[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

  • Janet (see Jenett Hay)
KEEN (see also Cain)
  • Abigail of Middleborough and Zoeth Tobey of D., int. Apr. 12, 1781.
  • Abigail Booth of Pembroke and Abner Shepard [int. Shepherd] of D., Mar. 16, 1794, in Pembroke.
  • Deborah of D. and John Slocum of Middletown, R. I., int. May 15, 1754.
  • Hannah of D. and Nathaniel Sears of Rochester, int. Apr. 8, 1785.
  • Job and Charity Toby, Dec. 15, 1791, C.R.4.
  • William of D. and Phebe Mason of Freetown, int. May 20, 1785.
  • John H., s. Stephen (Kees) and Ruth of Peru, Clinton Co., N. Y., and Mary Smith Jr., d. Samuel dec'd and Mary of D., 21st, 10 mo. 1805, C.R.3.
KEIRBY (see Kirby)

  • Patience and Aaron Jenne, Nov. 23, 1733.
KELLEY (Kelly, Killey, Killie, Killy)
  • Acenith (Killey) of D. and Samuel Studley of Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Oct. 14, 1810.
  • Amons [int. Amus Killey, dup. int. Amos Killey] and Content Wood, both of D., June 5, 1777. [Amos Kelly, June 5, 1775, B.C.M. Amos Kelley, June 5, 1777, C.R.4.]
  • Angeline (Kelly) and Isaac S. Chadwick, both of D., int. Oct. 4, 1843.
  • Asenath O. (Killey) and Perry Lapham, both of D., Nov. 24, 1833.
  • Asenith (see Acenith).
  • Bathsheba [int. Killey, Miss] and Charles [int. Charlis] Gidley, both of D., Nov. 13, 1831.
  • Benjamin (KiIly), Capt. [int. Kelly, omits Capt.], and Mehitable Thatcher, both of D., Jan. 23, 1804.
  • Benjamin (Killey), single, 27, mariner, of D., b. D., s. Benjamin (Kelley) and Mehitabel of D., and Rebecca [int. Rebeca] B. Barker, 23 [int. of D.], d. Lemuel and Ruth, July 8, 1847.
  • Bethia (Killey), Miss, and Alvin Shearman, both of D., int. Sept. 22, 1828.
  • Brownell (Killy) [int. 2d] of D. and Bethiah Smith of Harwich [int. adds Barnstable Co.], Mar. 12, 1807.
  • Brownell (Killey) Jr. of D. and Hannah Studley of Dennis, int. Dec. 23, 1809.
  • Browning [int. Killey] 3d and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Brownell, both of D., July 12, 1835.
  • Coalman (KiIley) and Miss Peace Shearman, both of D., int. Feb. 5, 1825.
  • Eleazer (Kelly), resident of D., and Debby Look of Marthas Vineyard, int. May 22, 1803.
  • Elihu C. (Killey) and Delany Nickinson, both of D., int. Feb. 9, 1839.
  • Emiline (Killey) and Edward W. Howland, both of D., int. June 20, 1835.
  • Eunice (Kelly) [int. Killey], Miss, and Philip Gidley, both of D., Jan. 27, 1839.
  • Ezra (Killey) and Nancy Simmons, int. Jan. 10, 1823.
  • Hernan [int. Heaman Killey] and Ruth Lapham, both of D., July 3, 1823.
  • Hephsabah (Killy) and William Shearman, both of D., int. Dec. 27, 1804.
  • Hetta T., Miss, of D., and Daniel Homer Jr. of Yarmouth, int. Mar. 7, 1829.
  • Isaac (Killey) of Yarmouth, s. John and Hannah of Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., and Judith Shearman. d. David and Abigail of D., 17th, 2 mo., "called April," 1750, C.R.3.
  • John (Killey) of D. and Miss Zuba Wickson of Dennis, int. June 18, 1810.
  • Lettice [int. Lettis] (Killey) and James Akin, both of D., Jan. 1, 1817.
  • Louisa [int. Killey], Miss, and Ebenezer H. Woodbridge, both of D., Feb. 25, 1842.
  • Lydia (Kiley) and Resolvid Ricketson, both of D., int. Nov. 28, 1823.
  • Marcy (Killey) and Eliphalet Macumber, both of D., Nov. 20, 1815.
  • Matthew (Killey) and Sally Smith, both of D., Apr. 3, 1822.
  • Mehitabee T. (see Hetta T.)
  • Mercy (see Marcy)
  • Polly (Killey), resident in D., and Elihu Briggs of D., Nov. 8, 1810.
  • Polly (Killey) and Henry Packard, both of D., Mar. 22, 1818.
  • Ruben (Killey) Jr. of D. and Rhoda Robbins of Middleborough, int. Apr. 9, 1823.
  • Ruth (Killcy), resident in D., and John Keirby of D., int. Dec. 16, 1814.
  • Sally (Killey) [int. Kelley, Miss] of D. and Nathaniel Phillips, resident in D., Oct. 14, 1810.
  • Sally (Killy) of Brewster and Isaac Smith of D., Dec. —, 1833.
  • Samuel (Killy) and Rebecca Chase, both of D., Nov. 5, 1806.
  • Sarah Ann (Killey), Miss, and Samuel Crowell, both of D., int. Oct. 7, 1823.
  • Seth (Killie) [signed Killey], s. Jeremiah of Yarmouth, Barnstible Co., and Mehitabel Wing, d. Elisha of Rochester, Plimouth Co., 23d, 9 mo., "called November," 1726, C.R.3.
  • Susan (Killey) and Oliver Lapham, both of D., Oct. 14, 1814.
  • Wilbur O. and [int. Miss] Sarah Nickerson, both of D., Dec. 4, 1842.
KEMP (see Kench)

  • Asa and Temperance Jennee, Dec. 9, 1790, C.R.4.
  • Benjamin and Sarah Jenne, both of D., int. Feb. 20, 1765. [m. May 2, C.R.4.]
  • Caleb, Capt., of Newbedford, and [int. Miss] Lovy Shearman of D., Jan. 7 [sic, int. Jan. 10], 1829.
  • Cate, Miss, and Capt. Gideon Ricketson, both of D., int. Sept. 5, 1812.
  • Cynthia [int. Syntha] and Isaiah B. Russell, both of D., Oct. 22, 1815.
  • Daniel of D. and Desire Lincoln of Rochester, int. April 25, 1777.
  • David of New Bedford and Elisabeth Gifford of D., Oct. 21, 1787.
  • David 2d and Phebe Kirby, both of Newbedford, Feb. 3, 1828.
  • Deborah and Charles Church Jr., Sept. 13, 1795, C.R.4.
  • Elijah [int. of D.] and Lucy Haydon [int. Hayden] of D., Oct. 20, 1785. [ Haydon, B.C.M. Hayden, C.R.4.]
  • Ephraim Jr. and Ana Nye, both of D., Jan. 11, 1753, in D.
  • Ephraim and Elisabeth Tupper, both of D., May 8, 1774. [Ephraim Jr., B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Ephraim 3d and Nabby Willis, July 21, 1790, C.R 4.
  • Ephraim of Newbedford and Salloma W. Russell of D., int. Apr. 23, 1823. [Salome of D., m. May 29, P.R.1.]
  • Ephraim 2d of Newbedford and Miss Esther Hart of D., int. June 22, 1827.
  • Ester of D., d. Thomas and Mary dec'd, and Benjamin Butler of D., s. Obadiah and Elizabeth dec'd of Falmouth, Mar. 29, 1758, C.R.3.
  • Esther of New Bedford and EIihu Akin [int. Akins] of D., Feb. 18, 1819.
  • George [int. Kemton] and Rebecah Weeks, both of D., Nov. 11, 1810.
  • James and Phebe Stoder, both of D., int. Feb. 20, 1772. [Stoddard, m. Apr. 9, C.R.4.]
  • Jane and Samuel Waggoner, Jan. 15, 1797, C.R.4.
  • Joanna [int. Johannah] and Edward Ayres [int. Heirs], both of D., Apr. 23, 1786. [ Joanna and Edward Ayres, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Jonathan and Lydia Wing, both of D., Nov. 15, 1785. [Nov. 15, 1787, B.C.M.]
  • Joseph of D. and Mary Lathrop [int. Lauthrop] of Plymouth, Oct. 24, 1759, in Plymouth.
  • Joseph of New Bedford, s. David of New Bedford and Elizabeth both dec'd, and Susan Gifford, d. Jonathan of Westport and Sarah, 3d, 11 mo. 1836, C.R.3.
  • Kate (see Cate)
  • Lemuel and Hannah Wilbur [int. Mary Wilbour], both of D., Feb. 18, 1779. [Hannah Wilbore, B.C.M. Mary Wilbore, C.R.4.]
  • Lydia and Soul Cushman, both of D., int. Aug. 1, 1769. [m. Oct. 1, C.R.4.]
  • Lydia and Thomas Hathaway, Jan. 17, 1797, C.R.4.
  • Lydia and Peter Foster, May 18, 1797, C.R.4.
  • Manasseh Jr. and Abigail West, Aug. 28. 1791, C.R.4.
  • Manassetts and Lois Swift, both of D., int. Feb. 24, 1764. [Manasseh, m. Apr. 5, C.R.4.]
  • Mary and John Smith, both of D., Apr. 8, 1770. [Apr. 12, B.C.M.]
  • Obed and Ruth Smith, both of D., Apr. 20, 1783.
  • Paul Jr. and Desire Hathaway, May 23, 1779, C.R.4.
  • Polly and Thomas Howland, both of D., Jan. 23, 1804.
  • Sally and Weston Jennee, Feb. 1, 1795, C.R.4.
  • Sally [int. Miss] of D. and Matthew Baker of Falmouth, Nov. 5, 1815.
  • Stephen and Zilpha Jenne, both of D., int. Nov. —[blotted, 28], 1767.[m. Dec. 24, C.R.4.]
  • Susanna and Ebenezer Studley [int. Studly], both of D., Sept. 18, 1805.
  • Sylvia, Miss, and John James Jr., both of D., int. Aug. 30, 1827.
  • Thomas and Mary Hathaway, Nov. 7, 1734.
  • Thomas of D. and Phebe Price of Tiverton, int. Sept. 23, 1758.
  • Thomas of D. and Ruth Baly of Little Compton, int. May 21, 1770.
  • Thomas of D. and Deborah Prise of Little Compton, int. June 29, 1784.
  • Welthy ([torn]mpton) [Kimpton, Kempton, int. Weltha Kimpton] and Timothy Maxfield Jr., both of D., Aug. 28, 1774. [Wealthy Kempton, B.C.M.]
  • William 2d and Ruth Demmons, both of D., int. Nov. 7, 1772. [Ruth Daman, m. Dec. 3, C.R.4.]
  • Zacceus of New Bedford and Miss Polly Cornell of D., int. Aug. 15, 1808.
  • John [int. Kentch] and Elisabeth Shearman [int. Sherman], both of D., June 5, 1775. [Kemp and Elisabeth Shearman, B.C.M.]
  • Dorcas and William Greene [int. Green], residents in D., Oct. 26, 1819.
  • Huldah P., Miss, of Newbedford, and David Crosby of D., int. Dec. 27, 1828.
  • Levi and Rhoda H. Wady, both of D., int. Apr. 27, 1839.
  • Mercy and David Gifford, both of D., int. Jan. 24, 1837.
KENE (see Kenney)

  • John [? Kenif] and Miss Lydia Howland, both of D., int. Nov. 25, 1829.
KENNEDY (see Canaday)

KENNEY (Kene, Kenny, Kinney)
  • Jacob and Partial Hammond, both of D., int. Aug. 12, 1777. [Kenny and Pernal Hammond, both of D., m. Nov. 20, B.C.M. Kinney and Parnel Hammond late of Newport, m. Nov. 20, C.R.4.]
  • Jonathan (Kene) and Elizebeth Doty, July 7, 1735. [[dup. Kenney] B.C.M.]
  • Mary (Kinney) of D. and John Cooly [sic, Corby] of Rochester, Feb. 21, 1733, in Rochester.
  • Mary and Michael Hathaway, Nov. 24, 1768, C.R.4.
  • Samuel (Kinney) and Patience Wing, both of D., int. Dec. 7, 1767.
  • Thomas (Kenny) and Mary Jenne, Jan. 24, 173-4[Sic, 1733-4]. [Jan. 24, 1733-4. B.C.M.]
KERBA (see Kirby)

KERBY (see Kirby)

KETTIEL (see Cathel)

KEYES (see Keese)

KILLEY (see Kelley)

KILLIE (see Kelley)

KILLY (see Kelley)

  • Abraham and Barbary-----------, June 26, 1836.
  • Caroline, 21, of Westport, b. D., d. Ephraim and Maria of Westport, and Gideon R. Whalon, 23, mariner, of Westport, b. D., s. Daniel and Sybel of D., Sept. 21, 1848.
  • Cynthia and Canaan G. Dyre, both of Newbedford, Dec. 17, 1842.
  • Esther of Tiverton and Leonard Gifford of D., int. Dec. 14, 1833.
  • Job of Tivertown and Alice Powers, resident in D., int. Sept. 22, 1816.
  • Jonathan of Rochester and Sally F. Crocker of D., [int. Dec. 21, 1822]. [This entry crossed out].
  • Lavina and James L. Barlow, both of D., Jan. 29, 1844.
  • Luy B. and Andrew C. Shaw, both of Tiverton, R. I., May 5, 1844.
  • Martha I. and Benjamin H. Peets, both of D., Aug. 21, 1834.
  • Salley, Miss, of Westport, and Hiram Reed of D., int. Sept. 2, 1828.
  • Thankful of Plymouth and Benjamin Holmes of D., int. Dec. 15, 1753.
  • Thomas of Tiverton. R. I., and Lucy B. Hazard of D., Dec. 25, 1843.
  • William and Caroline Caswell of Newbedford, Dec. 19, 1830.
  • William 2d and Roxanah Davis, both of D., Aug. 17, 1843.
KINNEY (see Kenney)

KIRBY (Carby, Cerby, Keirby, Kerba, Kerby)
  • Abigail and [int. Capt.] William Howland, both of D., Jan. 14, 1838.
  • Alice and Thomas W. Davis, both of Westport, Feb. 2, 1843.
  • Amy, 40 [int. of D.], d. Weston, and Benjamin S. Anthony, widr. [int. omits widr.], 50, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Gedeon of D., Feb. 6, 1845, in D.
  • Avery and Hannah Howland, both of D., int. Nov. 6, 1813.
  • Avery [int. Avory] and [int. Miss] Mary Kirby, both of D., Oct. 10, 1826.
  • Barbary [int. Miss] and Seth Anthony, both of D., Feb. 9, 1820.
  • Barnabas (Kerby) [int. Kirby], s. Silas and Elisabeth of D., and Elisabeth Allen, d. Prince and Deborah of D., 10th, 8 mo. 1768, C.R.3.
  • Barnabas [int. Kirbey] of D. and [int. Miss] Deborah [dup. Rebecca] D. Allen of Westport, Mar. 5, 1843.
  • Bathsheba (Kerby) and Reuben Allen, both of D., 4th, 3 mo. 1789, in D., B.C.M. [Kirby, d. Barnabas of D., and Reuben Allen of D., s. Philip dec'd and Susanna, C.R.3.]
  • Benjamin (Kerby) and Eunice Peckcom, both of D., Jan. 8, 1767.
  • David (Kerby) and Martha Soule, both of D., int. Mar. 19, 1763.
  • David (Kerby) of D. and Rebeckah Aulden of Middleborough, int. June 30, 1779.
  • Edward (Kerby) of Newport and Elisabeth Collens of D., Nov. 29, 1779. [Dec. 29, B.C.M.]
  • Elihu (Kerby) and Patience Gifford, both of D., June 15, 1786.
  • Elihu and Hope Davis, both of D., July 30, 1843.
  • Elisabeth (Kerby) and Isaiah Peckcom Jr., both of D., int. Nov. 18, 1764.
  • Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] (Kerby) of D. and Isaac Laurance [int. Larrame] of Pourtsmouth, July 1, 1770. [Elizabeth of D. and Isaac Lawrance of Portsmouth, R. I., B.C.M.]
  • Elizabeth (Kerby) and Joseph Rogers, both of Marshfield, 11th, 2 Mo. 1789, B.C.M. [Kirby, wid. Barnibas of D., d. Prince Allen dec'd and Deborah of D., and Joseph Rogers, s. John and Sarah of Marshfield, Plymouth Co., 11th, 2 mo. 1780, C.R.3.]
  • George and [int. Miss] Abby [int. adds H.] Smith, both of D., Aug. 23, 1821.
  • Hannah (Kerby) Jr. and Zebulon Tallman, both of D., Mar. 24, 1768.
  • Hannah and Holder Shearman, both of D., Dec. 27, 1821.
  • Hannah [int. Miss] and Benjamin S. Anthony, both of D., July 4, 1827.
  • Harvey W. and Delia Potter, both of Westport, Nov. 3, 1839.
  • Humphrey [int. Humphry] S., single, 27, merchant, of New Bedford, b. D., s. George and Abby of D., and Elizabeth T. Howland, 21, of D., b. D., d. Rodolphus and Margaret, July 19, 1849 [ ? in New Bedford].
  • Ichabod (Cerby) [int. Kirby], s. Robert of D., and Rachel Allen, d. Joseph of D., 1st, 1 mo., "called March," 1732-3, C.R.3.
  • Isaac and Rebecah------------[worn], both of D., int. Apr. 21, 1821.
  • James (Kerba) and Ann Earl, Feb. 11, 1724-5.
  • James (Kerby) of D. and Zilpha Raymound [int. Silvia Ramant] of Rochester, Apr. 1, 1774. [Zilpha Raymond of Rochester, B.C.M. Zilph Raymund of Rochester, Apr. 7, C.R.4.]
  • James (Kerby) of D. and Catherine Slocum of Tiverton, Feb. 28, 1780.
  • John, 1733 (see John Cooly).
  • John (Kerby) of D., s. Ichabod, and Pheby Wate of D., d. Ruben, int. Jan. 11, 1755.
  • John and Ruey Traford, both of D., int. Aug. 7, 1802.
  • John of D. and Cyntha Churchell, resident of D., int. Feb. 20, 1804.
  • John (Keirby) of D. and Ruth Killey, resident in D., int. Dec. 16, 1814.
  • Jonathan (Kerby) and Peace Howland, both of D., Jan. 25, 1787.
  • Jonathan and Martha [int. Patty] Howland [int. both of D.], Dec. 26, 1821.
  • Judah (Kerby) and Michel [int. Michal] Mosher, both of D., July 28, 1774. [Michel. B.C.M.]
  • Judith (Kerby), d. Silas dec'd and Elisabeth, and Thomas Allen, s. Prince dec’d and Deborah of D., 2d, 5 mo. 1792, C.R.3.
  • Justice (Kerby) and Catherine Cornell, both of D., Dec. 27, 1769.
  • Lucretia of D. and Alfred Green of Newbedford, Nov. 19, 1833.
  • Luthan of Westport and Hannah White of D., Sept. 22, 1791. [Lathan of Westport, B.C.M.]
  • Lydai (Kerby) of D. and Thomas Wood, s. Henry of Little Compton, int. Jan. 14, 1758.
  • Marcy (Kerby) and John Howland, s. John dec'd, all of D., June 6, 1782.
  • Mary of D. and Joseph Caswell of Newport, Mar. 16, 1731.
  • Mary of D. and David Wilbour of Little Compton, int. Feb. 14, 1760.
  • Mary [int. Miss] and Avery [int. Avory] Kirby, both of D., Oct. 10, 1826.
  • Mary and Jonathan Tripp, both of Westport, Mar. 4, 1832.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Nancy (Kerby) of D. and Benjamin Allen of D., s. Philip dec'd [int omits dec'd], May 19, 1782.
  • Nathaniel, s. Robert of D., and Abigail Russell, d. James of D., 25th, 1 mo., "Called March," 1731, C.R.3.
  • Nathaniel (Kerby) of D. [int. s. Wesson] and Silvia Maccumber of D., Sept. 10, 1772.
  • Nathaniel (Kerby) and Hannah Allen, both of D., Mar. 22, 1778.
  • Nicholas U. and Judith Brightman, both of Westport, May 20, 1830.
  • Patience (Carby), d. Robard of D., and John Layton, s. George of D., 13th, 10 mo. 1722, C.R.3.
  • Patience (Kerby) and Jeremiah Wate, both of D., int. Dec. 7, 1754.
  • Peace [int. Kerby, Miss] and [int. Capt.] Joseph Howland, both of D., Oct. 11, 1826.
  • Perry and Rachel Potter, both of Westport, Feb. 9, 1834.
  • Phebe (Kerby) [int. Kirby], d. Robert and Abigail of D., and Abraham Allen, s. Philip and Susannah of D., 10th, 1 mo. 1776, C.R.3.
  • Phebe of Westport and David Sowle of D., July 22, 1790. [July 22, 1791, B.C.M.]
  • Phebe and David Kempton 2d, both of Newbedford, Feb. 3, 1828.
  • Phebe H. (Kerby) [int Kirby] and Hillery Sanford, both of D., Jan. 23, 1834.
  • Rebecca (Kerby) of D. and Anthony Shaw of Newport, int. July 20, 1761.
  • Rebecca [int. Rebecah] (Kerby) and Daniel Maccumber, both of D., June 19, 1763. [Rebecca and Daniel Macomber, B.C.M.]
  • Rebecca S., 21, of D., b. D., d. George and Abby of D., and Weston Howland, single, 30, mariner, of Newbedford, b. Newbedford, s. Weston and Abby of Newbedford, May 14, 1846.
  • Rebecka [int. Rebekah] of Westport and Jeremiah Brownell of D., Nov. 19, 1789. [Rebeca of Westport, B.C.M.]
  • Rebekah Jr. and Noah Allen, both of D., Oct. 5, 1727.
  • Recompense [int. Recompence] (Kerby), s. Robert and Rebekah of D., and Rebekah Cornel [int. Cornell], d. William and Mehetabel of D., Dec. 16, 1736, C.R.3.
  • Restcome of D. and Mary Rogers of Marshfield, int. Mar. 24, 1791.
  • Rhodah [int. Rhoda Keirby] of D. and Parterick Guary [int. Gerry], "a foreigner," Sept. 11, 1812.
  • Richard (Kerby) of D. and Rebeccah [int. Rebecca] Winslow of Freetown, Dec. 15, 1757, in Freetown.
  • Robert (Kerby) [int. Robard Kirby], s. Robert and Rebecca of D., and Abigail Allen, d. Seth and Elisabeth, 13th, "of the month called December," 1744, C.R.3.
  • Robert (Kerby) [int. Jr.] and Anne Anthony, both of D., Oct. 5, 1786. [Robert and Anna Anthony, B.C.M.]
  • Ruhamah (Kerby) of D. and Ebenezer Wilbour of Little Compton, int. June 31 [Sic], 1763.
  • Ruth (Kerby) and John Badcock Jr., both of D., June 23, 1774.
  • Sarah (Kerby) and John Allmy, both of D., Aug. 1, 1769. [Almy of D., B.C.M.]
  • Sarah (Kerby) and Peleg Sherman [int. Shearman], both of D., Oct. 13, 1774. [Kisbey and Peleg Shearman, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah (Kerby) and Christopher Cornell [Cornell written above Gifford crossed out, int. Cornell], both of D., May 19, 1776. [Cornell, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah and Jirah Brownell, both of Westport, Dec 31, 1812.
  • Sibbel (Kerby) and Humphry White, both of D., int. Feb. 11, 1786.
  • Silas (Kerby) [int. Kirby], s. Robert and Rebeckah of D., and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Russell, d. Jonathan and Judeth of D., 8th, 2 mo., "called Aprill," 1742, C.R.3.
  • Silas (Kerby) Jr. and Susannah Roges [int Rogers], both of D., July 13, 1777. [Rogers, B.C.M.]
  • Silas [int. Jr.] of D. and Deborah [int. Deberah] Crapo of Westport [int. D.], Sept. 18, 1808.
  • Silas (Keirby) and Rhobe S. Sowl, both of D., Nov. 7, 1811.
  • Sophia and Joseph Ricketson, both of D., Dec. 26, 1832.
  • Stephen (Kerby) and Sarah Lawrance, both of D., int. July 2, 1781.
  • Susan and William Gifford Jr., both of Westport, Oct. 15, 1837.
  • Thomas (Kerby) of Porthmouth, R. I., and Charity Perkin [torn, Perkins] of D., int. Aug. 2, 1760.
  • Tillinghast of Westport and Dorothy A. Burr of Newbedford, Sept. 25, 1840.
  • Weston (Kerby) and Hannah White, both of D., int. Feb. 23, 1750.
  • Weston and Joanna Craw, both of D., Dec. 8, 1803.
  • William (Kerby) and Hannah Reed, Feb. 3, 1736-7.
  • William (Kerby) Jr. and Ailce Butts, both of D., Mar. 2, 1769. [Alice, B.C.M.]
  • William (Kerby) [int. 3d] of D., s. Wesson, and Audria Gifford of D., May 4, 1777. [William, B.C.M.]
  • William Jr. and Lois Stratton, both of D.,------------[int. Mar. 10], 1799.
  • Zilpha (Kerby) and Jonathan Rider, both of D., Oct. 14, 1765.
  • John of New Bedford and Everline Gifford of D., int. May 5, 1847.
  • Benjamin, Dr., of D., and Miss Nancy Pellet of Brookfield, int. July 13, 1802.
KNAP (Nap, Napp)
  • Asel (Nap) of D. and "Mris." Sarah Freelove of Freetown, June 24, 1784.
  • Edward and Lydia Haskins, residents in D., int. Jan. 1, 1825.
  • James (Napp) of New Bedford and Almy Tripp of D., int. Feb. 27, 1819.
  • Lydia (Nap) and Ebenezer Cowen, both of D., Aug. 25, 1778.
KNIGHT (Night)
  • Elisabeth (Night) of Tiverton and Jonathan Taber of D., s. Jonathan, int. Sept. 3, 1754.
  • John of D. and Lydia Bayley of Tiverton, int. Dec. 30, 1780.
  • Phebe (Night) [Night written above Dye crossed out] of D. and Benjamin Fish of Tiverton, int. Feb. 17, 1764.
  • Henry of S. Kingston and Rachel Taber of Littlecompton [int. D.], Feb. 16, 1834.
KNOWLTON (see Nolton)

  • Abigail of Tiverton and Caleb Tripp of D., int. Feb. 3, 1786.
  • Almira and Paul Ricketson [int. Rickitson], both of D., Aug. 11, 1833.
  • Ann, d. Joseph of D., and Caleb Cory, s. Roger of Tiverton, Sept. 27, 1744.
  • Brownell of D. and Mary Potter of D. [int. d. Benjamin], Oct. 17, 1773.
  • Ephraim of New Bedford and [int. Miss] Esther Barker of D., Jan. 27, 1828.
  • James of D. and Elisabeth Crapo of Rochester, Oct. 31, 1734, in Rochester.
  • John and Pewelah Spooner, May 18, 1738. [Penelope, B.C.M.]
  • Jonathan and Sylvia Ann Russell, both of D., int. Aug. 27, 1842.
  • Mary and Abraham Butts, both of D., June 9, 1735. [Brett [dup. Butts], B.C.M.]
  • Noah of Newbedford and Caroline Briggs of D., Dec. 3, 1843.
  • Thomas of D., s. Joseph, and Lidia [int. Liddia] Huddelstone of D., d. George, Mar. 1, 1750. [Lydia Hurdel, B.C.M.]
  • William [signed Luke] of D., s. John of Winborn Minster, co. Dorsett, Eng., and Joanna Butler of D., d. Daniel dec'd of Sandwich, 22d, 6 mo., "called August," 1734, C.R.3.
  • Martha [int. adds B.] and John R. Whalen [int. Whalon], both of D., Jan. 15, 1832.
  • William and Eliza Hazard, both of D., Mar. 1, 1832.
  • Abigail and Nicholas Moors, both of D., int. Feb. 24, 1769. [m. Mar. 23, C.R.4.]
  • Alice of Sandwich and John Hathaway of D., Nov. 18, 1714, in Sandwich.
  • Ephraim and Elisabeth Burgis, both of D., int. Feb. 6, 1759.
  • Hannah of Falmouth and Andrew Sherman [int. Shearman] of D., Mar. 29, 1759, in Falmouth.
  • Hannah (------------ ------------[worn] ) [Hannah Landers, int. the same] and Abner Jenne [worn, both of D., int. the same],------------[worn, "ber" 10], 17[worn, --85, int. Nov. 4, 1785]. [Hannah Landers, both of D., Dec. 15, 1785, B.C.M. Hannah Landers, Dec. 15, 1785, C.R.4.]
  • Lydia [int. Lidia] of Wareham and Nathaniel Blackwell [int. Jr.] of D., Feb. 4, 1747, in Wareham.
  • Mary and John Cannon, Sept. 27, 1744, in D., B.C.M.
  • Susanna of Boston and John Procter of D., int. Aug. 13, 1773.
  • Salley of Greenwich, R. I., and John Allen, s. William dec'd of D., int. Nov. 20, 1777.
LANGWORTHY (Lanworthy)
  • John (Lanworthy) [int. Langworthy] and Zurviah Tibbetts [int. Tibbits], both of D., July 6, 1780. [Langworthy and Zurviah Tibbits, B.C.M.]
  • John and Patience Tobey [int. Toby], both of D., June 5, 1735. [Tobey, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Abigail and Oliver Briggs, both of D., int. Feb. 28, 1761.
  • Bathsheba, d. John and Mary of D., and John Gifford, s. Benjamin and Sarah of D., 7th, 11 mo., "called January," 1741, C.R.3.
  • Bathsheba (see Bathsheba Sampson)
  • Elezebeth [signed Elizebeth], d. John of D., and Amos Taber, s. Joseph of D., 13th, 6 mo., "called August," 1724, C.R.3.
  • Elisabeth, d. John and Mary dec'd of D., and Benjamin Shearman, s. Thomas of D. and Ruth, 1st, 2 mo., "Called February," 1748, C.R.3.
  • Eliza and William A. Pierce [int. both of D.], Aug. 16, 1840.
  • Elizabeth (see Elezebeth and Elisabeth).
  • Frances, d. John and Mary of D., and Nathaniel Bowdish, s. William and Mercy of D., 2d, 8 mo., "called October," 1740, C.R.3.
  • Hannah and Matthew Beard, both of D., Feb. 6, 1810.
  • Humphrey and Catherine Russell 2d, both of D., int. Aug. 13, 1814.
  • Humphry and Ruth Sisson, both of D., July 27, 1786.
  • Isaac I. [int. Isaac J. Sanford] and Sylvia G. Tripp [int. both of D.], Apr. 4, 1832.
  • John Jr. and Mary Rusell, d. Joseph, Apr. 3, 1700. [both of D., C.R.3.]
  • John, s. John of D., and Desier [signed Desire] Howland, d. Benjamin of D., 9th, 1 mo., "called March," 1725-6, C.R.3.
  • Joseph and Lavina Howland, both of D., int. Mar. 3, 1808.
  • Joshua, s. John and Mary of D., and Hannah Shearman, d. David and Abigail of D., 3d, 2 mo., "called April," 1747, C.R.3.
  • Judah (see Judith Topham).
  • Marcy [signed Mercy], d. Nicholas and Mary of D., and Humphry Shearman, s. Seth and Ruth both dec'd of D., 25th, 10 mo. 1780, C.R.3.
  • Mary, d. John L. and Mary of D., and Charles Dyre of Newport, R. I., 26th, 6 mo. 1709, C.R.3.
  • Mercy (see Marcy)
  • Nicholas of D. and Mary Hart of Little Compton, int. Jan. 22, 1759.
  • Nicholas and Lydia Russell, both of D., int. Apr. 8, 1797.
  • Nicholus and Miss Sarah Baker, both of D., int. Dec. 1, 1830.
  • Noah of D., s. Nicholass and Mary, and Rachel Russell, d. Thomas and Edieth (dec'd) of D., 15th, 4 mo. 1793, C.R.3.
  • Noah of Ohio and Sarah Chace of D., Aug. 30, 1836, in D.
  • Oliver and Susan Killey, both of D., Oct. 14, 1814.
  • Perry and Asenath O. Killey, both of D., Nov. 24, 1833.
  • Phebe and Zephaniah Russell, both of D., Mar. 11, 1784.
  • Phebe and George N. Elles [int. George W. Ellis], both of D., Mar. 18, 1842.
  • Rebekah and Barnabas Howland, Apr. 30, 1724. [Rebecah, d. John of D., and Barnabas Howland, s. Benjamin of D., C.R.3.]
  • Richard and Thankfull Sanford, both of D., Jan. 9, 1794.
  • Richard and Hannah Smith, both of D., int. Aug. 21, 1796.
  • Richard, single. 26, trader, of D., b. D., s. Thomas and Bathsheba of D., and Alice T. Shearman, 17, of D., b. D., d. Sally, Jan. 13, 1846.
  • Ruth, d. John and Mary of D., and Seth Shearman, s. Daniel decd and Sarah of D., 1st, 12 mo., "called february," 1737-8. C A.3.
  • Ruth and Haman Kelley [int. Heaman Killey], both of D., July 3, 1823.
  • Salley, Miss, and Kiley Shearman, both of D., int. Jan. 17, 1827.
  • Sarah S., Miss, of D., and Charles Howard, resident of D., Int. Oct. 17, 1846.
  • Sarah S., wid., 35 [int. of D.], d. Ensign Baker and Sarah, and James H. Haskins, single, 33, mariner, of D., b. D., s. Abraham and Mehetable of D., May 16, 1847.
  • Soloman of D. and Silva Whilpple of Smithfield, int. Feb. 28, 1756.
  • Thomas and Abigail Wilbore, Feb. 2, 1729. [Feb. 2, 1729-30, B.C.M. Thomas, s. John of D., and Abigail Wilbor, d. Benjamin (Wilbur) dec'd of D., 4th, 10 mo., "called february," 1729-30, C.R.3.]
  • Thomas, s. Nicholas dec'd and Mary of D., and Sarah Russell, d. Elijah dec'd and Hannah of D., 30th, 11 mo. 1803, C.R.3.
  • Thomas and Bathsheba Shearman, both of D., Jan. 1, 1810.
  • Thomas and [int. Miss] Eliza Barker [int. Baker, both of D.], Mar. 6, 1832.
  • Sylvester [int. Leppard] and Ruth Shearman, both of D., Aug. 18, 1833.
  • Alexander E. C. [int. Larrabee] and [int. Miss] Sarah Slocum [int. residents in D.], Sept. 30, 1821.
LAT (Lett)
  • Joseph (Lett) and Betsey Vincent, both of D., int. Mar. 29, 1834.
  • Nathaniell [signed Nathaniel Chase] of Portsmouth, R. I., and Abigail Shearman of D., 2d, 1 mo. 1703, C.R.3.
LAURANCE (see Lawrence)

LAUTON (see Lawton)

  • James of Westport and Miss Susanah Cornell of D., int. Apr. 21, 1826.
  • Sarah of Nantucket and John H. Southworth of D., int. July 21, 1843.
LAWRENCE (Laurance, Lawrance)
  • Abigail of D. and William Willcox of Westport, int. Feb. 19, 1798.
  • Elisabeth (Lawrance) and Joseph Wing, both of D., June 22, 1834.
  • Hannah [int. Laurance] and Titus Willard, blacks [int. residents of D.], Oct. 11, 1789. [Lawrence, B.C.M.]
  • Isaac (Laurance) [int. Larrame] of Pourtsmouth and Elizabeth [int Elisabeth] Kerby of D., July 1, 1770. [Lawrance of Portsmouth, R. I., and Elizabeth Kerby of D., B.C.M.]
  • Isaac of Westport, s. Isaac and Elizabeth both dec'd of Westport, and Martha Jones of D., d. Nathaniel and Phebe both dec'd of Westport, 28th, 6 mo. 1848, C.R.3.
  • John (Lawrance) [int. Lawrence] and Anne Hathway [int. Ann Hathaway], both of D., Jan. 20, 1774. [Lawrance and Anne Hathaway, B.C.M.]
  • John and Patience Allen, both of D., int. Aug. 5, 1802.
  • Mary (Laurance) of Westport and Paul Fisher of D., int. July 9, 1823.
  • Ruth and Willard Willcox, both of D., Mar. 21, 1795.
  • Sarah (Lawrance) of D. and Caleb Pirce of Rochester, int Nov. 22, 1764.
  • Sarah (Lawrance) and Stephen Kerby, both of D., int. July 2, 1781.
LAWTON (Lauton, Layton)
  • Abigael of D., d. Job, and Thomas Cory of D., s. Thomas, May 11, 1749. [Abigail, B.C.M.]
  • Abraham, "a Mustee," and Patience Toworey, "Indian," both of D., Nov. 14, 1778.
  • Abraham and Zerviah Coggena, "black people," both of D., int. Oct. 30, 1797.
  • Abraham [int. of D.] and Lucinda Derry [int. Lucindy Perry] of D., "black people," Aug. 13, 1801.
  • David of D. and Ruth Jennings of Tiverton, int. Mar. 15, 1785.
  • George of D. and Peace Mosher of Tivertown, int. Dec. 1, 1758.
  • George B. of Westport and [int. Miss] Sally [int. adds A.] Mosher of D., Mar. 16, 1828.
  • Hannah and Isaac------------, both of Troy, Nov. 24, 1825.
  • James (Lauton) and Huldah Mosher, both of D., int. Mar. 20, 1817.
  • John (Layton), s. George of D., and Patience Carby, d. Robard of D., 13th, 10 mo. 1722, C.R.3.
  • John, s. George and Mary of D., and Rebecca Allen, d. Benjamin and Deborah of D., Nov. 13, 1746, C.R.3.
  • Leah (see Leah Caton)
  • Lucinda [int. Lauton] of D. and Abraham Anthony, "Resident people of culer," June 2, 1811.
  • Lydia and William Tripp, both of D., int. Sept. 19, 1761.
  • Mary and Jonathan Divel, both of D., int. Sept. 3, 1745.
  • Mary of D., wid. Jonathan of Freetown, and Henry Wilbur [int. Wilbour] of D., Mar. 21, 1780. [Wilbur, B.C.M.]
  • Patience K. and Samuel G. Allen, both of Westport, Dec. 31, 1843.
  • Peace of D., d. John, and Phillip Howland of D., s. Zoeth, Aug. 16, 1750. [Philip, B.C.M.]
  • Priscilla and Joseph Allen [int. Jr.], both of D., Mar. 18, 1790. [Joseph, B.C.M. Laton and Josepn Allen, P.R.1.]
  • Rebecca M., 22, dressmaker [int. of D.], d. James and Hulde of D., and Abraham Driscol [int. Abram F. Driscal], single, 23, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Daniel (Driskell) and Hannah, July 28, 1844, in D.
  • Rebeccah and David Milk, both of D., int. Jan. 4, 1745. [m. Jan. 9, 1745-6, B.C.M.]
  • Rhodah [int. Rhoda] and John Fisher, both of D., Nov. 28, 1784.
  • Robey and William Peckens [int. Peckem], both of D., Sept. 16, 1798.
  • Ruth and Moses Case, both of D., Jan. 19, 1787.
  • Ruth and Joseph Mosher, both of D., Jan. 27, 1805.
  • Sarah [int. Laton], d. George and Mary of D., and Robert Mosher, s. John dec'd of D. and Experience, 10th, 9 mo., "called November," 1743, C.R.3.
  • Serviah and John Elson [int. both of D.], June 27, 1802.
  • Meribah and Benjamin Davis, both of D., Sept. 6, 1782.
LEANORD (see Leonard)

  • Ezra W. of D. and Hannah P. Bisbee of Fairhaven, int. Jan. 22, 1836.
  • Lowis [int. Miss] of Freetown and Thomas Collins of D., Feb. 1, 1803.
  • Thomas I. [int. J.] and Harriet [int. Hariet) Turner, both of D., Dec. 25, 1833.
LEONARD (Leanord)
  • Alfred of Newbedford and [int. Miss] Rebecca [int. Rebeca] Willcox of D., Oct. — [int. Oct. 14), 1825.
  • Francis J., resident of D., and Mrs. Hannah Studley of D., int. Jan. 17, 1846.
  • Phebe (Leanord) and Joseph Delano, both of D., Sept. 27, 1778. [Leonard, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
LEPPARD (see Lapord)

LETT (see Lat)

  • Warren and Nancy T. Whalon, both of Troy, July 3, 1831.
  • Hope and Abner Elisha, Indians, both of D., Mar. 20, 1766.
LEWIS (Lewie, Luis)
  • Ann Clark, Miss, and Calven Harvey, both of D., int. Sept. 27, 1826.
  • Bethsheba of Freetown and Thomas Coggeshall of D., "black people," int. May 7, 1797.
  • Betsey and William Anthony, "Black people," int. Aug. 1, 1795.
  • David of Middleborough and Lucy Freeman, resident in D., int. Sept. 14, 1822. [m. Oct. 3, P.R.1.]
  • Eliza, Miss, of Swanzey, and Alfred Sabins of D., int. Dec. 18, 1846.
  • Elizebeth and Thomas Taber, Dec. 27, 1733.
  • John of New Bedford and Nancy Anthony of D., "people of Colour," Mar. 30, 1808.
  • John of Newbedford and Carlotte [int. Charlottee] Crank of D., Aug. 14, 1825.
  • John and Miss Salley Trafford, resedints of D., int. Dec. 2, 1826.
  • July Ann and William T. Craw, both of D., int. June 29, 1843.
  • Lydia (Lewie) and Levi Nore, "Black people," int. June 23, 1820.
  • Penina and John Springer [int. Jr.], both of D., Jan. 3, 1750. [John, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah, Miss, of D., and Braddock Gifford of Newbedford, int. Nov. 4, 1826.
  • Susanna (Luis) [int. Lewis], d. John dec'd of D., and Benjamin Taber, s. Joseph of D., 5th, 12 mo., "Called february," 1729-30, C.R.3.
  • Thomas and Anna Bordley, "people of colour," residents in D., int. May 1, 1816.
LINCOLN (Linkhorn)
  • Calvin W. and [int. Miss] Content Williams, both of D., Jan. 25, 1831.
  • Delila [int. Miss] and Resolved Chase [int. Chace], both of D., Aug. 30, 1829.
  • Desire of Rochester and Daniel Kempton of D., int. Apr. 25, 1777.
  • Louisa R. [int. Louise, omits R] and Thomas Snell, both of D., Oct. 15, 1840.
  • Nancy C. of Raynham and Ira Phillips Jr. of D., int. June 6, 1812.
  • Ralph (Linkhorn), resident in D., and [int. Miss] Abigail Russell of D., Feb. 28, 1811.
  • Sarah, Miss, and Jerome B. Briggs, both of D., int. Dec. 23, 1842.
  • Sarah W. of D. and Loring [int. Louring] Palmer of Littlecompton, Sept. 24, 1843.
  • Savia and Weston [int. Wesson] Cornell, both of D., Nov. 2, 1829.
  • George, single, 26, housewright, of Newbedford, b. Newbedford, s. Woodbridge and Hannah of New Bedford, and Elizabeth Gifford, 26, of Newbedford, b. Newbedford, d. George and Mary, May 17, 1846.
  • Mary of Newbedford and Charles Westgate of Tiverton, Apr. 21, 1833.
LING (Lyng)
  • Bettey (Lyng) and James Crandon, both of D., int. Dec. 26, 1778.
  • William B. of Lisbon, Me., and Ruth Healey of Fallriver, June 12, 1834.
LINKHORN (see Lincoln)

LION (Loyon)
  • Hannah Spooner (Loyon) [int. Lyon, omits Spooner], late of Newport, now of D., and William Townsend of Providence, July 13, 1777. [Hannah Loyon of D., B.C.M. Hannah Lyon, late of Newport, now of D., C.R.4.]
  • Thomas and Betty Allen, wid., both of D., int. June 5, 1773.
  • Abigail and Joseph Brightman, both of D., Feb. 24, 1833.
  • Alice and George W. Gidley, both of D., June 18, 1843.
  • Avis, 26, of D., b. D., d. Isaac and Mary of D., and Gideon Allen, single, 20, mariner, of Westport, b. Westport, s. Green and Phebe of Westport, Feb. 23, 1847.
  • Barker and Elisabeth Howland, both of D., int. Jan. 16, 1773. [m. Jan. 31, C.R.4.]
  • Benjamin of D. and Nancy Tripp of Westport, int. Oct 28, 1820.
  • Caroline, 19, of D., d. Otis and Lucy of D., and Joseph Thomson [int. Thompson], single, 35, laborer, of Westport, s. Ephraim (Thompson) and Lucy of Westport, Sept. 22, 1845, in D.
  • Charles of Westport and Alice Case of D., int. Aug 5, 1798.
  • Charles and Susanna [int. Susannah] Gidley, both of D., Nov. 17, 1811.
  • Charles and Abigail Gidley, both of D.,-----------[int. Apr. 9], 1813.
  • Charles of D. and Hannah Craw of Westport, int. June 5, 1815.
  • Eliza and Philip H. Gidly, both of D., int. Apr. 7, 1848.
  • Esek and Ruth H. Slade, both of D., May 31, 1835.
  • Isaac and Mary Little, both of D., Oct. 15, 1820.
  • Joseph C. of D. and Eliza D. Thomas of New Bedford, int. June 5, 1847.
  • Lydia and Stephen Gifford, both of D., Mar. 5, 1795.
  • Lydia, 17, of D., b. D., d. Otis and Lucy of D., and James Hazzard, single, 25, mariner, of D., s. Henry and Betsey, Aug. 9, 1846, in D.
  • Mary and Isaac Little, both of D., Oct. 15, 1820.
  • Mary A. [int. Ann], 24, of D., b. D., d. Isaac and Mary of D., and Gideon R Chace, single, 28, of Westport, b. Maine, s. Preserved and Rhoda of Wilton, Me., Dec. 31, 1848.
  • Nathaniel 2d of D. and Mary Jane Devol of Fall River, Feb. 25, 1844.
  • Nicholas and Mary Macumber, both of D., int. Nov. 22, 1805.
  • Otis and Alice Gidley, both of D., int. June 25, 1814.
  • Otis [int. Littlee] of D. and Lusannah Chase, resident of D., Aug. 22, 1819.
  • Prince and Susan Tripp, both of Westport, June 8, 1820.
  • Rebecca R., 18 [int. of D.], b. D., d. Isaac and Mary, and Ellen [sic, int. Ellis] Brightman, single, 24, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Leonard of D., June 20, 1847.
  • Rebeccah Ann of D. and Ebenezer Sampson of Fall River, int. Jan. 19, 1842.
  • Rebecka [int. Rebeccea] and Charles Sherman, both of D., Dec. 1, 1799.
  • Ruth of Little Comton and Jonathan Head of D., int. Oct 4, 1760.
  • Ruth and Henry Gidley 2d [int both of D.], June 29, 1820.
  • Sarah of D. and Samuel Fellows of N. H., Sept. 1, 1833.
  • Savia, Miss, of D., and Isaac Francis of Westport, int. Feb. 12, 1828.
  • Sylvester and Gardner Macumber, both of D., Aug. 10, 1805.
  • Zerviah (see Savia).
  • Dennis and Merribeh Anthoney [int. Antonia], "black people" [int. "Molattoes, transient persons"], Nov. 29, 1792. [Merribeh Anthony, B.C.M.]
  • James, resident in D. [int. Lonagon, "a foreiner"], and [int. Miss] Rhoda Howland [int. of D.], Feb. 19, 1824.
  • John [int. Lowden] of D. and Mary Whitridge [int. Whitteridge] of Rochester, Dec. 17, 1761, in Rochester.
  • Abby of Newbedford and Elihu Briggs of D., int. Feb. 17, 1845.
  • Jacob of Va. and Patty Johnson, "people of Colour," int. Aug. 6, 1821.
  • Edomn and Betsey Lysher, residents in D., int. Apr. 29, 1799.
  • Christania and Stephen A. Jones, both of Newbedford, Jan. 15, 1843, in D.
  • Debby of Marthas Vineyard and Eleazer Kelly, resident of D., int. May 22, 1803.
LORING (Lorain, Lowring)
  • Anne (Lorain) of Swaney and James Woodmancy of D., int. Sept. 27, 1787.
  • Betsy and Elisha Blossom, Nov. 13, 1788, C.R.4.
  • Deborah (Lorain) of D. and Jeremiah Finne of Bristol, R. I., int. Sept. 5, 1754.
  • Edward (Lowring) and Miss Sally Thacher, both of D., int. Oct. 29, 1827.
  • Job of Rochester and Rebekah Samson of D., Jan. 19, 1730-1.
  • Joshua (Lorain) and Innocent Pope, both of D., int. Mar. 26, 1768. [Loring, m. Sept. 15, C.R.4.]
  • Priscilla tint. Prissilla Loringe] of Pembroke and George Browinell [int. Brownell of D., Apr. 8, 1787, in Pembroke.
  • Mary [int. Lauthrop] of Plymouth and Joseph Kempton of D., Oct. 24, 1759, in Plymouth.
  • Samuel and Desire Crooker, both of D., int. Aug. 4, 1770.
LOWDEN (see Londin)

LOWRING (see Loring)

LOYON (see Lion)

LUCAS (Lucus)
  • Hazael, Rev., of Dennis, and Miss Abigail Wheldon of D., int Apr. 21, 1831.
  • Mary Staples (Lucus) [int. Lucas] of Newbedford and Ira S. Wady of D., June 26, 1836.
  • Edwin and Lydia-----------[illegible, ? Horn or Ann] Wilbour, both of New Bedford, Oct. 12, 1831, P.R.1.
LUCUS (see Lucas)

LUIS (see Lewis)

  • William (see William Lake)
LUMBARD (Lumber)
  • Daborah (Lumber) of Freetown and Charles Demarainville of D., int. Dec. 3, 1773.
  • Elisabeth of Chatham and Seth Hammond of D., Aug. 23, 1738, in Chatham.
  • Elisabeth (Lumber), resident in D., and Michael Russell of D., June 5, 1796.
  • Rebecca [int Lusany] of D. and George Allen of D., s. Zebulon, Feb. 26, 1781. [Susana, B.C.M.]
  • Jonathan [int., dup. int. and third int of D.] and Ruth Phillips [dup. int. and third int. wid., int. resident of Swansey, dup. int. resident of D.], May 3, 1812.
  • Joseph [int. Luthur] of Swanzey and Anna Bennet [int. Bennett] of D., Dec. 18, 1794. [Luther of Swanzey and Anna Bennett of D., P.R.1.]
LYNG (see Ling)

LYON (see Lion)

  • Betsey and Edom Lonun, residents in D., int. Apr. 29, 1799.
MACAMBER (see Macomber)

McCOMBER (see Macomber)

MACCOMER (see Macomber)

McCOWEN (Mackcowen)
  • Daniel (Mackcowen) [int. Mackcown], "Trancient Man," and Betty [int. Bettey] Taylor [int. of D.], July 3, 1760.
  • Meribah and Charles Cornell, both of D., int. Nov. 11, 1783.
MACCUMBER (see Macomber)

McDONALD (McDonel)
  • Alexander of Fairhaven and Vashti Macomber, resident of D., int. June 9, 1832.
  • Thomas (McDoneI) [int. McDonnal] and Fanna Caho[worn] [Cahoon, int. Fanne Cahoon], both of D., May 9, 1784 [McDonnal and Fanne Cahoon, B.C.M. Mcdonald and Fannee Cahoon, C.R.4.]
  • Robert and Eliza Ann Woodbrige, both of D., int. June 10, 1837.
McFARLAND (McFarling)
  • Abigail [int. McFarling] of Plymouth and Stephen Martin of D., June 1, 1775, in Plymouth.
  • Lurany (McFarling) of D. and David Churchil [int. Churchill] of Plymton, Nov. 7, 1776. [Churchil of D., B.C.M.]
McFERSON (see McPherson)

MACKCOWEN (see McCowen)

MACKOMBER (see Macomber)

  • Archibald of Fairfield and Abigail Crossman of D., int. Oct. 3, 1770.
McLAUGHLIN (see Maguthlain)

  • Parterick, "a foreigner," and Sally Allen of D., int. Aug. 2, 1821.
  • Neal [int. Macleal] and Rebecca Tupper, both of D., Oct. 2, 1777. [Macneal of D., B.C.M.]
MACOMBER (Macamber, McComber, Maccomber, Maccumber, Maccomber, Macumber, Maycumber)
  • Abby B. of D. and William Howland of Westport, Jan. 5 [sic, int. May 11], 1836.
  • Abial [int. Abiel], s. William and Lydia of D., and Rest Davil, d. Peter and Susanna of D., 27th, 5 mo. 1756, C.R.3.
  • Abial (Maccumber) and Phebe Brightman, both of D., Feb. 5, 1767.
  • Abial (Macumber) [dup. Maccumber, dup. int. Jr.], resident in D. [dup. int. of Westport], s. Abial, and Juda [int. and dup. int. Judith) Pettis [dup. int. Petty] of D., d. William, Oct. 11, 1817, in Tivertown.
  • Abigail (Maccumber) and Joseph Manchester, both of D., int. July 25, 1752.
  • Abigail (Maccumber) and Thomas Case, both of D., Jan. 30, 1780.
  • Abigail B. (see Abby B.)
  • Abner (Maccumber) and Isbel Mosher [int. Izbel Tripp], both of D., Jan. 17, 1775. [Isbel Mosher, B.C.M.]
  • Alden (Macumber) and Elisabeth Cornell, both of D., July 10, 1817.
  • Almira, Miss, of D., and Andrew H. Haskell of Newbedford, int. Oct. 4, 1828.
  • Almy (Macumber) of D. and William Cudworth of Taunton, int. Mar. 10, 1809.
  • Ann P. of Tiverton and George S. Allen of Westport, July 28, 1833.
  • Anson (Maccumber) and Grace Brownell, both of D., Feb. 20, 1783.
  • Archipas (Maccumber) [int. Archapus Macomber] and Eunice [int. Eunes] Cornell, both of D., Sept. 14, 1775. [Archipas Maccumber and Eunice Cornell, B.C.M.]
  • Ardelia D. of D. and James Allen of Westport, int. Oct. 28, 1843.
  • Arnold W. and Catharine I. Wilcox [int. Willcox], both of D., July 4, 1839.
  • Caleb (Macumber) [signed Macomber], s. John and Desire of D., and Rachel Wilbour, d. George and Deborah of D., 20th, 10 mo. 1768, C.R.3.
  • Caleb (Macomber) and Phebe Russell, both of D., Dec. 25, 1840.
  • Chloe (see Cloe)
  • Clarinda and Willard Shearman, both of D., Sept. 6, 1840.
  • Clarisa of D. and Phillip Davis of Westport, int. July 25, 1796.
  • Clarissa of D. and John Airs of Newbedford, int. June 4, 1838.
  • Clarrissa, Miss, of D., and Samuel Hamblet of Pautucket, int. May 6, 1826.
  • Cloe (Macumber) and Phillip H. Gidley, both of D., Apr. 16, 1820.
  • Constant (Maccumber) and Mary Hicks [int. wid.], both of D., Dec. 5, 1776. [Mary, B.C.M.]
  • Cornelius (McComber) [int. Macumber] of Westport, s. Nathaniel (McCumber) of Westport and Susanna, and Mehala Fisher, d. John dec'd of Westport and Rhoda, 5th, 6 mo. 1817, C.R.3.
  • Cynthea H. and Joseph Mosher Jr., both of D., int. Oct. 30, 1841.
  • Daniel (Maccumber) and Rebecca [int. Rebecah] Kerby, both of D., June 19, 1763. [Macomber and Rebecca Kerby, B.C.M.]
  • Daniel and Judeth [int. Miss Judith] Slocum, both of D., Mar. 23, 1826.
  • Daniel and Phebe Slocum [int. both of D.], Oct. 20, 1831.
  • Deborah (see Hannah)
  • Deborah (Macumber) of D. and John Chase of Westport, int. May 18, 1814.
  • Deton [int. Dighton M.] of D. and Edward Covell of Wareham, Nov. 10, 1839.
  • Edeth [int. Edith] (Macumber) of D. and Langworthy [int. Languthy] Almy of Portsmouth, R. I., Apr. 12, 1818.
  • Elijah (Maccumber) and Hannah Gidley, both of D., int. Jan. 30, 1789.
  • Elijah (Macumber) Jr. and [int. Miss] Sarah Brightman, both of D., Dec. 24, 1820.
  • Elijah G. (Macumber) and Miss Phobe Howland, both of D., int. Feb. 23, 1820.
  • Eliphalet (Macumber) and Marcy Killey, both of D., Nov. 20, 1815.
  • Elisabeth (Maccumber) and Daniel Mosher, both of D., Dec. 30, 1764. [Elizabeth Macomber, B.C.M.]
  • Elisabeth (Maccumber) and Luke Ellis, both of D., Mar. 11, 1784. [Elizabeth Macomber, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Elisabeth [int. Margreat] (Maccumber), d. William 2d, and John Palmer of Little Compton, s. John of D., Apr. 29, 1784.
  • Elisabeth (Macumber) [int. Maccumber] and Jonathan Mosher, both of D., June 17, 1804.
  • Elisabeth (Macumber) of D. and Perry Sisson of Westport, int. Jan. 10, 1810.
  • Eliza, 41 [int. of D.], b. Westport, d. Ephraim and Hannah, and Joseph Gifford Esq., widr. [int. omits widr.], 71, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Gideon and Abigail of D., Nov. 21, 1847.
  • Elizabeth (see Elisabeth and Elizebeth)
  • Elizebeth, d. William of D., and William Manchester, s. Stephen of Tiverton, Aug. 8, 1744. [Elizabeth of D. and William Manchester of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
  • Emily [int. Emely] A., 28, of D., b. D., d. Ephraim and Hannah of D., and Jonathan Covell, single, 28, shipwright, of New York, b. Wareham, s. Edward and Lucy of Nantuket, Aug. 1, 1847.
  • Gardner (Macumber) and Sylvester Little, both of D., Aug. 10, 1805.
  • Gardner (Macomber) of D. and Elisabeth [int. Elesabeth] Wilbore of Troy, June 2, 1807.
  • George (Maccumber) and Peace Case, both of D., Mar. 25, 1781.
  • George (Maccumber) of D. [int. s. William of D.] and Rhoda Greenell [int. Grinnell] of Tiverton, July 15, 1781. [Greenell of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
  • Gideon (Maccumber) and Sarah Manchester, both of D., int. July 30, 1752.
  • Gilbert of Westport and Nancy Wood of D., Jan. 20, 1791.
  • Hannah (Macumber) and Nathaniel Sole, both of D., Feb. 13, 1732-3. [Macomber and Nathaniel Soul, B.C.M.]
  • Hannah (Maccumber) of D. and John Bennet of Tiverton, s. Jonathan, int. Dec. 11, 1762.
  • Hannah [int. Deborah] (Maccumber) of D. and Jonathan Gifford of D. [int. s. Silas], Apr. 3, 1766. [Hannah Macomber, B.C.M.]
  • Hannah (Maccumber) and Gideon Shearman, both of D., Aug. 31, 1783.
  • Humphrey (Macumber) and Sally Simmons, both of D., int. Mar. 9, 1806.
  • Humphry (Maccumber) and Phebe Brightman, both of D., int. Dec. 12, 1778.
  • James W. [int. N.], 25, school teacher, of Fairhaven, b. Wilton, Me., s. John and Abigail of Maine, and Mary L. Matthews, 19, of D., b. D., d. Charles and Ruth of D.,-----------[rec. Sept. 20, 1846, int. Aug. 1], in D.
  • Jarvis (Macumber) and Cristina. [int. Christina] Shearman, both of D., Mar. 19, 1805.
  • Job [int. Maccumber] of D., s. John, and Mary Case of D., d. Isaac, May 11, 1746. [Macomber, B.C.M.]
  • John [entire entry erased, John Macomber and Bethia Taber, Sept. 11, 1711].
  • John (Macumber) [int. Macombar], s. John dec'd of D. and Bethia, and Desire Potter, d. Nathaniel and Mary of D., 13th, "of the month called December," 1744, C.R.3.
  • John (Maccumber), s. Philip of D., and Hannah Hart of Little Compton, int. Apr. 2, 1757.
  • John (Macumber) of Westport and Abigail Miller of Troy, Aug. 21, 1808.
  • John and Miss Harriet H. Allen, both of D., int. Dec. 11, 1830.
  • John 2d of D. and Miss Comfort Willcox of Newbedford, int. May 26, 1833.
  • Jonathan (Macumber) of D. and Cynthia Briggs, resident in D., int. Feb. 11, 1811.
  • Joseph of D., s. William, and Abigal [int. Abigael] Allen of D., d. Benjamin, Mar. 9, 1748-9. [Abigail, B.C.M.]
  • Judah (Maccumber) of D. and James Taber of Tiverton, int. Dec. 11, 1766.
  • Judea (Maccumber) of D. and Aaron Potter of D., s. Champlain, int. Aug. 10, 1781.\ Judith, "macomber alias Pettey," and Harmond Sekell, residents of D., Mar. 4, 1836.
  • Levi Jr. and Ruby Francis, both of Westport, May 28, 1826.
  • Lillis (Mackomber) [int. Maccomber], d. Zebedee (Maccomber) and Elisabeth of D., and Samuel Gifford, s. Daniel and Anne of D., 11th, 3 mo. 1778, C.R.3.
  • Lilly ( Macumber) of D. and Miss Ann Cory of Troy, int. May 18, 1819.
  • Lucinda (Macumber) and Isaac [Isaac written above Ira crossed out] Phillips 2d, residents in D., int. Jan. 3, 1817.
  • Lydia (Maccumber) and Peleg Comal, both of D., int. Nov. 17, 1753.
  • Margaret (see Elisabeth, 1784)
  • Margert (Macumber) of D. and William Shrief of Tivertown, int. Mar. 29, 1760.
  • Peter (Maccumber) and Elisabeth Mosher, both of D., int. Dec. 9, 1785.
  • Peter (Macamber) [int. and dup. int. Macomber] of Westport and [int. Miss] Almira Cowing [int. Cowin] of D., Feb. 12, 1828.
  • Phebe (Maccumber) and John Brightman, both of D., Mar. 10, 1771.
  • Phebe (Maccumber) and Caleb Briggs, both of D., Oct 5, 1780.
  • Philip (Maccumber) Jr. of D. and Susannah Hart of Little Compton, int. Apr. 17, 1762.
  • Rachel G. [int. Maccomber, Miss] of D. and Franklin F. Spencer of Buffalo [int. W. Lodi], N. Y., Mar. 20, 1843.
  • Rebecah (Macumber) of Westport and Edward Brownell of D., Nov. 10, 1816.
  • Rejoyce (Maccumber) of Freetown and Edward Boomer of D., int. Aug. 19, 1779.
  • Rest (Maccumber) and Samuel Springer, both of D., Apr. 26, 1778.
  • Rezina of Middleborough and Benjamin Booth of D., int. Dec. 1, 1789.
  • Richard (Macomber) of Tivertown and Miss Levina Butts of Westport, Oct 9, 1803. [Lavina of Westport, P.R.1.]
  • Royal and Olive Grinnal, both of D., int Dec. 8, 1800.
  • Ruth of D. and Nathan Sprague Jr. of Marshfield, int. Feb. 6, 1747.
  • Ruth and William Japs, both of D., int. Feb. 9, 1776, "forbid .. untill further orders from me . . . Ruth Macomber."
  • Ruth (Maccumber) and Joseph Trafford, both of D., Sept. 29, 1777.
  • Sally (Macumber) [int. Miss] and Isaiah Taylor, both of D., Apr. 7, 1811.
  • Sally and Allen Gifford, both of Westport, Feb. 21, 1833, P.R.1.
  • Samuel (Maccumber) Jr. and Rachel Mosher, both of D., int. May 15, 1761.
  • Sarah (Maccomber) and Ephraim Manchester, both of D., int. June 21, 1774.
  • Sarah of D. and Thomas Allen of D., s. Benjamin, int. July 23, 1774.
  • Silvia (Maccumber) of D. and Nathaniel Kerby of D. [int. s. Wesson], Sept. 10, 1772.
  • Sophia (Macumber) of D. and Squire Gifford of Westport, int. Dec. 21, 1811.
  • Stephen (Maccumber) and Mary Brown, both of D., int. May 1, 1758.
  • Stephen of Newbedford and Rachel Andrews of D., July 1, 1838.
  • Susannah (Macumber) [int. Macomber] and Nathan Chace [int. Chase], both of D., Oct 19, 1794. [Macomber and Nathan Chase, P.R.1.]
  • Susannah (Macumber) and Elihy Gifford, both of D., int. June 2, 1818.
  • Sylvia (see also Silvia)
  • Sylvia R. of Newbedford and Benjamin Baker, Apr. 6, 1831.
  • Tabitha of D. and Warren Gifford of Westport, int. Jan. 1, 1796.
  • Thomas R. and Jemima Pettey, residents of D., May 25, 1836.
  • Timothy (Maccumber) [int. Macumber] Jr. of D. and Abigail Brownell [int. Brownell of D. [int. d. John (Brownill) of Little Comtown], Jan. 9, 1772.
  • Vashti, resident of D., and Alexander McDonald of Fairhaven, int. June 9, 1832.
  • Vashty, Miss, and Leonard Hewett, residents of D., int. June 5, 1826.
  • Wesson (Maccumber) [int. Maccomber] and Mary Heart [int. Hart], both of D., Sept. 14, 1775. [Maccumber and Mary Heart, B.C.M.]
  • William of D., s. John, and Lusanah Hix of D., d. Gabril, Jan. 24, 1745-6.
  • William (Maycumber) of D. and Elisabeth-----------, Mar. 9, 1797, in Scituate.
  • William and Fanny [int. Miss Fanney] Pierce, both of D., Sept. 7 [sic, int. Sept. 12], 1828.
  • William E. of Newbedford and Mary Wilbur of D., int. Oct. 23, 1843.
  • Zebede A. (Macumber) Esq. and Mary Smith Jr., both of D., int. Mar. 31, 1818.
  • Zebedee (Maccumber) of D. and Elisabeth Cornell of D., d. William, int. Aug. 30, 1755.
  • Zilpha (Maccurnber) of D. and Nathan Rounds Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Tiverton, Mar. 22, 1767. [Nathan of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
McPHERSON (McFerson)
  • John (McFerson) and Marcy West, both of D., int. Mar. 17, 1762.
  • John and Sarah Taber, both of D., int. Apr. 3, 1773. [Tabor, m. Apr. 25, C.R.4.]
MACUMBER (see Macomber)

  • Fortune and Rosanna Eason of New Bedford, "black people," Jan. 23, 1800.
  • Roby [int. Madison] and Severance Baker, both of D., June 3, 1838.
  • Maria Ann of Harwich and Alfred Studley of D., int. Jan. 26, 1838.
  • Mary of Taunton and John Skiff of D., int. Dec. 8, 1780.
  • Elizabeth of Boston and Edward Pope of D., int. May 28, 1768.

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