To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund


[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

HADEN (see Hayden) HADWEN
  • William, h. Eunice (d. Joseph Starbuck) ("no children"), s. James and Mary, , 4 mo. 1791, PR38.
  • Charles F., s. George, mariner, and Phebe [(Hoag) PR38.] of N., July 14, 1845, in N.
  • George, h. Phebe (d. Isaac Hoag and Eunice), , 3 mo. 1809 [1809 written above 1808], PR38.
  • George Jr., h. Sarah M. (d. George B. [sic, ? S.] Coleman and Susan), s. George and Phebe (Hoag). ___, 1834, PR38.
  • James Edward. s. George and Phebe (Hoag). _____, PR38.
  • Mary W., w. Henry S. Valentine (s. Henry and Emmeline), d. George and Phebe (Hoag), , 18__, PR38.
  • James, h. Sarah, 4th, 7 mo. 1785, PR38.
  • Julia Ann, d. James and Sarah, 24th, 7 mo. 1818, PR38.
  • Mary, d. James and Sarah, 8th, 8 mo. 1820, PR38.
  • Sarah [___], w. James. 22d, 9 mo. 1791, PR38.
  • Abigail, w. Bachelor Hussey (s. Stephen and Martha), d. John and Abigail of Piscataqua, 24th, 2 mo. 1680, PR38.
    Alexander, s. David and Sarah (Coffin), 24th, 6 mo. 1812, PR38.
  • Amelia, d. John, mariner, and Jane B. of N., July 18, 1846, [Amelia W., d. John and Jane B. (Hamilton), PR38.]
  • Andrew A. (see Augustus A.).
  • Ann Eliza, d. David G. and Martha W. (James), 23d, 7 mo. 1849, PR38.
  • Augustus A. of Buffalo [sic,? Andrew A. of Barnstable], h. Susan (d. Samuel H. Macy), ___, 1807. PR38.
  • Benjamin L., s. David, mariner, and Martha [Martha W. (James), PR38.] of N., Apr. 7, 1847, in N.
  • Charles C., h. Jane B. (d. Paul Hamilton), s. David and Sarah (Coffin), 1st, 1 mo. 1808, PR38.
  • Charles H., s. David G., mariner, and Martha W. [(James) PR38.] of N., Mar. 19, 1845, in N.
  • David, h. Sarah (d. Charles Coffin). s. John and Elizabeth (Gardner) (first w.), 22d, 10 mo. 1782, PR38.
  • David G., h. Martha W. (d. Thomas James and Elizabeth), twin s. David and Sarah (Coffin). 7th, 7 mo. 1810, PR38.
  • Elizabeth. w. Samuel and Robert Pitman of Newport [R. I.] (sons of Samuel and Rebecca), d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner) (first w.), 6th, 9 mo. 1776, PR38.
  • Jedidah, w. Owen Coffin (s. Miriam), d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner) (first w.), 4th, 12 mo. 1779. PR38.
  • John, h. Sarah Ann (d. Joseph Rogers and Nabbv), s. David and Sarah (Coffin), 7th, 10 mo. 1803, PR38.
  • John of England, h. Jane B. (d. Paul Hamilton), _, 11 mo. 1807, PR38.
  • John W., h. Eliza L. (cL Benjamin Lawrence and ____ (Pitman)) [? accuracy], s. John and Jane B. (Hamilton), _, 2 mo. 1841, PR38.
  • Jonathan, h. Elizabeth (wid. John Wyer, d. Isaac Myrick), h. Elizabeth B. (wid. Uriah Swain) ("No chn."), 29th. 3 mo. 1774. PR38.
  • Joseph R., s. John and Sarah A. (Rogers). 21st, 6 mo. 1840, PR38.
  • Lucy Ann, d. John and Jane B. (Hamilton). , 1 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • Martha R., d. John, rigger, and Sarah Ann of N., Oct. 26, 1844, in N. [d. John and Sarah A. (Rogers). 26th, 10 mo. 1843. PR38.]
  • Patience, w. Robert Gibson of Harwich, 14th. 3 mo. 1760, PR38.
  • Sarah [Hall]. w. James Townsend, Feb. 18, 1811, G.R.2. [Hall, w. James Townsend (s. Thomas and Phebe). "No chn.," d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Myrick) (Wyer) (first w.), 17th, 2 mo. 1808 [sic], PR38. Hall. d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Myrick) (Wyer), Feb. 19, 1811. P.R.44.]
  • Sarah C., d. David G. and Martha W. (James), _____ , PR38.
  • Susan, w. Joseph Millwood. w. Charles G. Coffin (s. Francis and Hepsabeth), w. Joseph Holmes (s. Thomas), w. George Wood (s. Obadiah). "No chn. at all." d. David and Sarah (Coffin), 29th. 7 mo. 1806. PR38.
  • Tilden Jr., Capt., h. Mary Eriza, (d. Charles S. Jenkins and Clarinda L). s. Tilden of E. Marshfield. 1st, 12 mo. 1837, P3.38.
  • William H., h. Cordelia (d. John Coleman and Love), twin s. David and Sarah (Coffin), 7th. 7 mo. 1810, PR38.
HALLETT (Hallet)
  • Allen, h. Hepsabeth B. (d. Ebenezer Rand Jr. and Eunice A.), s. Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable, 15th, 10 mo. 1809 [? in Barnstable]. PR38.
  • Caroline w. Darius Bliss of Pittsfield, d. Reuben and Sarah M. (Barrett), 22d, 8 mo. 1840, PR38.
  • Eliza Jane [Hallett], w. Franklin Nickerson, ___, 1827, GR2. [Hallett, second w. Franklin Nickerson. d. Josiah and Emma (Bartlett), PR38.]
  • Emma V. (Hallett), ___, 1832, G.R.2. [Emma B. Hallett, d. Josiah and Emma (Bartlett). PR38.]
  • Emmeline R., Capt. William Cushing, d. Allen and Hepsabeth B. (Rand), 24th, 4 mo. 1835, PR38.
  • Eugene, s. Allen and Hepsabeth B. (Rand). 7th, 12 mo. 1838, PR38.
  • Eunice A., second w. Edward Macy (s. Peleg and Sarah), d. Thomas and Rachel of Barnstable, 17th. 2 mo. 1798 [? in Barnstable], PR38.
  • Fanny B. (see Francess B.).
  • Frances B., d. Allen. carpenter, and Hepsibeth [Hepsabeth B. (Rand), PR38.] of N., Mar. 21, 1844. in N.
  • Francess B., d. Allen, carpenter, and Hepz[ibe]th of N.. Jan. 20, 1847, in N. [Fanny B., d. Allen and Hepsabeth A. (Rand), PR38.]
  • Frederick G., s. Reuben, merchant. and Sarah of N., Oct. 13, 1848. [h. Etta Godfrey of Edgartown, s. Reuben and Sarah M. (Barrett), , 10 mo. 1849, PR38.]
  • Isaac, h. Julia R. (d. Nathaniel Sprague and Susan of Duxbury), s. Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable, , 7 mo. 1808 [ ? in Barnstable], PR38.
  • James H., m., s. Isaac and Julia R. (Sprague), 28th, 3 mo. 1842, PR38.
  • John W., Feb. 8, 1826, GR3. [h. Clarissa A. (d. Charles Cook and Clara of Newburyport), s. Dea. Ezekiel and Patie [in Sandwich], PR38.]
  • John W. B., h. Victoria (d. Rev. M. Marcus of N.Y.), s. Reuben and Sarah M. (Barrett), 2d, 6 mo. 1842, PR38.
  • Josiah, h. Emma (cl. Telemachus Bartlett and Lydia). s. Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable, _____ [ in Barnstable], PR38.
  • Lucy S. [Hallett], w. Shubael Brown, Oct. 23, 1810. GR2 [Hallett of Barnstable, Shubael Brown (s. Shubael), 23d, 10 mo. 1809, PR38.]
  • Lydia B., d. Reuben, merchant, and Sarah M. of N., Dec. 2, 1844, in N. [w. ____ Woodside, d. Reuben and Sarah M. (Barrett), 3d, 12 mo. 1845, PR38.]
  • Mary Abby, d. John W., yeoman, and Clarissa A. of N., Nov. 23, 1845, in N. [w. William S. Wakeman of N.Y., d. John W. and Clarissa A. (Cook), PR38.]
  • Reuben, h. Sarah M. (d. John W. Barrett and Lydia M.), s. Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable, , 11 mo. [11 written above 9] 1818 [? in Barnstable], PR38.
  • Sarah E., d. Reuben. merchant, and Sarah of N., Mar. 6. 1847, in N. [Sarah Eliza, w. Frank B. Mildram "(Maine) of San Francisco," d. Reuben and Sarah M. (Barrett), PR38.]
  • Susan R., w. Capt. Joseph Mitchell 2d (s. George and Phebe), d. Isaac and Julia R. (Sprague), 28th. 9 mo. 1833 [1833 written above 1835], PR38.
  • William A., h. Sarah. s. Allen and Hepsabeth B. (Rand), 16th, 2 mo. 1827 [sic], PR38.
  • William M., Jan. 8, 1812, G.R.3. [h. Lydia (d. Reuben Burdett) ("No chn."). s. Isaac and Rebecca of Barnstable [ ? in Barnstable], PR38.]
  • John, "a stranger," h. Margaret (d. Reuben Swain and Hannah), 7th, 11 mo. 1756. PR38.
HAMBLIN (Hamblen)
  • Amelia, d. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), _____, PR38.
  • Ann M., d. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 26th, 7 mo. 1832, PR38.
  • Ann Maria, w. James S. Joy of Dennis, d. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 11th, 2 mo. 1839. PR38.
  • Ansel, h. Asenath (d. ____ Crosby of Barnstable), 21st. 8 mo. 1797 [7 written above 8], PR38.
  • Calvin C., h. ____, h. Mary Abby (d. William Westgate and Lydia B. (Folger)). s. Joseph and Polly Sears (second w.), , 8 mo. 1838, PR38.
  • Charles C., s. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), 21st. 3 mo. 1828, PR38.
  • Charlotte A., second w. Capt. Charles Huxford. d. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), 16th, 1 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • Edward P., s. Thomas, cordwainer, and Sophronia of N., Nov. 7, 1843, in N. [h. Sarah D. (d. George Atwood and Hannah), s. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 7th, 10 mo. 1844, PR38.]
  • Emily C. [Hamblin], w. Francis E. Coffin, ___, 1833, GR2. [Hamblin, w. Francis E. Coffin (s. Francis C. and Emeline). d. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby). 6th, 9 mo., PR38.]
  • George W., h. Chloe L (d. Lot Hinckley of Osterville), s. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), , 12 mo. 1826. PR38.
    Harriet, d. Thomas C., cordwainer, and Sophronia of N., Dec. 31, 1845, in N. [Harriet H., w. Alexander C. Swain (s. Manuel), d. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway). 31st, 12 mo. 1846, PR38.]
  • Isaac, h. Sarah Wilson of Ireland, h. Susan Emma (d. Joseph H. Fisher and Charlotte), s. Joseph and Polly Sears (second w.), , 4 mo. 1841, PR38.
  • John, s. Thomas C., shoe maker, and Sophrona of N., July 8, 1848, in N. [h. Mary (Talbot) of Boston. s. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 8th, 7 mo. 1849. PR38.]
  • Joseph, h. Sally Howes of Dennis, h. Polly Sears of Dennis, h. Sarah (wid. Owen Prescott, d. Thomas King) ("no children"), s. Col. Joshua and Polly, 4th, 2 mo. 1800, PR38.
  • Joseph (Hamblen) Jr., ___, 1825, GR4. [Hamblin, h. Susan F. [sic. ? S.] (d. David Baker and Avis). s. Joseph and Sally Howes (first w.). PR38.]
  • Joshua, h. Rebecca C. (d. James Archer and Sarah). s. Joseph and Sally Howes (first w.), _, 9 mo. 1830, PR38.
  • Lucy H., w. Robert F. Macy (s. James and Eliza), d. Joseph and Sally Howes (first w.), 6th, 10 mo. 1823 [dup. 1824], PR38.
  • Mary A. (Hamblen) [ ? m.], ___, 1842. G.R.3.
  • Mary Ann C., w. Capt. George Marshall (s. Obed and Eunice), d. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby). . 5 mo. 1823, PR38.
  • Mary C., w. Henry S. Snow of Harwich. d. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 18th, 7 mo. 1841, PR38.
  • Otis F., h. Ann E. of Cape [Cod] (d. James Stiff and Priscilla), s. Joseph and Sally Howes (first w.), _, 6 mo. 1828, PR38.
  • Polly Sears [____] of Dennis, second w. Joseph (s. Col. Joshua and Polly), ___, 1810, PR38.
  • Sally Howes [____] of Dennis, w. Joseph (s. Col. Joshua and Polly), 23d, 12 mo. 1801, PR38.
  • Samuel C., s. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), ___, 1841, PR38.
  • Sarah Crosby [____], w. Capt. Zenas, ___, 1807, PR38.
  • Sarah H., w. George L. Smith of Cape Cod, d. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), -, 9 mo. 1824, PR38.
  • Sophia I., w. Benjamin Coffin (s. Benjamin and Polly), d. Ansel and Asenath (Crosby), 26th, 11 mo. 1830, PR38.
  • Thomas C., h. Sophronia (d. William Hollway and Harriett [sic, Polly] ), _, 12 mo. 1809, PR38.
  • Thomas F., s. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 22d, 11 mo. 1834 [4 written above 5], PR38.
  • William H., h. Sarah A. (d. Benjamin Folger and Hannah), s. Thomas C. and Sophronia (Hollway), 11th, 11 mo. 1836 [6 written above 8], PR38.
  • Zenas, h. Sarah Crosby, 30th, 7 mo. 1806. in Barnstable, PR38.
  • Amelia, w. ____ Watts. w. _____, d. Paul and Mary Gould. _____, PR38.
  • Jane B., w. John Hall of England, w. Charles C. Hall (s. David) , d. Paul and Mary Gould, 23d, 8 mo. 1806 [sic, dup. 1807], PR38.
  • Mary Ann, first w. John Smith, d. Paul and Mary Gould, 12th, 1 mo. 1812, PR38.
  • Mary Gould [____], w. Paul, 16th, 5 mo. 1775, PR38.
  • Mary J., d. Moses. mariner, and Jane of N., May 30, 1845, in N.
  • Moses P., h. Jane (d. Alexander Hunter and Malinda), s. Paul and Mary Gould. 27th, 2 mo. 1818, PR38.
  • Paul, h. Mary Gould, 31st, 10 mo. 1769. PR38.
  • Rosanna, w. Lemuel Pitts [dup. Young], d. Paul and Mary Gould, 20th, 7 mo. 1801 [6 written above 1], PR38.
  • Sarah E., d. Thomas, fisherman, and Susan of N., Mar. 27, 1848. in N.
  • Sophia, w. Jesse Eldridge of Cape Cod. d. Paul and Mary Gould, 25th, 4 mo. 1809 [dup. 1815], PR38.
  • Susan J., d. Thomas. mariner, and Susan of N., Apr. 30, 1846, in N.
  • Thomas, h. Susan Jones, s. Paul and Mary Gould. 4th, 11 mo. 1813, PR38.
  • Thomas P., s. Thomas, mariner, and Susan of N., May 31, 1845 [dup. 1844. sic]. in N.
  • ____, s. Moses, laborer, and Jane of N., Mar. 27, 1848, in N.
HAMMETT (Hammatt)
  • Abraham, h. Ann Aurelia Stokes, s. William of Boston, _____, PR38.
  • Andrew, s. John and Ann (Mooers), 25th, 7 mo. 1803, PR38.
  • Ann, w. George Bond of Boston, d. William and Hepsabeth (Barker) (first w.), abt. 1790, PR38.
  • Benjamin, s. William and Hepsabeth (Barker) (first w.), _____, PR38.
  • Betsey [dup. Elizabeth], w. Abishai Delano of N.B. (s. Thomas and Elizabeth). d. William and Hepsabeth (Barker) (first w.), abt 1780, PR38. [Hammatt, "4 wks ago today" (Apr. 29) , 1779. PR64.]
  • Eliza, w. ____ Burnham. d. John and Ann (Mooers). 20th, 11 mo. 1805, PR38.
  • Elizabeth (see Betsey).
  • John, h. Ann (d. William Mooers and Charity), s. William and Hepsabeth (Barker) (first w.), 23d, 10 mo. 1776, PR38. [Hammatt. s. Heppy, Oct 23. 1775, P.R.64.]
  • John, h. Mary (d. Howes Swain and Eunice), s. John and Ann (Mooers), 20th, 4 mo. 1808. PR38.
  • Lucy, w. John Chamberlin, d. William of Boston, _____, PR38.
  • Mary, w. ____ Sayer, d. John and Ann (Mooers), 25th, 7 mo. 1797. PR38.
  • Mary, d. William of Boston, _____, PR38.
  • William, s. William and Hepsabeth (Barker) (first w.), _____, PR38.
  • ____, (Hammatt), ch. Mrs. Hammatt, Sept. , 1798, P.R.64.
  • Abby, w. John Jenkins (s. John), d. Caleb of Rochester, ___, 1820, PR38.
  • Archelaus, h. Priscilla (d. John Gardner and Mary) ("No chn."), s. Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), 29th, 5 mo. [5 written above 7] 1759, PR38.
  • Deborah, d. Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), 29th, 7 mo. 1763 [1763 written above 1773] . PR38.
  • Edward of Matapoisett, h. Susan H. (d. William Cobb and Lucretia), , 1 mo. 1806 [1806 written above 1807], PR38.
  • Edward Clifton, ch. Edward and w., bp. May 18, 1834, C.R.1. [h. Sarah S. (d. Capt. William L. Hallett of Hyannis). s. Edward and Susan H. (Cobb). b. 4th. 8 mo. 1834 [1833 written above 1834]. PR38.]
  • Gardner. "m'd. in Boston." s. Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • George Frederick, ch. Edward and w., bp. May 18, 1834, CR1. [h. Mary A (d. Abner Coffin and Esther), s. Edward and Susan H. (Cobb), b. 1st, g mo. 1831 [1831 written above 1832], PR38.]
  • James Nye, h. Delia N. Sherman of Wayland, s. Edward and Susan H. (Cobb), 27th, 12 mo. 1836 [36 written above 37], PR38.
  • Louisa, d. Philip [dup. William] and Hannah Sandford, 6th, 10 mo. 1817, PR38.
  • Love, w. William Bunker (s. William and Abigail), d. Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Lydia, d. Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), _____, PR38.
  • Philip [dup. William], h. Hannah Sandford ("a Dane.). 6th, 9 mo. 1785, PR38.
  • Ruth, d. Amaziah and Lydia (Gardner), 25th [25 written above 24], 11 mo. 1761, PR38.
  • Sarah, w. George B. Folger (s. Benjamin and Ruth), w. Anthony K. Whittemore. sister of Edward, ___, 1818, PR38.
  • Susan Cobb, bp. May 21, 1843, CR1. [w. Thomas Bates (s. Asa F. and Ann Eliza), d. Edward and Susan H. (Cobb), b. 10th [10 written above 26], 11 mo. 1840 [34 written above 40], 39 written below 40], PR38.]
  • William (see Philip).
  • William S., s. Philip [dup. William] and Hannah Sandford, 3d, 6 mo. 1814. PR38.
  • Alexander B., s. Micajah and Aurelia, ___, 1832, PR38.
  • Amelia Jane (see Jane).
  • Aurelia [____], w. Micajah, 20th, 10 mo. 1798. PR38.
  • Azubah B. [Handy], w. Capt. William Cash, July 6. 1820. G.R.3. [Handy, w. William Cash (s. Alexander). d. Bethuel, 9th, 7 mo., PR38.]
  • Calvert, h. Irene, h. Sarah Ann (d. Samuel Taylor and Avis), ___, 1808, PR38.
  • Caroline G., d. Micajah and Aurelia, 4th, 9 mo. 1842, PR38.
  • Clarissa, w. Tristram Tobey, sister of ____ (w. Seth Swain), 13th, 3 mo. 1780, PR38.
  • Harriett A., d. Micajah and Aurelia, ___, 1826. PR38.
  • Jane [dup. Amelia [sic, ? Aurelia] Jane], w. William F. Long (s. Abraham and Elizabeth). d. Micajah and Aurelia., _____, PR38.
  • Josephine, w. Moses K. Meader (s. Nathan), d. Micajah and .Aurelia. 1st, 1 mo. 1839. PR38.
  • Maria L., d. Micajah and Aurelia, 7th. 6 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • Micajah, h. Aurelia, 19th, 1 mo. 1788, PR38.
  • Micajah Jr., s. Micajah and Aurelia, 6th, 1 mo. 1834, PR38.
  • Seraphine, d. Micajah and Aurelia, _____, PR38.
  • Solon L., s. Micajah and Aurelia, 16th, 10 mo. 1828, PR38.
  • Mary E., d. William A., laborer, and Mary C. of N., May 20, 1847, in N.
  • Edwin, h. Judith M. (d. Dudley Morgan and Anna), ___, 1828, PR38.
  • Nancy Hargreaves , w. William H. Bowen, ___, 1821. G.R.3. [Hargreaves, w. Peter Starbuck, w. William Bowen (s. Mary Ann), d. Isaac of Fla.., PR38.]
  • Ebenezer, h. Patience (d. Peter Folger and Mary), _____, PR38.
  • Ebenezer Jr., first h. Sarah (d. Thomas Jones and Hannah), s. Ebenezer and Patience (Folger), _____ , PR38.
  • Hepsabeth, w. Jonathan Coffin (s. James and Mary). d. Ebenezer and Patience (Folger), ___, 1694, PR38. [Hepsibah. P.R.63.]
  • Patience Jr., third w. James Gardner (s. Richard 1st and Sarah), d. Ebenezer and Patience (Folger), _____, PR38.
  • Raymond, s. Ebenezer and Sarah [Ebenezer Jr. and Sarah (Jones), PR38.], June 4, 1754.
  • Aaron, s. Lemuel S. and Sarah R. (Worth), ___, 1845, PR38.
  • Albert, s. David and Mary, , 6 mo. 1826. PR38.
  • Charlotte, d. David and Mary, . 4 mo. 1838, PR38.
  • David, h. Mary, , 3 mo. 1804, PR38.
  • Elizabeth B. [dup. R.], w. Loring A. Dunham (s. George and Diana.), d. Lemuel S. and Sarah R. (Worth), 12th. 7 mo. 1840, PR38.
  • George W., s. Lemuel S. and Sarah R. (Worth). ___, 1843, PR38.
  • Hannah, d. David and Mary, , 3 mo. 1832, PR38.
  • Harriett S., d. David and Mary, , 3 mo. 1830, PR38.
  • Horatio G., s. David and Mary, , 2 mo. 1828, PR38.
  • James Ellis, s. James and Lucy, Jan. 6, 1837.
  • John W., s. Lemuel S. and Sarah R. (Worth), , 11 mo. 1838, PR38.
  • Joseph R, s. Lemuel, laborer, and Sarah, Dec. 19, 1846. [s. Lemuel S. and Sarah R. (Worth), ___, 1847, PR38.]
    Lemuel S.. h. Sarah R. (d. George Worth and Phebe), _, 1 mo. 1810, PR38.
  • Lemuel S., s. David and Mary, , 12 mo. 1833, PR38.
  • Mary [____], w. David, ___, 1803, PR38.
  • Mary B., d. Lemuel S. and Sarah R. (Worth), ___, 1849, PR38.
  • Mary C., d. David and Mary, , 8 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • ____, s. ____, Jan. 1, 1842.
HARPER (Harps)
  • Ann C. (Harps), d. Frederic and Maria, 7th, 5 mo. 1849, PR38.
  • Charles F., s. Fred[eric]k, waiter, and Maria of N., May 22, 1847, in N. [Harps, s. Frederic and Maria, PR38.]
  • Charlotte (Harps), w. Joseph H. Fisher of Cape Cod. d. John and Eunice (Chadwick), 24th, 4 mo. 1818 [dup. 1817], PR38.
  • Charlotte F. (Harps), w. George W. Ashby of Va., d. Reuben C. and Abiah S. (Gibbs), , 3 mo. 1841, PR38.
  • David, h. Marianna (d. Seth Merchant of "the Vineyard"), s. James and Mary (Hunter), 17th, 7 mo. 1820, PR38.
  • David C. (Harps), h. Sarah B. (d. ____ Lewis (later w. Simeon Fisher)), s. John and Eunice (Chadwick), 22d, 12 mo. 1804, PR38.
  • Edward L. (Harps), ___, 1837, GR4. [h. Adelaide [dup. Frances A.] (d. John Luce and Hannah). s. Reuben C. and Abiah S. (Gibbs). 30th, 2 mo., PR38.]
  • Ezra W[illia]m (Harps), s. Reuben C., laborer, and Abial of N.. Nov. 24, 1846, in N. [s. Reuben C. and Abiah S. (Gibbs), , 11 mo. 1847, PR38.]
  • Henry G., s. W[illia]m, mariner, and Sarah of N., June 11, 1844, in N.
  • James of Martha's Vineyard, h. Mary [dup. Polly] (d. John Hunter and Nancy), 22d, 8 mo. 1788 [88 written above 80], PR38.
  • James H., s. James and Mary (Hunter), _, 6 mo. 1822. PR38.
  • John (Harps) of W.I., h. Eunice (d. Nathaniel Chadwick and Margaret), 20th. 2 mo. 1781. PR38.
  • Maria [____] (Harps), w. Frederic, 18th, 4 mo. 1826, PR38.
  • Mary B. (Harps) [? m.] _____, 1849, [on stone beside that of Reuben C., Abiah S. and Ezra W.] GR4.
  • Nancy, w. William H. Weston Jr, w. Joseph Chase ("a Portuguese"), d. James and Mary (Hunter), 11th, 7 mo. 1812, PR38.
  • Reuben C. (Harps), ___, 1809, G.R.4. [h. Abiah S. (d. Stephen Gibbs and Deborah), s. John and Eunice (Chadwick), 16th, 2 mo., PR38.]
  • Reuben C. (Harps), h. Lydia M. (d. Shubael Ray and Lydia), s. Reuben C. and Abiah S. (Gibbs), , 6 mo. 1835, PR38.
  • Sophia B. (Harps), d. Reuben, mariner, and Abiah [Reuben C. and Abiah S. (Gibbs), PR38.] of N.. Apr. 23, 1844, in N.
  • Susan (Harps), w. Rodman W. Albro, d. John and Eunice (Chadwick), 12th, 4 mo. 1814, PR38.
  • Susan A. (Harps), w. George P. Brock (s. Shubael and Elizabeth), d. William and Lydia C., , 9 mo. 1840, PR38.
    William (Harps), h. Lydia Stephens of Cape Cod. s. John and Eunice (Chadwick), 10th, 3 mo. 1811, PR38.
  • William H., s. John, mariner, and Sarah of N., Feb. 8, 1846, in N.
  • William W. (Harps). s. William, mariner, and Lydia of N., May 27. 184.5. in N. [s. William and Lydia C., _, 4 mo., PR38.]
  • Albert, h. Thankful, ___, 1809, PR38.
  • Albert, s. Albert and Thankful, _____, PR38.
  • Ellen, d. Albert and Thankful, _____, 1838, PR38.
  • Nathan, s. Albert and Thankful, , 11 mo. 1829, PR38.
  • Thankful [____], w. Albert, ___, 1811, PR38.
  • Abigail, ch. John and Abigail, Aug. 28, 1735. [w. Christopher Stretton (s. Caleb and Lois), d. John of R.I. and Abigail (Giles), 28th, 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Abigail, ch. Jonathan and Susanna [Susan (Whippey), PR38.] , July 20, 1760.
  • Betsey [dup. Elizabeth], w. Benjamin Jones (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), "No chn.," d. Humphrey ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), 2d, 2 mo. 1780, PR38.
  • Betsey [dup. Eliza Ann]. w. Samuel Calder (s. Josiah), d. David and Miriam (Perry), 9th, 8 mo. 1799, PR38.
  • Charles F., s. William H., barber, and Phebe Ann of N., Sept. 9, 1843, in N.
  • Charlotte, w. Benjamin Mooers of Kennebec, Me., d. David and Miriam (Perry), 13th, 2 mo. 1816, PR38.
  • Charlotte M. [Harris], w. Benjamin F. Wyer, Oct. 4, 1832, G.R.3. [Harris, w. Benjamin F. Wyer (s. Charles H. and Cynthia), d. William and Lydia (Macy), 10 mo. 1833, PR38. Charlotte Maria Harris, d. William P. and Lydia R., Oct. 4, 1832. P.R.54.]
  • Daniel Gardner, h. Mary Tillinghast of Wrentham, h. Patience Tillinghast, s. Joseph and Hepsabeth (Bunker), _____, PR38.
  • David, h. Miriam (d. Reuben Perry and Margaret), s. Humphrey ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), 16th, 1 mo. 1772, PR38.
  • David, ch. Joseph and Hepsibah. 17th. 8 mo. 1780, CR4. [h. Lydia Streeter of Smithfield, RI., s. Joseph and Hepsabeth (Bunker), PR38.]
  • Deborah, w. William Perry (s. Reuben and Margaret), d. Humphrey ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), 17th, 9 mo. 1778, PR38.
  • Edward R., s. Moses and Parnal (Burdett), , 12 mo. 1824, PR38.
  • Eliza Ann (see Betsey).
  • Eliza F., w. James H. Haughton of Philadelphia. Pa., d. Moses and Parnal (Burdett), 1st, 3 mo. 1822, PR38.
  • Elizabeth (see Elizabeth Harrox).
  • Elizabeth (see Betsey).
  • Emmeline, w. Isaac M. Farnham (s. William and Sally). d. David and Miriam (Perry). 10th, 11 mo. 1808, PR38.
    George, h. Mary (d. Joseph Chase Jr. and Polly). s. David and Miriam (Perry), 3d, 11 mo. 1797, PR38.
  • George, s. Jonathan and Susan (Whippey), _____, PR38.
  • George C., s. George and Mary (Chase), _, 3 mo. 1825. PR38.
  • George C., s. George C., mariner, and Eliza R. of N., Feb. 20. 1846, in N.
  • Hannah, ch. Joseph and Hepsibah, 3d, 6 mo. 1783, CR4.
  • Hepsabeth, w. Reuben Macy (s. Simeon and Phebe), d. David and Miriam (Perry), 15th. 11 mo. 1807 [dup. 1806j. PR38.
  • Humphrey. "an Englishman," from Sandwich, h. Hepsabeth (d. Jonathan Mooers and Elizabeth), 29th. 4 mo. 1733. PR38.
  • John, s. John and Abigail. Aug. 27, 1744. [h. Sally Rafe, s. John and Abigail (Giles), 27th, 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Jonathan, ch. John and Abigail, Apr. 4, 1733. [Jonathan of Coventry, R.I., h. Susan (d. James Whippey and Patience), s. John and Abigail (Giles), 4th. 4 mo., PR38.]
  • Joseph, ch. Joseph and Hepsibah, 26th. 12 mo. 1787, CR4.
  • Josiah, s. David and Miriam (Perry), _____, PR38.
  • Lydia, w. Benjamin Clark (s. David and Ruth), d. John and Abigail (Giles), 4th, 12 mo. 1741 [dup. 1731, PR38.
  • Mary, ch. John and Abigail, June 23, 1730. [w. John Marshall (s. James and Patience). et. John and Abigail (Giles), 23d, 6 mo., PR38.]
  • Mary, w. Abel Hart, d. Obed and Rhoda (Way). 29th, 7 mo. 1790, PR38.
  • Mary, w. Samuel H. Plumb (s. Uriel and Susan), w. Thomas S. Nye of Wareham (s. Samuel). d. Moses and Parnal (Burdett), 15th, 1 mo. 1807, PR38.
  • Mary A., w. Nelson Waterman (s. William W.), d. William and Lydia (Macy), , 9 mo. 1836 [6 written above 7], PR38. [Mary Allen Harris, d. William P. and Lydia R., Sept 24. P.R.54.]
  • Mary C., d. George and Mary (Chase), , 1 mo. 1835, PR38.
  • Mary N., d. Samuel W., farmer, and Elizabeth G. of N., Aug. 20, 1848. [Mary Nye Harris, d. Samuel W. and Elizabeth G. (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Moses, h. Parnal (d. Edward Burdett and Parnal), s. Obed and Rhoda (Way), 20th, 1 mo., 1784. PR38.
  • Obed, h. Rhoda (d. John Way and Elizabeth). s. Humphrey ("an Englishman") and Hepsabeth (Mooers), 24th. 10 mo. 1763, PR38.
  • Obed, "m'd at Otaheite, & had two chn.," s. Moses and Parnal (Burdett), 6th, 4 mo. 1809, PR38.
  • Reuben, ch. Jonathan and Susanna [Susan (Whippey), PR38.1, Sept. 1, 1763.
  • Sally. w. Benjamin Franklin Coffin (s. Seth and Lydia), d. David and Miriam (Perry), 21st, 5 m0. 1802, PR38.
  • Samuel. h. Eliza (d. Sylvanus Coffin and Lydia), s. Obed and Rhoda (Way), 24th, 5 mo. 1786, PR38.
  • Samuel Bunker, h. Amy (d. Abraham Wilkinson of Pawtucket), h. ____ Sprout, s. Joseph and Hepsabeth (Bunker), 4th, 5 mo. 1793, PR38.
  • Samuel W., h. Elizabeth G. (d. Barnabas Coffin and Susan), s. Moses and Parnal (Burdett). . 6 mo. 1812, PR38.
  • Sarah, ch. Joseph and Hepsibah, 28th, 8 mo. 1784, CR4.
  • Sarah M., W[illia]m H., barber, and Phebe Ann of N., Mar. 7, 1846, in N.
  • Seth, s. John and Abigail, Sept. 4, 1749. [s. John and Abigail (Giles), 4th, 9 mo., PR38.]
  • Sophia M. G., d. W[illia]m H., barber, and Phebe Ann of N., Mar. 11, 1848, in N.
  • Susan (see Susanna).
  • Susan, d. David and Miriam (Perry), _____, PR38.
  • Susan C., d. Samuel W., mariner, and Elizabeth [Elizabeth G. (Coffin), PR38.] of N., May 14, 1843, in N.
  • Susanna [dup. Susan], ch. Jonathan and Susanna, Aug. 6, 1769. [Susan, w. Henry Coleman (s. Ebenezer and Mary), d. Jonathan and Susan (Whippey) of R.I., [16th, 12 mo. 1770 written above 8th. 6 mo. 1769], PR38.]
  • William, ch. Joseph and Hepsibah, 30th, 12 mo. 1781. CR4.
  • William, ch. Joseph and Hepsibah, 29th, 12 mo. 1785, CR4. [h. Lydia (d. Timothy Green of Pawtucket), h. Sarah (d. Abraham Wilkinson of Pawtucket), s. Joseph and Hepsabeth (Bunker), PR38.]
  • William, first h. Lydia (d. Simeon Macy and Phebe), s. David and Miriam (Perry), 21st, 8 mo. 1810. PR38. [William P., h. Lydia R., Mar. 21, P.R.54.]
  • William Austin, s. George and Mary (Chase), , 3 mo. 1831, PR38.
  • William B.. h. Charlotte Arm (d. Reuben Jenkins and Lydia) ("No chn."), s. Moses and Parnal (Burdett), 21st, 3 mo. 1816, PR38.
  • William P. (see William).
  • Charles. s. Thomas and Anna (Mooers), 5th, 5 mo. 1769, PR38.
  • Elizabeth [dup. Harris], w. Benjamin Coleman (s. Matthew and Hannah), d. Thomas and Anna (Mooers), 16th, 8 mo. 1775, PR38.
  • Margaret, d. Thomas and Anna (Mooers), _____, PR38.
  • Phebe [Harrox, w. ____] Winslow, July 21, 1767, G.R.4. [Harrox, second w. Benjamin Winslow (s. Joseph and Isabella), d. Thomas and Anna (Mooers), PR38.]
  • Thaddeus. s. Thomas and Anna (Mooers), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas, h. Anna (d. Thomas Mooers), ___, 1737, PR38.
  • Eliza, w. Owen Spooner (s. Jeremiah), sister of William, ___, 1792, PR38.
  • Eliza Ann, w. Andrew 0. Swain (s. James and Elizabeth), d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), 26th, 5 mo. 1815, PR38.
  • Lewis B., h. Mary (d. Thaddeus Hussey and Phebe (Chase)), 23d, 7 mo. 1813, PR38.
  • Lucy, d. Lewis B., engineer, and Mary of N., Nov. 18, 1847, in N. [Lucy B., d. Lewis B. and Mary (Hussey). PR38.]
  • Lydia, w. Edward B. Nicholson (s. Benoni and Deborah), d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), 10th, 3 mo. 1817, PR38.
  • Mary C., w. Henry Perry, w. Henry Chadburn of Vassalboro, d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), _, 9 mo. 1829, PR38.
  • Mary Jane, d. Lewis B. and Mary (Hussey), 22d, 4 mo. 1842, PR38.
  • Sarah S., w. William B. Swain (s. George Jr. and Phebe), d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), , 8 mo. 1824, PR38.
  • Susan M., w. Amaziah Fisher (s. ____ (later w. Edward Barnes) ), d. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), 24th, 1 mo. 1825 [dup. , 8 mo. 1821], PR38.
  • William, h. Rachael (d. John Coffin and Elizabeth). h. Anna (wid. Eliakim Swain, d. John Coffin) ("No child"). h. Sarah of Maine (wid. ____ Hardy) ("no child"), 12th, 1 mo. 1790, PR38.
  • William C., h. Mary A. (d. Lemuel Jones and Mahitabel), s. William and Rachael (Coffin) (first w.), _____, PR38.
  • Harvey, h. Charlotte F. (d. Daniel Wood and Hetty), ___, 1796, PR38.
HASKELL (Haskel)
  • Benjamin F. (Haskel), s. Thomas and Rebecca (Worth), 5th, 2 mo. 1813, PR38.
  • Betsey, second w. Charles B. Freeman, 20th, 2 mo. 1784, PR38.
  • Thomas A. (Haskel), s. Thomas and Rebecca (Worth), 22d, 2 mo. 1816, PR38.
  • Miranda, w. Charles Griffin Coffin (s. Albert and Polly), adopted d. Simeon Tubbs, 25th, 11 mo. 1805, PR38.
  • Ann F., second w. Samuel Remson (s. Stephen and Sally), sister of Cassandra (w. Thomas Smith), 4th, 1 mo. 1801, PR38.
  • Ann Maria, w. ____ Hatch ("Her 1st cousin, s. Sylvanus), d. Joseph and Phebe (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Betsey Ann, ch. Ann (wid.), bp. Apr. 15, 1809, CR1. [w. Lewis Bryant of Mich., d. Charles and Nancy (Folger), b. 27th, 11 mo. 1802, PR38.]
  • Cassandra, w. Thomas Smith 2d, 30th, 7 mo. 1787, [see Rochester Vital Records], PR38.
  • Charles, h. Nancy (d. Henry Folger and Betsey), s. Moses of Falmouth, ___, 1772, PR38.
  • Charles Gorham, ch. Ann (wid.), bp. Apr. 15, 1809, CR1. [h. Jane Robinson of Philadelphia, Pa., s. Charles and Nancy (Folger), b. 25th, 6 mo. 1799, PR38.]
  • Chloe of Falmouth, w. Frederick G. Starbuck (s. David and Phebe), d. Joseph, 21st, 12 mo. 1799, PR38.
  • Harriet Brock, ch. Ann (wid.), bp. Apr. 15, 1809. CR1. [w. Elishai Stone, d. Charles and Nancy (Folger), b. 4th, 1 mo. 1807, PR38.]
  • Joseph A., "m'd. in Texas," s. Joseph and Phebe (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Maria (see Mary).
  • Martha W., w. Christopher Bearse of Wood's Hole, d. Joseph and Phebe (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Mary [dup. Maria]. w. Charles Waldron (s. Winslow and Martha), d. Samuel Jr. and Pony (Grew), 15th, 2 mo. 1808, PR38.
  • Oliver C., ___, 1829, GR3.
  • Peter Coffin, ch. Ann (wid.), bp. Apr. 15, 1809, CR1.
  • Phebe Ann, w. Elbridge McKee of Tex., d. Joseph and Phebe (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Polly, w. Alexander Ramsdell (s. James and Jedida), "sister of Thomas Smith's wife and of Samuel Remson's wife," _____, [see Rochester Vital Records]. PR38.
  • Samuel, h. Rebecca (wid. Henry Ellis, formerly wid. Thomas Tweedy). 14th. 6 mo. 1761, PR38.
  • Sarah, w. Elisha Raymond (s. Ebenezer), sister of Cassandra (w. Thomas Smith). 31st, 1 mo. 1779 [ ? in Rochester], PR38.
  • Sarah Folger, ch. Ann (wid.), bp. Apr. 15, 1809, CR1. [Susan F., w. George Smith (s. John and Hepsabeth). d. Charles and Nancy (Folger), b. 15th, 1 mo. 1805, PR38.]
  • Sarah P., w. ____ Hatch (s. Sylvanus). d. Joseph and Phebe (Starbuck), _____, PR38.
  • Susan F. (see Sarah Folger Hatch).
  • Benjamin of Swansey, h. Mary (wid. John Cathcart, d. Jethro Swain) ("No chn.'"),___, 1744, PR38.
  • Charles B., Nov. 9, 1829, GR3. [h. Elizabeth (d. George Pitman and Charlotte), h. Phebe Ann (wid. ____, d. George Worth), s. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), PR38.]
  • Elizabeth, d. Benjamin, "Not Mary's dr.." 23d, 1 mo. [1 written above 3] 1774, PR38.
  • Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel and Susan, 6th, 7 mo. 1819, PR38.
  • Elizabeth C., d. Leander, laborer, and Lydia of N., July 9, 1845, in N.
  • George W., s. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), 4th, 6 mo. 1831, PR38.
  • George W., s. William, school teacher, and Roseabella of N., Aug. 21, 1845, in N.
  • Lucretia R., d. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), _, 5 mo. 1833. PR38.
  • Martha R., w. Nathaniel Chase (s. Francis and Anna), d. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), , 12 mo. 1821, PR38.
    Mary, w. Thomas Kempton of Dartmouth, d. Thomas and Hepsy, ___, 1709, PR38.
  • Mary A., d. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), _____, PR38.
  • Mehitable of Hyannis, w. John Appley of Ponegansett, w. Silas Chubbuck, d. James Jr., ___, 1783. PR38.
  • Nathaniel, h. Susan. 1st, 1 mo. 1782, PR38.
  • Philip H., s. Nathaniel and Susan, 22d. 10 mo. 1817. PR38.
  • Prince, ___, 1811, PR38.
  • Susan [____], w. Nathaniel, 28th, 4 mo. 1797, PR38.
  • Susan M., w. Samuel C. Swain (s. Peleg, and Sarah). d. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), _, 9 mo. 1827, PR38.
  • Thomas M., s. Nathaniel and Susan, 26th, 7 rno. 1816, PR38.
  • William R., h. Mary C. (d. Ammial Russell and Eliza). s. Charles and Lucretia (Remson), 9th. 4 mo. 1826, PR38.
  • Elizabeth [Hawes], w. Benjamin Wallcut, Apr. 19, 1759, in Boston, GR1. [Hawes, w. Benjamin Walcutt, d. ____ , 9th, 4 mo., PR38.]
  • Betsey, d. John and Cristina (Whippey), 29th, 8 mo. 1798, PR38.
  • John, "a stranger," h. Cristina (d. Samuel Whippey and Parnal), 4th, 7 mo. 1771, PR38.
  • John, s. John and Cristina (Whippey), 23d, 3 mo. 1793, PR38.
  • Mary, d. John and Cristina (Whippey), 13th, 3 mo. 1795, PR38.
HAYDEN (Haden)
  • Abigail (Haden), sister of Zopher, ___, 1778, P.R.3. [Hayden, 1st, 7 mo. 1779, PR38.]
  • Abishai, h. Merab (d. Shubael Pinkham and Mary), s. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), 15th [15 written above 16), 9 mo. 1758, PR38.
  • Albert C., s. William C., mariner, and Harriet B. [ (Coffin) PR38.] of N.. Oct. 23, 1846, in N.
  • Amelia, w. A. B. Johnson, d. George and Eunice (Barnard), ___, 1831, PR38.
  • Amelia Brown (Haden), [w. John Belden Mills], ch. Zopher and Elizabeth, Feb. 5, 1811, P.R.3. [Hayden. w. John Mills of N.Y., d. Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Andrew M. (Haden), fifth ch. Zopher and Elizabeth, July 27, 1808. P.R.3. [Hayden, "non compos," s. Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Ann Maria, w. J. Hayes Thomas, d. George and Eunice (Barnard), , 4 mo. 1841, PR38.
  • Charles (Haden), fourth ch. Zopher and Elizabeth, Dec. 17, 1805, P.R.3. [Hayden. s. Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Charles, h. Ring, s. George and Eunice (Barnard), _____, [see William. 1827), PR38.
  • Charles (see William).
  • Charles E., Sept. _, 1815, G.R.3. [h. Susan L. (d. Charles H. Robinson and Susan) ("no child"), h. Phebe (wid. George Hayden. d. Laban Swain), h. Ruth Burgess of Harwich, s. Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), 29th, 9 mo., PR38.]
  • Eliza, w. Levi Haskell of Boston, d. Abishai and Merab (Pinkham), 8th, 2 mo. 1799. PR38.
  • Eliza Myrick (Haden), Zopher and Elizabeth, Sept. 27, 1813, P.R.3. [Hayden. w. Joseph S. Hawkins of N.Y., d. Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick). PR38.]
  • Elizabeth, w. ____ Maxwell, d. George and Eunice (Barnard). 7th, 8 mo. 1823, PR38.
  • Eunice B., d. George and Eunice (Barnard). , 9 mo. 1838, PR38.
  • Florence A., d. Charles E. and Ruth (Burgess) (third w.), _, 9 mo. 1848, PR38.
  • Francis, s. Prince Gorham and Aim (Hussey), _____, PR38.
  • George (Haden), second ch. Zopher and Elizabeth, June 11, 1801, PR3. [Hayden, h. Eunice S. (d. Tristram Barnard and Phebe), s. Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick), PR38.]
  • George, h. Phebe (d. Laban Swain and Abigail), s. Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), 29th, 1 mo. 1813, PR38.
    George C., s. Charles E., cooper, and Phebe of N., May 14, 1846, in N. [h. Carrie, s. Charles E. and Phebe (Swain) (Hayden) (second w.), PR38.]
  • George W., s. William C. and Harriet (Ccffin), ___, 1844, PR38.
  • Hannah, first w. Maltiah Nye, twin d. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), 23d, 7 mo. 1776 [6 written above 5], PR38.
    Harriet C., w. William C. L'Hommedieu, d. George and Phebe (Swain), "no childr.," 8th, 4 mo. 1841, PR38.
  • Lucretia, w. William Cobb (s. William and Charlotte), d. Abishai and Merab (Pinkham). 7th, 2 mo. 1794. PR38.
  • Lydia B., w. Jonathan F. Gardner (s. David), d. George and Eunice (Barnard), _, 2 mo. 1829, PR38.
  • Mary, w. David Upham Giles (s. Reuben and Mary), d. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), 10th, 10 mo. 1770. PR38.
    Mary, w. Laban Russell (s. Hezekiah and Hepsabeth), d. Abishai and Merab (Pinkham), 21st, 2 mo. 1784, PR38.
    Mary (Haden), third ch. Zopher and Elizabeth, Sept 21, 1803, P.R.3. [Hayden, w. William Churchill of N.Y., d. Zophar and Elizabeth (Myrick), PR38.]
  • Mary, w. ____ Hughes, d. George and Eunice (Barnard), , 3 mo. 1834, PR38. Mary M., w. George Nelson Macy (s. George Wendell and Lydia), w. ____Talcott, d. George and Phebe (Swain), 6th, 12 mo. 1838, PR38.
  • Phebe, w. Richard Worth (s. Francis and Phebe), d. Prince G. and Rebecca (Stubbs), 31st, 8 mo. [8 written above 7, dup. 7 mo.] 1764, PR38.
  • Phebe B., w. Benjamin Crouch, d. George and Eunice (Barnard), , 4 mo. 1825, PR38.
  • Prince of Isle of Wight, h. Rebecca (d. William Stubbs and Hannah), 3d, 10 mo. 1732, PR38.
  • Prince Gorham, h. Priscilla (d. Timothy Coffin and Priscilla), s. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), 23d, 2 mo. 1777, PR38.
  • Prince Gorham, h. Ann (d. John Hussey and Lydia ), s. Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), 1st, 11 mo. 1808, PR38.
  • Rebecca, w. Wyer Swain (s. Daniel and Elizabeth), d. Prince and Rebecca (Stubbs), 14th, 12 mo. 1767, PR38.
    Rebecca, w. Rowland Bunker (s. Uriah and Susan), w. Samuel Mooers (s. Jonathan and Hannah), Abishai and Merab (Pinkham.), 14th, 3 mo. 1789, PR38.
  • Rebecca [Hayden], w. Reuben M. Coffin, , 1818, GR3. [Hayden, w. Reuben M. Coffin (s. Asa and Phebe), "No chn.," d. Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), 19th, 7 mo., PR38.]
  • Sally, w. William Robinson, twin d. Prince G. and Rebecca (Stubbs), 23d, 7 mo. 1776 [6 written above 5, dup. 1775], PR38.
  • Sarah Whitney [Hayden], w. Allen Smith, ___, 1822, [Sally W. Hayden, d. Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), 8th, 1 mo., PR38.]
  • Susan, w. Charles W. Cartwright (s. John and Mary), d. Abishai and Merab (Pinkham), 13th, 11 mo. 1791 [dup. 1790], PR38.
  • Susan Lee, d. Charles E. and Ruth (Burgess) (third w.), 6th, 9 mo. 1849, PR38.
  • William, brother of Zophar, ___, 1785, PR38.
  • William, "or Charles," s. George and Eunice (Barnard). , 4 mo. 1827, PR38.
  • William C., h. Harriet (d. Reuben Coffin and Elizabeth), s. Prince Gorham and Priscilla (Coffin), 4th, 11 mo. 1810, PR38.
  • Zopher (Haden), h. Elizabeth, July 1, 1775. P.R.3. [Zophar Hayden. "a stranger," h. Elizabeth (d. Andrew Myrick and Anna), PR38.]
  • ____,. ch. George, Apr. 26, 1836, P.R.62.
  • Henry S. Jr., s. Henry S. and Eliza B. (Wood), _____, PR38.
HAZARD (Hassard, Hazzard)
  • Avis Macy (Hassard), ch. James R. (Hazzard) and Sarah, _____, C.R.4. [Hassard, w. Thomas Nelson, twin d. James R. and Sarah B. (Barney), , 12 mo. 1822 [2 written above 3], PR38.]
  • Elizabeth, w. Jacob Barker (s. Robert), d. Thomas of Newport. R.I., and Anna, 2d, 12 mo. 1783, PR38.
  • Harriet P. [____], ___, 1822, [on stone with James B.] G.R.3.
  • James R. (Hassard), ch. James R. (Hazzard) and Sarah, _____, C.R.4. [James B. Hazard, ___, 1820, G.R.3. James B. Hassard, h. Harriet P. (d. Henry Clapp and Rebecca), s. James R. and Sarah B. (Barney), , 3 mo. 1819, PR38.]
  • Jonathan N. (Hassard), ch. James R. (Hazzard) and Sarah, _____, CR4. [Jonathan B. Hassard, s. James R. and Sarah B. (Barney). , 3 mo. 1829, PR38.]
  • Mary Robenson (Hassard), ch. James R. (Hazzard) and Sarah, _____, CR4. [Hassard. w. Thomas M. Gardner (s. Oliver C. and Hannah), "No chn.," twin d. James R. and Sarah B. (Barney), , 12 mo. 1822 [2 written above 3], PR38.]
  • Peter J. (Hassard), ch. James R. (Hazzard) and Sarah, _____, CR4. [Hassard, h. Eliza H. Bruce of Bangor, Maine, s. James R. and Sarah B. (Barney), , 3 mo. 1826. PR38.]
HAZELL (Hazel)
  • Polly, w. Henry Folder (s. Henry and Elizabeth), ___, 1796, PR38.
  • William P. (Hazel), h. Lucretia (d. Charles H. Coleman and Sally), ___, 1819. PR38.
HAZZARD (see Hazard) HEAD
  • David, s. Isaac and Elizabeth (Whiteus), 8th, 4 mo. [8th, 4 mo. written above 7th, 6 mo.] 1803, PR38.
  • Isaac of Westport, h. Elizabeth (d. James Whiteus and Susan), 9th, 4 mo. 1780 [1780 written above 1781] , PR38.
  • Mary, w. Joseph Elkins [q.v.], d. Daniel ("a Revolutionary Soldier") and Elizabeth (Ray), 12th, 12 mo. 1783, PR38.
  • Abigail, w. Stephen Rawson (s. Paul and Phebe), d. Joseph and Catharine (Matthews), 30th, 1 mo. 1762, PR38.
  • Anna, d. Edmond and Katherine, Oct. 9, 1726. [w. Silas Jones (s. Thomas and Hannah), d. Edmond and Catharine Sillevan, 9th, 10 mo., PR38.]
  • Catharine Sillevan [____], "a French girl from Cape Breton," w. Edmond of England, w. Stephen Swain, ___, 1701 [1 written above 0], PR38.
  • Christian, d. Edmond and Katharine, Aug. 5, 1724. [w. Ebenezer Allen (s. Edward and Ann), second w. David Coffin (s. Samuel and Miriam), d. Edmond and Catharine Sillevan, 5th, 8 mo., PR38.]
  • Edmond of England, h. Catharine Sillevan ("a French girl from Cape Breton"). ___, 1700, in London, PR38.
  • Edmond, s. Edmond and Katharine, June 23, 1721. [h. Judith (d. Nathaniel Folger and Priscilla), h. Mary (d. David Clark and Ruth) ("No chn."), s Edmond and Catharine Sillevan, 23d, mo., PR38.]
  • Jerusha, w. Abraham Chase (s. Thomas and Anna), d. Joseph and Catharine (Matthews), 25th, 8 mo. 1767, PR38.
  • Lydia, "m'd. in Halifax," w. Col. Gates, d. Joseph and Catharine (Matthews), _____, PR38.
  • Margaret, d. Edmond and Katharine, Sept. 25, 1719. [w. Daniel Gardner (s. Jeremiah and Sarah), d. Edmond and Catharine Sillevan, 25th, 9 mo., PR38.]
  • Zipporah, w. Thomas Smith of Boston, d. Joseph and Catharine (Matthews), _____, PR38.
  • Jane, ch. Daniel L. and Eliza, 15th, 2 mo. 1841, CR4.
HEDGE (Hedges)
  • Isaac, ship carpenter, of Sandwich, h. Thankful, 25th, 7 mo. 1763, PR38.
  • Isaac G., s. Isaac, ship carpenter, and Thankful, 10th, 2 mo. 1800, PR38.
  • Mary L., w. James F. Tennant, d. Isaac, ship carpenter, and Thankful, 1st, 12 mo. 1796, PR38.
  • Silek, ch. Isaac, ship carpenter, and Thankful, 16th, 6 mo. 1794, PR38.
  • Temperance L., d. Isaac, ship carpenter, and Thankful, 9th, 9 mo. 1803, PR38.
  • Thankful [____]. w. Isaac (ship carpenter, of Sandwich), 26th, 3 mo. 1768, PR38.
  • ____, (Hedges), s. Sally, Nov. 29, 1791, P.R.64.
HELMAN (see Hilman) HENDRIX (Hendricks)
  • David, s. George and Hepsabeth (Morselander), _____, PR38.
  • Frederic, s. Edward and Anna, ___, 1809, PR38.
  • George, h. Hepsabeth (d. Cornelius Morselander and Hepsabeth), 9th, 4 mo. 1772 [2 written above 1], PR38.
  • Malinda (Hendricks) (see Malinda Candish).
  • Mary, w. George Higgins (s. Isaac and Sahara), d. George and Hepsabeth (Morse!ander), 2d, 1 mo. 1797 [7 written above 6], PR38.
  • Obed, s. George and Hepsabeth (Morselander), 14th, 7 mo. 1799, PR38.
  • James, s. Rev. Thomas and Catharine L. of N., Aug, 13, 1845, in N.
  • ____, ch, Roger, Aug. 2, 1841.
  • William H., h. Jane, ___, 1801, PR38.
HIGGINS (Higgens)
  • Edward S., s. John R. and Sarah (Snow), , 8 Mo. 1837, PR38.
  • Elizabeth (Higgens), d. George and Mary (Hendrix), _____, PR38.
  • George, h. Mary (d. George Hendrix and Hepsabeth), s. Isaac and Sabara (Whippey) (Burrage), 28th, 9 mo. 1792. PR38.
  • George H. (Higgens), s. George and Mary (Hendrix), 26th, 1 mo. 1829 [9 written above 8], PR38.
  • Hannah. w. Alexander Cash (s. William Jr. and Phebe), d. Isaac and Sabara (Whippey) (Burrage), 29th, 12 mo. 1789 [sic, see Lydia], PR38.
  • Hepsibeth [Higgins, w. ____] Hull, ___, 1814 [sic, see Sarah], G.R.4. [Hepsabeth Higgens, w. James Francis ("a stranger"), w. Alexander Hull (s. Thomas and Mary), d. George and Mary (Hendrix). 9th, 12 mo. 1816, PR38.]
    James D., s. John R. and Sarah (Snow). , 12 mo. 1832, PR38.
  • John R. of Cape Cod, h. Sarah (d. James Snow and Elizabeth), _, 12 mo. 1790. PR38.
  • Lucy Ann, [ ? twin] d. John R. and Sarah (Snow), ___, 1828 [see Susan A.], PR38.
  • Lydia, w. Valentine Bunker (s. Christopher Jr.), d. Isaac and Sabara [dup. Sabra] (Whippey) (Barrage), 1st, 7 mo. 1790 [dup. 1789, sic, see Hannah]. PR38.
  • Lydia (Higgens), w. George R. Hull (s. Thomas Jr. and Mary), d. George and Mary (Hendrix), 25th, 7 mo. 1818, PR38.
  • Mary J. [Higgins, w. ____] Marvin, ___, 1833, C.R.4. [Higgens, w. Edward Marvin (s. George and Elizabeth), d. George and Mary (Hendrix), 24th, 8 mo. 1832, PR38.]
  • Obed (Higgens), h. Catharine (wid. Reuben Coleman (s. Benjamin)), s. George and Mary (Hendrix), 14th, 11 mo. 1821, PR38.
  • Phebe S. [dup. Higgens], w. Benjamin Daggett (s. Henry and Dinah), w. Seth Pinkham (s. George and Phebe), d. George and Mary (Hendrix), , 9 mo. 1826 [sic, 29th, 12 mo. 1823 written above date], PR38.
  • Sarah (Higgens), first w. James Archer (s. William and Betsey). "No chn." d. George and Mary (Hendrix.), 6th, 2 mo. 1814 [sic, dup. 5th, 8 mo. 1813] , PR38.
  • Susan A, [ ? twin] d. John R. and Sarah (Snow), , 6 mo. 1828 [see Lucy Ann]. PR38.
  • Thankful, first w. Samuel Dunham (s. Jethro and Lydia), 14th, 10 mo. 1783, PR38.
  • Alexander, h. Dorothy, s. Charles James and Mary (Chadwick) (second w.), 15th, 12 mo. 1806, PR38.
  • Charles J., h. Priscilla and Mary (daughters of Wickliff Chadwick), 17th, 2 mo. 1778, PR38.
  • Charles J.., s. Alexander and Dorothy, _____, PR38.
  • George, s. Charles J. and Priscilla (Chadwick) (first w.), 13th, 2 mo. 1803, PR38.
  • Louisa J. [dup. Hillman], w. Moses S. Barnard (s. George and Merib), d. Thomas and Mary (Barney), _____, PR38.
    Mary Jane, d. Alexander and Dorothy, _____, PR38.
  • Priscilla C. [Hilburn], w. Capt. Nathan H. Manter, ___, 1825, G.R.3. [Hilburn, w. Nathan H. Manter (s. George), d. Thomas and Mary (Barney), PR38.]
  • Thomas [dup. Hillman], h. Mary (d. Daniel Barney and Lydia), s. Charles James and Priscilla (Chadwick) (first w.), 8th, 10 mo. 1799, PR38.
  • Amelia, [? twin] d. William and Amelia (Hussey), _____, PR38.
  • George W., s. Edward and Phebe (Coffin), , 9 mo. 1822, PR38.
  • Helen E., w. William J. Barney (s. Edward G.), d. David of Philadelphia, Pa., and Elizabeth, 30th, 10 mo. 1834, PR38.
  • Phebe, d. Edward and Phebe (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • Sarah Ann, w. Job Swain (s. Job), d. Edward and Phebe (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • Shubael, [ ? twin] s. William and Amelia (Hussey), _____, PR38.
  • Susan, w. Elisha Morey (s. Joseph), d. Edward and Phebe (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas, s. Edward and Phebe (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • William H. of Boston, h. Amelia (d. Peter Hussey) ("no child"), h. Margaret (d. Shubael Coffin), 2d, 2 mo. 1794, PR38.
  • Wililam W, h. Mary Abby (d. Edward Folger), s. James and Anna (Whiteus), 22d., 6 mo. 1828, PR38.
HILLER (Hillar)
  • Alfred (Hillar), s. Edwin, mariner, and Sally C. of N., Jan. 19, 1844, in N. [Hiller, s. Edwin W. and Sally (Whippey), PR38.]
  • Charles (Hillar), deaf and dumb, s. George and Elizabeth (____) (____), _____, PR38.
  • Charlotte Maria, d. William and Betsey (Orpin), 11th, 4 mo. 1820, PR38.
  • Edward C., m., s. Thomas Jr. and Sarah B. (Coffin), 25th, 9 mo. 1834, PR38.
  • Edwin W., h. Sally (d. George Whippey), s. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), 17th, 7 mo. 1805, PR38.
  • Edwin W., h. Mary C. (d. William Burdett), s. William and Betsey (Orpin), 7th. 6 mo. 1828, PR38.
  • Eliza [Hiller], w. Uriah Coffin, July 4, 1787, GR2. [Elizabeth Hiller, w. Uriah Coffin (s. Joshua), d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), PR38.]
  • Eunice H. (Hillar), w. Daniel Elkins (s. John and Sarah), w. William Whippey (s. Benjamin), d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith). 11th, 8 mo. 1789, PR38.
  • George W., s. Edwin W. and Sally (Whippey), , 2 mo. 1833, PR38.
  • Lizzie, w. Charles G. Martin, d. Edwin W. and Sally (Whippey), _, 1 mo. 1839, PR38.
  • Mary, w. Humphrey Cannon, d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), 6th, 3 mo. 1785, PR38.
  • Nancy (Hillar) [dup. Hiller], w. Samuel B. Folger (s. George and Rebecca), d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), 30th, 9 mo. 1798, PR38.
  • Rebecca, d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), , 12 mo. 1800, PR38.
  • Stella, w. Nathaniel Shiverick, d. Thomas Jr. and Sarah B. (Coffin), 25th, 12 mo. 1832, PR38.
  • Susan (Hiller) [dup. Hiller], w. Albert D. Robinson, d. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), 28th, 11 mo. 1802, PR38.
  • Thomas, Capt. h. Elizabeth (d. George Smith), 2d, 11 mo. 1761, PR38.
  • Thomas, h. Sarah B. (d. Christopher Coffin), s. Capt Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), 3d, 5 mo. 1794, PR38.
  • Thomas, h. Lydia Dusenbury, of N.Y., s. Thomas Jr. and Sarah B. (Coffin), _____, PR38.
  • William, h. Betsy (d. Isaac Orpin), s. Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith), 25th, 8 mo. 1796, PR38.
  • William P., h. Eliza M. Bunker (wid.) [see Eliza M. Horsefield]. s. William and Betsey (Orpin), 5th, 10 mo. 1822, PR38.
  • William Whippie, s. Sarah B., bp. Apr. 30, 1843, CR1. [William Whippey Hiller. "m'd. in N. York," s. Thomas Jr. and Sarah B. (Coffin), b. 21st. 8 mo. ___, PR38.]
HILLMAN (Helman, Hilman, Hilmon, see also Hilburn)
  • Alexander (Hilman), s. John and Phebe (Clark), 28th, 6 mo. 1802, PR38.
  • Charles, h. Sarah (d. David Rexford [dup. Rixford] of Mansfield, Conn.), s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Beard), , 1 mo. 1811, PR38.
  • Charles Gardner, s. Reuben Jr. and Betsey, ___, 1848, PR38.
  • George, h. ____ Popple, s. Reuben Jr. and Betsey, ___, 1834, PR38.
  • John (Hilman), h. Phebe (d. Prince Clark and Rachel), s. John and Phebe (Folger), 14th, 9 mo. 1777, PR38.
  • John (Hilman), h. Phebe (d. Seth Folger), s. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), _____, PR38.
  • Mary (Hilman), w. John Blake, d. Reuben Jr. and Betsey, ___, 1846, PR38.
  • Parnal (Hilman), d. Shubael and Judith (Whippey) [or] "she was said to be a dr. of Benjamin," 6th, 7 mo. 1769, PR38.
  • Reuben, h. Elizabeth (d. Matthew Beard), s. John (Hilman) and Phebe (Folger), ___, 1775, PR38.
  • Reuben Jr., h. Betsey Chase, h. Susan Roland, s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Beard), , 1801, PR38.
  • Richard (Helman), s. John, Oct. 7, 1682.
  • Robert (Hilman), s. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), _____, PR38.
  • Sarah, second w. Edwin B. Macy (s. Josiah and Eliza of N.), d. Alexander and Mary (Lewis), 28th, 5 mo. 1836, in S. Yarmouth, PR38.
  • Sarah (Hilman), w. James Melony, d. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), _____, PR38.
  • Shubael (Hilman) of Martha's Vineyard, h. Judith (d. James Whippey), ___, 1723, PR38.
  • Shubael (Hilman), s. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), _____, PR38.
  • Susan [dup. Hilman], w. Albert Chadwick (s. William), d. John and Phebe (Clark), 13th. 10 mo. 1805. PR38.
  • Thomas (Hilmon), s. Shubal and Judith, Mar. 4, 1748. [Hilman, s. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), 4th, 3 mo., PR38.]
  • William (Hilmon), s. Shubal and Judith, May 4, 1750. [Hilman, s. Shubael and Judith (Whippey), 4th, 5 mo., PR38.]

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