To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Marriages - HILBURN to HUSE

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

HILBURN (Hilborn, Hilbourn, Hilburn)
  • Charles (Hilbourn) and Pricilla Chadwick, int. Aug. 19, 1797. [Charles J. Hilborn [dup. Hilburn] and Priscilla Chadwick, d. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, m _____, PR38.]
  • Charles James (Hilbourn) and Mary Chadwick, Apr. 3, 1806. [Hillborn [dup. Hilburn] and Mary Chadwick, d. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, PR38.]
  • Louisa J. and Moses S. Barnard, Nov. 23, 1845.
  • Mary and Seth Paddack, Mar. 17, 1835. [Hillborn, wid. Charles J., d. Wickliff Chadwick and Priscilla Hammond, PR38.]
  • Mary (Hilburn) [int. Hilburn] and Stephen Parker, both of N., Apr. 17, 1842. [Hillburn, CR1.]
  • Priscilla C and Nathan H. Manter, both of N., Oct 4, 1843. [Priscilla C., d. Thomas and Mary (Barney), and Nathan H. Mantel, s. George, PR38.]
  • Tho[ma]s (Hilburn) [dup. Hillburn, int. Hillborn] and Mary Barney, May 7 [sit, int. May 26], 1821. [Hilborn, June 7, CR2. Hillman [dup. Hilburn], s. Charles J. and Priscilla (Chadwick), and Mary Barney, d. Daniel and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
HILL (see Hills)

HILLAKER (see Hilliker).

HILLAR (see Hiller)

HILLBORN (see Hilburn)

HILLBURN (see Hilburn)

HILLEKER (see Hilliker).

HILLER (Hillar)
  • Edwin W. and Sally C. Whippy, Apr. 26, 1832. [Edwin, s. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), and Sally Whippey, d. George, PR38.]
  • Eliza and Uriah Coffin, May 20, 1813. [Elizabeth, d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), and Uriah Coffin, s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Eliza (Hillar) and Henry O. Swazey [int. Henry Orsborn Swaysey], July 31, 1816. [Henry Osborn Sweansy, CR2. Erizabeth, wid. George, d. Abigail Gardner, grand d. Elisha, and Henry Swazey, s. Anthony and Jerusha, PR38.]
  • Eunice (Hillar) and Daniel Elkins, Nov. 20, 1814. [Eunice, d. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), and Daniel Elkins, John ("from England") and Sarah (Mayo), PR38.]
  • George (Hillar) and Eliza Gardner, int. Nov. 17, 1810. [Erizabeth [dup. Betsey], d Abigail, grand d. Elisha Gardner, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Mary (see Polly).
  • Nancy and Samuel B. Folger, Apr. 28, 1816. [Hillar, d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), and Samuel B. Folger, s. George and Rebecca (Slocum), PR38.]
  • Polly (Hillar) and Humphrey [int. Humphry] Cannon, July 21, 1803. [Mary, d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), and Humphrey Cannon, PR38.]
  • Susay (Hillar), Mrs. [int. Susan Hiller, omits Mrs.], and Albert D. Robinson, _____ [rec. Apr. 6, 1822, int June 2, 1821]. [Susan [dup. Hiller], d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), , 1821, PR38.]
  • Thomas and Elizabeth Smith, Nov. 3, 1784. [Capt. Thomas, s. Levi and Rebecca of Albany, N.Y., and Elizabeth Smith, d. George and Mary (Cottle), PR38.]
  • Thomas Jr. and Sarah B. Coffin, July 13, 1823. [Hillar Jr., CR2. Hillar [dup. Hiller], s. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith). and Sally [dup. Sarah B.] Coffin, d. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, PR38.]
  • William and Betsey Orpins, int. May 23, 1818. [William, s. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), and Betsey Orpin, d. Isaac, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Luther A. B., single, 27, farmer, of N., b. Vt., s. John B. and Mahitable of Vt., and Laurana S. Howe, 19, of N., b. Bridgewater [int. Wareham], d. Martin of Bridgewater, Apr. 15, 1847, in N.
HILLIKER (Hillaker)
  • Ann F. and Lewis P. [int. Philips] Parker, July 7, 1831.
  • James (Hillaker) [int. Hilleker] and Ann Whiteus, Apr. 1, 1828. [Hillaker and Anna Whiteus, d. Reuben, PR38.]
HILLMAN (see Hilman, also Thomas Hilborn).

HILLS (Hill)
  • Harriet and Shadrach G. Hatch. Jan. 4, 1846.
  • Phebe and William G. Coffin, both of N., int. Jan. 19. 1840. [Phebe (third w.), wid. Edward, d. Elial Coffin and Ruth (Beard), and William Gayer Coffin, s. Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sarah Ann and Reuben Swain 2d [int. omits 2d, adds both of N.]. June 21, 1838.
  • Susan M. [int. Hill] and Elisha Morey, Dec. 14. 1845.
  • William (Hill) and Amelia Hussey, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. May 8, 1819]. [May 30, 1819, CR2. William H. of Boston and Amelia Hussey, d. Peter and Mary (Mooers). PR38.]
HILMAN (Helmont, Hillman, Hilmont see also Hilburn)
  • Jane (Hilmont) and Thomas Archer, int. Oct 30, 1773.
  • Jenny (Hilmont) and William Manter, int. Apr. 10, 1790.
  • John [int. Hillman] and Judith Whippy [int. Whippe], Dec. 3, 1746. [Shubael Hilman of Martha's Vineyard and Judith Whippey, d. James. PR38.]
  • John (Helmont) and Phebe Folger, Oct. 1, 1775. [Hillman and Phebe Folger, d. Seth and Phebe (Coleman). PR38.]
  • John and Phebe Clark, _____ [rec. Apr. 30, 1802. int. June 6, 1801]. [Hillman, s. John and Phebe (Folger), and Phebe Clark, d. Prince and Rachel (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Pernal and John Merchant, int. Apr. 14., 1798.
  • Phebe (Hilmont) and Daniel Allen, int. Sept. 26, 1778. [Hillman, wid. John, d. Seth Folger and Phebe (Coleman). and Daniel Allen, s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Bunker), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Reuben and Elizabeth Beard, _____ [between Apr. 21. 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. Sept. 15, 1798]. [Hillman, s. John and Phebe (Folger), and Elizabeth Beard, d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Reuben (Hillman) and Betsey Chase, int. Dec. 5. 1821. [Reuben Jr., s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Beard), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sarah (Hilmont) and James Melony, Nov. 11, 1790. [Hilman, d. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), PR38.]
  • Shubael (see John).
  • Susan, Miss, and Albert Chadwick, July 23, 1829. [Susan, d. John and Phebe (Clark), and Albert Chadwick, s. William, PR38.]
  • Mary (see Mary Kilson).
HINCKLEY (Hinkley)
  • Abba S. (Hinkley) [int Abby S. Hinckley] and James Morse, Aug. 24, 1827. [Abba S. Hinckley CR2. Abby Stinson Hinckley (second w.), d. Elisha May and Lucinda (Swain). PR38.]
  • Allen C., single, 23, boat builder, of N. [int. Barnstable], b. Barnstable. s. Marshall (Hinkle) [int. Hinckly] and Ruth of Barnstable, and Susan B. Pease, 22, of N., b. N., d. John H. and Mary B. of N., May 19, 1844, in N.
  • Caroline G. (Hinkley) and Francis M. K. Hodge, Oct. 10, 1848.
  • Charles A. (Hinkley) and Maria [int Mariar] Hinkley, July 1, 1817. [Charles Albert Hinckley and Maria Hinckley, CR2. Charles A. Hinckley of Kenebeck, Me., and Maria Hinckley, d. Elisha May and Lucinda (Swain), PR38. Hinkley and Maria Hinkley, PR64.]
  • Cornelious T. (Hinkley) [int. Cornelius Thompson Hinkley] [and] Keziah Joy [int Kezia Valiant Joy], July 22, 1816. [Cornelius Thompson Hinckley and Keziah Valiant Joy, CR2. Cornelius T. Hinckley and Kezia Joy, d. David Jr. and Kezia (Coffin). PR38. Hinckley. PR64.]
  • Ebenezer M. (Hinkley) [int Hinckley] and Nancy M. Chase, Aug. 19, 1833. [Eben M. Hinckley, CR2. Eben May Hinckley, s. Elisha May and Lucinda (Swain), and Nancy M. Chase, d. James F., PR38.]
  • Electra M. and Alden H. Adams. Dec. 26. 1844.
  • Elisha May (Hinkley) [int Hinckley] and Lucinda Swain, Dec. 8, 1796. [Hinckley, s. Ebenezer Jr. of Barnstable, and Lucinda Swain, d. Simeon and Susan (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and James Coffin, int. Aug. 2, 1794.
  • George M. (Hinkley) [dup. Hinckley] and Sarah L. [dup. F.] Parker, Sept. 30, 1824. [Hinckley and Sarah L. Parker, CR2. Hinckley, s. John and Lydia (Macy), and Sarah L. Parker of Barnstable. PR38.]
  • Hannah and Benjamin F. Folger [int. 2d]. Mar. 14, 1827. [Hannah (first w.), d. Elisha May and Lucinda (Swain), and Benjamin F. Folger, s. Thaddeus and Anna (Worth) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Henry A. (Hinkley) [int. Hinckley] of Barnstable and Sarah M. Sylvester of N., Jan. 10, 1841. [Hinckley and Sarah Silvester, d. Joseph and Mary (Kennin) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Isaac (Hinkley) [dup. Hinckley, int. Henckley] and Lucretia [int. Luecretia] Crosby, May 10 [dup. [June] 10, int. May 12], 1821. [Hinkley and Lucretia Crosby, June 10, CR2. Hinckley and Lucretia Crosby, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), PR38.]
  • James (Hinkley), of Barnstable and Laura Morton of N., int. June 30, 1839. [Hinckley, s. Marshall, and Laura Ann Morton, d. William and Mehitable, m. _____, PR38.]
  • John (Hinkley) and Lydia Macy, Sept. 18, 1798. [Hinckley of Hallowell, Me., and Lydia Macy, d. Shubael and Eunice (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Lucy B. (Hinkley) [int. Hinckley] and Frederick [int. Francis] H. Freeman, July 31, 1835. [Hinckley and Francis H. Freeman, CR2. Hinckley, d. Elisha May and Lucinda (Swain), and Francis Henry Freeman, s. James, PR38.]
  • Luther, single, 22, merchant, of N. [int. W. Sandwich], b. Barnstable, s. Edmund and Cynthia of Barnstable, and Emeline E. Bartlett, 21, of N., b. N., d. W[illia]m and Emeline of N., Nov. 17, 1844, in N. [Emeline C. [dup. Emeline Eldredge Bartlett], d. William and Emeline P. (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Lydia B. (Hinkley) [int of N.] and Daniel H. Hodgkins of Maine, Jan. 28, 1838.
  • Maria (Hinkley) and Charles A. Hinkley, July 1, 1817.
  • Martha B. (Hinkley) and Lot D. Fisher, both of Barnstable, int. July 7, 1839. [Hinckley of Barnstable, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Mary W. (Hinkley) and Richard Smith, int. July 12, 1828.
  • Nabby and Jeremiah Stimson, int. May 31, 1795.
  • Nancy S. and Richard W. Likins, Mar. 13, 1845.
  • Nathaniel (Hinkley) and Lydia Backus, Nov. 24, 1833. [Hinckley and Lydia Backus, d. Heman and Mehitable (Crocker), PR38.]
  • Sarah (Hinkley) and Alexander M. Adams, both of Barnstable, int. June 30, 1839.
  • Sarah C. (Hinkley) and Zenas L. Adams, Jan. 18, 1835. [Hinckley of Cape Cod and Zenas L. Adams, s. Alpheus and Abigail (Wing), PR38.]
  • Timothy [int. Hinkley] and Lucy Hamblin, Apr. 29, 1826. [Hinckley, PR38.]
HINDRICKS (see Hendricks)

HINKLEY (see Hinckley)

HIORNS (Hirons)
  • George and Elizabeth Cotton, int. Mar. 23, 1765.
  • George (Hirons) and Elizabeth Hooton, int Feb. 22, 1766.
  • Eglat and Elizabeth Sampson, wid. Isaker, d. Silvanus Allen and Jeinirna. (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Samuel of Dartmouth and Lydia Allen, d. Silvanus and Jemima (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Elthina S. [int. 20] of Chatham and Alexander I. Macy [int. 23] of N., Mar. 3. 1844. [Elthina of Barnstable, d. William and Polly (Gould) of Chatham, and Alexander L. Macy, s. James and Eliza (Inott), Mar. 8, PR38.]
HOAGE (see Hoeg)

  • Hannah, Rev. Peter, and John Brown, s. John and Sarah Walker, 2d, 6 mo. 1633 [ in Salem], PR38.
HOBBS (Hubbs)
  • Charles (Hobbs) and Miriam Coffin, May 1, 1774. [Hobbs and Miriam Coffin, d. David and Ruth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Hannah and Joseph Macy, Feb 23, 1727-8. [Hannah, d. Benjamin, and Joseph Macy, s. Thomas and Deborah (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Lydia and Dedrick Brown, Sept. 23, 1833.
  • Sarah of Waltham and William G. Baker, s. George Theodore and Priscilla (Pinkharn), _____, PR38.
  • William [int. Hobs] and Lydia Grew, Oct. 1 [dup. Oct. 3], 1826. [ [dup. Hobson] "an Englishman," and Lydia Grew, wid. Daniel, d. John B. Orpin, PR38.]
HOBSON (see Hopson, also Hobbs)

HODGES (Hodge)
  • Chloe and Luther Crocker, May 17, 1827. [Cloe, d. Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker, PR38.]
  • Francis M. K. (Hodge), single, 24, blacksmith [int. carpenter], of N., b. Pa., s. James and Rebecca of Pa., and Caroline G. Hinkley, 18, of N., b. Barnstable, d. Albert [int. Hinkly] and Eliza of N., Oct. 10, 1848, in N.
  • George and Maria Loring, June 17, 1827. [George, s. Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker, and Maria Loring of Boston, PR38.]
  • Isaac, widr., 77, ship wright, of N., and Deborah Coffin, wid., 72, of N. [int. b. N., wid Andrew, d. Wickliff Chadwick], June 6, 1847, in N. [Capt. Isaac, s. Hercules and Lydia, and Deborah Coffin, wid. Andrew, d. Wickliffe Chadwick, PR38.]
  • Lucy and Samuel A. Wiley, Oct. 26, 1824.
  • Lydia and Henry G. Brown, Apr. 26, 1827. [Lydia, d. Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker, and Henry G. Brown, s. Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), PR38.]
  • Sophia A. and Edmund F. A. Fanning, Feb. 26, 1829. [Sophia A., d. Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker, and Edmond F. A. Fanning, s. Edmond and Abigail (Giles). PR38.]
  • William (Hodge) and Betsey Ray, int. Aug. 25, 1821. [Betsey, d. Daniel and Sally (Lumbart) (of Cape Cod), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Daniel H. of Maine and Lydia B. Hinkley [int. of N.]. Jan. 28, 1838.
HOEG (Hoage)
  • Abraham [int. Abram] and Sarah Denham, Jan, 4, 1776. [Abraham, N.C.R. Abraham Hoag, PR38.]
  • Eunice [int. Hoage] of N. and William Milton, Mar. 4 [1822]. [Hoag, wid. Isaac, d. Stephen Arthur and Phebe (Pinkham). PR38.]
  • Frederick (see Fredrick).
  • Frederick A. and Susan Swain, both of N., int. July 15, 1838. [Susan G., m. July 29, CR2. [dup. Hoag] s. Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), and Susan G. Swain, d. Nathan and Phebe (Chase). m. . PR38.] Fredrick (Hoage) and Eunice Coffin, Apr. 15, 1806. [Frederick Hoeg [dup. Hoag], s. Abraham and Sarah Denham, and Eunice Coffin, d. Daniel and Huldah (Bunker), PR38.]
  • George C. and Nancy [int. adds S.] Edwards, Aug. 26, 1832. [Nancy S., CR2. Hoag, s. Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), and Nancy S. Edwards, d. Joseph G. and Mary (Carr) (Swain), PR38.]
  • George C., s. Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), and Jane Amanda Barmour [dup. Barnard] of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., July 31, 1848 [ ? in N.], PR38.
  • Isaac (Hoage) and Eunice Arthur,_____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Feb. 14, 1801]. [Hoag, s. Abraham and Sarah Denham, and Eunice Arthur, d. Stephen and Phebe (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • John H., single, mariner, of N, b. N., s. Fred[eric]k and Eunice of N., and Abby T. Seymour, 20, of N. [int. Barnstable], b. Barnstable, d. John and Jerusha of Barnstable, May 30. 1847, in N. [John H., s. Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Lydia Frances and James Molland, Mar. 28, 1849.
  • Mary C. and William Brayton, int. May 24. 1828. [Mary C., d. Frederick and Eunice (Coffin), and William F. Brayton, s. Isaac and Sarah (Hussey), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Phebe A. and George Haggerty, int. Aug. 19, 1832. [Hoag, d. Isaac and Eunice (Arthur), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sarah and Richard Worth, 2d, 5 mo., "called July," 1729, CR4.
  • Sarah and Thomas Barnard, 2d, 10 mo., "called December," 1735, CR4.
  • William H. and Eliza M. Gifford, int. Aug. 26, 1832. [Hoag, s. Isaac and Eunice (Arthur), and Eliza M. Gifford, d. Jonathan F. of Fairhaven, _____, PR38.]
  • William M. of Halifax, N.S., and Mary H. Mitchell of N., int. Sept. 5, 1841. [m. Sept. 24, CR2 Mary H., d. G. G. and Mary (Hussey), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Hannah and James Rich, Jan. 4, 1769. [Hannah, d. Daniel and Hannah, PR38.]
HOLEMS (see Holmes)

  • Robert and Mary Seamore, int. Dec. 3, 1791.
HOLLEY (see Holly)

HOLLIDAY (see Holiday)

HOLLOWAY (see Holway)

HOLLWAY (see Holway)

HOLLY (Holley, see also Hawley)
  • Gideon and Hosy Nowit, int. Nov. 2, 1765.
  • Mary (Holley) [int. Holly] and Francis Meder, Nov. 7, 1768. [Holley, N.C.R.]
  • William [int Holley] and Delia M Starbuck, Nov. 4, 1834. [Capt. Wham Holley [dup. Holly] of Edgartown and Delia Maria Starbuck, d. Charles and Eliza (Allen), PR38.]
HOLMES (Holems, Homes)
  • Abby and George M. Bunker, Nov. 25, 1821. [Abby, d. Bartlett of Barnstable, and George M. Bunker, s. James and Susan (Marshall), PR38.]
  • Abraham B. [int. Homer] and Phebe Elkins, Dec. 3, 1821. [Homer and Phebe Elkins, d. Joseph and Mary (Hearn), PR38.]
  • Ann, d. Ebenezar of Boston, and William Coffin, s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 23d, 9 mo. 1722. PR38.
  • Anna (Homes) and Robert Cannway [int. Cillaway], Mar. 31, 1807. [Holmes, d. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Robert Calloway. PR38.]
  • Asenath [int adds W.] and W[illia]m Abraham, [June] 17, 1821. [Asenath, CR2. Aseneth, d. Bartlett, and William Abrahms, s. William and Mary (Coffin). PR38.]
  • Betsey (Holems) [int. Homes] and Philip Winslow, May 8, 1806.
  • Betsey [int. Betsay Homes] and Joshua Barker, June 11, 1820. [Betsey Holmes, d. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Joshua Barker of Newport, RI., PR38.]
  • Catharine and Cyrus Bunker, s. Elijah and. Abigail (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Charles C., single, 28, mariner, b. N., s. John and Mary, and Delia M. Stevens, 16, b. N., d. Joseph and Nancy, all of N., Aug. 15, 1848, in N. [Charles C., s. John and Deborah, and Delia M. Stevens, d. Joseph and Ann (Ames) (Bump), PR38.]
  • Cornelius, single, 25, mason, of Plymouth [int. N.]. b. Plymouth, s. Joseph and Esther of Plymouth, and Maria Folger, 22, of N., b. N., d. Mark and Nancy of N., Sept. 19, 1847, in N. [Maria, d. Mark and Nancy (Swain), PR38.]
  • Deborah [int. Susan C.] and John R. Banta, June 29, 1845.
  • Deborah and Nehemiah Dayton, Mar. 4, 1849.
  • Eliza B. and Reuben Holmes [int. both of N.], Apr. 22 [dup. Apr. 25], 1838.
  • Elizabeth and Samuel L. [int Long] Manter, Mar. 3, 1833. [ Sam[ ue]l L., Mar. 3, 1832, CR2.
  • Esther, sister of Cornelius, and Edward Bunker, s. Valentine and Lydia (Higgins), _____, PR38.
  • Frederick and Mary Ann G. Swazey, both of N., int. Sept. 2, 1838. [Frederick M., s. Benjamin and Persis (Fisher), and Mary Ann Swazey, d. Henry (s. Anthony) and Elizabeth (Gardner) (Hillar), m. _____, PR38.]
  • George Folger [int. Homes] and Valina [int. Verlina] Swayzey, Apr., 25, 1811. [Holmes, s. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Valina Swazey, cl. Anthony and Jerusha, PR38.]
  • Hannah of Ossippee, N.H., and Joseph Parker of N, Jan. 2, 1842.
  • Hannah C. and George Atwood, Oct. 22, 1835. [Hannah C., d. John and Deborah, and George Atwood, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), PR38.]
  • Harriet C. and Hiram Fisher, both of N., June 18, 1839. [Harriett C., d. John and Deborah, and Hiram Fisher, s. Maltiah and Abigail (Alley), PR38]
  • Henry W., single, 22, carpenter, of N., b. N., s. Watson [int. (Holms) ] and Mary, and Paulina Jones, 17, of N., b. Barnstable, d. Nathan and Rhoda of Barnstable, June 24, 1845, in N. [Paulina of Barnstable, CR1.]
  • Hepsabeth B. and Benjamin H. Alley, both of N., Feb. 5, 1839, in N. [Hepsibeth, d. Benjamin and Persis (Fisher), and Benjamin H. Alley, s. John and Martha (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Jane and Samuel L. Manter, July 9, 1837. [Jane, d William and Lucretia (Swazey) (Wilber), and Samuel Long Manter, PR38.]
  • Jane and Benjamin Bunker, s. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Joseph and Lydia Folger, both of N., int. Feb. 25, 1838.
  • Joseph of N. and Jerusha M. Parker of Newbedford, int. Apr. 14, 1839.
  • Joseph of N. and Mary Ann Raymond of New Bedford, int. Aug. 2, 1840.
  • Joseph and Susan Woods [int. Wood], both of N., Feb. 3, 1842.
  • Lydia and Samuel Parsons [int. Persons], Apr. 17, 1828. [Lydia, d. George Folger and Valina (Swazey), and Samuel Parsons, PR38.]
  • Maria [int. Mary Ann] and John Beekman, Aug. 14, 1831. [Mary Ann, d. Benjamin and Persis (Fisher), PR38.]
  • Maria and Francis S. Pease, Aug. 31, 1848.
  • Martha of N. and Andrew Flatdown of N. [int. Fyal], Aug. 23, 1841.
  • Mary Ann (see Maria).
  • Mary Ann and George Christian, Jan. 4, 1846.
  • Mary B. and Joseph Buzzell, int. May 22, 1831.
  • Mary B. and Orrin H. Wright, int. Sept 30, 1832.
  • Mary P. and Horace Sylvester, Apr. 16, 1845.
  • Obed and Eliza B. Chase, Aug. 16, 1832. [Obed, s. Robert and Deborah (Perry), and Eliza B. Chase, "a stranger," PR38.]
  • Olive H. and Thomas Marshall, Nov. 23, 1826. [Olive, d. Bartlett of Barnstable, and Thomas Marshall, s. Thomas and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.). PR38.]
  • Reuben (Holems) [int Homes] and Sarah Folger, Apr. 4, 1811. [Holmes, s. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Sally Folger, d. David and Anna (Pitts), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Eliza B. Holmes [int both of N.], Apr. 22 [dup. Apr. 25], 1838.
  • Robert [int. Homes] and Deborah Perry. Aug. 31. 1808. [Holmes, s. William and Lydia (Burrage). and Deborah Perry, d. Reuben and Eunice (Coffin) (Joseph) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Sally (Homes) and Andrew Brown, int Apr. 19, 1806.
  • Sophia of Plymouth and Merrill P. Simpson of [int adds Kennebunk] Maine. July 31, 1842.
  • Sophronia and William S. Whippy [int Whippey], Oct. 19, 1828. [Whippey, CR2.]
  • Susan C. (see Deborah).
  • Thomas [int Homes] and Phebe Parler, Oct. 6, 1811. [Holmes and Phebe Parlow, Oct. 9, CR2. Holmes. s. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Phebe Parker, PR38.]
  • Thomas [and] Polly Ray, Apr. 19, 1832. [Thomas, s. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Polly Starbuck, wid. Paul, formerly wid. Uriah Ray, d. Ebenezar Allen and Mary Wing, PR38.]
  • Valentine [int. Valenetine] 0. and Miss Lydia [int adds A.] Coffin, July 29, 1834. [Valentine O., s. Bartlett and Abigail of Barnstable, and Lydia Coffin, d. Elihu and Sarah (Austin), PR38.]
  • William (Homes) and Lydia Burrage, Dec. 7, 1772. [Homer, N.C.R. Holmes and Lydia Burrage, d. James and Mary, PR38. Homes and Lydia Bourage, both of Sherborn in N., PR68.]
  • William [int. Homes] Jr. and Lucretia Wilber [int. Wilbur], Sept. 26, 1816. [Holmes, s. William and Lydia (Burrage), and Lucretia Wilbur, wid. Jesse, d. Anthony Swazey and Jerusha of Martha's Vineyard, PR38.]
  • James [and] Elizabeth Darling, May 19, 1796 [Elizabeth, d. John and Sarah (Hussey), PR38.]
HOLWAY (Hollway)
  • Elizabeth [int. adds B.] of N., and Isaiah Crocker of Barnstable, Sept 27, 1835. [Elizabeth, d. William and Polly (Fisher), and Josiah Crocker of Barnstable, PR38.]
  • Harriet N. and Wiliam B. Bumpus, June 8, 1843.
  • Mary G. (Hollway) [int. Holway] and Sylvanus C. Lathrop [int. Lothrop], Sept. 18, 1831. [Holway, d. William and Polly (Fisher), and Silvanus Lathrop, PR38.]
  • Sophronia (Hollway) [int. Holway] and Thomas C. Hamblin, Oct. 9, 1831. [Hollway [dup. Holway], d. William and Polly (Fisher), 1st, 10 mo., PR38.]
  • William and Harriot Track [dup. Harriet Isack, int. Harriet Trash], Aug. 1 [dup. Aug. 9], 1822. [Harriet Trask, PR38.]
  • William J., single, 26, mariner, b. N., s. William and Mary, and Lydia C. Fish, 19, b. N., d. Zenas and Lydia, all of N., July 13, 1845, in N. [William Jr., s. William and Polly (Fisher), PR38.]
HOMENECK (see Komeneck)

  • Abraham B. (see Abraham B. Holmes).
  • William (see William Holmes).
HOMES (see Holmes).

  • Abigail [int Homminy] and John Derrick, Mar. 30, 174 [Hominy, N.C.L]
  • Thomas [int. Honorable] and Darces Mooers [int Darcas Moore], Jan. 19, 1820.
  • Henry and Judith Cottle, Mar. 1, 1767. [Judith, d. James and Thankful Norton., PR38. both of Sherborn on N., PR68.]
  • Judith and Isaiah Maxy, Dec. 8, 1782. [Judith, wid. Henry, d. James Cottle and Thankful Norton, and Isaiah Maxey, s. Samuel, PR38. Juda and ____ Maxey, PR64.]
HOOSAW (see also Hosier)
  • Mary Ann and Solomon Tobias Green, Apr. 16, 1848.
HOOTON (Hooten)
  • Elizabeth and George Hirons, int. Feb. 22, 1766.
  • "Eliz[abet]h and Peter Jenner [int. Jameas], Dec 21, 1769. [Jenner, N.C.R. Hooten, d. Joseph and Patience Hews, and Peter Jenner, PR38.]
  • Joseph (Hooten) and Patience Hews. Oct 28, 1731.
  • Lydia and William Chapman, Apr. 21, 1771. [Hooten, d. Joseph and Patience Hews, PR38.]
  • Susanna and James Whitehouse, Feb. 1, 1770. [Hoote, d. Joseph and Patience Hews, and James Whiteus, PR38.]
  • Sarah and Thomas Macy, 9th, 6 mo. 1639, PR38.
  • Sarah and John Conner, June 11, 1772.
  • Ann and Henry Arnold, int. June 15, 1834.
  • Benoni and Lydia Coffin, Mar. 7, 1761.
  • Eunice, d. Edward, and Braley Jenkins, s. Simeon and Hodiah. Oct. , 1798. PR38.
  • Lydia and James Procter. Oct 26. 1769. [Lydia, wid. Benoni, d. Isaac Myrick, and James Proctor, PR38.]
  • Priscilla of Baltimore, Md., and Abraham Barker, s. Robert and Sarah (Folger) (Gardner) (second w.), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas and Polly Wilks, Nov. 3, 1808. [Wilkes, d. Heppy Wyer, "moved to Ohio in 1813," PR38.]
  • George and Hepsabeth [int Hepzibah] Gardner, June 12, 1797. [Hobson of Baltimore, Md., and Hepsabeth Gardner, d. Peleg and Hepsabeth (Allen) (first w.), PR38.]
HORDEN (see Harding)

  • John of N.Y. and Mary E. Snow of N., int. July 8. 1838. [John, m. July 22, CR2. Mary E., d. Benjamin and Huldah (Dunham) (first w.), m. _____, PR38.]
HORSEFIELD (Horsfield)
  • Eliza M (Horsfield) [int. Horsefield], Miss, and Charles S. Bunker, both of N., Dec. 23, 1841, in Barnstable. [Horsefield, d. Timothy Jr. and Eliza (Doane), and Charles Bunker, s. George F., PR38.]
  • Emeline D. (Horsfield), [int. Horsefield, omits D.] and John B. Coleman, Nov. 3, 1833. [Horsefield, d. Timothy and Eliza (Doane), and John B. Coleman, s. John and Phebe (Swain), PR38.]
  • Sarah Ann [int. Horsfield, 20] and James Thompson [int. 22], both of N., Mar. 10, 1844. [Horsefield, d. Timothy Jr. and Eliza. (Doane), and James Thompson, s. Dea. James and Dianna (Gibbs) (Dyke). PR38]
  • Timothy and Amy Hussey, Dec. 25, 1791. [Amey, d. Christopher Jr. and Lydia (Manchester), PR38.]
  • William [int. Horsfield] and Mary Arm Clark, June 29, 1828. [Horsefield, s. Timothy and Amey (Hussey), and Mary Ann Clark, Obed and Anna (Coffin), PR38.]
HORTON (see Haughton)

HOSIER (Hoseir, see also Hoosaw)
  • Eliza and George Abrahams, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1822 and Apr. 4, 1823, int Oct. 12, 1822]. [Eliza, d. William and Elizabeth (Spencer). and George Abrahms [dup. Abrahams], s. William and Mary (Coffin), 17th, 5 mo. 1821, PR38.]
  • James Mitchel, s. Giles and Elizabeth of Newport, R.I., and Hannah Emmet, d. Edw[ar]d Tillet and Elizabeth of N., 9th, 8 mo. 1798, in N., CR4. [Emmett, d. Edward Tillett and Elizabeth (Mitchell), PR38.]
  • John H. and Mary Paddack, Jan. 24, 1836. [Jan. 23, PR30. John H., s. Richard and Lydia (Austin), and Mary Paddack, d. Aaron. PR38.]
  • Judith S. and Nathan Chase, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1827 and Apr. _, 1828, int. Mar. 31, 1827]. [Judith, d. William and Elizabeth (Spencer), and Nathan Chase, s. Nathan and Sally (Nobles), 18th. 4 mo. 1827. PR38.]
  • Lucretia (Hoseir) [int Hosier] and William Gayer Coffin, May 6, 1819. [Hosier (second w.), d. William and Elizabeth (Spencer). and William Gayer Coffin, s. Paul and Ruth (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Richard, s. Giles dec'd and Elizabeth of Newport, RI., and Lydia Austin, d. Benjamin Jr. and Lydia of N., 4th, 10 mo. 1809, in N., CR4. [Lydia, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Folger), PR38.]
  • William, s. Giles and Elizabeth dec'd of Newport, Newport Co, R.I., and Elizabeth Spencer, d. Oliver and Judith of Sherbum in N., 4th, 6 mo. 1789, in N., CR4. [Elizabeth, d. Oliver and Judith (Allen), PR38.]
HOUGHTON (see Hooton)

HOUSE (see Howes)

  • Joseph and Sarah Allen, Oct. 19, 1731. [Joseph, blacksmith, and Sarah Allen, d. Edward and Arm (Coleman), PR38]
  • Joseph and Sarah Swain, June 28, 1760. [Joseph Jr., s. Joseph and Sarah (Allen), and Sarah Swain, d. Jethro and Dorcas Ryder. PR38.]
  • Joseph and Anna. Chace, int. Apr. 14, 1764. [Chase, d. Nathan and Parnal (Long), _____, PR38.]
  • Lydia and Manuel Thomas, int. Oct. 5, 1776.
  • Rachel and John Allen, Apr. 12, 1751. [Rachel, d. Joseph and Sarah (Allen), and John Allen, "from England," 12th, 4 mo., PR38.]
  • Abner and Sally Meador, both of N., Apr. 8, 1804. [Meader, d. Nathaniel and Lucy, "moved to Ohio in 1811," PR38.]
  • Alexander Hamilton of Hallowell, Me., and Eunice Clark, d. Obed and Anna (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • Elmina and William Henry Coffin, s. William and Valina, _, 4 mo. 1843, PR38.
  • Frederick Augustus and Nancy Raymond, Aug. 15, 1818. [Nancy, d. Elisha and Sarah (sister of Cassandra Smith), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Lydia and George Pompy, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. Oct. 2, 1819]. [Lydia, black, Oct. 28, 1819, CR2.]
  • Nancy R. [dup. B.] and Reuben Clark, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1822 and Apr. 4, 1823, mt. Jan. 18, 1823]. [Nancy, wid. Frederick A., d. Elisha Raymond and Sarah (sister of Cassandra Smith), PR38.]
  • Ruth (second w.) of Dutchess Co., N.Y., and Reuben Macy, s. Abraham and Anna (Worth), ___, 1774, in New York, PR38.
  • William of N.Y. and Eliza Ann Stevens of Boston, "Corold," int. May 10, 1837.
HOWE (Haugh, How, see also Hawes and Howes)
  • Bridget (Haugh), 25, of N., b. Ireland, and Timothy Kelly, single, 23, laborer, of N., b. Ireland, int. June 15, 1845.
  • Caroline A. of Wareham and Charles C Stansell of London, Eng., Dec. 4, 1838.
  • Edward [int. adds Comston] (How) and Margaret Neals, July 3, 1766. [Edward, N.C.R.]
  • Laurana S. and Luther A. B. Hillery, Apr. 15, 1847.
  • Mary Jane [int. How], Miss, of Wareham, and Edward Boden of N., Sept 27, 1840. [Howe, d. Martin of Wareham. and Edward Boden, s. Henry and Abigail Guild, PR38 ]
  • Rebecca and Steven Barnard, s. Robert and Joanna Harvey, ___, 1668 [8 over 1], PR38.
HOWES (House, Howse, see also Hawes and Howe)
  • Abigail and John Way, both of Sherborn in N., 17th, 7 mo. 1741, in N., wid. Thomas, d. Nathaniel Starbuck Jr. and Dinah (Coffin). , 6 mo., PR38.]
  • Abigail (Howse) and Nathan Swain, int. Sept 28, 1765. [Howes, d. Zaccheus and Lydia (Gardner), and Nathan Swain, s. Charles and Elizabeth (Coffin), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Anna (Howse) and Reuben Long, Sept 28, 1775. [Howes, d. Zaccheus and Lydia (Gardner), and Reuben Long, s. Daniel and Thankful (Jones), PR38.]
  • Betsey (House) and Gorham Alley, both of N., Aug. 4, 1803. [Betsey, d. John and Lydia (Daggett), and Gorham Alley, s. Jacob and Eunice (Folger) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Ebenezer [dup. Capt.] of Yarmouth and [dup. Mrs.] Mary Dixon of N., June 19, 1836.
  • Eliza (House) and David FitzGerald, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. June 10, 1820]. [Fitzgerald, June 13. 1820, CR2. Eliza, d. William and Jennette [dup. Jenet] (Coleman), and David FitzGerald, s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Hope (Howse) and Thomas V. McCleave, int June 3, 1818. [Howes, d. Obed of N. Dennis, and Thomas V. McCleave, s. Robert and Hannah, m. _____, PR38.]
  • John (Howe) [int. Howse] and Lydia Dagget, July 8, 1773. [House, N.C.R. House, "from Newfoundland," and Lydia Daggett, d. Nathan and Margaret (Gardner), PR38.]
  • John (House) and Rebecca Myrick. int Apr. 20, 1834.
  • Lydia (House) and David Ellis, Mar. 5, 1826. [Lydia, d. John and Lydia (Daggett). and David Ellis, widr., s. Simeon and Charity (Clark), PR38.]
  • Lydia C. (House) and George M. Swain, Jan. 4, 1846.
  • Mary and Silvanus Starbuck, 16th, 11 mo., "called January," 1745. CR4.
  • Mary (House) and Josiah Smith, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. July 10, 1819]. [July 12, 1819, CR2. Mary (second w.), d. William and Jenet Coleman), and Josiah Smith, s. Armstrong and Eunice (Marshall) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Mary (House) and Shubael Swain, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. Feb. 19, 1820. [Mar. 9., 1820, CR2. Mary [dup. Polly], John and Lydia (Daggett), and Shubael Swain, s. Joshua and Eunice (Wyer), PR38.]
  • Nancy (Howse) and Aaron Snow, int. July 22, 1818. [Howes (second w.), d. ____ of Barnstable, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sarah (House) [int Houss] and Stephen Rice, _____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. Dec. 18, 1819]. [House, Jan. 4, 1820, CR2. Sally House, d. John and Lydia (Daggett), and Stephen Rice Jr.., s. Stephen and Anna. (Wyer), PR38.]
  • Susan (House) [dup. Miss] and Warren Rogers [dup. Roges, int. Warren M. Roges], [between Apr. 1 [1826] and Apr. 6, 1827, int. Apr. 8, 1826]. [Susan, d. William and Jennette [dup. Jenet] (Coleman), and Warren N. Rogers, s. Henry and Rhoda (Cahoon) of Cape Cod, PR38.]
  • Thomas (Howse) and Abigaile [dup. Abigail] Hussey, Apr. 5, 1700. [Howes and Abigail Hussey, d. Stephen and Martha (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Thomas and Abigail Starbuck, 18th, 10 mo. 1723. [Thomas Jr, s. Thomas and Abigail (Hussey), and Abigail Starbuck, d. Nathaniel Jr. and Dinah (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Tho[ma]s of N. and Lois Steward of Edgartown, d. Charles, Dec. 27, 1734, in Edgartown. [Lois Steward of Edgartown, d. Charles (Stewart), PR38.]
  • William (House) and Jennet Coleman, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Sept. 20, 1800]. William, s. John and Lydia (Daggett), and Jennette [dup. Jenet] Coleman, d. Solomon, PR38.]
  • William (House) and Mary Swain, June 2, 1833. [William, s. William and Jenet (Coleman), and Mary Swain, d. Laban and Abigail (Barney), PR38.]
  • William (House) and Lydia C. McGills [int, both of N.], Oct. 29, 1837. [William Jr. and Lydia McGill, wid. John, d. Simeon Ellis and Rose Ann (Bunker) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Zaccheus, s. Thomas dec'd and Abigail of Sherborn in N., and Lydia Gardner, d. Ebenezer and Judith of Sherborn in N., 29th, 11 mo., "called January," 1746, in N., CR4. [Zaccheus, s. Thomas Jr. and Abigail (Starbuck), and Lydia Gardner, d. Ebenezer and Judith (Coffin) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Allen, s. Matthew and Abigail of New Bedford, Bristol Co., and Elizabeth Macy, d. William and Anna of N., 7th, 4 mo. 1803, CR4. [Eliza, d. William and Anna (Hussey) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Amboy and Love Lee, Aug. 10, 1817. [Love Lee, black, CR2]
  • Cyntha and Benjamin Chadwick, int. Feb. 11, 1804. [Cynthia and Benjamin Chadwick, s. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Eliza and James Copes [int. Copis], "people of Colour," Aug. 2 [Sir, int. Aug. 3], 1829.
  • Eliza. wid. Allen of New Bedford, d. William Macy Jr. and Anna (Hussey) (first w.), and Peter Barney, s. Benjamin Jr. and Jemima (Jenkins), _____, PR38.
  • Elizabeth and Elihu Folger, Mar. 26, 1809. [Elihu, s. Jethro Jr. and Mary (Barnard) (first w.), "Removed to Ohio in 1812," PR38.]
  • Ellen M. (see Helen M.)
  • Francis of Fyal and Susan Pease of N., int May 3, 1840.
  • Hannah F. and Benjamin Taylor, Sept 12, 1843.
  • Helen [dup. Ellen] M. and George W. Coffin, s Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), _____, PR38.
  • Humphry and Eliz[abet]h Delano [int. Doland], Apr. 16, 1778. [Delano, N.C.R. Humphrey of New Bedford and Elizabeth Delano, d. Thomas Sr. and Elizabeth (Swain), PR38.]
  • Mahitable, d. William, and George Hussey, s. Siivanus Jr. and Lydia (Wing) (second w.), Jan. 11, 1821 [in New Bedford] , PR38.
  • Peleg Jr. of Providence, Providence Co., R.I., s. Peleg and Mary of Fairhaven, Bristol Co., and Sarah Mitchell of N., d. George and Phebe both dec'd of N., 1st, 6 mo. 1837, in N., CR4.
  • Richard and Mary Ann Barker, d. Josiah and Elizabeth (Folger), _____, in Vt, PR38.
  • Seth and Polly Russel, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., May 7, 1789. [Russell, N.C.R. Mary Russell, d. Daniel and Hepsabeth (Meader), PR38.]
  • [worn]eth [and] ____ ____[worn], int Aug. 25, [worn].
HOWSE (see Howes)

  • Abraham and Charlotte Pinkham, int. June 11, 1834. [Abraham of Fairhaven and Charlotte Pinkham, d. Henry M. and Catharine (Jenks), m. ___, 1834, PR38.]
  • Charles Allen and Rebecca Ames, Nov. 10, 1831. [Rebecca, d. Dinah (d. Benjamin and Sally), PR38.]
  • Stephen and Nancy Swain, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1799 and Apr. 25, 1800, int. Aug. 31, 1799]. [Stephen of Maine and Nancy Swain, d. David and Hannah (Swain), PR38.
HUBBARD (Hubberd)
  • Abigail (Hubberd) [int. Hubar] and Richard Gay, Dec. 21, 1820. [Hubbard, wid. Joseph C., Obed Foy and Hannah (Russel), PR38.]
  • Joseph and Achsah Coffin, d. William and Elizabeth Vestal, _____ [? in N.C.], PR38.
  • Joseph C. and Nabby Faye [int. Fay], Dec. 8, 1807. [Abigail Foy, d. Obed and Hannah (Russell), PR38.]
  • Sylvester F. of Philadalphia [Pa.] and Mary Ann Swain of N., int. Sept. 22, 1839. [Mary Ann, d. Frederic and Ann (Coffin), ___, 1839, PR38.]
  • William J. of Hudson, N.Y., and Elizabeth Coffin, d. Jared and Eunice (Barnard), _____, PR38.
HUBBERD (see Hubbard)

HUBBS (see Hobbs)

HUBURT (see Hurlburt)

  • Henry and Anna Dignan [int. Dignon], Sept 19, 1791. [Dignan, formerly w. John, d. Joseph Quinn and Mary, PR38.]
  • Nancy and Peter Byer, May 8, 1828. [Nancy, d. Henry and Anna (Quinn) (Dignan), and Peter Boyer, "a Frenchman," PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and John S. Cathcart, Dec. 5, 1847.
  • James M., 26, mariner, of N. [dup. and int. of N.Y.], b. N.Y., s. John and Sophia of N., and Elizabeth H. Perry, 20, of N., b. N., d. Jonathan and Margaret [see mar. of John S. Cathcart] of N., Apr. 9. 1844, in N.
HUGHES (Hews, Huse)
  • Mary Ann and Charles Griffin Coffin, s. Albert and Polly (Fay), _____, PR38.
  • Patience (Hews) and Joseph Hooten, Oct 28, 1731.
  • W[illa]m (Huse) and Mary [int. adds B.] Short, Nov. 24, 1823.
HULBA (see Halba)

HULL (see also Hall)
  • Alexander R. and Charlotte C. Parker, Sept 10, 1829. [Alexander, s. Thomas and Mary (Ames), and Charlotte Parker (first w.), d. Jesse and Betsey, PR38.]
  • Alexander R. and Hepsabeth Francis, both of N., Aug. 9. 1840. [Alexander, s. Thomas and Mary (Ames), and Hepsabeth Francis, wid. James, d. George Higgins and Mary (Hendrix), PR38.]
  • Charlotte [int. adds C.] and Lewis Bell [int of London], Aug. 7, 1836.
  • Everline, of N., b. New Port, and Isaac Reynolds, single, of N., b. N., int July 27, 1847.
  • George R. and Lydia Higgins. Oct. 1, 1835. [George R., s. Thomas Jr. and Mary (Ames). and Lydia Higgins, d. George and Mary (Hendrix), PR38.]
  • Lydia and William Morse, Dec,. 2, 1810.
  • Mary Ann [and] Charles A. Harrington, Jan. 5, 1832. [Mary Ann, d. Thomas and Mary (Ames), PR38.]
  • Phebe and Daniel Johnson, int. Feb. 10, 1798.
  • Susan and John Knowles, Sept. 7, 1817. [Susan, d. William and Lydia (Whiteus), and John Knowles, s. William and Avis, PR38.]
  • Thomas and Mary Ames, Nov. 20, 1800. [Thomas, s. Thomas and Phebe (Folger), and Mary Ames, d. Paul and Judith (Marshall), PR38.]
  • William and Lydia Whiteus [int Whitehouse], _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Nov. 8, 1800]. [William, s. Thomas and Phebe (Folger), and Lydia Whiteus, d. James, PR38.]
  • Asa of N.C. and Priscilla Coffin, d. William and Priscilla (Paddack), _____, PR38.
  • Charlotte of New York and Charles Coffin, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Jabez and Priscilla Coffin, d. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, _____, PR38.
  • John, s. John, and Catherine Coffin, d. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), _____, PR38.
  • Jonathan, s. John, and Phebe Coffin, d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), _____, PR38.
  • Mary Ann and David Allen, s. John and Amy (Swain), in New York, PR38.
  • Priscilla, wid. Jabez, d. Matthew Coffin and Hannah Mendenhall, and Joseph Cadwallader, _____, PR38.
  • Rachel, d. John, and Stephen Coffin, s. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), _____, PR38.
  • Stephanus and Elizabeth Coffin, d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), _____, PR38.
  • Alexander and Malinda Candrick [int. Melindia Candricks], _____ [rec. Apr., 1821, int July 22, 1820]. [Malindia Candrick, Aug. 9, 1820. CR2. Alexander, s. John Jr. and Nancy (James), and Malinda Candish [dup. Hendricks of Chatham], PR38.]
  • Betsey and Rowland [int. Rowlen] Walden, Jan. 12, 1804. [ [dup. Elizabeth] d. John Jr. and Nancy (James), and Rowland Waldron, s. Nathan and Patience (Russell) (Coffin) (second w.), "Moved to Ohio in 1814," PR38.]
  • Eliza Ann and John Young, Sept. 5, 1848.
  • Ellen B. of Providence, R.I., and William J. Rexford of N., int June 26, 1842.
  • Jane and Joseph Roberts, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Nov. 8, 1800]. [Jane, d. John Jr. and Nancy (James), PR38.]
  • Jane R and Moses P. Hamilton, Jan. 28, 1844.
  • John and Nancy James, Jan. 16, 1772. [John, s. John and Priscilla (Dawes), and Nancy James, d. Thomas and Heart Bird of Newport, RI., Jan. 19, PR38.]
  • Joseph and Anne Haws, int. Mar. 8, 1766.
  • Joseph and Lydia Gardner, May 1, 1808. [Joseph. s. John and Nancy (James), and Lydia Gardner, d. Levi and Rachel (Glover), PR38.]
  • Lydia. G. and Henry Young Jr., Aug. 14, 1845.
  • Polly and James Harper, Mar. 22, 1810. [Mary [dup. Polly], d. John Jr. and Nancy (James), and James Harper of Martha's Vineyard, PR38.]
  • William and Hannah Swazey [int Swayzey], Feb. 16, 1804. [William, s. John Jr. and Nancy (James), and Hannah Swazey, d. Anthony, PR38.]
  • William and Lydia C. [int. E.] Morey, Aug. 12, 1830. [Lydia E, CR2. William, s. William and Hannah (Swazey), and Lydia Morey, d. Sylvanns, PR38.]
  • David and Sarah G. Bunker, Oct. 8, 1818. [David of Newport, R.I. and Sarah G. Bunker, d. Hezekiah and Lydia Elwood, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth (second w.) of New York and Benjamin Barnard, s. Cromwell and Sarah (Barnard), _____, PR38.
  • Frances P. [dup. Francis P., int. Francis] and Ammiel Paddack, Oct. 28, 1824. [Francis P., CR2.]
  • Harriet B. and George S. Cleveland, both of N., Feb. 2, 1841. [Harriet B., d. David and Sarah G. (Bunker), and George S. Cleaveland, s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, PR38.]
  • Helena, d. Josiah, and Elijah Gardner, s. David and Mary (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Zaruiah, d. Josiah, and David Gardner, s. David and Mary (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Jonathan and Lucretia Bennett [int Bennet], Dec. 4, 1821. [Bennett, d. William and Phebe (Swain), PR38.]
  • Louisa T., 18, of N., d. John, and John P. Gardner, 22, of N., s. Joshua, int. Apr. 28, 1844. [Louisa, d. Jonathan and Lucretia (Bennett), and John Paul Gardner, s. Joshua and Eliza (Paul), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Lucreatia [int. Lucretia] and Henry Folger, both of N., Oct. 18, 1839. [Lucretia [dup. Huntson], wid. Jonathan, d. William Bennett and Phebe (Swain), and Henry Folger, s. Henry and Elizabeth, PR38.]
  • Daniel of Hudson and Sarah Brown, d. John and Deborah (Myrick), _____, PR38.
HURLBURT (Huburt, Hurlbert)
  • Emma A. (Hurlbert) and Charles H. Bailey, Nov. 11, 1832. [Hurlburt, CR2. Emma Allen Hurlburt, d. William and Abigail (Allen), and Charles H. Bailey, s. Samuel and Eunice (Clark), PR38.]
  • William and Nabby Allen, Dec. 15, 1807. [William of Conn., s. William, and Abigail Allen, d. John and Amy (Swain), PR38.]
  • William A. (Huburt) [int Hurlbert] [and] Phebe Coon, Dec. 22, 1831. [Hurlbert, CR2. Hurlburt, s. William and Abigail (Allen), and Phebe Coon, d. William and Catharine (Marsh), PR38.]
  • John and Lydia Coffin, d. Etas and Abigail (Coffin), _____, PR38.
HUSE (see Hughes)

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