Vital Records Of The Town Of Halifax Massachusetts
To The End Of The Year 1849

Literally Transcribed Under The Direction Of
George Ernest Bowman, Editor Of "The Mayflower Descendant"
And "Vital Records Of Brewster, Mass."

Published By The Massachusetts Society Of Mayflower Descendants
At The Charge Of The Old Colony Town Record Fund
Boston, Massachusetts 1905.

Editor- George Ernest Bowman
Nathaniel U. Walker
Edward H. Whorf
Stanley W. Smith
George Ernest Bowman
Coommittee on Publication; Charles A. Hopkins

DEATHS, 1734-1803

[transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


    [p. 15]
  • The widdow Susanah Ransom Dyed febuary ye 6th 1735
  • frances Towson Dyed July ye 24th 1734.
  • Ephraim Tomsons Child Dyed December the 5th 1735
  • Decon Samuel Sturtevant Dyed aprill the 21st 1736 in the 83d year of his age.
  • Ezekiel waterman ye son of Joseph waterman Dyed may ye 20th 1734.
  • abigail waterman ye Daughter Robert waterman jur Dyed october the 9th 1735
  • James waterman Dyed July ye 9th 1737
  • abigail watermaa ye 2d Dyed febuary ye 3d 1739
  • Epharram Tinkcam the son of Isaac Tinkcam Dyed January the 10th 1734: 5
  • Joseph King Dyed october the 30th 1736 in ye 88th year of his age
  • The widdow Martha Brigs Dyed January the 12th 1736: 7
  • John Jackson the son of Benjamin Jackson Dyed January ye 25th 1738-9
  • Deborah Jackson Dyed January the ye 9th 1740-1
  • Deborah Sears the Daughter of Jonathan Sears Dyed July ye 14th 1739
  • peter Bozworth the son of nehemiah Bozworth Dyed november ye 9th 1740
  • James Tomson Dyed november the 23d 1739
  • Seth Bryant Dyed January the 22d 1739-40
  • Deak Jonathan Bozworth Dyed January the 24th 1741
  • Barnabas Tomson the son of Barnabas Tomson Dyed Sept the 7th 1742
  • Jacob Tomson Dyed march the 14th 1743
  • Mr. Thomas Tomson Senior Dyed october the 26th 1742
  • Ruth Bozworth the wif of Joseph Bozworth Dyed January the 24th 1743
  • mageret Holms the wife of Ephraim Holms Dyed January the 6th 1743
  • the widdow Sarah Tomson Dyed october the 24 1742
  • Ephram Tomson son Ephraim Dyed may the 25th 1744
  • Ephraim Tomson senior Dyed in the 62 year of his age the 13th of November 1744
  • Joanna Towson Dyed Decem the 17th 1744

    [p. 16]
  • The widdow Abigail Tomson Dyed January the 15th 1744 In the 75 year of Her age
  • Benjamin Eddy Dyed September the 24th 1744
  • Jonathan Eddy September the 25 1744
  • Lydia Sturtevant Daughter to Francis Sturtevant and mary his wife died July ye: 25th: 1744
  • Gamaliel Sturtevant Son to Francis Sturtevant and Mary his wife died April: ye 13th: 1744
  • Deborah Bozworth Daughter to Nehemiah Bozworth & Susannah Bozworth his first wife died: aprill 21st: 1746
  • abigail Tomson Daughter To Barnabas Tomson & Hannah His wife died march: 3rst: 1747
  • asa Tomson their Son died aprill ye: 5th 1747
  • Jabez Tomson their Son died aprill: ye: 8th: 1747
  • Samuel Tomson Their Son died aprill: ye: 29th: 1747
  • Elisha Waterman & David Waterman two Sons of Antoney Waterman and Hannah his wife died June the: 19th: 1747
  • Edward may Son of Edward may and Ann his wife died august the 1st: 1747
  • Zebulun Bars Son of austin Bars & Hannah his wife died march the 24th day: 1745
  • William Bars Son of Joseph Bars & Hannah his wife died may the 8th 1747
  • Zaccheus Tomson Son of John Tomson 2d: and Joanna his wife Died aprill the: 19th: 1747
  • Mary Tomson Daughter To Jacob Tomson Junr. and Mary his wife died august: the: 21st: 1747
  • Martha Tomson their Daughter Died September the: 7th: 1747
  • Thomas Tomson Son of Thomas Tomson and Martha his wife died September: the 16th: 1747
  • Hannah Tomson Daughter of Peter Tomson and Hannah his wife died July: the 28th: day 1747

    [p. 17]
  • Abigail Harris the Daughter of Joseph Harris and hannah His wife Died September: the: 21st: 1747
  • Mercy Harris their Daughter died: September: the: 25th: 1747
  • Susannah Harris their Daughter died September the: 29th: 1747
  • Joshua Tomson the Son of Thomas Tomson the Second and Mary his wife died July: 27th: day: 1747
  • Mercy Tomson the Daughter of Reuben Tomson and Mary his wife died September the: 1st: day 1747
  • Experience Cortis the Daughter of Benjamin Cortis and Experience his wife died November the: 14th: 1745
  • Silvenas Cortis their Son died September: the: 9th: 1747
  • Thomas Croade the Son of Thomas Croade Esqr & Rachel his wife died august the 8th: 1747
  • Mary Croade their Daughter dyed august the: 21st: 1747
  • Abijah Wood of Halifax widow of abiel Wood of Middleboro died May the: 21st: 1746
  • Deacon David Bozworth Died June: the 12th day: 1747
  • Lois Bars the Daughter of Andrew Bars and Margret his wife died october: 30th: 1747
  • Ruth Bars their Daughter died September: 30th: 1747

    the Children of austin Bars & Hannah his wife
    • abiah Bars Died october the 19th: 1747
    • Luce Bars died october: the 26: 1747
    • Jabez Bars died october the 31st: 1747

  • Meek Wadsworth the Daughter to abiah Wadsworth and Mary his wife died June the: 25th: day 1747
  • Hannah Sears the Daughter of Jonathan Sears and Hannah his wife died September: 7th: 1747
  • Doritha Sears their Daughter died September the 8th 1747
  • Robert Waterman Son of Robert Waterman Junr and Martha his wife died December 18th: 1748
  • Luce Bars the Daughter of Mial Bars and Betty his wife died February: 17th 174718
  • anna Leach the Daughter of Micah Leach & Tabitha his wife died october: 20th: 1748
  • Thomas Cushing the Son of Noah Cushing and Hannah his wife died august: 14th: 1749

    [p. 18]
  • Sarah Croade the Daughter of Thomas Croade Esqr and Rachel his wife died November: 30th: 1749
  • Hannah Wood the who Lived at Deacon Tinkhams and who was the Daughter of Thomas Wood and Hannah his wife Died December the 5th 1749
  • Mr. Robert Waterman Sent Died January: 16th: 1749/50
  • Nathaniel Waterman Son of Samuel Waterman and Mary his wife died January: 14th: 1749/50
  • Mary Holmes the wife of Jonathan Holmes of Kingston who was Daughter to Mr. Robert Waterman Senr of Hallifax died January: 26th: 1749/50
  • Peter Tomson the Son Peter Tomson & Hannah his wife died March: 2d: 1749/50
  • Deacon Isaac Tinkham died aprill: 7th: 1750
  • Moses Tinkham the Son of Deacon Isaac Tinkham died aprill: 15th 1750
  • Nehemiah Holmes son of Simeon Holmes and abiah his wife died June 26th: 1747
  • Ruth Holmes their Daughter: died august: 6th: 1748
  • David Tomson Son of Left Barnabas Tomson & Hannah his wife died September: 13th: 1750
  • Mary Bryant Daughter to Thomas Bryant and Hannah his wife died about 20th: of September 1747
  • Jacob Tomoson of Hallifax died February 17th: 1750/1
  • Rachel Tomson Daughter to Zebediah Tomson and Zerviah his wife died May: 7th 1751
  • Jabez Soul of this Town (who was son to Zachariah Soul Sent of Plymton) died September: 10th: 1751
  • Sarah Sturtevant Daughter to Isaac Sturtevant and Sarah his wife died September: 25th: 1747
  • Isaac Sturtevant the Son of William Sturtevt Senr died February 7th 1750/1
  • Mary Waterman the Daughter of Mr. Samuel Waterman & Mrs. Mary his wife Died: December: 10th 1753
  • Benjamin Waterman their Son Died January: 8th: 1754
  • Nathaniel Waterman their Son Died January: 11th: 1754

    [p. 19]
  • Mercy Cushing the Daughter of Noah Cushing and Hannah his wife died February: 21st: 1754
  • Their Son Noah Cushing died February: 23: 1754
  • Their Daughter Sarah Cushing Died February: 26th 1754
  • Their Son Thomas Cushing died February 27th: 1754:
  • Zebediah Tomson the Son of Zebediah Tomson and Zerviah his wife died November: 7th: 1753
  • Abel Tomson the Son of Lieut Barnabas Tomson & Hannah his wife died July 28th 1754
  • Moses Tinkham the Son of Noah Tinkham and Sarah his wife died May: 13th: 1754
  • Nehemiah Stetson Jur died January 11 1756
  • Mary Waterman the wife of Samuel Waterman died aprill: 9th 1756
  • Zebediah Waterman the Son of Samuel Waterman died May: 5th: 1756
  • Zebulun Holmes the Son of William Holmes Senr died May: 24th 1756
  • Joanna Sturtevant widow of William Sturtevant died March: 27th: 1756
  • Nathaniel Croade the Son of Nathaniel Croade and Elizabath his wife Died: March: 29th: 1756
  • Robert Waterman the Son of Samuel Waterman and Mary his first wife died September: 27th: 1756
  • Mial Bearce Died March 23d: 1753
  • Elizabath Bearce Dughter of mial Bearce and Elizabah his wife died octobr: 11th: 1752
  • Abigail Tomson daughter of Ruben Tomson and Mary his Wife died Aprel 2nd 1757
  • Mary Wood the wife of timothy Wood Died may: 12th: 1756
  • Timothy Wood Died augst: 22d: 1756
  • Deacon Robert Waterman Died Septr 9th: 1761
  • Martha Waterman Junr the Daughter of Deaon Robert Waterman & 13th 1761
  • martha his wife Died Sept 13: 1761
  • Job Simmons Died Septr: 26th: 1761
  • Edmund Tilson Son of Ephraim Tilson and mercy his wife died may 14 1759

    [p. 21]
  • Nehemiah Bozworth Died December 22: 1762 who was in the 60th year of his age
  • Pricilla Ripley the Daughter of Perez Ripley and panal his wife 2d Daughter Died: march: 7th: 1768
  • Zerviah Tomson the wife of Zebadiah Tomson Deceased July 25: 1769 In the 41: year of her age
  • Lydia Holmes the Daughter of John Holmes and Elizabath his wife Died Febr: 17th 1763
  • Mary Tomson the wife of Reuben Toreson Died July 19: 1769: in the 59th year of her age
  • September the 14: 1769 then Thomas Towson Died in the 50 year of his age
  • Sarah Tomson the Daughter of sd Thomas Tomson and mary his wife Died November 27: 1769
  • Ignatius Tomson the son of sd Thomas Tomson and mary his wife Died January 22: 1770
  • Deacon Joseph Bozworth Died August 1: 1769
  • John Bozworth Died August 14: 1769
  • Elizebeth Bozworth the wife of Zadock Bozworth, Deceased march 11 1770 in the 28th year of her age
  • Ichabod Standish Died February: 29: 1772
  • Sarah Inglee the Daughter of moses Inglee and annah his wife Died February 4th: 1766
  • Hannah Tomson the Daughter of Joseph Tomson and Jerusha his wife Died December 31: 1771
  • Bezer Tomson son of Thomas Tomson Deceased and of Mary his widow Died March 24: 1773.
  • Jonathan Ripley Died August l0: 1772
  • Andrew Tomson Died May 23: 1773
  • Abner Ripley Died September: 29: 1770
  • Zebadiah Tomson Died September: 30: 1775 in the 48th year of his age
  • Freelove Muxsom Died July 6: 1775 in the 56 year of her age
  • Zadock Bozworth Died December 10: 1775 in the 41: year of his age
  • Olive Tomson Daughter of Dea. Barnabas Tomson and Hannah his Wife Died February 12th 1776
  • Moses Waterman the Son of John Waterman Junr and Mercy his wife Died May 8th 1771

    [p. 22]
  • Betty Cartee the Daughter of Benjamin Cartee and Betty his wife Died october 13: 1778
  • Doctr william Bachaller Died September 29: 1776
  • Clare Tomson the wife of Zebadiah Tomson Decased February: 3: 1781
  • Mary Tomson widow to Thomas Tomson Late of Hallifax Deceased Died March 20: 1781 in the 9Ist year of her age
  • Desire Hatch the wife of David Hatch Died December: 3: 1782
  • Isaac Tomson Died December: 6: 1782
  • Claresse Tomson Daughter of Zebadiah Tomson and Phebe his wife was was Found Dead on the morning of the 4th of February 1783 aged about three months
  • Judah wood Died march 22: 1783
  • Mary Porter the wife of Jonathan Porter Died September: 6: 1784
  • Hannah Tomson the wife of Deacon Barnabas Tomson Died may 2d: 1787 in the 75th year of Her age
  • August: 1: 1789 Hosea Dunbar Died
  • November 10: 1789: Mary Standish Died
  • February 5 1790 Abigail Bosworth the wife of David Bosworth Died
  • March 28th: 1790 John Tilson Died
  • January 17: 1790 Fear Waterman the wife of Captn John Waterman Died
  • April: 26th: 1790 Captn John Waterman Died
  • December: 6: 1790 John Tomson Died in the 90th year of His age
  • February 7: 1791 Molly Hatheway Died in the 22 year of her age
  • June 13: 1774 Seth Bryant was Drowned aged 34 years
  • October 26: 1788 Ruth Faxon the Wife of Benjamin Faxon Died aged 19 year
  • Septr 28: 1792 Gideon Soule Died
  • Octr 6: 1792 Lucy Tinkham the wife of Joseph Tinkham Died
  • Octr 16: 1792 Rebecah Tomson the wife of Peter Tomson Died
  • September 28: 1793 Reuben Tomson Died in the 77 yr of his age
  • September 15: 1793 Lydia Palmer the wife of Joshua Palmer Died
  • March 16: 1794 Joshua Palmer Died in the 79 year of his age
  • Joanna Tomson the wife of John Towson Died Jan. 10th 1779
  • Abigail Waterman daughter of Freeman Waterman & Joanna his wife Died December 27. 1784
  • their second Daughter Abigail Waterman Died December ye 9th 1786

    [p. 23]
  • Ebenezer Fuller Died Novr ye 12th 1794 His age was 97 years and 12 Days old when he Died
  • George Waterman the son of John Waterman Junr and Marcy his wife Died October 29th 1782
  • Abigail Bosworth the wife of David Bosworth Died February 5th 1790
  • David Bosworth the son of David Bosworth and Abigail his Wife Died July 8th 1790
  • Rebecca Bosworth the daughter of Salah Bosworth and Rebecca his wife died March 14th 1795
  • Hopestill Jackson wido to Benjamin Jackson late of Halifax Decesd Died March ye 27th 1795 In the 82d year of her age
  • Darius Faxon the son of Elisha Faxon and Sarah his wife Died November 27th 1794
  • Nancy Sturtevant the daughter of Barze Sturtevant & Betty his Wife Died November 16th 1791.
  • 1786 Novr 29 Noah Tinkham the son of Noah Tinkham & Sarah his wife Died in the 26 year of his age
  • Sarah Tinkham widow to Noah Tinkham Died July 27th 1795 in the 73 year of her age
  • Annah Inglee the daughter of Moses Inglee & Annah his wife Died on Lords day May 13th 1787
  • Rachel Croade the daughter of Thomas Croade Esqr Died April 7th A D 1799 in the 62 year of her age
  • Nathaniel Waterman The son of Capt. John Waterman Died in Richmond Virgina December 18th A D 1803 In the 28 year of his age
Plymton November 18th: 1746 a True Coppy pr me Josiah Perkins Town Clerk
  • Mary Waterman wife to Mr. Robert Waterman Deceast march: 13th: 1722/3

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