Extracted From
Early Settlers Of Nantucket
their associates and descendants.
Lydia Swain Mitchell Hinchman
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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

GENEALOGY APPENDIX (citing sources).

[Note.—In recorded dates we often find two years given,—i.e., 1637-38. In what was known as old style, the year began March 25, and when the new or present style was adopted many were not pleased with the innovation ; recorders therefore accommodated themselves to the caprice of the people, and gave the date in accordance with both methods. This will account for any discrepancy covering not more than three months.

Note.—William C. Folger, whose MSS. are here quoted, was Corresponding Member of the New England Genealogical Society, and prepared a number of Nantucket Genealogical notes for Savage.]

  • Adams, Alexander, m. Mary Coffin. (Savage, vol. i. p. 8, 1652.)
      Mary (Coffin) Adams was a sister of Tristram Coffin, Sr. Benjamin Franklin Folger, genealogist, says she had four children, and from them descended the illustrious family of that name in Massachusetts.
  • Barnard, Nathaniel, son Thomas and Eleanor Barnard, m. Mary Barnard, dau. Robert and Joanna Barnard. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
  • Barnard, Nathaniel, Jr., m. Judith Folger, widow Peter Folger3 and dau. Stephen Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Barnard, Nathaniel, 3d, m. Hepzibah Hussey, dau. Sylvanus Hussey. (Ibid.)
  • Barney, Benjamin, son Jonathan and Sarah Barney, Rhode Island, m. 1st, Lydia Starbuck, dau. Jethro and Dorcas Starbuck (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 23, 1722) ; 2d, Huldah Bunker, widow Simeon and dau. Bachilor Hussey (Ibid., p. 221).
  • Barney, Benjamin, son Benjamin and Lydia Barney, m. Jemima Jenkins, dau. Peter and Abigail Jenkins. (Ibid., p. 217, 1753.)
  • Barney, Jonathan, m. Abial Coffin, dau. Barnabas Coffin. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
  • Barney, Jacob, of Newport, m. Dorcas Barnard, dau. Nathaniel and Dorcas Barnard. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 34, 1726.)
  • Barney, Phebe, dau. Benjamin and Huldah (Bunker) Barney, m. Joseph Swain. (W. C. Folger MSS., Barney Family.)
  • Barker, Isaac, m. Judith Prence, dau. Gov. Thomas Prence. (Winsor's History of Duxbury, 1665.)
  • Barker, Samuel, son Isaac and Judith Barker, m. Bethiah Folger, dau. John and Mary (Barnard) Folger. (Savage, vol. i. p. 115, 1718.)
  • Barker, Isaac, son Isaac and Judith (Prence) Barker, m. Elizabeth Slocum, dau. Peleg Slocum and Mary Holder. (Family Records, 1707.)
  • Barker, Robert, son Samuel and Bethiah (Folger) Barker, m. 1st, Jedidah Chase, dau. James and grand-daughter Lieutenant Isaac Chase (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 49, 1744) ; 2d, Sarah Gardner, widow Hezikiah Gardner, and dau. Abishai and Dinah (Starbuck) Folger (W. C. Folger MSS.).
    • Barker, Judith, m. Shubael Gardner, son Reuben Gardner. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
    • Barker, Margaret, m. 1st, Paul Hussey, son George and Elizabeth Hussey (Ibid., p. 185, 1764) ; 2d, Thomas Jenkins (Ibid., 1808).
    • Barker, Lydia, m. Francis Swain. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1767.)
    • Barker, Mary, unm. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
    • Barker, Robert. (Ibid.)
    • Barker, James, m. Sarah Coffin, dau. William and Lydia (Gardner) Coffin. (Ibid.)
    • Barker, Francis, m. Deborah Russell. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 120, 1776.)
    • Barker, Jedidah, m. William Macy, son William and Mary (Barney) Macy. (Macy Genealogy, p. 121, 1807.)
    • Barker, Mary, m. 1st, Walter Allen (W. C. Folger MSS., 1813) ; 2d, Moses Farnum (Ibid., 1847).
    • Barker, Abraham, m. Priscilla Hopkins, of Baltimore. (Ibid.) Barker, Sarah, m. Andrew Sigourney, of Boston. (Ibid.) Barker, Isaac, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Barker, Jacob, m. Elizabeth Hazzard, dau. Thomas and Anna Hazzard. (Gen. of Rodman Family, No. 331, pp. 73, 74, 1801.)
        Barker, Robert, died in infancy.
        Barker, Robert, unm.
        Barker, Thomas, unm.
        Barker, William, m. Jeanette James.
        Barker, Andrew Sigourney, unm.
        Barker, Anna Hazzard, m. Samuel Gray Ward.
        Barker, Jacob, unm.
        Barker, Elizabeth Hazzard, m. 1st, Baldwin Brower ; 2d, William T. Van Zandt ; 3d, John McCaulis.
        Barker, Sarah, m. 1st, John C. Harrison ; 2d, William H. Hunt. Barker, Abraham, m. 1st, Sarah Wharton, 1842 ; 2d, Katharine Crane, 1871.
        Barker, Mary, died young.
        Barker, John W., died young.
  • Brown, John (Elder), m. Hannah Hobart, dau.. Peter Hobart. (Savage, vol. i. p. 271, 1658.)
  • Brown, John, m. Rachel Gardner, dau. Capt. John Gardner. (Ibid., vol. ii. p. 288.)
  • Brock, John, m. Merib Mitchell. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 148, 1800.)
  • Buffum, David, Sr., m. Hepzibah Mitchell. (Family Records, 1784.)
  • Bunker, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Look, of Tisbury. (W. C. Folger, Bunker Family, p. 60, 1646.)
  • Bunker, William, m. Mary Macy, dau. Thomas Macy and Sarah Hopcot. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 1, 1669.)
  • Bunker, Nathan, m. Elizabeth Thorne Clement. (Family Record, 1813.)
  • Bunker, Nathan, m. Hepsibeth Pinkham. (Ibid., 1781.).
  • Bunker, Shubael, m. Lydia Paddack. (Ibid., 1751.)
  • Bunker, Zachariah, m. Desire Gorham (by John Coffin, justice of peace). (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 23, 1728.)
  • Bunker, Jonathan, son William Bunker, m. Elizabeth Coffin. (J. Osborne Austin's "One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 49.)
  • Bunker, George, son William Bunker, m. Deborah Coffin. (Ibid., 1695.)
  • Bunker, Ann, daughter William Bunker, m. Joseph Coleman. (Ibid.).
  • Butler, William, m. Eunice Coffin. (Savage, vol. i. p. 8.)
         Eunice Coffin was sister of Tristram Coffin, Sr.
  • Butler, William, m. Mary Jenkins (by Josiah Coffin, justice of peace). (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 56, 1747.)
  • Cartwright, Sampson, m. Bethiah Pratt. (W. C. Folger MSS.).
  • Cartwright, Hezidiah, m. Abigail Brown (by John Coffin, justice of peace). (Nantucket Town Records Bk. I. p. 28, 1731-32.).
  • Cartwright, James, m. Love Macy (second wife). (Records of Friends, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1759.)
  • Coffin, Tristram, Sr. m. Dionis Stevens. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xxiv. pp. 151, 152, 1630.)
         Benjamin Franklin Folger, genealogist, says, "It is worthy of note at that period, that neither Tristram Coffin nor any of his children married a second time."
    • Coffin, Peter, m. Abigail "Starbuck. (" One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," P. 67, about 1656.)
    • Coffin, Tristram, Jr., m. Judith Somerby (widow Henry), dau. Edmund Greenleaf. (Ibid., 1652.)
    • Coffin, Elizabeth, m. Stephen Greenleaf. (Ibid., 1651.)
    • Coffin, James, m. Mary Severance, dau. of John Severance, of Salisbury, Massachusetts. (Ibid., p. 68, 1663.)
    • Coffin, Mary, m. Nathaniel Starbuck. (Ibid., p. 221, 1662.).
    • Coffin, John (Lieutenant), m. Deborah Austin. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xxiv. pp. 151, 152, 1668.)
    • Coffin, Stephen, m. Mary Bunker. ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 58, 1668-69.)
    • Coffin, Abigail, m. Daniel Davidson, of Ipswich. ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 53, 1673.)
    • Coffin, Peter, m. Elizabeth Starbuck, dau. Nathaniel and Mary Starbuck. (Ibid., 1682.)
    • Coffin, Jethro, m. Mary Gardner, dau. John Gardner. (Ibid.).
    • Coffin, Tristram, m. Deborah Colcord. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Robert, m. Joanna Dyer (widow), dau. Hon. John Gilman, of Exeter. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Edward, m. Anna Gardner, dau. Capt. John and Priscilla Gardner. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Elizabeth, m. Col. John Gilman, of Exeter. (Ibid., 1698.)
    • Coffin, Judith, m. John Sanborn, of Hampton, New Hampshire. ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 54, 1674.).
    • Coffin, Deborah, m. Joseph Knight. (Ibid., 1677.)
    • Coffin, Mary, m. Joseph Little. (Ibid., 1677.)
    • Coffin, James, m. Florence Hooke. (Ibid., 1685.)
    • Coffin, John, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Lydia, m. 1st, Moses Little (Ibid.) ; 2d, John Pike (Ibid.., 1695).
    • Coffin, Enoch, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Stephen, m. Sarah Atkinson. (Ibid., 1685.)
    • Coffin, Mary, m. 1st, Richard Pinkham, of Portsmouth (came from Isle of Wight) ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 56). 2d, James Gardner, son Richard and Sarah Gardner (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, James, Jr., m. 1st, Love Gardner, dau. Richard and Sarah ; 2d, Ruth Gardner, dau. John and Priscilla Gardner (Ibid., 1692).
    • Coffin, Nathaniel, m. Damaris Gayer, dau. William and Dorcas Gayer. (Town Records of Nantucket, Bk. I. p. 5, 1692.)
    • Coffin, John, m. Hope Gardner, dau. Richard and Sarah Gardner. (Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 56, 1692.)
    • Coffin, Dinah, m. Nathaniel Starbuck, Jr. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 229, 1690.)
    • Coffin, Deborah, m. George Bunker, son William and Mary Bunker. (Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 56, 1695.)
    • Coffin, Ebenezer, m. Eleanor Barnard, dau. Nathaniel Barnard. (Ibid., 1700.)
    • Coffin, Joseph, m. Bethiah Macy, dau. John Macy. (Ibid., 1719.).
    • Coffin, Benjamin, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Ruth, m. Joseph Gardner, son Richard2 Gardner. (Ibid.).
    • Coffin, Abigail, m. Nathaniel Gardner. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Experience, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Jonathan, m. Hepzibah Harker, dau. Ebenezer Harker. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Elizabeth, m. 1st, Jonathan Bunker, son William and Mary Bunker (Ibid.) ; 2d, Thomas Clark.
    • Coffin, Lydia, m. 1st, John Logan ; 2d, John Draper; 3d, Thomas Thaxter, of Hingham. (" Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 58.)
    • Coffin, Peter, m. 1st, Christian Condy (Ibid.) ; 2d, Hope Macy, dau. Joseph and Bethiah (Macy) Gardner.
      Coffin, Enoch, m. Beulah Eddy. (Ibid., 1700.)
    • Coffin, Samuel, m. Miriam Gardner, dau. Richard2 Gardner. (Ibid., 1705.)
    • Coffin, Hannah, m. Benjamin Gardner, son Richard2 Gardner. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Tristram, m. Mary Bunker, dau. William Bunker. (Ibid., 1714.)
    • Coffin, Deborah, m. Thomas Macy3, son John Macy. (Ibid., 1708.)
    • Coffin, Dionis, m. Jacob Norton. ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 58.)
    • Coffin, Peter, m. ____ ____, in Boston. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Stephen, Jr., m. Experience Look, dau. Thomas Look. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 8, 1693.)
    • Coffin, Judith, m. 1st, Peter(3) Folger, (d. 1707) son Eleazer Folger (Allen Coffin, LL.B.) ; 2d, Nathaniel Barnard, son Nathaniel Barnard (Ibid., p. 58, 1718) ; 3d, Stephen Wilcox (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 7, 1722).
    • Coffin, Susanna, m. Peleg Bunker, son William Bunker. (Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 58.)
    • Coffin, Mehitable, m. Armstrong Smith. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Anna, m. Solomon Gardner, son Richard (2) Gardner. (Ibid.).
    • Coffin, Hepzibah, m. Samuel Gardner. (Ibid.)
    • Coffin, Paul, m. Mary Allen, dau. Edward Allen. (Ibid., 1729.)
    • Coffin, Richard, m. Ruth Bunker. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xxiv. p. 306.)
    • Coffin, Ebenezer, m. Eleanor Barnard. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Familes," p. 68, 1700.)
    • Coffin, Thomas, m. Anna Folger. ("Life and Letters of James and Lucretia Mott," by Anna Davis Hallowell ; also B. F. Folger, genealogist, 1779.)
    • Coffin, Lucretia, m. James Mott, of Long Island. ("Life and Letters of James and Lucretia Mott," by Anna Davis Hallowell, 1811.)
    • Coffin, Eliza, m. Benjamin H. Yarnall, of Philadelphia. (Ibid., 1814.)
    • Coffin, Mary, m. Solomon Temple. (Ibid, 1824.)
    • Coffin, Martha, m. Peter Pelham, of Kentucky. (Ibid., 1824.).
    • Coffin, Thomas, unm.
  • Coffin, Nathaniel, m. Elizabeth Coleman. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1757.)
  • Coggeshall, Joshua, m. 1st, Joan West (Savage vol. i. p. 422) ; 2d, Rebecca Russell (1677).
  • Coggeshall, Job, m., among Friends, Deborah Starbuck. (W. C. Folger MSS., Starbuck Family, p. 61.)
  • Coggeshall, Caleb, m. Elizabeth Hosier. (Family Records, 1793.).
  • Coggeshall, Giles Hosier, m. Marianna Walters. (Ibid., 1833.)
  • Coleman, Thomas, m. 1st, Susanna, d. 1643 ; 2d, Mary (widow Edmund Johnson) ; 3d, Margery Asbourne. (Joshua Coffin's " History of Newbury," Appendix, p. 298, 1648.)
          Children of Thomas Coleman were as follows : First wife, Susanna, had Benjamin, b. 1640; Joseph, b. 1642. Second wife, Mary, had Isaac, Joanna, and John. Third wife, Margery, had one son, Tobias Coleman.
  • Coleman, John, 1st, son Thomas Coleman, m. Joanna Folger. (William C. Folger MSS.)
  • Coleman, John, 2d, son John Coleman, 1st, m. Priscilla Starbuck. (" One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 220, 1694.).
  • Coleman, Dorcas, m. John Tillotson. (Joshua Coffin's " History of Newbury," Appendix, p. 298.)
          Dorcas Coleman was a sister of Thomas Coleman, the proprietor.
  • Coleman, Jeremiah, m. Sarah Pratt (by William Worth, justice of Peace). (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 10, 1714-15.).
  • Coleman, Andrew, m. Lydia Folger. (W. C. Folger MSS., 1791.).
  • Coleman, Enoch, m. Mary Myrick. (Ibid., 1748.)
  • Coleman, Barnabas, son John Coleman, 2d, m. Rachel Hussey. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 62, 1733.)
    • Coleman, Sarah, m. George Folger. (W. C. Folger MSS., 1752.).
    • Coleman, Abial, m. Timothy Folger. (Ibid., 1753.)
    • Coleman, Rebecca, m. Nathaniel Coffin. (Ibid.)
    • Coleman, Judith, m. Andrew Worth. (Ibid.)
    • Coleman, Seth, m. Deborah Swain, dau. Reuben Swain. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1768.)
    • Coleman, Sylvanus, m. 1st, Mary Swift (Ibid., 1768) ; 2d, Phebe Brown (1779).
    • Coleman, William, m. 1st, Abigail Barnard (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. II. p. 109, 1770) ; 2d, Hepzibah Wing (Sandwich Friends' Records, 1780).
    • Coleman, Barnabas, m. 1st, Abial Clark, by Caleb Bunker, justice of peace (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 106, 1776) ; 2d, Sarah Morse (W. C. Folger MSS.).
    • Coleman, Hepzibah, m. John Russell. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1777).
    • Coleman, Elizabeth, m. Abishai Folger, Jr. (W. C. Folger MSS., 1772.)
    • Coleman, Obed, m. Elizabeth Swain. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1780.)
  • Cornell, William, m. Lydia Hussey. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 145, 1799.)
  • Earle, Thomas, m. Mary Hussey. (W. C. Folger, p. 184, 1820.).
  • Earle, John Milton, m. Sarah Hussey. (Ibid., 1821.)
  • Folger, John, m. Meribah Gibbs (probably second wife). (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xvi., Folger Family.)
  • Folger, Peter, m. Mary Morrell. (Savage, vol. ii. pp. 177,178.)
    • Folger, Eleazer, m. Sarah Gardner, dau. Richard and Sarah (Shattuck) Gardner. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 177, 1671.)
    • Folger, Joanna, m. John Coleman. (Ibid.)
    • Folger, Bethiah, m. John Barnard, son Robert Barnard. (Ibid., 1669.)
    • Folger, Dorcas, m. Joseph Pratt. (Ibid., 1675 )
    • Folger, Patience, m. 1st, Ebenezer Harker (Savage, vol. ii. p. 177) ; 2d, James Gardner, as second wife (Ibid., p. 228).
    • Folger, Bethsua, m. Joseph Pope, of Salem. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 177.)
    • Folger, John, m. Mary Barnard, dau. Nathaniel Barnard. (Ibid.).
    • Folger, Experience, m. John Swain, Jr., son John Swain, the proprietor. (Ibid.)
    • Folger, Abiah, m. Josiah Franklin. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xvi., Folger Family, probably 1690.)
    • Folger, Eleazer, Jr., m. 1st, Bethia Gardner (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 24) ; 2d, Mary Marshall (Ibid., p. 10, 1717).
      Folger, Peter, m. Judith Coffin, dau. Stephen and Mary Coffin, (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xvi. pp. 271-274, Folger Family.).
    • Folger, Nathan, m. Sarah Church. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 8, 1699.)
    • Folger, Sarah, m. Anthony Oder. (Ibid., p. 6, 1702.)
    • Folger, Mary, m. John Arthur. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 9, 1704.)
    • Folger, Abishai, m. 1st, Sarah Mayhew W. C. Folger (MSS., 1727) ; 2d, Dinah Starbuck, widow Benjamin, and dau. Stephen Coffin, Jr. (Ibid.).
    • Folger, Peter, m. Christian Swain. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 45, 1731.)
    • Folger, Barzillai, m. Phebe Coleman. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1730.)
    • Folger, Timothy, m. Anna Chase. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 30, 1733.)
    • Folger, Leah, m. 1st, Richard (3) Gardner (Ibid., p. 16, 1724) ; 2d, Seth Paddack, son Joseph Paddack (W. C. Folger MSS., Gardner Family, p. 4).
    • Folger, Judith, M. Thomas Jenkins. (Nantucket Town Records, 1728-29. )
    • Folger, Esther, unm.
    • Folger, William, m. Ruth Coffin, dau. Barnabas Coffin. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 170, 1749.)
    • Folger, George, m. 1st, Sarah Coleman (Ibid., 1752) ; 2d, Sarah Shove, dau. of Barnabas.
    • Folger, Timothy, m. Abial Coleman. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1753.)
    • Folger, Sarah, m. 1st, Hezekiah Gardner, (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1758) ; 2d, Robert Barker (W. C. Folger MSS.).
    • Folger, Hepzibah, m. Daniel Hussey, Jr. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1760.)
    • Folger, Dinah, m. Seth Jenkins. (Geo. H. Folger MSS., p. 194.).
    • Folger, Ahishai, m. Elizabeth Coleman. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1733.)
    • Folger, Reuben, m. Phebe Folger. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 112, 1783.)
    • Folger, Robert, m. Elizabeth Folger, dau. Benjamin Folger. (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 9.)
    • Folger, Judith, m. Zaccheus Bunker, son of Zachery and Desire Bunker. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1767.)
    • Folger, William, Jr., m. Susan Swain. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I., 1798.)
    • Folger, Sarah, Jr., m. Tristram Hussey. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1777.)
    • Folger, Lydia, m. Zaccheus Hussey. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I., 1780.)
    • Folger, Richard, m. Sarah Pease (by George Bunker, justice of peace). (Ibid., p. 15, 1722.)
    • Folger, Francis, unm.
    • Folger, Elizabeth, m. as second wife Josiah Barker, son Josiah and Elizabeth Barker. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1786.).
    • Folger, Phebe, M. Uriel Hussey. (Ibid., 1789.)
    • Folger, Anna, m. Thomas Coffin. (Ibid., 1790.)
    • Folger, Mayhew, (Captain Mayhew Folger found the lost mutineers of the ship "Bounty" on Pitcairn Island in 1809) m. Mary Joy, dau. Francis and Phebe Joy. (Ibid., 1798.)
  • Folger, Walter, 1st, m. Elizabeth Starbuck, dau. Thomas and Rachel Starbuck. (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 18.)
  • Folger, Walter, 2d, m. Anna Ray, dau. Alexander and Elizabeth Ray. (Ibid., p. 19.)
  • Folger, Walter, 3d, m. Polly Folger, dau. Simeon and Phebe Folger. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 177, 1809.).
  • Folger, Dinah, m. Stephen Chase. (Ibid., p. 47, 1742.).
  • Folger, Judith, m. James Gardner. (Ibid., p. 52, 1746.).
  • Folger, Nathaniel, m. Priscilla Chase. (Ibid., 1718.)
  • Folger, George, Jr., son George and Sarah Folger, m. Rebecca Slocum. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
  • Folger, George Gill, son George, Jr., m. Anna Barker, dau. Francis Barker. (Ibid., 1807.)
  • Folger, Jethro, m. Mary Starbuck, dau. Nathaniel Starbuck, Jr., and Dinah (Coffin). (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 6, 1710.)
  • Folger, Barillai, m. Miriam Gardner. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 163, 1803.)
  • Folger, Uriah, m. Anna Gardner. (Ibid., p. 157, 1803.)
  • Folger, Lydia, m. Zaccheus Hussey. (Ibid., p. 109, 1780.).
  • Folger, Ann, m. James Mitchell. (See Mitchell Family Records, 1738.)
    • Gardiner, Thomas, m. 1st, Margaret Frier ; 2d, Damaris Shattuck. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," pp. 100, 207.).
    • Gardner, Seeth, m. Joseph Grafton, 2d. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 229.).
    • Gardner, Richard, m. Sarah Shattuck. (Ibid., 1652.)
    • Gardner, George, m. Hannah Shattuck. (Ibid., p. 228.).
    • Gardner, John, m. Priscilla Grafton. (Ibid.)
    • Gardner, Samuel, m. Mary White. (Ibid., p. 230.)
    • Gardner, Joseph, m. Ann Downing, dau. Emanuel Downing. (Ibid.)
    • Gardner, Sarah, m. Benjamin Balch. (Ibid.).
    • Gardner, Miriam, m. John Hill. (Ibid.)
    • Gardner, Joseph, m. Bethia Macy, dau. Thomas and Sarah (Hopcot) Macy. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 229, 1670.)
    • Gardner, Sarah, m. Eleazer Folger, son Peter and Mary (Morrell) Folger. (Ibid., 1671.)
    • Gardner, Richard, Jr., m. Mary Austin. (Ibid., p. 230, 1674, and Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 2.)
    • Gardner, Deborah, m. 1st, John Macy, son Thomas (1) Macy (Savage, vol. ii. p. 229) ; 2d, Stephen Pease (Macy Genealogy, p. 67).
    • Gardner, Damaris.
    • Gardner, James, m. 1st, Mary Starbuck, dau. Nathaniel Starbuck, Sr. ; 2d, Patience Folger, dau. Peter Folger ; 3d, Rachel Brown, widow John Brown, of Salem, and dau. Capt. John Gardner ; 4th, Mary Pinkham, widow Richard Pinkham, and dau. James Coffin and Mary Severance. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 227.)
        [ Children of James Gardner and first wife, Mary Starbuck, were Samuel, Jethro, Barnabas, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Mehitable. Patience (Folger) Gardner had no children. Rachel (Brown) Gardner had one son, James Gardner. Fourth wife, Mary( Pinkham) Gardner, had no Gardner children.]
    • Gardner, Miriam, m. John Worth. (Ibid., p. 229, 1684.)
  • Gardner, Nathaniel, m. Abigail Coffin, dau. James and Mary (Severance) Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Gardner, Hope, m. John Coffin. ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 56, 1692.
    Gardner, Love.
    • Gardner, John, m. Susanna Green, of Salem. (W. C. Folger MSS., Gardner Family, p. 30.)
    • Gardner, Joseph. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 228.)
    • Gardner, Priscilla, m. John Arthur (second wife). (Ibid.).
    • Gardner, Benjamin, died young. (Ibid.)
    • Gardner, Rachel, m. 1st, John Brown ; 2d, James Gardner (third wife). (Ibid.)
    • Gardner, Benjamin.
    • Gardner, George, m. Eunice Starbuck, dau. Nathaniel Starbuck, Sr. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 220, about 1695.).
    • Gardner, Ann, m. Edward Coffin.
    • Gardner, Nathaniel.
    • Gardner, Mary, m. Jethro Coffin. (W. C. Folger MSS., Gardner Family, p. 30.)
    • Gardner, Mehitable, m. Ambrose Dawes, Jr. (Ibid.)
    • Gardner, Ruth, m. James Coffin, Jr. (Ibid.)
  • Gardner, Solomon, son Richard, Jr., m. Anna Coffin, dau. Stephen Coffin and Mary (Bunker). (W. C. Folger MSS., Gardner Family.).
  • Gardner, Paul, son Solomon, m. Rachel Starbuck, dau. Thomas and Rachel Starbuck. (" One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 145.)
  • Gardner, Paul, Jr., m. 1st, Sarah Mitchell, dau. Jethro Mitchell ; 2d, Merab Spooner, dau. Seth and Dinah Spooner; 3d, Lydia Fitch. (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 154.)
  • Gardner, Zenas, son Pa.ul and Rachel Gardner, m. Susanna Hussey. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 145, 1790.)
  • Gardner, Richard3, m. Leah Folger. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 16, 1724.)
  • Gardner, Miriam, dau. Richard Gardner, Jr., m. Samuel Coffin, son Lieutenant John Coffin. (See Coffin Family, p. 123.)
  • Gorham, Captain John, m. Desire Howland. (Plymouth Colonial Records, vol. ii. p. 792 1644.)
  • Gorham, Stephen, m. Elizabeth Gardner (by William Worth, justice of peace). (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 8, 1703.)
  • Greenleaf, Stephen, Sr., m. 1st, Elizabeth Coffin ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 67, 1661) ; 2d, Esther, widow Captain Benjamin Swett (Ibid., p. 277, 1679).[Esther Greenlead, second wife of Stephen Greenleaf Sr., died in 1718, aged eighty-nine.]
    • Greenleaf, Stephen, m. Elizabeth Gerrish, dau. William Gerrish. (" Ye Coffin Family," Allen Coffin, LL.B., p. 55, 1676.)
    • Greenleaf, Sarah, m. Richard Dole, of Newberry, son Richard Dole. (Ibid., 1677.)
    • Greenleaf, Daniel, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Greenleaf, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Noyes, son James Noyes. (Ibid., 1677.)
    • Greenleaf, John, m. Elizabeth Hills. (Ibid., 1685.)
    • Greenleaf, Samuel, m. Sarah Kent, dau. John Kent. (Ibid., 1689.).
    • Greenleaf, Tristram, m. Margaret Piper. (Ibid., 1689.).
    • Greenleaf, Edmund, m. Abigail Somerby, dau. Abiel Somerby. (Ibid., 1691.)
    • Greenleaf, Judith, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Greenleaf, Mary, m. Joshua Moody, son Caleb Moody. (Ibid.)
  • Greenleaf, Sarah, dau. Nathaniel, and grand-dau. Tristram and Margaret (Piper) Greenleaf [Grandparents of John Greenleaf Whittier.], m. Joseph Whittier, 2d. (Whittier Family Records.)
  • Hosier, Giles, m. Elizabeth Mitchell. (Family papers, 1768.).
  • Hussey, John, m. Mary Wood. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 142, 1593.)
  • Hussey, Christopher, son John Hussey, m. 1st, Theodate Batchelder (Ibid., 1632) ; 2d, Ann Mingay (Ibid., 1658).
    • Hussey, Stephen, m. Martha Bunker, dau. George and Jane (Godfrey) Bunker. (W. C. Folger MSS., 1676.)
    • Hussey, John, [son of Christopher Hussey, had two sons and fourteen daughters. He removed after 1688 to New Castle, Delaware, and was a "preacher to the Quakers" (Savage, vol. ii, p. 507.] m. Rebecca Perkins, dau. Isaac and Susanna Perkins, of Hampton. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 507, 1659.)
    • Hussey, Mary, m. 1st, Thomas Page, son Robert and Lucy Page ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 143, 1664) ; 2d, Henry Green (Savage, vol. ii. p. 507, 1691) ; 3d, Henry Dow, son Henry and Joan Dow (W. C. Folger MSS., 1704.)
    • Hussey, Theodate.
      Hussey, Huldah, m. John Smith, son John Smith. (Savage, vol. ii. p. 507, 1667.)
    • Hussey, Joseph.
    • Hussey, Puella, m. Stephen Gorham, son John and Mary (Otis) Gorham. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 143, 1695.).
    • Hussey, Abigail, m. 1st, Thomas Hause (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 5, 1700) ; 2d, Joseph Marshall, son James and Ruth (Hawkins) Marshall ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families" p. 143).
      Hussey, Sylvanus, m. 1st, Abial Brown, dau. John and Rachel (Gardner) Brown (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 9, 1711-12) [Abial Brown was great-grand-daughter of Peter Hobart. See pp. 58, 59, and Savage, vol. ii, pp. 271, 435; also History of Hingham, Massachusetts, vol. iv, p. 335. 2d, Hepzibah Starbuck, dau. Nathaniel Starbuck, Jr., and Dinah (Coffin) (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I., p. 25, 1720).
    • Hussey, Batchelor, m. Abigail Hall. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 8, 1704.)
    • Hussey, Daniel, unm.
      Hussey, Mary, m. 1st, Jonathan Worth, son John and Miriam (Gardner) Worth (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 9, 1707) ; 2d, Ebenezer Barnard, son Nathaniel and Mary Barnard ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 144, 1722).
    • Hussey, George, m. Elizabeth Starbuck, dau. Nathaniel, Jr., and Dinah (Coffin) Starbuck. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 10, 1717.)
    • Hussey, Theodate, m. James Johnson. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 21, 1726.)
    • Hussey, Obed, m. 1st, Margaret Wilson, dau. John and Margaret Wilson (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 26, 1730) 2d, Mary Calef, dau. Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Fitch) Calef (Ibid., Bk. I. p. 56, 1748).
    • Hussey, Daniel, m. Sarah Gorham, dau. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner) Gorham. (Ibid., Bk. I. p. 29, 1734-35.)
    • Hussey, Rachel, m. 1st, Barnabas Coleman, son John and Priscilla (Starbuck) Coleman (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 62, 1733) 2d, Paul Bunker, son Jabez and Hannah (Gardner) Bunker ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 144, 1790).
    • Hussey, Jonathan, m. Hepzibah Starbuck, dau. Paul and Ann (Tibbets) Starbuck. (Ibid., 1739.)
    • Hussey, Seth, m. Sarah Jenkins, dau. Matthew and Mary (Gardner) Jenkins. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 110, 1742.)
    • Hussey, Christopher, m. Mary Coffin, dau. Jonathan and Hepzibah (Harker) Coffin. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 145, 1743.)
    • Hussey, William, m. Abigail Starbuck, dau. Paul and Ann (Tibbets) Starbuck. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 52, 1746.)
    • Hussey, Batchelor, m. Anna Coffin, dau. Daniel and Mary (Blake) Coffin. (Ibid., p. 157, 1748.)
    • Hussey, Nathaniel, m. Judith Coffin, dau. Francis and Theodate (Gorham) Coffin. (Ibid., p. 185, 1750.)
    • Hussey, Hepzibah, m. Nathaniel Coleman, son Barnabas and Elizabeth (Barnard) Coleman. (Ibid., p. 172, 1749.)
    • Hussey, Sylvanus, Jr., m. 1st, Alice Gray, dau. Jeremiah and Theodate Gray ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 144, 1756) 2d, Lydia Wing, dau. Samuel and Hepzibah (Hathaway) Wing (Ibid.).
    • Hussey, George, m. Deborah Paddack, dau. Daniel and Susanna (Gorham) Paddack. (Ibid., p. 145, 1757.)
    • Hussey, Joseph, m. Mary Raymer. Ibid., 1766.)
    • Hussey, Rhoda, m. Tristram Folger, son Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman) Folger. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 146, 1776.)
    • Hussey, Eunice, m. Peleg Easton, son Peleg and Mary (Frye) Easton. (Ibid., 1778.)
    • Hussey, George Gorham, m. Lydia Chase, dau. Francis and Naomi (Gardner) Chase. (Ibid.)
    • Hussey, Uriel,m. Phebe Folger, dau. William and Ruth (Coffin) Folger. (Ibid., 1789.)
    • Hussey, Sylvanus, m. Prudence Pease, dau. John and Jerusha (Norton) Pease. (Ibid., 1794.)
    • Hussey, Barnabas. (Ibid.)
    • Hussey, Susanna, m. Zenas Gardner, son Paul and Rachel (Starbuck) Gardner. (Ibid., 1790.)
    • Hussey, Deborah, m. Robert Brayton, son Israel and Elizabeth (Lawton) Brayton. (Ibid., 1795.)
    • Hussey, Alice, unm. (Ibid.)
    • Hussey, Rachel, m. Joseph Austin, dau. Jeremiah and Patience (Fish) Austin. (Ibid., 1808.)
  • Hussey, Mary, m. Peleg Swain. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 25, 1730.)
  • Hussey, Tristram, son Bachelor Hussey, m. Sarah Folger, dau. William and Ruth (Coffin) Folger. (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 171, 1777.)
  • Hussey, Sarah, m. John Milton Earle, son Pliny and Patience Earle. (Ibid., p. 180, 1821.)
  • Hussey, Daniel, m. Anna Starbuck. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 133, 1793.)
  • Hussey, Mary, m. Thomas Earle, son Pliny and Patience Earle. (W. C. Folger MSS., 1820.)
  • Hussey, Reuben, m. Elizabeth Woodbury. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 50, 1744.)
  • Hussey, Zaccheus, m. Lydia Folger. (Nantucket Court Records, Bk. I. p. 24.)
  • Hussey, Simeon, m. Abigail Bunker. (Ibid., Bk. II. p. 2, 1784.).
  • Hussey, Albert, m. Rebekah Shove. (Ibid., Bk. I. p. 28, 1785.).
  • Hussey, James, m. Eunice Swain. (Ibid., 1786.)
  • Hussey, Samuel, m. Charlotte Bartlett. (Ibid., Bk. II. p. 4, 1789.).
  • Hussey, Nathaniel, m. Elizabeth Swain. (Ibid , p. 6, 1790.).
  • Hussey, Ebenezer, m. Mehitable Smith. (Ibid., Bk. I. p. 4, 1770.).
  • Hussey, Reuben, m. Phebe Bunker. (Ibid., p. 5, 1772.).
  • Hussey, Jethro, m. Margaret Coffin. (Ibid., p. 12, 1766.).
  • Hussey, John, son Bachelor and Abigail, m. Jedidah Coffin, dau. Joseph and Bethiah Coffin. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 67, 1733-34.)
  • Hussey, Bethiah, m. Bachelor Bunker. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 73, 1759.)
  • Hussey, Abigail, m. Joseph Myrick. (Ibid., p. 76, 1763.)
  • Hussey, Hepzibah, m. Job Bunker. (Court Records, Bk. I. p. 29, 1767.)
  • Hussey, Sarah, m. John Darling. (Ibid., p. 1, 1767.)
  • Hussey, Mary, m. Ebenezer Perkins. (Ibid., p. 26, 1783.).
  • Hussey, Elizabeth, m. Thomas Delano. (Ibid., p. 25, 1781.).
  • Hussey, Lydia, m. Alexander Coffin. (Ibid., p. 28, 1784.).
  • Hussey, Susanna, m. Obed Barnard. (Ibid., 1786.).
  • Hussey, Abiel, m. Philip Pollard. (Ibid., p. 2, 1786.).
  • Hussey, Abigail, m. Bachelor Bunker. (Ibid., p. 14, 1773.)
    • Hussey, Ruth, m. Nathaniel Gardner, son Nathaniel and Mary Gardner. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 146, 1746.).
    • Hussey, Elizabeth, m. Peleg Coffin, son Francis and Theodate Coffin. (Ibid., p. 163, 1749.)
    • Hussey, Martha, m. Richard Swain. (son Richard and Elizabeth Swain. (Ibid., p. 197, 1751.)
    • Hussey, Deborah, m. Peter Coffin, son Paul and Mary Coffin. (Ibid., p. 87, 1738.)
    • Hussey, Lydia, m. Clothier Pierce, son Clothier and Hannah Pierce, of Newport. (Ibid., p. 113, 1742.)
    • Hussey, Dinah, m. Reuben Folger, son Jonathan and Margaret Folger. (Ibid., p. 125, 1743-44.)
  • Hussey, Christopher, m. Lydia Manchester. (Nantucket Court Records, Bk. I. p. 2, 1769.)
  • Hussey, Sarah, m. John Waterman. (Ibid., Bk. II. p. 2, 1786.)
  • Hussey, Abigail, m. Perez Waterman. (Ibid., Bk. I. p. 12, 1765.)
  • Hussey, Abiel, m. Francis Pinkham. (Ibid., p. 29, 1787.).
  • Hussey, Mary, m. Thaddeus Gardner. (Ibid., Bk. II. p. 3, 1788.)
  • Hussey, Elizabeth, m. Peter Chace. (Ibid., p. 5, 1789.)
    Hussey, Abiel, m. Nathaniel Coffin. (Ibid., Bk. I. p. 7, 1752.).
  • Hussey, Elizabeth, m. David Basitard or Basihard. (Ibid., p. 8, 1755.)
  • Hussey, Lydia, m. Simeon Bunker. (Ibid., p. 2, 1769.)
  • Hussey, Margaret, m. Thomas Snow. (Ibid., p. 15, 1768.).
  • Hussey, Huldah, dau. Bachelor and Abigail Hussey, m. Simeon Bunker, son Jonathan and Elizabeth Bunker. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 71, 1734-35.)
  • Hussey, Jedidah, dau. Bachelor and Abigail Hussey, m. Benjamin Coffin, son Nathaniel and Damaris Coffin. (Ibid., p. 32, 1726.)
  • Hussey, Elizabeth, dau. Daniel and Sarah Hussey, m. Benjamin Coffin, son Benjamin and Jedidah Coffin. (Ibid., 1754.)
  • Macy', Thomas, m. Sarah Hopcot. (Macy Genealogy, p. 67.).
  • Macy2, Sarah, m. William Worth. (Ibid., 1665.)
  • Macy2, Mary, m. William Bunker. (Ibid., 1669.)
  • Macy2, Bethiah, m. Joseph Gardner, son Richard and Sarah Gardner. (Ibid., 1670.)
  • Macy2, John, m. Deborah Gardner, dau. Richard and Sarah Gardner. (Ibid.)
  • Macy3, Sarah, m. John Barnard, son Nathaniel Barnard. (Ibid., pp. 67, 68.)
  • Macy3, Deborah, m. Daniel Russell. (Ibid.)
  • Macy3, Bethiah, m. 1st, Joseph Coffin, son James and Mary Coffin (Ibid., p. 68) ; 2d, John Renough (Ibid.).
  • Macy3, Mary, m. Solomon Coleman, son John Coleman and Joanna (Folger). (Ibid., 1711.)
  • Macy3, John, m. Judith Worth, dau. John Worth and Miriam Gardner. (Ibid., pp. 67-69, 1707.)
          [John and Judith (Worth) Macy were the first of the name who joined the Society of Friends; they became members in 1711 (Macy Gen., p. 68), three years after the Society was established on the island.]
  • Macy3, Miriam, m. Zephaniah Coffin, son Stephen and Experience (Look) Coffin. (Ibid., 1725.)
  • Macy3, Jabez, m. Sarah Starbuck, dau. Jethro and Dorcus Starbuck. (Ibid., p. 77, 1712.)
  • Macy3, Thomas, m. Deborah Coffin, dau. Lieutenant John Coffin and Deborah (Austin). (Ibid., pp. 68, 78, 79.)
  • Macy3, Richard, m. 1st, Deborah Pinkham, dau. Richard and Mary Pinkham (Ibid., p. 68, 1711) ; 2d, Alice Paddack, dau. Joseph and Sarah (Gardner) Paddack (Ibid., pp. 80, 81, 1769.)
          [Richard Macy built the first wharf on Nantucket, in 1723, also the first windmill. (Macy Gen., p. 81]
  • Macy4, Anna, m. Joseph Jenkins, son Matthew Jenkins and Mary (Gardner). (Ibid., pp. 67-69, 1734.)
  • Macy4, Judith, m. William Clasby, Jr., son William Clasby and Abial Gardner. (Ibid., p. 68, 1753.)
  • Macy4, Sarah, m. Richard Gardner, son Solomon and Anna (Coffin) Gardner. (Ibid., p. 68, 1746.)
  • Macy4, Eunice, m. Richard Beard, son John, of Devonshire, England. (Ibid., p. 77, 1742.)
  • Macy4, Lydia, m. Matthew Jenkins, son Peter and Abigail (Gardner) Jenkins. (Ibid., 1753.)
  • Macy4, Love, m. Joseph Rotch, son William and Hannah Rotch. (Ibid., pp. 68, 78, 79, 1733.)
  • Macy4, Lydia, m. Jethro Coleman, son John and Priscilla (Starbuck) Coleman. (Ibid., 1747.)
  • Macy4, Elizabeth, m. Francis Barnard, son Benj. and Judith (Gardner) Barnard. (Ibid., p. 78, 1741.)
  • Macy4, Deborah, m. Benjamin Coffin, son Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer) Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Macy4, Anna, m. Richard Worth, son Richard and Sarah (Hoag) Worth. (Ibid., 1752.)
  • Macy4, Hepzibeth, m. Thomas Davis. (Ibid., 1752.)
  • Macy4, Mary, m. Benjamin Marshall. (Macy Genealogy, p. 81, 1749.)
  • Macy4, Judith, m. Jonathan Bunker, son Peleg Bunker and Susanna (Coffin). (Ibid., 1742.)
  • Macy4, Ruth, m. Joseph Starbuck, son Paul Starbuck and Ann (Tibbets). (Ibid., 1744.)
  • Macy4, David, m. Dinah Gardner, dau. Solomon Gardner and Anna (Coffin). (Ibid., p. 82, 1739.)
  • Macy4, John, m. Eunice Coleman, dau. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) Coleman. (Ibid., p. 84, 1743.)
  • Macy4, Jonathan, son John, m. Lois Gorham, dau. Stephen and Elizabeth (Gardner) Gorham. (Ibid., p. 85, 1744.)
  • Macy4, William, m. Mary Barney, dau. Benj. and Lydia (Starbuck) Barney. (Ibid., p. 86, 1746.)
  • Macy4, Jethro, m. Hepzibeth Worth, dau. William and Mary (Butler) Worth. (Ibid., p. 87, 1750.)
  • Macy4, Daniel, son Jabez, m. Abigail Swain, dau. Caleb and Margaret (Paddack) Swain. (Ibid., p. 88, 1755.)
  • Macy4, Matthew, m. 1st, Abigail Coffin, dau. Benj. and Jedidah (Hussey) Coffin (Ibid., p. 89, 1755) ; 2d, Abigail Gardner, dau. Barnabas and Mary (Wheeler) Gardner (Ibid., 1761).
  • Macy4, Jabez, m. Rachel Cartwright, dau. Hezidiah and Abigail (Brown) Cartwright. (Ibid., 1767.)
  • Macy4, Joseph, m. Hannah Hobbs, dau. Benjamin Hobbs. (Ibid., p. 90, 1728.)
  • Macy4, Robert, m. Abigail Barnard, dau. Benjamin and Judith (Gardner) Barnard. (Ibid., p. 94, 1731.)
  • Macy4, Francis, m. Judith Coffin, dau. Richard and Ruth (Coffin) Bunker. (Ibid., 1738.)
  • Macy4, Nathaniel, m. Abigail Pinkham, dau. Shubael and Abigail (Bunker) Pinkham. (Ibid., p. 95, 1741.)
  • Macy4, Zaccheus, m. Hepzibah Gardner, dau. Samuel and Patience (Swain) Gardner. (Ibid., p. 96, 1734.)
  • Macy4, Abraham, m. Anna Worth, dau. Joseph and Lydia (Gorham) Worth. (Ibid., p. 109, 1738.)
  • Macy4, Caleb, m. Judith Gardner (widow James), dau. Daniel and Abigail Folger. (Ibid., p. 110, 1749.)
  • Macy4, Benjamin, m. Abigail Brown, dau. George and Abigail (Trott) Brown. (Ibid., p. 111.)
  • Macy5, Miriam, dau. David, m. Robert Gardner, son Robert and Jedidah Gardner. (Ibid., p. 82, 1761.)
  • Macy5, Anna, m. Enoch Macy, son Joseph and Hannah (Hobbs) Macy. (Ibid., 1763.)
  • Macy5, Sarah, m. Timothy Russell, son William and Ruth (Swain) Russell. (Ibid., 1766.)
  • Macy5, Bethiah, m. Paul Macy, son Joseph and Hannah (Hobbs) Macy. (Ibid., p. 84, 1761.)
  • Macy5, Judith, m. Reuben Bunker, son Reuben and Mary (Chase) Bunker. (Ibid., 1762.)
  • Macy5, Jemima, m. Barziiiai Gardner, son Stephen and Jemima (Worth) Gardner. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Merab, m. Timothy Macy, son Jethro and Hepzibah (Worth) Macy. (Ibid., 1783.)
  • Macy5, Amy, m. Libni Barnard, son Benj. and Eunice (Fitch) Barnard. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Abigail, dau. John, m. Benjamin Stanton, son Benjamin and Lydia (Albison) Stanton, of North Carolina. (Ibid., p. 83, 1744.)
  • Macy5, Elizabeth, m. Elihu Coleman, son Jethro and Lydia (Paddack) Coleman. (Ibid., p. 85, 1762.)
  • Macy5, Hepzibeth, m. Thomas Pierce. (Ibid., p. 87.)
  • Macy5, Mary, m. Samuel Coffin, son William and Priscilla (Paddack) Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Jedidah, m. Joseph Swain, son Nathaniel and Bethiah (Macy) Swain. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Huldah, m. Asa Barnard, son Tristram and Margaret (Folger) Barnard. (Ibid., p. 88, 1792.)
  • Macy5, Margaret, m. Obed Paddack, son Jonathan and Seziah (Gardner) Paddack. (Ibid., p. 88, 1787.)
  • Macy5, Abigail, dau. Daniel, m. Matthew Barney, son Benjamin and Jemima (Jackson) Barney. (Ibid., 1791.)
  • Macy5, Sarah, m. Stephen Springer. (Ibid., p. 89.)
  • Macy5, Abigail, dau. Matthew, m. Joseph Coffin, son Peter and Priscilla (Coleman) Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Elizabeth, m. Libni Coffin, son Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck) Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Lydia, dau. Jabez, m. Uriah Starbuck, son Sylvanus and Mary (Howes) Starbuck. (Ibid., 1786.)
  • Macy5, Mary, m. 1st, Paul Way, son John and Mary (Long) Way (Ibid., p. 90, 1753) ; 2d, James Anthony (Ibid., 1776).
  • Macy5, Bethiah, m. Nathaniel Swain, son Caleb and Margaret (Paddack) Swain. (Ibid., 1755.)
  • Macy5, Lydia, dau. Robert, m. Abishai Gardner, son Robert and Jedidah (Folger) Gardner. (Ibid., p. 94, 1751.)
  • Macy5, Elizabeth, m. 1st, Alexander Mooers, son Thomas and Mary (Stratton) Mooers (Ibid., 1762) ; 2d, William Coffin (his third wife), son Benj. and Jedidah (Hussey) Coffin (Ibid.).
  • Macy5, Judith, m. Benjamin Stratton, son Caleb and Lois (Oder) Stratton. (Ibid., p. 93, 1758.)
  • Macy5, Deborah, m. Jonathan Cartwright, son Hezidiah and Abigail (Brown) Cartwright. (Ibid., 1769.)
  • Macy5, Abigail, dau. Robert, m. Thomas Butts. (Ibid., p. 93.).
  • Macy5, Eunice, dau. Robert, m. Francis Bunker, son Shubael and Lydia (Paddack) Bunker. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Love, m. James Cartwright, son Hezidiah and Abigail (Brown) Cartwright. (Ibid., p. 94, 1758.)
  • Macy5, Phebe, m. Benjamin Hussey, son John and Jedidah (Coffin) Hussey. (Ibid., 1763.)
  • Macy5, Judith, m. Benjamin Coffin, son Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin) Coffin. (Ibid., 1772.)
  • Macy5, Anna, m. Tristram Jenkins, son Peter and Abigail (Gardner) Jenkins. (Ibid., 1774.)
  • Macy5, Ruth, m. Obadiah Folger, son Barzillai and Phebe (Coleman) Folger. (Ibid., 1755.)
  • Macy5, Lydia, dau. Francis, m. Edward Starbuck, son Edward and Damaris (Worth) Starbuck. (Ibid., 1784.)
  • Macy5, Eunice, dau. Nathaniel, m. Solomon Coffin, son Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) Coffin. (Ibid., p. 95.)
  • Macy5, Phebe, m. 1st, Paul Barnard, son William and Mary (Coffin) Barnard (Ibid., 1778) ; 2d, Paul Worth, son John and Mary (Gardner) Worth (Ibid.).
  • Macy5, Elizabeth, dau. Nathaniel, m. Barzilai Macy, son Caleb and Judith (Gardner) Macy. (Ibid., 1787.)
  • Macy5, Mary, dau. Zaccheus, m. John Ray, son Samuel and Mary (Fullerton or Fullington) Ray. (Ibid., p. 96, 1753.)
  • Macy5, Hannah, m. Reuben Swain, son Stephen and Eleanor (Ellis) Swain. (Ibid., 1756.)
  • Macy5, Phebe, dau. Zaccheus, m. William Stanton, son Samuel and Sarah (Coffin) Stanton. (Ibid., 1756.)
  • Macy5, Hepzibah, dau. Zaccheus, m. Nathaniel Macy, son Robert and Abigail (Barnard) Macy. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Priscilla, m. Enoch Ray, son Samuel and Mary Ray. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Ruth, dau. Zaccheus, m. Thomas Barnard, son Thomas and Sarah (Hoag) Barnard. (Ibid., 1768.)
  • Macy5, Deborah, dau. Zaccheus, m. Daniel Ray, son Samuel and Elizabeth (Coleman) Ray. (Ibid.)
  • Macy5, Anna, dau. Abraham, m. Edward Allen, son Ebenezer and Christiana (Heath) Allen. (Ibid., p. 109, 1761.)
  • Macy5, Ruth, dau. Abraham, m. Job Chase, son Benjamin and Martha Chase. (Ibid., p. 110, 1796.)
  • Macy5, John, m. 1st, Bethiah Cartwright, dau. Hezidiah and Abigail (Brown) Cartwright (Ibid., pp. 136, 137, 1768) ; 2d, Phebe Macy (Ibid., 1794).
          [ John Macy, of the fifth generation from Thomas Macy (1), signed his last will when he was eighty-eight years old, and had nineteen children. The Macy family was a close corporation for many years. Up to 1800 very few surnames appear, excepting such as may be classed among orthodox Nantucket names. Upon these many changes were rung. Since that date record of intermarriages with many other families may be found. Among these are Willis, Howland, Havens, Knowles, Watson, Dingman, Wilcox, Foster, Baldwin, etc.]

  • Mitchell (1), Richard, m. Mary Wood. (W. C. Folger MSS. and Mitchell Family Records.)
  • Mitchell2, Richard, m. Elizabeth Tripp, dau. James Tripp. (Ibid., 1708.)
          [James Tripp was son of John, of Aquidneck, Rhode Island. John Tripp was admitted an inhabitant, 1638 ; commissioner, 1655 ; assistant, 1670-73-74-75 ; also member of Town Council for many years.]
  • Mitchell3, Richard, m. Mary Starbuck. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 54, 1731.)
  • Mitchell4, Richard, m. Hepzibah Barnard, dau. Robert Barnard. (Ibid., p. 223, 1755.)
  • Mitchell4, Peleg, Sr., m. Lydia Cartwright. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. II. 1779.)
    • Mitchell, George, m. 1st, Phebe Chase (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. II. p. 429, 1807) ; 2d, Susan Barnard. (Ibid., Bk. III., p. 33, 1834).
    • Mitchell, William, m. Lydia Coleman. (Ibid., Bk. II., p. 452, 1812.)
    • Mitchell, Hannah, m. Reuben Macy. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1816.)
    • Mitchell, Lydia, m. Richard Mitchell, of Rhode Island. (Ibid., Bk. III. p. 2, 1818.)
    • Mitchell, Peleg, Jr., m. Mary S. Russell. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1837.)
    • Mitchell, Love, m. Isaac Brayton. (Ibid., Bk. III. p. 19, 1825.)

    • Mitchell, John R., m. Eliza Brock. (W. C. Folger MSS. Mitchell Family, p. 135.)
    • Mitchell, (Mitchell crossed out and 'Brock' written in pen) John, m. Meriba Mitchell. (Ibid.)
    • Mitchell, Paul, m. Merab Coffin, dau. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker) Coffin. (Ibid., p. 132.)
    • Mitchell, James, m. Ann Folger, dau. Jethro Folger and Mary (Starbuck). (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 86, 1738.)
    • Newhall, Estes, m. Hepzibah Wing. (Sandwich Friends' Records, 1798.)
    • Newhall, Paul Wing, m. Hannah Johnson, dau. Samuel and Sarah Johnson. (Newhall Family Records, 1831.)
    • Paddack, Zechariah, m. Deborah Sears. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 188, 1659.)
    • Paddack, Nathaniel, m. Ann Bunker. (Ibid., 1706.)
    • Paddack, Deborah, m. Theophilus Pinkham. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 188, 1728.)
    • Paddack, Love, M. George Swain. (Ibid., 1729.)
    • Paddack, Lydia, m. Jethro Coleman. (Ibid., 1731.)
    • Paddack, Paul, m. Ann Coffin. (Ibid., 1740.)
    • Paddack, Mary, m. Francis Swain. (Ibid., 1736.)
    • Paddack, Dinah, m. Christopher Worth. (Ibid., 1738.).
    • Paddack, Priscilla, m. William Coffin. (Ibid., 1740.)
    • Paddack, Daniel, m. Susanna Gorham. (Ibid, 1726.)
    • Paddack, Elizabeth, m. Joseph Swain. (Ibid., 1746.)
    • Paddack, Stephen, m. Eunice Coffin. (Ibid., 1751.)
    • Paddack, Lydia, m. Shubael Bunker. (Ibid., p. 189, 1750.).
    • Paddack, Susanna, m. 1st, Matthew Gardner (Ibid., 1752) ; 2d, George Freeborn (Ibid., 1767).
    • Paddack, Eunice, m. 1st, Joseph Coffin (Ibid., 1775) ; 2d, Robert Clasby (Ibid.).
    • Paddack, Deborah, m. George Hussey. (Ibid., 1757.)
    • Paddack, Barnabas, m. Abigail Gardner. (Ibid., 1764 )
  • Paddack, Daniel, m. Susanna Gorham. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 38, 1726.)
  • Paddack, Nathaniel, m. Deborah Pinkham (by "Bezaleel Shaw, Minister of the Gospel"). (Nantucket Court Records, Bk. I. p. 25, 1782.)
  • Pinkham, Reuben, m. Anna Starbuck (by Jeremiah Gardner, justice of peace). (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 68, 1755.)
  • Prence, Thomas, m. 1st, Patience Brewster, dau. Elder Brewster (1624) ; 2d, Mary Collier, dau. William Collier (Winsor's History of Duxbury, p. 248, 1635); 3d, ____ Freeman, widow Samuel Freeman (Plymouth Colonial Records, vol. i. p. 34, 1662).
  • Rodman, Joseph, m. Mary Miller. (Gen. of Rodman Family, p. 27, 1745.)
  • Rodman, Hannah, dau. Joseph, m. William Mitchell, son Richard and Mary (Starbuck) Mitchell. (Ibid., 1767.)
  • Rodman, Clark, son Joseph, m. Abigail Lawton. (Ibid., p. 89, 1775.)
  • Rodman, David, m. Joanna Mitchell. (Ibid.)
  • Rodman, Thomas, m. Mary Borden. (Ibid., p. 27, 1750.).
  • Rodman, Elizabeth, dau. Thomas, m. William Rotch, Jr. (Ibid., p. 41, 1782.)
  • Rodman, Samuel, son Thomas and Mary, m. Elizabeth Rotch. (Ibid., p. 39, 1780.)
  • Rodman, Anna, m. Thomas Hazzard. (Ibid., p. 32, 1780.)
  • Rotch, Joseph, son William and Hannah Rotch, m. Love Macy, dau. Thomas and Deborah (Coffin) Macy. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 69, 1733.)
  • Rotch, William, son Joseph and Love (Macy) Botch, m. Elizabeth Barney, dau. Benjamin and Lydia (Starbuck) Barney. (Ibid., p. 229, 1754.)
  • Rotch, Sarah, m. James Arnold. (Gen. of Rodman Family, p. 72, 1807.)
  • Russel; (1), Daniel, m. Deborah Macy. (Macy Genealogy, pp. 67, 68.).
  • Russell2, John, 1st, m. Ruth Starbuck. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 60, 1731-32.)
  • Russell3, John, 2d, m. Hepzibah Coleman. (Ibid., 1777.).
  • Russell4, Barnabas, m. Mary Swain. (Ibid., 1811.)
  • Russell2, Jonathan, m. Patience Swain. (W. C. Folger MSS.).
  • Russell, Sylvanus, m. Anna Coffin. (Ibid.)
  • Russell, Uriah, m. Lydia Swain. (Ibid.)
  • Sears, Richard, m. Dorothy Thatcher. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," pp. 205, 240, 1632.)
  • Stanton, Samuel, son John and Elizabeth Stanton, m. Sarah Coffin, dau. Samuel and Miriam Coffin. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 68, 1733-34.)
  • Stanton, Giles E., m. Hannah Beebe. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 163, 1805.)
  • Stanton, Benjamin, m. Abigail Macy. (See Macy Family, p. 83, 1774.)
  • Starbuck, Edward, m. Katharine Reynolds. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. viii. p. 68.)
    • Starbuck, Nathaniel, m. Mary Coffin. (See Coffin Family, p. 122.).
    • Starbuck, Jethro, unm.
      Starbuck, Sarah, m. 1st, William Story, d. 1658 (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. viii. p. 129, 1658) ; 2d, Joseph Austin, d. 1663 (W. C. Folger MSS., 1664) ; 3d, Humphrey Varney, as second wife (1664).
        [Humphrey Varney's first wife was Esther, sister of Sarah Starbuck.]
    • Starbuck, Dorcas, m. William Gayer. (W. C. Folger, MSS.)
    • Starbuck, Abigail, m. Peter Coffin. (See Coffin Family, p. 122.).
    • Starbuck, Esther, m. Humphrey Varney. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
    • Starbuck, Mary, m. James Gardner, son Richard Gardner. ("Ye Coffin Family," by Allen Coffin, LL.B., pp. 57, 58.)
    • Starbuck, Elizabeth, m. 1st, Peter Coffin, Jr. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., 1682) ; 2d, Nathaniel Barnard, Jr. (" One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 220).
    • Starbuck, Nathaniel, Jr., m. Dinah Coffin. (See Coffin Family, p. 123, 1690.)
    • Starbuck, Jethro, m. Dorcas Gayer. (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 7, 1694.)
    • Starbuck, Eunice, m. George Gardner, son John Gardner. (See Gardner Family, p. 130, W. C. Folger MSS.)
    • Starbuck, Priscilla, m. John Coleman, 2d, grandson Thomas Coleman (1). (See Coleman Family, p. 125, Ibid.)
    • Starbuck, Hepzibah, m. Thomas Hathaway, of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 220, about 1697.)
    • Starbuck, Mary, m. Jethro Folger. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 221, 1709.)
    • Starbuck, Paul, m. 1st, Ann Tibbets (Ibid., 1718) ; 2d, Keziah Gardner, widow Jethro (Ibid.) ; 3d, Elizabeth Coffin, widow Daniel (Ibid., 1751).
    • Starbuck, Priscilla, m. Shubael Coffin. (Ibid., 1717.)
    • Starbuck, Elizabeth, m. George Hussey. (Ibid., 1717.)
    • Starbuck, Hepzibah, m. Sylvanus Hussey, Sr. (See Hussey Family, pp. 132, 133, W. C. Folger MSS., 1723.)
    • Starbuck, Abigail, m. 1st, Thomas Howey ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 221, 1723) ; 2d, John Way (Ibid., 1741).
    • Starbuck, Benjamin, m. Dinah Coffin, dau. Stephen Coffin, Jr. (Ibid., 1730.)
    • Starbuck, Tristram, son Nathaniel, Jr., and Dinah (Coffin) Starbuck, m. Deborah Coffin, dau. Samuel and Miriam Coffin. (Nantucket Friends' Records, Bk. I. p. 49, 1729.)
    • Starbuck, Ruth, m. John Russell. (Ibid., p. 60, 1731-32.).
    • Starbuck, Anna, m. Peter Barnard. ("One hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 221, 1733.)

    • Swain, Richard, m. 1st, Elizabeth ____; 2d, Jane (Godfrey) Bunker, widow George Bunker. (Nantucket Town Records, 1662.)
    • Swain, Francis, m. Martha ____. (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 61.).
    • Swain, William, of Hampton, New Hampshire, m. Prudence ____. (Ibid.)
    • Swain, Dorothy, m. 1st, Thomas Abbott ; 2d, Edward Chapman. (Ibid.)
    • Swain, Elizabeth, m. Nathaniel Weare. (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg., vol. xxv. p. 246, 1656.)
    • Swain, John, m. Mary Wier or Weare. ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 227.)
    • Swain, Richard.

  • Swain, John, 2d, m. Experience Folger. (See Folger Family, p. 126.)
  • Swain, John, 3d, m. 1st, Patience Swift (Nantucket Town Records, Bk. I. p. 6, 1706) ; 2d, Mary Swett, dau. Benjamin and Hester (Weare) Swett (Ibid., p. 9, 1711-12).
  • Swain, Francis, 1st, m. Mary Paddack. (See Paddaek Family, p. 142, 1786.)
  • Swain, Francis, 2d, m. Lydia Barker. (Nantucket Friends' Records, 1767.)
  • Swain, Elizabeth, m. Benjamin Swift. (Nantucket Town. Records, Bk. I. p. 129, 1791.)
  • Swain, Joseph, m. Phebe Barney, dau. Benjamin and Huldah Barney. (W. C. Folger MSS.)
  • Swift, Dr. Paul, m. Dorcas Gardner. (W. C. Folger MSS., p. 164, 1827.)
  • Trip, John, m. Mary Paine, dau. Anthony Paine. (Austin's R. I. Gen. Dict.)
  • Wier, Hester, m. 1st, Benjamin Swett ("One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families," p. 277, 1647) ; 2d, Stephen Greenleaf, Sr. (Ibid., 1679).
  • Wing, Samuel, m. Hepzibah Hathaway. (Ibid., p. 144.)
  • Wing, John, Sandwich, m. Deborah Batchelder, dau. Rev. Stephen Batchelder. (Ibid., p. 272.)
          Note.—Francis Swain went to Long Island ; William remained at Hampton, New Hampshire ; Richard, the only child of second wife, Jane, removed to New Jersey, and has many descendants there.
  • Wing, Paul, m. Abigail Wing. (Sandwich Friends Records, 1763.)
  • Wing, Zaccheus, m. Content Swift. (Ibid., 1731.)
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