To the Year 1850

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
At the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of The Eddy Town-Record Fund

Births - BLACK to BUMPUS

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

  • Alexander, h. Lydia White of Yarmonth, s. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), _____ [rec. after ch. b. 26th., 2 mo. . 1747], P.R.38.
  • Anna, ch. Douglas and Persis, Feb. 26, 1747. [d. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), 26th, 2 mo., P.R.38]
  • Anna, W. Robert Coffin (s. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin)), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), 8th, 4 mo. 1772, PR38.
  • Clovis, h.. Betsey (d. Nathaniel Fisher and Naomi), s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), 8th, 6 mo. 1776, P.R.38.
  • Daniel, ch. Douglas and Persis, May 14, 1743. [h. Elizabeth (d. Abner Coffin and Phebe), h. Patience (wid. Richard Sherman), s. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), 11th [dup. 14th], 7 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Elizabeth, ch. William and Mary [(Folger) P.R.38, 6th, 6 mo. 1763.
  • Eunice, ch. Douglas and Persis, June 24, 1739. [ch. Douglass, CR1. w. Jacob Alley [q. v.], d. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), _, 7 mo. 1740, P.R.38]
  • Eunice, w. Benjamin Flagg, d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), _____ [rec. after ch. b. 8th, 4 mo. 1772] P.R.38.
  • Gideon, ch. William and Mary [(Folger) P.R.38.], 20th, 10 mo. 1769.
  • Janet, ch. Douglas and Persis, Feb. 8, 1745- [Jeanette, d. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), 8th, 2 mo., P.R.38.]
  • John Brock, s. Patta [Martha, PR38], Mar. 24, 1782, in N.
  • Love, w. Robert Coffin (s. Jonathan and Peggy), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), _____ [rec. after ch. b. 8th, 6 mo. 1776], P.R.38.
  • Lydia, ch. William and Mary, 28th, 6 mo. 1767, C.R.4.
  • Martha, ch. Douglas [Douglass, CR1] and Persis, Aug. 25, 1741.
  • Martha, second w. Uriah Bunker (s. Obed), d. Douglas, 6th, 3 mo. 1760, P.R.38.
  • Mary, d. Douglas and Persis [Percis (Arthur), PR38.], June 30, 1735.
  • Mary, ch. William and Mary, 8th, 11 mo. 1774. CR4.
  • Owen, ch. William and Mary [(Folger) P.R.38], 18th, 12 ma. 1761.
    Peleg, ch. William and Mary [(Folger) 15th, 5 mo. 1765.
  • Timothy, s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Coffin), _____, P.R.38.
  • William, s. Douglas and Persis, Mar. 12, 1736-7. [ch. Douglass, C.R.1. h. Mary (d. Eleazar Folger Jr.), s. Douglas and Percis (Arthur), 12th, 3 mo. 1736, PR38.
  • William, ch. William and Mary [(Folger) 19th, 9 mo. 1771.
  • Mary S., w. William Parsons, d. Erastus and Lydia (Bailey), _____, PR38.
  • Abigail, d. Samuel and Celia (Merry), 28th, 5 mo. 1803, P.R.38.
  • Edwin, s. John and Hannah (Swain) (Ellis), _____ , PR38.
  • Franklin, s. John and Hannah (Swain) (Ellis), _____, P.R.38.
  • Henry S., s. John and Hannah (Swain) (Ellis), _____, P.R.38.
  • Mary [___] [w. Roland], 17th, 3 mo. 1740, P.R.38.
  • Rowland [h. Mary], _, 10 mo. 1747. PR38.
  • Samuel, h. Celia (d. Seth Merry), h. Jane, h. Martha (d. Abner Mayhew of Chilmark), s. Samuel, _, 10 mo. 1772, P.R.38.
  • Samuel, s. Samuel and Celia (Merry), _____, P.R.38.
  • William s. Samuel and Celia (Merry), _____, P.R.38.
  • Eliza Jennings, w. Judah Crowell, d. James and Deborah (Modley), 28th, 12 mo. 1841, P.R.38.
  • James, h. Deborah (d. Thomas Modley and Rebecca), h. Catharine J. (d. Henry M. Pinkham and Catharine), 8th, 4 mo. 1811, P.R.38.
  • James Jr., s. James, blacksmith, and Deborah of N., Aug. 7. 1846, in N. [James R., s. James and Deborah (Modley), P.R.38.]
  • Rebecca .M., d. James, blacksmith, and Deborah of N., Dec. 12, 1844, in N.
  • Susan L., w. Josiah F. Baker of Yarmouth, d. James and Deborah (Modley), 18th, 3 mo. 1844, P.R.38.
  • Edmund, s. John, laborer, and Catherine of N., June 20, 1848, in N.
  • John, s. John, laborer, and Catharine of N., Feb. 19, 1844, in N.
  • Margaret, d. John, laborer, and Catharine of N., Jan. 6, 1847, in N.
  • Benjamin F., s. Obed, mariner, and Mary of N. Nov. 1, 1843, in N.
  • ____, ch. Michael. June 22, 1841.
  • Abraham. h. Susan (wid. ____ Knowles. d. William Hull), —. 6 ma. 1807, P.R.38.
  • Sophia, d. Abraham and Susan (Hull) (Knowles). —, 2 mo. 1826, P.R.38.
  • Caroline L. S., w. Abraham Lovell of Cotuit, d. Joseph and Sally (Orne), 30th, 3 mo. 1815. P.R.38.
  • Sarah Maria, w. Charles F. Meader (s. Reuben), d. Joseph and Sarah (Orne), —, 6 mo. 1818, P.R.38.

  • Betsey H. Jones [___ ], w. Sylvester D. of Chatham. 26th, 3 mo. 1820, P.R.38.
  • Caroline E., d. Sylvester D. and Betsey H. Jones, 8th, 9 mo. 1842, P.R.38.
  • Catharine, second w. Obed Raymond (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), sister of Sylvester, —, 1816 [in Halifax], P.R.38.
    Charles H., s. Sylvester D. and Betsey H. Jones, 14th, 9 mo. 1841. P.R.38.
  • Eugene B., s. Sylvester, shipwright, and Betsey of N. [Sylvester D. and Betsey H. Jones, P.R.38.1, Feb. 8, 1848, in N.
  • Paulina H., d. Sylvester D. and Betsey H. Jones, 6th, 4 mo. 1844, P.R.38.
  • Sylvester D. of Chatham, h. Betsey H. Jones, 30th, 10 mo. 1815, P.R.38.
  • Valina. H., d. Sylvester, carpenter, and Betsey of N., Apr. 22, 1845, in N.
  • Anna, w. Elihu Folger (s. Jethro), d. John and Sarah (Swain), 22d, 11 mo. 1760, P.R.38.
  • Anna, w. Obed Barnard (s. David), d. James and Charity (Swain), —, 8 mo. 1781, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth (Bowcot), d. Thomas and Mercy, Feb. 4, 1738. [w. Banister Keen, 14th, 2 mo., PR38.]
  • Fanny, d. John and Anna (Bunker), 15th, 10 mo. 1802, P.R.38.
  • Harriet, d. James and Elizabeth (Brown), 4th, 3 mo. 1810. P.R.38. James, s. Mercy (Bowcot), Jan. 28, 1742. [Bowcot, s. Thomas and Mercy. P.R.38.]
  • James, h. Charity (d. Ebenezar Swain), 12th, 10 mo. 1749, PR38.
  • James, h. Elizabeth (d. James Brown), [twin] s. James and Charity (Swain), 16th. 11 mo. 1778. P.R.38.
  • John, h. Mercy [dup. Percy] Doane of New Bedford, s. John and Sarah (Swain), 15th, 3 mo. 1758, P.R.38.
  • John, h. Anna (d. Natliwniel Bunker and Anna), [twin] s. James and Charity (Swain), 16th, 11 mo. 1778, P.R.38.
  • Lydia, w. Laban Coleman (s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth), d. John and Sarah (Swain), 12th, 9 mo. 1772, P.R.38.
    Lydia, d. John and Percy Doane, 27th, 6 ma, 1808, P.R.38.
  • Mary, w. John Sprague, d John and Sarah (Swain), 11th, 11 mo., 1762 [dup. 1761], P.R.38.
  • Mary (see Lydia).
  • Mary, d. Anna (d. John and Sarah), 1st, 1 mo. 1783, P.R.38.
  • Moses, s. James and Charity (Swain), _____ [rec. before ch. b. —, 8 mo. 1781], PR38.
  • Susan [dup. Bocott], w. Stephen Coleman (s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth), d John and Sarah (Swain), 13th, 6 mo. 1764, P.R.38.
  • Winifred., w. Joseph M. Chase (s. Judah), d. James [dup. Jr..] and Elizabeth (Brown), 13th, 6 mo. 1805, P.R.38.
  • Abigail, [dup. Abby G. Bourden], w. Henry J. Starbuck ("a Portuguese"), d.. Henry and Abigail Guild, 19th, 1 mo. 1811, P.R.38.
  • Abigail Guild [ ___ ], w. Henry, 17th, 6 mo. 1782, P.R.38.
  • Charles, s. Edward, cooper, and Mary [Mary Jane (Howe), P.R.38.] of N., May 13, 1846, in N.
  • Edward, h. Mary Jane (d. Martin Howe of Wareham), h. Lurania S. (wid. ___ Hillery, d. Martin Howe of Wareham), s. Henry and Abigail —, 1 mo. 1818, P.R.38.
  • Edward, s. Edward and Mary Jane (Howe), _____ [? before 1850], P.R.38.
  • Eunice, w. Manuel Enos [q.v.], d. Henry and Abigail Guild, 9th, 6 mo. 1806, P.R.38.
  • Henry, h. Abigail Guild, 9th, 2 mo. 1783, PR38.
  • Martin H., s. Edward, cooper, and Mary [dup. adds J.] of N., May 13, 1844 [dup. 1845], in N.
  • Mary F., d. Edward, cooper, and Mary Jane of N. June 29, 1847. in N. [Mary Francis, ch. Edward and Mary Jane (Howe), P.R.38.]
  • Joseph Henry, s. Joseph 0. and Adelia B. (Eldredge), _____, P.R.38.
  • Joseph 0.. Aug. 19, 1817, G.R.3. [h. Adelia B. (d. Thomas Eldredge of Waquoit, Cape Cod), P.R.38.]
  • Francis M., s. Francis and Sally (Moores), ___, 1811, P.R.38.
  • Nancy, w. ____ Smith, d. Francis and Sally (Moores), _____. PR38.
  • Phebe, d. Francis and Sally (Moores), _____, PR38.
  • ____, s. William of N.., Oct. 22, 1848, in N.
  • Huldah H., d. George and Anna Stanton, ___, 1826, in Lemington, Kent Co., Del., G.R.5.

  • Artemas (see Artemas Ross).
  • Lucy, ch. Tobias and Falla, bp. July 17, 1774, C.R.3.
  • Mary, ch. Tobias and Falk, bp. Oct. 9, 1768, C.R.3.
  • Phebe, ch. Tobias and Falla, bp. Nov. 10, 1771, C.R.3.
  • Prince, s. Tobias and Falla, bp. Mar. 23, 1777, C.R.3.
  • Priscilla, d. Tobias and Falla, bp. Mar. 20, 1768, CR3.

  • John Masters, Apr. 2, 1821, G.R.3.

BOWEN (see also BOWENS)
  • Betsey, d. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 2d, 12 mo. 1804, PR38.
  • George, h. Elizabeth (Ellis), h. Sally (wid. Isaac Barker), s. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 13th, 12 mo. 1800, P.R.38.
  • James, S. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 3d, 12 trio. 1808, P.R.38.
  • Lydia, d. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 15th, 9 mo. 1815, P.R.38.
  • Mary Ann, Reuben and Sally (Folger), 3d, 10 mo. 1810, P.R.38.
  • Nancy, d. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 24th, 7 MO. 1819, P.R.38.
  • Reuben of Rehoboth, R. I., h. Sally (d. Henry Folger and Elizabeth), 16th, 2 mo. 1774, P.R.38.
  • Susan, w. Emmanuel Wood ("a Portuguese"), d. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 20th, 1 mo. 1813, P.R.38.
  • William, s. Reuben and Sally (Folger), 13th, 4 mo. 1802, P.R.38.
  • William, h. Nancy (wid. Peter Starbuck, d. Isaac Hargreaves of Fla.), s. Mary Ann, 20th, 1 mo. 1830, P.R.38.
BOWENS (see also BOWEN)
  • Victoria Everett (see Victora Everett).
  • Amos, h. Lydia (wi& Benjamin Adams, d. William Raymond), 25th., 5 mo. 1787, P.R.38.
  • Ann Louisa, w. John B. Nicholson (s. Benoni), d. George W. and Sally H. (Swain), —, 6 mo. 1836, P.R.38.
  • George W., h. Sally H. (d. Alexander Swain), s. Amos and Lydia (Raymond) (Adams), 7th, 11 mo. 1812, PR38.
  • Charles W., s. Wyman, merchant, and Elizabeth of N., Feb. 21, 1848, in N. [s. Wyman and Elizabeth Ann (Starbuck), 23d, 2 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Lucy Starbuck, w. Robert B. Gardner (s. Robert F.), d. Wyman and Elizabeth Ann (Starbuck), 23d, 8 mo. 1840, PR38.
  • Mary Ann S., d. Wyman, merchant, and Elizabeth of N., Dec. 3, 1847. [sic, see death, see also birth of Charles W.] in N. [d. Wyman and Elizabeth Ann (Starbuck), P.R.38]
  • Wyman, h. Elizabeth Ann (d. Thomas Starbuck and Susan), 19th, 20 10 mo. 1812, P.R.38.
  • Alexander, h. Julia Ann (d. Maltiah Nye), s. Israel and Merab (Coleman), 16th, 3 mo. 1804, P.R.38.
  • Alexander, s. Alexander and Julia Ann (Nye), 19th, 5 mo. 1830, P.R.38.
  • Alice Hussey, ch.. Robert and Deborah, 7th, 12 mo. 1796, C.R.4. [w. Charles Swain (s. Thaddeus), d. Robert and Deborah (Hussey), P.R.38.]
  • Charles F., s. Shubael, mariner, and Mary of N., Aug. 14, 1843, in N.
  • Daniel C., h. Anna Weeden of Va., s. William and Mary (Hoeg), 17th, 2 mo. 1829, P.R.38.
  • David, h. Eliza (d. Shubael Folger), nephew of Robert, 1st, 9 mo. 1788, P.R.38.
  • David, h. Susan (d. Jethro Coffin and Anna [dup. Mary (Cobb)]), s. David and Eliza (Folger), 20th, 5 mo. 1826, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth, ch. Robert and Deborah, 19th, 6 mo. 1803, C.R.4. [w. William Almy of Dartmouth, d. Robert and Deborah (Hussey), PR38].
  • Elizabeth Ann, w. John C. Mitchell (s. James), [twin] d. George and Hepsibeth (Mitchell), _, 10 mo. 1823, P.R.38.
  • Eunice, ch. Robert and Deborah, Toth, 10th, 9 mo. 1810, C.R.4. [d. Robert and Deborah (Hussey). P.R.38.]
  • George, ch. Robert and Deborah, 31st, 8 mo. 1800, C.R.4. [h. Hepsibeth (d. Paul Mitchell), s. Robert and Deborah (Hussey), P.R.38.]
  • George, h. Priscilla Tobey, s. David and Eliza (Folger), 25th, 5 mo. 1831, P.R.38.
  • Isaac, ch. Isaac and Sarah, _____ [rec. after ch. b. 8th, 7 mo. 1799], C.R.4. [h. Love (d. Peleg Mitchell and Lydia), s. Isaac and Sarah (Hussey), 20th, 1 mo. 1801, PR38.]
  • Israel, h.. Merab (d. Barnabas Coleman Jr.), 17th, 4 mo. 1774, P.R.38.
  • Israel, ch. Robert and Deborah. 15th, 5 mo. 1808, CR4. [h. Judith Haskel, s. Robert and Deborah (Hussey), P.R.38.]
  • John, s. George and Hepsibeth (Mitchell), _____ P.R.38.
  • John C., h. Patience R. Tobey of New Bedford, s. David and Eliza (Folger), 19th, 1 mo. 1814, P.R.38.
  • Judith, d. David and Eliza (Folger), 1st, 8 mo. 1820, PR38.
  • Julia Ann, w. Franklin Macy (s. Paul), d. Israel and Merab (Coleman), 3d, 8 mo. 1806, P.R.38.
  • Julius F., Sept. 6, 1834, G.R.2.
  • Mary, ch.. Robert and Deborah, 11th, 9 mo. 1805, C.R.4. [w. John H. W. Paige Esq., d. Robert and Deborah (Hussey), P.R.38.]
  • Mary Arm, ch. Isaac and Love M., 21st, 4 mo. 1830, CR4. [w. Frederick H. Woodbridge of Conn., d. Isaac and Love (Mitchell), P.R.38.]
  • Rebecca, w. Thomas Tobey (s. Luke and Keziah), d. David and Eliza (Folger), 8th, 12 mo. 1815, P.R.38.
  • Robert, h. Deborah (d. George Hussey), 21st, 9 mo. 1773, P.R.38.
  • Shubael F., h. Mary M. (d. Joshua Bunker), s. David and Eliza (Folger), 21st, 7 mo. 1812, P.R.38.
  • Susan H., w. Maj. J. R. Snyder of Calif., [twin] d. George and Hepsibeth (Mitchell), _, 10 mo. 1823, P.R.38.
  • William, ch. Isaac and Sarah, 8th, 7 mo. 1799, C.R4. [h. Mary (d. Frederick Hoeg and Eunice), s. Isaac and Sarah (Hussey), P.R.38.]
  • William, s. William and Mary (Hoeg), 12th, 11 mo. 1831, P.R.38.
  • ____, ch. Isaac and Love M., 31st, 12 mo. 1828, C.R4.
  • Emma, ch. Simeon and Eunice, _____ [rec. before ch. b. 22d, 4 mo. 1809], C.R.4. [d. Simeon and Eunice (Macy), 17th, 3 mo. 1807, P.R.38.]
  • James. ch. Simeon and Eunice, 1st, 1 mo. 1811, c.R4. [s. Simeon and Eunice (Macy), P.R.38.]
  • James, ch. Simeon and Eunice, 9th, 9 mo. 1813, C.R.4. [s. Simeon and Eunice (Macy), P.R.38.]
  • John, ch. Simeon and Eunice, 22d, 4 mo. 1809, [s. Simeon and Eunice (Macy), P.R.38.]
  • Simeon of Providence, R.I., h. Eunice (d. Peleg Macy), 29th, 8 mo. 1782, P.R.38.
  • William, s. William and Elizabeth, Dec. 31, 1744. [s. William and Elizabeth (Allen), 31st, 12 mo. 1744, P. R.38]
  • Charles W., s. John, teacher, and Ann W. of N., Sept. 19, 1843, in N.
  • Henry A. (Bridgeman), s. John, school teacher, and Ann of N., May 4, 1845, in N.
  • Abner, h. Deborah (d. Nathan Coffin), h. Mary (wid. Henry Dow), 10th, 8 mo. 1739, P.R.38.
  • Almira, Jonathan and Sally (d. Wickliffe Chadwick), 27th, 7 mo. 1820, P.R.38.
  • Augustus D., h. Elizabeth H. Allen of New Bedford, s. Job and Sarah (Davis), _____, P.R.38.
  • Caroline A., w. Henry Winslow (s. George), d. Job and Sarah (Davis), _____, P.R.38.
  • Catharine Thurston [___] of Cape Cod, w. James H. Briggs, 6th, 6 mo. 1816, P.R.38.
  • Charles, s. Jonathan and Sally (d. Wickliffe Chadwick), 22d, 3 mo. 1815, P.R.38.
  • Charles F., s. Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), 3oth, 12 MO. 1804., P.R.38.
  • Charles H., s. James H. and Catharine Thurston, 2d, 4 mo. 1840, P.R.38.
  • Frank J., s. Job and Sarah (Davis), _____, P.R.38.
  • Harrison, s. James H. and Catharine Thurston, 4th, 4 mo. 1841, P.R.38.
  • Henry D., h. Sarah A. Thompson, s. Job and Sarah (Davis), _____, P.R.38.
  • James H., s. Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), Toth, 3 mo. 1809, P.R.38. John Acinins s. Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), 18th, 7 mo. 1800, P.R.38.
  • Jonathan of Conn., h. Sally (d. Wickliffe Chadwick), 18th, 3 mo. 1783, P.R.38.
  • Jonathan C., h. Sally (wid. Samuel Barrett Jr., d. Simeon Coffin Jr.), s. Abner and Deborah (Coffin), 18th, 12 mo. 1765, P.R.38.
  • Love, w. Reuben Baxter (s. Christopher), d. Abner and Deborah (Coffin), 30th, 12 mo. 1779 [dup. 13th, 12 MO. 1771), P.R.38.
  • Lydia, w. Abel Rawson (s. Paul), d. Abner and Deborah (Coffin), 9th, 7 mo. 1767 [dup. 9th., 11 mo. 1766], PR38.
  • Lydia. d. Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), 11th, 11 mo. 1801, PR38.
  • Lydia., d. William C. and Mary W. (Jenks), 2d, 2 mo. 1827, P.R.38.
  • Lydia, d. James H. and Catharine of N., Mar. 20. 1849 [d. James H. and Catharine Thurston, 2d, 2 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Phebe, w. Joseph Paul, second w. Elijah Cash (s. William and Mary), d. Barnabas, 25th, 8 mo. 1771, P.R.38.
  • Sarah, d. Jonatimn and Sally (d. Wickliffe Chadwick), 22d, 5 mo. 1817, P.R.38.
  • Sarah J., d. James H. merchant, and Catharine of N., June 13, 1847, in N. [Sarah Jane, m., d. James H. and Catharine Thurston., PR38]
  • Stephen, h. Phebe (d. Timothy Swain and Mary), h. Nancy (d. Nathan Coffin), s. Abner and Deborah (Coffin), 16th, 6 mo. 1770, PR38.
  • Thomas F., s. Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), ___, 1799, P.R.38.
  • William, s. James H., gentleman, of N., June 20, 1843, in N. [William C., s. James H. and Catharine Thurston, 24th, 6 mo., P.R.38.]>br? William C., h. Mary W. (d. Samuel Jenks), s. Jonathan C. and Sally (Coffin) (Barrett), 20th, 3 mo. 1795, P.R.38.
  • William C., s. William C. and Mary W. (Jenks), 18th, 10 mo. 1820, P.R.38.
  • Alexander, s. Cornelius and Eliza (Fisher), ___, 1832, P.R.38.
  • Cornelius "from Virginia," h. Eliza (d. Joseph Fisher). ___, 1803, P.R.38.
  • Cornelius, s. Cornelius and Eliza (Fisher), ___, 1838, PR38.
  • Eliza M., d. Cornelius and Eliza (Fisher). ___, 1835, P.R.38.
  • Mary or Mercy Jane, d. Cornelius and Eliza (Fisher), _____, P.R.38.
  • Samuel S., s. Cornelius, laborer, and Eliza of N., Apr. 17, 1848, in N. [s. Cornelius and Eliza (Fisher), —, 1847, P. R.38.]
  • Stephen B., s. Cornelius, mariner, and Eliza [(Fisher) P.R.38.] of N., Apr. 11, 1844, in N.
  • William M., s. Cornelius and Eliza (Fisher). _____ [rec. after ch. b. 1838]. P.R.38.
  • Abby Hussey, d. Charles H. and Lydia (Wood), -, 6 mo. 1821, P.B.38. [Oct. 11, 1820 [sic, see Eunice], PR47]
  • Abby Hussey. w. Stephen Hickmott of Buffalo, N. Y., d. Charles H. and Lydia (Wood), 9th, 7 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • Andrew, h. Eunice (d. Thomas Arthur), s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), -, 2 mo. 1737, PR38.
  • Andrew, h. Abigail (d. Ebenezer Hussey and Mehitable (Smith)), h. Eunice (d William Brooks and Elizabeth), [twin] s. John and Parnal (third w., wid. Edward Coffin, d. Peter Calef) 7th, 7 mo. 1772, P.R.38.
  • Andrew, s. Shubael and Elizabeth M. (Prince), _____ [rec. before ch. b. 20th, 2 mo. 1834], P.R.38.
  • Andrew H., s. George and Susan (Plasket), 20th, 6 mo. 1824, PR38.
  • Andrew H., Nov. 30, 1848. [s. George H. and Charlotte A., G.R.2. s. George H. and Charlotte A. (Coleman), P.R.38.]
  • Ann, ch. Thomas, bp. Aug. 13, 1747, C.R.I. [w. Francis Brown Jr., d. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. 30th, 8 mo. 1743, P.R.38.]
  • Ann W., w. James F. Chase Jr. (s. James F. and Eliza), d. Thomas and Sarah (Earl), -, 7 mo. 1832, P.R.38.
  • Anna, w. Timothy Long (s. Nathan), d. Thomas and Judith (Coffin), ___, 1779, P.R.38.
  • Betsey, ch. Edw[ar]d and Hannah, bp. Sept. 23, 1792. C.FL3.
  • Charles Frederick, s. Charles H. and Lydia (Wood), 9th, 10 mo. 1828, P.R.38. [Oct. 12, P.R.47.]
  • Charles H., h. Lydia (d. Obediah Wood), s. Andrew and Abigail (Hussey), 13th, 9 mo. 1796, P.R.38. [Sept. 15, PR.47.]
  • Delia Maria, ch. John. bp. Apr. 19, 1818, CR2. [d. John and Merab (Mitchell), b. _____, P.R.38.]
  • Elisab[eth], ch. Tho[ma]s, bp. Aug. 13. 1747, C.R.I. [Elizabeth, w. Benjamin Chase (s. Abel), d. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. ___, 1745, P.R.38.]
  • Eliza, ch. Jo[h]n, bp. Apr. 19, 1818, C.R.2. [Eliza B., w. John R. Mitchell (s. David), d. John and Merab (Mitchell), b. 8th, 9 mo. 1805, P.R.38.]
  • Elizabeth (see Elisabeth).
  • Elizabeth, first w. Nathaniel Macy Jr. (s. Nathaniel and Abigail). d. William and Elizabeth (Calef), _____, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth, w. William FitzGerald [q. v.], d. Thomas and Judith (Coffin), 1st, 6 mo. 1787, P.R.38.
  • Eunice, d. John and Parnal (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.), 7th, 2 mo. 1774, P.R.38.
  • Eunice, d. Charles H. and Lydia, Feb. 26, 1821 [sic, see Abby Hussey Brock], PR47.
  • Eunice B. [dup. P.], w. George H. Coon (s. William and Catharine), d. Charles H. and Lycra (Wood), -, 1 mo. 1823, P.R.38. [Eunice B., Jan. 26, PR47.]
  • Frances Lincoln, ch. Jo[h]n„ bp. Apr. 29, 1818, [w. Thomas Dawes Elliot of New Bedford., d. John and Merab (Mitchell), b. 1st, 10 mo. 1815, P.R.38.]
  • Francis, ch. Edw[ar]d and Hannah, bp. Sept. 23, 1792, C.R.3.
  • Frederick, s. John and Merab Mitchell), 13th, 3 mo. 1803, P.R.38. [Mar. 18, P.R.64.]
  • George, h. Susan (d. Joseph W. Plasket), s. Andrew and Abigail (Hussey), 5th, 10 mo. 1798, P.R.38.
  • George H., May 15, 1826, GR2. [h. Charlotte A. (d. Thomas Coleman and Emma), s. George and Susan (Plasket), P.P-38]
  • George P., s. Shubael and Elizabeth M. (Prince), -, 6 mo. 1838, P.R.38.
  • Janet, ch. Tho[ma]s and Patience, bp. July 22, 1739, C.R.1. [w. James Townsend, second w. Christopher Worth, d. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. 9th, I mo. 1739, P.R.38]
  • Jeannet, d. Wiliam and Elizabeth (Calef), 1st, 1 mo. 1763, PR38.
  • Jethro, h. Sally (d. William Hussey), s. John and Partial (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.), 1st, 12 mo. 1776, P.R.38.
  • Jethro C., s. Shubael and Elizabeth M. (Prince), 20th, 2 mo. 1834, P.R.38.
  • John, h. Ann (d. Caleb Bunker Esq.), h. Parnal (wid. Joseph Paddack, d. John Coffin and Lydia), h. Parnal (wid. Edward Coffin, d. Dr. Peter Calef), s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), 22d, 6 mo. 1728, P.R.38.
  • John, h. Elizabeth (d. Jonathan Coffin and Priscilla), s. John and Ann (Bunker), _____, [rec. before ch. b. 12th, 9 mo. 1762]. P.R.38.
  • John, h. Merab (d. Paul Mitchell and Merab), s. John and Elizabeth (Coffin), 14th, 6 mo. 1780, P.R.38.
  • John (see John Brock Black).
  • John C., Capt., May 19, 1813. G.R.2. [h. Charlotte M. (d. Seth Coffin Jr.), s. Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), P.R.38]
  • John R., s. Shubael and Elizabeth M. (Prince), 29th, 9 mo. 1842, P.R.38.
  • Joseph, s. Tho[ma]s and Patience, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. C.R.I. [s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. ___, 1731, P.R.38.]
  • Joseph C., s. Peter C., mariner, and Eliza of N.. Apr. 14, 1848, in N. [Joseph Chase Brock, s. Peter C. and Eliza (Spencer), 4th, 2 mo., PR38.]
  • Josiah, s. Thomas and Judith, bp. Dec. 5., 1773, C.R.3.
  • Josiah C., Dec. 18, 1822, [h. Mary Elizabeth, s. Peleg and Lydia (Gardner), P.R.24. h. Mary Elizabeth (d. Benjamin Coleman and Lydia), s. Peleg and Lydia (Gardner), P.R.38]
  • Judith, ch. Thomas and Judith, bp. May 12, 1776. [w. Joseph Fitch (s. Ebenezer), d. Thomas and Judith (Coffin), b. 28th, 7 mo. 1775, P.R.38.]
  • Judith C., w. Frederick Cobb (s. George), d. Thomas and Sarah (Earl), 22d, 4 mo. 1818, P.R.38.
  • Lydia, w. Robert Calder (s. Samuel and Ruth), d. John and Ann (Bunker), 12th, 9 mo. 1762, P.R.38.
  • Lyra, w. Jonathan Pollard Jr. (s. Jonathan and Hannah), d. Walter and Judith (Pinkham), _____ [rec. before ch. 23d, 8 mo. 1781], P.R.38.
  • Lydia Ann, w. Charles Coon (s. William and Catharine (Marsh)), d. Charles H. and Lydia (Wood), 24th, 5 mo. 1824 [dup. -, 1826], P.R.38. [May 21, 1826, PR47.]
  • Lydia G., w. Charles B. Swain (s. Peleg), w. Thomas Bowen of Fairhaven, d. Peter C. and Eliza (Spencer), -, 7 mo. 1837, P.R.38.
  • Lydia R, d. Shubael and Elizabeth M. (Prince), ___, 1840, P.R.38.
  • Margaret, ch. Thomas and Patience, bp. Aug. 31, 1735, C.R.1. [w. Joshua Bunker (s. John), d. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. 6th [dup. 16th], 3 mo. 1733, P•R.38]
  • Margaret, d. John and Anna, June 27, 1752. [w. Jethro Coffin (s. Robert), w. Nathaniel Barrett, d. John and Anna (Bunker), P.R.38.]
  • Margaret, w. Lindsey Riddell (s. Samuel), d. Walter and Judith (Pinkham), 23, 8 mo. [dup. 5 mo.] 1781, P.R.38.
    Margaret P. (see Peggy).
  • Martha P., d. Priam and Ann (Brooks), ___, 1826, P.R.38.
  • Martha P., d. John C., mariner, and Charlotte of N., Sept. 15, 1848, in N. [Martha C., w. John A. Easton (s. Daniel and Mary), d. John C. and Charlotte M. (Coffin), 30th, 11 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Mazy. w. Thaddeus Starbuck (s. Benjamin), d. William and Elizabeth (Calef), 22d, 5 mo. 1760, P.R.38.
  • Oliver S., h. Elizabeth (d. John Luce), s. Peter C. and Eliza (Spencer), -, 1 mo. 1834, P.R.38.
  • Peggy [Brock], w. Capt. Joseph C. Chase, July 6, 1810, G.R.2. [Margaret P. Brock, w. Joseph Chase (s. Stephen), d. Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), PR38.
  • Peleg, h. Lydia (Gardner), h. Sarah, Dec. 16, 1788, P.R.24. [h. Lydia (d. Amaziah Gardner), h. Sarah (wid. Amiel Joy, d. Grindal Gardner), s Thomas and Judith (Coffin), P.R.38.]
  • Peter, h. Margaret (d.. Francis Gardner), h. Waity [dup. Waite] Pease of Martha's Vineyard, s. John and Parnal (Coffin) (Paddack) (second w.), 27th, 11 mo. 1765 P.R.38.
  • Peter, ___, 1832, GR2. [h. Abby J. (d. John Miller, later w. John Gardner), s. Priam and Ann (Brooks), 17th, 3 mo. PR38]
  • Peter C., h. Eliza (d. Tristram Spencer), s. Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), 9th, 12 mo. 1804, P.R.38.
  • Priam, h. Ann (d. William Brooks), s. Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), 6th. 12 mo. [dup. 12th, 6 mo.] 1799, P.R.38.
  • Priscilla, w. Abijah Coffin (s. Ebenezar), w. Tristram Spencer (s. Oliver). d. Thomas and Judith (Coffin), 9th. 2 mo. 1780, PR38.
  • Reuben, s. Thomas and Sarah (Earl), 18th, 2 mo. 1820, P.R.38.
  • Reuben, s. Peleg and Lydia (Gardner), Feb. 27, 1826, PR24. [Reuben R., h. Jane L. Robinson of Alameda, Calif., 27th, 2 mo. 1828, P.R.38]
  • Ruth, w. William Brooks Jr., [twin] d. John and Parnal (Calef) (Coffin) (third w.), 7th, 7 mo. 1772, P.R.38.
  • Sally [dup. Sarah]. w. Benjamin Ames (s. Benjamin). d. William and Elizabeth (Calef), 15th, 2 mo. 1768, P.R.38.
  • Samuel Robinson, h. Bethia A. Sherman, s. Charles H. and Lydia (Wood), 21st, 4 mo. 1833, P.R.38.
  • Sarah (see Sally).
  • Sarah E., d. Shubael F., mariner, and Eliz[abe]th M. of N., Mar. 17, 1846. in N.
  • Sarah E.. d. Shubael, mariner, and Eliz[abe]th [Elizabeth M. (Prince). P.R.38) of N., July 14, 1847, in N.
  • Shubael F., h. Elizabeth M. (d. George Prince and Miriam), s. Jethro and Lydia (Russell) (Folger) (second w.), 4th, 6 mo. 1807, P.R.38.
  • Susan E. [Brock], w. Daniel Russell, Apr. 30, 1815. G.R.2. [Brock, first w. Daniel Russell Jr., d. Thomas and Sarah (Earl). 30th, 4 mo. 1816 [dup. -, 1815], P.R.38]
  • Susan M.. d. John and Merab (Mitchell), _____, P.R.38.
  • Thaddeus, s. John and Ann (Bunker), ______ [rec. after ch. b. 12th, 9 mo. 1762], P.R.38.
  • Thomas, h. Patience (d. Joseph Gardner), s. Thomas, 25th, 12 mo. 1698, P.R.38. [ ___, 1700, in Paisley, Scot., PR63.]
  • Thomas, ch. Tho[ma]s and Patience, bp. July 11, 1742, C.R.1. [h. Mary (d. Cromwell Coffin), s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. 29th, 5 mo. 1741, P.R.38]
  • Thomas, s. John and Anna, May 11, 1750. [h. Judith (d. Josiah Coffin), s. John and Ann (Bunker), 11th, 5 mo., P.R.38]
  • Thomas, h. Eunice (d. Francis Worth), h. Elizabeth Biscoe of Baltimore, s. William and Elizabeth (Calef), _____, PR38.
  • Thomas, h. Sarah (d. Joseph Earl and Parnal), s. Thomas and Judith (Coffin), 6th, 2 mo. 1792, P.R.38.
  • Thomas A., s. Thomas and Sarah (Earl), -, 10 mo. 1826, P.R.38.
  • Waite Pease [ ___ ] "of the Vineyard," second w. Peter (s. John), 23d, 9 mo. 1771, P.R.38.
  • Walter, h. Judith (wid. Hezekiah Pinkham, d. Solomon Pinkham), s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), 6th, 2 mo. 1749, P.R.38.
  • William, ch. Tho[ma]s and Patience, bp. Aug. 24, 1735, C.R.I. [h. Elizabeth (d. Ebenezer Calef Esq.), s. Thomas and Patience (Gardner), b. 25th, 2 mo., P.R.38]
  • William, h. Rebecca (d. George Gardner), s. William and Elizabeth (Calef), _____ P.R.38.
  • William H., h. Lydia (d. Jethro Coffin), s. Peter and Waite Pease (second w.), 7th, 5 mo. 1808, P.R.38.
  • William H., s. Peter C., mariner, and Eliza of N., Apr. 11., 1847, in N. [William Henry, h. Lucy M. Rich of Quincy, s. Peter C. and Eliza (Spencer), 4th, 4 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Andrew B., h. Lucretia (d. Zimri Coffin and Abigail), s. William and Ruth (Brock), 18th, 3 mo. 1813, P.R.38.
  • Ann, w. Priam Brock (s. Peter), d. William and Ruth (Brock), ___, 1798 [dup. 8th, 4 mo. 1797], P.R.38.
  • Ann B., d William and Emeline (Wyer), -. 2 mo. 1833, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth. ch. William and Elizabeth, July 19, 1766. [d. William and Elizabeth (Clark), 7th, 7 mo., P.R.38]
    Elizabeth, w. Thomas Greene, Aug. 6, 1799, G.R.I. [w. Thomas Green (s. John), d. William and Ruth (Brock), 8th, 6 mo., PR38].
  • Elizabeth Green, w. Ferdinand Defriez (s. Henry), w. Charles H. Jagger, d. William and Emeline (Wyer), 1st, 2 mo. 1836, P.R.38.
  • Ellen, w. James S. Russell (s. Ammial and Eliza.), d. Andrew B. and Lucretia (Coffin), 16th, 5 mo. 1838, P.R.38.
  • Emeline W., w. Grafton Smith of Edgartown, William and Emeline (Wyer), 29th„ 3 mo. 1842, P.R.38.
  • Eunice, ch. William and Elizabeth. July 30, 1770. [Eunice, w. Andrew Brock (s. John), d. William. and Elizabeth (Clark), 3d. 7 mo., PR.38.]
  • Eunice. d. William and Ruth (Brock), 20th, 3 mo. 1805, PR38.
  • George F.. h. Ann Howland of New Bedford, s. William and Emeline (Wyer). —, 11 mo. 1822, PR38.
  • Harriet .Abby, d. Andrew, mariner, and Lucretia of N.. Sept. 24, 1843. in N. [w. Ferdinand Smith of Lynn, w. William F. Field (s. Thomas), d. Andrew and Lucretia (Coffin), PR38.]
  • Henry C., s. Jethro and Winifred (Coffin), 13th, 3 mo. 1840, PR38.
  • Jethro B., h. Winifred (d. Alexander Coffin), h. Phebe (wid. John Crimblish, d. Shubael Barnard), s. William and Ruth (Brock), 25th, 9 mo. 1810, P.R.38.
  • John R, h. Lucretia (wid. Andrew Brook), s. William and Ruth (Brock), 17th, 2 mo. 1817. P.R.38.
  • John L., Aug. 31, 1834, G. R. 2. [July 31, P.R.57.]
  • Martha P., cl. Jethro and Winifred (Coffin), —. 2 mo. 1836, P.R.38.
  • Peter, s. William and Ruth (Brock), _____, P.R.38.
  • Peter C., h. Lydia M. (d. Seth Coffin Jr. and Lydia), s. William and Emeline (Wyer), 28th., 11 mo. 1828, P.R.38.
  • Phebe Ann, w. Charles Starbuck (s. Charles R..), d. Jethro and Winifred (Coffin), 7th, 8 mo. 1838, P.R.38.
  • Susan W.. w. Underwood Carr of Newport, R. I., d. William and Emeline (Wyer), _, 1 mo. 1827, P. R.38.
  • Timothy W., s. William and Emeline (Wyer), —, 3 mo. 1831, P.R.38.
  • William, ch. William and Elizabeth, Aug. 4, 1768. [h. Ruth (d. John Brock), s. William and Elizabeth (Clark). PR38.
  • William, h. Emeline (d. Timothy Wyer), s. William and Ruth (Brock), 21st, 9 mo. 1794, P.R.38.
  • William H., s. William and Emeline (Wyer), 8th, 2 mo. 1840, P. R.38.
  • Frederick C., s. James, engineer, and Mary of N., Oct. 22, 1843, in N.
  • Abial, first w. Silvanus Hussey (s. Stephen), d. John and Rachel (Gardner), _____, P. R.38.
  • Abigail, ch. George and Abigail 25th, 8 mo. 1730. CR4. [w. Benjamin Macy (s. Richard), d. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), P. .38.]
  • Abigail d. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 23d, 8 mo. 1759. PR38.
  • Albert C., h. Harriet S. (d. Shubael Chase), s. George F. and Judith (Clark), -, 10 mo. 1832, P.R.38.
  • Alexander. h. Sarah Bell of Westchester Co. N. Y. s. Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), 30th, 3 mo. 1797, P.R.38.
    Alexander Gardner, ch. Benjamin] and Nancy, bp. June 11, 1820, C.R.2. [h. Phebe (Gardner), s. Benjamin and Nancy (Gardner), b. 11th, 5 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Alexander W., h. Almira. Morse of Boston, s. Moses and Lydia (Weeks). 17th, 12 mo. 1829, P.R.38.
  • Alfred C.. s. John A. and Ruth (Folger), 10th, 4 mo. 1834, P.R.38.
  • Ann B.. second w. Joseph S. Barnard (s. Timothy and Eunice), d. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 28th, 7 mo. 1818, P.R.38.
  • Ann L., d. Thomas 2d, mariner, and Mary of N., Dec. 7, 1848, in N. [Ann Louisa, w. Benjamin F. Janes of Charlestown, d. Thomas and Mary B. (Crosby) (Brown), P.R.38.]
  • Avis, w. Isaac Myrick, Mar. 4, 1786, P.R.7. [w. Isaac Myrick (s. Peter), d. Joseph and Susan (Coleman), P.R.38.]
    Benjamin, ch.. George and Abigail, -, 1 mo. 1721, C.R.4- [s. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), P.R.38]
  • Benjamin, h. Betsey (d. Joseph Allen and Hepsibeth), h. Deborah (d. Caleb Gardner), s. James and Mehitable (Dawes), 12th, 1 mo. 1759 [dup. 19th, 9 mo., 1756], P.R.38.
  • Benjamin, h. Nancy (d. Alexander Gardner Jr.), [twin] s. Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), 7th, 6 mo. 1790, P.R.38.
  • Benjamin F., ___, 1840, G.R.3. [h. Mary Ann (d. Henry C. Pinkham) s. Henry G. and Lydia (Hodges), 30th, 5 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Catharine, m. in Philadelphia. d. George F. and Judith (Hussey), _____ [rec. after ch. b. -, 2 mo. 1826], P.R.38.
  • Charles, May 15, 1815, G.R.3. [Charles F., s. Shubael and Avis (Coleman), P.R.38.]
  • Charles A., s. Moses and Lydia (Weeks), 22d, 2 mo. 1835, P.R.38.
  • Charles F. (see Charles).
  • Charles Frederick, s. Joseph and Susan (Coleman), 23d, 6 mo. 1791. P.R.38.
  • Charles Frederick, h. Martha A. (Jenkins), s. George and Lydia (Folger), 20th, 3 mo. 1825, P.R.38.
  • Charles Frederick, [twin] s. George F. and Judith (Clark), _, 11 mo. 1837, PR38.
  • Charles H., h. Elizabeth Keith of Fairhaven, s. Henry G. and Lydia (Hodges), -, 3 mo. 1830, P.R.38.
  • Charlotte [Brown], w. William Fitzgerald, Nov. 16, 1821, GR.3. [Brown, w. William FitzGerald [q.v.], d. George and Lydia (Folger) [dap. 16th, 11 mo. 1820], P.R.38. Nov. 16, 1821, P.R.51.]
  • Daniel P., h. Araminta Lines, s. John and Deborah (Myrick), 7th, 2 mo. 1792, P.R.38.
  • Deborah, w.. William Chadwick Jr., d. George and Parnal (Chase), 3d, 4 mo. 1784, P.R.38.
  • Deborah, d. Benjamin and Nancy (Gardner), 12th, 5 mo. 1837, P.R.38.
  • Edward, s. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 19th, 10 mo. 1760 [sic, see Mary], PR38. [Oct. 19, 1763, P.R.50.]
  • Edward, h. Judith (d. Benjamin Allen), s. Joseph and Susan (Coleman), 15th, 12 mo. 1784, P.R.38.
  • Edward R., s. Frederick W., mariner, and Sarah B. of N., Feb. 7, 1847, in N.
  • Elezabeth Allen, ch. Benjamin and Nancy, bp. Apr. 6, 1823, C.R.2. [Elizabeth A. Starbuck, G.R.3. Elizabeth, w. Frederick P. Starbuck (s. Obed), d. Benjamin and Nancy (Gardner), b. 3d, 2 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], ch. William and Dorcas, 27th, 6 mo. 1771, C.R.4.
  • Eliza, w. Thomas Huxford of M[artha's] V[ineyard], d. Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), 19th, 4 mo. 1804, P.R.38.
  • Eliza, w. Herman Gardner (s. Resolved), d. John and Deborah (Myrick), -, 1804, P.R.38.
  • Eliza (see Elizabeth).
  • Eliza, w. George Cartwright (s. Joseph), w. John Bull, d. John and Deborah (Ellis), 25th, 4 mo. 1812, P.R.38.
  • Eliza, w. William Mulick, d. George and Lydia (Folger), 4th, 4 mo. 1818. P.R.38.
  • Eliza H., w. Obed Hussey (s. Albert and Mary), d. Shubael and Lucy (Hallett), 5th, 9 mo. 1838 [dup. 1839], P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth, w. Joseph Grafton Jr., w. Lt. Samuel Gardner (s. George). d. John and Sarah Walker, _____, P.R.38.
    Elizabeth, d. John and Rachel (Gardner), 6th, 6 mo. 1690, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth, ch. George and Abigail, 14th, 7 mo. 1723, CR.4. [d. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), P.R.38.]
    Elizabeth, w. Francis Macy Jr., d. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 8th, 11 MO. 1766, P.R.38. [Aug. 11, P. R.50.]
  • Elizabeth (see Elisabeth).
  • Elizabeth, w. James Bocot Jr., d. James and Priscilla (Swain), 17th, 2 mo. 1783, PR38.
  • Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], w. Charles W. Chase (s. Stephen), d.. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 29th [dup. 25th], 11 mo. 1809, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth, w. Jabez Wood, d. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 25th, 8 mo. 1827, P.R.38.
  • Elizabeth Allen (see Elezabeth Allen Brown).
  • Elizabeth C.., d. George F. and Rebecca (Russell) (Weeks) (second w.), 17th, 11 mo. 1841 [sic., see death of Judith (first w.)].
  • Elizabeth Coffin, only ch. Thomas and Elezabeth, Aug. 9, 1828, G.R.3.
  • Erizabeth G., w. Ezekiel Parker (s. David), George F. and Judith (Clark), —, 8 mo. 1830, P.R.38.
  • Eunice, ch. Francis and Eunice, Sept. 20, 1758. [w. Isaac Chase, d. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), P.R.38.]
  • Francis, h. Eunice (d. George Coffin), h. Deborah (wid. Ichabod Clark, d. Daniel Bunker), s. George and Sarah (Cartwright) (first w.), 10th, 1 mo. 1719, P.R.38.
  • Francis, ch. Francis and Eunice, May 12, 1745. [h. Anna (d. Zephinia [dup. Zephaniah] Pinkham), h. Anna (d. Thomas Brock), s. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), 12th, 5 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Francis H., ch. Franklin and Judith, 13th, 2 mo. 1826, C.R.4. [h. Elizabeth (d. Asa Coffin), s. George F. and Judith (Hussey), P.R.38]
  • Francis H., s. Alex[ande]r S., mariner, and Lydia C. of N., Apr. 21, 1845, in N.
  • Frederick F., only ch. John A. and Ruth, Dec. 5, 1830, G.R.3.
  • Frederick W., h. Sarah B. (d. Peter Russell), s. Shubael and Avis (Coleman), 8th, 1 mo. 1818, P.R.38.
  • George, sailmaker, h. Sarah (d. Nicholas Cartwright), h. Abigail (d. John Trott), —, 1693, P.R.38.
  • George, ch. Francis and Eunice, June 11, 1753. [h. Parnal (d. Shubael Chase), s. Francis and Eunice (Coffin). P.R.38.]
  • George, h. Lydia (d. Joseph Folger), s. Joseph and Susan (Coleman), 8th, 11 mo. 1787, P.R.38.
  • George, s. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 6th, 1o mo. 1829, P.R.38.
  • George C., s. Moses, mariner, and Lydia [(Weeks) P.R.38.] of N., Aug. 5, 1847, in N.
  • George F., h. Judith (d. Albert Clark and Peggy), s. Shubael and Avis (Coleman), 22d, 11 mo. 1807, P.R.38.
  • George F., s. George and Lydia (Folger), 27th, 9 mo. 1814, PR38.
  • George Franklin. h. Judith (d. John Hussey), h. Rebecca (wid. Jonathan Weeks, d. Peter Russell), s. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 12th, 7 mo. 1799, P.R.38.
  • George Frederick, s. Shubael and Lucy (Hallett), _____, P.R.38.
  • George Paddack, ch. Benjamin and Nancy, bp. May 29, 1825, CR2.
  • George S., h Adaline (d. Timothy Gardner), s. Henry G. and Lydia (Hodges). 14th, 2 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • George W., h. Julia A. (d. Samuel Hussey), s. George F. and Rebecca (Russell) (Weeks) (second w.), _____ [rec. after Elizabeth C.], PR38.
  • George W., s. Alex[ande]r S., mariner, and Lydia C. of N., Nov. 8, 1847 [sic, see Louisa M.], in N.
  • George Washington, [twin] s. William and Sophia A. (Raymond), 25th, 11 mo. 1836, P.R.38.
  • Hannah, w. Tristram Coffin (s. Peter Jr.), first w. Jonathan Pinkham (s. Richard and Mary), d. John and Rachel (Gardner), 6th, 4 mo. 1689, P.R.38.
  • Henry G., h. Lydia (d. Isaac Hodges), s. Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), 4th, 8 mo. 1802, P.R.38.
  • Henry Jones, h. Mary Eliza (d. Charles Cottle), [twin] s. William and Sophia A. (Raymond), 25th, 11 mo. 1836, PR38.
  • Hepsabeth, w. Samuel Fisher, d. Joseph of England, _, 3 mo. 1814, P.R.38.
  • Horace, h. Abby (d. George Coleman), h. Charlotte H. (d. George Rule), s. John and Mary B. (Crosby), 13th, 12 mo. 1835, P.R.38.
  • Isaac Folger, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Folger), 2d, 4 mo. 1845, P.R.38.
  • Isaac H., s. Henry G. and Lydia (Hodges), 22d, 4 mo. 1834, PR38.
  • James, h. Hannah (d. Henry Bartholomew), s. John and Sarah Walker, —, 6 mo. 1640, P.R.38.
  • James, ch. George and Abigail, 28th, 4 mo. 1724, CR4. [h. Mehitable (d. Joseph Dawes), h. Elizabeth (d. Jonathan Pinkham), s. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.) PR38].
  • James, ch. Francis and Eunice, Aug. 13, 1750. [h. Priscilla (d. Charles Swain), s. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), 13th [dup. 24th]. 8 mo., PR38]
  • James, s. James and Mehitable (Dawes), _____, PR38.
    James, s. John and Deborah (Ellis), 6th., 8 ma. 1802, P.R.38.
  • James F., h.. Lydia C. (d. Arnial Russell), s. George and Lydia (Folger), 22d, 7 mo. 1829, P.R.38. [James Franklin Brown, PR51].
  • Jeremiah, Oct _. 1806, GR6.
  • John of Salem, "ruling Elder of the Church," h. Sarah Walker, ___ 1595 [.? in England]. P.R.38.
  • John, h. Hannah (d. Rev. Peter Hobart), s. John and Sarah Walker [sic], -, 9 mo. 1638 [? in Salem], PR38.
  • John, h. Rachel (d. Capt. John Gardner), s. John and Hannah (Hobart), 21st, 2 mo. 1662 [in Salem], P.R.38.
  • John of Salem, h. Deborah (d. Freeman Ellis), s. John, 27th, 6 mo. 1761, P.R.38.
  • John, h. Deborah (d. Jonathan Myrick), s. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), 26th, 6 mo. 1766, P.R.38.
  • John, h. Mary B. (d. Marshall Crosby), s. John and Deborah (Ellis), 13th, 9 mo. 1808, P.R.38.
  • John A., h. Ruth (d. Isaac Folger and Love), s. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 6th, 5 mo. 1803, P.R.38.
  • John Franklin, h. Maria Ceeley, s. John and Mary B. (Crosby), 21st, 11 mo. 1839, P.R.38.
  • Jonathan, h. Abial (d. Rev. John Burr of Dorchester), s. John and Sarah Walker, _____ [? in Salem], P.R..38.
  • Joseph, ch. George and Abigail, 19th, 8 mo. 1728, C.R4. [h. Mary (d. Humphrey Ellis), s. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), P.R.38.]
  • Joseph, h. Susan (d. Solomon Coleman), s. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 24th, 7 mo. 1757, P.R38.
  • Joseph, h. Hannah (d. Seth Mitchell), s. Edward and Judith (Allen), 19th, 8 mo. 1808, P.R.38.
  • Joseph B., Rev., "Father," Dec. 25, 1806, in Thompson, Conn., [in lot with Perez and Sarah Jenkins] G.R.2.
  • Joseph C., s. Peter C., mariner, and Eliza of N., Apr. 14, 1848, in N. [Joseph Chase Brock, s. Peter C. and Eliza (Spencer), 4th, 2 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Joseph E., s. Rev. Joseph B. and Lydia J. of N., Nov. 29, 1848.
  • Joseph Goold, h. Kate Bostwick, s. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 19th, 6 mo. 1825, P.R.38.
  • Josiah C., Dec. 18, 1822, G.R.2. [h. Mary Elizabeth (d. Benjamin Coleman and Lydia), s. Peleg and Lydia (Gardner), P.R.38.]
  • Judith, third w. Benjamin Ray (s. Seth), d. Edward and Judith (Allen), 31st, 1 mo. 1812 [dup. 19th, 9 mo. 1805], P.R.38.
  • Louisa, d. George F. and Rebecca (Russell) (Weeks) (second w.), _, 5 mo. 1849, PR38.
  • Louisa M., d. Alexander S., mariner, and Lydia C. of N., Apr. 17, 1848 [sic, see George W.], in N.
  • Lucy, w. Charles G. Barnard (s. Thomas and Eunice), d. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 4th, 5 mo. 1801, P.R.38.
    Lydia, w. Peter Russell (s. Silvanus), d. John and Deborah (Myrick), 27th, 5 mo. 1790, PR38.
  • Lydia C., d. Timothy Coffin and Eliza R (Coleman), -, 12 mo. 1825, P.R.38.
  • Lydia Goold, w. Nathaniel H. Randall, d. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 27th, 8 mo. 1822, P.R.38.
  • Lydia P., w. Samuel Gardner (s. Oliver C.), d. Benjamin and Nancy (Gardner), _, 10 mo. 1835, P.R.38.
  • Lydia S., d. Shubael and Avis (Coleman), 12th, 1 mo. 1820, P.R.38.
  • Margaret C. [dup. G.], w. James C. Starbuck (s. Frederick), [twin] d. George F. and Judith (Clark), -, 11 mo. 1837, P.R.38.
  • Martha Inott, d. George and Lydia, Nov. 11, 1827, PR51.
  • Mary, ch. George and Abigail, 14th, 7 mo. 1732, [d. George and Abigail (Trott) (second w.), P.R.38.]
  • Mary, d. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 7th, 9 mo. 1760, P.R.38. [Sept. 7, 1760, P.R.50]
  • Mary, w. Daniel Folger (s. Elisha and Deborah), d. Joseph and Susan [dup. Susanna] (Coleman), 22d, 11 MO. 1781, P.R.38.
  • Mary, w. Seth Pinkham (s. Jethro), d. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 13th [dup. 18th], 6 MO. 1791, PR38.
  • Mary Abbie [Brown], w. Franklin B. Murphey, Mar. 20, 1830, G.R.3. [Mary Abby Brown, d. William and Sophia A. (Raymond), 20th, 3 mo. 1831, P.R.38.]
  • Mary Elizabeth, d. Alexander and Sarah Bell, "adopted by Mr. Green of Jersey City," _____, PR38.
  • Mary F., w. Daniel F. Macy (s. Peleg), d. George and Lydia (Folger), 12th, 11 mo. 1811 [dup. __, 1813], P.R.38. [Nov. 12, 1811, P.R.5I.]
  • Mary F., w. Oliver Coffin (s. Reuben and Hepsa), d. Thomas and Elizabeth (Folger), 9th, 3 MO. 1832, P.R.38.
  • Mary Macy, ch. William and Dorcas, 11th, 7 mo. 1778, CR4. [w. Benjamin Coffin (s. William and Lydia), d. William and Dorcas (Barney) [dup. 11th, 7 mo. 1777], P.R.38.]
  • Moses, h. Lydia R. (d. Joseph Weeks and Mary), s. George and Parnal (Chase), 6th, 10 mo. 1803, P.R.38.
  • Moses. s. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 30th, 3 mo. 1835, P.R.38.
  • Moses H., h. Sarah Ann Brown of England, s. William and Sophia A. (Raymond). 18th, 10 mo. 1833. P.R.38.
  • Nancy, w. Ichabod Coffin (s. Hezekiah and Abigail), d. Francis and Anna (Brock) (second w.), 6th, 7 mo. 1780, PR38.
  • Phebe, second w. Silvanus [dup. Sylvanus] Coleman (s. Barnabas and Rachael), d. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 5th, 7 mo. 1755 [dup. 6th, 7 mo. 1756], P.R.38. [July 5, 1755, P.R.50.]
  • Phebe Ann, d. Alexander S., mariner, and Lydia C. of N, Sept. 21, 1843, in. N.
  • Priscilla, d. James and Mehetabel, June 12, 1752 [see Priscilla b. 1762].
  • Priscilla, ch. Francis and Eunice, Sept 4, 1761. [w. Jonathan Myrick Jr., d. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), P.R.38.]
    Priscilla, d. James and Mehitable (Dawes), 3d, 11 mo. 1762 [see Priscilla b. 1752], P.R.38.
  • Priscilla, w. Joseph Cartwright (s. James), d. Joseph and Mary (Ellis), 6th, 7 mo. 1769 [dup. 1770] P.R.38. [July 6, 1769, P.R.50]
  • Priscilla. w. Joseph Huxford of M[artha's] V[ineyard], [twin] d.. Benjamin and Betsey (Allen), 7th, 6 mo. 1790, P.R.38.
  • Rachel, w. James Chase (s. Isaac and Mary), d. John and Rachel (Gardner), 16th, 12 mo. 1687, P.R.38.
  • Rebecca, w. George Bruff (s. Samuel), d. George and Parnal (Chase), _____, P. R.38.
  • Rebecca. w. George G. Chase (s. Judah), d. James and Priscilla (Swain), 8th, 5 mo. 1802, P.R.38.
  • Rebecca C., d. Moses and Lydia (Weeks), 31st, 12 mo. 1838, P.R.38.
  • Rebecca M., d. Joseph, mariner, and Hannah of N., Aug. 12, 1847, in N.
  • Ruth, ch. Francis and Eunice, Oct. 2, 1746. [d. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), 2d, 10 mo., P.R.38.]
  • Ruth, w. Grafton Baker (s. James and Elizabeth), d. Francis and Anna (Brock) (second w.), 12th [dup. 7th], 2 mo. 1784. P.R.38.
  • Sally, w. Annanias Cooper, w. Job Halsey, d. Francis and Anna (Pinkham), 3d, 8 mo. 1774, P.R.38.
  • Samuel, h. Rebecca (d. Obed Folger), s. John and Deborah (Ellis), 7th, 2 mo. 1800, P.R.38.
  • Sarah. ch. Francis and Eunice, Jan. 18, 1742. [first w. Jonathan Long (s. John and Jane), d. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), 18th, 1 mo., P.R.38]
  • Sarah, w. Daniel Hurd of Hudson, d. John and Deborah (Myrick), ___, 1794, P.R.38.
  • Sarah B.., w. William Henry Chadwick (s. William), d. George R and Judith (Clark), ___, 1841, PR38.
  • Sarah Joy, d. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 24th, 11 mo. 1820, P.R.38.
  • Sarah Walker [ ___ ], w. John. of Salem, ___, 1618 [? in England], P.R.38.
  • Shubael, h. Avis (d. Shubael Coleman and Lydia), s. George and Parnal (Chase), 8th, 11 mo. 1782, P.R.38.
  • Shubael, h. Lucy (Hallett) of Barnstable, s. Shubael and Avis (Coleman), 2d, 8 mo. 1810, P.R.38.
  • Sophia H., d. Henry G. and Lydia (Hodges), 28th, 12 mo. 1827, P.R.38.
  • Thomas, h. Elizabeth (d. Isaac Folger and Love), s. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 13th, 9 mo. 1796, P.R.38.
  • Thomas Jefferson, only s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb. 15, 1836. G.R.3.
  • Thomas Richmond, h. Lucy E. Lincoln, s. Thomas W. and Mary B. (Crosby) (Brown), 19th, 11 mo. 1842, P.R.38.
  • Thomas W., "Father," Aug. 31, 1815, G.R.3. [h. Mary B. (wid. John Brown, d. Marshall Crosby and Nancy (Bunker)), s. John and Deborah (Ellis), 3d [dup. 31st], 8 mo., P.R.38]
  • Timothy Coffin, Eliza F. (d. Andrew Coleman), s. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), 6th [dup. 12th], 8 mo. 1794, P.R.38.
  • William of Philadelphia, h. Dorcas (d. Benjamin. Barney and Lydia), 21st, 9 mo. 1744, P.R.38.
  • William, s. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), 27th, 11 mo. 1748, PR38.
  • William, ch. Francis and Eunice, Dec. 28, 1764 [h. Elizabeth (d. Hezekiah Coffin and Abigail), s. Francis and Eunice (Coffin), P.R.38.]
  • William, h. Sophia A. (d. Benjamin Raymond), s. John and Deborah (Ellis), 4th, 7 mo. 1805, P.R.38.
  • William Austin, h. Ann Maria Chase, s. Samuel and Maria (Hussey), 11th, 10 mo. 1832, P.R.38.
  • William Felix, Capt., Sept. 19, 1806, G.R.3. [h. Mary W. (d. David Cushman), s. William and Elizabeth (Coffin), P.R.38.]
  • William J., h. Sarah P. (d. Reuben Gardner), s. William and Sophia A. (Raymond), 2d, 1 mo. 1828, P.R.38.
  • Betsey, w. James Swain Jr., d. Samuel and Jane (Whippey), 17th, 2 mo. 1784, P.R.38.
  • Charlotte, w. Reuben Luce (s. Elijah and Lydia), w. Barzilla Luce (s. Elijah and Lycria), d. Samuel and Jane (Whippey), 6th, 3 mo. [dup. 6th, 5 mo.) 1781, PR38.
  • George, h. Rebecca (d. George Brown and Parnal) s. Samuel and Jane (Whippey), _____ P.R.38.
  • Samuel, s. Samuel and Jane (Whippey), _____, P.R.38.
  • Percy, w. Andrew Folger (s. Henry and Elizabeth), 9th, 4 mo. 1792, P.R.38.
  • Joseph, h. Eliza (d. James P. Robinson), s. John and Sally (Long), 14th, 2 mo. 1805, P.R.38.
  • William, h. Olive C. (d. Lemuel Jenkins of Barnstable), s. John and Sally (Long), 28th, 7 mo. 1802, P.R.38.
  • Albion K. P., —, 1825, G.R.3.
  • Eliza Ann, w. Thomas S. James (s. Thomas), d. Israel and Nancy (Ames), —, 1812, P.R.38.
  • Israel F., s. Israel and Nancy (Ames), _____„ P.R.38.
  • Ruth S. [dup. Burnpus], w. Isaiah Jones (s. William and Mary), d. Israel and Nancy (Ames), —, 5 mo. 1816, P.R.38.
    Wiliam B., s. Israel and Nancy (Ames), _____, P.R.38.
BUMPUS (see Bump)

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