. 31, 1828. [Nickerson, CR2. Nickerson, s. Thomas, and Margaret Drew, d. Alexander and Priscilla (Bunker), PR38.]
  • W[illia]m (Nixon) of N.Y. and Priscilla. Chadwick of N., Feb. 28, 1841. [Priscilla, d. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), PR38.]
NICOLSON (see Nicholson)

NIELS (see Neals)

  • Mary S. and Timothy Ellis, Nov. 14, 1848.
NIGHTS (see Knights)

NITCHER (see Nicher)

NIXON (see Nickerson)

NOBLES (Nobels)
  • John and Eunice Worth, Sept 29, 1774. [Eunice, d. John and Mary (Gardner), PR38. Noblee, PR68.]
  • Polly (Nobels) [int. Nobles] and Tristram Allen, Nov. 14, 1795. [Nobles, d. John and Eunice, and Tristram Allen, s. Edward 2d and Anna (Macy), PR38.]
  • Sally and Nathan Chase, July 5, 1798. [Sally, d. John and Eunice, and Nathan Chase, s. James and Mercy (Godfrey), PR38.]
  • James S. and Rebecca P. Watson, Mar. 6, 1836. [Rebecca, d. Henry and Love (Perkins), PR38.]
  • Mike (Nocrus) and Mary Abel, Nov. 29, 1781.
  • Charles and Eunice Gardner, July 4, 1793. [Charles of Philadelphia, Pa, and Eunice Gardner, d. Shubael and Hepsabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Mary (see Mary Harris).
  • Peter and Mary Ellis, June 30, 1774.
  • Phebe, d. Thomas, and Obed Baker, s. Lemuel and Abial (Pinkharn), _____, PR38.
  • Esther G. and Abner Coffin, Apr. 26, 1832. [Esther Godfrey Northrop and Abner Coffin, s. Philip and Catherine (Thompson), PR38.]
  • Almira of N. and James P. Butts Jr. of Providence, Aug. 16, 1840.
  • Anna and William Stratton, int. Nov. 25, 1786.
  • Betsey and Benjamin Worth, s. John Esq. and Dorcas (third w.), Jan. 1, 1793, PR38.
  • Content (see Content Martin).
  • Daniel and Hannah Earl, Sept. 24, 1823. [Daniel of "the Vineyard" and Hannah Earle, d. Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Elisabeth and John Fosdick, int. Sept. 28, 1754. [Elizabeth of Martha's Vineyard, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Eliza and Jacob Coffin, s. William and Hepzibah (Barney), _____, PR38.
  • Elizabeth and Benjamin Trot, Jan. 15, 1729-30. [Elizabeth, d. Jacob of Martha's Vineyard and Dinah, and Benjamin Trott, s. John and Ann, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth (see Elisabeth).
  • Esther and Paul Coleman Jr., s. Paul and Eunice (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Jacob of Martha's Vineyard and Dionis Coffin, d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • James and Mary Riddell, Nov. 5, 1815. [Mary, d. Samuel and Judith (Coleman), PR38.]
  • John H., single, 23, sail maker, of New Bedford, b. Edgartown, s. Dan[ie]l and Hannah of Edgartown, and Mary C. Macy, 22, of N., b. N.., d. Gorham and Lucretia of N., Sept. 8, 1845, in N. [Mary Clark Macy, d. Gorham and Lucretia (Clark), Sept. 7, PR38.]
  • Mary and William J. Simpson, Mar. 27, 1825. [Mary (second w.), wid. James, d. Samuel Riddell and Judith (Coleman), and William Simpson of England, PR38.]
  • Matthew and Betsey Wyer, Nov. 21, 1802.
  • Nancy M. and Charles F. Starbuck, int. Mar. 21, 1830. [Nancy M. of Edgartown and Charles F. Starbuck, s. Thomas and Susan (Macy), m. _____[in Edgartown], PR38.]
  • Peter A. J. of N. and Lydia M. Day of Strong. Me., int. Mar. 5, 1843.
  • Phebe E. and James Daggett, Nov. 7, 1847.
  • Richard and Susanna Marshall, int. June 27, 1807.
  • Sabrina [dup. Sabine Morton] and John Ramsdale [int. John S. Ramsdell], Aug. 5, 1823. [Sabrina Norton and John S. Ramsdale, CR2. Sabrina Norton, d. ____ of Martha's Vineyard, and John Ramsdell, s. James and Mary (Foy) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Sarah B. [int. of Farmington] and Zenas Backus [int. of N.], Nov. 1, 1838. [Sarah B. of Martha's Vineyard and Zenas Backus, s. Thomas and Mary (Bates), PR38.] Stephen and Sarah Fosdick, Mar. 13, 1759.
  • Thankful "of the Vineyard" and James Cottle, _____, PR38.
NOWIT (see Newit)

NOWLAND (Nowlan, Nowlon)
  • Ann (Nowlon) and Thomas Spencer, int. Nov. 8, 1767.
  • Anna [int. Ann Nowlan] and John Shevaleer [int. Shevalle] , Oct. 10, 1763. [Anna Nowland and Jolm Sheveleer, N.C.R.]
  • Morgan (Nowlan) and Ann Boiles, Nov. 9, 1754.
  • Alden and Love C. Fisher, Nov. 23, 1834.
  • Benjamin and Amelia Grason, Nov. 12, 1811.
  • Benjamin and Julia A. Crowell, int. Oct 18, 1835.
  • Betsey and William Russell, int. Sept. 26, 1807. [Betsey, d. Lemuel, and William Russell, s. Seth and Abigail (Meader), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Emily C. and Samuel S. Hussey, Oct. 5, 1845.
  • George W. and Judith Coffin, _____ [rec. Apr. 6, 1822, int June 30, 1821]. [George Warren Nye, s. Malatiah, and Judith Coffin, d. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Julia A. and Roland R. Bunker, Ang. 9, 1846.
  • Julia Ann and Alexander Brayton, May 17, 1826. [Julia Ann, d. Maltiah, and Alexander Brayton, s. Israel and Merab (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Levin and William Cobb, int. Sept 1.4, 1816.
  • Melatiah, widr, 69, carpenter, and Mary G. [int. omits G.] Jones, wid., 44, b. N., d. Rich[ar]d Worth and Phebe, all of N., June 14, 1846, in N. [Meltiah and Mary Jones (second w.), wid. William J., June 4, PR38.]
  • Meltiah and Hannah. Haden, Mar. 31, 1796. [Maltiah and Hannah Hayden (first w.), d. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), PR38.]
  • Meltiah of N. and Mary Ellis of Sandwich, int. Dec 13, 1840.
  • Nathan and Phebe Pease, July 24, 1794. [Phebe, d. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Obed of New Bedford and Mary Marshall of N., Feb. 24, 1788, in New Bedford. [Obed Jr. of New Bedford, B.C.M.]
  • Phebe and Silvanus Ewer [int. Ewers], Apr. 12, 1807. [Phebe (third w.), d. Dr. Elijah Pease and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), and Sylvanus Ewer, s. Seth of Cape Cod, PR38.]
  • Samuel and Polly Snow, Apr. 28, 1801. [Samuel of Fairhaven and Polly Snow, d. Thomas and Margaret (Hussey), PR38.]
  • Sarah [int adds R.] and David M. Bunker, May 15, 1821.
  • Sarah B. and Samuel C. Coffin, both of N., Mar. 24, 1842. [Sarah B., d. George Warren, and Samuel C. Coffin, s. George and Sarah (Calder), PR38.]
  • Sarah F. and Valentine C. Coffin, int. Oct 26, 1811. [Sarah, d. Samuel and Polly, and Valentine Coffin, s. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sarah R. (see Sarah).
  • Stephen of Falmouth and Eunice Chadwick, d. Thaddeus and Hepsibeth (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas and Susanna Clark, Nov. 30, 1764. [Susarrin, d. Amos and Mary Cranston, PR38.]
  • Thomas S. and Mary Plumb, Oct. 23, 1832. [Mary H., wid. Samuel H., PR27. Thomas S. of Wareham, s. Samuel, and Mary Plumb, wid. Samuel, d. Moses Harris and Parnal (Burdett), PR38.]
  • Thomas S., widr., 40, cabinet maker, of Wareham, b. Wareham, s. Samuel and Polly of Wareham, and Maria. Jennings, wid., 34, of N., b. N., d. James Gibbs and Martha of N., Oct. 31, 1849, in N. [Maria, wid. Capt Edward S., PR38.]
  • John and Clarissa Simmons, int. Dec. 20, 1823.
ODAR (Oder)
  • Anthony, s. Nicolas of Newport, Ile of White, Hampshire Co., Eng., and Sarah Folger, d. Eleazer of N., Mar. 10, 1702-3. [Anthony, s. Nicholas of the Isle of Wight, and Sarah Folger, d. Eleazer and Sarah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth) and Jonathan Mores, Oct. 11, 1722.
  • Hulda and Samuel Russel, 18th, 9 mo. 1723. [Huldah, d. Anthony and Sarah, and Samuel Russell, PR38.]
  • Lois and Calib Stratton, 31st, 11 mo., "called January," 1728-9, CR4.
ODIORNE (Odeon, Odeorn)
  • Ellen M. and David Mitchell, May 29, 1843.
  • John (Odeorn) and Emily [int. Emeleyj. James, colourd, Dec. 12, 1819.
  • John (Odeon) and Eliza Toto, int. July 13, 1822.
  • Susan H. and Charles B. Swain, int. Mar. 25, 1832. [Susan (first w.), d Thomas and Mary, and Charles B. Swain, s. Silas and Lydia (Allen), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Thomas [dup. of Ashton, Pa.] and Mary Hussey, Apr. 1, 1810. [Thomas and Mary Hussey, d. Zaccheus and Lydia (Folger), PR38.]
O'DONNELL (O'Donald)
  • Delia, Miss, 22, of N., b. Ireland, and Andrew Johnson, single, 23, laborer, of N., b. Ireland, Oct. 27, 1845, in N.
  • Eliza (O'Donald), b. Ireland, and Richard Walsh, single, of N., b. Ireland, int. Nov. 14, 1847.
OHAME (see Shane)

OHRN (see Orne)

  • Theodore and Frances Mary Jenkins, d. John F. and Eliza (Pepoon), Oct. 1, 1840, in Albany, N.Y., PR38.
  • Henry and Elizabeth Skinner, int. Apr. 26, 1788.
OLDRIDGE (see Aldrich)

  • John W. and Elizabeth Hussey, Oct. 22, 1826. [Erizabeth, d. George Gorham and Lydia (Chase), PR38.]
  • Frederick, single, 30, mariner, of N. [dup. and int. of Bath, Me., and Miss Sarah Ann Moody, 23 [dup. and int. of N.], 23, 1843, in N.
  • Janie and William Peake, int. Mar. 27, 1762.
  • Moris M., Maj., and Hannah W. Coffin, d. Capt. Joshua and Delia (Baker), Nov. 8, 1846, PR38.
  • Sarah of Providence, RI., and Shubael Coffin, s. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), _____, PR38.
ONEAL (Oneel)
  • John (Oneel) and Nancy Pinkham, Dec. 30, 1804. [O'Neil and Nancy Pinkham, d. George and Deborah (Coffin), PR38.]
  • John [int. John 0. Neal] and Rebecca Folger, Dec. 10, 1818. [Oneil, Dec. 19, CR2. O'Neil. and Rebecca Folger, formerly w. Obed, d. Thaddeus Waterman and Hepsabeth (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Sarah [int. O'Neal] and Thomas McCleve [int. McCleavej, July 28, 1835. [O'Neal [dup. O'Niel], d. John, and Thomas McCleave, s. Benjamin and Mary (Smith), PR38.]
OPIN (see Orpin)

OPPERNA (see Opponna)

OPPINS (see Orpin)

  • Betsey [int. Opperna] and John Peters, Oct. 7, 1810.
  • Blakeley (see Erick Blackley Orne).
  • Caroline Henson [int Hanson] and Barclay Fanning, Oct. 24, 1784. [Caroline Henson Orne, N.C.R. Caroline Henson Orne, d. Dorothy, and Barclay Fanning, s. Col. Phineas of L.I., PR38. Caroline W. Ohrn, PR64.]
  • Erick Blackley and Sally Osborn, Aug. 2, 1789. [Blakeley Orne and Sally Osborne, d. Samuel, PR38. Blacklee Ohrn and Sally Osborn, PR64.]
  • Sally and Jethro Rathburn, int. Sept. 21, 1793.
  • Sally and Barzilla Studson, int. July 2, 1796. [Sally (first w.), wid. Blakeley, d. Samuel Osborne, and Barallai Stetson, _____, PR38.]
  • Sarah, d. Erick Blakely, and Joseph Bliss of N.H., ___, 1814, PR38.
ORPIN (Opin, Oppins, Orpins)
  • Almira and David Upham Jr., both of N., Apr. 26, 1829. [Almira, d. Isaac and Rhoda, and David Upham Jr., s. David and Elizabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Betsey (Orpins) and William Hiller, int. May 23, 1818. [Orpin, d. Isaac, and William Hiller, s. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Edward G. and Eliza Taylor, May 22, 1832. [Edward G., s. John B., and Eliza Taylor, d. Samuel and Avis (Pitman) (of Newport, R.I.), PR38.]
  • Eliza Ann [int. Orpins] and Thomas Swain, June 26, 1825. [Orpins, CR2. Orpin (second w.), d. Isaac and Rhoda, and Thomas B. Swain, s. James and Rebecca Baker, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth (Oppins) and Delana Gifford, Oct. 27, 1817. [Orpin, d. John B., and Delong Gafford, PR38.]
  • Isaac and Rhoda Fisher, int. Oct. 14, 1797. [Rhoda, d. Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Jane G. and Samuel R Frazier, int June 24, 1849.
  • John B. (Opin) Jr. [int. Orpin, omits Jr.] and Mary Pinkham of N., Dec. 20, 1821. [Orpin Jr. and Mary Pinkham (second w.), d. Obed and Polly (Luce), PR38.]
  • John Barnard and Susanna Gardner, Aug. 18, 1793. [Susanna, d. Sylvanus and Anna (Folger), PR38.]
  • John Barnard [int Oppins] Jr. and Mary Luce, Oct. 6, 1814. [Orpin Jr. and Mary Luce, d. Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Lucretia S. and Dennis Getchell, Aug. 6, 1844.
  • Lydia C. and Daniel C. Grew, May. 15, 1823. [Daniel, s. Samuel and Hepsabeth (Clark) (Shadwell), PR38.]
  • Mary [int. Oppins] [of] N. and Josiah Dunham, Jan. 20, 1823. [Orpin, formerly w. John B. Jr., d. Elijah Luce and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Mary P. and Daniel Blagden, Aug. 10, 1845.
  • Nancy [int. Oppins] and Josiah Smith, Dec. 11, 1814. [Orpin (first w.), d. John and Susanna, and Josiah Smith, s. Armstrong and Eunice (Marshall) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Nancy L. [int. Orpins], Miss, and George H. Perkins, Apr. 16,1837 [Orpin, d. John B. and Mary, and George Perkins, s. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), PR38.]
  • Polly and William Burdett, int. Aug. 28, 1824. [Polly, d. Isaac, and William Burdett, s. Edward and Parnal (Russell), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Susan and Joseph Thompson, .Ang, 13, 1829. [Swan, d. John B. and Mary, and Joseph Thompson, "Portuguese," PR38.]
  • Susannah and William Jones, Nov. 15, 1833.
  • William H., single, 25, mariner, b. N., s. John and Mary, and Eunice F. Rogers, 21, b. N., d. Russell and Mary, all of N., July 25, 1849, in N. [William H., s. John B. and Mary, and Eunice Rogers, d. Russell and Nancy (James), PR38.]
OSBORN (Orsborn, Osborne)
  • Anna and Benjamin Fitch, Mar. 9, 1769. [Anna of Martha's Vineyard and Benjamin Fitch, s. Peter and Racbael (Chase), PR38.]
  • Benjamin, s. William and Anna, and Hannah Coffin, d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), _____, PR38.
  • David (Orsborn) and Hepza Coleman, _____ [between Apr, 1, 1819 and Apr. 10, 1820, int Nov. 13, 1819]. [Osborne and Hepsabeth Coleman, d. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth Hansome [dup. Hanson] (Osborne), d. John and Eliza, and Samuel Austin, s. Joseph and Rachel (Hussey), 12th, 10 mo. 1843, PR38.
  • John and Sarah Fitch, int. Nov. 1, 176[6]. [Samuel [sic] Osborne and Sally Fitch, d. Peter [q.v.] and Rachael (Chase), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Katharine (Osborne) and Francis Barnard, 16th, 3 mo, "called March," 1769, CR4.
  • Laurinda (Osborne) of Cooperstown, N.Y., and Charles E. Barnard, s. Abishai and Susanna (Paddack), _____, PR38.
  • Sally (see Sarah).
  • Sally and Erick Blackley Orne, Aug. 2, 1789. [Osborne, d. Samuel, and Blakeley Orne, PR38. Osburn and Blacklee Ohrn, PR64.]
  • Samuell and Sally Crosby, Oct. 13, 1789. [Samuel, s. Samuel and Sally, and Sally Crosby, d. Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), PR38.]
  • Sarah and Samuell Palmer, Aug. 15. 1775. [Sally Osborne, wid. Samuel [sic, ? John], d. Peter Fitch and Rachael (Chase), and Samuel Palmer, PR38.]
  • Susan C. and Woodbury Bradford, June 17, 1847.
  • Swan Lyman and Henry A. Coffin, s. Allen and Deborah G. (Coffin), _____, PR38.
O'SHANE (see Shane)

  • Samuel B., single, 26, yeoman, of Scipio, b. Scipio, s. Job and Deborah of Scipio, and Elizabeth Gorham, 22, of N., b. N., d. James and Susan of N., Sept. 9, 1847, in N. [Samuel D. of Scipio, s. Job and Deborah of Scipio, Cayuga Co., N.Y., and Elizabeth Gorham, d. James of N. and Susan dec'd, CR4. Samuel D., s. Job and Deborah of New Bedford, and Elizabeth Gorham, d. James and Susan (Whippey), PR38.]
  • Sarah and Mordecai Ellis, s. John, Sept. , 1739, PR38.
  • Daniel (see Nathaniell).
  • Daniel and Lydia Walden, May 10, 1792. [Daniel, s. Daniel and Kezia, and Lydia Waldron, d. Nathan and Eunice (Russell) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Nathaniell [int. Nathaniel] and Kezia Coleman, July 4, 1764. [Nat[hanie]ll, N.C.R. Daniel of L.I. and Kezia Coleman, d. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), PR38.]
OWENS (Owen)
  • David, single, 35, mariner, of N., b. Wales, s. William and Esther of N. [int. of S. Wales], and Harriet Beach, 37, of N., b. N. [int b. Wales], d. John and Elizabeth of N., July 17, 1849, in N.
  • Susan (Owen) and Josiah G. Barney, s. Charles and Avis (Macy), _____, in the South, PR38.
  • William and Nabby James, May 2, 1803. [Owen and Nabby James, d. Thomas and Heart Bird of Newport, RI., PR38.]
OYSON (see Austin)

  • Benjamin and Deborah Clark, Sept. 21, 1802. [Packard and Deborah Clark, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), PR38.]
PADDACK (Paddock)
  • Aaron, s. Abishai and Miriam in Nantucket Co., and Deborah Barnard, d. Matthew and Deborah dec'd of N., 10th, 3 mo. 1808, in N., CR4. [Deborah, d. Matthew and Deborah (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Abigail and Shubael Coffin, 9th, 1 mo. 1750, CR4.
  • Abigail and Peter Gardner, int Apr. 20, 1776. [Padock, m. May 12, PR13. Paddack. d. Jonathan, and Peter Gardner, s. Peter and Deborah (Pinkham), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Abigail and Zimri Coffin, Dec. 5, 1805. [Abigail. d. Elaphalet, and Zimri Coffin, s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Abishai, s. Jonathan and Keziah of Sherborn in N., and Miriam Swain, d. Silvanus dec'd and Hannah of Sherborn in N., 27th, 2 mo. 1777, in Sherbom in N., CR4. [Miriam, d. Sylvanus and Hannah (Worth), PR38.]
  • Albert and Caroline M. Paddack, Oct 4, 1835.
  • Alexander and Avis Swain, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Dec. 16, 1820]. [Alexander, s. Peter and Judith, and Avis Swain, d. Silas and Lydia (Allen), PR38.]
  • Alexander C. and Eunice Hussey, both of N., June 7, 1837. [Alexander, s. Latham and Lydia., and Eunice Hussey, d. John and Lydia (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Alice and Richard Macy, 8th, 6 mo, "called June," 1769, CR4.
  • Ammiel and Frances P. [dup. Francis P., int. Francis] Huntington, Oct 28, 1824. [Francis P., CR2.]
  • Ann (see Anna).
  • Ann of N. and Daniel Vincent of Edgartown, int. July 8, 1838. [Ann (first w.), d. John and Polly, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Ann, d. Stephen, and Frederick Bunker, s. Tristram and Anna (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Anna and Francis Gardner, int. Dec. 3, 1761. [Anna, d. Paul and Anna, and Francis Gardner, s. Grafton Sr. and Abigail (Coffin), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Anna and Jonathan Barnard, June 4, 1782. [Ann, d. Silas and Hepsibeth, and Jonathan Barnard, s. Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Barnabas, s. Daniel dec'd and Susanna of Sherbom in N., and Abigail Gardner, d. Charles and Anna of Sherborn in N., 6th, 12 mo., "called December," 1764, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Abigail, d. Charles and Anna (Pinlcham), PR38.]
  • Benjamin, s. Eliphalet and Naomi of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Stanton, d. Samuel and Sarah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 7th, 12 mo., "called December," 1758, in Sherbom in N., CR4. [Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Sarah (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth of Sherborn in N., and Jemima Coleman, d. William and Eunice of Sherborn in N., 2d, 12 mo. 1784, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Jemima, d. William and Eunice (Swain), PR38.]
  • Benjamin, s. Eliphalet dec'd and Naomi of Sherborn in N., and Rebeckah Chadwick, d. Robert Gardner and Jedidah dec'd of Sherbourn in N., 11th, 5 mo. 1786, in Sherbourn in N., CR4. [Rebecca, wid. Richard Jr., d. Robert Gardner and Jedida (Folger) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Caroline and Albert Paddack, Oct. 4, 1835.
  • Caroline M. and Charles Searell, int. Nov. 21, 1847.
  • Catharine and Harvey Bunker, s. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Charles R. and Lydia S. Bunker, both of N., int. Dec. 1, 1839.
  • Charlotte [int. Cherlott] and Joseph Coleman, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1827 and Apr. _, 1828, int. Mar. 24, 1827]. [Charlotte, d. Elishai and Love, and Joseph Coleman, s. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), PR38.]
  • Daniel, s. Nathaniell and Ann of Sherborn in N., and Susanna Gorham, d. Stephen and Elizabeth of Barnstable, 1st, 12 mo., "called February," 1726-7, in N., CR4. [Susanna, d. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Daniel, s. Stephen and Eunice of Sherborn in N., and Hephzibah Barnard, d. Mathew and Mary of Sherborn in N., 23d, 9 mo. 1773, in Sherborn, CR4. [Hepsibeth, d. Matthew and Mary (Tibbits), PR38.].
  • David and Mary Starbuck, _____ [rec. Apr. 3o, 1802, int. June 14, 1801]. [David, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Mary Starbuck, d. Nathaniel and Patience (Coffin) (Miller) (third w.), PR38.]
  • David, widr., 67, gentleman, b. N., s. Benjamin and Eliz[abe]th, and Eliza Russell, 54, b. N., d. John and Hepz[iba]h, all of N, Aug. 31, 1845, in N. [Elizabeth, PR38.]
  • David B. [int. Paddock], single, 35, painter, b. N., s. Aaron and Deborah, and Miss Lydia Ann Hawkshurst, 30, b. N.Y., all of N., Nov. 27, 1845, in N.
  • Deborah and Benjamin Bunker, 3d, 8 mo. 1709, in Yarmouth. [Deborah, d. Zackery Jr., and Benjamin Bunker, s. William and Mary (Macy), PR38.]
  • Deborah and Theophilus Pinkham, 4th, 10 mo., "called December," 1728, CR4.
  • Deborah and George Hussey, 3d, 2 mo., "called February," 1757, CR4.
  • Dinah and Christopher Worth, 25th, 10 mo. 1738, CR4.
  • Dinah and Simeon Gardner, July 3, 1809. [Dinah, d. Eliphalet and Dinah, and Simeon Gardner, s. Bartlett and Betsey (Kinney) of Nava Scotia, PR38.]
  • Edward H. and Mary Lawrence, June 30, 1831. [Edward H., s. Thomas and Elizabeth, and Mary Lawrence, d. James C and Jedidah (Swain), PR38.]
  • Eliphalet and Dinah Gardner, int. Oct. 18, 1766. [Eliphalet, s. Eliphalet and Naomi, and Dinah Gardner, d. Jonathan and Patience (Bunker), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Eliphelet, s. Joseph and Sarah of Sherborn in N., and Naomy Bunker, d. Jabez and Hannah of Sherborn in N., 9th, 9 mo., "called November," 1726, in N., CR4. [Eliphalet, s. Joseph, and Naomi Bunker, d. Jabez and Hannah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Elisha and Love Paddack, May 11, 1806.
  • Eliza Ann and Charles W. Hussey, Nov. 27, 1831. [Eliza Ann, d. Aaron and Deborah, and Charles Wing Hussey, s. Robert and Miriam (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Joseph Swain, 2d, 11 mo., "called January," 1745, CR4.
  • Elizabeth and Joseph Clasby, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1799 and Apr. 25, 1800, int Nov. 2, 1799]. [Elizabeth, d. Eliphalet and Dinah, and Joseph Clasby, s. John and Ruth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth G. (Paddock) [int. Paddack] and Benjamin J. Coffin, [both] of N., Mar. 5, 1843. [Paddack, d. George and Lydia, and Benjamin Joy [dup. G.] Coffin, s. John Gayer and Rebecca (Joy), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth S. and Edward W. Perry, Feb. 23, 1836. [Elizabeth S., d. David and Mary, and Edward W. Perry of New Bedford, PR38.]
  • Emma and Thomas Coleman [int Colman], _____ [between Apr. 25, 1822 and Apr. 4, 1823, int. Nov. 2, 1822]. [Emma, d. Elisha and Love, and Thomas Coleman, s. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), PR38.]
  • Eunice and Joseph Coffin, 5th, 2 mo., "called February," 1756, CR4.
  • Eunice antd Seth Ray, 30th, 12 mo. 1790, CR4.
  • Eunice and David Luce, Mar. 29, 1810. [Eunice, d. Paul and Ann, and David Luce, s- Elijah and Love (Ceaveland) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Eunice and Obed Starbuck, Apr. 15, 1819. [Eunice, d. Jonathan and Rachel, and Obed Starbuck, s. Levi and Elizabeth (Ramsdell), PR38.]
  • Eunice and Benjamin C. Chase, July 3, 1820. [Eunice, d. Peter and Judith, and Benjamin Coffin Chase, s. George and Rebecca (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Francis, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth dec'd of N., and Mary Bunker, d. Charles and Mary of N., 27th, 10 mo. 1795, in N, CR4. [Mary, d. Charles and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Francis and Mary Bunker, July 30, 1801.
  • George and Mary Joy, Nov. 30, 1809. [George, s. Jonathan, and Mary Joy, Reuben and Mary (Swain), PR38.]
  • George and Lydia Gardner, Nov. 28, 1816. [George, s. Jonathan and Rachael, and Lydia Gardner, d. Alexander Jr. and Elizabeth (Gardner) (Myrick) (second w.), PR38.]
  • George and Miss Lydia Hussey, Jan. 8, 1826. [George, s. Nathaniel, and Lydia Hussey, d. Cyrus and Nancy (Butler), PR38.]
  • George 2d, single, 23, painter, b. N., s. Hezekiah and Maria, and Cordelia M. Luce, 20, b. N., d. John and Hannah, all of N., June 11, 1848, in N. [Cordelia M., d. John and Hannah S. (Appley), PR38.]
  • Hannah (Paddock) and Alexander Gardner, 7th, 9 mo. 1775, CR4.
  • Henry, s. Jonathan and Rachel both dec'd of N., and Susan Chase, d. Job dec'd and Ruth of N., 10th, 9 mo. 1828, in N., CR4 [Susan, d. Job and Ruth (Macy), , 1822, PR38.]
  • Hephzibah and Stephen Barnard, 31st, 12 mo., "called December," 1761, CR4.
  • Hepsabeth, d. Daniel, and John M. Clark, s. Daniel and Eleanor (Swain), _____, PR38.]
  • Hepzibah and Benjamin Franklin Coffin, 9th, 8 mo. 1810, CR4.
  • Hezekiah and Maria Barnard, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. Feb. 12, 1820]. [Feb. 29, 1820, CR2. Hezekiah, s. Abishai, and Maria Barnard, d. Jonathan and Ann (Paddack), PR38.]
  • Ichabod and Priscilla Clark, May 11, 1781. [May 11, 1782, N.C.R. Ichabod, s. Stephen and Eunice, and Priscilla Clark, d. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), PR38.]
  • John and Rebecca Folger, Apr. 28, 1808. [Paddock, s. Silas and Hepsabeth, and Rebecca Folger, d. Timothy and Hepsabeth (Chadwick), PR38.]
  • John and Sarah S. Swain, Nov. 12, 1818. [John, s. Abishai and Miriam, and Sarah Swain, d. Noah and Polly (Smith), PR38.]
  • John of N., s. Abishai and Mirriam, both dec'd of N., and Sarah Stubbs, d. Joseph Austin dec'd and Rachel of N., 4th, 11 mo. 1841, in N., CR4. [Sarah, wid. Charles G., d. Joseph Austin and Rachel (Hussey), PR38.]
  • Jonathan, s. Eliphalet and Naomi of Sherborn in N., and Kezia Gardner, d. Jonathan and Patience of Sherborn in N., 7th, 12 mo., "called February," 1750, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Kezia, d. Jonathan and Patience (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Jonathan, s. Jonathan] dec'd and Kezia of Sherburn in N., and Rachel Bunker, d. Charles and Mary of Sherborn in N., 28th, 7 mo. 1791, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Rachel, d. Charles and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Jonathan and Nancy Rand, int. Sept. 23, 1815. Jonathan, s. Nathaniel, and Nancy Rand, d. Ebenezer and Hannah Waters, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Joseph and Sarah Gardner, Mar. 5, 1696. [Joseph "1st from Cape Cod" and Sarah Gardner, d. Joseph and Bethiah (Macy), 5th, 3 mo., PR38.]
  • Joseph and Pernal [int Parnel] Coffin, Jan. 17, 1734. [Pernal, N.C.R.]
  • Joseph and Anna [int Amy] Folger, Oct. 9, 1782. [Anna, N.C.R. Joseph, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Amey Folger, d. Tristram and Mary (Coffin) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Laban, s. Abishai and Miriam of N., and Mary Swain, d. Tristram and Rachel of N., 5th, 12 mo. 1811, in N., CR4. [Mary, d. Tristram and Rachel (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Latham and Sarah Egan, June 27, 1830. [Latham, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Sarah Egan, wid. James, d. Seth Coleman and Deborah (Swain), PR38.]
  • Latham, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Lydia Coleman, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain), _____, PR38.
  • Love and George Swain, 5th, 12 mo., "called February," 1729, CR4.
  • Love and Elisha Paddack, May 11, 1806.
  • Love and Jacob Barney, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1827 and Apr. , 1828, int. Oct. 20, 1827]. [Love, wid. Elisha, d. Paul Paddack Jr., and Jacob Barney, s. Robert and Huldah (Marshall), 4th, 11 mo, 1827, PR38.]
  • Lucertia [int. Lucretia} and Isaac B. Hussey, Sept. 4, 1831. [Lucretia, d. William and Elizabeth, and Isaac Bunker Hussey, s. Charles F. and Sarah (Jenkins), 14th, 9 mo. 1834, PR38.]
  • Lucretia and Peter Gardner, int. Feb. 2, 1765.
  • Lucretia and Seth Clark, 30th, 1 mo., "called January," 1766, CR4.
  • Lucretia and Obadah Coffin, Oct. 6, 1803. [Lucretia, d. Nathaniel and Deborah, and Obadiah Coffin, s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Lucretia, d. Jonathan and Nancy, and George Coleman, s. David and Elizabeth (Russell), _____, PR38.
  • Lucretia. G., Miss, and Alfred A. Hussey, Aug. 3, 1843.
  • Lydia and Jethro Coleman, 6th, 11 mo., "called January," 1731, CR4.
  • Lydia and Shubael Bunker, 7th, 12 mo., "called February," 1750, CR4.
  • Lydia and Libni Barnard, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July 31, 1788. [Lydia, d. Silas and Hepsibeth, and Libni Barnard, s. Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Lydia and William Whippey 2d [int. both of N.], June 12, 1842.
  • Margaret and George Macy, 28th, 12 mo., "called December," 1769, CR4.
  • Margaret (see Peggy).
  • Margret and Caleb Swain, 7th, 12 mo., "called February," 1726-7, CR4.
  • Mary and Francis Swain, 31st, 11 mo. 1736-7, CR4.
  • Mary and Joseph Whippy, Oct. 4, 1804.
  • Mary and Samuel Meader, Aug. 22, 1817.
  • Mary and Benjamin Barnard, 6th, 11 mo. 1823, CR4.
  • Mary and John H. Hosier, Jan. 24, 1836. [Jan. 23, PR30. Mary, d. Aaron, and John H. Hosier, s. Richard and Lydia (Austin), PR38.]
  • Mary, d. Daniel, and Timothy Barnard, s. Abishai and Phebe (Swain), _____, PR38.
  • Mary Ann, d. Latham and Lydia dec'd of N., and Samuel B. Hussey of N., s. John and Lydia of N., 11th, 6 mo. 1829, in N., CR4. [Samuel B., s. John and Lydia (Barnard), _, 5 mo., PR38.]
  • Mary J. [and] Frederick W. Hussey, Aug. 7, 1831. [Mary J., d. George and Mary, and Frederick W. Hussey, s. David G. and Nancy (Hussey), PR38.]
  • Naomi and Barzillai Stetson [int. Studson], _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. Sept. 29, 1798]. [Naomi (second w.), d. Eliphalet and Dinah, and Barzillai Stetson, PR38.]
  • Nathaniel [int. Nathaniell] and Deborah Pinkham, Feb. 3, 1782. [Nathaniell, N.C.R. Nathaniel, s. Paul and Anna, and Deborah Pinkham, d. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Nathaniell and Ann Bunker, 15th, 10 mo. 1706. [Nathaniel, brother of Zackery, and Ann Bunker, d. William and Mary (Macy), PR38.]
  • Obed of Sherborn in N., s. Jonathan dec'd and Kezia of Sherborn in N., and Margaret Macy, d. Daniel dec'd and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 2d, 8 mo. 1787, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Margaret, d. Daniel and Abigail (Swain), , 6 mo., PR38.]
  • Parnal (see Pernal).
  • Paul and Ann Coffin, July 24, 1740. [Paul, s. Nathaniel, and Anna Coffin, d. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), PR38.]
  • Paul and Anna Starbuck, Sept. 1, 1776. [Paul, s. Paul and Anna, and Anna Starbnck, d. William and Lydia (Coleman) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Peggy [int. Pegga] and Thomas Coffin, Aug. 29, 1811 [Margaret Paddock, d. Nathaniel, and Thomas Coffin, s. Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Pernal [int. Parnal] and John Brock, Jan. 6, 1765. [Pernal, N.C.R. Parnal, wid. Joseph, d. John Coffin and Lydia (Gardner), and John Brock, s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Pernal and Joseph Earl, Oct. 16, 1790.
  • Peter, s. Eliphalet and Dinah of N., and Judith Bunker, d. Peleg and Lydia of N., 6th, 4 mo. 1797, in N, CR4.
  • Phebe and Thomas Hussey, s. Thomas and Anna (Barnard), 1st, 6 mo. 1820, PR6. [Phebe, d. Joseph and Amey, PR38.]
  • Priscilla and William Coffin, 4th, 10 mo. 1740, CR4.
  • Reuben [int. Paddock] and Elizabeth Coffin, Sept. 4, 1795. [Paddock, s. Eliphalet, and Elizabeth Coffin, d. Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Reuben [int. adds C.] and Mary Ann Clark, May 30, 1830. [Reuben, s. Reuben and Elizabeth, and Mary Ann Clark, d. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), PR38.]
  • Reuben C. and Eunice Hussey [int. both of N.], Oct 29, 1837. [Reuben C., s. Reuben, and Eunice Hussey (second w.), d. Robert and Miriam (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Samuel of N., s. Benjamin Jr. and Jemima of N., and Lucretia Coleman, d. Seth and Deborah of Dartmouth, N.S., 14th, 6 mo. 1810, in N, CR4. [Lucretia, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain), PR38.]
  • Samuel, s. Benjamin Jr. and Jemima of N., and Deborah Coleman, d. Seth and Deborah of Dartmouth, N.S., 6th, 5 mo. 1813, in N., CR4. [Deborah, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain), PR38.]
  • Sarah C. and William W. McCleve, [both] of N., Oct 18, 1842. [Sarah C. d. Jonathan and Nancy, and William W. McCleave, s. Joseph and Sally (Chase), PR38.]
  • Seth and Leah Gardner, both of N., Nov. 22, 1727. [Seth, s. Joseph, and Leah Gardner, wid. Richard 3d, d. Nathan Folger and Sarah (Church), PR38. Paddok, PR68.]
  • Seth and Thankfull Dagget, int. July 1, 1758.
  • Seth and Lydia Chadwick, Oct. 10, 1805. [Seth, s. Abishai and Miriam, and Lydia Chadwick, d.. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), PR38.]
  • Seth and Mary Hilburn, Mar. 17, 1835. [Hillborn, wid. Charles J., d. Wickliff Chadwick and Priscilla Hammond, PR38.]
  • Silas, s. Eliphalet and Naomi of Sherborn in N., and Hephzibah Swain, d. Richard dec'd and Elisabeth of Sherborn in N., 7th, 1 mo.,"called January," 1762, in Sherborn in N. CR4. [Hepsabeth, d. Richard and Elizabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Stephen and Eunice Coffin, Oct. 31, 1751. [Stephen, s. Daniel, and Eunice Coffin, d. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Susan S. and Thomas G. Folger, Feb. 26, 1833. [Susan, d. David and Mary, and Thomas Folger, s. Shubael and Mary (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Susanna and Matthew Gardner, 7th, 12 mo. 1752, CR4.
  • Susanna and Jonathan Folger, 24th, 12 mo., "called February," 1752, CR4.
  • Susanna and Abishai Barnard, 3d, 4 mo. 1772, CR4.
  • Thomas, s. Abishai and Miriam of N., and Elizabeth Gardner, d. Prince and Deborah dec'd of N., 6th, 2 mo. 1806, in N., CR4. [Elizabeth (first w.), d. Prince and Deborah (Barnard) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Thomas, Capt. [mt. omits Capt.], and Mrs. [dup. and int. omit Mrs.] Sally Brightman, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1824, int. Mar. 29, 1823]. [Thomas, s. Abishai, and Sally Brightman, wid. Israel, d. Henry Dow and Huldah (Coleman) (Pitts), PR38.]
  • Thomas B., single, 22, tin plate worker [int. painter], of New Bedford [int. of N.], b. N., s. Hezekiah and Maria of N, and Susan P. [int. B.] Cartwright, 22, of N., b. N., d. Fred[eric]k and Eliza of N., Aug. 19, 1845, in N. [Thomas, s. Hezekiah, and Susan Cartwright, d. Frederick and Eliza (Riddell), PR38.]
  • Uriah, s. Jonathan dec'd and Kezia of Sherborn in N., and Ruth Coleman, d. W[illia]m and Eunice of Sherborn in N., 3d., 3 mo. 1791, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Ruth, d. William and Eunice (Swain), PR38.]
  • W[illia]m, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth dec'd of N., and Elizabeth Coleman, d. Seth and Deborah of Dartmouth, Halifax Co., N.S., 5th, 11th mo 1795, in Halifax Co., N.S., CR4. [Elizabeth, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain), PR38.]
  • William, s. Benjamin and Jemima, and Phebe Chadwick, d. Richard and Rhoda (Clasby), _____, PR38.
  • Elizabeth and John Lewis, int. July 7, 1821.
PADDOCK (see Paddack)

  • John H. W. Esq. and Mary Brayton, d. Robert and Deborah (Hussey), _____, PR38.
  • ____ of Maine and Sarah Clark, d. Albert and Margaret (Gardner), _____, PR38.
PAINE (Pain)
  • Anna [int. Nanna] (Pain) and Silas Coffin, June 26, 1776. [Anna, N.C.R. Anna Paine and Silas Coffin, s. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), PR38.]
  • James (Pain) and Dorcas Mingo, int. July 25, 1807.
  • John Chester, Rev. [int omits Rev.], of Rehoboth, and Miss Eliza Macy Folger of N., Apr. 25, 1839. [John C. of Rehoboth and Eliza Folger, d. Gideon and Eunice (Macy), PR38.]
  • Nanna (see Anna).
  • Jo: and Priscilla Simon, int. July 31, 1773.
  • Joseph and Priscilla Amos, Aug. 25, 1774.
  • Joseph and Phillis Win [int. blackes, omits Win], Oct. 28, 1784. [Win, N.C.R.]
  • Joseph and Margera Capy, Apr. 5, 1804.
  • Lucy and Michael Antona, both of N., Mar. 29, 1804.
  • Betsey and Joseph Coffin, int. Nov. 6, 1784. [Betsey, d. Samuel, and Joseph Coffin, painter, s. Joseph and Abigail (Pilsbury) of Newbury, m. _____, PR38.]
  • David and Rachel Coffin, d. Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman), _____, PR38.
  • George and Eliza C. Swain, Jan. 27, 1833. [George, s. Lot and Ruth, and Eliza. C. Swain (first w.), Owen and Abigail (Swain), PR38.]
  • Jane Ann [int. Parmer] and George M. Jones, Sept. 30, 1824. [Palmer, CR2. Palmer of Falmouth and George M. Jones, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Macy) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Joseph C., single, 25, tailor, b. N., s. Lot and Ruth, and Martha W. Field, 19 [int. Martha L., 24], b. N, d. Edw[ar]d [int. Edwin) and Eliza, all of N., June 18 [1844), in N. [Martha W., d. Edward of Providence, R.I., and Eliza, PR38.]
  • Lot and Ruth Clasby, Dec. 9, 1806. [Ruth, d. John and Ruth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Pero and Salley Deblois, int. Mar, 11, 1820.
  • Rachel, wid. David, d. Nathaniel Coffin and Rebecca (Coleman), and Sanford Moon, _____, PR38.
  • Restcom and Elizabeth Stubbs, Aug. 30, 1804. [Elizabeth, formerly w. James, d. Alexander Ray and Elizabeth (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Sally (see Sarah).
  • Samuell and Sarah Osborn, Aug. 15, 1775. [Samuel and Sally Osborne, wid. Samuel [sic, ? John], d. Peter Fitch and Racine (Chase), PR38.]
  • Sarah and Latham Barker, Jan. 6, 1782. [Sally, wid. Samuel, d. Peter Fitch and Rachael (Chase), and Latham Barker, s. Samuel and Christian (Coffin), PR38.]
  • William H. and Lydia P. Alley, May 13, 1832. [William H., s. Lot, and Lydia P. Alley, d. Obed and Susan (Chase), PR38.]
PANCHAKE (Panchamy)
  • Anna and John Monseur, int. Oct. 14, 1769.
  • Hannah and Benjamin Prince, int. Oct. 19, 1771.
  • Hannah and Cato Thomas, int. Oct. 21, 1775.
  • Hannah and Robert Weomp, int. Mar. 2, 1776.
  • Hannah (Panchamy) [int Panchame] and Cato Cary, Oct 7, 1781. [Pancharmee, N.C.R.]
  • Thomas Japson and Lewa, "Black woman," int. Feb. 8, 1812.
  • Phillis [int. Philis] and Daniel Amos [int. of N.Y.], Mar..28, 1805.

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