Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
at the Robert Henry Eddy Memorial Rooms
at the charge of
The Eddy Town-Record Fund.


[Transcribed by Sandra Boudrou]


Elisabeth of Otis, Hampshire Co., and Levi Cooley, int. Dec. 24, 1811.

ADKINS (see Atkins)

Elihu, Dea., and Mrs. Mercy Spelman, int. [Oct. __] 1815. [Dea. Atkins and Widow Spelman, m. Nov. ___, C.R.1.]
Hannah of Hartland, Conn., and Giles Rose, int. Sept. 25, 1804.
Jaez and Mrs. [dup. omits Mrs.] Abigail Fairchild of Middletown, int. June 30 [dup. June 29], 1805.
Jabez and Maria Hannahs of Bethlem, Conn., int. Dec. 5, 1827.
Josiah and Arty Mary Strong, int. Mar. 18, 1816. [Atkins, m. Mar. 20, P.R.6.]

ALCOTT (see Olcott).


Esther of Westfield and Silas Hodge, int. Dec. 7, 1828.

Jesse, widr., of Columbia, Pa., and Tirzah E. Seymour, d. W[illia]m, Feb. 24, 1847.* [Tirza E., P.R.6.]

ALLEN (see Alling)

John H. [int. Hastings, Cap.] of Sandisfield and Almira Fowler, Oct. 2, 1823. [John N. of Sandisfield and Almira Porter, C.R.1.]
Moses and Elisebeth Gillet, May 12, 1761.*

ALLING (see Allen)

Elizabeth M., 23, b. Norfolk, Conn., and Elihu Stow, 31, Farmer, s. Alva, Nov. ___, 1848.*


Laura and Horatio N. Goodwin of New Hartford, --[rec. between Apr. 16 and Apr. 30], 1834.* P.R.6.


Emily and Matthew L. Root of Paynesville, Ohio, July 9, 1839.* P.R.6.
James H., 24, farmer, s. Benja[min] and Mary, and Sybil C. King, 22, d. Edmund and Clarissa, May 9, 1845.* [Mar. 10, P.R.6.]
Jennette and Timothy M. Cooley, _____,* P.R.5. [Sarah Jane E. and Timothy M. Cooley 2d, Nov. 21, 1833, P.R.6.]


Francis and Simony Brounson, int. April. 7, 1808.

ATKINS (see Adkins)

Elizabeth S., 23, d. Josiah, and James M. Goodwin, 28, Farmer, s. Theodore, Oct. 12, 1848.*
Henrietta of Blandford and James Sage of New Hartford, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1805.* P.R.6.
Mary H., d. Josiah and A., and Stephen G. Moses of Hartford, Conn., Dec. ___, 1843.*
Reuben J. of Westspringfield and Mariamne Rose, int. Mar. 12, 1826. [Reuben I. of W. Springfield and Mariomme Ross, m. Mar. 30, C.R.1.]


Sally and Porter Fowler, Sept. 26, 1816.* [Sally of Russell and Porter Fowler of Westfield, m. in Russell, P.R.6.]


Ann of Suffield, Conn., and Sewall Bonney, int.Sept. 15, 1817.
Dorithy and Reubin Hickcox, Aug. 12, 1767.*


Elizabeth of Tolland and Patrick Henry Boise of Tolland, June 24, 1847, in Tolland. * P.R.6.
Fanny and Hull Slocum, Feb. 16, 1792.
Lucy and George Shepherd of Hartford, Conn., int. Mar. 15, 1829.
Perry and Synthicer Hickcox, Apr. 15, 1787. [Synthia Hancock (?), C.R.I.]
Thankfull and Christopher Rose, Oct. 31, 1820.


Almira M. and Dennis Marks of Burlington, Conn., int. July 13, 1828. [m.____, 1828, P.R.6.]
Mary and Luther S. Gibbs of Blandford, Nov. 25, 1828.
Theda and Mathhias Garritt [int. Matathias Garrit of Simsbury, Conn.], Jan. 22, 1817. [Mattathias Garret of Simsbury, P.R.6.]


Temperance, Mrs., of Springfield, and Elijah Spelman, int. Aug. 28, 1815.


Emerson E. and Marca Phelps, Oct. 31, 1832.* C.R.1.
Francis L.and Charity Tinker, Oct. 15, 1833.* P.R.6.
Joel, Rev., and Olive Curtiss, Aug. 30, 1797. [Aug 31, C.R.I. Aug. 30, P.R.6.]
Joseph and Phebe chapel, int. Jan. 14, 1798.
> Oliver of Vernon, Conn., and Laura Ladd, int. Nov. 21, 1814. [m. Dec. 7, C.R.1.]


Almira and John Kent, June ___, 1837.* C.R.1.
Amos Jr. and Anna Hamilton, _____[int. Nov. 14, 1805].
Betsy and Elezur Robinson, May 27, 1805.
Charlotte and William Henry Squires, Oct. 9, 1828. [Squier, C.R.1.]
Curtiss and Rachel Coe, June 18, 1792. [Curtis, C.R.1.]
Elnathan of Windsor, Conn., and Esther Bissell, Feb. 4, P.R.6.
Emma and Elijah Hall of Brunswick, Ohio, int. Dec. 20, 1818. [m. Jan. 12, 1819, P.R.6.]
Eunice, Mrs. of Sandisfield, and William Cooley Jr., int. Jan. 30, 1814.
Ezra Jr. and Destimance Robinson, July 19, 1787. [Destimona, C.R.1.]
Ezra C. and Amelia Ann Squier, Sept. 22, 1831.* C.R.1.
John and Hester Hamilton, Nov. 11, 1792. [Esther, C.R.1.]
Lucy, wid., and Joseph Whiton Seymour of Hartford, Dec. 22, 1799. [Joseph Whiten Seymour of Hartford, C.R.1.]
Lyman and Abigail Cambel (?), Nov. 12, 1786.* C.R.1.
Mahitable and Luther Hayse, Nov. 20, 1797. [Mahittabel and Luther Hayes, C.R.1.
Olsen C. and Fanny Harger, May 25, 1825. [Orsen C., C.R.1.]
Wetmore and Mrs. Sally Spelman, int. Jan. 24, 1819.


Sally of Hartland and Timothy B. Miller, int. Aug. 24, 1807.


Achsah [and] Daniel Rose, June 25, 1747.*
Jane and Oliver Spelman, Oct. 7, 1762.*
Libeas and Thankfull Stow, May 20, 1762.*
Noah and Olive Tibbals, Oct. 20, 1784.*
Sarah and Joseph Coe, Jan. 8, 1772.*
Susanah and Olever Munn, Jan. 29[worn].*

BANCRAFT (see Bancroft)

Bela and Clarissa Root, int. Oct. 12, 1809. [Bancroft, m. Nov. 29, P.R.6.]
Eunice and Thomose Goal, Apr. 10, 1758.*
Joel Jr. and Mary Williams, June 1, 1791.[Bancroft Jr., C.R.1.]
Rhoda and Noah Farnham Jr. of Blandford, _____[int. June 22, 1805]. [Bancroft, Aug. ___, 1805, P.R.6.]
Samuel and Elisebeth Spelman, June 14, 1759.*

BANCROFT (see Bancraft)

Agariah and Tabitha Pratt, Nov. 17, 1791.* C.R.1.
Alpheus and Orpha Rose, Mar. 20, 1817. [Orpah, P.R.6.]


Artimus and Laura Warfield of Blandford, int. Dec. 4, 1808.
Attamira and Horato Forbs, int. June 14, 1805. [Attermira and Horatio Forbs, m.____[rec. before Aug. ___], P.R.6.]
Azariah (see Agariah).
Caty and George Chandler of Wilbraham, Nov. 29, 1810. [Katherine, P.R.6.]
Clarissa and Edmund King, int. Aug. 25, 1818.
Comfort and Daniel Williams, Feb. 21, 1796.* [Feb. 28, P.R.6.]
David W. and Polly Rose, Jan. 21, 1808.
Edward and Cynthia Tinker of Chester, int. June 22, 1805.
Eliza A. and Elisha Brown, Nov. 13, 1828.
Eliza J., 26, d. Alpheus and Orpha, and David Drake Jr., 25, farmer, of Westfield, s. David and Cloe of Westfield, May 9, 1845.* [Eliza Jane, Mar. 10, P.R.6.]
Elizebeth and James Foster, June 19, 1765.*
Ethan and Lucy Rose, int. Jan.22, 1804. [m. Feb. 9, P.R.6.]
Gamaliel of Blandford and Matilda Gilman, int. Jan. 28, 1810. [m. Feb. 22, C.R.1.]
Hariet and Enoch G. Drake, in. Jan. 3, 1819. [Harriet and Enoch Griswold Drake, m. Jan. 28, P.R.6.]
Harvey O., farmer and Lydia Gaines, Mar. 13, 1844.*
John Jr. and Hannah Kind of Blandford, int. Aug. 31, 1805. [m. Sept. 19, P.R.6.]


Ruth S. and Elijah C. Spelman, Nov. 30, 1826. [Ruth Sarepta and Elijah Chapman Spelman, P.R.6.]
Sabra and Clark Cooley, Nov. 22, 1764.*
Sarah and Nathan Parsons, Nov. 13, 1766.*
Sarah and Abjah Church, widr. [dup. omits widr.], 60, miller, s. Abijah, Sept. 16, 1846.* [Abijah, Sept. 15, 1845, P.R.6.]
Sarah W. and Justus Rose Jr., Sept. 28 [dup. Sept. 18 sic, int. Sept. 25, 1815. [Sept. 18, P.R.6.]
Tabitha, d. Lt. Samuel, and Lt. Edmund Barlow Jr., ch. Lt. Edmund and Sibyl (d. John Root of Hebron, Conn.), _____, 1786.* P.R.1.
White and Rhoda Spelman, int. May 22, 1800.


Phee and Sylvanus Twist of Winchester, int. July 22, 1827. [Sylvester Priest of Winchester, Conn., m. Aug. 5, C.R.1.]
Watson of S. Hadley and Electa A. Seymour, d. Alexander, May 13, 1846.* [Watson Barlow of S. Hadley, P.R.6.]


Minerva and Isaac F. Barker of Lenox, int. Oct. 29, 1824.


Daniel of Sandisfield and Rowena Sandford, int. Dec. 6, 1829. [Rowana Sanford, m. Jan. 13, 1830. C.R.1.]
Isaac F. of Lenox and Minerva Bardin, int. Oct. 19, 1824.
Minerva and Alonzo Tillotson, int. Nov. 28, 1830.

BARLO (see Barlow)

Elsebeth and Thomas Gillet, June 12, 1744.*
Jams and Mary White, Oct. 17, 1753.* [James Barlow Jr., only ch. James and Sarah Huxley, Oct. 17, 1755 sic, P.R.1.]
Mary and James Hoffrey, Oct. 7, 1762.*
Nathan and Marthar Gates, Mar. 29, 1748.*

BARLOW (see Barlo)

Diana and Levi Truman Spelman, Jan. 22, 1834.* P.R.6.
Edmond and Sibbel Root, June 3, 1762.* [Lt. Edmund, ch. James Jr. and Mary (d. Nath[anie]l Hasmon [sic, Harmon] and Mary (Skinner) of Suffield), and Sibyl Root, d. John of Hebron, Conn., P.R.1.]
Edmund Jr., Lt., ch. Lt. Edmund and Sibyl (d. John Root of Hebron, Conn.) and Tabitha Bancroft, d. Lt. Samuel, ____, 1786.* P.R.1.
Elizebeth, wid., and Mackoon Williams of Southington, int. Dec. 15, 1799.
Heman and Nancy Tillotson, Apr. 2, 1817.


James, "was in the land division of Suffield, then Mass now, Conn. In 1670 to 1681," and Sarah Huxley, ____.* P.R.1.
James Jr., only ch. James and Sarah Huxley, and Mary Hasmon [sic, Harmon], d. Nath[anie]l and Mary (Skinner) of Suffield, Apr. 1, 1714 [? In Suffield].* P.R.1.
James, Ens., and Deborah Spelman, int. Mar. 4, 1804. [m. Mar. 28, P.R.6.]
Jonathan and Annis Gillet, int. Oct. 13, 1804, [Anniss, m. ____ [rec. between June 20 and Nov. 14], P.R.6.]
Lucy and Lyman Truman, int. Jan. 15, 1809. [m. Jan. 31, P.R.6.]
Margaret and Lyman Root, Dec. ____ [int. Dec. 6], 1814. [Rhoda, P.R.6.]
Samuel B., Dr., and Rhoda A. Wadsworth of Hartford, Conn., int. Oct. 8, 1825. [Samuel B., M.D., and Rhoda Hopkins Wadsworth, d. Lt. Timo[thy] of Hartford ("who served under Arnold in his winter march through the wilderness to Quebec, she being the 5th gen. in direct descent from Cap. Jos Wadsworth of Charter Oak Notoriety"), m. Oct. 10, in Hartford, Conn., P.R.1.
Watson (see Watson Barber).


Charles of Hartford, Conn., and Sarah Church, int. Sept. 6, 1829. [Bernard of Hartford, Conn., and Sally Church, m. Nov. 13, P.R.6.]

BARNES (see Barns)

Amos and Abigal Swetman, int. July 24, 1803.
Benj[amin] Jr. and Abigal Robinson, Dec. 30, 1799.
Huldah and Gad Coe, Jan. 8, 1790.
Jeremiah Jr. and Betsey Robinson, int. Apr. 3, 1803.
John and Polly Bates, Dec. 21, 1800. [Barnes, C.R.1.]
John W. and Amanda Goudy of Russell, int. June 14, 1824.
Mary A. and Loring Warfield of Blandford, int. Apr. 13, 1828.
Phin[eha,]s Jr. and Abigail Smith, Sept. 18, 1800.
Rodah and Curtiss Roinson, int. Sept. 12, 1803.
Susanna and Elihu Doud, Apr. 21, 1788.* C.R.1.

BARNS (see Barnes)

Anson and Orpah Knox of Blandford, int. Sept.____, 1811.
Benjamin and Mary Coe, May 12, 1763.*
Elijah and Sally H. Booge, Oct. 1, 1792. [Barnes and Sally Hull Booge, C.R.1.]


Hophni and Honnah Dodge, ____ [int. Nov. 14, 1802].
Jesse and Roxanna Wharfield of Blandford, int. Aug. 16, 1806.
Lucy and David Hall ofBlandford, int. Nov. 12, 1812.
Mabel and Jedediah Mills, Apr. 23, 1791. [Barnes and Jedidiah Mills, Apr. 23, 1793. C.R.1.]
Mercy and Daniel Kibbe of Loudon, Feb. 14, 1793. [Mary Barnes, Feb. 12, C.R.1.]
Polly and Seth Ward, int. Dec. 23, 1805.
Rachel and Curtiss Hall, June 14, 1820.
Sally and W[illia]m Eli Smith of Blandford, int. July 25, 1806.
W[illia]m and Rachel Porter of Hartland, April 28, 1791. [Barnes and Rachel Porter of Hartland, Conn., C.R.1.]
W[illia]m P. and Fanny Remington, Dec. 25, 1809.


Joshua W. of Otis, Berkshire Co., and Sally Mather, int. Apr. 6, 1821.
Ludy of Wilbraham and Nathan Parsons, int. Aug. 30, 1813.
Noah of Southwick and Marilla Elliott, int. Dec. 27, 1813.


Abigail and Richard Dickinson, June 2, 1793.* C.R.1.
Abigail, Mrs., and Timothy Coe of Hartland, Conn., Apr. 20, 1808.
Abolabbema and Isaac Snow, Jan. 27, 1791. [Abolibamah and Isac Snow, C.R.1.]
Candace (see Dacy).
Caroline A., 26 d. C. F., and Orville Noble, 26, farmer, s. Reuben, Nov. 25, 1846.*
Charles Frederic Esq. [int. of Southampton, Hampshire Co.] and Julia Hubbard, Mar. 5, 1818 [Charles F. Esq. of Southampton, Jan. 4, P.R.6.]
Charlotte and Jonathan Barber Bancroft, int. Apr. 14, 1805. m.____ [rec. after June 13] P.R.6.]
Chloe and Francis Stebbins of Springfield, Nov. 15, 1796.
Dacy and Harvey Sanders, int. Jan. 1, 1804. [Canday Bates, m. Jan. 16, P.R.6.]
David Jr. and Susanna Howard, Jan. 1, 1794.*
Edith and Dan[ie]ll Gillet, int. Oct. 14, 1806. [Daniel, merchant, m. Nov. 20 P.R.6.]
Hannah and Elnathan Smith, May 23, 1764.*
Hannah and David Hosford, Mar. 1, 1810.* P.R.6.
James B. and Betsy Bradley, Aug. 22, 1805.
John and Chloe Graves, Apr. 20, 1766.*
Julia H, 20, d. Cha[rle]s F. and Julia, and Porter E. Gowdy, 25, joiner, of Cabotville, b. Russell, s. Alexander and Bethia of Russell, Jan. 1, 1845.* [Porter E. of Springfield, Jan. 1, 1846, P.R.6.]
Nathaniel Jr. and Nancy Burbank, int. Jan. 23, 1803.
Polly and Nathan Booth Jr., ____ [int. Mar. 30, 1805].
Samuel, farmer, of Blandford, b. Blandiord, s. Kilbourn and ____ of B[landford], and Lucy E. Hall, d. W[illia]m and Nancy, June ___, 1844.* Sarah and Seth Rose, Nov. 29, 1789.


Diodemia of Hartland, Conn., and John Rogers, int. Feb. 11, 1810.
Eli of Hartland and Phebe Stedman, Apr. 13, 1809.


Jonathan of Wilbraham and Abigail Gibbs, Jan. 27, 1790.* C.R.1.


Ezekiel and Phebe Parsons of Tolland, Sept. 17, 1812.* C.R.1.
Nancy and Joel D. Harger, int. Apr. 18, 1830. [L. D. Harger, m. May 12, C.R.1.]


Eliphalet and Elizebeth Harvey, Aug. 23, 1795.*


Samuel and Diodama Sawyer, int. May 28, 1809. [Diadema, m. Nov. 27, P.R.6.]


Rachil, in 24th y., and James Coe, in 27th y., Jan. 21, 1767.*


Charles (see Charles Barnard).


William and Wealthy Palmer, Mar. 29, 1826.


Allin and Betsy Granger, Oct. 9, 1805.
George and Mrs. Sarah Harding, June 13, 1809.


Aaron, Dr., and Polly Dickinson, int. Sept. 3, 1797. Polly, Mrs., and Thomas Norton of Southwick, int. Mar. 8, 1806. [m. Apr. 16, P.R.6.]


James Ross of Salisbury, Conn., and Salina F. Freeman of Tolland, Mar. 8, 1823.*


Eleanor of Blandford and Solomon Steward of Blandford, Jan. 1, 1801.* P.R.6.
Servila and Aaron Coe Jr., May 13, 1787. [Servila, C.R.1.] ____ of Russell and ____ Williams of Russell, Feb. 2, 1804.* P.R.6.


Chester and Cynthia Clark, int. Feb. 8, 1801. [Bisell, m. Feb. 25, P.R.6.
Esther and Elnathan Baldwin of Windsor, Feb. 6, 1796.* [Bissell and Elnathan Baldwin of Windsor, Conn., Feb. 4, P.R.6.]
BIXBY, Benj[a]m[in] and Marget Walker, Feb. S. 1787. (Margaret, C.R.1.]


Archibald and Mercy Sheldon, int. Feb. 18, 1810.
Betsey of Southwick and Joel Gillett, int. Feb. 14, 1830.


Adam of Blandford and Clarissa Robinson, int. Feb. 4, 1810. [Adam Jr. of Blandford m. Mar. 1, C.R.1.]
Samuel of Blandford and Hannah Frary of Blandford, Nov. 28 1804.*
Thrall [int. of Blandford ] and Mary C. Robinson, Mar. 12, 1820.


Ruth [dup. Blakeley] of Hartland, Conn. and Isachar Graves, int. Nov. 13 [dup. Dec. ___crossed out], 1807.


Comfort and Seth Lonarde, Nov. 14, 1771.*


Benj[amin] J. of Hartford, Conn., and Sally Clark, Sept. 8, 1803.

BOIES (see Boise)

Betsy of Blanford and John Phelps, Feb. 9, 1792.*
Enos of Blanford and Alice Robinson, Apr. 1, 1799. [Bois of Blandford and Allis Robinson, C.R.1.]

BOISE (see Boies)

Eliza of Blandford and Seth Coe, int. Apr. 19, 1829.
Louisa R. of Blandford and George L. Houghton of Simsbury, Conn. May 6, 1835, in Blandford.* P.R.6.
Patrick and Orpha M. Marshall, June 6, 1816. [Bois, C.R.1. Boise Esq. and Orpah Marshall, P.R.6.]*
Patrick Henry of Tolland and Elizabth Babcock of Tolland, June 24, 1847, in Tolland.* P.R.6.
Watson E. of Blandford and Laurinda H. Robinson, Feb. 23, 1832.* P.R..


Sewall and Ann Austin of Suffield, Conn., int. Sept. 15, 1817.


Publius Vergilius, Rev., of Winchester, and Catherine Robinson, Mar. 2, 1791. [Rev. Publius Virgilius of Winchester, Conn., and Mrs. Catherine Robinson, C.R.1.]
Booge, Sally H. and Elijah Barns, Oct. 1, 1792. [Sally Hull Booge and Elijah Barnes, C.R.1.]


Elisha, Lt. and Elvira Squires, int. Nov. 25, 1822. [M ____ Squier, m. Dec. 5, C.R.1.]
Ephraim of Southwick and Mrs. Martha Tillotson, int. May 20, 1817.
Nathan Jr. and Ruth Bates, ____ [int. Mar. 30, 1805.]


David A., 28 joiner of W. Springfield, b.W. Springfield, s. Alden (Bodurthy) of W. Springfield, and Lois L. Robinson, 23, d. Orin, May 3, 1848.*


Timothy and Nancy Gibbons, May 19, 1819.* [Timothy of New Milford, P.R.6.]


Lydia of Blanford and Jacob G. Frost, int. Sept. 2, 1803.
William of Hartland, Conn., and Achsah L. Northway, int. May 10, 1829. [m. May 25, P.R.6.]


Lydia and Joseph Coe, Mar. 13, 1829.* G.R.6.


Ashbill and Lorry Cooley, Mar. 7, 1808. [Ashbel and Laura Cooley, P.R.6.]
Betsy and James B. Bates, Aug. 22, 1805.
Lovice and Willard Olcott of Stafford, Conn,, int. Oct. 17, 1830.
[Lovicy Bradly and George Hyde of Stafford, Conn., m. Nov. 16, P.R.6.]
Willim and Betsey Cook, int. Sept. 23, 1816.


Chloe of Hartland and Edmund Clark, int. April 20, 1801.


Bazaleel of Turin, N.Y., and Olive Gillett, int. Apr. 30, 1811.

BROCKWAY, (see Brockwey)

Noah of Bristol and Susanna Marshel, July 4, 1791. [Marshall, July 1, C.R.1.]

BROCKWEY (see Brockway)

Prudence and Samuel Robinson, Jan.11, 1786.*


Simony and Francis Arnum, int. Apr. 7, 1808.


Andrew Jr. and Emey Eldridge, Apr. 28, 1800.
Celia, 16, d. Levi, and James P. Cooley, 26, merchant, s. James, Apr. 4, 1847.* [Celia E., P.R.5. Celia and James Parsons Cooley, P.R.6.]
Eleazar S., 23, cooper, s. Levi, and Elisabeth L. Spelman, 21, d. Samuel, apr. 26 [1848]*. [Eleasur S, and Elizabeth L. Spelman, P.R.6.]
Elisha and Eliza A. Bancroft, Nov. 13, 1828.
Levi and Almeida Strong, int. Mar. 1, 1824. [Almeda, m. William and Caroline Church, Mar. 31, 1839.* P.R.6.


Amanda and Hiram Puffer, int. Apr. 23, 1807.
Isaac of Cazenovia, Herkemer Co., N. Y., and Anna Hamilton, int. Feb. 1, 1806.
Salathiel and Elizabeth Hamilton, May 5, 1791. [Salathiel Jr. and Elisabeth Hamilton, C.R.1.]


Lucy and John Kirtland of Suffield, Aug. 28, 1788.* C.R.1.
Nancy and Nathaniel Bates Jr., int. Jan. 23, 1803.
Thomas and Polly Howard, Jan. 11, 1789. [Mary, C.R.1.]


Lymann of Westfield and Mary Ann Turner, Nov. 17, 1840.* P.R.6.


Hannah and Titus Fowler, Apr. 9, 1765.*


Caleb and Anna Merry, Sept. 8, 1788.*
Catherine and Horrace Cadwell of Hartford, W. Division, Apr. 2, 1795.*


Theodore of Hartland and Dolly Hamilton, June 28, 1810.


Cynthis of Tolland and Pierpont Potter, int. Apr. 15, 1822.
Selah and Lucy Hall, June 17, 1789.


Silas of Blandford and Anna Newto of Russell, May 31, 1802.* P.R.6.


Florinda [int. Floranda] and Sterling [int. Starling] Hays [of] Granby, Conn., May 1, 1822. [Florenda and Sterling Hayes of Granby, P.R.6.]
Laura and Simon Clark, [int. Jabin Clarke Jr. of Hartland, Conn.], ____ [int. June 3][1816]. Simon Clark of Hartland, ____[rec. between June 6 and Sept. 9], 1816, P.R.6.]
Miriam and Beri Cowdery of Hartland, Conn., Apr. 5, 1827. [Benj[amin] Cowdry of Hartland, P.R.6.]
Patty and Elizur Robinson, Dec. 29, 1813. [Dec. 9, P.R.6.]
Buttles, Silence and Elijah Clark of Suffield, Hartford Co., Conn., int. Mar. 31, 1823. [m. ____ [rec. between Apr. 3 and July 9], P.R.6.]


Jona[than] Jr. of Granby and Lucy Whitney, int. Aug. 19, 1798.


Adna of Southwick and Abigail Chester, Feb. 1, 1814.


Horace of Hartford, W. Division, and Catherine Burt, Apr. 2, 1795.*
Mary, [dup. Caldwell] of Southwick and Joseph Strickland, June 24, 1796.* [Cadswell of Southwich, P.R.6.]
Nathan and Lucretia Smith of Suffield, int. May 9, 1812.
Sally of Granby and James Root, int. Jan. 16, 1814


Mary (see Mary Cadwell).

CAMBEL (see Campbell)

Abigail (Cambel ?) and Lyman Baldwin, Nov. 12, 1786.* C.R.1.


Catherine and Jacob Cook Jr., Feb. 4, 1756.*

CAMPBELL (see Cambel)

Asa of Southwick and Sally Strickland, Dec. 8, 1813.


Rosett M. of Watertown, Conn., and Bonson K. Hatch, int. Apr. 13, 1828.


Hannah and Edmond Ward of New Marlborough, Nov. 2, 1791.
Lewis and Rodah Torrey, Aug. 25, 1791. [Rhoda Torry, C.R.1.]


Clarissa of Blandford and John Coughran of Blandford, ____, 1802.* P.R.6.
Crucia of Blandford and Sylvester Peebles, int. Dec. 2, 1822.
Nathan [of] Blandford and Elizabeth Waterman [of] Blandford, Dec. 31, 1822.* [m. in Blandford, P.R.6.]


Sarah of Blandford and William Peebles, int. Apr. 25, 1830.
[Connahan (?) of Blandford, m. May 13, C.R.I.]

Jared V., 22, shoemaker, b. Granby, Conn., s. John D. of Conn., and Lucy M. Rogers, 18, b. Westfield, d. John, Dec. 31, 1849.*


Allen of Canton, Conn., and Mrs. Catherine Riley, int. Mar. 4, 1816. [m. Mar. 5, C.R.1.]
Electa and Reuben Hills, Jan. 25, 1812.*
Floreny of Otis, Berkshire Co., and Worthy Pratt, int. July 15, 1811.
Gideon, Dr. [int. of Hartland], and Persis Seaward [int. Seward], June 6, 1806.
Roevina of Lenox and Curtiss Knox of Blandford, Jan. 30, 1822.* C.R.1.
___ [dup. Coes] of Windsor and Mindwell Kelley [dup. Kelly], Dec. 20,
1796.* [Cosa of Windsor, Conn., and Mindwell Kelley, P.R.6.]

CASSON (see Kasson)


John W., 25, farmer, of Sandisfield, b. Sandisfield, s. Abner and Anna of Sandisfield, and Laura Hurlburt, 22, of Sandisfield, b. Sandisfield, Jan. 1, 1845.*


George of Wilbraham and Caty Bancroft, Nov. 29, 1810. [Katherine, P.R.6.]

Lewis of Springfield and Rhoda Webster, Feb. 24, 1829.
Lucas B. of Springfield and Salome B. Gowdy of Russell, Aug. 7, 1840.* P.R.6.
M. Mary of Springfield and Eleazar Strong, int. Sept. 3, 1821.


Lidia of Suffield, Conn., and Henry Horton, int. Nov 4, 1816.

CHAPPEL (see Chappell)

Phebe and Joseph Baker, int. Jan. 14, 1798.

CHAPPELL (see Chappel)

Penelope of Blandford and Chester Cornwell, int. Mar. 4, 1816.


Lucius W. of Westminister, Vt., and Almira Cornwell, int. Feb. 19, [Cornwall, m. Mar. 2, C.R.1.]


Abigail and Adna Byington of Southwick, Feb. 1, 1814.
Charlotte and Roland Ives of Southwich, Oct. 5, 1809.* P.R.6.
Susan and Timothy C. Tillotson, Feb. 22, 1827. [Timothy Cooley Tillotson, Jan. 1, P.R.6.]


Harriet and Thomas H. Clark, int. Jan. 14, 1822.
Lucinda and Holsey Stocking, May 10, 1826. [Julia and Halsey Stocking of Westfield, P.R.6.]
William, Jr. and Ruana Stocking of Westfield, int. Apr. 21, 1827.


Abijah Jr. and Roxana [int. Roxany] Bancroft, Sept 25, [Roxana, P.r.6.]
Abijah, widr. [dup. omits widr.] 60 miller, s. Abijah and Sarah Bancroft, Sept. 16, 1846.* [Abijah, Sept. 15, 1845, P.R.6.]
Bethuel Jr. of Salem, N. Y., and Roxey Cooley, int. Aug. 15, 1805. [Roxy, m. Sept. 23, P.R.6.]
Betsy and Henry Witherell, Apr. 22, 1827. [Betsey and Henry Wetherell P.R.6.]
Caroline and William Brown, Mar. 31, 1839.* P.R.6.
Charles and Zurviah Hunt, int. Oct. 14, 1809. [Zurviar, m. Nov. 30, C.R.1.]
Elijah and Violet Holcomb, ____ [ rec. between Apr. 26 and Sept. 18] [1815.].* [Elijah of Granby, Conn., and Violet Holcomb of Southwich. P.R.6.]
Josiah and Moriah Clark, Mar. 31, 1768.*
Lavina of Salem, N. Y., and Daniel M. Cooley, int. Aug. 30, 1805.
Lucy and Aaron Clark, Aug. 2, 1827.
Luther and Clarissa Hodge, int. Mar. 7, 1825.
Mercy and Joseph J. Gibbs of Becket, Mar. 29, 1837.* P.R.6.
Michal and Eldad Hoalcomb ][int. Holcomb of Sinsbearey], Dec. 23, 1756.
Samuel Jr. and Sarah Stephason, May 15, 1755.*
Sarah and Charles Bernard of Hartford, Conn., int. Sept. 6, 1820. [Sally and Charles Bernard of Hartford, Conn., m. Nov. 13, P.R.6.]


Elijah and Roxy Strickland, Apr. 12, 1827.
Martin of Southampton and Lucretia Farnham, ____ [int. Nov. 29, 1806].
Mary of Southampton and Benjamin R. Tryon, ____ [int. Aug. 3], 1828.

CLARK (see Clarke, Clerk)

Aaron and Lucy Church, Aug. 2, 1827.
Almira and John M. Gibbs of Becket, Oct. 12, 1831.* C.R.1.
Amanda and Ephraim Trumble, int. Mar. 16, 1805.
Betsy and Thomas Deming of Sandisfield, Dec. 16, 1803.
Betsy of Pittsfield and Lt. Jonathun Barber Bancroft, int. Jan. 15
Charity of Tolland and Marcellus C. Miller of Otis Berkshire Co., Apr. 19, 1821.*
Cynthia and Chester Bissel, int. Feb. 8, 1801. [Bissell, m. Feb. 25, P.R.6.]
Edmund and Chloe Brainard of Hartland, int. Apr. 20, 1801.
Elijah of Suffield, Hartford Col, Conn., and Silence Buttles, int. Mar. 31, [m. ____ [rec. between Apr. 3 and July 9], P.R.6.
Elisabeth and Aaron Seaward, Feb. 12, 1756.*
Eunice and Joshua Whitney of Pittsfield, May 21, 1798.
Henry and Irene [int. Irena] Strong, Mar. 21, 1821. [Irena, P.R.6.]
Jabin Jr. (see Simon).
Jane and William H. Spelman, Mar. 19, 1827. [William Harman Spelman, P.R.6.]
John of W. Springfield and Ama Jones, Jan. 1, 1787.* C.R.1.
Joseph and Ruth Hubbard, July 27, 1767.*
Joseph C. of Granby, Conn., and Mary Winchel, int. Oct. 10, 1830.
Kellogg and Mrs. Charity Rice of W. Springfield, int. Aug. 12, 1814.
Laban, Rev., and Harriet Fairchild, ____ [int. Aug. 8, 1808].
Lovina [int. Lavina] and Ohel Spelman [int. of Vernon, N. Y.], Sept. 9, 1816. [Lovina and Ohel Spelman of Vernon, N. Y., P.R. 6.]
Lovisa and Isaac Rose, Apr. 10, 1817. [Lovicy, P.R.6.]
Lucy and Jarvis Gillett, int. Dec. 31, 1825.
Lydia, wid., and David Griswould of Granby, int. Dec. 27, 1812.
Manimia of Windsor, Conn., and Joel Rockwell, int. July 14, 1823.
Mariah [dup. Maria] Ann, 23, and David Kellogg, 23, merchant, b.
Hartland [dup. adds Conn.], s. Charles of Hartland, Conn., Aug. 7, 1845.* [Mariah Ann, P.R.6.]
Moriah and Joseph Church, Mar. 31, 1768.*
Nathaniel and Rhodah [int. Rhoda] Barlow, Dec. 30, 1819. [Rhoda, P.R.6.]
Polley and Deubartius Denslow of Sandersfield, Nov. 25, 1802.
Rhoda and John Johnson of Louden, int. Mar. 27, 1808.
Sally and Benj[amin] J. Boardman of Hartford, Conn., Sept. 8, 1803.
Samuel Jr. and Abmy Vallet, int. Apr. 10, 1803. [Cook and Amy Vollet, m. ____, 1803, P.R.6.
Simon [int. Jabin Clarke Jr. of Hartland, Conn.] and Laura Buttles, ____ [int. June 3] [1816]. [Simon Clark of Hartland, ____ [rec. between June 6 and Sept. 9], 1816, P.R.6.]
Simon and Hannah Remington, Apr. 17, 1817.* C.R.1.
Thomas and Mrs. Polly Ensign of Pittsfield, int. June 21, 1801.
Thomas H. and Harriet Chickley, int. Jan. 14, 1822.
Timothy and Julia C. Wells, Mar. 29, 1838.* P.R.6.
William of Blandford and @ezia Farnum, int. July 1, 1816. “Sham ____ imposition upon an old main.” [This entry crossed out.]

CLARKE, (see Clark, Clerk)

Tertius S., Rev., of Deerfield, and Almira Marshall, Sept. 10, 1828.

CLERK (see Clark, Clarke)

Amanda and Benjamin Whitney of Blandford, Apr. 13, 1808.

Anne of Blanford and Chester Leonard of Blanford, Jan. 27, 27, 1801.*
COE (see Coes)

Aaron Jr. and Searvila Bishop, May 13, 1787. [Servila, C.R.1.]
Abigail and Nathaniel Hoisington, int. Jan.25, 1811. [Hosington m. Feb. 29 sic, C.R.1.]
Alfred [int. adds Ames] and Rosanna ____ [int. Rosannah Steward], Dec. 2 [int. Nov. 15], 1813. [A. and Rosanna Stewart, Nov. 26, C.R.1.]
Amanda F. and Chancey Parsons, int. Dec. 6, 1817.
Benson of Hartland and Esther Ward, int. Mar. 7, 1815. [m. Apr.__,C.R.1]
Catharine and Daniel Hamilton of Tolland, int. May 17, 1813. [m. April 30, sic, C.R.1.]
Cornel of Middletown and Polly Miller, int. Oct. 7, 1810. [Cornal of Middletown, m. Nov. 15, C.R.1.]
COE, David and Sarah Pratt, Sept. 9, 1785.*
Diana and Ebenezer Strong, Nov. 5, 1766.*
Eliza Bula and Sir Phillip [int. Philip] Sidney Parsons, June 24, 1822 [Sidna P., C.R.1.]
Elmer W. and Emily Crocker, Apr. 20, 1831.* P.R.6.
Enoch and Esther Hooker, Mar. 25, 1804. [Enos, C.R.1.]
Ethan, Capt. And Emma E. Robinson, June 5, 1826.
Frederick M. and Elizabeth Wadsworth of E. Hartford, Conn., int. Aug. 26, 1827.
Gad and Huldah Barnes, Jan. 8, 1790.
Israel and Artimesia Wright, Mar. 9, 1780.*
James, in 17th y., and rachil Benrun, in 24th y., Jan. 21, 1767.*
Jane and Abner Rising Jr. of Litchfield, N. Y., Mar. 4, 1802. [Mar. 2, C.R.1.]
John and Polly Pendleton, Sept. 27, 1795.*
Joseph and Sarah Ball, Jan. 8, 1772.*
Joseph and Sarah Spelman, d. Thomas, July ___, 1785.* G.R.6
Joseph and Lydia Brace, Mar. 13, 1819.* G.R.6.
Loring E. and Mary Stanley of E. Hartford, Conn., int. Apr. 18, 1824.
Maley and Seth Robinson, Aug. 24, 1797. [Mala, Aug. 22, C.R.1.]
Marcia and Leander Harger, int. Jan. 5, 1830. [m. Jan. 27, C.R.1.]
Mary and Benjaman Barns, May 12, 1763.*
Mary, Mrs. and Jesse Cornwell of Hartland, int. Sept. 13, 1812.
Nancy M. and Denison Crane of Hartland, Conn., int. July 26, 1829. [m. Aug. __, C.R.1.]
Oliver and Ahoniam Hayes, int. Aug. 26, 1809.
Rachel and Curtiss Baldwin, June 18, 1792. [Curtis, C.R.1.]
Rachel and Marvin Gates of Bloomfield, N. Y., int. Jan. 14, 1798.
Samuel and Lucy Leister, ____ [int. Sept. 25, 1805].
Seth Jr. and Sarah Hall, int. Nov. 22, 1819. [Sarah Hill, m. Nov. 21 sic C.R.1.]
Seth and Eliza Boise of Blandford, int. April 19, 1829.
Sophia and Ebenezer Merrill Esq. of Rowe, int. Apr. 19, 1829. [Morrill, m. May 17, C.R.1.]
Tabitha and Joel Harger, May 21, 1799. [Tabathy and Joel Hargir, May 23, C.R.1.]
Timothy of Hartland, Conn., and Mrs. Abigail Bates, Apr. 20, 1808.

COES (see Coe)

_____(see _____Case).


Claudius L. of Granby, Conn., and Luna Kellogg, int. Apr. 18, 1830.
Lois and David Dewey Jr. [int. of Granby], May 10, 1814. [David Jr. of Granby, P.R.6.]
Maria and William Seymour, Sept. 16, 1817. [Mariah, Sept. 16, 1816, P.R.6.]
Orpah and Ardon Seymour, Nov. 30, 1815.
Roderick, 38 Lumber dealer, of Springfield, and Sylvia Spelman, 22, d. Ethan, June 15, 1847.*
William of Hartland, Conn., and Phebe Cornwell, int. Feb. 1, 1816. [m. Jan. 20 sic, C.R.1.]


Harmon, 22, joiner, of Granby, Conn., b. Granby, Conn., s. Samuel of Granby, and Eliza N. Marvin, 25, d. William, Mar. 27, 1849.* [Cotton of Granby, Conn., P.R.6.]
Jacob Jr. of Longmeadow and Clarinda Robinson, Jan. 3, 1827.
Newton of Longmeadow and Naomi Robinson, Oct. 21, 1823.


Lucinda and Micah Ferrin, Apr. 26, 1815.* [Lucinda of Southwich, P.R.6.]


Betsey and William Bradley, int. Sept. 23, 1816.
Betsey and Daniel Fairchild, Feb. 23, 1817.
Erastus L. and Sarah Ann King, int. Dec. 12, 1830.
Jacob Jr. and Catharine Camp, Feb. 4, 1756.*
Lucy of Blanford and John Ely, Mar. 18, 1790. [both of Blandford, C.R.1.]
Mary and Elijah Raney, Mar. 2, 1763.*
Rebekah and Olive [sic] Fowler, Mar. 20, 1765.*
Rhoda, wid., of Loudon, and Dea. Benjamin Dibol of Granby, May 17, 1787.* C.R.1.
Samuel (see Samuel Clark Jr.).
Vinson and Tirza Kelley, Nov. 27, 1828.


Abi and John Wood, 3d [dup. and int. omit 3d] of Somers, Conn., Oct. 20 [dup. Aug. 20 sic, int. Aug. 21] 1797. [John 3d of Somers, Conn., Oct. 20, P.R.6.]
Abi and Spencer Wright, int. Sept. 16, 1804. [m. Nov. 14, P.R.6.]
Abigail and Benjamin Tryon, int. Nov. 29, 1801. [m. Jan. 6, 1802, P.R.6.
Alcy M. and Elisha Flower of Lenox, Berkshire Co., Sept. 28, [dup. Sept. 18 sic, int. Sept. 25], 1815. [Alcy Marie, Sept. 18, P.R.6.]
Almira C. and Lester Cooley Tryon, May 3, 1837.* P.R.6.
Amanda and Heaton Granger [int. of Granby, Conn.], Nov. 13, 1815. [Heaton of Granby, P.R.6.]
Cephas Harmon and Harriet Tryon, Oct. 21, 1838.* P.R.6.
Charles and Esther Sanders, ____, 1802.* P.R.6.
Clark and Sabra Bancroft, Nov. 22, 1764.*
Clark Jr. and Candace Holcomb, Apr. 28, 1790.
Daniel M. and Lavina Church of Salem, N. Y., int. Aug. 30, 1805.
Dorothy and John Tibbals of Watervlict, Albany Co., N. Y., Oct. 9, [int. Oct. 15 sic], 1792. [Oct. 9 C.R.1.]
Edward S. of Springfield and Margaret Stuart, int. Sept. 16, 1816.
Elihu and Rachel Wilcox, int. Nov. 3, 1804. [Willcox, m. Dec. 13, P.R.6.]
Eliza C. and Jesse B. Spelman of Albany, N.Y., Apr. 17, 1828. [Eliza Content and Jesse Barlow Spelman of Albany, N. Y., P.R.6.]
Elizabeth R., 24, d. Noah and Steuben Rexford Esq., 33, lawyer, of Syracuse, N. Y., b. Syracuse, N. Y., s. John of Syracuse, Feb. __, 1849.*
Elvira and Linus Hubbard, Nov. 13, 1832.* P.R.6.
Festus and Mary Strickland, int. Feb. 19, 1816.
Gaius and Dolly Steward, Nov. 1, 1795.* C.R.2.
George Jr. and Lydia Hubbard, int. Sept. 3, 1809. [m. Oct. 2, P.R.6.]
Hannah [dup. Cooley written below Whitney crossed out] and Jonah [dup. Josiah] Graves, Feb. 7, 1708. [Cooley and Josiah Graves, P.R.6.]
Hosea and Statira Roberts, int. July 29, 1811.
James and Almira Parsons, June __, 1805. [James Esq., June 13, P.R.5. P.R.6.]
James P., 26, merchant, s. James, and Celia Brown, 16, d. Levi, Apr. 4, 1847.* [celia E., P.R.5. James Parsons Cooley and Celia Brown, P.R.6.]
Laura (see Lorry).
Levi and Rebeccah Dickinson, Nov. 7, 1795.*
Levi and Elisabeth Adams of Otis, Hampshire Co., int. Dec. 24, 1811.

Loanna and Reuben Eno [int. Jr. of Simsbury, Conn.], Nov. 14, 1815. [Reuben, P.R.6.]
Lorry and Ashbill Bradley, Mar. 7, 1808. [Laura and Ashbel Bradley, P.R.6.]
Luna and Ebenezer Mott, Sept. 21, 1812. [Sept. 22, P.R.6.]
Margrit and Robert Hamilton, Jan. 1, 1767.*
Minerva and Watson M. Snow of S. Hadley, ____ [rec. between May 6 And Oct. 7], 1835.* P.R.6.
Moses and Anne [int. Anna] Rose, May 14, 1814. [Anna, P.R.6.]
Noah and Saphronia Parsons, int. Aug. 16, 1819. [Sophronia, m. Sept. ____, C.R.1.]
Orpah and Leander Strickland, int. Mar. __, 1814. [Lender, m. Mar. 29, P.R.6.]
Orsamus and Betsy Strickland, Dec. 5, 1825. [Betsey, P.R.6.]
Philantha E. and William Warfield of Blandford, Apr. 10, 1833.* P.R.6.
Rebeckah of Longmedowe and Hezekiah Robinson, int. Dec. 22, 1799.
Roland Phelps, Dr., and Mila Stow, int. May 24, 1806. [Rowland P., M.D., m. ____[rec. between Apr. 16 and sept. 13], P.R.6.]
Roxey and Bethuel Church Jr. of Salem, N. Y., int. Aug. 15, 1805. [Roxy, m. Sept. 23, P.R.6.]
Sabra and Hiram Rose, Apr. 29, 1790.
Sally and Rufus Spelman, int. Dec. 11, 1803. [m. Jan 1, 1804, P.R.6.]
Timothy M. and Jennette Andrews, _____.+ P.R.5. [Timothy M. 2d and Sarah Jane E. Andrews, Nov. 21, 1833, P.R.6.]
William Jr. and Mrs. Eunice Baldwin of Sandisfield, int. Jan. 30, 1814.
William B., Ens., and Mary Ann Spelman, Nov. 21, 1827.
Zadock Farnum and Ferusha Crocker, Nov. 3, 1831.* P.R.6.
Zoduck and Michael Holcomb, Apr. 10, 1788. [Zadoc, C.R.1.]


Margaret of W. Springfield and Lee Tinker, int. June 13, 1815.

Abigail and Enos Lane of Hartland, Mar. 17, 1791. [Enos of Hartland, Conn., C.R.1.]
Almira and Lucius W. Chase of Westminister, Vt., int. Feb. 19, 1826. [Cornwall, m. Mar. 2, C.R.1.]
Anson [dup. Cornwall, adds H.] and Sally Wheeler, Oct. 2 [int. Oct. 3 sic] [Anson N. Cornwell and Sally M. Wheeler, Oct. 2 or 3, C.R.1.]
Chester and Penelope Chappell of Blandford, int. Mar. 4, 1816.
CORNWELL, Elizabeth and Eldad Holcomb Jr., Jan. 14, 1789. [Jan 15, C.R.1.]
Elsworth and Sally Eldred, int. Nov. 24, 1805.
Esther (see Hester).
Hannah and Silas Giddings of Hartland, Feb. 20, 1794.*
Hester and William Stephens of Stockbridge, Nov. 27, 1788.
[Esther and William Stevens of W. Stockbridge, C.R.1.]
Jesse of Hartland and Mrs. Mary Coe, int. Sept. 13, 1812.
Loe and Eleazer Pomeroy, June 10, 1805.
Mercy, Mrs., and Oliver Spelman, Nov. 14, 1797.
Phebe and William Collins of Hartland, Conn., int. Feb. 1, 1816. [m. Jan. 20 sic, C.R.1.]
Sophronia and William T. Nugeon [int. Neugeon] of Hartland [int. adds Hartford Co., Conn.], May 8, 1823. [Conwill and William T. Newgeon [of] Hartland, C.R.1.]


Harmon (see Harmon Colton).


Lois and Zenas Knight of Lisbon, Oct. 20, 1791.
Timothy and Lucretia Stedman, int. May 2, 1802.


John of Blandford and Clarissa Cannon of Blandford, __, 1802.* P.R.6.

COWDERY (see Cowdry)

Beri of Hartland, Conn., and Miriam Buttles, Apr. 5, 1827. [Benjamin Cowdry of Hartland, P.R.6.]

COWDRY (see Cowdery)

Lyman W. of Hartford, Conn., and Mary E. Parsons, Apr. 7, 1841.* P.R.6.


Denison of Hartland, Conn., and Nancy M. Coe, int. July 26, 1829. [m. Aug. __, C.R.1.]
Susan and Sylvester Stillman of Colebrook, Conn., int. Mar. 6, 1831. [m. Mar. 27, C.R.1.]


Emily and Elmer W. Coe, Apr. 20, 1831.* P.R.6.
Gerusha and Zadock Farnum Cooley, Nov. 3, 1831.* P.R.6.
John Jr. of Blandford and Jerusha Whipple, Sept. 1, 1802.*
CROCKER, John and Electa Stiles, sept. 20, 1826.
Julian and Ammasa P. Howe, int. May 20, 1829. [Amasa Prosper Howe, m. May 26, P.R.6.]
Mary and Jeremiah Stiles, Dec. 25, 1828.


Heman of Blandford and Lovicy Fox of Blandford, Nov. 26, 1801.* P.R.6.]


Serloma and Levi Spelman, May 31, 1787. [Salome, C.R.1.]


Maria and Charles Mott, int. Nolv. 12, 1815.


I. C. of Tolland and Martha Woodruff, May 2, 1832.* C.R.1.]

CURTIS (see Curtiss)

Aaron [and] Hannah Griswould, May 11, 1763.*

CURTISS (see Curtis)

Adaline of Southwick and Ephraim Saunders, int. Mar. 17, 1828.
David B. Esq. of Sandisfield and Statira Curtiss, int. Aug. 25, 1809. [m. Nov. 16, C.R.1.]
James A. of Durham, Conn., and Mary E. Parsons, int. Oct. 11, 1829. [Curtis of Durham, Conn., and Mary C. Parsons, m. Nov. 5, C.R.1.]
Marcia and Israel M. Parsons, Apr. 29, 1824. [Isreal M., P.R.6.]
Nathan and Nancy Wadsworth, Sept. 9, 1804.
Olive and rev. Joel Baker, Aug. 30, 1797. [Aug. 31, C.R.1.] Aug. 30, < P.R.6.]
Samuel and Sally Fairchild, int. Aug. 11, 1810. [m. Oct. 9, C.R.1.]
Statira and David B. Curtiss Esq. of Sandisfield, int. Aug. 25, 1809. [m. Nov. 16, C.R.1.]
Statira, Mrs., and Bavil Seymour of Otis, Berkshire Co., int. Nov. 10, 1821.
Talcott and Mercy J. Squires, Sept. 14, 1818.*

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