To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Marriages - GIBBS to GWINN

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

  • Abigail [int. Abiah] S. and Reuben C. Harps, both of N., July 1, 1829. [Abiah S., d. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), and Reuben C. Harps, s. John and Eunice (Chadwick), PR38.]
  • Allen and Sarah Bartlett [int. Bartlet], May 18, 1815. [Allen of Wareham, s. Caleb, and Sarah Bartlett, d. Dr. Oliver C. and Elizabeth (Barrett), PR38. Sally Bartlett, May 14, PR64.]
  • Ann and Edward P. Gardner, both of N., Apr. 11, 1830. [Ann, d. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), and Edward P. Gardner, s. Peleg and Sarah (Pollard), PR38.]
  • Betsey (see Elizabeth M.).
  • Caleb and Rebecca Bunker, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July 8, 1790.
  • Christiana [int. Christianna] E. and John Buckley, Feb. 7, 1820.
  • Deborah S. and William B. Folger, June 2, 1833. [Deborah, d. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), and William B. Folger, s. Benjamin 2d and Ruth (Bunker) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Elijah [of] Wareham and Eliza Maxey, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1827 and Apr. , 1828, int. June 16, 1827].
  • Eliza B. and George Newell, both of N., Mar. 24, 1839. [Eliza B., d. Allen and Sarah (Bartlett), and George Newall, s. Nathan and. Polly, PR38.]
  • Eliza R. and Simeon L. Lewis, Mar. 17, 1844.
  • Elizabeth M. and William R. Coleman, June 27, 1830. [Betsey, d. Thomas Sr., and William R. Coleman, s. Henry and Clarissa (Daggett), PR38.]
  • Elnathan and Judith Chase, Oct. 28, 1824. [Elnathan of Wareham and Judith Chase, d. Job and Ruth (Macy), PR38.]
  • Eunice [int. Gibs] and Isaac Atwood, Feb. 28, 1819.
  • George, widr., 46, farmer, b. Wareham, s. Joshua and Hannah, and Salome Shiverick, 22, b. Wareham, d. Nathaniel and Salome, all of Wareham, Nov. 16, 1846, in N.
  • George W. of N. and Miss Zipporah C. Burges of Harwich, Sept. 4 [sic, int. Sept. 20], 1840. [George W., s. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), PR38.]
  • Hannah and Benjamin Folger, Apr. 11, 1819. [Benjamin, s. Solomon and Lydia (Russell), PR38.]
  • Henny [int. Henry] and Tempa Gibbs, Sept. 6, 1821. [Henry, s. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), and Temperance PR38.]
  • Jacob B. single, 24, yeoman, of N., b. N., s. Stephen and Deborah of N., and Lucinda M. Smith, 16, of N., b. Boston [int. N.Y.], Mar. 25, 1845, in N. [Jacob Barney Gibbs, s. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), and Lucinda M. Smith of Boston, PR38.]
  • James H., single, 22, carpenter, of N., b. N., and Charlotte M. Thompson, 22 [int. 21], of N., b. N., d. James, Dec. 5, 1844, in N. [James H., s. James and Martha, and Charlotte M. Thompson, d. Isaac and Deidamia Elliott (second w.), PR38.]
  • Jerusha C. and Elijah Luce, May 31, 1827. [Jerusha C., wid. Caleb, d. Silvanus Morey, and Elijah Luce, s. Obed and Desire (Crosby), PR38.]
  • Joshua 2d and Deborah Washburn, Dec. 17, 1823.
  • Maria and John Lewis, Aug. 4, 1831. [Maria, d. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), and John Lewis, "a Portugese," PR38.]
  • Maria of N. and Edward S. Jennings of Surry, Eng., Sept. 17, 1837, in N. [Maria, d. James and Martha, and Capt. Edward S. Jennings, PR38.]
  • Martha and Albert Coffin, s. James and Jeanette (Coffin), 18th, 12 mo. 1796, in Philadelphia, Pa., PR38.
  • Martha [int. adds S.] and Charles Fosdick, July 21, 1832. [Martha S., d. James and Martha, and Charles Fosdick, s. Jethro and Phebe (Folger), PR38.]
  • Mary L. F. and I. H. Bartlett Jr., Oct. 31, 1848.
  • Nancy and Jabez Cushman, s. Isaac and Esther of Plymouth, _____, PR38.
  • Nathan and Ruby [int. Roby] Parker, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Sept. 30, 1820]. [Roby, Nov. 15, 1820, CR2. Nathan, s. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), and Roby Parker, d. Samuel, PR38.]
  • Rebecca E. and John S. Perkins, June 8, 1834. [Re- becca E., d. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), and John S. Perkins, s. Gilbert and Miriam (Manter), PR38.]
  • Richard C. and Almira Ames, both of N., int. Feb. 23, 1840. [Richard C., s. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), and Almira Ames, d. Anna, sister of Samuel, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Samuel B., single, 26, painter, of N., b. N., s. Allen and Charlotte of N., and Ann S. Swain, 24, of N., b. N., d. Laban and Mary, July 11, 1843, in N. [Samuel B., s. Allen and Sarah (Bartlett), and Anna S. Swain, d. Laban and Abigail (Barney), PR38.]
  • Sarah (see Susan).
  • Sarah and George Newell, s. Polly, _____, PR38.
  • Sarah B. and Alexander Ray 3d, both of N., int. Oct. 6, 1839. [Sarah, d. James and Martha, and Alexander Ray 2d, s. Peter and Zilpha (Raymond), _____, PR38. Sarah B. and Alexander Ray 3d, m. Oct. 22, PR39.]
  • Seth S. and Tirzah Bearse, int. Nov. 6, 1836. [Seth S., s. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), and Tirza Bearse, d. Solomon and Hannah Green, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Stephen B. and Miss Judith Maxcy, both of N., Aug. 19, 1836. [Stephen B., s. James and Martha, and Judith Maxey, d. Reuben and Susan, PR38.]
  • Stephen S. Jr. of N. and Ann G. Fish of Providence, RI., Sept. 24, 1840. [Stephen S., s. Stephen and Deborah (Swift), and Ann G. Fisher, d. Lemuel and Martha, PR38.]
  • Susan [int. Sarah] and George M. Swain, Apr. 9, 1829. [Sarah (first w.), d. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), and George M. Swain, s. George and Lucretia (McCleave), PR38.]
  • Susan P. and George R. Pierce, June 10, 1846.
  • Tempa and Henny [int. Henry] Gibbs, Sept 6, 1821. [Temperance ____ and Henry Gibbs, s. Samuel and Mercy (Nye), PR38.]
  • Temperance and Freeman Atkins, _____, PR38.
  • Thomas and Mary G. Sheffield, _____ [between Apr. 25, 1822 and Apr. 4, 1823, int. Apr. 13, 1822]. [Thomas, s. Thomas, and Mary Sheffield, d. Josiah and Hannah (Gardner) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Tirzah (see Tirza F. Bearse).
  • Tirzah and Seth Macy, Sept. 15, 1844.
  • Bethiah and Benjamin L'Hummadieu [int. L'Hummedieu], Apr. 11, 1809. [Bethiah (first w.), d. Robert and Patience (Hall), and Benjamin L'Hommedieu, PR38.]
  • James and Bethiah Gardner, Dec. 15, 1828. [James, s. ____ of England, and Bethiah Gardner, d. Jeremiah and Bethiah (Coffin) (first w.), PR38.]
  • John and Sally Williams, int. June 17, 1809.
  • Allen H. and Betsey M. Coffin, May 27, 1833. [Allen H., s. Luther and Phebe (Coffin), and Betsey M. Coffin, d. Hiram and Betsey (Mooers), PR38.]
  • Charles S. and Eliza Folger, Nov. 1, 1835. [Charles S., s. Robert C. and Ruth (Starbuck) (Rand), and Eliza Folger, d. Timothy Jr. and Sarah (Joy), PR38.]
  • Delana and Elizabeth Oppins, Oct. 27, 1817. [Delong Gifford and Elizabeth Orpin, d. John B., PR38.]
  • Eliza of Falmouth. [of Falmouth written in pencil] and George Macy, Aug. 1, 1830. [Eliza, CR2. Eliza, d. Prince of Falmouth and Hannah (Chadwick), and George Macy, s. Solomon and Lydia (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Eliza M. and William H. Hoeg, int. Aug. 26, 1832. [Eliza M., d. Jonathan F. of Fairhaven, and William H. Hoag, s. Isaac and Eunice (Arthur), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Joseph Chase 3d [int. 2d], Jan. 7, 1821.
  • Eunice C. and Reuben Swain 4th, June 5, 1831. [Eunice, d. Joseph and Eunice, and Reuben Swain, s. Franklin and Anna (Cathcart), PR38.]
  • Geo[rge] H. and Eliza Jenkins, Jan. 12, 1826. [George H., s. Luther and Phebe (Coffin), and Eliza Jenkins, d. William and Deborah (Russell), PR38.]
  • Gustavus, single, 26, blacksmith, of N., b. Falmouth, s. Jesse and Abigail of Falmouth, and Eliza Ann Coleman, 20, of N., b. N., d. Frederick B. and Lydia of N., Aug. 16, 1846, in N. [Gustavus, s. Jesse and Abigail (Crosby), and Eliza Ann Coleman, d. Frederick Brown and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • James A. of N.Y. and Eliza M. May of N., int. Nov. 11, 1838.
  • Jessa [int. Jesse] and Abigail Crosby, Aug. 25, 1818. [Jesse, CR2. Jesse and Abigail Crosby, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), PR38.]
  • John of Little Compton, Newport Co., R.I., s. Jonathan and Lois of Little Compton, R.I., and Mary Easton, d. Peleg and Eunice both dec'd of N., 19th, 3 mo. 1817, in N., CR4. [John of Westport and Mary Easton, d. Peleg and Eunice (Hussey), PR38.]
  • John and Rosanna Hambleton, int. Aug. 19, 1820.
  • Jonathan, s. Benjamin and Elisabeth of Dartmouth, Taunton Co., and Eunice Beard, d. Richard and Eunice of Sherborn in N., 8th, 1 mo., "called January," 1767, in Sherborn in N., CR4.
  • Jonathan and Love Robbins, Mar. 26, 1807. [Jonathan of Fair Haven and Love Robbins, d. John and Elizabeth (Meader), PR38.]
  • Joseph and Eunice Clark, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. Jan. 5, 1799]. [Joseph of Falmouth and Eunice Clark, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), , 1798 [sic], PR38.]
  • Luthan [int. Luthar] and Phebe Coffin, Sept. 4, 1795. [Luther, s. Christopher, and Phebe Coffin, d. Seth and Susanna (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Lydia B. and Harvey Crocker, May 16, 1821. [Lydia B., d. Luther and Phebe (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Mary and Silas Grew, Dec. 24., 1818. [Silas, s. Silas and Abial (Clark), PR38.]
  • Mary Elizabeth and Henry S. Mann, both of N., int. Sept. 22, 1839. [Mary E., d. John of Westport and Mary (Easton), and Henry S. Mann, s. Thomas and Eliza, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Nancy [and) Henry Goodrich, Dec. 22, 1831. [Nancy, d. Luther and Phebe (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Prince and Hannah Chadwick, Aug. 7, 1796. [Prince of Falmouth and Hannah Chadwick, d. John and Lydia, PR38.]
  • Rachel and Lewis Perry, Sept. 9, 1830.
  • Robert and Ruth Rand, Aug. 19, 1806. [Robert C. and Ruth Rand, wid. David, d. Nathaniel Starbuck and Patience (Coffin) (Miller) (third w.), PR38.]
  • Shadrach of Falmouth and Eliza Wheatly [int. Weatley], Nov. 23, 1830. [Shadrach, s. Prince of Falmouth and Hannah (Chadwick), and Eliza Wheatley of N.Y., PR38.]
  • Western and Sabra Rusell [int. Russell], Aug. 1, 1792. [Weston and Sabara Russell, d. Daniel and Hepsabeth (Meader), PR38.]
  • William C. and Susan Macy, Apr. 16, 1835. [William C., s. Robert and Ruth (Starbuck) (Rand), and Susan Macy, d. Job and Deborah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • W[illia]m H. and Lydia Starbuck, Nov. 18, 1832. [William H., s. Jonathan of Fair Haven and Love (Robbins), and Lydia Starbuck, d. Tristram and Miriam (Joy), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth A. and Benjamin M. Worth, s. Walter F. and Abigail (Macy), Feb. 17, 1849, PR38.
  • Phillis and Peter Boston, Oct. 25, 1798.
GILD (see Guild)

GILES (Joyls)
  • Abigail (Joyls) and John Harris, Oct. 4, 1728. [Giles, d. Moses and Mary (Skiffe), and John Harris of Coventry, R.I., PR38.]
  • Abigail and Robert Whippe, Aug. 31, 1775. [Abigail, d. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and Robert Whippey, s. James Jr., PR38.]
  • Abigail (see Nabby).
  • Anna and Noah Pease, Nov. 20, 1768. [Anna, d. Thomas and Susan (Jones), and Noah Pease, s. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), PR38.]
  • Beriah (Joyls) and Mary Wyer, July 19, 1739. [Giles, s. Moses and Mary (Skiffe), and Mary Wyer, d. Robert and Catharine, PR38.]
  • David and Eunice Barnard, Aug. 22, 1785. [David, s. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and Eunice Barnard, d. Stephen and Phebe (Swain) (second w.), PR38.]
  • David and Love Clark, _____ [between Mar. 30, 1801 and Mar. 30, 1802, int. Feb. 13, 1802]. [David, s. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and Love Clark, wid. d. Uriah Bunker and Susan (Giles), PR38.]
  • David Upham and Mary Haden, July 3, 1791. [David U., s. Reuben and Mary (Upham) (first w.), and Mary Hayden, d. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), PR38.]
  • Deborah and Andrew Barnard, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., July 2, 1789. [Deborah, d. Reuben and Mary (Upham) (first w.), and Andrew Barnard, s. Jonathan and Mary (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Eunice and Samuel Bunker, June 18, 1824. [Eunice, d. David and Love (Bunker) (Clark) (second w.), and Samuel Bunker, s. Benjamin and Rebecca, PR38.]
  • Hephzibah [int. Hepzibah] and Obed Bunker, Dec. 16, 1762. [Heph[ziba]h, N.C.R. Hepsabeth, d. Thomas and Susan (Jones), and Obed Bunker, s. Obed and Mary (Duanna) [dup. 20th, 12 mo. 1769], PR38.]
  • Kezia and Thomas Parker, July 30, 1789. [Kezia, d. Paul and Keziah, PR38.]
  • Love and Job Myrick, Jan. 30, 1766. [Love, d. Thomas and Susan (Jones), and Job Myrick, s. Andrew and Jedidah, PR38.]
  • Lurana and Libni Gardner, Oct. 12, 1786. [Lurania, d, Reuben and Mary (Upham) (first w.), and Libni Gardner, s. Richard and Deborah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Lydia and Ebenezer Swain, Mar. 25, 1730. [Lydia, d. Moses and Mary (Skiffe), and Ebenezer Swain, s. Joseph and Mary Sibley, PR38.]
  • Lydia and Reuben Maxy, Apr. 14, 1768. [Lydia, d. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and Reuben Maxey, s. Samuel, PR38.]
  • Lydia [int. 2d] and Samuel S. Daggett, July 10, 1823. [Lydia, CR2. Lydia, d. David Upham and Mary (Hayden), and Samuel Daggett of Martha's Vineyard, PR38.]
  • Margaret and David Folger, Aug. 4, 1781. [Peggy, d. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and David Folger, s. David and Anna (Pitts), PR38.]
  • Mary (Joyls) and John Tabor, Oct. 7, 1746. [Giles, d. Moses and Mary (Skiffe), and John Taber, PR38.]
  • Moses and Mary Skiffe, 8th, 3 mo. 1708. [Skiff, d. James and Sarah (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Moses and Mary Way, Nov. 9, 1769. [Moses, s. Thomas and Susan (Jones), and Mary Way, d. John Jr. and Elizabeth, PR38.]
  • Nabby and Edmund [int. Edmond] Fanning, Mar. 22, 1808. [Abigail [dup. Nabby], d. Reuben and Lydia (Baxter) (second w.), and Edmond Fanning, s. Barclay (s. Col. Phineas), PR38. Nabby, PR64.]
  • Paul and Jane Whippe, Mar. 25, 1759. [Paul, s. Thomas and Susan (Jones), and Jane Whippey, d. James and Patience, PR38.]
  • Paul and Kezia Long, int. Oct. 11, 1766.
  • Paul and Hepzabah Wyer, Sept. 25, 1808. [Paul, s. Thomas and Susan ( Jones), and Hepsabeth Wyer, d. John, PR38.]
  • Peggy (see Margaret).
  • Phebe and Thomas Beetle, Dec. 29, 1762. [Phebe, d. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and John [sic, ? Thomas] Beetle of Martha's Vineyard, PR38.]
  • Polly and Jonathan Burnell Jr. [int. Burnall, omits Jr.], Mar. 12, 1795. [Polly, d. Reuben and Lydia (Baxter) (second w.), and Jonathan Burnell, s. Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Mary Upham, Apr. 2, 1766. [Reuben, s. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and Mary Upham, d. David and Priscilla (Worth), PR38.]
  • Reuben and Lydia Baxter, int. June 29, 1776. [Reuben, s. Beriah and Mary (Wyer), and Lydia Baxter, d. Christopher and Mary (Worth), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Susanna and Uriah Bunker, Nov. 25, 1759. [Susan, d. Thomas and Susan (Jones), and Uriah Bunker, s. Obed and Mary (Duanna), PR38.]
  • Thomas (Joyls) and Susanna Jones, June 2, 1739. [Giles, s. Moses and Mary (Skiffe), and Susan Jones, d. Thomas and Hannah Butler, PR38.]
GILLESPIE (Gellespie)
  • James (Gellespie) [dup. Gleespie, int. Gillespie] and Sarah Nicherson [dup. Nickerson, int. Nikerson], Jan. 18, 1824. [Gillespie and Sarah Nickerson, CR2. Gillespie, s. John and Elizabeth of Tyrone Co., Ire., and Sarah Nickerson, d. Israel of S. Dennis, PR38.]
  • Robert and Eliza Bates, Dec. 22, 1833. [Robert, s. John and Elizabeth of Tyrone Co., Ire., and Eliza Bates, wid. Gamaliah, d. Elias Coffin and Abigail (Coffin), Dec. 22, 1834, PR38.]
GILSTON (see Gelston)

  • Elijah and Betsey Marshall, d. Elihu and Susan Brown, _____, PR38.
GLADDEN (see Glidden)

  • Anna and Micajah Gardner, June 6, 1784. [Anna, d. Joseph and Rachael (Fitch), and Micajah Gardner, s. John and Kezia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Goddard and Lydia Bunker, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Oct. 11, 1789. [Goddard of R.I. and Lydia Bunker, d. Richard and Eunice (Mitchell), PR38.]
  • Joseph and Rachel Fitch, int. July 23, 1763. [Joseph of Newburyport and Rachael Fitch, d. Peter and Rachael (Chase), m. 13th, 8 mo., PR38.]
GLIDDEN (Gladden, Gliden)
  • Eunice (Gladden) and Samuel Bailey, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Nov. 4, 1820]. [Nov. 23, 1820, CR2. Glidden, wid. Tobias, d. Pelatiah Swain, and Samuel Bailey, s. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Barker), PR38.]
  • Obed (Gliden) and Mary C. Swain, both of N. int. May 13, 1838. [Glidden, s. Tobias and Eunice (Wyer) (Mills), and Mary C. Swain, d. Nathan and Phebe (Chase), m. May 30, PR38.]
  • Tobias and Eunice Mills, Nov. 3, 1808. [Eunice, wid. James, d. Pelatiah Swain and Sally (Wyer), PR38.]
  • Benjamin and Judith Bunker, Nov. 9, 1788. [Benjamin, s. Simon and Lydia (Fitch), and Judith Bunker, d. Tristram and Abigail, PR38.]
  • Benjamin, Capt. [dup. Esq., dup. and int. omit Capt.], and Mrs. [dup. and int. omit Mrs.] Peggy Wyer, Apr. 29, 1827. [Benjamin and Peggy Wyer, wid. William, Apr. 5, PR27. Benjamin, s. Simon and Lydia (Fitch), and Peggy Wyer, wid. William, d. Jethro Hussey, PR38.]
  • Charles G. and Eliza Gardner, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Nov. 4, 1820]. [Nov. 22, 1820, CR2. Charles, s. Benjamin and Judith (Bunker), and Eliza Gardner, d. Alexander, and Elizabeth (Gardner) (Myrick) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Henry Swift, Jan. 4, 1829. [Elisabeth, CR2. Elizabeth (second w.), d. Benjamin and Judith (Bunker), and Henry Swift of Boston, PR38.]
  • Jemima and Joseph Davis, int. Nov. 30, 1793. [Jemima, d. Simon and Lydia (Fitch), and Joseph Davis 2d. m._____, PR38.]
  • Nancy and Joshua [int. adds C.] Riddel, Nov. 25, 1810. [Joshua C. Riddell, CR2. Nancy, d. Benjamin and Judith (Bunker), and Joshua Riddell, s. Henry and Sally (Coffin) (first w.), PR38. Joshua C. Riddell, PR43.]
  • Phebe and Thomas Rice, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., May 21, 1789. [Phebe, d. Simon and Lydia (Fitch), and Thomas Rice, brother of Randall, PR38.]
  • Rachel and Levi Gardner, Aug. 4, 1781. [Rachel, d. Simon and Lydia (Fitch), and Levi Gardner, s. Elihu and Mary Lamb, PR38.]
  • Reuben and Elizabeth Cartwright, Oct. 1, 1795. [Reuben, s. Simon and Lydia (Fitch), and Elizabeth Cartwright, d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), PR38.]
  • Simon and Lydia Fitch, May 20, 1762. [Lydia, d. Beriah and Deborah (Gorham), PR38.]
  • Will[ia]m and Sarah Lane, int. Dec. 10, 1774.
GOARHAM (see Gorham)

  • Edward L. and Eliza [int. Elizabeth] Worth, July 4, 1833. [Edward L. of Claremont, N. H., and Elizabeth Worth, d. Frederick and Elizabeth (Pinkham), PR38.]
GODFREY (Godfree, Godfry, Goodfrery)
  • Caleb and Mary Pinkham, Dec. 24, 1752. [Mary, d. Barnabas and Priscilla (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Cesar and Phebe Boston, June 9, 1793.
  • Charles and Sophia [int. Zophia] Gardner, Dec. 31, 1817. [Godrey and Sophia Gardner, CR2.]
  • John and Betsey Gardner, Mar. 30, 1803. [John, s. Caleb and Mary (Pinkham), and Betsey Gardner, d. William and Mahitable (Mayo) (second w.), "Moved to Providence," PR38.]
  • Marey (Godfree) [int. Mercy Godfrey] of Yarmouth and James Chase [int. Chace] of N., Aug. 14, 1775, in Yarmouth. [Mercy Godfrey, d. Caleb and Mary of Barnstable, and James Chase, s. Thomas and Anna Smith, PR38.]
  • Mary and Thomas Hamton [int. Hampton], Aug. 3, 1774. [Hampton, N.C.R. Mary, d. Caleb and Mary (Pinkham), and Thomas Hampton, PR38.]
  • Mary and John Seamore [int. Seemore], Aug. 13, 1778. [Seamore, N.C.R.]
  • Mercy and Stephen Kidder, Apr. 3, 1735. [-, 4 mo., PR38. Godfery, both of N., Apr. 3, PR68.]
  • Mercy (see Marey).
  • Phebe and John Wolf, June 1, 1775. [Phebe, d. Caleb and Mary (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Phebe and Abraham Maycoy, int. Oct. 6, 1804.
  • Phebe and William Lucas, July 24, 1806.
  • Phebe A. (Godfry) [int. Godfrey] and William H. Harris. [int. color[e]d], both of N., Jan. 16, 1840.
  • Rebekah and James Burrage [int. Burridge], Aug. 21, 1768. [Burrage, N.C.R. Jeames Burrage, both of Sherborn on N., PR68.]
  • Sarah (Goodfrery) [int. Godfrey] and Samuel H. Winslow, Oct. 6, 1825. [Godfrey, CR2. Godfrey, d. John and Betsey (Gardner), and Samuel H. Winslow, s. Joseph, PR38.]
  • Sophia G. and William H. West, Jan. 30, 1845.
  • Stephen and Mary Skinner, int. May 9, 1795.
  • ____ of Providence [R.I.] and Nancy Allen, d. Tristram and Polly (Nobles), _____, PR38.
GOLD (see Gould)

GOLDEN (Golding, Goulding)
  • Ama (Golding) and Paul Silbay, int. Dec. 10, 1808.
  • Amelia [int. Pamela] and Eleazer Hawkins, "blackman," Oct. 26, 1798.
  • Chloe and Joseph Talman, int. Nov. 2, 1793.
  • Pamela (see Amelia).
  • Phillis (Goulding) [int. Golin] and Cato Barlow [int. Barlo], _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Aug. 2, 1800].
  • Rhoda and Daniel Donnaman, int. Sept. 20, 1823.
GOODFRERY (see Godfrey)

GOODIN (see Googins)

  • Abby B. and Ezra Bisbee, June 6, 1847.
  • Anna and Charles W. Perry, Apr. 2, 1848.
  • Eliza G. of N. and Sepherus [int. Sepherous] W. Smith of London, Eng., Apr. 28, 1839. [ [Sep]herous W. of London, CR4. Eliza, d. John and Lydia (Gardner), and Sepheras or Stephen W. Smith, "an Englishman," PR38.]
  • John and Lydia Gardner, Mt. June 1, 1816. [John, "an Englishman," and Lydia Gardner, d. Ammial and Elizabeth (Kelley), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Mary of N. and Fordyce Rice of Albany, Aug. 20, 1837, in N. [Mary, d. John and Lydia (Gardner), PR38.]
GOODRICH (Goodridge, Gudrige, see also Gutridge)
  • Henry [and] Nancy Gifford, Dec. 22, 1831. [Nancy, d. Luther and Phebe (Coffin), PR38.]
  • James T. (Goodridge) [dup. Goodredge, omits T., int. Goodgrdge] and Juliann [dup. Susanna, int. Juliann N.] Lawton, Oct. 6, 1823.
  • Martha and Joseph Johnson [int. Jhonson] col[ored], July 5, 1835.
  • Mike (Gudrige) and Sarah Harry, int. Sept. 29, 1787.
  • Mike (Gudrige) and Elizabeth Corrinton, int. June 5, 1802.
GOODSPEED (Goodspead)
  • Joseph [dup. Goodsped] and Sarah B. Fish, Feb. 20, 1825.
  • Mary and Charles B. Tobey, int. Nov. 3, 1821.
  • Nathaniel [int. Goodspead] and Sally [Susanna written above Sally, int. Susanna] Gardner, Jan. 26, 1797. [Goodspeed and Susanna Gardner "from Torbay, Eng.," wid. Ruel (s. Caleb), PR38.]
  • Perses and Joseph W. Frye, Aug. 12, 1834, in N. [Perses, d. Timothy and first w., PR38.]
  • Timothy (Goodspead) [int. Goodspeed] and Mary Coleman, Oct. 17, 1822. [Goodspeed Jr. and Mary Coleman, wid. Charles, formerly w. Joseph Toon, d. Henry Clark Jr., PR38.]
  • Abner and Jane Baker, both of Sherbourn, Nantucket Co., Aug. 31, 1791.
  • Albert G. and Eliza S. Hussey, Apr. 6, 1831. [Albert G., s. Nathaniel and Lydia, and Eliza Hussey, d. Paul and Judith (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Francis and Tryposa Pope, June 11, 1818.
  • Mary Jackson of Plymouth and Gardner Coffin, Oct 23, 1794, in Plymouth. [Mary Jackson Goodwin, d. Nathaniel and Lydia of Plymouth, and Gardner Coffin, s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Nathaniel and Lydia Gardner, Nov. 16, 1794. [Nathaniel of "Beverly (Plymouth)" and Lydia Gardner, d. Nathaniel and Ruth (Hussey), PR38.]
  • Sally [int. Goodwins] and Elisha Hedge, Dec. 7, 1790. [Sarah Goodwin, N.C.R. Sally Goodwin, PR38.]
GOOGINS (Goodin, Googings, Gooking)
  • Alexander (Goodin) [int. Gookin] and Phebe S. Keen, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Dec. 2, 1820]. [Gookin, Dec. 21, 1820, CR2. Googins and Phebe Keen, d. Moses and Anna (Swain), PR38.]
  • Phebe S. (Gooking) [int. Gookins, omits S.] and Charles Wyer, both of N., Oct. 25, 1840. [Googins, wid. Alexander, d. Moses Keen and Anna (Swain), PR38.]
  • William (Googings) [int. Googins] and Elizabeth Dow, July 28, 1791. [Googins of Maine and Elizabeth Dow, d. Henry and Abigail (Chase) (Gardner), PR38.]
  • William K. [int. Gooking], single, 23, mariner, b. N., s. W[illia]m and Mary, and Clarissa Bearse, single, 16, b. Hyannis, all of N., Mar. 30, 1845, in N. [Googins, CR1. Googins, s. Alexander and Phebe, and Clarissa Bearse of Barnstable, PR38.]
GOOLD (see Gould)

GORDON (Gorden, Gorton)
  • Betsey [int. Elizabeth] and John Cooper, May 8, 1833.
  • Eleanor and Barnabas Boyle, Jan. 29, 1733-4.
  • Elizabeth (see Betsey).
  • George (Gorden) and Lucy Barney, July 24, 1816. [Gordon and Lucy Barney (black), CR2.]
  • George and Leah Lewis Wells, coloured, int. July 3, 1836.
  • John (Gorton) and Elizabeth Peirce, both of N., Nov. 17, 1717.
  • John (Gorden) and Lettice Simmons [int. Summons], Mar. 21, 1811.
  • John (see John Gardner).
  • Lucinda (Gorden) and Arthur Cooper, Oct. 9, 1827.
  • Salley (Gorden) [int. Sally Gardner] and Nathaniel Carpender, ___[int. Apr. 20], 1811.
  • Thomas and Mary McDonald, June 28, 1832.
  • William (Gorden) and Sally Rogers [int. Rorges], Aug. 10, 1800. [Sarah Rogers, PR38.]
GORHAM (Goarham, Goreham)
  • Abigail, d. Shubael and Puella (Hussey), and James Lovell, Oct. 23 [25 written above 23], 1716, PR38.
  • Abigail and Daniel Smith, Nov. 30, 1770. [Abigail, d. Joseph [dup. John] of Cape Cod, and Daniel Smith, s. Daniel and Abigail (Coffin), in Maine, PR38. both of Sherborn on N., PR68.]
  • Abigail and Benjamin Raymond, int. Nov. 18, 1815. [Abigail (second w.), d. John of Barnstable and Thankful (Butler), and Benjamin Raymond, s. William and Lydia (Weeks), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Adeline and James C. Rogers, July 22, 1849.
  • Benjamin C., single, 23, mariner, b. N., s. Edward D. and Susan, and Susan P. Snow, 19, b. N., d. Sam[ue]l and Eunice, all of N., Dec. 4, 1845, in N. [Benjamin C., s. Edward and Susan (Chase), and Susan P. Snow, d. Samuel and Eunice (Swain), PR38.]
  • Davis [int. 2d]. and Deborah Pease [int. Peas], Jan. 18, 1818. [Davis, s. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), and Deborah Pease, d. Dr. Elijah and Phebe (Russell) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Deborah and Beriah Fitch, Dec. 11, 1735.
  • Deborah and Peleg Bunker, Jan. 16, 1772. [Deborah, d. Joseph of Cape Cod and Abigail Lovell, and Peleg Bunker, s. Jonathan and Judith (Macy), PR38. both of Sherborn N., PR68.]
  • Deborah and Jethro Macy, 3d, 2 mo. 1820, CR4.
  • Desire and Zachariah Bunker, Sept. 2, 1728.
  • Edward [dup. William, int. Edward D.] and Susan Chase, Jan. 29, 1823. [Edward, s. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), and Susan Chase, d. Judah and Phebe (Meader), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth (Goreham) and David Bunker, 14th, 6 mo. 1740, CR4.
  • Elizabeth and Samuel B. Otis, Sept. g, 1847.
  • Eunice and Peleg Gardner, Nov. 1, 1744. [Eunice, d. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Peleg Gardner, s. Jethro and Kezia (Folger), PR38.]
  • Hannah and William Manning, Oct. 24, 1726. [Hannah, d. Shubael (s. Capt. John of Barnstable and Desire (Howland)) and Puella (Hussey), and William Manning, s. Dennis and Catharine, PR38.]
  • James and Susanna Whippy, Apr. 8, 1813. [James, s. James and Parnal (Gardner), and Susan Whippey, d. Love (d. Nathaniel), PR38.]
  • John and Susin [int. Susan] Gorham, Oct. 10, 1819. [John of Barnstable, s. John of Barnstable and Thankful (Butler), and Susan Gorham, d. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), PR38.]
  • Joseph R., single, 27 [int. 26], mariner, of N., b. N., s. W[illia]m and Tamar [int. Mary] of N., and Eliza F. Brown, 25 [int. 16, of Portland [Me.]], d. Samuel [int. W[illia]m] and Rebecca, July 30 [1844], in N. [Joseph, s. William and Mary (Raymond) (first w.), and Eliza F. Brown, d. Samuel and Rebecca of Portland [Me.], PR38.]
  • Josiah of N. and Deborah Lovell of Barnstable, Mar. 1, 1753, in Barnstable. [Josiah, s. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Deborah Lovell, d. James and Abigail, PR38.]
  • Josiah and Kezia Peirce, Apr. 21, 1818. [Josiah, s. Jonathan and Polly [dup. Mary] (Davis), and Kezia Pierce [dup. Peirce] (first w.), d. Henry of Cape Cod, PR38.]
  • Josiah and Sarah Starbuck, Jan. 27, 1828. [Josiah, s. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), and Sarah Starbuck (second w.), d. Joseph and Sally (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Josiah 2d of N. and Martha D. Whiton of Hingham, int. Sept. 9, 1838. [Josiah, s. Davis and Deborah (Pease), and Martha Whiting of Hingham, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Josiah, s. Josiah and Deborah, and Eunice Swain, d. John and Lydia (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Lois (Goreham) and Jonathan Macy, 6th, 10 mo., "called December," 1744, CR4.
  • Lydia (see Lydiah).
  • Lydia and William Swain, Feb. 14, 1750. [Lydiah, N.C.R. Lydia (first w.), d. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), and William Swain Jr., s. William and Jemima (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Lydia B. and Phineas Fish, Sept. 10, 1848.
  • Lydiah (Goarham) and Joseph Worth, both of N., Sept. 8, 1720.
  • Mary, d. Stephen of Barnstable, and Andrew Gardner, s. Nathaniel of N., 1st, 7 mo., "called September," 1721, in N., CR4. [Mary, d. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner). and Andrew Gardner, s. Nathaniel and Abigail (Coffin), Jan. _, PR38.]
  • Mary and Prince Gardner, 10th, 11 mo. 1803, CR4.
  • Mary Ann and Charles F. Alley, Aug. 27, 1848.
  • Mary G. and William Mckeel, 18th, 6 mo. 1849, CR4.
  • Nathaniel, s. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Mary Soley, d. John of Charlestown and Dorcas (Coffin), , 1736, in Boston, PR38.
  • Nathaniel and Betsey Baker, Nov. 24, 1814. [Nathaniel, s. Josiah and Eunice, and Betsy Baker, d. Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Parnell and Matthew Barney, 7th, 10 mo. 1801, CR4.
  • Phebe C., 22, of N., b. N., d. Edw[ar]d and Susan, and Charles H. Dunham, single, 26, mariner, of N., b. N., s. George F. and Diana, int. Feb. 13, 1848. "This publishment taken down by request of Phebe C. Gorham."
  • Phebe C. and John Ray, May 21, 1848.
  • Polly and Obed Wyer 3d, int. Oct. 5, 1811. [m. Oct. 6, CR2. Polly, d. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), and Obed Wyer, s. Obed and Polly, m. PR38.]
  • Priscilla (Goreham) and Eliphaz Folger, 20th, 9 mo., "called November," 1735, CR4.
  • Sarah and Daniel Hussey, Feb. 13, 1734-5. [Sarah, d. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Daniel Hussey, s. Sylvanus and Abial (Browne) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Shubael, b. Yarmouth, s. Capt. John of Plymouth (b. England, s. Ralph of Benefield, Northhampshire, Eng.) and Desire (d. John Howland of the Mayflower and Elizabeth (Tilley) ), and Puella Hussey, d. Stephen and Martha (Bunker), May , 1695, PR38.
  • Stephen (Goarham) [dup. Stepen Gorham] and Elizabeth Gardner, Dec. 25, 1703. [Stephen Gorham of Barnstable, s. Hon. John (s. Capt. John and Desire (Howland)) and Mary (Otis), and Elizabeth Gardner, d. James and Mary (Starbuck) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Stephen, s. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Sarah Freeman of Hardwick, Mar. 16, 1757, PR38.
  • Susan (see Susin).
  • Susan S. and Peter H. Chase, Nov. 14, 1847.
  • Susanna and Daniel Paddack, 1st, 12 mo., "called February," 1726-7, CR4.
  • Susin [int. Susan] and John Gorham, Oct. 10, 1819. [Susan, d. Jonathan and Mary (Davis), and John Gorham of Barnstable, s. John of Barnstable and Thankful (Butler), PR38.]
  • Theodata and Francis Coffin, Nov. 2, 1727.
  • Thomas (Goarham) and Rachel Trott, 7th, 5 mo. 1707. [Gorham, s. James and Hannah, and Rachel Trott, d. John and Ann, PR38.]
  • William and Mary Raymond, July 14, 1816. [William, s. John of Barnstable and Thankful (Butler), and Mary Raymond (first w.), d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Kidder) (first w.), PR38.]
  • William and Elizabeth Swain, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. July 8, 1820]. [July 25, 1820, CR2. William, s. John of Barnstable and Thankful (Butler), and Betsey Swain, d. Reuben and Thankful (Baker), PR38.]
  • W[illia]m and Tamar [int. Tamor] Worth of N. Feb. 4, 1821. [William, s. John of Barnstable and Thankful (Butler), and Tamar Worth, d. Francis and Phebe (Coleman), PR38.]
  • William (see Edward).
GORMLEY (see Gromley)

GORTON (see Gordon)

GOTCHELL (see Getchell)

GOULD (Gold, Goold)
  • Adam and Judith Coffin, d. Paul and Susanna (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Azubah [int. Zobey] G. late of Chatham and George Coffin late of Floris, "both now residing at Nantucket," Mar. 21, 1837. [Azuba G., d. Joseph and Polly of Chatham [in birth record of Azuba G. insert of before Chatham], and George P. Coffin, "a Portugese," PR38.]
  • Betsey and David H. Rogers, Aug. 16, 1835.
  • Ebenezer [int. adds B.], widr., 30, mariner, of N., b. Chatham, s. Josiah and Polly of Chatham, and Caroline E. Backus, 20, of N., b. N., d. Ichabod of N., Aug. 20, 1846, in N. [Caroline, d. Ichabod and Sophronia, PR38.]
  • Ebenezer R. [dup. and int. B.], single, 28, mariner, of N., b. N., and Lucinda [dup. and int. Sereder] L. Walker, single, 25 [dup. and int. of Harwich], July 30, I844 [dup. 1843], in N.
  • George (Goo1d) and Jane Dodge, Jan. 31, 1805.
  • Laura Ann and Henry P. Cook, Dec. 21, 1845.
  • Martha [int. Gold] and Francis Morris, July 23, 1829. [Gold, CR2.]
  • Mary and Joshua Rogers, Dec. 4, 1836.
  • Reliance and James Collins, int. Feb. 22, 1849.
  • Richard (Gold) and Jane Summons, int. July 20, 1816.
  • Zobey G. (see Azubah G.).
GOULDING (see Golden)

  • Mary B. [dup. Gourges] and John Avery Coffin, s. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), _____, PR38.
  • George and Jane Bennett, d. William and Phebe (Raymond), _____, in Maine, PR38.
  • Thomas of N.Y. and Emma Drew, d. Gershom and Abigail (Gardner), , 1827, PR38.
  • Elizabeth, wid. Joseph Jr., d. John Brown and Sarah Walker, and Lt. Samuel Gardner, s. George, June 24, 1673, PR38.
  • Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth Brown, d. John and Sarah Walker, _____, PR38.
  • Priscilla, d. Joseph and Mary, and John Gardner, "1st of Nantucket," s. Thomas of Salem, Feb. 20, 1653-4, PR38.
GRAHAM (see Grayham)

  • Leman and Phebe Perry, Oct. 16, 1821. [Lyman and Phebe Perry, formerly w. Henry, d. Nathaniel Macy Jr. and Elizabeth (Brock), PR38.]
  • William and Charity Jester, Sept. 15, 1805.
  • Charles and Nancy J. Wyer, both of N., Aug. 28, 1839. [Charles, s. James ("a Scotchman") and Elizabeth (Ellis), and Nancy Wyer, d. Benjamin and Eliza, PR38.]
  • Eliza and Manuel S. [int. Manual Sylvanus] Swain, Apr. 7, 1836. [Eliza, d. James ("a Scotchman") and Elizabeth (Ellis), and Manuel Swain, "a Portugese," PR38.]
  • James and Elizabeth Ellis, June 15, 1806. [James, "a Scotchman," and Elizabeth Ellis, d. John ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Coffin), PR38.]
  • William and Mary Austin, July 4, 1830. [William, s. James ("a Scotchman") and Elizabeth (Ellis), and Mary Austin, d. Daniel and Eunice (Sessions), PR38.]
  • Amelia and Benjamin Nye, Nov. 12, 1811.
GRAVES (see Grive, also Groves)

  • Alice and Silvanus Hussey, 2d, 12 mo., "called December," 1756, CR4.
  • Charles and Nabby Wise, int. Oct. 17, 1818.
  • Edward and Sarah Fitch, May 14, 1776. [Grey and Sally Fitch, PR64.]
  • Barnard [int. Graham] and Susan [int. Susen] Vincent, Nov. 26, 1809. [Graham, Irish, cooper, and Susan ____, PR38.]
GRAYSON (see Grason)

GREAVES (see Grive)

  • Alfred E. [int. Greethurst] of Depford, Eng., and Mary E. Widerhold [int. Wiederhold] of N., Apr. 15, 1841.
GREEN (Greene)
  • Barzillai (see Barzillai Grew).
  • Charles and Cloe Practer [int. Poorter], Sept. 8, 1811.
  • Charles and Mary Gurrell, June 1, 1815. [Charles, s. John and Lydia (Coffin), and Mary Gurrell, d. John and Abigail (Folger) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Charles and Sarah A. Maguire, int. Oct. 21, 1831.
  • Charlotte and Frederick Joseph Coffin, s. Jared and Eunice (Barnard), _____, PR38.
  • Charlotte, d. David and Hannah, and Jeremiah Austin, s. Isaac and Ann (Easton), _____ [? before 1850] , PR38.
  • David (Greene) of N., s. Joseph and Abigail of James Town, Newport Co., R.I., and Abigail Hussey, d. Wi[llia]m and Abigail of Sherborn in N., 3d, 12 mo. 1789, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [Green, tailor, of R.I., and Abigail Hussey, d. William and Abigail (Starbuck), , 10 mo., PR38.]
  • Elijah [int. Elisha] and Druzilla Peters, Oct. 12, 1806, in N. [Elisha, soap boiler, and Drusilla Peters [dup. Petus], wid. John, d. Samuel Marshall and Abigail (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and James Chase, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), 2d, 9 mo. 1675, PR38.
  • Hannah and Solomon Bearse of Cotuit, Cape Cod, _____, PR38.
  • Henry of Philadelphia [Pa.] and Sally Dunkin, "Corold," int. May 7, 1837.
  • Henry of N. and Nancy Cuffs of West Port, int. Aug. 4, 1839.
  • James and Mary Powers, Oct. 16, 1804.
  • Jeremiah and Nancy M. Grifface, Apr. 7, 1833. [Griffiths, d. Thomas and Polly (Allen), PR38.]
  • John (Greene) and Lydia -, Mar. 1, 1792, in Hallifax, P.R.4. [Green, s. Thomas and Mercy Cook, and Lydia Coffin, d. Jonathan and Phebe (Coffin), PR38.]
  • John and Hannah Manasser, int. May 9, 1812.
  • John H. and Lydia .Pompey, Oct. 19, 1826.
  • Jonah Newport and Peggy [int. Pegga] Gershom, July 11, 1811.
  • Lucy and John Storyh [int. Storer], Mar. 17, 1814.
  • Lydia and Samuel Shepherd [int. Shepard], Dec. 29, 1814.
  • Margaret [and] Thomas Berns [int. colourd], Apr. 25, 1832.
  • Martha F. and Charles C. Swain, June 8, 1845.
  • Mary and John Coffin, July 17, 1817. [Mary of Newport, RI., and John Coffin, s. Brown and Deborah, PR38.]
  • Mary and Peleg Wood, both of .N. Feb. 14, 1830. [Mary, d. John and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Mary of Vt. or R.I. [dup. R.I.] and Edward Bunker Coffin, s. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Mercy (Greene) Jr. and Jethro Mitchel.Jr., 6th, 11 mo. 1805, CR4.
  • Nancy and Charles Weeks, int. Sept. 29, 1804.
  • Phebe C. and James C. Salisbury Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], May 4, 1826. [Phebe, d. John and Lydia (Coffin), and James C. Salisbury, PR38.]
  • Polly and William Peebody, int. Nov. 23, 1811.
  • Polly Ann and John P. Coffin, s. Thomas and Sarah, _____, PR38.
  • Richard and Polly Jay [int. Jae], Oct. 3, 1811. [Joy, CR2. Mary Jay, formerly w. Francis, d. Anthony Swazey and Jerusha, PR38.]
  • Ruth (Greene) and Caleb Coffin, s. Shubael and Mary (Swain),_____, PR38.
  • Sally and Caleb Cushman, June 4, 1817. [Sally, d. John and Lydia (Coffin), and Caleb Cushman, s. Isaac, PR38.]
  • Samuel and Ann Ishman Michel, int. Dec. 21, 1811.
  • Solomon Tobias, single, 30, laborer, of N., b. Providence, s. Tobias and Catharine of Providence, R.I., and Mary Ann Hoosaw, wid., 25, of N., b. Waterford, Conn., d. John Williams and Louis of Waterford, Conn., Apr. 16, 1848, in N.
  • Thomas and Mary Hussey, both of N., Jan. 30, 1725-6.
  • Thomas and Elizabeth Brooks, Jan. 24, 1822. [Thomas, s. John and Lydia (Coffin), and Elizabeth [dup. Betsey] Brooks, d. William and Ruth (Brock), PR38.]
  • Thomas A. (Greene) of New Bedford, Bristol Co., s. Nathan dec'd and Abigail of E. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI., and Lydia Mitchell, d. David dec'd and Eunice of N., 3d, 5 mo. 1820, in N., CR4.
  • Welcome Arnold of Providence, Providence Co., R.I., s. Nathan (Greene) "late of East Greenwich in the County of Kent and Abigail Greene now of Smithfield in the County of Providence," R.I., and Sarah Gardner, d. Zenas and Susanna of N., 1st, 11 mo. 1826, in N., CR4.
  • Welcome Arnold of Providence, Providence Co., R.I., s. Nathan and Abigail late of E. Greenwich, Kent Co., R.I., and Caroline Austin, d. Daniel and Rachel G. late of N., 13th, 12 mo. 1838, in N., CR4. [Welcome of New Bedford, brother of Thomas of Providence, R.I., and Caroline Austin (second w.), d. Daniel and Rachel (Gardner), PR38.]
  • William and Mary Marshall, Apr. 20, 1769. [Mary, wid. John, PR38.]
  • William and Elizabeth Inot, Dec. 17, 1769. [Inott, wid. Joseph, d. Andrew Gardner and Mary (Gorham), PR38.]
  • ____ (Greene) and Charles Coleman, s. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin),_____, PR38.
  • Eliza A. [int. Ann] of Vasselborough, Me., and Geo[rge] Coffin 3d of N., Nov. 18, 1840. [Eliza Ann Greenlow of Vassalborough, d. Thomas of Kennebec and Mary (Paddack), and George Coffin, s. Asa and Phebe (Morselander), PR38.]
GREENE (see Green)

GREENLOW (see Greenbow)

GREENOUGH (see Grenough)

GREETHURST (see Greehurst)

  • George and Mary Morslander, Feb. 13, 1820. [Polly [dup. Mary], d. Zenas and Margaret [dup. Peggy] (Swain), PR38.]
  • John C., single, 26, mariner, of N., b. N., s. Geo[rge] and Mary of N., and Miss Esther Jones, 19, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, int. July 11, 1847. [John C., s. George and Mary (Morselander), m. _____, on Cape Cod, PR38.]
GRENILL (see Grinnell)

  • Susanna [int. Susannah Freeman Grenough] of Yarmouth and William Brooks of N., Dec. 7, 1795, in Yarmouth.
  • Barzillai and Ann C. Fullar [int. Fuller],_____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Dec. 9, 1820]. [Green and Ann Fuller, Jan. 4, 1821, CR2. Grew, s. Samuel and Hepsabeth (Clark) (Shadwell), and Ann C. Fuller, d. William and Elizabeth, PR38.]
  • Daniel C. and Lydia C. Orpin, May 15, 1823. [Daniel, s. Samuel and Hepsabeth (Clark) (Shadwell), PR38.]
  • Jervis and Lydia Covil [int. Covel], Apr. 30, 1818. [Covil, CR2. Jarvis, s. Samuel, PR38.]
  • Lucy and Joseph Coffin, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, int. Sept. 16, 1820]. [Oct. 12, 1820, CR2. Lucy, d. Samuel and Hepzibah (Clark) (Shadwell), and Joseph Coffin, s. Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Lydia and William Hobbs [int. Hobs], Oct. 1 [dup. Oct. 3], 1826. [Lydia, wid. Daniel, d. John B. Orpin, and William Hobbs [dup. Hobson], "an Englishman," PR38.]
  • Mercy and Jethro Gardner, Aug. 28, 1825. [Mercy, d. Samuel and Hepsabeth (Clark) (Shadwell), and Jethro Gardner, s. Jesse and Betsey (Alley), PR38.]
  • Phebe and Job Coleman Coffin, June 24, 1810. [Phebe, d. Silas and Abial (Clark), and Job C. Coffin, s. Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Polly and Samuel Hatch Jr., Mar. 22, 1807. [Polly, d. Silas and Abial (Clark), PR38.]
  • Sam[ue]ll and Heph[ziba]h Shadwell, July 13, 1784. [Samuel and Hepsibeth Shadwell, wid. Thomas, d. Sarah Clark, PR38.]
  • Silas and Abiel Woodhouse, int. Mar. 30, 1782.
  • Silas and Mary Gifford, Dec. 24, 1818. [Silas, s. Silas and Abial (Clark), PR38.]
GREY (see Gray)

GRIFFITH (Grifface, Griffice, Griffin, Griffins, Giffist)
  • Hannah Marier (Griffin) and John Williamson, int. Nov. 20, 1819.
  • James and Mary D. Hussey, both of N., June 20, 1841. [Griffiths, s. Thomas and Polly (Allen), and Mary D. Hussey, d. Peter and Sally (Drew), PR38.]
  • Mary Ann (Griffice) and Barzillai Nickerson Jr., Apr. 19, 1846.
  • Nancy M. (Grifface) and Jeremiah Green, Apr. 7, 1833. [Griffiths, d. Thomas and Polly (Allen), PR38.]
  • Polly (Griffice) and Henry Coleman, Mar. 22, 1846.
  • Susan A. (Griffist) and Mosses J. [int. Moses, omits J.] Wilcome, Sept. 13, 1832. [Griffiths, d. Thomas and Polly (Allen), and Moses Welcome, PR38.]
  • Thomas (Griffins) [int. Griffices] and Polly [int. Mary] Allen, Aug. 28, 1814. [Griffith [dup. Griffiths] and Polly Allen, d. Reuben and Jerusha (Taylor), PR38.]
  • William and Elizabeth Sylvia [int. Silvea], July 26, 1835. [Griffiths and Elizabeth F. Silvas, wid. John, d. John Marshall and Lydia (Coleman), p.a.38.]
  • Martha and Thomas Carr, Apr. 28, 1718. [I7th, 4 mo. 1717, PR38. Grindey, both of N., Apr. 28, 1718, PR64. PR68.]
GRINNELL (Grenill, Grinnall)
  • Horris, brother of Peter of R.I., and Polly Coleman, d. Eber and Eunice (Clark), _____, PR38.
  • Nathaniel (Grenill) and Ruth Clark, int. Sept. 11, 1756.
  • Peter (Grinnall) [int. Grinnal] of Providence, R.I., and Eunice Coleman, June 18, 1809. [Grinnell Jr. of Newport, R.I., and Eunice Coleman, wid. Eber, d. Seth Clark and Lucretia (Paddack), PR38.]
  • David and Peggy [int. Margaret] Folger, Mar. 22, 1783. [Peggy, N.C.R. Graves of Providence [dup. Greaves of E. Greenwich, R.I.] and Peggy [dup. Margaret] Folger, d. Timothy and Abial (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Edward [int. Gormley] of Albany [int. adds N.Y.] and Miss Nancy L. Fisher of N., Nov. 7, 1841. [Gormley, "a stranger," and Nancy L. Fisher, d. Zebediah and Hannah (Luce), PR38.]
GROOPER (see Gruber)

GROSS (Degros, Grose)
  • Dickca (Degros) and Phillis Hero, int. Oct. 18, 1800.
  • Mary (Grose) of Cape Cod and Benjamin Cartwright, s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), _____, PR38.
  • Parchaal D. [int. Pascol De Gross] and Christina [int. Cristina] Allen, May 22, 1806.
  • Simon of Malden and Celina Gardner, 30th, 4 mo. 1799, PR38.
  • Charby L. [Charby L. Groves crossed out] and ____ ____, int. July 3, 1832.
  • Ch[arle]s L. and Charlotte [int. Chariot] Boston, Dec. 27, 1827. [Charlotte, black, CR2.]
  • Hannah of Beverley and William Baxter, s. Christopher and Mary (Worth), _____, PR38.
  • ____ of New Bedford and Paulina Backus, d. Thomas and Mary (Bates), _____, PR38.
  • Ellen H. and William Fisher, Oct. 6, 1844.
  • Harriet M. and Charles G. Clark, both of N., Mar. 17, 1841. [Harriet M., d. Dea. Joshua and Ellen (Cummings), and Charles G. Clark of Martha's Vineyard, PR38.]
  • Maria E. [int. Grooper] and Ansel Thomas, both of N., Apr. 2, 1840. [Gruber (second w.), d. Dea. Joshua and Ellen (Cummings), and Ansel Thomas, s. Ansel, PR38.]
GUALT (see Gault)

GUDRIGE (see Goodrich)

  • William D. [int. Gild of Providence, RI.] and Cloe [int. Chloe] B. Crocker [int. of Barnstable], Mar. 25, 1838.
  • Sarah [int. Gant] and Bristol [int. Bristold] Wright, Jan. 17, 1830.
  • Anna and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] James Gurney, July 27, 1809. [Anna (second w.) and James Gurney, "the minister," PR38.]
  • Eliza Ann and Reuben G. Folger, Aug. 27, 1833. [Eliza, wid. Nahum, d. Jesse Bunker and Eunice (Folger), and Reuben G. Folger, s. Seth and Elizabeth (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Ephraim and Sally Folger, July 27, 1809. [Sally, d. Peter 4th and Judith (Burnell), PR38.]
  • James, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], and Anna Gurney, July 27, 1809. [James, "the minister," and Anna Gurney (second w.), PR38.]
  • Nahum [int. Naham Gerney] and Eliza Ann Bunker, [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. Aug. 21, 1819]. [Nahum Gurney, Sept. 9, 1819, CR2. Nahum Gurney, s. Rev. James, and Eliza Bunker, d. Jesse and Eunice (Folger), PR38.]
GURRELL (Gurrel)
  • Abigail [int. Gurrill] and Benjamin Bailey [int. Baley], July 4, 1811. [Gurrell, divorced w. John, d. Reuben Folger and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.), and Benjamin Bailey, s. Jonathan, PR38.]
  • John and Abigail Folger, int. Apr. 5, 1794. [Abigail (first w.), d. Reuben and Mary (Ramsdell) (second w.), m. _____, PR38.]
  • John (Gurrel) and Elizabeth Coleman, May 23, 1811. [Gurrell and Elizabeth Coleman (second w.), d. Francis and Abigail (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Mary and Charles Green, June 1, 1815. [Mary, d. John and Abigail (Folger) (first w.), and Charles Green, s. John and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • William and Nancy Davis, int. Oct. 9, 1824. [William, s. John and Nabby [dup. Abigail] (Folger) (first w.), and Nancy Davis, d. Joseph and Thankful (Baker), m. _____, PR38.]
GUTRIDGE (Guthridge, Gutrige, see also Goodrich)
  • Alice [int. Ellis Gutrige] and Ezra [int. Isra] Summons, Mar. 15, 1818. [Alice Gutridge and Ezra Summons, CR2.]
  • Nella and George Williams, int. Aug. 7, 1819.
  • Sally (Gutrige) and Joseph Warren, int. Sept. 5, 1807.
  • Sally (Guthridge) [int. Gutridge] and Samuel Peaton, Aug. 18, 1808.
GUY (see Gay)

GWINN (Gwin)
  • Abigail (Gwin) and Freeborn Cogshall [int. Cogswell], Oct. 27, 1774. [Cogshall, N.C.R. Gwynn [dup. Gwinn], d. John and Eunice (Russell), and Freeborn Coggeshall, s. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), PR38.]
  • David and Alce Cartwright, Oct. 13, 1722. [David of Salem and Alice Cartwright, d. Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), PR38.]
  • Eunice (Gwin) and Thomas Right, int. May 3, 1766. [Gwinn, wid. John, d. Samuel Russell and Huldah, and Thomas Wright, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Huldah (Gwin) and Silvanus Coleman, July 31, 1774. [Gwinn, d. John and Eunice (Russell), and Sylvanus Coleman, s. Enoch and Mary (Myrick), PR38.]
  • James (Gwin) and Polly Murphey [mt. Murphy], July 17, 1794. [Gwinn, s. Thomas and Abigail (Fitch) (second w.), and Polly Murphy, d. James and Dinah, PR38.]
  • James and Susan Coffin, Nov. 29, 1827. [James, s. James and Polly (Murphy), and Susan Coffin, d. Jesse and. Phebe (Rawson), PR38.]
  • John, s. David dec'd and Alice of Sherborn in N., and Eunice Russell, d. Samuel and Huldah dec'd of Sherborn in N., 28th, 1 mo., "called March," 1748, in Sherborn in N., CR4. [John, s. David and Alice (Cartwright), and Eunice Russell, d. Samuel and Huldah (Odar) (first w.). PR38.]
  • Jonathan, s. David dec'd and Alice of Sherborn in N., and Elizabeth Coleman, d. Solomon and Deliverance of Sherborn in N., 9th, 8 mo., "called October," 1746, in N., CR4. [Jonathan, s. David and Alice (Cartwright) of Salem, and Elizabeth Coleman, d. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett), PR38.]
  • Margaret and Odour Stretton, int. July 31, 1756. [Margaret, d. David and Alice (Cartwright) of Salem, and Odar Stretton, s. Caleb and Lois (Odar) (first w.), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Mary and Benjamin F. Gardner, Apr. 15, 1819. [Mary C., d. James and Polly (Murphy), and Benjamin F. Gardner, s. Albert and Judith (Joy), PR38.]
  • Rhoda (Gwin) and Nathan Gardner, Aug. 26, 1785. [Gwinn, d. John and Eunice (Russell), and Nathan Gardner, s. Zaccheus and Jemima (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Susan and Owen Chase [int. both of N.], Sept. 13, 1840. [Susan Quinn [dup. Gwinn], wid. James Jr., d. Jesse Coffin and Phebe (Rawson), and Owen Chase, s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), PR38.]
  • Thomas [int. Gwin] and Huldah Dagget, Feb, 1, 1749. [Gwinn, s. David and Alice (Cartwright), and Huldah Daggett, d. Jacob and Hannah (Skiff), 1st, 4 mo., PR38.]
  • Thomas and Abigail Fitch, int. May 28, 1757. [Thomas, s. David and Alice (Cartwright), and Abigail Fitch (second w.), d. Peter and Rachael (Chase), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Thomas [int. Gwin] and Rachel Chace, July 9, 1769. [Gwinn, N.C.R. Gwinn, s. David and Alice (Cartwright), and Rachael Chase, d. Joseph and Lydia, PR38.]
  • Ursula [int. Gwin] and William Geach, Sept. 13, 1785. [Gwin, N.C.R. Gwinn, d. Thomas and Abigail (Fitch) (second w.), and William Gates of England, PR38.]
  • William. s. Thaddeus and Mercy Bradlee of Salem, and Nancy Lane, ___, 1822, PR38.
  • ____[worn] (Gwin) and Sarah Jones, int. Dec. 9, 1749.

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