of Gardner, Massachusetts
To the Year 1849

[transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

The list of Gardner Births, Marriages and Deaths comprised in this volume includes all that were found in the Town Books covering the period from the earliest date there recorded to the end of the year 1849. Some additions have been made from other sources, and these are indicated in each instance by proper reference.

All of the records are condensed in print as much as is consistent with intelligibility, accuracy, and completeness of information. When places other than Gardner and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.


  • a----age
  • b.---born
  • ch.óchild
  • chn.---children
  • Co.---County
  • C.R.--Church Record
  • d.---daughter;day;died.
  • Dea.---deacon.
  • Dup.---duplicate entry.
  • f.---female
  • G.S.1---gravestone record, Center Burial Ground.
  • G.S.2---gravestone record, Crystal Lake Cemetery
  • h.---husband.
  • inf.--infant.
  • int.---publishment of intention of marriage.
  • Jr.---junior.
  • m.---marriage;married;month.
  • P.R.--private record.
  • prob.---probably.
  • rec.---recorded.
  • s.----son.
  • Sr.---senior.
  • w.---week; wife.
  • wid.---widow.
  • widr.---widower.
  • y.--year.
  • 2d.--second

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