To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Marriages - KABENECK to LYON

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

KABENECK (see Komeneck)

KAINON (see Haynon)

KEANE (see Keen)

  • Patience and Benjamin Tashame, int. May 19, 1764.
  • Patience and John Mooney [bit Moony], Nov, 30, 1765. [Keapy and John Mooney, N.C.R.]
  • Ann and Morris Roach, Nov. 23, 1846.
KEATING (see Keeting)

KEEN (Cain, Keane)
  • Anna of N. and Buel Burdett of Falmouth, Oct. 29, 1820. [Anna, formerly w. Moses, d. Benjamin Swain and Phebe (Meader), PR38.]
  • Banister [int. Bannister] and Elizabeth Bocot, Nov. 10, 1770. [Banister, N.C.R. Banister and Elizabeth Bowcot, d. Thomas and Mercy, PR38.]
  • Eliza S. and Charles R. Fisher, May 8,1828. [Keene, d. Moses and Anna (Swain), and Charles R. Fisher, s. Robert Coffin and Polly (Rand), PR38.]
  • Freeman and Betsey Killey, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Mar. 14., 1801]. [Betsy Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Mary (Keane) [int. Keen] and Simeon Jenkins, Mar. 20, 1831. [Keen, d. Moses and Anna (Swain), and Simeon Jenkins, s. Perez and Sarah Blossom, PR38.]
  • Moses (Cain) and Anna Swain, Jan. 16, 1794. [Moses Keen and Anna Swain, d. Benjamin and Phebe (Meader), PR38.]
  • Phebe S. and Alexander Goodin [int Gookin], _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Dec. 2, 1820]. [Gookin, Dec. 21, 1820, CR2. Phebe, d. Moses and Anna (Swain), and Alexander Googins, PR38.]
  • Priscilla S. and James Stiff, July 22, 1827. [Priscilla S., d. Moth and Anna (Swain), and James Stiff of England, PR38.]
  • Salley [int. Sally] and Nathan Meader, Nov. 19, 1818.
  • William and Nancy McCleve, Dec. 21, 1818. [William, s. Moses and Anna (Swain), and Nancy McCleave, d. Thomas V. and Lurania (Cash), PR38.]
  • William and Charlotte W. Cresey [dup. Charlotte M. Creasey, int. Charlot M. Creasey], Jan. 15, 1822. [Charlotte M. Creasy, C.R2. William, s. Moses and Anna (Swain), and Charlotte Creasy [dup. Creesey] (second w.), d. Edward and Deborah (Cash), PR38.]
  • William and Abby G. Robbine, both of N., int July 21, 1839. [William, s. Moses and Anna (Swain), and Abby Robbins (third w.), wid. Charles, d. Thomas Townsend, m. PR38.]
  • Hitty [int Hitta Keter] and Richard Wheaden, June 22, 1817.
  • William M. [int. William H. Keating] and Sussanna [int. Susan] Bunker, Oct. 9, 1831. [William M. Keeting and Susan W. Bunker, d. Valentine and Lydia (Higgins), PR38.]
KEINEN (see Kennan)

KELLEY (Kelly, Kelley, Kelly)
  • Abby B. (Kelly) [int. Kelley] and Asa Meggs, Dec. 6, 1835.
  • Abigail (Killy) and John Killy, int. Oct. 1, 1768. [Kelley of Yarmouth and John Kelley from Va., m. _____ PR38.]
  • Abigail (Killy) and James Marshall, Sept. 14, 1786.
  • Avis (Killey) and Reuben Long, Feb. 26, 1807. [Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), and Reuben Long, s. Jonathan and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Betsey (Killey) and Freeman Keen, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25. 1801, int. Mar. 14, 1801]. [Betsy Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Daniel (Killey) [int. Kelly] and Phebe Barnard. July 13, 1774. [Killey, N.C.R. Kelley from Va. and Phebe Barnard, d. Benjamin and Judith (Folger), PR38]
  • Edward E. and Martha Munroe, both of N., int. Nov. 25, 1838. [Edmund G. Kelly, n. Dec. 2, CR3. Edward G. Kelley, s. Allen and Mercy (Freeman) (first w.), and Martha Munroe, d. John, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Ellen and John S. Nicholson, int. Aug. 7, 1836. "....John S. Nicholson appered and Disannuled his intention of marriage with Ellen Kelley August the 11th 1836. . ."
  • George (Kelly) [int. Killey] and Mary Snow, July 10, 1821. [Kelley, s. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), and Polly Snow, d. James and Elizabeth (Meader), PR38.]
  • Hannah (Killey) and Jonathan Pollard, Dec. 29, 1771. [Kelley, "Probably his first cousin," d. John, and Jonathan Pollard, s. George and Lydia (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Hannah B. (Kelly) [int. Kelley] of Barnstable and George K. Long [int. of N.], July 5, 1840. [Kelley, d. Levi and Sally Welden (second w.) (of Yarmouth), and George K. Long, s. Moses and Sally (Kelley), PR38.]
  • Henry A. and Anna B. Coffin, both of N., int. Sept. 30, 1838. [Kelly, m. , 1838, CR2. Kelley, s. Allen and Mercy (Freeman) (first w.), and Anna B. Coffin, d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Isaac of Saratoga, N.Y., and Mary Coffin, wid. Richard, d. Paul Starbuck and Ann (Tibbetts) (first w.), July 6, 1800, PR38.
  • James S., single, 25, merchant, of N., b. N., s. Allen and Mary of New Bedford, and Susan A. Chase, 19, of N., b. N., d. Fred[eric]k [int. adds B.] and Phebe of N., Nov. 26, 184.5, in N. [James S., s. Allen and Rebecca (second w.), and Susan A. Chase, d. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), PR38.]
  • John (Killey), s. John and Meribah of Yarmouth. Barnstable Co., and Elisabeth Pollard, d. Phillip dec'd and Mehitable of Sherborn in N.., 8th, 9 mo., "called September," 1768. in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Kelley of Yarmouth and Elizabeth Pollard, d. Philip 1st of N. and Mahitabel (Gardner), PR38.]
  • John (Killy) and Abigail Killy. int. Oct. 1, 1768. [Kelley from Va. and Abigail Kelley of Yarmouth, m. _____, PR38.]
  • John (Killey) and Sally Cleveland, int Apr. 21, 1810. [Kelley, s. John and Abigail Kelley, and Sally Cleaveland of Martha's Vineyard, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Joseph (Killey) and Sally Jackson, July 26, 1806. [Kelley, s. John and Abigail Kelley, and Sarah Jackson of Conn., PR38.]
  • Levi, s. Levi and Nabby of Osterville, and Hannah Bodfish, May 1, 1800, PR38.
  • Levi, s. Levi and Nabby of Osterville, and Sally Welden (second w.) of Yarmouth, Dec. 29, 1814, PR38.
  • Levi, s. Levi and Nabby of Osterville, and Sarah P. Lovell (fourth w.), Dec. 9. 1847, PR38.
  • Lydia, d. Benjamin, and Moses Barnard, s. David and Abigail (Starbuck). _____, PR38.
  • Maria A. of Barnstable and George C. Allen of N., July 20, 1842. [Maria A., d. Levi and Sally Welden (second w.), and George C. Allen, s. George and Kezia (Wilbur), PR38.]
  • Mary, 24, of Ireland, and George Robertson, 23, of New Brunswick, int. May 5, 1844.
  • Nathan B. of Barnstable and Judith B. Long of N., Feb. 12, 1839. [Nathan B., s. Levi of Barnstable, and Judith B. Long, d. Reuben and Avis (Kelley), PR38.]
  • Phebe (Killey) and Thomas King, Aug. 6, 1807. [Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Randell (Kelly) [int. Kelley] and Charlotte [int. adds P.] Plasket, Sept. 6 [sic, int. Oct. 4], 1835. [Randall Kelley, s. Levi and Hannah Bodfish (first w.), and Charlotte P. Plaskett, d. Joseph and Persis, PR38.]
  • Rebekah (Killey) and Jonathan Long, int. June 21, 1777. [Rebecca Kelley, d. John of Cape Cod, and Jonathan Long, s. John and Jane Luce, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Richard of N.Y. and Harriett B. Simons of N., int. May 15, 1842.
  • Sally (Killey) and Moses Long, July 17, 1808. [Sarah Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), and Moses Long, s. Samuel and Lydia Billings, PR38.]
  • Samuel [int. Kelly], widr., 38, mariner, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, Freem [int. Freeman] and Deborah of Barnstable, and Judith P. Earl [int Eearl], 30, of N., b. N., d. Nathaniel and Phebe of N., Dec. 23, 1849, in N. [Kelley of Cape Cod and Judith Earle (second w.), d. Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Sarah (see Sally).
  • Sarah W. of Barnstable and Joseph M. Folger of N, int. May 20, 1838. [Sarah W., d. Levi and Sally Welden (second w.) (of Yarmouth), and Joseph M. Folger, s. Peleg and Sally (Addlington), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Susan B. (Killey) and Lewis B. Imbert, Feb. 16, 1823. [Kelley, CR2. Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Susanna (Kelley) and Obadiah Covel, Nov. 24, 1801. [Kelley, d. John and Abigail Kelley, and Obadiah Covill, PR38.]
  • Timothy (Kelly), single, 23, laborer, of N., b. Ireland, and Bridget Haugh, 25, of N., b. Ireland, int. June 15, 1845.
  • Will[ia]m (Kelly) and Judith Pease, May 14, 1769. [Kelley [dup. Killey] and Judith Pease, d. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), PR38.]
  • ____ and Hepsabeth F. Baker, d. Abner and Maria (Crowell), _____, PR38.
  • Betsey [int. Kelogue] and Reuben Manter, Feb. 20, 1825. [Kellog, CR2. Kellogg, d. Seth and Eunice (Wyer), and Reuben Manter, s. George and Lydia, PR38.]
  • Seth and Eunice Wyer, Jan. 6, 1795. [Kellogg of Hartford and Eunice Wyer, d. Zachariah, PR38.]
KELLY (see Kelley)

  • Ebenezer and Sally Mariah Stockman, int. May 10, 1828. [Ebenezer of Charlestown and Sally Stockman, d. George A. and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (Barney), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sally M. and Anthony Catone, Apr. 17, 1836. [Sally, formerly w. Ebenezer Kelton of Charlestown, d. George A. Stockman and Hepsabeth (Coffin) (Barney), and Antone Caton, PR38.]
  • George R. of Maine and Mary Marshall [? d. Willet and Phebe of N.Y.], _____ [? before 1850], PR38.
  • Lewis H. [int Lewis Henry Wendell] and Eunice N. Rogers, Oct. 14, 1834 [Lewis Wendell, "Portuguese," PR38.]
  • Susan [int. Hendrick] of N. and William S. White of Charleston, S.C., June 2, 1840.
KENNAN (Keinen, Kennean, Kennin, Kinnaon)
  • Felix and Susan Taylor, int. Nov. 3o, 1834.
  • John (Kennean) [int Kinnean] and Love Skinner, Jan. 5, 1796. [Kennings [dup. Kinnean] and Love Skinner, d. Stephen and Mary ( Joy), PR38.]
  • Love (Kinnaon) [int. Kinnean] and James Sims, Jan. 18, 1818. [Kinnean, wid. John, d. Stephen Skinner and Mary (Joy), and James Simms, PR38.]
  • Mary T. (Kennin) [chip. Mary F., int. Mary S. Kinnin] and Joseph Sylvester, July 27, 1823. [Mary S. Kennings [dup. Kennin] (first w.), d. John and Love (Skinner), and Joseph Sylvester, s. Hannah (later w. Hezekiah Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Rosanna (Keinen) and William Mullen, May 29, 1845.
  • Henry and Matilda Barnard, d. Benjamin and Eunice (Fitch), _____, PR38.
KENNEY (see Canney).

KENNIN (see Kennan)

KENNINGS (see Kennan)

  • George, single, 31 [int. 28], farmer, of Westborough, b. Westborough, s. Amos and Abba of Westborough, and Lucretia Barnard, 30 [int 29], of N., b. N., d. Benjamin and Anna of N., June 3 [1844.], in N. ["Both deaf & dumb, CR1. George, mute, and Lucretia Barnard, d. Benjamin and Anna (Folger), PR38.]
  • Mary and Samuel Russel, int. ___[worn].
KETER (see Keeter)

  • Sam[ue]ll and Betty Barns, int Oct. 2, 1784.
  • Mary Ann and Albert C. Folger, May 2, 1847.
  • Abigail and Silvanus Allen, int Jan. 8, 1757. [Abigail, d. Stephen, and Silvanus Allen, s. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Anna and Jonathan Perry, Dec. 15, 1770. [Anna (first w.), d. Stephen and Mercy Godfrey, PR38.]
  • Benjamin and Mary Coffin, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. May 5, 1798]. [Capt Benjamin, s. Stephen and Eunice Knowles, and Mary Coffin, d. Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), m. "between 1797 or 8," PR38.]
  • Betsey and Benjamin Raymond, Nov. 24, 1793. [Erizabeth (first w.), d. Stephen and Eunice Knowles, and Benjamin Raymond, s. William and Lydia (Weeks), PR38.]
  • Hepz[iba]h and Michael Flynn, int Oct. 31, 1767.
  • James of N. and Anna Baker of Yarmouth, July 21, 1774, in Yarmouth.
  • Mary and John Smith, Apr. 2, 1767. [Mary, d. Stephen and Mercy [dup. Mary] Godfrey, and John Smith, s. Henry Sr. and Priscilla (Chase), PR38.]
  • Mary and John Chadwick, Oct 16, 1794. [Mary, d. Stephen Jr. and Eunice Knowles, and John Chadwick of Falmouth, PR38.]
  • Sally and Jeffrey Delano [int. Jeffery Delano], both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., Nov. 6, 1791. [Sarah, d. Stephen and Eunice Knowles, and Jeffry Delano, PR38.]
  • Stephen and Mercy Godfrey, Apr. 3, 1735. [, 4 mo., PR38. Godfery, both of N., Apr. 3, PR68.]
  • Stephen and Eunice Knowls [int Knowles], Mar. 1, 1767. [Knowls, N.C.R. Stephen Jr.., s. Stephen and Mercy Godfrey, and Eunice Knowles of "the Vineyard," PR38.]
KIERNAN (see also Kearman)
  • Bridget and Telemachus B. Coffin, s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), _____, PR38.
  • Emebine [int Emmeline E. Kilborn] and Alexander [int. adds M.] Chase, June 26, 1831. [Emeline Kilburn, d. Ralph and Hepsabeth (Chadwick), and Alexander Chase, s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), PR38.]
  • Ralph [int. Kilborn] and Hepzabah [int. Hepzibah] Chadwick, Mar. 15, 1804. [Kilburn of Colchester and Hepsibeth Chadwick, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), PR38.]
KILLEY (see Kelley)

KILLY (see Kelley)

  • Mary [int Hilson] and John Marsh [int. coulared], June 15, 1826.
KIMBAL (Kimble, Kimbling)
  • Elizabeth S. (Kimble) [int. Kimball] and John Merrit [int. of Boston], Sept 21, 1837.
  • Moses [int. Kimble] and Eliza S. Manter, June z 1829. [Kimball and Eliza S Manter, d. George, PR38.]
  • Williamm (Kimbling) and Jedidah Daggett int Dec. 1, I770.
  • Corrella C. and Joseph Edwards, int. Oct. 31, 1847.
  • Eliza E. and Stephen [int adds W.] Luce, Dec. 23, 1844.
  • Franklin of Boston and Sarah C. Gelston of N.., int Sept 5, 1841. [m. Sept 23, CR2. Sarah, d. Samuel and Sally (Cartwright) (Clark) (second w.), m. Sept 23, PR38.]
  • Harriet of Ravenna, Ohio, and Henry Swain Coffin, s. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), _____, PR38.
  • Jane and James P. Wilson, June 15, 1846.
  • John E. and Mary B. Mitchell, both of N., May 15, 1842. [John B., M.D., and Mary B. Mitchell, d. Seth and Lydia, PR38.]
  • Joseph and Mary Jethro, int July 19, 1794.
  • Joseph and Tabatha Marsh, int. Nov. 7, 1801.
  • Levi and Margaret Ross, Oct. 19, 1806. [Peggy, d. Isaac and Peggy (Chase), "moved to Ohio," PR38.]
  • Mary of Martha's Vineyard and Ebenezer Dunham, s. Jethro and Lydia (Tilton), Jan. 17, 1816, PR38.
  • Mary Ann and Charles B. Pitts, July 23, 1829. [Mary Ann, d. Thomas and Phebe (Kelley), and Charles B. Pitts, s. William and Saloma (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Nancy [int. Wing] and Charles Thompson [int. Thomson], Sept. 28, 1825. [Nancy F. King, d. Robert of Martha's Vineyard and Mary, and Charles Thompson, PR38.]
  • Samuel of N.Y. and Mary Phelan of Halifax, N.S., int Sept 26, 1841.
  • Susan B. of N. and William Hammond Jr. of New Bedford, int. July 5, 1840. [Susan, d. Thomas and Phebe (Kelley), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Thomas and Phebe Killey, Aug. 6, 1807. [Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Thomas and Cloea Jones, int. Oct. 14, 1820.
  • Thomas and Eliza [int. adds Ann] Cooper, Dec. 31, 1827.
  • Thomas B, single, 30 [int. 29], mariner, b. N., s. Thomas and Phebe, and Mary B. Long, 24, b. N., d. Moses and Sally, all of N., Sept 15, 1844, in N. [Thomas B., s. Thomas and Phebe (Kelley), and Mary B. Long, d. Moses and Sally (Kelley), PR38.]
  • Thomas D. of Falmouth, Va., and Lucreatia Chase [int. of N.], Nov. 13, 1840. [Lucretia, d. Shubael and Hepsileth (Swain), PR38].
  • William and Eunice Smith, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Nov. 11, 1820] . [Ring, Nov. 30, 1820, CR2. King, s. Rufus and Margaret DeWolf, and Eunice Smith (first w.), d. Armstrong and Eunice (Marshall) (first w.), PR38.]
  • William and Luraney Penrose, Aug. 14, 1828.
  • Tilley and Anna Clark, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), _____, PR38.
  • Henry A. and Sarah Baker, int Oct. 30, 1831. [Henry A., s. Mason and Betsy of Bristol, R.I., and Sarah Baker of Cape Cod, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Lucretia S. (see Lucretia Skinnamon).
KINNAON (see Kennan)

KINNEAN (see Kennan)

  • Peter and Sarah Coffin, d. Abishai and Sarah (Long), _____, PR38.
KITHCART (see Cathcart)

  • William S., single, 31, student of Divinity, of Fall River, and Sarah B. Coffin, 33, of N., d. Isaac and Margaret of N., Nov. 28, 1844, in N. [Sarah Barker Coffin, d. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), PR38.]
KNIGHTS (Knight)
  • Jonas [int. Nights] and Parnel Earl, Aug. 18, 1831. [Knight and Parnal E. Carr, d. Moses and Mary (Earl), PR38.]
  • Parnell and John R. Phiteplace, Nov. 17, 1847.
  • Samuel (Knight) and Rachel Chase, d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 19th, 7 mo. 1700, PR38.
KNOWLES (Knowls)
  • Benjamin of N., s. William dec'd and Avis of N., and Rebecca Macy, d. Peieg and Sarah of N., 2d, 3 mo. 1826, in N. CR4. [Rebecca, d. Peleg and Sarah (Wendell) (Starbuck), _, 1 mo., PR38.]
  • Eunice (Knowls) [int. Knowles] and Stephen Kidder, Mar. 1, 1767. [Knowls, N.C.R. Knowles of "the Vineyard" and Stephen Kidder Jr., s. Stephen and Mercy Godfrey, PR38.]
  • John and Susan Hull, Sept. 7, 1817. [John, s. William and Avis, and Susan Hull, d. William and Lydia (Whiteus), PR38.]
  • Susanna and Abraham Blish, Feb. 27, 1825. [Susan, wid. John, d. William Hull and Lydia (Whiteus), 27th, 7 mo., PR38.]
  • Thomas P., Dr., single, 26, of Barnstable [int. [of] N.Y.], and Mary Ann Coggeshall, 26 [int. 25], of N., b. N., d. Robert and Betsey of N., Oct. 30, 1844, in N. [Mary Ann, d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Esther [int. Kabeneck] and William Mingo, Mar. 5, 1767. [Komeneck, N.C.R. Homeneck, both of Sherborn on N., PR68.]
  • Betsey and Elishai Coffin Jr., s. Elishai and Mary (Gardner), _____, in London, PR38.
  • Jane and William [int. Willis] S. Dolbey [int. colourd], "both now residents of Nantucket," Dec. 7, 1835.
LAHA (Larhey)
  • Experience and Nimphus Crocker, int. Mar. 26, 1814.
  • William (Larhey) [int. Larhy] and Miss Hepibeth [int. Hepsabeth] Newbegin, July 19, 1829. [Laha and Hepzibah, d. George. PR38.]
LAKENS (see Likins)

  • Betsey and George Luce, Apr. 19, 1810. [Betsey [dup. Eliza], d. Abel and Deborah (Gardner), and George Luce, s. Jason of Tisbury, PR38.]
  • Eliza (see Betsey and Elizabeth).
  • Eliza C. and Charles Ramsdell, Dec. 6, 1846.
  • Elizabeth and Josiah Marshall, Dec. 18, 1777. [Eliza, wid. Jeremiah, d. David Manning, and Josiah Marshall, s. James and Patience Rider, PR38.]
  • Gardner and Susan B. Crosby [dup. Crossley], Feb. 10, 1824. [Paul Gardner Lamb, s. Abel and Deborah (Gardner), and Susan B. Crosby, d. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Jeremiah and Eliz[abet]h Manning, July 14, 1774. [Eriza, d. David, PR38.]
  • John and Phebe Macy, d. Joseph and Mary (Starbnck), Oct. 24, 1799 [in New Garden, N.C.], PR38.
  • Mary and Bethuel Coleman, June 8, 1814.
  • Nancy and William Clasby, July 16, 1820. [Nancy, d. Abel and Deborah (Gardner), and William Clasby, s. Abraham and Sarah (Ray), PR38.]
  • Paul Gardner (see Gardner).
LAMBERT (see Lumbert)

  • Edwin of Boston and Mary Swift, d. Paul and Dorcas (Gardner), , 1846, PR38.
  • Fanny and [int. Dr.) Oliver C. Bartlett [int. Bartlet], Apr. 9, 1820. [Francis [sic, dup. Fanny] Lampson of Boston and Oliver Cromwell Bartlett, s. Dr. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), PR38. Fanny Lamson of Boston and Dr. ____ Bartlett, PR64.]
  • Caroline S. of Barnstable and William H. Skinner of N., Oct. 25, 1840 [? in N. Bridgewater]. [William H., s. Stephen and Nancy (Perry), PR38.]
  • Content [int. adds P.] and Charles J. Barney, Nov. 12, 1835. [Content of Martha's Vineyard and Charles Joy Barney, s. William and Sarah (Joy), PR38.]
  • Harriet N. and Charles E. Macy, Mar. 29, 1846.
  • Hepzibeth [int Hepzabeth] and John Narsher [int Narshar], Mar. 26, 1795.
  • James and Mary Coffin, int Dec. 12, 1767.
  • James and Ruth Johnson, int.. Oct. 12, 1771.
  • Nancy and William Gwinn, s. Thaddeus and Mercy Bradlee of Salem, ___, 1822, PR38.
  • Sarah and William Glover, int. Dec. 10, 1774.
LANGLON (see Longton)

LANGTON (see Longton)

LARHEY (see Laha)

LARTHROP (see Lothrop)

LASSON (see Lawson)

LATEN (see Lawton)

  • James [int. Loth] and Elizabeth Merchant [int Marchant], May 19, 1812. [Loth and Elizabeth Merchant, CR2.]
LATHROP (see Lothrop)

  • George of Ohio and Mary Coffin, wid. Josiah P., d. Dr. Roland Gelston and Love, Feb, , 1835, PR33.
LATIN (see Lawton)

LAVENSTON (see Livingston)

  • Lewis R., single, 23, carpenter, of N., b. Halifax [int. adds N.S.], s. W[illia]m H. and Susan of Halifax, N.S., and Mary E. Beard, 20, of N., b. N., d. John [int. Jona[than]] B. and Hannah of N., Nov. 23, 1847, in N. [Mary, d. John B. and Hannah (Earl), PR38.]
LAW (see also Low)
  • James [int. Long] and Lydia Marshall, Jan. 23, 1810. [James Law of Scotland and Lydia Marshall, wid. John, d. Solomon Coleman Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), PR38.]
  • James A. and Phebe Macy, both of N., Oct. 1, 1843. [Low, CR1. Law, s. James and Lydia (Coleman) (Marshall), and Phebe Macy, d. Thomas W. and Lydia B. (Townsend), PR38.]
  • Lydia L. and Edward H. Coffin, Jan. 24, 1830. [Lydia, d. James and Lydia (Coleman) (Marshall), and Edward H. Coffin, s. Owen and Jedidah (Hall), PR38.]
  • Sarah of N. and John H. Southworth of S. Dartmouth, int. July 23, 1843. [Sarah, d. James and Lydia (Coleman) (Marshall), m. 6th, 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Andrew and Mary Abby Clark, int. Nov. 4, 1838. [m. Nov. 22, CR2. Andrew of Boston and Mary Abby Clark, d. Matthew and Sarah (Cartwright), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Benjamin [int. Lawrence] and Eliza Pitman, Dec. 9, 1824. [Lawrence, CR2. Lawrence, s. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Elizabeth Pitman, d. Robert and Elizabeth (Hall) (Pitman) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Charles and Hepzibah [dup. Hepsibeth, int. Hephzibah] Bunker, Aug. 30, 1821. [Hepsa, CR2. Charles, s. Jeremiah and Eunice (Baxter), and Hepsibeth Bunker, d. Moses and Mary (Wyer), PR38.]
  • Charles Spencer [int. omits Spencer] and Eunice Abrahams, Oct 9, 1808. [Charles S., s. George and Judith (Spencer), and Eunice Abrahams, d. William and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Eliza and Alanson Swain, both of Feb. 15, 1842. [Eliza, d. Charles and Hepsabeth (Bunker), and Alanson Swain, s. Obed B. and El"liCe (Carpenter) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Eber Coffin, June 10, 1797. [Elizabeth, wid. James, d. Jonathan Pitts and Huldah (Coleman), and Eber Coffin, s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) of Hudson, N.Y., PR38.]
  • Eunice and Frederic C. Swain, both of N., int. May 10, 1840.
  • Eunice, wid. Charles, William Abrahms, and Zaccheus Barnard, s. Thomas and Ruth, _____, PR38.
  • Francis and Eliza Smith, int. Dec. 16, 1832. [Francis, s. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Elizabeth Smith of Sandwich, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Frederick, organist, and Winifred Coffin, d. Capt. William Henry and Lurania (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Frederick W. and Susan B. Hussey, both of N., int. Sept. 2, 1838. [m. Sept 17, CR2. Frederick W., s. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Susan Hussey, d. Peter and Mary (Mooers), m. _____, PR38.]
  • George and Mary Coffin, int. Mar. 8, 1760. [George of Alexandria, Va., and Mary Coffin, d. Peter and Deborah, m. _____, PR38.]
  • George, s. George and Mehetabel dec'd of Newport, Newport Co., R.I., and Judith Coffin, d. Daniel dec'd and Elisabeth of Sherborn in N., 28th, 11 mo., "called November." 1765, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [George of Alexandria, Va., and Judith Coffin (second w.), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Stretton), PR38.]
  • George, s. George and Judith of Sherburn in N., and Judith Spencer, d. Oliver and Judith of Sherburn in N., 28th, 1 mo. 1790, in Sherburn in N., CR4. [George, s. George and Judith (Coffin) (second w.), and Judith Spencer, d. Oliver and Judith (Allen), PR38.]
  • George A. and Emeline Swain, Mar. 24, 1833. [George A., s. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Emeline Swain, d. Seth and Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], PR38.]
  • James and Elizabeth Pits [int. Pitts], Apr. 10, 1794. [James, s. James, and Elizabeth Pitts, d. Jonathan and Huldah (Coleman), PR38.]
  • James C. and Mary R. Fisher, Apr. 28, 1833. [James, s. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Mary R. Fisher, d. Amaziah (s. Nathaniel and Naomi) and Lurania (Whippey), PR38.]
  • James Coffin, s. George and Judith of N., and Jedidah Swain, d. Francis and Lydia of N., 7th, 3 mo. 1798, in N., CR4. [James C., s. George and Judith (Coffin) (second w.), and Jedidah Swain, d. Francis and Lydia (Barker), PR38.]
  • Jeremiah and Eunice Baxter, May 28, 1795. [Jeremiah of Hudson [N.Y.] and Eunice Baxter, d. Christopher and Mary (Worth), PR38.]
  • John K. of Falmouth and Harriet Clark, d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), _____, PR38.
  • Joseph B. and Harriet C. Pinkham, both of N., Nov. 1, 1836, in N. [Harriet C., d. Obed and Rebecca Hatch, PR38.]
  • Justin and Charlotte S. Pinkham, Apr. 24, 1832. [Charlotte S., d. Henry and Avis (Swain), PR38.]
  • Lucy S. of Charlestown and Frederick Folger of N, July 5, 1842. [Frederic, s. Uriah and Anna (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Lydia [int. Lawrance} of N. and Job [int adds C.] Clark, May 15, 1821. [Lawrence, d. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Job C. Clark, s. Seth and Anna Chase, PR38.]
  • Maria Otis of Barnstable and George Fisher of N., int. Oct. 23, 1840.
  • Mary and Benjamin Franklin Folger, 9th, 12 mo. 1790, CR4.
  • Mary and Barzillai R. Weeks, int Sept. 16, 1826.
  • Mary and Edward H. Paddack. June 30, 1831. [Mary, d. James C. and Jedidah (Swain), and Edward H. Paddack, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, PR38.]
  • Sarah B. [int. Lawrance] and Benjamin Alley, both of N., Aug. 31, 1828. [Lawrence, d. Joseph of Osterville, and Benjamin Alley, s. Richard and Martha (Alley), PR38.]
  • William, s. George and Judith (Coffin), and Rebecca Marl, 3d, 2 mo. 1803, PR41.
LAWSON (Lasson, Losson)
  • David (Losson) and Sarah Bowcot, June 11, 1744. ["Lesson or Lawson," in N., PR38.]
  • Sarah and Matthew Ellis, Feb. 22, 1749-50. [Sarah, wid. David, and Matthew Ellis, s. Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), PR38.]
  • Thomas (Lasson) [int. Lawson] of N. and Thankful [int. Thankfull] Hammett of Edgartown, Dec. 1, 1768, in Edgartown.
LAWTON (Laten, Lotin)
  • John (Lotin) and Jane Frazier, June 28, 1772.
  • Jonathan and Polly Swift. Aug. , 1807. [Mary, PR38.]
  • Juliann [dup. Susanna, int. Juliann N.] and James T. Goodridge [dup. Goodredge, omits T., int. Goodgrdge], Oct 6, 1823.
  • Sarah Ann, Miss, and Charles Swain, both of N., Oct. 28, 1836. [Sarah of Newport, R.I., d. Josiah, and Charles Swain, s. Franklin and Anna (Cathcart), PR38.]
  • Susanna (see Juliann).
  • Thomas (Laten) [int. Latin] and Nabby [int. Nabba] Weldin, June 2, 1806.
  • ____ and Sarah Barney, d. Jacob and Dorcas (Barnard), _____, PR38.
  • John and Sarah Coffin, d. Charles and Mary Barrett, , 7 mo. 1750, PR38.
  • Sarah and Christopher Billy, int. Nov. 11, 1769.
  • P. S., Dr., and Mary Abby Bunker, d. George M. and Abby (Holmes), _____, PR38.
  • James M. of Boston and Rebecca H. Simmonds of N., Apr. 30, 1837.
  • Ann B. and Dudley Morgin, int June 29, 1822.
  • Deborah and Charles H. Robinson, int Oct 4, 1817.
  • Love and Dennis Brockway, Jan. 2, 1812.
  • Love and Amboy Howland, Aug. 10, 1817. [Love Lee, black, CR2.]
  • Michael and Love Peters, June 9, 1793.
  • Robert of Philadelphia [Pa.] and Rebecca G. Phinney of Barnstable, int. Apr. 12, 1840. [m. _____, PR38.]
  • Susan of Philadelphia, Pa., and Charles H. Robinson, s. William and Sally (Hayden), _____, PR38.
  • John J. [int. Joseph] and Deborah Hussey, Oct. 21, 1824. [John J., "Frenchman," and Deborah Hussey (first w.), d. Silvanus and Prudence (Pease), PR38.]
  • Prudence P. and George Worth, June 1, 1845.
LEGGETT (Legget)
  • Joseph Jr. (Legget) and Elizabeth Jenkins, 3d, 9 mo. 1806. CR4.
  • Thomas H. merchant, of New York City, s. Joseph dec'd and Miriam, and Avis Jenkins, d. Jonathan and Sarah of N., 17th, 7 mo. 1811, in N., CR4. [Avis, d. Jonathan and Sarah (Waterman), PR38.]
LEMON (Leman)
  • John, single, 26, mariner, b. N. [int. Portugal], and Chloe Ann Simmons, 20, b. N., d. Clarissa, all of N. July 20, 1845, in N.
  • Robert P. (Leman) of Newport, R.I., and Nancy M. Fisher [int. of N.]. May 19, 1839.
LEONARD (Lennord, Leynard)
  • Harriet and George Washington, colured, int. July 4, 1829.
  • Joseph, s. John and Abigail, and Phebe Macy, d. Henry and Sarah (Swain), Feb. 22, 1787 [ ? in New Garden, N.C.], PR38.
  • Lucretia (Lennord) [int. Linnard] and Thomas Jones, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. Dec. 4, 1819]. [Linnard, black, Dec. 23, 1819. CR2.]
  • Phebe, d. Joseph and Phebe, and Moses Coffin, s. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), _____, PR38.
  • Rose (Leynard) and Richard Mooney, Nov. 22. 1835.
  • ____, s. Joseph and second w, and Anna Coffin, d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), _____, PR38.
LESSON (see Lawson)

  • Jeremiah and Eunice Coleman, May 20, 1806. [Eunice, d. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), "moved off in 1812," PR38.]
LEWIS (see also Luce)
  • Ann and Benjamin Allen, int Jan. 22, 1825. [Ann of Martha's Vineyard and Benjamin Allen, s. David and Susan (Meader), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Benjamin and Patty Peterson, int. Aug. 6, 1837.
  • Betsey and William Bennett 2d [int. Bennet, omits 2d], Mar. 16, 1834. [Betsey, wid. Freeman, and William Bennett, s. Stephen of Sandwich. PR38.]
  • Dinah and John Pompey, June 26, 1783.
  • Dorca [int. Dorcas] N. and Ansel L. Snow, June 14, 1830. [Dorcas (first w.), d. Freeman and Betsey (Cammett), and Ansel L. Snow, s. Jonathan and Naomi of Barnstable, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth F. and Willard E. Slade, Aug. 22, 1847.
  • George, single, 24 [int. mariner], of N., b. Fayall, s. ____ of Fayall, and Miss Eliza Ann Smith, 20, of N.., b. N., Nov. 11, 1847, in N.
  • Henry R. of Barnstable and Seraphine Handy of N., Dec. 9, 1838.
  • John and Elizabeth Paddleford, int. July 7, 1821.
  • John and Maria Gibbs, Aug. 4, 1831. [John, a Portuguese," and Maria Gibbs, d. Samuel and Mercy (Nye). PR38.]
  • Joseph of St. Nicholas and Julia W. Robinson of Philadelphia [Pa.], June 21, 1840, in N.
  • Loren and Merab Brayton. [int. Mareb Bratin], July 9, 1815. [Loring and Merib Brayton, CR2.]
  • Lydia and Nathaniell Bunker, July 13, 1779. [Lydia of Barnstable and Nathaniel Bunker, s. Reuben and Mary (Chase), PR38.]
  • Maria, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Thomas Ray, both residents of N, Feb. 28, 1836. [Maria, wid. John, "a Portaguese," d. Samuel Gibbs and Mercy (Nye), and Thomas Ray, "a Portuguese," PR38.]
  • Matthew and Sarah Pease, both residents of N., Dec. 3, 1835. [Matthew, "a Portuguese," and Sarah H. Pease, formerly w. Matthew Pease, PR38.]
  • Peleg [int. Peter] and Diana Fortune, Mar. 28, 1778.
  • Prince and Harriet Coffin, d. Daniel and Mary (Gardner), _____, in Kenebec. PR38.
  • Rebekah and Freeman Swain, Jan. 5, 1772. [Rebecca, d. ____ of Cape Cod, and Freeman Swain, s. Nathaniel and Jane (Smith), PR38.]
  • Sally and Willis Smith Dolby, int. May 6, 1832.
  • Sarah B. and David C. Harps, June 13, 1827. [Sarah B., d. ____ (later w. Simeon Fisher), and David Harps, s. John and Eunice (Chadwick), PR38.]
  • Simeon L., single, 26, mariner, of N., and Eliza R. Gibbs, 24 [int 25, dup. and int. of N.], d. Stephen and Deborah, Mar. 17, 1844, in N. [Simeon, s. Freeman and Betsey (Cammett), and Eliza R. Gibbs, d. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), PR38.]
  • Thankfull [and] ____ ___[worn], int Sept. 23, 1749.
  • ____ of Ohio and Mary Ellis, d. Elishai Jr. and Anna (Swain), _____, PR38.
  • ____ of N.Y. and Edmond Fanning, s. Phineas and Kezia (Coffin), _____, PR38.
LEYNARD (see Leonard)

L'HOMMEDIEU (L'Homidieu, L'Hummadieu, L'Hunmedieu)
  • Benjamin (L'Hummadieu) [int. L'Hummedieu] and Bethiah Gibson, Apr. 11, 1809. [L'Hommedieu and Bethiah Gibson (first w.), d. Robert and Patience (Hall), PR38.]
  • Benjamin (L'Hummedieu) and Amelia Perry, Oct. 15, 1814. [L'Hommedieu and Amelia Perry (second w.), d. Jonathan and Susanna (Gardner) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Benjamin (L'Homidieu) [int. L'Hommedieu] Jr. and Sarah L. Coffin, both of N., Jan. 29. 1839, in N. [L'Hommedieu, CR4. L'Hommedieu Jr., s. Benjamin and Amelia (Perry) (second w.), and Sarah L. Coffin, d. William M. and Mary (Burdett), PR38.]
  • Charles B., s. Benjamin and Amelia, and Charlotte Coffin, d. Hezediah and Sarah, 19th, 3 mo. 1845, in Brooklyn, N.Y., PR38.
  • Mary Arm, Miss, and William C. Childs, both of N., June 18, 1841. [Mary Ann, d. Benjamin and Amelia (Perry) (second w.), and William C. Childs, s. William, PR38.]
  • Susan G. and William C. Ray, Jan. 9, 1845.
  • Lucy of Conn. and John Bartlett, s. John and Susanna (Southworth), _____, PR38.
LICKENS (see Likins)

  • Nancy and John Carter, coloured [int. black], Dec. 10, 1830.
  • Richard W. [int Likens], single, 27, carpenter, of N. [int. Philadelphia, Pa.] , b. Philad[elphi]a, and Nancy S. Hinckley, 23, of N., b. Barnstable, d. Harvey and Caroline of N., Mar. 13, 1845, in N. [Likens of Phila[delphi]a, CR1. Rich W. Lakens of Philadelphia and Nancy S. Hinckley, d. Harvey and Caroline C. Smith of Barnstable, PR38.]
LIMUS (Lymas)
  • Patience (Lymas) and George Fenix, int Feb. 15, 1806.
  • Prince and Patience Boston, Nov. 5, 1772.
  • Frances and Richard Mitchel Jr., int. Apr. 16, 1814. [ [dup. Fanny] d. Rev. Henry of Falmouth, and Richard Mitchell, s. Paul and Merib, _____, PR38.]
  • Gamaliel and Jane Coffin, d. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), _____, PR38.
  • ____, Rev., and Sukey Crocker, Feb. , 1790, PR64.
  • William W. B. of Whitehall, Washington Co., NY., and Lucy W. Raymond of N., Feb. 28, 1841, in E. Boston. [William B. of Woburn and Lucy Raymond, d. Elisha and Sarah (sister of Cassandra Smith), PR38.]
LINDSEY (Linesey)
  • John (Linesey) Jr., single, b. N., and Elizabeth W. Read, _____ [int. July 6, 1845], in Fall River.
  • Sophia M. and John Stetson, int. Sept. 20, 1835. [Sophia (second w.), Rev. John, and John Stetson, s. Barzillai and Naomi (Paddack) (second w.), m. _____, PR38.]
LINES (Loines)
  • Araminta and Daniel P. Brown, s. John and Deborah (Myrick), _____, PR38.
  • John (Loines), s. Stephen and Sybil of N.Y., and Mary Bunker, d. Reuben and Abigail (Barnard), _____, PR38.
LINESEY (see Lindsey)

  • Obed (see Obed Long).
LINNARD (see Leonard)

  • Abigail [int. adds. Stirges] of N. and Oliver Sampson, Dec. 6, 1821.
LION (see Lyon)

  • George Jr., single, 24., carpenter, of N. [int. Freeport, Me.], b. Freeport, Me., s. Geo[rge] and Mary [int. May] of Freeport, and Harriet A. Bennett [int. Harriet Augusta Bennet], 18, of N., b. N., d. Cha[rle]s and Lucy of N., Nov. 18, 1844, in N. [Harriet Augusta Bennett, CR1. Harriet Bennett, d. Charles C. and Celia (Merry), PR38.]
  • Lewis and Sally Bunker, d. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Lydia, wid. Moses, d. Tristram Coffin and Judith (Greenleaf) (Somerby), and John Pike, _____ [? before 1850.]
  • Paul and Patty Coffin, Oct. 25, 1801.
  • Paul and Betsey Ross, int. Apr. 6, 1811.
  • Sable [int Sabel] and Essex Boston, Dec. 29, 1803.
  • James [int Lavenston] and Typhosa Raffe [int. Tyfosey Rafe], Jan. 9, 1817. [Levingston and Triphosa Rafe, black, CR2.]
LOCK (see also Look)
  • Anna and James Burrel, Jan. 14, 1783. [Burrell, N.C.R. PR38.]
  • John and Abigail Mayo, July 9, 1775.
LOFBOROUGH (see Loofbourow)

  • Lydia, wid. Robert, d. John Coffin and Deborah (Austin), and John Draper of Boston, _____, PR38.
  • Robert and Lydia Coffin, d. John and Deborah (Austin), _____, PR38.
LOINES (see Lines)

LOMBARD (see Lumbert)

  • Abigail and Samuel [int. Samuell] Raymond, Jan. 2, 1766. [Samuel, N.C.R. Abigail, d. James and Eleanor (Chase), and. Samuel Raymond, PR38.]
  • Abraham [int. Abram] and Heph[ziba]h [int. Heppy] Johnson, Feb. 14, 1771. [Abraham and Hephzibah Johnson, Feb. 7, N.C.R. Abraham, s. James and Eleanor (Chase), and Hepzibah Johnson (first w.), d. Daniel and Jedidah (Ellis), PR38.]
  • Abraham and Elizabeth Coffin, Oct. 26, 1797. [Abraham, s. Samuel and Lydia Billings, and Elizabeth Coffin, d. James Esq. and Jeanette (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Abram (see Abraham).
  • Abram and Mary Marshall, int. Oct. 5, 1776. [Abraham, s. James and Eleanor (Chase), and Mary Marshall (second w.), d. James and Patience, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Anna and Shubael Pinkham, Nov. 11, 1790. [Anna, d. Samuel and Lydia Billings, and Shubael Pinkham, s. Shubael and Mary (Coleman) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Aurelia J. and Moses K. Meader, Jan. 24, 1847.
  • Barnabas and Prissilla [int. Priscilla] Swain, Feb. 22, 1749. [Barnabas, s. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and Priscilla. Swain, d. Eliakim and Elizabeth (Arthur) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Benjamin B., single, 23, mariner, b. N., s. Reuben and Avis, and Ann Maria James, 19, b. N., d. Thomas and Elizlabelth P. [int. Betsey, omits P.], all of N., Feb. 4, 1849, m N. [Benjamin B., s. Reuben and Avis (Kelley), and Ann Maria James (first w.), d. Thomas and Elizabeth (Winslow), PR38.]
  • Christian and Elisha Ellis, Oct. 11, 1744. [Christian, d. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), and Elishai Ellis, s. Mordecai and Margaret (Swain), PR38.]
  • Daniel and Thankfull Jones, Dec. 14, 1737. [Daniel, s. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and Thankful Jones, d. Thomas and Hannah Butler, PR38.]
  • David and Abby Perry, int. May 30, 1818. [David, s. Richard and Elizabeth (Foster), and Abigail Perry of New Bedford, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Deborah and Benjamin Coleman, int. Sept 28, 1776. [Deborah, d. Daniel and Thankful (Jones), and Benjamin Coleman Jr.., s. Benjamin of Sag Harbor, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Deb[ora]h and Simeon Ellis, int. Sept. 18, 1779. [Deborah, d. Peter and Christian (Coffin), and Simeon Ellis, s. Matthew and Sarah, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Deborah R. of N. and John H. Cole of N.Y., July 29, 1841. [Deborah R., d. George and Nancy H. Maxfield, and John Cole of New Bedford, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Benjamin Eastes, 11th, 9 mo. 1719, CR4.
  • Elizabeth and John Way, Dec. 20, 1750. [Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), and John Way 3d, "her cousin.," PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Abihu Coffin, Mar. 3, 1791. [Elizabeth, d. John and Jane Luce, and Abihu Coffin, s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Ebenezer Raymond, June 5, 1800. [Elizabeth (second w.), wid. William, d. Barzillai Coleman and Abigail (Way), and Ebenezer Raymond, s. Ebenezer and ____ Tupper (first w.), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth Ann and Gideon Worth, Nov. 7, 1847.
  • Ellen, Miss, 19, of N., b. Ireland, and John Smith, single, 23, mariner, of N., b. London, s. Daniel and Sarah of London, int. Apr. 22, 1848.
  • Emeline and Nathan Walker, Oct. 11, 1835. [Emmeline, d. Reuben and Avis (Kelley), PR38.]
  • Eunice and Newcomb Colesworthy [int. Coleworthy], Feb. 1, 1784. [Colesworthy, N.C.R. Eunice, d. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.), and Charles Newcomb Colesworthy, PR38.]
  • Eunice and Elijah Cash, Jan. 16, 1794. [Eunice, d. Paul and Susan (Cleaveland), and Elijah Cash, s. William and Mary (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Eunice and Jededial [int. Jedediah] Briggs, Mar. 9, 1803. [Eunice, wid. Obed, d. Job Myrick, and Jedidah Briggs of Wareham, PR38.]
  • George K. [int. of N.] and Hannah B. Kelly [int. Kelley] of Barnstable, July 5, 1840. [ George K. Moses and Sally (Kelley), and Hannah B. Kelley, d. Levi and Sally Welden (second w.) (of Yarmouth). PR38.]
  • Hannah and Church Clark, Dec. 12, 1754. [Hannah, d. John and Jane Luce, and Church Clark, s. Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), PR38.]
  • Hepzibah [int. Hepzabeth] and Andrew Macy, May 27, 1801. [Hepsibeth, d. Abraham and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), and Andrew Macy, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock), PR38.]
  • James (see James Law).
  • Jemima and Isaac Myrick, Apr. 14, 1760. [Jemima, d. John and Jane Luce, and Isaac Myrick, s. Isaac, PR38.]
  • Jerusha and Joseph Manter, Apr. 26, 1755. [Jerusha, d. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • John and Jane Luce, Aug. 7, 1735. [John, s. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and Jane Luce of Martha's Vineyard, PR38. both of Sherbon on N., PR68.]
  • John of Sherbourn [in N.] and Hannah Pease of Edgartown, Oct. 24, 1765, in Edgartown.
  • Jonathan and Sarah Brown, Feb. 8, 1759. [Jonathan, s. John and Jane Luce, and Sarah Brown, d. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Jon[atha]n and Rebekah Killey, int. June 21, 1777. [Jonathan, s. John and Jane Luce, and Rebecca Kelley, d. John of Cape Cod, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Joseph and Rebecca Swift, Apr. 29, 1802. [Joseph. s. Samuel and Lydia Billings, and Rebecca Swift of Sandwich, PR38.]
  • Josiah C. and Mary C. Ray, Apr. 11, 1833. [Capt. Josiah C., s. Abraham and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Mary Ray, d. Alexander and Nancy (Russell) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Judith and Nathaniell Russell, int. Jan. 18, 1766. [Judith, d. John and Jane Luce, and Nathaniel Russell, s. Benjamin and Rebecca. (Gardner), m. _____. PR38.]
  • Judith B. of N. and Nathan B. Kelley of Barnstable. Feb. 12, 1839. [Judith B., d. Reuben and Avis (Kelley), and Nathan B. Kelley, s. Levi of Barnstable, PR38.]
  • Kezia and Paul Giles, int. Oct 11, 1766.
  • Lois and Benjamin Barney, 10th, 4 mo. 1777, CR4.
  • Lydia and Ebenezer Coleman, Nov. 28, 1780. [Lydia, wid. Nathan, d. Solomon Pinkham and Eunice (Gardner), and Ebenezer Coleman, s. Joseph and Rachael (Norton), PR38.]
  • Lydia and Silvanus Coffin, Sept. 17, 1789. [Lydia, d. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.), and Silvanus Coffin, s. Ephraim and Sarah, PR38.]
  • Lydia B. and George W. Chase, int May 9, 1818. [Lydia, d. Obed and Eunice (Myrick), and George W. Chase, s. Nathan and Sally (Nobles), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Lydia B. of N. and Barnabas E. Bourne of Falmouth, Aug. 4, 1839. [Lydia B., d. Abraham and Elizabeth (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Martha B. and Benjamin Taber, May 31, 1846.
  • Mary and John Way, both of N., Nov. 23, 1721. [Mary, d. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and John Way, s. John and Abigail, PR38.]
  • Mary and Wllliam Chadwick, Nov. 13, 1766. [Mary, d. Daniel and Thankful (Jones), and William Chadwick, s. Daniel and Hannah (Meader), PR38.]
  • Mary and Elijah Pease, both of N., June 15, 1800. [Mary, wid. Abraham, d. James Marshall and Patience, and Dr. Elijah Pease, s. Matthew and Mary, PR38. Mrs. Mary and Dr. Abraham [sic] Pease, PR64.]
  • Mary and James Chase 2d, Sept. 1, 1803. [Mary, d. Abraham and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), and James Chase, s. James and Mercy (Godfrey), PR38.]
  • Mary, wid. Nathan, d. Brown Folger and Mary (Coffin), and John Dotey of Saratoga, _____, PR38.
  • Mary B. and Thomas B. King. Sept. 13, 1844.
  • Moses and Sally Killey, July 17, 1808. [Moses, s. Samuel and Lydia Billings, and Sarah Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Nancy and George Dow, Oct 30, 1817. [Nancy, d. Nathan and Mary (Folger), and George Dow, s. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Nancy and Jon G. Rudburg [int. John G. Rudberg], _____ [rec. Apr., 1821, int. Oct. 21, 1820]. [John G. Rudberg, Nov. 2, 1820. CR2. Nancy, d. Richard and Elizabeth (Foster), and George Ruberg [dup. Rudberg] of Sweden, PR38.
  • Nancy [and] Benjamin Baker, Apr. 12, 1832. [Nancy, for-merly w. Valentine, d. Obed Luce and Desire (Crosby), PR38.]
  • Naomi and Caleb Stretton, int Feb. 28, 1756. [Naomi (second w.), d. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), and Caleb Stretton, s. William and Susanna (Cartwright), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Nathan and Lydia Pinkham, Nov. 6, 1766. [Nathan, s. James and Eleanor (Chase), and Lydia Pinkham, d. Solomon and Eunice (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Nathan and Mary Folger, int. Jan. 24, 1795. [Nathan, s. Nathan and Lydia (Pinkham), and Mary Folger, d. Brown and Mary (Coffin), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Nathan E., single, 25, mason, of Harwich, b. Harwich, s. ____ of Harwich, and Elizabeth W. Austin, 25, of N., b. N., d. Daniel and Eunice of N., Nov. 22, 1846, in N. [Elizabeth W., d. Daniel and Eunice (Sessions), PR38.]
  • Obed and Eunice Myrick, May 30, 1797. [Obed, s. Samuel and Lydia Billings, and Eunice Myrick, d. Job and Judith, PR38.]
  • Obed and Louisa Barlow, both of N., int. Apr. 26, 1840. [Ling, m. May 14, CR2. Obed B. Long, s. Reuben and Avis (Kelley), and Louisa Maria Barlow, d. Levi and Maria (Rogers), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Parnal and Nathan Chase, 24th, 8 mo. 1723. [Parnal, d. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and Nathan Chase, s. Isaac Jr. and Mary Pease, PR38.]
  • Patience and James Whippe, both of N., Oct. 13, 1727.* [Patience, d. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and James Whippey 1st, PR38. Patience and James Whipper, Oct 31, PR68.]
  • Paul and Susanna Cleavland, Jan. 10, 1771. [Cleveland, N.C.R. Paul, s. James and Eleanor (Chase), and Susanna Cleaveland, d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), PR38.]
  • Peleg and Sarah Coffin, Aug. 23, 1789. [Peleg, s. Robert and Sarah (Gardner), and Sarah Coffin, d. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), PR38.]
  • Peter and Christian Coffin, Mar. 3, 1748. [Peter, s. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), and Christian Coffin, d. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Phebe and Benjamin Ellis, July 11, 1790. [Phebe, d. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown), and Benjamin Ellis, s. Freeman (s. Mordecai), PR38.]
  • Phebe and Frederick W. [int. William Folger, Apr. 10, 1828 [Fred[eric]k W[illia]m, CR2. Phebe, d. Richard and Elizabeth (Foster), and Frederic W. Folger, s. Frederic and Peggy (Macy), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Anna Howse, Sept 28, 1775. [Reuben, s. Daniel and Thankful (Jones), and Anna Howes, d. Zaccheus and Lydia (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Avis Killey, Feb. 26, 1807. [Reuben, s. Jonathan and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.), and Avis Kelley, d. Daniel and Phebe (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Reuben Jr., single, 26, mariner, b. N., s. Reuben and Avis, and Lydia F. Coffin, 17, b. N., d. Prince and Eliza, all of N., Aug. 11, 1844, in N. [Reuben, s. Reuben and Avis (Kelley), and Lydia F. Coffin, d. Prince and Eliza (Austin), PR38.]
  • Rhoda and Obed Pitts, Nov. 1, 1789. [Rhoda, d. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.), and Obed Pitts, s. Benjamin and Deborah (Upham) (Fitzgerald) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Richard and Elizabeth Foster, Jan. 21, 1791. [Richard. "an Englishman," and Betsey Foster, d. James and Lydia (Swain), PR38.]
  • Robert and Sarah Gardner, int. Mar. 19, 1768. [Robert, s. John and Jane Luce, and Sarah Gardner, d. Peleg and Eunice (Gorham), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sally and John Buckley, _____ [between Mar. 30, 1801 and Mar. 30, 1802, int. Sept. 19, 1801. [Sally, d. Jonathan and Rebecca (Kelley) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Samuel and Lydiah Coffin, Mar. 14, 1717. [Samuel, s. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), and Lydia Coffin, d. Peter and Christian (Conde), PR38. Lydia, both of N., PR68.]
  • Samuel and Lydia Billings, int. Nov. 16, 1765. [Samuel, s. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), and Lydia Billings of Boston, m. Dec. 12, PR38.]
  • Samuell and Sarah Ellis, Dec. 13, 1787. [Samuel Jr., s. Samuel and Lydia (Coffin), and Sarah Ellis (second w.), d. John and Rachael (Folger), PR38.]
  • Sarah and Simeon Gardner, 22d, 9 mo., "called November," 1750, CR4.
  • Sarah and Abisha Coffin, int. Oct. 14, 1769. [Sarah, d. John and Jane Luce, and Abishi Coffin, s. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Seth, s. Nathan and Lydia (Pinkham), and Sally Harper, d. Edward (s. John; s. Robert; s. John of Va.), Oct. 9,1806, PR38.
  • Simeon and Jane Crowell, Aug. 3, 1784. [Simeon, s. Jonathan, and Sarah (Brown), PR38.]
  • Simeon and Catharine Macauly Crosby, July 28, 1796. [Simeon, s. Jonathan and Sarah. (Brown) (first w.), and Catharine Macauley Crosby, wid. Samuel Jr., d. John Bartlett and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), PR38.]
  • Susan C. and Samuel B. Ramson, Apr. 10, 1825. [Susan (first w.), d. Abraham and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Samuel Remson, s. Stephen and Sally (Bennett), PR38.]
  • Susanna and Joseph Cathcart, Dec. 4, 1783. [Susanna, wid. Paul, d. Ebenezar Cleaveland and Susanna (Folger), and Joseph Cathcart. s. Hugh, PR38.]
  • Timothy and Anna Brock, Nov. 19, 1795. [Timothy, s. Nathan and Lydia (Pinkham). and Anna Brock, d. Thomas and Judith (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Valentine and Nancy Luce, June 25, 1811. [Valentine, s. Abraham and Mary (Marshall) (second w.), and Nancy Luce, d. Obed and Desire (Crosby), PR38.]
  • Valentine C., 27, mariner, b. N., s. Valentine and Nancy, and Elizabeth S. Abrams, 22, b. N., d.. George and Eliza, all of N., July 29, 1846. in N. [Valentine C., s. Valentine and Nancy (Luce), and Elizabeth Abrams, d. George and Eliza (Hosier), PR38.]
  • Will[ia]m and Lois Bunker, Feb. 19, 1761. [William, s. John and Jane Luce, and Lois Bunker, d. David and Elizabeth (Gorham), PR38.]
  • William and Elizabeth Coleman, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept. 4, 1794. [William, s. Samuel and Lydia Billings, and Elizabeth Coleman, d. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), PR38.]
  • William, single, 21 [int mariner], of N.Y., b. N.Y., s. James and Sarah of N.Y., and Miss Ellen Johnson, 17, of N., b. Ireland, d. ____ of Ireland, July 28, 1845, in N.
  • William F. and Aurelia J. Handy, both of N., Mar. 12, 1839. [William F., s. Abraham and Elizabeth (Coffin), and Amelia [sic] Jane Handy, d. Micajah and Aurelia, PR38.]
  • William [dup. Langion, int. Langton] and Macy [dup. and int Mary] Cash, Aug. 26, 1821. [Longton and Mary Cash, CR2. Langton, "Englishman," and Mary Cash, d. William and Phebe (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Samuel and Polly Coffin, Mar. 13, 1806. [Lofborough, schoolmaster, and Mary Coffin, d. Philip and Hannah (Wharton), "moved to Ohio 1812," PR38.]
LOOK (see also Lock)
  • Absalom [int. Lock] of N. and Anna Hedge of Yarmouth, Aug. 17, 1775, in Yarmouth. [Look, PR38.]
  • Catharine and John Cleaveland, int. Aug. 27, 1774. [Catharine [of] Martha's Vineyard and John Cleaveland, s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), m. , 8 mo. 1775, PR38.]
  • Eperience [dup. Experience] and Stephen Coffin Jr., 21st, 9 mo. 1693. [Experience, d. Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth (Bunker), and Stephen Coffin, s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Joseph A. and Sophronia Fisher, Oct. 27, 1824 [George A. of Conn., PR38.]
  • Maria and George Hodges, June 17. 1827. [Maria of Boston and George Hodges, s. Capt Isaac and Lydia Crocker, PR38.]
LOSSON (see Lawson)

LOTH (see Lath)

LOTHROP (Larthrop, Lathrop)
  • Deborah (Lathrop), d. Gerdon and Betsey, and Seth Clark Earle, s. Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), _____, PR38.
  • James H. (Larthrop) [int Lothrop] and Mary Ann Peters, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1828 and Apr. 8, 1829, int. Nov. 8, 1828]. [Lothrop and Mary Ann Petus, d. John and Sally (Allen), PR38.]
  • Mehitable [int. Mahitable Lathrop] and Leander Stafford, July 20, 1823.
  • Nymphas and Mary G. Backus, June 12, 1833. [Nymphas, s. Thomas, and Mary G. Backus, d. Heman and Mehitable (Crocker), PR38.]
  • Sylvanus C. (Lathrop) [int. Lothrop] and Mary G. Hollway [int Holway], Sept. 18, 1831. [Silvanus Lathrop and Mary G. Holway, d. William and Polly (Fisher), PR38.]
LOTIN (see Lawton)

  • Mary Ann (second w.) of Concord, N.H., and James L. Tallant, widr., ___, 1840 [ ? in Concord], PR38.
LOVEL, (see Lovell)

  • Charles and Phebe Ann Bennett, int. Mar. 22, 1828. [Phebe Ann, d. William and Phebe (Swain), m. _____, PR38]
  • Phebe Ann and William R. Folger, Apr, 14, 1849.
LOVELL (Lovel, Lovewell)
  • Abraham B. and Caroline L. L. Bliss, both of N., int. Aug. 8, 1841. [Abraham of Cotuit and Caroline L. S. Bliss, d. Joseph and Sarah (Orne), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Charles and Caroline N. Backus, both of N., Nov. 15, 1836. [Charles, s. ____ of Cape Cod, and Caroline Backus, d. Joshua of Cape Cod, PR38.]
  • Charles. widr., 36, cordwainer, of N., b. Barnstable, s. Charles and Betsy [int. Betsey] of Barnstable, and Ann C Cottle, wid., 30, of N., b. N., d. James Staples and Elizabeth of N., Dec. 23, 1849, in N. [Ann C. (second w.), wid. Charles N., d. James Staples and Elizabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Cynthia B. (Lovel) of Oysterville and John S. Cathcart of N., int. Apr. 28, 1839. [Lovell of Oyster Vil[le], CR4.]
  • Deborah of Barnstable and Josiah Gorham of N., Mar. 1, 1753, in Barnstable. [Deborah, d. James and Abigail, and Josiah Gorham, s. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Desire (Lovel) and ___[worn] Barker, int. Sept. 2, ___[worn].
  • Edgar H., single, 27, mariner, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s. ____ of Barnstable, and Phebe H. Chase, 22, of N., b. N., d. James F. and Eliza of N., Jan. 1, 1849, in N. [Edgar H., s. Edgar H. and Sarah H. (Allen), PR38.]
  • Eliza P. of N. and Joseph B. Prince of Boston, Mar. 10, 1839, in N. [Eliza, wid. Richard C. of Cape Cod, d. Robert Coggeshall and Betsey (Coffin), PR38.]
  • James and Abigail Gorham, d. Shubael and Puella (Hussey), Oct. 23 [25 written above 23], 1716, PR38.
  • Joshua and Polly Swain, d. Charles and Jerusha (Gardner), _____ , in N., PR38.
  • Richard L. and Eliza P. Coggshall [int. Coggeshall], Apr. 23, 1824. [Richard C. of Cape Cod and Eliza Coggeshall, d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Ruth (Lovewell) and Josiah Clark, Nov. 28, 1734. [Lovell, d. James and Abigail, and Josiah Clark, s. Thomas and Mary (Church), 22d, 11 mo., PR38.]
  • Samuel and Fanny Swain, d. Charles and Jerusha (Gardner), _____, in N., PR38.
  • Sarah P. (fourth w.) and Levi Kelley, s. Levi and Nabby of Osterville, Dec. 9, 1847.
  • Stephen, Rev., and Emma. Creasy, formerly w. Reuben, d. Samuel Perry and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), _____, 1848, PR38.
  • Susan L. of Barnstable and Valentine J. Swain of N., int. July 26, 1840 [Susan of Cotuit and Valentine J. Swain, s. Valentine and Abigail (Jenkins) (second w.), m. _____, PR38.]
  • William of Boston, Suffolk Co., and Mary Swain of N., July 21, 1808. [William, s. Joseph of Boston, and Mary Swain, d. Barnabas and Abial (Folger), PR38.]
LOVEWELL (see Lovell)

LOW (see also Law)
  • Jerusha and John Nevers, int. Aug. 29, 1818.
  • Samuel [int. single, 27], mariner, of Kennebeck [int. N., b. Kennebeck], s. John and Sarah, and Rebecca Backus [int. 19, of N., b. N.], d. Thomas and Mary of N., Dec. 20, 1846, in N. [Samuel of Lewiston, Me., and Rebecca Backus, d. Thomas and Mary (Bates), PR38.]
LUCAS (Lucus, see also Luce)
  • Harvey B. and Rosalinda Morse, int. [Jan.] 29, 1832.
  • Phebe (Lucus) [dup. Luce] and George W. Hall, Nov. 4 [dup. Nov. 8], 1821. [Lucas, black, Nov. 8, CR2.]
  • William and Phebe Godfrey, July 24, 1806.
LUCE (see also Lewis and Lucas)
  • Abigail and Zebdiel Cleavland, int. Dec. 5, 1772. [Abigail of Martha's Vineyard and Zebdial Cleaveland. s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Barzillai and Deborah Bunker, Dec 4, 1755. [Barzillah, N.C.R. Barzillai of Tisbury and Deborah Bunker, d. Reuben and Mary (Chase), 18th, 12 mo., PR38.]
  • Barzillai and Charlottee Luce. Oct. 1, 1807. [Barzillai, s. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), and Charlotte Luce, wid. Reuben, d. Samuel Bruff and Jane (Whippey), PR38.]
  • Barzillai and Harriet P. Chadwick, both of N, Apr. 13, 1842. [Barzillai Jr., s. Barzilla and Charlotte (Bruff) (Luce), and Harriet P. Chadwick, d. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), PR38.]
  • Charles and Mary Ann Taber, int. Sept. 10, 1837. [Capt. Charles, s. Barzilla and Charlotte (Bruff) (Luce), and Mary Ann Taber, d. Rescom and Mary (Swain), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Charlottee and Barzillai Luce, Oct. 1., 1807. [Charlotte, wid. Reuben, d. Samuel Bruff and Jane (Whippey), and Barzillai Luce, s. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Cordelia M. and George Paddack 2d, June 11, 1848.
  • David and Eunice Paddack, Mar. 29, 1810. [David, s. Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), and Eunice Paddack, d. Paul and Ann, PR38.]
  • Deborah and Reuben Clark, Sept 16, 1780. [Deborah, wid. Barzillai, d. Reuben Bunker and Mary (Chase), and Reuben Clark, s. Josiah and Ruth, PR38.]
  • Elijah and Lydia Cleavland, Mar. 23, 1769. [Cleaveland, d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), PR38.]
  • Elijah and Jerusha C. Gibbs, May 31, 1827. [Elijah, s. Obed and Desire (Crosby), and Jerusha C. Gibbs, wid. Caleb, d. Silvanus Morey, PR38.]
  • Elijah and Love Cleaveland, d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Eliza Ann and Rowland [dup. Roland] Folger, July 17, 1823. [Eliza Ann, d. Obed and Desire (Crosby), and Rowland Folger, s. Walter Jr. and Anna (Ray), PR38.]
  • Eliza H. and George Crocker, int. Sept. 24, 1823. [Eliza H. Lewis and George Crocker, s. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and James Gerald [int. Gerrald], Nov. 10, 1793. [Elizabeth, d. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), and James FitzGerald, s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth Ann and John B. Nicholson 2d. Aug. 26, 1849.
  • George and Betsey Lamb, Apr. 19, 1810. [George, s. Jason of Tisbury, and Betsey [dup. Eliza] Lamb, d. Abel and Deborah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • George, s. Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), and Sarah Coffin, Peter of Martha's Vineyard, Dec. 7, 1815, PR38.
  • Hannah and Zebdiah [int. Zebediah] Fisher, Aug. 15, 1811. [Hannah, d. Obed and Desire (Crosby), and Zebediah Fisher, s. Nathaniel and Naomi (Dunham) (of Tuckernuck), PR38.]
  • Jane and John Long, Aug. 7, 1735. [Jane of Martha's Vineyard and John Long, s. Robert and Sarah (Skiff), PR38. both of Sherbon on N., PR68.]
  • John and Hannah S. Appley, May 6 [sic, int. June 14], 1828. [John, s. Elijah and Love (Cleave/and) (second w.), and Hannah S. Appley, d. John and Mehitable, May 6. PR38.]
  • Lovey and Peter Ross, Aug. 17, 1788. [Love, d. Barzillai and Deborah (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Lydia and Nathaniel Meader [int. Meador]. July 19, 1807. [Lydia., d. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), and Nathaniel Meader, s. Nathaniel and Susan, PR38.]
  • Lydia and Charles Shute, int. Jan. 30, 1808. [Lydia (first w.), d. Jason of Martha's Vmeyard, _____, PR38.]
  • Lydia M. and Hiram Gardner, July 21, 1844.
  • Martha S. and William C. Cathcart, Dec. 7, 1845.
  • Mary and Obed Pinkham, June 17, 1784. [Polly [dup. Mary], d. Barzillai and Deborah (Bunker), and Obed Pinkham, s. Benjamin and Hepsabeth (Swain), PR38.]
  • Mary and John Barnard Orpin [int. Oppins] Jr., Oct. 6, 1814. [Mary, d. Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), and John B. Orphin Jr., PR38.]
  • Nancy and Valentine Long, June 25, 1811. [Nancy, d. Obed and Desire (Crosby), and Valentine Long, s. Abraham and Mary (Marshall) (second w.). PR38.]
  • Nancy and Benjamin T. Wood, both of N., Apr. 28, 1839. [Nancy, d. David and Eunice (Paddack), and Benjamin Wood, s. David, PR38.]
  • Obed and Desire Crosby, Nov. 4, 1790. [Obed, s. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), and Desire Crosby, d. Samuel and Mary [sic, dup. Sarah] (Marshall), PR38.]
  • Obed 2d and Nancy Smallwood, May 22, 1825. [Obed, s. Obed and Desire (Crosby), and Nancy Smallwood, d. James and Mary (Burridge), PR38.]
  • Parnel and William Swain, int. Sept 17, 1774.
  • Rebecca A. and Benjamin McCleave, int. Sept 4, 1836.
  • Rebekah [int. Rebecca] and Benj[ami]n Cartwright, Apr. 9, 1770. [Rebekah, N.C.R. Rebecca of Martha's Vineyard and Benjamin Cartwright, s. Samuel and Anna (Swain), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Charlottee [int. Charlotte] Bruff, July 17, 1803. [Reuben, s. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), and Charlotte Bruff, d. Samuel and Jane (Whippey), PR38.]
  • Sally [int. Lewis] and Benjamin Butler. June 19, 1808.
  • Sally, Miss, and William Waterman, May 17, 1832. [Sarah, d. David and Eunice (Paddack), and William Waterman, s. Jotham and Olive. June 26, PR38.]
  • Stephen [int adds W.], single, 32, farmer, of N., b. Edgartown, and Eliza B King, 37, [int. 32, [of] Edgartown], Dec. 25, 1844, in N. [Stephen of Martha's Vineyard and Eliza King, d. Robert of Martha's Vineyard and Mary, PR38.]
  • Susan and Obed Ramsdell, July 21, 1833. [Susan, d. David and Eunice (Paddack), and Obed Ramsdell, s. John and Phebe (Marshall) (Ellis), PR38.]
  • Susanna and Zebulon Whippy, July 23, 1801. [Susan, d. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), and Zebulon Whippey. s. Nathaniel, PR38.]
  • Velina and George C. Hussey, both of N., Mar. 24, 1839. [Valina, d. Barzalla and Charlotte (Bruff) (Luce), and George C. Hussey, s. Peter and Sally (Drew), PR38.]
  • William and Maria Waterman, Aug. 23, 1827. [William, s. Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), and Maria Waterman, d. Jonathan and Olive, PR38.]
  • Winiford [dup. Winifred, int. Winniford] and Enos [dup. Enas] Burt, Feb. 1, 1824. [Winifred, d. Elijah and Love (Cleaveland) (second w.), and Enos S. Burt of Taunton, PR38.]
LUCUS (see Lucas)

LUMBERT (Lambert, Lombard, Lumbard, Limber, Lumbet, Lunbart)
  • Abisha H. and Hepsabeth Coffin, d. Capt. Eddy and Sarah Vincent, Oct. 16, 1792, 2.R.38.
  • Achsah (see Exey).
  • David of N. and Miss Abigail Swasey of Edgartown, Oct. 4, 1797, in Edgartown. [Swazey, PR38.]
  • Exey (Lumbard) and John Fish, int. Oct. 12, 1834.
  • John (Lumbard) of N. Fairhaven and Sophronia C. Worth of N., int. Oct. 13, 1839. [m. Nov. 11, CR2. Lumbert and Sophronia Worth, formerly w. Charles A., d. Stephen Skinner and Nancy (Perry), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Martha (Lumbet) [int. Lumbert] and Henry M. Pinkham, both of N., Apr. 24, 1836. [Lumbert (second d. Joseph, and Henry M. Pinkham, s. Matthew and Judith (Morris), PR38.]
  • Mary and David Coffin, s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Mary A. (Lunbart) [int. Lumbard] of Boston and Alexander Barrett of N., Aug. 5, 1838. [Lumbert, d. Joseph, and Alexander Barrett, s. John and Judith (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Sarah of Barnstable and Nathaniel Ray of N., Aug. 8, 1782, in Barnstable. [Sally (second w.) of Cape Cod, d. Hezekiah, and Daniel Ray, s. Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth (Coleman) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Sarah and George Meader, Oct. 2, 1814. [Sarah C., d. Abisha Hayden and Hepzibah (Coffin), and George Meader, s. Nicholas, PR38.]
  • Soloman (Lombard) and Phebe Earle, Nov. 7, 1830. [Solomon Lumbert and Phebe F. Earle, d. Nathaniel and Phebe (Fisher), PR38.]
  • William H. (Lambert) [int. Lumbert], single, 28, of N., b. N.Y., s. William and Mary of N.Y., and Ruth Ann Patterson, 20, of N., b. Chatham, d. Joseph and Ruth of Chatham, June 20, 1847, in N.
  • Zaccheus (Lumber) and Hannah Allen, int. Dec. 22, 1753. [Lumbert and Hannah Allen, formerly w. Samuel, d. Thomas Jones and Hannah Butler, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Zepheniah and Sophronia Boaman, June 14, 1835.
LYMAS (see Limus)

LYON (Lion)
  • Harriet [dup. Hannah] and Charles Coffin, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), _____ PR38.
  • Lear (Lion) and Ensign Roges, int. May 5, 1821.
  • Mary [int. Lion] [of] N. and Joseph Silva [dup. Sylvia, int Silvia] , Nov. 17, 1822. [Mary, wid., d. Seth Russell and Abigail (Meader), and Joseph P. Silvea, PR38.]
  • Rebecca and Charles Mayhew [int. Mayhu], both residents of N., Apr. 16, 1835. [Rebecca, d. Elijah and Mary (Russell), and Charles Mayo, PR38.]
  • Sarah B., d. Lemuel of Roxbury, and Laban Coffin, s. Philander and Mary (Ceely), _____ [? before 1850], PR38.

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