Congregational Church Records
Excerpted From
Vital Records of Lee, Massachusetts, 1777-1801
From The Records Of The Town
Congregational Church
And Inscriptions in the Early Burial Grounds
All The Family Birth Records Continued Beyond 1801
Given As Fully As Recorded

Containing Also The Baptisms & Names of Church Members
In The Records Of The Congregational Church
From Its Organization In 1780 to 1801

Lee, Mass.:
The Valley Gleaner

[Transcribed by Jane Devlin]

Congregational Church Records

[Many matters are omitted from the Records here printed, but all the Admissions to the Church, the Baptisms, and Dr. HYDE's list of Marriages and Deaths are given.]

Lee, May, 25 AD., 1780:

The Professors of religion in the town of Lee met and formed themselves into a Church. The Rev'd Mr. Daniel COLLINS of Lansborough being present at their request to assist in forming them:

The Church being then formed made choice of Mr. Wil'm INGERSOLL for their Moderator: after which they made choice of Mr. Wil'm INGERSOLL, Mr. Jesse BRADLEY & Mr. Prince WEST as a Committee to sign Letters missive to the Churches in Sheffield, Egremont, Stockbridge, Lenox, Pittsfield, Lansborough & Williamstown to request their assistance by Pastors & Delegates in the Ordination of Mr. Abraham FOWLER to the work of the Ministry & pastoral charge of the Church to be on June 8, A.D. 1780. On the 6 day of July, Sarah, wife of Levi NYE; Phebe, wife of Thomas BEECHER; Tabitha, wife of Peter WILLCOCKS; Eunice, wife of Moses INGERSOLL; Lydia, wife of Aaron INGERSOLL & David INGERSOLL were all received as members of full Communion with this Church: The same day, Truman, son of James PENOYER was baptized.

  • Dec 3: Hopstill, son of Thomas BEECHER, was baptized
  • Dec 17: James PENOYER, Daniel CHURCH & Hannah wife of, were received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Dec 31: Lois, wife of Joseph HANDY, & Elizabeth, wife of Seth BARLOW were received into full Communion with this Church.

  • Jan 17, AD 1781: Heman & Amey, Children of Prince WEST and Elenor, Anna, Luther & John Calvin, Children of Moses INGERSOLL were baptized
  • Jan 28: Levi NYE & Hannah, wife of Hope DAVIS were received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Feb 25: John CROSBY & Martha wife of, Elizabeth CHADWICK, and Thankfull, wife of John GOODSPEED, were received into full Communion with this Church.
  • April 22. AD. 1781, Electa, wife of Peter WILLCOCKS & Benjamin, son of James YOUNG were baptized

  • Jun 23. AD. 1782, Abigail wife of Elisha GOODSPEED was received into full Communion with this Church., and she & her Daughter Thankfull were baptized
  • Aug 4, Josiah BARTHOLOMEW, Desire wife of Abiathar CHADWICK & Moriah BACKUS were received into full Communion with this Church.. Moriah BACKUS, Billy & Betcy, Children of Moses INGERSOL, and Daniel son of Nathan BALL were baptized the same day.

These are the accounts recorded of the Church by Mr. Wil'm INGERSOLL while Moderator of the Church.

July 3, AD. 1783, Mr. Elisha PARMELE was ordained to the work of the Gospel ministry & pastoral charge of this church.

The members of this church & their children that are baptized are these that follow:
  • Josiah BARTHOLOMEW & Phebe his Wife. Children: Oliver, Phebe, & Jesse
  • Lemuel HATCH, Temperance HATCH. Children: Oliver, Timothy, Joseph, Lemuel, Ebenezer, Tempe & Jonathan
  • Hope DAVIS & Hannah DAVIS
  • Will'm INGERSOLL & Lydia INGERSOLL. Children: Moses, Aaron, Barsheba, Jared, David, Will'm, Lucinda, Elijah, Calvin, & Betcy
  • Prince WEST. Children: Barsheba, Hannah, John, Silvanus, Christopher, Heman, Amey & Philo
  • Jesse BRADLEY & Mary BRADLEY. Children: Jared, Eli, Jesse, Mamry, Joseph, William, Lemi, Lydia, & Daniel
  • Joseph TOTMAN. Children: Sarah, Elizebeth, Mary & Benjamin
  • Oliver WEST & Thankful WEST. Children: Amy, Caleb, Amasa, Anna, Sarah, Joshua, & Oliver
  • Nathan BALL & Ruhannah BALL. Children: Nathan, Lydia, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Martha, John, Anna, James, Samuel, Cesar
  • John CROSBY & Martha CROSBY. Children: John, Abijah, Hannah, Thomas, Abner, & Elizabeth
  • David KELLOGG & Elenor KELLOGG. Children: Lydia, Rhoda, Russell, Adosha, David [these are marked with the note "baptized in the half way"] Welthy, Hannah, Ira, & Otis
  • Lemuel CROCKER & Sarah CROCKER. Child: Samuel
  • David INGERSOLL & Sarah INGERSOLL. Child: Erastus
  • Levi & Sarah NYE, Children: Joshua, Benjamin, Mary, Rachel, Thomas, Levi, & Sarah
  • James & Hannah YOUNG, Children: James, Rebekah, Hannah, Lydia, Elizebeth, Benjamin, David & Anna
  • James & Sarah PENOYER. Children: David-lovel, Reuben, Jacob, Truman, & Zina
  • Thomas & Mary EWER, Children: Thomas, Ebenezer, Ansel, Lydia, Seth & Elisha
  • Daniel & Hannah CHURCH, Children: Rachel, Levi, Eli & Daniel
  • Sarah FOOT, wife of Jonathan FOOT
  • Phinehas & Marcy FISH, Children: Joseph, b. 20 Dec 1767; Job, b. 2 Dec 1769; Phinehas, b. 9 Jul 1771; Samuel, b. 9 Sep 1773; Elizabeth, b. 1 Nov 1776; Bethia, b. 5 Apr 1779; Susannah, b. 17 Feb 1781; & Thankful, b. 11 Feb 1783
  • Caty PERRY, wife of Arthur PERRY. Children: Ruth, Cloe, Mary, Johannah, Abraham & Abigail
  • Elizebeth WINEGAR, wife of John WINEGAR. Children: Catharinah, Samuel, Zachariah, Jacob, Huldah, Elizebeth, John, Jesse, David & Stephen
  • Thankfull GOODSPEED, wife of John GOODSPEED. Child: Obed
  • Eunice INGERSOL, wife of Moses INGERSOLL. Children: Elenor, Anna, Luther, John-Calvin, Billy, Betcy
  • Elizebeth CHADWICK. Children: Rose, Abiathar, Archelus, Samuel
  • Moriah BACKUS. Children: Hannah, Sarah, Nathaniel, Anson & Benjamin
  • Fannah COLLINS, wife of Oliver COLLINS. Children: Elisha, Archebal, Oliver, Avis, Elias, John & Isaac
  • Sarah CHADWICK, wife of Archelus CHADWICK. Children: Thomas, Jabez, Elizebeth & John
  • Tryphena MARSH, wife of Reuben MARSH. Child: Judith
  • Lydia INGERSOLL, wife of Aaron INGERSOLL. Children: Jonathan & Stephen
  • Tabitha WILLCOCKS, wife of Peter WILLCOCKS. Children: Mary DAVIS, Thomas DAVIS, Anna DAVIS, Rowland DAVIS, Timothy DAVIS, Phebe WILLCOCKS & Electe WILLCOCKS
  • Deliverance FOOT, wife of Jonathan FOOT. Children: Elisha, Alvin & Jerusha
  • Thankfull DIMMUCK, wife of Sylvanus DIMMUCK. Child: Hannah
  • Desire CHADWICK, wife of Abiathar CHADWICK. Children: Fear, Heman & Joseph
  • Lydia GIFFORD, wife of Thomas GIFFORD. Children: Abigail, Isaac, Huldah, Sarah & Cornelius
  • Catherina WINEGAR
  • Seth & Amy NYE. Child: Elisha
  • Naomi GOODSPEED, wife of David GOODSPEED, Children: Naomi & Antony
  • Lois HANDY, wife of Joseph HANDY, Children: Joseph, Nathaniel & Seth
  • Mary HATCH, wife of Wate HATCH, Children: Rebekkah, Lewes, Priscilla & Edward
  • Aaron BENEDIC. Children: Clarissa & Stephen-Thomas
  • Elizebeth WEST, wife of Daniel WEST. Children: Elizebeth, Saviah, Thomas-Tracy, David & Lucy
  • Mary, wife of Elisha GRANT. Children: Elisha, Ruth, Prudence, Jared
  • Elizabeth, wife of Seth BARLOW, Children: Samuel & Nathan
  • Experience COFFEY, wife of John COFFEY. Children: Mary, Betcy, Rachel & Crecia
  • Lydia, wife of Stephen TOBY
  • Jerusha STANDLY
  • Phebe, wife of Thomas BEECHER, Children: Hopestill & Submit
  • Oliver HATCH & Rebekah HATCH
  • Thomas CROCKER & Mercy CROCKER

[Several pages in the original are blank after the above list, on which evidently, it was designed that the names of persons taken into the church from time to time, & their children, should be entered. The list, however, remains as left by Wm. INGERSOLL; the clerks following him making no additions to it.]

  • Jul 18, 1783. The church agreed to choose two Deacons; and choose Mr. David INGERSOL Choirester.
  • Jul 13. Thankful FISH, wife of Phinehas & March FISH was baptized
  • Jul 20. Hannah BACKUS, Sarah BACKUS, Nathaniel BACKUS, Anson BACKUS, Benjamin BACKUS, Children of Moriah BACKUS; John CHADWICK, son of Archelus & Sarah CHADWICK; and Fear CHADWICK, Heman CHADWICK & Joseph CHADWICK, Children of Abiathar & Desire CHADWICK were all baptized
  • Jul 24. Mary wife of Thomas YURE, and Amy wife of Seth NYE were examined by this Church: and propounded with a view to join this Church in full communion on the 26 of July.
  • Jul 27, Crecia, daughter of John & Experience COFFEY, was baptized
  • Aug 3, Otis, son of David & Elenor CELLOGG; Samuel, son of Lemuel & Sarah CROCKER; and Elizebeth, Saviab, Thomas-Tracy, Daniel & Lucy, the Children of Daniel & Elizabeth WEST were all baptized
  • Aug 10, Mary wife of Thomas EWER & Amey wife of Seth NYE were both received into full Communion with this Church.; and Mrs. EWER was baptized the same time being not certain that she was baptized in her infancy
  • Aug 31, Elisha, son of Seth & Amy NYE was baptized
  • Sep 4, The Church choose Mr. Oliver WEST & Mr. Jesse BRADLEY to the Office of Deaconship.
  • Sep 21, Lydia, wife of William INGERSOLL; Phebe, wife of Josiah BARTHOLOMEW; Aaron BENEDIC; Mary wife of Elisha GRANT; Lydia, wife of Stephen TOBY & Jerusha STANDLY were received into full Communion with this Church.: and Mrs. TOBY with Thomas, Ebenezer, Ansel, Lydia, Seth & Elisha, Children of Thomas & Mary EWER were all baptized
  • Oct 12, Elisha, Ruth, Prudence & Jared, Children of Elisha & Mary GRANT were baptized
  • Nov 2, Olliver HATCH & Rebekah his wife were received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Nov 23, Thomas CROCKER & Mary his wife and also Sarah the Wife of David INGERSOLL were received into full Communion with this Church.

  • Jan 15, AD. 1784. Daniel, son of Daniel & Hannah CHURCH was baptized, being sick & not likely to live he was baptized at his Father's house.
  • Jan 18. Stephen, son of John & Elizebethe WINEGAR was baptized

    [The preceding Records were written by Wm. INGERSOL, whose hand does not appear again. The next entries are supposed to be in Deacon Jesse BRADLEY's writing. (Transcriber's note:-- Two entries in May concern the poor health of Mr. PARMELE & his desire to travel south to Virginia for his health.) After this the Records commence in a different hand, supposed to be Deacon Oliver WEST's. Except when otherwise noted, the remainder of the 1st book is in this hand. The first entry below is not the next in order of the original, but next in time.]

  • Aug 8th 1784. Mr. MONSON Preach'd & Adminnestred the Sacrament here. Seth NYE was received into full Communion with this Church. & was baptized. Ezekiel, son of Prince & Hannah WEST; Salle, daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth WEST, and Esther & David, Children of Elisha & Mary GRANT; and Remembrance, Celah & Stephen, Children of Stephen & Lidia TOBY were all baptized
  • Dec 5, Mr. MONSON Adminnestred the Sacrament & baptized [the space is blank, but probably should have been filled by "Submit, daughter"] of Thomas & Phebe BEACHER & Mary, daughter of Abiather & Desire CHADWICK, and John, son of Achelus & Sarah CHADWICK

  • Jan 9, 1785. Mr. WEST Adminnestred the Sacrament. Jesse GIFFORD & Ruth, his wife; Samuel DAVIS & Priscilla his wife; Josiah YALE & Ruth his wife; Sarah, wife of Roswel HUBBORT; Cornelus BASSETT & Archelus CHADWICK were all recv'd into the Church and Jesse GIFFORD, Samuel DAVIS, Mary & Hopestill, Children of Samuel & Priscilla DAVIS were all baptized
  • Aug 14, Mr. KIRKLAND Preached here & baptized Isaac, son of Nathan & Ruhamah BALL; Lucina, daughter of Aaron BENEDIC; Eli, son of Oliver HATCH and Elisha & John, sons of Cornelius BASSETT

  • Jun 25, 1786. Mr. MONSON preached here & baptized Theodor, son of David & Sarah INGERSOL and Elisha Parmale, son of Samuel & Prissilla DAVIS
  • Sep 17, Mr. PERRY Preached here, administered the Sacrrament & baptized Electa, daughter of John & Elizabeth WINEGAR; Lidia, daughter of Stephen & Lidia TOBY; Ira, son of Daniel & Elizabeth WEST; Thankful, daughter of Elisha & Mary GRANT; Sirus, son of Josiah & Ruth YALE; Archelus, son of Abiather & Desire CHADWICK; Daniel Lewes, son of Oliver & Rebekah HATCH and Samuel, son of Archelus & Sarah CHADWICK. Elizabeth, wife of Cornelius GIFFORD & Eunice, wife of Ebenezar BROWN were taken into the Church.

  • Sabathday, Jun 10, 1787. Mr. CAMP Preach'd here & baptized Prince, son of Prince & Hannah WEST; David, son of Cornelus BASSET & Lucy, daughter of John & Lucy WILLIAMS was given up by Jerusha STANDLY and [Seth & Elisha EWER were baptized Sep 21, 1783. Probably the name of a later child should have been here inserted, and obviously, "was baptized", was also omitted] Thomas & Mary EWER.

  • Apr 6, 1788. Mr. AVERRY preached here & baptized Lucreace, daughter of David & Sarah INGERSOL
  • Apr 20, Mr. BELL baptized Caleb, son of Seth & Amy NYE
  • May 4, Mr. STEEVENS baptized Hannah, daughter of Danniel & Ann CHURCH and Jonathan, son of Jonathan & Deliverance FOOT
  • Jun 1, Mr. WEST Preached at Lee & baptized Elisebeth, daughter of Daniel & Elizebeth WEST
  • Aug 24, Mr. WEST preched here & baptized Nathaniel, son of Stephen & Lydia TOBY

  • Feb 22, 1789, Mr. SANFORD preched here & baptized Ezra, son of James & Hannah YOUNGS and Sarah, daughter of Archelus & Sarah CHADWICK
  • Mar 16, the Church met & voted unanimusly to desire Mr. William Fowler MILLER to take the Pastoral Care & Charge of this Church Provide the Town will unite in Supporting him.

    Jun 20, 1790. Mr. MONSON Preached here & adminstered the Sacrament. John, son of Josiah YALE; Moses, son of David & Sarah INGERSOL and Thankfull, daughter of Seth & Amy NYE all were baptized.
  • Jul 29. The Church met & voted to Desire Hope DAVIS, Nathan BALL & Prince WEST to go & Converse with Mrs. BRADLEY & inquire the Reason of her not attending our meeting and also to Converse with Mr. PENOY[E]R respecting his Ideas of all mankinds being finally happy.
  • Aug 1. Mr. AVERY Preach'd here. Eleaser, son of Thomas EWER; Aaron & Desire, children of Aaron BENNEDICK and Lemuel & David, children of Oliver HATCH all were baptized
  • Oct 1. Mr. AVERY preached a lecter here & baptized [The three oldest children having been baptized 29 Jan 1783 & Jun 25, 1786, perhaps Rebecca & Samuel were baptized at this time] of Samuel & Prissilla DAVIS

  • Sep 18, 1791. Mr. SHAW preached here & baptized Pamela, daughter of Thomas & Phebe BEACHER; Orson, son of Daniel & Elisebeth WEST; Eunes, daughter of Elisha & Mary GRANT; John, son of Jonathan & Deliverence FOOT and Sep 25 he baptized Anna, daughter of Daniel & Anna CHURCH; Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Mary EWER and Alvin, son of James & Hannah YOUNGS
  • Nov 20. Mr. MONSON Preached in this town & baptized Charlotte, daughter of Lucy BULLARD

    [This last item above is in Rev. Alvan HYDE's writing]

  • Feb 23, 1792, the Church met & voted unamimusly to give Mr. Alvin HIDE a call to take the Pasteral Care & Charge of the Church.
  • May 6. Mr. AVERY preached here & administered the Sacrament & baptized Abraham, Phebe, Thomas, Lidia & Abigail, children of Jesse & Ruth GIFFORD; Asel, son of Stephen & Lydia TOBY; Soffe, daughter of David & Sarah INGERSOL; Betsy, daughter of Seth & Amy NYE, and Ruth, daughter of Archelus & Elizabeth CHADWICK.


At an ecclasiastical Counsel conveined at Lee pursuant to Letters mismive received from the Church of Christ in said Town, requesting our assistance in setting apart Mr. Elisha PARMELE to the pastoral Office over them in the Day 3rd June AD 1783. Present:

Elders Rev. Messrs:
  • Stephen WEST, Stockbridge
  • Daniel COLLINS, Lanesborough
  • Thomas ALLEN, Pittsfield
  • Samuel MUNSON, Lenox
  • Eliphalet STEEL, Egremont
  • Zadock HURU [HUNN], Becket
  • Joseph AVERY, Alford
  • Seth SWIFT, [Williamstown]

  • Elijah BROWN, Esq.
  • Samuel DURHAM
  • Josiah BRIGHT
  • Eberer OLDS
  • Isaiah KINGSLEY
  • Robert JOHNSON
  • Benjamin SKINNER

Docke WEST was chosen Moderator & Mr. COLLINS Scribe, the Counsel was opened by prayer seeking to God to Counsel and direction in the important Matters to be laid before them.

The Counsel then gave a full and candid hearing to a paper laid before them signed by 21 of the inhabitants of the town, containing a request that the Counsel would not proceed to ordain Mr. PARMELE to the work of the Gospel Minisry in this place, [in] which also their reasons against it were stated. -- After the Counsel proceeded to a strick and carefull Examination of the Candidate, and were unanimously agreed that he appeared to be a person duely qualified for the important Office of the Gosp Ministry and after carefully deliberating the Objections which were made against Mr. PARMELES being set apart to the pastoral Office amongst them the Council were of the Opinion that these objections sentered in a Disapprobation of Mr. PARMELES religious Sentiments, and that his Sentiments were in their Judjement strictly founded on scripture so that they judjed these objections to be groundless: the Counsel wer of opinion they ought to proceed to the Ordination of Mr. PARMELE and sid accordingly set him apart by prayer and the true position of hands to the pastoral office over the Church and people in this Town.

Signed: Stephen WEST, Modr
Test: Daniel COLLINS, Scribe
Alvan HYDE Jun. 2 Scribe

[The following Church Records are entirely by Dr. HYDE, and contained in a separate book from the preceding.]

An account of persons taken into the church of Christ in Lee, since June 6th 1792, the time Mr. Alvan HYDE was ordained.

  • Jun 17, 1792: Elisha FREEMAN & Elizabeth his wife; Cornelius BASSETT & Abigail his wife; Anne the wife of Daniel CHURCH & Mehitabel, wife of Andrew WEST were all received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Aug 12, 1792: David PERRY & Desire his wife; Thomas BEECHER, Samuel WINEGAR; Elizabeth WEST; Temperance CHASE the wife of Levi CHASE; Abigail PARCIVAL, the wife of Elisha PARCIVAL, were all received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Sep 9, 1792: Lewis HATCH; Sarah DODGE the wife of Ansel DODGE & Mercy INGERSOL, the wife of William INGERSOL, Jr., were taken into this church.
  • Oct 14, 1792: Seth ABBOTT & Martha his wife; Joseph BRADLEY & Eunice his wife, Mehitabel NORTHROP the wife of Thomas NORTHROP; Elizabeth CROCKER the wife of Job CROCKER; Nabby BARNS & Miriam DICKINSON were received into this Church
  • Nov 11, 1792: Elisha PARCIVAL, Peter WILLCOX, Nathaniel HAMLIN & Abigail his wife, James AUSTIN & Achsah his wife; Daniel WEST, Nathaniel BASSETT, Daniel WILLCOX, Asabel FOOT, Widow Silence CHASE, Phebe BRADLEY the wife of Eli BRADLEY, Anne ABBOTT and Daniel SANTIE & Betsey his wife, were all taken into this Church
  • Dec 9, 1792: Edmund HINCKLEY & Content his wife, Nathan DAVIS & Lucy his wife, Paul EWER & Mercy his wife, Daniel CHURCH, Jared INGERSOL, Ebenezer JENKINS Jr., Elizabeth JENKINS the wife of Eben'r JENKINS, Esq., Sarah TUTTLE wife of James TUTTLE & Martha CROCKER wife of Lt. Joseph CROCKER were all taken into this church.
  • Dec 23, 1792: Widow Thankful DIMICK was taken into this church.

  • Jan 13, 1793: Jonathan FOOT, David GOODSPEED, Levi CHASE, Solomon FOOT, Mehitabel WEST wife of Ebenezer WEST, Ann BRADLEY wife of Heman BRADLEY, Nabby BARLOW wife of Reuben BARLOW, Molly STANLEY, Louis NYE wife of John NYE & Joshua & Charity NYE were all received into the communion & fellowship of this church
  • March 10, 1793: Jedidiah CROCKER & Sarah his wife, James TUTTLE, Samuel TILLEY & Hannah his wife, Josiah CROCKER, Jabez CHADWICK, Salvina BAKER wife of David BAKER, Deborah TAYLOR, Sarah-Ann FOOT, Hannah BARLOW, & Huldah WINEGAR were all received into this Church
  • May 5: Nathaniel TOBY & Deborah his wife, John PARCIVAL & Ruth his wife, John NYE, Samuel PORTER, Ebenezer WEST, Tabitha GIFFORD, Aurviah WELLS, Ruth TYLER, Joanna GIFFORD, Thankful BARLOW, Olive THOMPSON, Lucy HYDE, Mary CASEY, Lydia BALL, Huldah GIFFORD & Hannah DODGE were all received into this church.

  • Jan 12: Sarah LEE, wife of Ashbel LEE, was received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Mar 2: Enoch GARFIELD was received into full Communion with this Church.
  • May 18: John COUCH, Sr. & his wife; James GIFFORD & Sarah his wife; Mamre BARTHOLOMEW, wife of Jesse BARTHOLOMEW; Lydia HINSDALE & Tabitha CROCKER were all received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Jul 13: Tabitha HAMBLIN was received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Dec 23: Benjamin BACKUS was received into full Communion with this Church., at his own house where the church convened on the account of his being sick.

  • Jul 12: Ephraim SHELDON & Mrs. Sarah BLACKMAN, wife of Mr. Jon. BLACKMAN, were received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Nov 5: Mr. Levi ROBINSON & _____ his wife were received into full Communion with this Church., being recommended by the Church of Christ at Meriden in Connecticut

  • Jan 10: Mrs. Prudence PORTER, wife of Mr. Samuel PORTER was received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Jun 7: Mrs. Lydia BARLOW, wife of Mr. Peleg BARLOW was received into full Communion with this Church. at her own house where the Church convened on account of her being sick.
  • Nov 12: Widow Thankful BASSETT & Martha, wife of Mr. Nath'l HOWLAND, were received into full Communion with this Church., being recommended from the West Church in Barnstable.

  • Semuel LEONARD Jr., was received into full Communion with this Church. on the 12th day of March -- also at the same time widow Experience CHILDS was received being recommended from the West Church in Barnstable.
  • Apr 23: Mrs. HAMBLETON was received into full Communion with this Church., being recommended by the Rev'd Gideon HAWLEY, Pastor of the church at Marshpee
  • Jul 30: Lemuel BARLOW & Josiah WILLOUGHBY were received into full Communion with this Church.
  • Sep 10: Widow Sarah PARSONS, recommended from the church in Stockbridge, and Mrs. Prudence INGERSOL, recommended from the church in Willington, were recommended to communion. Also Grace WORMER, wife of Jeremiah WORMER, & Chloe WANSEY, wife of Henry WANSEY, were received into the church.

  • Jan 13: Abigail BRADLEY, wife of Mr. Asabel BRADLEY, was received to the communion & watch of this chh, being recommended from the church at Cornwall, in Connecticut.
  • Mar 10: Hannah CROCKER, wife of Mr. Joseph CROCKER, was received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Apr 14: Abraham HALL & Rachel, his wife, were received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Jun 30: Esther BAILEY, wife of Mr. Thomas BAILEY, was received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Jul 28: Anne PARCIVAL, daughter of Mr. Elisha PARCIVAL, was received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Sep 8: Dean Rowland THATCHER & wife of, Stephen BRADLEY & widow Rebecca PUTNAM were received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.

  • Jan 12: Prudence COUCH, wife of John COUCH, Jr.; Lucy CROCKER, wife of Elisha CROCKER; Thankful HUMPHREY, wife of Elias HUMPHREY & Sally SQUIRE were all received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Mar 9: Dr. Nath'l THAYER & Ann his wife, recommended from the chuch at Durham, in Connecticut; John COUCH, Jun'r; Lydia BRADLEY, wife of Stephen BRADLEY; Hannah DAVIS, wife of Calvin DAVIS; Sarah STEWART; Patience DEXTER; Sophia CROCKER; Lemira CROCKER & Laura CROCKER were all received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • May 4: John WINEGAR & Lydia STANTON were received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Sep 14: Adria SQUIRE, wife of Eben'r SQUIRE; Rhoda HATCH and Elizabeth ROBINSON were received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.
  • Oct 19: Samuel Prince ROBBINS & Sally BARLOW were received by this church to their communion, watch & fellowship.

An account of persons baptized by the Rev'd Alvan HYDE, who was ordained to the work of Gospel-ministry and charge of this church, June 6th 1792

  • Jun 17: Elizabeth FREEMAN, wife of Elisha FREEMAN; Nancy, Lemuel & Lydia, children of Cornelius Abigail BASSETT; Hannah & Abigail, children of Mehitabel WEST, wife of Andrew WEST; Molly & Betsey, children of Aaron BENEDICT and Justus & Oliver, children of Oliver HATCH were all baptized
  • Jun 24: Elisha, Fanny, Thomas & Lydia Parcival, children of Elisha FREEMAN & Elizabeth his wife, were baptized
  • Jul 8: Lucy Tracy, daughter of Josiah & Ruth YALE and Elisha, son of Lydia INGERSOL, wife of Aaron INGERSOL were baptized
  • Jul 15: Sara, Lydia, Lemuel & Salvinn, children of David BAKER were baptized
  • Jul 22: Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth BARLOW, wife of Seth BARLOW, was baptized
  • Aug 5: Priscilla, daughter of Samuel & Priscilla DAVIS was baptized
  • Sep 2: Elisha, Huldah, Fear, Polly & John, children of Elisha & Abigail PARCIVAL were baptized
  • Sep 23: William, son of Jonathan & Mehitabel (Deliverance?) FOOT; Wait, Thomas Davis, Alpheus & Tabitha, children of Lewis Hatch; Lydia, Seth Crocker, William, Cela & Sarah, children of William & Mercy INGERSOL, and Darius CARPENTER, a child taken to be educated by Thankfull GOODSPEED, were all baptized
  • Oct 14: Elizabeth CROCKER, wife of Job CROCKER; Miriam DICKINSON; and Heman, Asahel, Sarah & Samuel Stanley, children of Asabel & Sarah DODGE were baptized
  • Oct 28th: Huggins, Betsey, Celah, Electa & Olive, children of Job & Elizabeth CROCKER were baptized
  • Nov 4: Asenath, daughter of Joseph & Eunice BRADLEY was baptized
  • Nov 11: Elisha PARCIVAL, Daniel WILLCOX & Asahel FOOT were baptized
  • Nov 18: Deborah-Webb, Hannah, John-Smith, Nabby & Polly, children of Nathaniel & Bethiah BASSETT; Philo, Celah, Anne, Polly & Josiah, children of Eli & Phebe BRADLEY and Berenice & Zafne, children of James & Achsah AUSTIN were all baptized
  • Nov 25: Daniel, son of Miriam DICKINSON was baptized
  • Dec 9: Content HINCKLEY, wife of Edmund HINCKLEY; Lucy DAVIS, wife of Nathan DAVIS; Mercy EWER, wife of Paul EWER and Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel & Abigail HAMLIN were all baptized
  • Dec 23: Polly, daughter of Lewis HATCH was baptized

  • Jan 13: Solomon FOOT; Nabby Barlow, wife of Reuben BARLOW; Charity NYE, wife of Joshua NYE; Lucy, Hannah-Crocker, Nathan, Charity-Hall & Isaac, children of Nathan & Lucy DAVIS, and Ruth, daughter of Jesse & Ruth GIFFORD were all baptized
  • Jan 27: Hannah, John, Irra, & Esther children of John & Louis NYE were baptized
  • Feb 10: Sally, Benjamin, Grissilda, Betsey-Clark, Polly & Asa, children of Joseph & Martha CROCKER and Huldah, James & Polly, children of Daniel CHURCH were baptized
  • Mar 3: Stephen, Ephraim, Phebe, Timothy-Nye & Joel, children of Ebenezer & Mehitabel WEST were baptized
  • Mar 10: Jedidiah CROCKER & Sarah his wife; James TUTTLE; Samuel TILLY & Hannah his wife; Salvina BAKER, wife of David BAKER; Deborah TAYLOR & Sarah-Ann FOOT were all baptized
  • Apr 7: Pelatiah, son of Daniel & Elizabeth WEST, and Louis, daughter of John & Louis NYE were baptized
  • May 5: Nathaniel TOBY & Deborah, his wife; Mary CASEY, Hannah DODGE, John PARCIVAL & Ruth his wife; Charles, son of Elisha & Elizabeth FREEMAN and Joel, son of Joseph & Eunice BRADLEY were all baptized
  • Jun 2: Thomas, son of Corneliu & Abigail BASSETT was baptized
  • Jun 9: Sylvanus, Sylva, John, Genevarah & Jesse, children of Joanna GIFFORD, and Rhoda, Hezekiah-Orton & Chauncey, children of Gideon & Oliver THOMPSON were baptized
  • Jun 16: Ebenezer-Nibloo, Polly, Louis, John, David & Merit, children of of Jared INGERSOL were baptized
  • Jun 23: Remember-Nye, a child of Cornelius BASSETT was baptized
  • Jul 14: Lecta & Rhoda, children of Samuel & Hannah TILLY were baptized
  • Jul 21: Sarah, a child of Stephen & Lydia TOBEY was baptized
  • Aug 4: John-Crocker, Mary-Busley, Tilson, Jane, Nabby & Martha, children of Paul & Mercy EWER, were baptized
  • Aug 11: Elizabeth HANDY, a child taken to be educated by Hannah COLLINS, wife of Oliver COLLINS, was baptized
  • Aug 25: Achsah, Samuel, Mary, Deborah & Cynthia, children of Nathaniel & Deborah TOBY; Noah, Jedediah-Davis, Sarah, Samuel & Elizabeth, children of Jedediah & Sarah CROCKER; Polly & Arthur, children of Abraham & Tempe PERRY were all baptized
  • Sep 8: Asa, son of Thomas & Mary EWER; John, Samuel, Ruth, James, Montgomery & Hannah-Gates, children of John & Ruth PARCIVAL; William Bassett, Cornelius, Hannah & Reuben, children of Thankful BARLOW; Sibyl, David & Sally, children of Sarah TYLER, were all baptized
  • Sep 8: Joseph CROCKER was baptized
  • Oct 6: David, son of David & Salvina BAKER was baptized
  • Oct 20: Betsey DENIO, a child taken to be educated by Sarah DODGE, was baptized
  • Nov 17: John GIFFORD; Mary, Grace, Lorain, Abigail & Lydia, children of Samuel PORTER; Henry-Williams & Pruda, children of Elizabeth BENNETT; and Lucy, Eliha, Jacob & Thomas-Williams, children of Eunice FULLER, were all baptized
  • Dec 1: Betsey, a child of Jesse BRADLEY, Jun'r, was baptized
  • Dec 15: Polly, daughter of Elisha & Mary GRANT was baptized

  • Jan 5: Sally, daughter of Eli & Bhebe BRADLEY was baptized
  • Jan 12: Ancel, son of Archelans & Elizabeth CHADWICK was baptized
  • Feb 23: tAMAR, daughter of Oliver HATCH was baptized
  • May 4: Reuben, son of Jared INGERSOL was baptized
  • May 18: James GIFFORD & Lydia HINSDALE were baptized. Also Alvan, son of Jesse & Ruth GIFFORD & Sarah-Ann, daughter of Asahel & Anne FOOT
  • Jun 1: Alva, child of Thomas & Phebe BEECHER and Lucy, child of Samuel & Hannah TILLY were baptized
  • Jun 15: Daniel, son of Daniel CHURCH, Jun'r, was baptized
  • Jul 15: Tabitha HAMBLIN was baptized
  • Jul 27: Eunice, daughter of Aaron BENEDICT; Mamre, Jesse-Bradley, Lemi, Augustus & Lydia, children of Mrs. Mamre BARTHOLOMEW; Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel & Bethiah BASSETT; Alvan, son of Alvan & Lucy HYDE and Henry-William, son of Ebenezer JENKINS Jun'r & Lydia his wife, were all baptized
  • Sep 14: Eunice, daughter of James & Sarah GIFFORD, was baptized
  • Sep 28: Bathsheba, daughter of Nathan & Lucy DAVIS was baptized
  • Oct 19: Electa, daughter of Josiah & Ruth YALE was baptized
  • Nov 2: Abigail, child of Joseph CROCKER, Sen'r, was baptized
  • Nov 9: Olive, daughter of Gigeon & Olive THOMPSON was baptized
  • Nov 30: Dama, daughter of Abraham & Tempe PERRY, was baptized
  • Dec 14: Amanda, daughter of Jesse BRADLEY, Jun'r, was baptized
  • Dec 28: Polly, Silas & Daniel, children of Enoch GARFIELD, and Thomas, son of Wm INGERSOL, Jun'r, & Mercy his wife was baptized

  • Jan 4: Eunice, daughter of Joseph & Eunice BRADLEY, and Sarah, daughter of Joshua & Charity NYE, were baptized
  • Jan 11: Kimball PORTER, son of Samuel PORTER, and Wait-Hatch DAVIS, son of Samuel & Priscilla DAVIS, were baptized
  • Jan 18: Artemesia, a child of Mr. Joseph KING of Barrington, was baptized
  • Mar 19: Was baptized an infant son of Mr. Paul EWER, at his father's house, by the name of Paul
  • Mar 23: Nathan, son of Ebenezer JENKINS, Jun'r, was baptized at his father's house, being dangerously sick
  • Apr 5: Lucy, a child of Samuel & Lydia HODGES, was baptized
  • Apr 12: Content, daughter of John & Ruth PARCIVAL was baptized
  • Apr 19: David & Sarah, twin children of Mr. David & Sarah INGERSOL, were baptized
  • Jun 14: Lydia, daughter of Ephraim & Lydia SHELDON was baptized
  • Jul 12: Polly, daughter of Jedediah & Sarah CROCKER, was baptized
  • Jul 26: Alva, son of Daniel & Elizabeth WEST was baptized
  • Aug 2: Was baptized Elizabeth, daughter of Jared INGERSOL
  • Oct 4: Was baptized Cornelius, son of Samuel BARLOW
  • Oct 23: Was baptized Joshua, son of Seth & Amy NYE
  • Nov 8: Was baptized Ezra-Thompson, son of Huldah FINNEY
  • Nov 29: Was baptized Zafne, son of James & Achsah AUSTIN
  • Dec 13: Was baptized Hudson, son of Daniel & Lydia WILCOX

  • Feb 7: Was baptized Charles, son of John & Louis NYE
  • Feb 14: Was baptized Harriot, daughter of Cornelius & Abigail BASSETT and Elizabeth, daughter of Asnel & Anne FOOT
  • Feb 21: Was baptized Seth, son of Josiah & Hannah CROCKER
  • Mar 20: Was baptized Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer WEST
  • Apr 24: Was baptized Experience, child of Cornelius BASSETT, Sen'r; also William, son of Eli BRADLEY and Charles- Backus, son of Alvan & Lucy HYDE
  • May 8: Was baptized Fanny & Amanda, children of Levi ROBINSON
  • Jun 5: Was baptized Betsey, daughter of Elizabeth BENNETT
  • Jun 7: Was baptized Lydia BAROW, wife of Peleg BARLOW, at her own house, being unable to attend meeting
  • Jul 10: Were baptized Hannah, daughter of Thomas EWER; Huldah, daughter of Aaron BENEDICT, and Samuel-Crocker, son of David BAKER
  • Aug 28: Was baptized Hope DAVIS, son of Nathan DAVIS
  • Sep 25: Were baptized Josiah, son of Josiah YALE, and Daniel, son of Archelaus CHADWICK
  • Oct 23: Was baptized Mary, daughter of Stephen & Lydia TOBY

  • Jan 8: Was baptized Lyman, child of Mrs. Anne BRADLEY of Milton in the State of New York
  • Jan 15: Was baptized Lydia BRADLEY, daughter of Jesse BRADLEY, Jun'r
  • Jan 22: Was baptized Josiah, son of Ebenezer JENKINS, Jun'r
  • Mar 5: Was baptized Isaac, son of Nath'l & Bethiah BASSETT
  • Mar 12: Was baptized Samuel LEONARD, Jun'r - and at the same time, he convenanted with this Church
  • Apr 4: Thomas CROCKER, an infant child of Mr. Josiah CROCKER, was baptized at the house of its father, on account of its being thought dangerously sick
  • Apr 16: Lewis, son of Samuel DAVIS was baptized
  • Apr 30: Sally, child of Mr. John & Joanna GIFFORD was baptized
  • Jun 18: Joseph, son of Joseph & Martha CROCKER, was baptized
  • Jul 30: Josiah WILLOUGHBY was baptized, an adult
  • Jul 30: Elizabeth, daughter of David INGERSOL was baptized
  • Aug 13: Eunice, daughter of Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Elizabeth WEST, was baptized
  • Aug 27: Polly & Lydia, children of Josiah WILLOUGHBY, were baptized
  • Oct 30: Moses, son of Moses INGERSOL, & John, son of Samuel WINEGAR, were baptized
  • Dec 24: Rhoda, daughter of Jared INGERSOL, was baptized

  • Jan 7: Heman, son of Mr. Oliver HATCH of Granville, who removed from this church, was baptized
  • Jan 14: Sally, daughter of Mr. Seth NYE, and Lydia, daughter of Mrs. Hannah REMELE, were baptized
  • Feb 19: Isaac, son of Elisha & Mary GRANT, and Charles, son of Paul & Susannah EWER, were baptized
  • Mar 11: Abraham, son of Abraham & Tempe PERRY, was baptized
  • Apr 22: Nabby, daughter of Mr. John & Mrs. Ruth PARCIVAL; Palmira, daughter of Squire STONE and Harriot, daughter of Alvan & Lucy HYDE were all baptized
  • May 14: Betsey-Crosby, daughter of Josiah & Hannah CROCKER, was baptized
  • May 20: James, son of James & Sarah GIFFORD, was baptized
  • Jun 17: Mehitabel, daughter of Ebenezer & Mehitabel WEST, was baptized
  • Jul 8: Joseph-Warren, son of Reuben & Nabby BARLOW, was baptized
  • Aug 5: Lyman, son of Asabel & Anne FOOT, was baptized
  • Sep 9: Senah (alias Asenath), child of Huldah FINNEY, wife of Abraham FINNEY, was baptized
  • Oct 1: Philena, daughter of Jedediah & Sarah CROCKER, and Eli, son of Eli & Phebe BRADLEY, were baptized
  • Oct 7: Harriot-Maria, daughter of Gideon & Olive THOMPSON, was baptized
  • Oct 14: Eunice, daughter of Mrs. Prudence INGERSOL, and Parmelia, daughter of Mr. Joseph BRADLEY, were baptized
  • Nov 4: Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer JENKINS, Jun'r, was baptized

  • Jan 7: Daniel, son of Jesse & Mamre BARTHOLOMEW, was baptized
  • Mar 3: Seth, son of Lemuel BARLOW & Thankful his wife
  • Mar 10: Semantha, child of Josiah WILLOUGHBY
  • Apr 7: John, son of David BAKER, and Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel & Tabitha WINEGAR
  • Apr 14: Lydia, daughter of Abraham & Sarah HALL
  • May 19, Alva, son of Paul & Susannah EWER
  • Jun 23: James, son of William & Marcy INGERSOLL
  • Jun 30: Esther BAILEY, wife of Thomas BAILEY
  • Jul 14: Lucy, daughter of of David & Sarah INGERSOLL; also Smith, Orra, Wealthy & Thomas, children of Thomas & Esther BAILEY
  • Jul 28: Ann PARCIVAL; also, Reuben, John, Benjamin, Electa, Esther, Grace, Jared & Henry, children of Henry & Chloe WANSEY
  • Sep 8: Rachel, daughter of Cornelius & Abigail BASSETT; also Marcy, daughter of Nathan & Lucy DAVIS
  • Sep 15: Joseph, son of Nathan'l & Bethiah BASSETT
  • Sep 29: Cornelius, son of Cornelius & Abigail BASSETT; also Lucy, daughter of Jesse BRADLEY, Jun'r
  • Oct 13: Chloe, daughter of Henry & Chloe WANSEY
  • Nov 3: Josiah, son of Josiah & Hannah CROCKER
  • Nov 10: Abigail, daughter of Asahel & Abigail BRADLEY
  • Nov 19: William, son of Squire STONE, was baptized at his father's house, by reason of the sickness & confinement of Mrs. STONE
  • Nov 20: John, son of James & Achsah AUSTIN
  • Dec 8: Ebenezer-Cook & Elisha, children of Stephen & Lydia BRADLEY

  • Jan 12: Lucy CROCKER, wife of Elisha CROCKER; also Phebe, Amanda & Tirza, children of Samuel & Hannah COUCH
  • Mar 9: Lydia BRADLEY, wife of Stephen BRADLEY, Sarah STEWART, Sophia CROCKER, Lemira CROCKER & Laura CROCKER, all adults
  • Apr 27: William, Electa-Lewis, John-Dimick, Lucy & Lucius, children of Elisha & Lucy CROCKER
  • May 1: Stephen, son of Alvan & Lucy HYDE
  • May 4: Lydia STANTON, an adult; also, William, son of Joseph & Martha CROCKER, and Hannah, daughter of John & Hannah REMELE
  • Jun 1: Electa, daughter of Daniel & Lydia WILCOX
  • Jun 8: Charles, son of Asahel & Anne FOOT
  • Jul 6: Lewis, son of John GIFFORD, and Lyman, son of James & Sarah GIFFORD
  • Aug 3: Thankful & Elias, children of Elias & Thankful HUMPHREY
  • Aug 17: Abraham FINNEY, son of Abraham & Huldah FINNEY
  • Aug 24: Asher, son of Jared INGERSOL
  • Aug 31: Benjamin, son of Eben'r & Mehitabel WEST
  • Sep 7: Mabel & John, children of John & Prudence COUCH
  • Oct 19: Sally BARLOW was baptized
  • Oct 26: Lydia, daughter of Eben'r & Lydia JENKINS, was baptized
  • Nov 9: Aurelia, daughter of Jedidiah CROCKER, was baptized

An Account of Persons Married by the Rev'd Alvan HYDE

  • Jul 19: Jonathan WALLY & Mary WINSLOW were married
  • Aug 23: Ebenezer JENKINS, Jun'r & Sydia SMITH were married
  • Oct 18: Josiah WILLOUGHBY & Sally BACKUS were married
  • Nov 20: Joshua NYE & Charity PARKER were married
  • Nov 29: Heman BRADLEY & Anne WEST were married

  • Jan 17: Wally BACKUS & Grace VANDUSEN were married
  • Jan 31: Ichabod LATHROP & Esther PIXLEY were married
  • Apr 11: Ancel BASSETT & Hannah DIMMUCK were married
  • Aug 21: Asnel FOOT & Anne ABBOT were married
  • Oct 17: Joseph WITON to Amanda GARFIELD
  • Oct 17: Jabez BURSLEY to Abigail PERRY
  • Nov 28: Pardon AUSTIN to Rhoda STANTON

  • Mar 27: Jacob PENOYER to Alice Hoyt CROCKER
  • May 25: Ephraim SHELDON to Lydia GIFFORD
  • Jun 30: Silas EASTON to Rachel NYE
  • Jul 8: Isaac BARLOW to Sally CASEY
  • Aug 24: John READ to Elizabeth CROCKER
  • Oct 8: David HAMLIN to Sally BACKUS
  • Oct 12: Samuel HODGES to Lydia BRADLEY
  • Oct 19: Daniel WILCOX to Lydia BALL
  • Oct 24: Stephen DEXTER to Lydia BACKUS
  • Oct 30: Ebenezer HAWES to Electa NORTHROP
  • Nov 19: Joseph HINCKLEY to Polly STEWART
  • Nov 20: Abraham FINNEY to Huldah GIFFORD

  • Jan 15: Abijah CROSBY to Caty OLDS
  • Jan 15: Josiah CROCKER to Hannah CROSBY
  • Feb 19: Benjamin HAMBLIN to Thankful BARLOW
  • Feb 19: Lemi BRADLEY to Ruth NEWEL of Lenox
  • Jun 3: Reuben PIXLEY, Jun'r, to Polly CHASE
  • Sep 7: Hope DAVIS to Mrs. Lucy BULLARD
  • Sep 10: William STURGES to Sallome DIMMUCK

  • Jan 20: ____ SHERMAN to Avis COLLINS
  • Feb 18: Mr. Paul EWER to Miss Susannah HAMBLIN
  • Mar 10: Benjamin ADAMS to Sarah PARKER
  • Mar 29: Reuben PENOYER to Polly GIFFORD
  • Apr 19: John REMELE to Hannah BARLOW
  • Jun 29: Nathaniel HUDSON to Nabby HINKLEY
  • Oct 16: Jacob WINEGAR to Anne PARKER
  • Nov 8: Simeon WRIGHT to Sukey ABBOTT
  • Dec 15: Ozias JUDD to Lucena HEWLET
  • Dec 25: Harvey OSBORN to Caty GIFFORD

  • Jan 12: Samuel WINEGAR to Tabitha CROCKER
  • Jan 12: Nathan BASSETT to Azubah JONES
  • Jan 14: Joshua HOWE to Urania STEVENS
  • Jan 18: Peleg BARLOW to Esther GRIFFIN
  • Jan 22: Lewis GIFFORD to Betsy BACKUS
  • Jan 26: Ephraim WILLIAMS to Jemima WORMER
  • Jun 29: Nathan BALL, Jun'r, to Fear CHADWICK
  • Jun 29: Zina HINKLEY to Betsey BALL
  • Oct 4: Jeremiah VALLET to Abiah MOOR
  • Oct 19: Job NORTHROP to Sally BENNET
  • Nov 9: William FOOT of Stockbridge to Abia VOLLET
  • Nov 23: Daniel PARKER to Anne HANDY
  • Dec 28: Joseph FRARY of Becket to Sally GIFFORD

  • Jan 3: William BRADLEY to Tabitha HAMBLIN
  • Feb 1: Calvin DAVIS to Hannah CROCKER
  • Jun 21: Elisha DODGE to Betsey CROSBY
  • Dec 15: John WHITE to Fear PERRY
  • Dec 20: OliverWEDGE to Martha GRANT

  • Jan 3: Elisha KILBURN to Lydia TOOLEY
  • Mar 21: Andrew HOWK to Betsey MANSFIELD
  • May 12: Luther DAY to Meribah SMITH
  • Sep 16: Thomas CHADWICK to Lucinda INGERSOLL
  • Sep 22: John GARDNER to Delia CHILDS

  • Jan 26: Simeon CLARK to Lucy BACKUS
  • Feb 6: Eli CHURCH to Elizabeth CHADWICK
  • Apr 24: Jeduthan WEST to Phebe WILCOX
  • May 1: Samuel BARLOW to Sena WILCOX
  • Jun 26: John RATHBONE to Celah TOBEY
  • Aug 8: Cornelius FESSENDEN to Nancy BALL
  • Sep 1: Philip PACKARD to Rachel GIFFORD
  • Oct 6: Asahel STANTON to Patty BALL
  • Oct 30: Amasa PORTER to Betsey WINEGAR
  • Oct 30: Job CHILDS to Rhoda HATCH
  • Oct 30: Thomas BACKUS to Rebecca COUCH
  • Dec 18: James WHITON to Deborah Webb BASSETT

An Account of Deaths in Lee, since the ordination of Mr. HYDE.

  • Jun 28: Died Hannah CROCKER
  • Sep --: An infant child of Mr. Jonathan FOOT, Jun'r
  • Nov 2: Thomas NYE, son of Deacon Levi NYE

  • Feb 13: An infant child of Mrs. FARRAR
  • Mar 16: An infant child of Reuben BARLOW
  • Apr 5: Parmilia, daughter of Thomas BEECHER
  • Apr 21: A child of John CROSBY, Jun'r
  • Jun 28: A child of John HEWLITS
  • Jul 23: A child of Joshua NYE
  • Aug 26: A child of James AUSTIN
  • Nov 11: A son of James YOUNGS
  • Dec 4: A child of Laurence VANDUSEN
  • Nov 13: Deliverance BACKUS, wife of Ichabod BACKUS, who died at Falmouth
  • Dec 5: A child of Jabez CLARK

  • Jan 14: Cornelius, son of Lemuel BARLOW
  • Feb 7: A child of George BENNETT
  • Feb 9: A child of John HEWLIT
  • Mar 3: A child of Paul EWER
  • Mar 13: A child of Levi G. PORTER
  • Mar 20: A child of Elisha GRANT
  • May 7: Died Arthur PERRY, Aged 73
  • Jun 30: Jesse, son of John GIFFORD
  • Jul 21: Content CROCKER, wife of Noah CROCKER, 63
  • Aug 22: Samuel GRAVES, aged 76 yrs
  • Oct 20: An infant child of James AUSTIN
  • Dec 10: An infant child of James GIFFORD
  • Dec 16: A child of Jesse SMITH

  • Jan 5: Charles, son of Benj'm HINKLEY, aged 16 months
  • Feb 16: An infant child of Silas EASTON
  • Feb 23: Hannah DAVIS, wife of Hope DAVIS, aged 64
  • Mar 3: An infant child of Eben'r WEST
  • Mar 3: An infant child of Caleb CHADWICK
  • Mar 18: Marcy EWER, wife of Paul EWER, ae 39
  • Apr 9: An infant child of Mr. SHAW
  • Apr 10: Widow Abigail CROCKER, in the 90th year of her age
  • Apr 11: An infant son of John GIFFORD
  • Apr 14: An infant child of Sam'l HODGES
  • Apr 16: An infant child of Nath'l TOBY
  • Apr 18: BenjaminBACKUS, of a cancer, aged 60 yrs
  • Apr 23: An infant child of Aaron GRAHAM
  • March: An infant child of Lodowick GARDNER, of which I did not hear in season
  • May 3: An infant child of John CROSBY, aged one week
  • May 5: Molly CASEY, aged 24 years, who was eminent for her piety
  • Jun 5: Rhoda, daughter of Levi G. PORTER, aged 3 years
  • Sep 9: Marcy CROCKER, daughter of Joseph CROCKER, Jun'r, aged 3 years & nine months
  • Sep 17: Died Mr. Jonathan WEST, aged 58 years
  • Sep 17: Died a daughter of Mr. Jonathan GRAVES, aged 2 years
  • Nov 10: Died Polly, daughter of Mr. Elisha GRANT, aged 2 years
  • Nov 19: Died Mrs. Eunice INGERSOL, wife of Mr. Moses INGERSOL, in the 51st year of her age

  • Jan 8: Died Mr. Joseph CROCKER, son of Capt. Thomas CROCKER, in the 30th year of his age
  • Jan 19: Died an infant son of Mr. Silas CLARK
  • Feb 11: Died an infant son of Mr. John KEEP
  • Feb 20: Died Mrs. Elizabeth KEEP, wife of Mr. John KEEP, in the 40th year of her age
  • Mar 6: Died Charles, son of Capt. John NYE, aged 2 months
  • Mar 7: Died Kimball PORTER, son of Mr. Sam'l PORTER, aged one year & 3 months
  • Apr 23: Died Richard WHITNEY, son of Mr. Wm. WHITNEY, aged one year & 2 months
  • May 1: An infant child of Mr. James GIFFORD
  • May 4: Died Mrs. Anner BASSET, wife of Mr. Nathan BASSET, in the 41st year of her age
  • May 13: Died Joseph JONES of Sandwich, in a fit of drunkenness, at the house of Mr. WILCOX, being as was supposed about 47 years in age
  • May 16: Died Henry ATKINS, in the 70th year of his age
  • Jul 5: Died Capt. Thomas CROCKER, in the 62d year of his age
  • Jul 24: Died Joseph CROCKER, son of Joseph CROCKER Jun'r & grand son of Capt. Thomas CROCKER, aged about 8 months
  • Jul 27: Died Abigail SWIFT, wife of Ebenezer SWIFT, aged 56
  • Aug 7: Died Orra BLACKMAN, son of James BLACKMAN, aged 1 year & 11 months
  • Aug 11: Died Mrs. Lydia BARLOW, wife of Mr. Peleg BARLOW, aged 31 years
  • Aug 24: Died Mrs. Lydia EWER, aged 74 years
  • Sep 29: Died an infant child fo Mr. Reuben BARLOW, aged 12 hours
  • Oct 15: Died John, son of Mr. John HEWLIT, aged ----

  • Jan 2: Died a daughter of Mr. Seth BURDEN, aged 5 years
  • Jan 21: Died Mrs. ---- HEWLIT, wife of John HEWLIT, aged 33 years
  • Feb 16: Died Peggy CASEY in the 16th year of her age
  • Feb 25: Ded Ebenezer CHADWICK, Jun'r, in the 25th year of his age
  • Mar 8: Died an infant child of Mr. Wm. FREEMAN, aged 2 weeks Apr 1: An infant child of Mr. Jacob WINEGAR
  • Apr 6: An infant son of Mr. Josiah CROCKER, aged 10 days
  • May 26: An infant child of Mr. Ancel & Mrs Hannah BASSETT, aged 3 weeks
  • Jun 25: Died Mr. Christene GARDNER, wife of Mr. Lodowick GARDNER, aged 23 years
  • Jul 30: Died Mr. Eleazer TURNER, in the 30th year of his age
  • Aug 31: Died, widow Silence CHASE, in the 76th year of her age
  • Sep 23: An infant child of the widow TURNER, aged 5 months
  • Oct 23: A son of Cornelius HAMBLIN, aged 17 months
  • Dec 19: Died Mrs. Desire PERRY, wife of Mr. David PERRY in the 66th year of her age
  • Dec 29: Died, Mr. Nathan BALL, in the 62nd year of his age

  • Jan 19: Died Harriot BASSETT, daughter of Mr. Cornelius BASSETT, Jun'r, aged 2 years
  • Mar 14: Died Mr. John WINEGAR, aged 55 years. In the 29th year of his age, he was severely frozen geing left in the woods and without shelter. Both of his feet came off, and his constitution was so injured that he never had good health afterwards.
  • May 2: Died Mr. Benjamin HAMBLIN, aged 67 years
  • May 3: Died an infant child of Mr. James AUSTIN, aged but a few hours
  • May 6: Died Dennis CASEY, of a consumption, aged 20 years
  • Jun 5: Died Anner BASSETT, of a consumption, aged 18 years
  • Jun 13: Died Catharina WINEGAR, of a consumption, aged 33 years. She was an example of piety in her life, and met death with fortitude & conposure.
  • Jul 28: Died at Mr. Wm. STURGES, Cynthia CHADWICK, aged 13 years
  • Sep 2: Died Zeruiah CROCKER, of consumption, aged 20 years
  • Nov 30: Died Widow Dorcas CROCKER, in the 79th year of her age
  • Dec 23: Died Betsey C. CROCKER, aged 9 months

  • Jan 3: Died Roxana HOWK, daughter of Mr. Abr'm HOWK, in the fourth year of her age
  • Jan 7: Died, Mrs. Sarah GRAVES, wife of Mr. Phineas GRAVES
  • Feb 7: Died Miss Remember TOBY, daughter of Stephen TOBY, in the 22d year of her age
  • Feb 21: Died Mrs. Elizabeth TURNER, widow of Mr. Eleazer TURNER, aged 39 years
  • Mar 8: Died Mr. Daniel CHURCH, aged 92 years, wanting a few days
  • Mar 11: Died Mrs. Meribah BURDEN, wife of Mr. Timothy BURDEN, aged ---
  • Mar 13: Died an infant child of Mr. Stephen TOBEY
  • Apr 3: Died Mr.s Lydia TOBY, wife of Mr. Stephen TOBEY, in the 43d year of her age
  • Jun 1: Died Mrs. Sarah COUCH, wife of Mr. John COUCH, in the 77th year of her age
  • Jun 8: Died a son of Mr. John COUCH, Jun'r, aged one year & nine months
  • Jun 29: Died Bulah, daughter of Mr. Elijah PEET, aged 9 years
  • Jul 19: Died Laurence VANDUSEN, in the 32d year of his age
  • Jul 20: Died a child of Mr. POLLY, aged one year and seven months.
  • Aug 5: An infant child of Mr. Alvan FOOT, aged but a few hours
  • Aug 9: Died Mr. Thomas NORTHROP, aged 72 years
  • Aug 18: Samuel COUCH, son of Mr. Samuel COUCH, aged 15 months
  • Sep 6: Died a twin child of Mr. POLLY, aged about one year & 9 months
  • Sep 21: Died, Mary Ann WORMER, daughter of Mr. Aaron WORMER, in the 8th year of her age
  • Oct 5: Died a child of Capt. John STEARNS, aged one year and 6 months
  • Dec 21: Died Moses RAMSDALE, son of Mr. Jehu RAMSDALE, aged 7 years
  • Dec 23: An infant child of Mr. Andrew HOWK

  • Feb 22: Died Miss Lucinda INGERSOLL, daughter of Wm. INGERSOL, Esqr., in the 36th year of her age
  • Mar 21: Died Mrs. Elizabeth WEST, aged 88 years
  • Apr 9: Died Mr. Daniel CHURCH, in the 60th year of his age
  • May 16: Died Electa WILCOX, in the 29th year of her age
  • May 27: An infant child of Mr. Elijah WEST
  • Aug 10: Died Joseph BASSETT, son of Mr. Nath'l BASSETT, aged one year
  • Sep 30: Died Achsah TAYLOR, wife of William TAYLOR, in the 24th year of her age
  • Nov 9: Died Miriam HATCH, wife of Josiah HATCH, aged 83 years.

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