To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund


[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

COLESWORTHY (Colesworth, ColesWorthy)
  • Charles Newcomb (see Newcomb).
  • Charles Waldo (see Waldo).
  • Eunice [and] Asa Coffin, int. Nov. 3, 1798. [Eunice, wid. Newcomb, d. Jonathan Long, and Asa Coffin, s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Eunice and Laban Cottle, Mar. 28, 1811. [Eunice, d. Charles Newcomb and Eunice (Long), and Laban Cottle, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • George C. [int. Georg C. Colsworthy] and Nancy Coffin, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1821, Mt. July 1, 1820]. [George C. Colesworthy, Aug. 9, 1820, CR2. George C. Colesworthy, s. Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), and Nancy Coffin, d. Abijah and Priscilla (Brock), PR38.]
  • Henry, single, 26, mariner, b. N., s. John and Mary, and Martha W. Barnard, 19 [int. 20 written in pencil], b. N., d. Benj[ami]n and Anna, all of N., June 30 [1844], in N. [Henry H., s. John and Mary (Meader), and Martha W. Barnard, d. Benjamin and Anna (Folger), PR38.]
  • Hephzibah (ColesWorthy) [int. Hepzibah Colesworthy] and Noah Bunker, June 19, 1791. [Hepsibeth Colesworthy, d. Jonathan W. Jr. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Noah Bunker, s. Obed and Hepsabeth (Giles), PR38.]
  • Hiram, s. Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), and Susan Reman of N.Y., _____, PR38.
  • John and Mary Meador [int. Meader], June 27, 1805. [John, s. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Mary Meader, d. Nicholas and Rachel, PR38.]
  • Jonathan and Polly Coffin, Nov. 29, 1792. [Jonathan W. Jr., s. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Polly Coffin, d. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Jon[atha]n Waldo and Hep[hziba]h Gardner, Oct. 18, 1770. [Jonathan W., ship carpenter, s. Jonathan of Boston, and Hepsabeth Gardner, d. John and Kezia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Mary (see Polly).
  • Mary W. [and] William C. Myrick, Oct. 6, 1831. [Mary W., d. John and Mary (Meader), and William C. Myrick, s. George and Lydia, PR38.]
  • Nancy and Andrew Bunker, Nov. 16, 1809. [Nancy, d. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Andrew Bunker, s. Uriah and Margaret (Clark), PR38.]
  • Newcomb [int. Coleworthy] and Eunice Long, Feb. 1, 1784. [Colesworthy, N.C.R. Charles Newcomb Colesworthy and Eunice Long, d. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Polly and Samuel Burnel, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1799 and Apr. 25, 1800, int. June 15, 1799]. [Mary, d. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Samuel Burnell, s. Jonathan and Jemima (Marshall), PR38.]
  • Waldo and Anna Hussey, int. Sept. 9, 1797. [Charles Waldo Colesworthy, s. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), and Anna Hussey, d. Ebenezer and Mehitabel (Smith), m. _____, PR38.]
  • William (Colesworth) [int. Colesworthy] and Harriet P. Coffin, both of N., Jan. 31, 1841. [Colesworthy, s. John and Mary (Meader), and Harriet [dup. Harriett] P. Coffin, d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), PR38.]
  • Ann, Miss, of Boston, and William H. Winslow of N., Mar. 20, 1842.
  • Barnard, single, 21, laborer, of N., b. Ireland [int. s. Barnard and Ann of Ireland], and [int. Miss] Rosanna Riley, 18, of N., b. Ireland, Aug. 26, 1848, in N.
  • Clarkson T., Dr., single, 24, of N.Y., b. N.Y., s. Job [int. John S.] and Ruth of Utica, N.Y., and Lydia Coffin, 20, of N., b. N., d. Cha[rle]s G. and Eliza of N., Nov. 6, 1844, in N. [Clarkson T., M.D., of N.Y., s. Job S., and Lydia Coffin, d. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), PR38.]
  • George C. and Mary C. Fisher, Dec. 9, 1832.
  • Henry E. and M. Francis Coffin, d. William B. and Mary Reynolds, _____ [ ? before 1850], PR38.
  • James, single, 26, farmer, of N., b. Ireland, s. Barnard and Mary of Ireland, and Miss N., Gould, 18, b. Chatham, int. Feb. 22, 1849.
  • John and Hannah Connoway, both of Ireland, int. Sept. 26, 1841.
  • Joseph and Mary B. Worth, d. Walter F. and Abigail (Macy), Nov. 14, 1844, PR38.
  • Martha and Andrew Barnes, July 24, 1847.
  • Mary of N. and Robinson L. Smith of Barnstable, int. May 13, 1838.
  • Rosanna and John Gerow, Aug. 18, 1848.
  • Samuel C., s. William, and Rachel M. Worth, d. Walter F. and Abigail (Macy), May 29, 1845, PR38.
  • Stephen of Nova Scotia and Phebe Coffin, d. Reuben and Parnal (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas B. and Diana [int. Diannah] Sharper, July 2, 1815. [Diana, black, CR2.]
  • W[illia]m and Mahala [int. Mahalah] Boston, Aug. 25, 1825. [Mahala, black, CR2.]
COLMAN (see Coleman)

  • Sarah and ____ ____[worn], int. Feb. 3, 1749.
  • Francis [sic] Mackey [dup. Mackay, omits Colwell] of Billerica and Moses Barnard, s. Jonathan and Sarah (Joy), _____, PR38.
COMSTOCK (Comstork, Cumstork)
  • Betsey (Comstork) and Joseph Winslow, June 19, 1804. [Comstock, d. John and Lydia (Gardner), and Joseph Winslow, s. Joseph and Isabella, PR38.]
  • John and Lydia Gardner, Aug. 24, 1775. [Lydia, d. John and Kezia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Kezia (Cumstork) [int. Comstork] and George Coffin, Mar. 24, 1803. [Keziah [dup. Kezia] Comstock, d. John and Lydia (Gardner), and George Coffin, s. Solomon and Eunice (Macy), PR38.]
  • Lydia and Francis Gardner Jr., Dec. 8, 1797. [Lydia, d. John and Lydia (Gardner), and Francis Gardner Jr., s. Francis and Anna (Paddack) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Nathan, s. Samuel and Lucy of Glocester, Providence Co., RI., and Elizabeth Emmett, d. Edward Tillit dec'd and Elizabeth of N., 10th, 12 mo. 1801, in N., CR4. [Nathan of N.Y. and Elizabeth Emmett (first w.), d. Edward Tillett and Elizabeth (Mitchell), PR38.]
  • Nathan of N.Y. and Ann Merritt, d. John and Phebe of N.Y., _____, PR38.
  • Sally and Frederick Coffin, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. Sept. 8, 1798]. [Sarah [dup. Sally], d. John and Lydia (Gardner), and Frederick Coffin, s. Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Sophia (Comstork) [int. Cumstork] and David Swain 3d [int. Jr.], Sept. 20, 1808. [Comstock (first w.), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), and David Swain Jr., s. David and Phebe (Coleman) (first w.), PR38.]
CON (see Coon)

CONANT (Connant)
  • Mahitable (Connant) [int. Conant] and Lemual [int. Lemuel] Jones, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1828 and Apr. 8, 1829, int. Dec. 14, 1828]. [Mehitable Conant and Lemuel Jones, Jan. 3, 1829, PR32. Mahitable Conant, d. Asa and Anna, and Lemuel Jones, s. Stephen and Abigail, PR38.]
  • Samuel of Charlestown and Rebecca Coffin, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, _____, PR38.
  • Sarah and Charles Jones, 3d, 12 mo. 1818, PR32.
CONGDON (Condon)
  • James C. and Eliza R. Thain, both of N. Jan. 18, 1844. [James C. of Newport, R.1 , and Eliza Thain, d. David and Mary (Russell) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Joseph and Phebe F. Wood, June 12, 1831. [Joseph of Newport, RI., and Phebe F. Wood, d. David, PR38.]
  • Patrick (Condon) and Sarah Stone, int. Oct. 5, 1771.
  • Robert R. of N. [int., Newport, RI.] and Keziah [int. Kezia] P. Dodge of N., Aug. 7, 1843. [Robert of R.I. and Kezia P. Dodge, d. Joseph and Sarah (Winslow), PR38.]
  • Bridget [int. Bridgett] Miss, 18, b. Ireland, and John Tinsley, single, 24, mariner, b. Ireland, both of N. [int. both of Ireland], July 16, 1843, in N.
CONNANT (see Conant)

  • John and Sarah Hope, June 11, 1772.
CONWAY (Connoway)
  • Hannah (Connoway) and John Collins, both of Ireland, int. Sept. 26, 1841.
  • Mary, 20, of N., and Patrick Heafy, single, 28, mariner, of Newfoundland, b. Ireland, Feb. 10, 1845, in N.
CONWELL (see Cornwell)

COOK (Cooke)
  • Charles W. and Charlotte R. Folger, both of N., Sept. 15, 1842. [Charles W., s. John of Newburyport, and Charlotte R. Folger, d. Samuel B. and Nancy (Hillar), PR38.]
  • Clarissa A. and John W. Hallett, Oct. 5, 1845.
  • Deborah and Nathaniel A. Borden, Oct. 19, 1834.
  • Elizabeth of "the Vineyard" and Stephen Bunker, s. Uriah and Zaruiah (Pinkham), _____, PR38.
  • Hannah and Absolom F. Boston, int. Aug. 25, 1827.
  • Harry [int. Harvey] and Clarissa [dup. Clariss, int. Clairssa] Ward, Dec. 12, 1821. [Harvey and Clarissa Ward, CR2.]
    Hellen of Newburyport and William Summerhays of N., int. Oct. 4, 1840.[Helen M. (second w.), d. John, sister of Joseph, and William H. Sumerhays, m. ___, 1840, in Newburyport, PR38.]
  • Henry P., single, 20, baker, b. Newbury Port, s. Charles and Clarissa, and Laura Ann Gould, 20, b. N., d. Betsey, all of N., Dec. 21, 1845, in N.
  • John and Lydia Raymond, int. Aug. 29, 1807.
  • Joseph and Margaret Calef, May 29, 1769. [Califf, d. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), PR38.]
  • Joseph A., single, 25, merchant, of N., b. N., s. John and Susanna of Newburyport, and Marie L. Richter, 18, of N., b. N., d. M. and H. of N., int. June 10, 1849. [Maria, d. Dr. Richter, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Margaret and Paul Coggwell Cogswell], Oct. 15, 1775. [Coggswell, N.C.R. Margaret, wid. Joseph, d. Ebenezar Califf [dup. Calif] and Elizabeth (Fitch), and Paul Coggeshall [dup. Coggshall], s. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), PR38. Peggy and Paul Coggeshall, PR64.]
  • Margret and William Baxter, both of N., Aug. 11, 1720, in N. [Margaret and William Baxter of Scotland, PR38. Margret. PR68.]
  • Mary and Samuell [int. Samuel] Swain, July 4, 1789. [Sam[ue]ll, N.C.R. Polly (first w.), d. Hugh and Margaret (Calef), and Samuel Swain, s. Reuben and Hannah (Macy) (second w.), "Part of this family moved to Ohio in 1813. Several m'd on Cape Cod," PR38.]
  • Mary and James Bee, May 15, 1804.
  • Mary and Stephen Rodney, June 19, 1834.
  • Mary (Cooke) and Richard Coffin, s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • Mary Ann of Newbery Port and Frederick W. Myrick of N., int. July 14, 1839.
  • Naoma and Erastus Beacher, int. Jan. 22, 1803.
  • Polly (see Mary).
  • Samuel and Mary Manter [int. Mantor], _____ [between Apr. 25, 1800 and Apr. 25, 1801, int. Nov. 15, 1800].
  • Thomas (see Thomas Crook).
  • Will[ia]m and Naomi Crowell [int. Crowel], Apr. 19, 1787. [Crowell, N.C.R.]
  • Zebedee Jr. and Sarah Coffin Whitney, int. Nov. 30, 1809.
COON (Cawn, Con)
  • Charlotte M., d. William and Catharine (Marsh), and James F. Cathcart, s. David and Lydia, _____, PR38.
  • George H., single, 27, mariner, b. N., s. William, and Eunice B. Brock, 26, b. N., d. Charles H. and Lydia [int. adds A.], all of N., Oct. 7, 1849, in N. [George H., s. William and Catharine (Marsh), and Eunice B. [dup P.] Brock, d. Charles H. [dup. F.] and Lydia (Wood), PR38.]
  • James, s. William and Catharine (Marsh), and Mary Handy of Cape Cod, _____, PR38.
  • Mary of N. and Nathaniel Chase [of] W. Harwich, int. Oct. 20, 1844.
  • Phebe (Cawn) and Job Swain, Apr. 16, 1797. [Coon (second w.), wid. William, d. William Cash and Mary (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Phebe [and] William A. Huburt [int. Hurlbert], Dec. 22, 1831. [Hurlbert, CR2. Phebe, d. William and Catharine (Marsh), and William Hurlburt, s. William and Abigail (Allen), PR38.]
  • Roswell, s. William and Catharine (Marsh), and ____ Cleaveland of Martha's Vineyard, _____, PR38.
  • Will[ia]m (Con) and Phebe Cash, Nov. 13, 1787. [Coon and Phebe Cash, d. William and Mary (Johnson), PR38.]
    William and Catharine [int. Katharine] Marsh, Mar. 19, 1811. [William, s. William and Phebe, and Catharine Marsh, d. ____ (brother of Roswell), PR38. Catherine, PR55.]
  • Annanias and Sally Brown, Aug. 22, 1793. [Sally, d. Francis and Anna (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • Arthur and Lucinda Gorden, Oct. 9, 1827.
  • Cyrus and Maria B. Pompey [int. coloured], May 24, 1837.
  • Eliza [int. adds Ann] and Thomas King, Dec. 31, 1827.
  • John and Sophia Hart. int. Dec. 6, 1828.
  • John and Betsey [int. Elizabeth] Gordon, May 8, 1833.
  • Nancy and Timothy Bunker, May 16, 1813. [Timothy is. Benjamin and Rebecca], PR31.]
  • Nathan F. and Deborah Ann Stephens, both of Gay Head, int. Apr. 12, 1840.
  • Randolph [int. of Boston] and Ann Brown [int. of N.Y.], both colored and residents of N., July 23, 1839.
  • Robert, single, 33, mariner, of N., b. N., s. Arthur and Lucy of N., and Janetta E. Miller, 22 [int. 21], of N., b. New Haven, d. Edward [int. Edwin] and Abigail of New Haven, Dec. 23, 1849, in N.
  • Rufus of Martha's Vineyard and Patience A. Quoin of N., int. May 31, 1840.
  • Sally and Job Halsey, Mar. 22, 1803. [Sally, wid. Annanias, d. Francis Brown and Anna (Pinkham), PR38.]
  • James [int. Copis] and Eliza Howland, "people of Colour," Aug. 2 [sic, int. Aug. 3], 1829.
  • Mary and James Alley, int. Aug. 19, 1820. [Cochran of Martha's Vineyard and James Alley, s. Richard and Martha (Alley), m. 23d, 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Ellery of Westport and Phebe Coffin, d. Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), _____, PR38.
CORLISS (Corlis)
  • Mary, d. Benjamin of N.Y., and William H. Barney, s. Charles and Avis (Macy), _____, PR38.
  • Sarah L. (Corlis) [dup. Corles], d. Benjamin and Phebe (Ludlam) of N.Y., and Charles A. Macy, s. Josiah and Lydia (Hussey), Jan. 12, 1831 [ ? in N.Y.], PR38.
CORNELL (Cornal, see also Cornwell)
  • Abraham of Tivertown, R.I., and Harriet Sylvia of N., Nov. 19, 1839.
  • Elijah of Providence, RI., and Eunice Barnard, d. Reuben and Phebe (Coleman), _____, PR38.
  • Jane (Cornal) and William Quenno, Jan. 9, 1730-1.
  • Stephen and Harriett Charlotte Earle, d. Joseph Jr. and Betsey (Coleman), Sept. 28, 1823, PR38.
  • William and Lydia Hussey, Jan. 27, 1799. [William of New Port [dup. Providence, R.I.] and Lydia Hussey, d. Christopher and Lydia (Manchester), "removed to Ohio in 1814," PR38.]
  • Emily F. and Benjamin S. Cathcart, July 5, 1848.
CORNWELL (see also Cornell)
  • Duryea, single, 29, mariner, of N. [int. of N.Y.], b. N.Y., s. W[illia]m and Phebe of N.Y., and Ann G. Andrews, 18, of N., b. N., d. Sylvanus and Mary of N., Nov. 5, 1848, in N. [Ann G., d. Silvanus and Mary B. (Gardner), PR38.]
CORRINGTON (Corrinton)
  • Annis [int. Corrinton] and Isaac Barlow, Dec. 1, 1803.
  • Betsey (Corrinton) and Mordeca Warren, int. Apr. 3, 1802.
  • Elizabeth (Corrinton) and Mike Gudrige, int. June 5, 1802.
  • Lydia [int. Correnton] and Ezekiel Pompy, Feb. 7, 1811.
  • Charles and Susan M. Tweedy [int. Susan W. Twede, colurd, dup. int. Susan W. Twedey, colourd], May 7, 1834.
  • Sarah and Mike ___, Mar. 21, 1788.
  • Abishai and Catharine [int. Katharine] Wilkins, Oct. 30, 1765. [Katharine, N.C.R.]
  • Ann C. and Charles Lovell, Dec. 23, 1849.
  • Barzillai and Rachel Swain, Dec. is, 1803. [Barzillai, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rachael Swain, d. Tristram and Rachael (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Charles and Phebe B. Ramsdale [int. Ramsdell], June 10, 1830. [Ramsdell, CR2. Charles, s. David and Mary (first w.), and Phebe B. Ramsdell, d. William and Mary (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Charles N. and Ann C. Staples, both of N., July 22, 1838. [Charles N., s. Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), and Ann Staples, d. James and Elizabeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • David and Mary Folger, _____ [between Apr. 21, 1798 and Apr. 21, 1799, int. Sept. 8, 1798]. [David, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Mary Folger, d. Owen and Eunice (Smith), PR38.]
  • David and Rebecca Cottle, Apr. 3, 1808. [David, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rebecca Cottle, wid. Obed, d. Nathaniel Russell and Judith (Long), PR38.]
  • David 2d, single, 28, mariner, b. N., s. Laban, and Eunice, and Priscilla M. Coffin, 19, b. N., d. John and Sarah, all of N., Mar. 19, 1848, in N. [David, s. Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), and Priscilla R. [dup. M.] Coffin, d. John C. and Sarah (Ray), PR38.]
  • Delia M. and Robert P. Wyer, Oct. 12, 1848.
  • Elizabeth and Thaddeus Clark, Aug. 21, 1792. [Elizabeth, d. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Thaddeus Clark, s. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth, d. James and Thankful Norton, and ____ Brooks, _____ [? before 1850] , PR38.
  • Henry and Phebe Pease, Oct. 10, 1816. [Henry, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Phebe Pease, d. David and Sally (Fosdick), PR38.]
  • James and Lydia Marshall, int. Oct. 3, 1778. [James Jr., s. James and Thankful Norton, and Lydia Marshall, d. Greenleaf and Anna (Cathcart), m. _____, PR38.]
  • James and Thankful Norton of "the Vineyard," _____, PR38.
  • James and Mercy Wheelden of Martha's Vineyard, _____, PR38.
  • Jane B. and Reuben Swain, both of N., Jan. 13, 1842. [Jane (Ewell) Cottle (second w.), wid. Laban, and Reuben Swain Jr. of Polpis, s. Reuben and Thankful (Baker), PR38.]
  • Judith and Henry Hood, Mar. 1767. [Judith, d. James and Thankful Norton, PR38. both of Sherborn on N., PR68.]
  • Laban and Eunice Colesworthy, Mar. 28, 1811. [Laban, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Eunice Colesworthy, d. Charles Newcomb and Eunice (Long), PR38.]
  • Laban and Miss Jane B. Ewell, Oct. 2, 1836. [Laban, s. Lot and Ruth, PR38.]
  • Lot and Ruth Coleman, Jan. 3, 1770. [Lot, s. James and Thankful Norton, and Ruth Coleman, d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), PR38. Colman, both of Sherborn on N., PR68.]
  • Lydia and David Cleavland, May 8, 1783. [Lydia, wid. James Jr., d. Greenleaf Marshall and Anna (Cathcart), and David Cleaveland, s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), PR38.]
  • Lydia, d. Shubael and Drusilla, and Jethro Coffin, s. William and Lydia (Coleman), _____, PR38.
  • Margaret, Miss, and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Jonathan Swain 2d, _____ [rec. Apr. , 1824, int. May 24, 1823]. [Margaret (third w.), wid. Owen, d. Tristram Swain and Rachel (Bunker), and Jonathan Swain, s. Abishai and Jedida (Swain), PR38.]
  • Mary and George Smith, int. Oct. 9, 1762. [Mary, d. James and Thankful Norton, and George Smith, s. Daniel and Abigail (Coffin), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Mary and Reuben Joy Jr., Feb. 3, 1814. [Mary, d. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Reuben Joy, s. Reuben and Mary (Swain), PR38.]
  • Mercy and Francis Moors, int. Sept. 2, 1758. [Mercy, d. James and Thankful Norton, and Francis Mooers, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Obed and Rebecca Russell [int. Russel], Aug. 18, 1796. [Obed, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rebecca Russell, d. Nathaniel and Judith (Long), PR38.]
  • Obed and Lydia C. Thurston, int. July 24, 1836. [Obed S., s. David and Rebecca, and Lydia Thurstain of Plymouth, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Owen and Margaret Swain, May 12, 1807. [Owen, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Margaret Swain, d. Tristram and Rachel (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Owen S. and Susan [int. Sarah] Ray, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1828 and Apr. 8, 1829, int. Apr. 19, 1828] . [Owen S., s. Owen and Margaret (Swain), and Sarah Ray, d. David 2d and Anna (Coggeshall), PR38.]
  • Phebe, d. Henry and Phebe (Pease), and James S. Murphy, s. George and Lydia, _____, PR38.
  • Rebecca and David Cottle, Apr. 3, 1808. [Rebecca, wid. Obed, d. Nathaniel Russell and Judith (Long), and David Cottle, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Sarah [int. of N.] and Charles L. Sprague of Bath, Me., May 6, 1838. [Sarah, wid. Owen, d. David Ray, and Charles L. Sprague, brother of Nathaniel, PR38.]
  • Shubael and Rebecca Sawyer, Sept. 4, 1817. [Shubael, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), and Rebecca Sayer, d. Joshua and Jedida (Swain), PR38.]
  • Thankful and Zephaniah Gardner, both of Sherborn, Nantucket Co., Sept. 16, 1790. [Thankful!, N.C.R. Thankful, d. James and Thankful Norton, and Zephaniah Gardner, s. Thomas and Hannah (Swain), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and George Hiorns, int. Mar. 23, 1765.
  • Henry G., s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Almira Sears, _____, PR38.
  • John and Mary Burnell, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1827 and Apr. , 1828, int. May 26, 1827]. [John, s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Mary Burnell, d. Samuel and Mary, PR38.]
  • Josiah and Judith FitzGennerald, int. Oct. 7, 1797. [Josiah of Plymouth and Judith FitzGerald, d. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Coleman), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Sylvanus P., s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Lydia White of Yarmouth, _____, PR38.
  • Sylvanus P., s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), and Sarah White, d. Isaac of Yarmouth, _____, PR38.
  • Mary of N.Y. and William Henry Dagget of N., Feb. 13, 1842. [Coultney of Ireland and William Henry Daggett, s. Henry and Dinah (Ames), PR38.]
  • Oliver and Adeline Coffin, d. Barnabas and Mary (Starbuck), _____, in Otsego Co., N.Y., PR38.
COVEL (Covell, Covil, also see Cowell)
  • Enos [int. Eanus] and Salley Eldridge, Dec. 7, 1818. [Enos Covil and Sally Eldridge, PR38.]
  • Hannah and Alexander Cunningham, Feb. 8, 1732-3.
  • Hannah (Covell) and Obed Wood, int. Oct. 20, 1810.
  • Lydia (Covil) [int. Covel] and Jervis Grew, Apr. 30, 1818. [Covil, CR2. Jarvis, s. Samuel, PR38.]
    Mary (Covil) and James Wood, int. Mar. 29, 1823.
  • Obadiah and Susanna Killey, Nov. 24, 1801. [Covill and Susanna Kelley, d. John and Abigail Kelley, PR38.]
  • Silvanus (Covil). s. Silvanus of N.H., and Mary Coffin, d. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), _____, PR38.
  • Susan and John Raymond, Apr. 11, 1811. [ Susanna Covil, wid. Obadiah, d. John Kelley, and John Raymond, "a stranger," PR38.]
COWAN (see Cowen)

COWELL (see also Covel)
  • Edward and Betsey [int. Bettsey] Nichols, Mar. 12, 1805. [Betsey, d. William and Desire, PR38.]
  • Joseph and Phebe F. Easton, Dec. 23, 1834. [Cowan, "an Englishman who went away and left her," and Phebe Easton, d. Peleg and Mary (Barnard) (second w.), PR38.]
COWES (see Couse)

COWET (Cowit)
  • Ruth and George T. Jones Stetson [int. George Jones] , Mar. 27, 1808.
  • Sally (Cowit) [int. Cowet] and James Sichle, Dec. 24, 1817. [Cowit, black, and James Sickles, CR2.]
  • Ann and James McDermod, both of Ireland, int. Dec. 25, 1839.
  • Gersham of Maine and Sarah Hussey, d. Obed and Mary (Calef) (second w.), Nov. 10, 1794, PR38.
  • John and Mary Coffin, Oct. 29, 1772. [Mary, d. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), PR38.]
COXWELL (see Coggeshall)

  • Sylva [int. Silva] and William Davis, Oct. 22, 1807.
CRAGGE (see Craigie)

CRAIG (see also Craigie)
  • Archibald and Ann Coffin, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), _____, PR38.
  • David B. of Freehold, N.J., and Maria Coffin, d. Alexander and Lydia (Hussey), _____, PR38.
CRAIGIE (Cragge, also see Craig)
  • Andrew (Cragge) and Elizabeth Gardner, Dec. 29, 1737. [Craggie and Elizabeth Gardner, d. John 3d and Priscilla (Coffin), Dec. 28, PR38. ]
  • Andrew [int. Craige] of Cambridge and Elizabeth Shaw of N., Jan. 10, 1793, in Cambridge. [Craggie Jr., s. Andrew and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Elizabeth Shaw, d. Rev. Bezalee!, PR38. Craigie, Dr., of Charlestown, and Betsy Shaw, PR64.]
CRAMMER (see Cranmer)

CRANDALL (Crandal)
  • Elizabeth W., d. James, and David R. Worth, s. Richard and Elizabeth of Deruyter, N.Y., 1st, 1 mo. 1807 [ ? in N.Y.], PR38.
  • Thomas (Crandal) and Susanna Whippe, Nov. 12, 1772.
  • Charles P., single, 35, manufacturer [int. 30, machinist], of Canton, b. Canton, s. Simeon and Eliz[abet]h of Canton, and Elizabeth M. Watson, 25 [int. 28], of N., b. N., d. W[illia]m and Mary of N., June 27, 1846, in N. [Charles P. of Boston and Elizabeth Watson, d. William and Mary (Macy), PR38.]
  • Thomas (see Thomas Carnes).
  • Thomas [int. Crammer] and Mary Pease, Nov. 7, 1769. [Crammer, N.C.R. Cranmer and Mary Pease, d. Paul and Elizabeth (Folger), PR38.]
  • Mary and Amos Clark, Nov. 1734. [Amos, s. Thomas and Mary (Church), 11th, 11 mo., PR38.]
CREASY (Creasey, Cresa, Cresey)
  • Charlotte W. (Cresey) [dup. Charlotte M. Creasey, int. Charlot M. Creasey] and William Keen, Jan. 15, 1822.
  • Edward and Deborah Cash, Dec. 10, 1789. [Deborah, d. William and Mary (Johnson), PR38.]
  • Eliza H. (Creasey) [int. Creasy] and Zebulon Coleman, Nov. 28, 1826. [Creasy, d. Edward and Deborah (Cash), and Zebulon Coleman, s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), PR38.]
  • Emma, formerly w. Reuben, d. Samuel Perry and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), and Rev. Stephen Lovell, ___, 1848, PR38.
  • George and Nancy Coffin, June 10, 1827. [George, s. Edward and Deborah (Cash), and Nancy Coffin, d. Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis), PR38.]
  • Reuben [int. Creasey] and Emiline [int. Emeline] Perry, July 11, 1820. [Creasy. s. Edward and Deborah (Cash), and Emmeline [dup. Emma] Perry, d. Samuel and Polly (Gardner) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Sukey (Cresa) and George Austin, July 17, 1810. [Susan Creasy, d. Edward and Deborah (Cash), and George Austin, s. John ("a stranger") and Rhoda (Marchant), PR38.]
  • John and Phebe [int. adds C.] Barnard, Sept. 16, 1832. [Phebe C., d. Shubael and Lucretia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Betsey and Zenas Ames, Sept. 22, 1833.
  • Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. Coleman, both of N., June 4, 1839. [Calvin F., s. Theophilus and Dorothy, and Hepsabeth S. Coleman, d. Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Cloe B. [int. Chloe B. of Barnstable] and William D. Guild [int. Gild of Providence, R.I.], Mar. 25, 1838.
  • David, widr., 36 [int. 37, omits widr.], mariner, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s. ____ and Lydia of Barnstable, and Elizabeth C. Childs, 23, of N., b. N., d. James and Eliz[abe]th of N., Aug. 21, 1844, in N.
  • Edmond and Debby [int. Deborah] Rawson, Dec. 2, 1806. [Edmond of Barnstable and Deborah Rawson, d. Paul and Phebe (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Enoch, widr., 54, cordwainer, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s. Joseph of Barnstable, and Eliza Sherman, 54, of N., b. N., d. John and Margaret of N., int. Sept. 28, 1845.
  • Ervin H., single, 24, wheelwright, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s. Barna and Joanna of Barnstable, and Mary N. Fish, 23, of N., b. N., d. Zenas and Lydia of N., Nov. 17, 1844, in N.
  • Ezekiel of Barnstable and Miss Caroline Snow of N., Feb. 1, 1842. [Ezekiel of Weymouth and Caroline Snow, d. Benjamin and Huldah (Dunham) (first w.), PR38.]
  • George and Eliza H. Luce, int. Sept. 24, 1825. [George, s. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Eliza H. Lewis, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Hannah and Henry S. Crocker of Barnstable, "They were cousins," _____ PR38.
  • Hannah, d. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), and Barnabas Sears, _____, PR38.
  • Harvey and Lydia B. Gifford, May 16, 1821. [Lydia B., d. Luther and Phebe (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Heman [dup. widr.], 34, farmer, of N. [dup. b. Barnstable], s. Alvin and Phebe of Barnstable, and Lydia Barker Jr., 34, of N. [dup. b. N.], d. James and Lydia of N., 3d, 8 mo. 1843, in N. [Heman of N., s. Alvin of Barnstable and Phebe dec'd, and Lydia Barker Jr., d. James dec'd of N. and Lydia, CR4. Heman of Cotuit and Lydia Barker, d. James and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.), PR38.]
  • Henrittee J. [int. Henrieta J. of Barnstable] and W[illia]m J. [int. omits J.] Taylor [int. of N.], Oct. 15, 1837. [Henrietta of Cape Cod and William Taylor, s. Samuel and Avis (Pitman) (of Newport, R.I.), PR38.]
  • Henry S. of Barnstable and Hannah Crocker, "They were cousins," _____, PR38.
  • Isaiah of Barnstable and Elizabeth [int. adds B.] Holway of N., Sept. 27, 1835. [Josiah of Barnstable and Elizabeth Holway, d. William and Polly (Fisher), PR38.]
  • John and Susan Weeks, d. Francis, _____, PR38.
  • Josiah (see Isaiah).
  • Lot Jr., single, 27 [int. 25], mariner, of Barnstable, b. Barnstable, s. Lot and Mary of Barnstable, and Anna N. Coffin, 19, of N., b. N., d. Valentine C. [int. omits C.] [and] Sarah F. [int. omits F.] of N., July 28, 1844, in N. [Anna N., d. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), PR38.]
  • Luther and Chloe Hodges, May 17, 1827. [floe, d. Capt. Isaac and Lydia Crocker, PR38.]
  • Mary F. and David B. Coleman, Jan. 16, 1848.
  • Nimphus and Experience Laha, int. Mar. 26, 1814.
  • Samuel F. of Sandwich and Betsey C. Fisher of Falmouth, Oct. 18, 1838, in N. ["Fish or Fisher," d. Nathan and Martha (Crocker) (of Barnstable), PR38.]
  • Sarah Ann of W. [int. omits W.] Barnstable and Oliver G. Merritt of N. Stonington, Oct. 21, 1838.
  • Sukey and, Rev. ____ Lincoln, Feb. , 1790, PR64.
  • Wadsworth and Hephzibah Bunker, Aug. 30, 1789. [Heppy, PR64.]
  • Warren P. of W. Barnstable and Mary Thurber Jones of N., int. Mar. 28, 1841. [Mary F., d. William J. and Mary (Worth), m. _____, PR38.]
  • Zeno of Barnstable and Cynthia Bennett, d. William and Phebe (Raymond), _____, PR38.
  • Lot of Gorham, Me., and Mary R. Allen of N., June 4, 1840. [Crockett of R.I. and Mary R. Allen, d. Thomas and Nancy (Marshall), "lived in W. Virginia," PR38.]
  • Thomas and Hope Cartwright, Mar. 24, 1720. [Thomas Cook or Crook and Hope Cartwright, d. Nicholas and Orange (Rogers), PR38. Crook, Mar. 24, 1719-20, PR68.]
  • Sirena Swasey and William Maiden, colord, int. Feb. 21, 1836.
CROSBY (Crosbe)
  • Abigail and Jessa [int. Jesse] Gifford, Aug. 25, 1818. [Jesse, CR2. Abigail, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Jesse Gifford, PR38.]
  • Alfred [and] Mary [int. Maria] Stubbs, July 24, 1831. [Maria, CR2. Alfred, s. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and "Mary or Maria" Stubbs, d. Benjamin and Sally (Ellis), PR38.]
  • Ann and George C. Macy, both of N., int. Feb. 3, 1839. [m. Feb. 20, CR2. Ann C., d. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), and George C. Macy, s. Gorham and Lucretia (Clark), m. Feb. 20, PR38.]
  • Ann H., d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and George Folger, s. Obed and Rebecca (Waterman) (third w.), _____, PR38.
  • Anna and Silvanus Ewers, both of N., Mar. 17, 1796. [Anna (first w.), d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Sylvanus Ewer, s. Seth of Cape Cod, PR38.]
  • Betsey (see Elizabeth).
  • Betsey and John Clisby, Jan. 23, 1806. [Betsey, d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and John Clisby, s. William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), PR38.]
  • Catharine Macauly and Simeon Long, July 28, 1796. [Catharine Macauley Crosby, wid. Samuel Jr., d. John Bartlett and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), and Simeon Long, s. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Cyrus F. of N. [int. N.Y.] and Harriet C. Coffin of N., Jan. 15, 1837, in N. [Harriet, d. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), and Cyrus H. Crosby, PR38.]
  • Desire and Obed Luce, Nov. 4, 1790. [Desire, d. Samuel and Mary [sic, dup. Sarah] (Marshall), and Obed Luce, s. Elijah and Lydia (Cleaveland) (first w.), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth and Nat[hanie]ll [int. Na[thanie]l] Folger, Sept. 27, 1787. [Nat[hanie]ll, N.C.R. Betsey, d. Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Nathaniel Folger, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), PR38.]
  • Hannah [int. Crosbey] and Henry Smith, Sept. 27, 1792. [Crosby (second w.) and Henry Smith Sr., PR38.]
  • Harriet C. and Josiah Ames, July 6, 1845.
  • Huldah and Benjamin Whippy Jr., Aug. 31, 1800. [Huldah, d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Benjamin Whippey, s. Benjamin and Eunice, PR38.]
  • Jesse, s. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Temperance Allen, d. David and Temperance of Cape Cod, _____, PR38.
  • John and Sophia [int. Sopha] Chase, Feb. 25, 1806. [John, s. Samuel and Mary[sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Sophia Chace, d. James and Mercy, PR38.]
  • John B. and Mary Ann Coleman, June 3, 1832. [John, s. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and Mary Ann Coleman, d. Bethuel and Mary, PR38.]
  • Johnson and Mary Worth, d. John and Miriam, _____, PR38. [? Accuracy of this record.]
  • Lucretia [int. Luecretia] and Isaac Hinkley [dup. Hinckley, int. Henckley], May io [dup. [June] 10, int. May 12], 1821. [Lucretia and Isaac Hinkley, June 10, CR2. Lucretia, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Isaac Hinckley, PR38.]
  • Lucretia, d. Samuel and Catharine, and George Clark, s. Lot and Lydia (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Lydia C. of N. and Barker Burnell Jr. [int. of N.], Nov. 18, 1840. [Lydia, d. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Marshall and Anna [int. Nancy] Bunker, Feb. 11, 1802. [Marshall, s. Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Nancy Bunker, d. Richard, PR38.]
  • Mary and Thomas Mayo, May 1, 1773. [Mary, d. John and Sarah, and ____ Mayhew of Plymouth, PR38.]
  • Mary and George Barrett, int. May 2, 1795. [Mary, d. Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and George Barrett, s. Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning, m. 5th, 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Mary (see Polly).
  • Mary and Bartlet [int. Bartlett] Jenkins, Aug. 25, 1818. [Mary, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), and Bartlett Jenkins, s. John and Susanna [dup. Susan] Holmes, PR38.]
  • Mary B. and John Brown Jr., Feb. 22, 1835. [Mary B., d. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and John Brown, s. John and Deborah (Ellis), PR38.]
  • Mary C. and Benjamin F. Coffin, int. Jan. 18, 1835. [m. Feb. 4, CR2. Mary, d. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), and Benjamin F. Coffin, s. Jared and Hepsabeth (Swain). m. ___, 1835, PR38.]
  • Matthew and Lydia Coffin, Feb. 4, 1813. [Matthew, s. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Lydia Coffin, d. Zenas and Abial (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Matthew, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Mrs. [Mrs. written in pencil, dup. and int. omit Mrs.] Elizabeth Powell, _____ [between Apr. 1, 1824 and Apr. 2, 1825, int. Oct. 9, 1824]. [Matthew and Elizabeth Powell [dup. Powel], wid. Caleb [dup. Cyrus], d. William Barnard and Elizabeth (Inot), ___, 1825, PR38.]
  • Matthew Jr., single, 22, merchant, b. N., s. Matthew and Elizabeth, and Sarah C. Whitney, 22, b. N., d. Daniel and Eliza, all of N., Nov. 14, 1849, in N. [Matthew, s. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), PR38.]
  • Polly and Owen Wyer, Feb. 7, 1799. [Mary, d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), and Owen Wyer, s. Robert and Zilpha, PR38.]
  • Sally and Samuell Osborn, Oct. 13, 1789. [Sally, d. Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Samuel Osborn, s. Samuel and Sally, PR38.]
  • Samuell [int. Samuel] and Sarah Marshall, Mar. 28, 1765. [ Samuell, N.C.R. Samuel and Sarah Marshall, d. James and Patience Rider, PR38.]
  • Sam[ue]ll and Catharine Macauly Bartlet. Jan. 7, 1790. [Catharine Macauley Bartlet, N.C.R. Samuel Jr., s. Samuel and Mary [sic, Sarah] (Marshall), and Catharine Macauley Bartlett, d. John and Lucretia Stewart (second w.), PR38.]
  • Sarah and Zenas Hamblin, Feb. 4, 1829.
  • Sarah B. and Stephen Bennett [int. Bennet], June 2, 1835. [Sarah, d. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and Stephen Bennett, s. William and Phebe (Raymond), 6th, 6 mo., PR38.]
  • Sophia and Timothhy [int. Timothy] Robbins, Aug. 11, 1808. [Sophia, wid. John, d. James Chase and Mercy (Godfrey), and Timothy Robbins, s. John and Elizabeth (Meader), PR38.]
  • Susan B. [dup. Crossley] and Gardner Lamb, Feb. 10, 1824. [Crosby, d. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), and Paul Gardner Lamb, s. Abel and Deborah (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Susanna and Arthur Perry, Nov. 3, 1806.
  • Thomas (Crosbe) of Braintree and Mary Worth, d. John and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.), Nov. 13, 1717, PR38.
    William H. and Elizabeth C. Pinkham, int. Dec. 7, 1834. [m. Dec. 25, CR2. William H., s. Matthew and Lydia (Cof- fin), and Elizabeth C. Pinkham, d. Seth and Mary (Brown), m. _____, PR38.]
CROSMAN (Crosmar)
  • Abigail (Crosmar) and Seth Russel Jr., _____ [rec. Apr. 28, 1810, int. Jan. 13, 1810], in N. [Crossman of "the Vineyard" and Seth Russell Jr., s. Seth and Abigail (Meader), PR38.]
  • William and Jane Norton Vincent, int. Oct. 6, 1810.
  • Thomas and Frances H. Starbuck. Feb. 15, 1834. [Frances, d. Elishai and Betsey (Coffin) (first w.). PR38.]
CROSSLEY (see Crosby)

CROSSMAN (see Crosman)

  • Eliza P. [int. Crowell and Joseph S. [int. omits S.] Burges, Apr. 3, 1817.
  • Hallett and Sarah H. Macy, d. Capt. Richard and Catherine (Alley), Aug. 19, 1840, in E. Vassalborough [Me.], PR38.
  • Hannah, d. Ezekiel, and Frederick P. Baker, s. Charles and Betsey (Crowell), _____, PR38.
  • Jane and Simeon Long, Aug. 3, 1784. [Simeon, s. Jonathan and Sarah (Brown), PR38.]
  • John and Sarah Gardner, Oct. 28, 1834. [Sally, d. Capt. Benjamin and Susan (Gardner), PR38.]
  • Julia A. and Benjamin Nye, int. Oct. 18, 1835.
  • Maria, d. Shubael, and Abner Baker, s. Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham), _____, PR38.
  • Naomi [int. Crowd] and William Cook, Apr. 19, 1787. [Crowell, N.C.R.]
  • Rose and Thomas Williams, int. May 4, 1845.
CUFF (Cuffs)
  • Lucreatia [int. Lauriett] and William Borden [int. coulard], Aug. 16, 1835.
  • Nancy (Cuffs) of West Port and Henry Green of N., int. Aug. 4, 1839.
  • Remembrance and Francis Bond [dup. Rand, int. Bound], colored] [dup. black], Aug. 26, 1821. [Bown, CR2.]
    Tabitha and Essex Boston, Jan. 14, 1770.
CUMSTORK (see Comstock)

  • Aexander and Hannah Covel, Feb. 8, 1732-3.
  • Mary, d. Walter and Lucretia (Allen), and Benjamin Towne of Hudson, N.Y., _____, 1840. PR38.
  • Walter and Lucretia Allen, Nov. 10, 1811. [Lucretia, d. Shubael and Abigail (Gardner), PR38.]
CURRAN (Currin)
  • Bridget and Michael Cavanagh, both of Ireland, int. Mar. 12, 1843.
  • Charles (Currin), single, 26, musician, of N., b. Ireland, s. Peter and Rose of Ireland, and Bridget Rafters, 21, of N., b. Ireland, d. William (Rasters) and Bridget of Ireland, int. Nov. 25, 1849.
  • Betsey of Maine and William H. Coffin, s. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas Jr. of Amesbury and Sarah Barnard, d. Nathaniel of N., Sept. 19, 1700, in Amesbury. [Sarah, d. Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard), PR38.]
CURRIN (see Curran)

CURTIS (see also Custis)
  • Chloe of Stoughton and John Mathews of N., Nov. 6, 1796, in Stoughton.
  • Caleb and Sally Green, June 4, 1817. [Caleb, s. Isaac, and Sally Green, d. John and Lydia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Caleb and Silvia Bassey, Dec. 18, 1825. [Caleb, s. Isaac, and Silvea Bessey, PR38.]
  • David and Kezia Whippy, Oct. 4, 1812 [dup. Nov. 14, 1813, int. Sept. 19, 1812]. [Whippey, wid. David, d. Peleg Bunker, PR38.]
  • Eliphalet of New Bedford and Eliza Doane, d. John and Phebe F. (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Fanny G. and Andrew J. Coleman, Nov. 15, 1846.
  • Jabez and Miss Cyntha Basse, [rec. Apr. 1824, int. Apr. 12, 1823]. [Jabez, s. Isaac and Esther of Plymouth, and Cynthia Bassy, PR38.]
  • Jabez, s. Isaac and Esther of Plymouth, and Nancy Gibbs, _____, PR38.
  • Laura Ann and Alexander Chadwick, Dec. 2, 1849.
  • Mary W. and William F. Brown, May 24, 1832. [Mary W., d. David and Kezia (Bunker) (Whippey), and William F. Brown, s. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Peter, single, 21, butcher, b. N., s. Jabez and Cynthia, and Miss Caroline Jordon, 18, b. Ireland, all of N., int. Dec. 5, 1847. [Jordan, m. _____, PR38.]
  • Susan and James Irish, both of N., Dec. 29, 1836. [ Susan, d. Caleb and Sally (Green). and James Irish of R.I., PR38.]
CUSTIS (see also Curtis)
  • John [dup. Curtis] and Winnefred [dup. Winifred, int. Winafred] C. Swain, Dec. 27, 1826. [Custis and Winnefred C. Swain, CR2. Custus and Winnifred Swain, d. Alexander and Eunice (Chase). PR38.]
  • Emeline [int. of Kennebec] and John Swain [int. of N.], Apr. 29, 1838. [Emeline, CR2. Emmeline Cipher and John Swain, s. Franklin and Anna (Cathcart), PR38.]

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