[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

DAGGETT (see Doggett).

  • Peter, "Negro man," and Mary Richards, "Indian woman," both of D., int. July 4, 1787.
  • James, single, 24, mariner, of D., b. Rochester, s. James and Susan of Rochester, and Martha Wing, 21, of Fairhaven, b. Fairhaven, d. Samuel and Sarah of Fairhaven, Mar. 21, 1847.
  • Daniel D. of Portsmouth, N. H., and Miss Lilies A. Manchester of Tiverton, R. I., now living in D., int. Sept. 23, 1842.
  • Frederic and Miss Margaret J. Clark, both of D., int. Aug. 12, 1842.
DAMON (Darmnons, Demmons, Demon, Denons, see also Demming)
  • Bernard H. of Fairhaven and Mary C. Millard of Troy, July 2, 1832, P.R.1.
  • Joanna (Denons) [int. Johanna Demons] and Isaac Barrows [int. Barrows], both of D., Aug. 8, 1776. [Johanna Daman and Isaac Barrows, C.R.4.]
  • Joanna (Demon) [int. Demons] of D. and William Blankenship of Rochester, Oct 5, 1786. [Demon of D. and William Blackenship of Rochester, B.C.R. [torn]man of D. and William Blankinship of Rochester, C.R.4.]
  • Joseph (Demmons) and Catherine Jenne, both of D., int. Dec. 28. 1765. [Daman, m. Apr. 17, 1766, C.R.4.]
  • Ruth (Demmons) and William Kempton 2d, both of D., int. Nov. 7, 1772. [Ruth Daman, m. Dec. 3, C.R.4.]
  • Saran W. and Pomroy Billings, both of Newbedford, Mar. 2, 1835.
  • Thomas of Newport and Lawra Ann Thomas of D., Jan. 14, 1836.
DAVAL (see Devol)

DAVEL (see Devol)

DAVENPORT (see Devenport)

DAVES (see Davis)

  • Elisabeth, "Indian woman," and Zip White, "Negro Man," both of D., int. Feb. 2, 1765.
DAVIEL (see Devol)

DAVIL (see Devol)

DAVIS (Daves, Davise)
  • Aaron of D. and Prudence Brightman of Tiverton, int. June 19, 1780.
  • Aaron and Sally B. Wodell, both of Troy, May 25, 1828.
  • Abial and Luvisa [int. Levisa] Collens, both of D., Aug. 17, 1780. [Luvisa, B.C.M.]
  • Abigail and George Tripp, both of D., Mar. 4, 1735-6.
  • Abigail and Humphry [int. Humphrey] Howland, both of D., May 8, 1774. [Humphry, B.C.M.]
  • Abraham and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Elisabeth Brownell, both of D., May 2, 1784. [Elizabeth, B.C.M.]
  • Amie and John Shepherd Jr., both of D., Apr. 3, 1788. [Apr. 3, 1778, B.C.M.]
  • Ann and Samuel Studley, both of D., int. Dec. 10, 1817.
  • Anna, Miss, resident in D., and Linnard Almy of D., int. Aug. 17, 1814.
  • Anne (Daves) and Abal [Abel, Abiel] Tripp, Jan. 25, 1710-11.
  • Anne and Timothy Davis Jr., both of D., Aug. 28, 1780.
  • Asa of Westport, s. Benjamin, and Amy Butts of D., d. Stephen, Oct. 13, 1796, in Westport.
  • Benjamin and Thankfull Sisson, both of D., int. July 25, 1768.
  • Benjamin and Content Griffeth, both of D., int. Oct. 8, 1774.
  • Benjamin and Eunis Brownell, both of D., int. Apr. 7, 1775.
  • Benjamin and Meribah Leach, both of D., Sept. 6, 1782.
  • Betsey and Thomas Gifford, both of Westport, Nov. 8, 1818.
  • Charles A. and Susan [Maxfield], Apr. 13, 1835. P.R.14.
  • Chantey of Troy and Israel Martin of D., int. Feb. 21, 1820.
  • Constant of Troy and Clarissa Wodell of Westport, Oct. 20, 1825.
  • Daniel and Elizabeth Butts, both of Troy, July 10, 1808.
  • David of Freetown and Naoma Booth, resident of D., May 12, 1784. in Freetown.
  • David of Newbedford and Judith Ann Hathaway of D., int. Jan. 4, 1834.
  • Dorcas, d. Timothy dec'd of Rochester, and Seth Hillier, s. Jabez of Rochester, Plimouth Co., 30th, 9 mo., "called November," 1731, C.R.3.
  • Ebeneser [int. Ebenezer) of Freetown and Elisabeth Scofie(?) [int. Schofield] of D., Feb. 4, 1770, in Freetown.
  • Ebenezer [int. Ebeneser H.] and Mehetable [int. Meheteble] Tripp, both of D., Mar. 21, 1838.
  • Ebenezer H. of D. and Elizabeth W. Ellis of New Bedford, int. July 10, 1847.
  • Eber and Mary Voyal, both of D., int. Mar. 75, 1762.
  • Edmond of Westport and Sarah Wate, wid., of D., Apr. 18, 1790. [Edmund, both of D., B.C.M. Edmond of Westport and Sarah Waite of D., P.R.1.]
  • Elisabeth. d. Nicholas and Mary of Rochester, Plymouth Co., and Joseph Smith, s. Eliashib and Dinah of D., Dec. 15, 1737, C.R.3.
  • Elisabeth of Freetown and John Jenks of Tiverton, Feb. 17, 1791.
  • Eliza [sic, Loisa, "correction by granddaughter"] and Abel Boomer, both of Troy, Sept 3, 1826. P.R.1.
  • Elizabeth (see also Elisabeth).
  • Elizabeth and William Cora, Oct. 14, 1819.
  • Elizabeth H. of D., d. Seth of D. and Mary, and George M. Eddy of New Bedford, s. John of D. and Mehitable, 29th, 3 mo. 1838, C.R.3.
  • Ellery H. and Ann Gust, d. Imanuel and Bethany (Bradford), Mar. 12, 1840, in New Bedford, P.R.10.
  • Esther and Edmond Case, both of D., Sept. 4, 1780.
  • Ezekiel (see Zekell).
  • George of D. and Susannah Heart of Tiverton, Jan. 21, 1781. [Hart of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
  • George W., single, 27, teamer, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s. Grandison and Clarissa of New Bedford, and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] T. Thompson, 20, of D., b. D., d. Alve and Lydia of D., July 4, 1848 [ ? in Westport].
  • Gideon and Isabel Mosher, both of D., July 3, 1783.
  • Hannah and Samuel Bowerrnan, both of D., int. May 10 1783.
  • Henry of Newbedford and Miss Mary Ashley of D., int. Oct. 11, 1823. [m. Nov. 2, P.R.1.]
  • Hope and Elihu Kirby, both of D., July 30, 1843.
  • Ichabod of Freetown and "Mris." Barbara Sould [int. Barbary Soul] of D., Oct. 5, 1781. [Barbara Soule of D., Oct. 7, B.C.M. Barbara Sowle of D., Oct. 5, P.R.1. ]
  • Isaac C. and Julia A. Baker, both of D., int. Dec. 11, 1844.
  • Isaac H. and Rhoda T. Deval [int. Rhode T. Devol], both of D., May 19, 1834.
  • James, s. Nicolas dec'd and Ruth of Rochester, Plymouth Co., and Patience Russell, d. Joseph and Judith of D., May 24, 1769, C.R.3.
  • James and Sarah Russell 24th, 9 mo. 1821, P.R.30.
  • Job of Da[torn, Da crossed out] and Ann Sole of D. [Dartmouth written above Freetown crossed out], int. Nov.-----, [torn], 1753.
  • John of D. and Mary Sherman of Portsmouth, R. I., int. Oct. 16, 1731.
  • John and Abigail Tripp, both of D., int. Feb. 21, 1777.
  • John and Hannah Wilcox, both of D., Sept. 20, 1781.
  • John and Cosander Price, "people of Colour," residents in D., int. July 14, 1821.
  • John of Newbedford and Emely Wilbur of D., int. Dec. 24, 1831.
  • Jonathan of Little Compton and Sarah Taber of D., int. Dec. 28, 1766.
  • Jonathan of Westport and Rachel Waddle of Tivertown, Nov. 22, 1810. [Capt. Jonathan of Westport and Rachael Wodell of Tiverton, P.R.1.]
  • Joseph of Freetown and Mary Soul, d. Nathan of D., int. Dec. 18, 1749.
  • Joseph and Jemima Wing, both of D., int. Apr. 4, 1761.
  • Joseph T., single, 24, caulker, b. D., s. Joseph and Anna, and Content G. Shearman, 22, b. D., d. Stephen and Hannah, all of D., Dec. 31, 1846.
  • Judith and Thomas Howland, both of D., Apr. 17, 1838. Loisa (see Eliza).
  • Luke of Troy and Content Wood of D., May 18, 1820.
  • Luke and Rebecca [int. Miss Rebecah] Wood, residents of D., July 13, 1824.
  • Luke and Sylvia Babbitt, both of D., int. Mar. 15, 1842.
  • Lydia of D. and George Cornell, resident in Freetown, Mar. 18, 1779.
  • Lydia and Thomas Gardiner [int. Gardner], both of D., Oct. 15, 1786. [Gardiner, B.C.M.]
  • Mary and Joseph Soule, both of D., Apr. 8, 1736, in D.
  • Mary, d. John and Abigail of D., and Job Cornell, s. John and Sarah of D., 4th, 5 mo. 1751, C.R.3.
  • Mary and Lemuel Soul, both of D., May 11, 1783.
  • Mary and William Hathaway [int. both of D.], Oct. 27, 1833.
  • Mary of Westport and Wikon[? Wikon or Wilson] Shearman of Tiverton, Oct. 27, 1834.
  • Mary V. of D. and Moses Macomber of Westport, Apr. 10, 1836.
  • Mason of Westport and Hannah Palmer, residing in Westport, Jan. 1, 1801, P.R.1.
  • Nabby of Westport and Pardon Almy of D., Oct. 1, 1822.
  • Nancy F. of Fairhaven and Prince Sears of D., int. Sept. 26, 1840.
  • Nicholas [int. Jr.] of D. and Hannah Pope of Rochester, Mar. 1, 1779 [sic, int. Feb. 3, 1778], in Rochester.
  • Nicholas of Westport and Rhobe Wood of D., int. Sept. 15, 1810.
  • Nicolas, s. Timothy and Sarah of Rochester, Plymouth Co., and Mary Sumars [int. Sommers], d. John and Elisabeth of Rochester, Plymouth Co., 10th, 2 mo. 1715, C.R.3.
  • Nicolas of Rochister, Plimouth Co., and Hannah Wood, d. William of D., 16th, 12 mo., "called february," 1724-5, C.R.3.
  • Nicolas of Rochester, Plimouth Co., and Ruth Tucker, d. Abraham dec'd of D., 10th, 5 mo., "called July," 1729, C.R.3.
  • Nicolas of D., s. Nicolas of Rochester and Ruth (dec'd), and Sarah Williams of D., d. Obediah dec'd of Shrosebury and Catherine (now w. John Russell of D.), Dec. 24, 1761, C.R.3.
  • Nicolas and Hope Hathway, both of D., Nov. 8, 1789. [Nicholas, B.C.M.
  • Nicholas and Hope Hathaway, P.R.1.]
  • Noah and Hannah Wodell, both of Troy, June 11, 1834.
  • Otis and Metilda A. Shearman, both of D., int. Dec. 19, 1832.
  • Peace, d. Timothy dec'd of Rochester, Plimouth Co., and Jonathan Wood, s. William of D., 12th, 8 mo., "Called october," 1724, C.R.3.
  • Perry and Abigail Collens [int. Rachel Collins], both of D., Mar. 23, 1781. [Abigail Collens, B.C.M.]
  • Phillip of Westport and Clarisa Macomber of D., int. July 25, 1796.
  • Rachel [int. Miss Rachael] C. of Westport and Richard C. Ashley of D., Aug. 16, 1842, in Westport.
  • Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] of Rocchester and Alden Wilkey of D., Jan. 11, 1784. [Rebecca of Rochester. B.C.M. Rebecca of Rochester and Alden Willie of D., C.R.4.]
  • Rebecca and George H. Gifford, both of Westport, Dec. 3, 1826.
  • Rebecca and Abner T. Pettey, both of Westport, Apr. 30, 1837.
  • Reliance of D. and Pardon Gray of Bristol, int. Jan. 14, 1786.
  • Rest (Davise), d. Timothy and Sarah of Rochester, Plimouth Co., and John Somars [signed Summers], s. John and Elizabeth of Rochester, Plimouth Co., 4th, 11 mo. 1720. C.R.3.
  • Robert of D. and Lilias Mosher of Tiverton, int. Feb. 19, 1794.
  • Robert and Kize Small, residents of D., int. Sept. 8, 1803.
  • Roxanah and William King 2d, both of D., Aug. 17, 1843. Ruth and Stephen Russell, both of D., July 11, 1833.
  • Seth [int. of Rochester, Plymouth Co.] and Mary Howland [int. Polly, d. Isaac of D.], Nov. 12, 1809.
  • Sibel and Stephen Terry, "people of colour," both of D., int. July 14, 1830.
  • Stephen, s. Aaron, and Peace Maccumber, d. Philip, int. May 10, 1760.
  • Stephen and Reliance Soule, both of D., int. Aug. 29, 1761.
  • Stephen of Westport and Rebecca Russell of D., int. Jan. 23, 1805.
  • Sylvia and Weston Mosher, both of D., Nov. 8, 1795, P.R.1.
  • Tabatha of Freetown and James Gifford of D., int. Apr. 7, 1760.
  • Thomas of Freetown and Hannah Wood, wid. John of D., int. Mar. 18, 1754. [Thomas, s. Thomas and Lydia of Free Town, m. 24th, 4 mo., C.R.34.
  • Thomas W. and Alice Kirby, both of Westport, Feb. 2, 1843.
  • Timothy Jr. and Anne Davis, both of D., Aug. 28, 1780.
  • Tryphina, Miss, of Troy, and Phillip Reed of D., int. Mar. 21, 1826.
  • William and Margret Taber, both of D., int. Feb. 14, 1757.
  • William of Huntington, L. I., N. Y., "now residing in" D., and Jane Allen of D., Sept. 15, 1796, P.R.1.
  • Zekell and Dinah Tripp, both of D., Feb. 15, 1787. [Zekiel, B.C.M.]
  • Roze and Thomas Handy, both of D., int. Aug. 16, 1781.
  • Charles of Belfast, Me., and Lurania Jones of D., int. Sept. 1, 1844.
  • Sarah of D. and Thomas Miller, Aug. 8, 1698, in Boston.
  • Adrian G. and Permelia W. Akin, both of D., int. Mar. 4, 1838.
  • Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Howard F. Mosher, both of D., May 8, 1832.
  • Hannah, resident in D., and Oliver Grinnel [int. Grinnell] of D., July 8, 1792. [Grinnel of D., B.C.M.]
  • Sally of Barkley and Zepheniah Eddy of D., int. Sept. 26, 1819.
  • Abigail and Nathaniel Far[int. Parr], both of D., July 25, 1784 [Nathaniel Fox, B.C.M. Nathanael Tarr, C.R.4.]
  • John [int. Dehoos], "Trancient man" [int. of D.], and Abigail Pees of D., Nov. 7, 1777. [Decost, B.C.M.]
DELANO (Dileno)
  • Abigail of New Bedford and Obed Freeman of Falmouth, Dec. 18, 1788, C.R.4.
  • Abisha and Hannah Jenne, both of D., Feb. 19, 1756.
  • Abishai of New Brantree and Mary Parker of New Bedford, Dec. 1, 1795, C.R.4.
  • Amasa and Sarah Shaw, both of D., int. Feb. 4, 1770.
  • Bethiah and Seth Eaton, both of D., int. Mar. 12, 1768.
  • Bridget [int. Dealano] and Jonathan Hathaway Jr. [int. omits Jr.], both of D., July 31, 1746. [Dothan Jr., C.R.4.]
  • Calvin of D. and Mary Aulden of Middleborough, int. Jan. 20, 1764.
  • Calvin and Betty [int. Bethyah] Howland, both of D., Dec. 11, 1777. [Bethyah, Dec. 13, B.C.M. Bethiah, Dec. 11, C.R.4.]
  • Deborah of D. and Benjamin Sherman of D., s. Jabez, int. June 17, 1758.
  • Deborah and Daniel Eggrey, both of D., int. July 3, 1762.
  • Drusilla [int. Delanoe] and Jethro Coffin, both of D., Nov. 13, 1842, in D.
  • Elisabeth and Joseph Taber 2d, both of D., int. Feb. 24, 1759.
  • Ephraim and Elizabeth Cushman, both of D., int. Oct. 4, 1760.
  • Eunice (see Unice).
  • Experiance and Jesse Tripp [int. both of D.], Sept. 29, 1748.
  • Ezra K. and Arvilla Potter, both of Newbedford, Feb. 16, 1834.
  • Gideon and Patience Taber, wid., both of D., int. Nov. 21, 1767. [Patience D[torn] 2d, m. Mar. 31, 1768, C.R.4.]
  • Jabez ([torn]z) [Jabez] and Mary------------, Feb. 8, 1709-10.
  • Jean Jr. and Prince Tobey, both of D., int. Aug. 2, 1764.
  • Jethro and Elizebeth Pope, both of D., Oct. 9, 1727.
  • Jethro, and Deliverance Eldred, both of D., int. July 4, 1771.
  • John of D. and Deborah Parker of Falmouth, Mar. 26, 1747, in Falmouth.
  • John of D. and Polly Caswell of Rochester, May 14, 1786, in Rochester.
  • Jonathan and Mercy Warren, d. Nathaniel dec'd of Plimouth, Feb. 28, 1677-8.
  • Jonathan and Abigail Hamand, Nov. 14, 1734 [Hammond, B.C.M.]
  • Jonathan Jr. and Lydia Peekcom [int. Peckcom], both of D., Jan. 8, 1767. [Peckcom, B.C.M.]
  • Jonathan of D. and Lydia Briggs of Rochester, Oct. 21, 1781, in Rochester.
  • Jonathan Jr. and Ame Hatch [dup. Amie; Anne; Ann "Hathaway or Hammond or some other name"], June 20, 17[worn].
  • Joseph and Phebe Leanord, both of D., Sept. 27, 1778. [Leonard, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Joshua and Patience [int. Patiance] Snow, both of D., Dec. 26, 1775. [Patience, both of D., B.C.M. Patience of D., Dec. 28, C.R.4.]
  • Lydia, wid., of D., and Isaac Anible of Hallafax, N.S., int. July 6, 1772.
  • Lydia and Nichols Stoddard, Oct 29, 1789, C.R.4.
  • Marcy and Bartholomew Akin, both of D., Jan. 27, 1782. [Mercy and Bartholomew Akins, C.R.4.]
  • Marcy (Dileno) and Daniel Briggs, both of D., Feb. 16, 1743, in D., B.C.M.
  • Mary of D. and Zebulon West of Toland, Oct. 7, 1731.
  • Mary and Judah Samson, both of D., int. Dec. 3, 1763. [m. Jan. 15, 1764, C.R.4.]
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Nathan and Sarah-----------[worn, Tripp, int. Tripp], both of D., July 23, 1752. [Tripp, B.C.M.]
  • Nathaniel [int. Jr.] and Mary Taber, both of D., Dec. 12, 1751. [Nathaniel, B.C.M.]
  • Peleg and Sarah Sampson [int. Samson], both of D., Jan. 30, 1755.
  • Priscilla of D. and Jabez Hammond Jr. of Rochester, int. Dec. 19, 1765.
  • Rebecca and Rufus Allen, both of D., May 8, 1777.
  • Ruben and Elisabeth Southworth, both of D., int. Mar. 23, 1762.
  • Samuel S., 24, farmer, of Freetown, b. Freetown, s. Richard, and Zilpha Wilbur, 19, of Freetown, b. Freetown, d. Peter and Mary, June 11, 1846.
  • Sarah and Isaiah Eldridge [int. Eldrige], both of D., Dec. 28, 1749. [Eldridge, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah and Fortunatus [int. Fortunates] Sherman, both of D., Aug. 30, 1753. [Fortunatas, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah of D. and Seth Eaton of Middleborough, int. Mar. 3, 1764.
  • Sarah B. of Rochester and Thomas Shearman of D., int. Apr. 4, 1834.
  • Silas of Fairhaven and Patience Slade of D., 30th, 6 mo. 1842, in D. [Silas of Fairhaven, s. Asnaziah of Fairhaven, Bristol Co., and Elizabeth, and Patience Slade, d. Caleb of D. and Hannah, C.R.3.]
  • Stephen and Mary Shaw, both of D., int. Jan. 6, 1769.
  • Susana and Abraham Shearman, Mar. 31, 1737.
  • Susanna [int. Susannah] of D. and Reuben Tripp [int. Ruben of Rochester], Nov. 1, 1777, in Rochester.
  • Thankfull and Sowle Cushman, both of D., int. Mar. 20, 1775.
  • Thomas of D. and Mary Warren of Bridgwater, int. Mar. 28, 1777.
  • Thomas of Nantucket and Susanna Tallman of New Bedford, Dec. 18, 1794, C.R.4.
  • Unis [int. Unice] and Nathaniel Paddock, both of D., Aug. 27, 1747. [Unis, B.C.M.]
  • William of Sherburn and Hannah Taber [ ? Taber, badly blurred] of New Bedford, Jan. 2, 1794, C.R.4.
DELINGHAM (see DilIingharn).

DELLINGHAM (see Dillingham).

DEMARAINVILLE (see Demoranville).

DEMARANVILL (see Demoranville).

DEMARANVILLE (see Demoranville).

DEMERANVILLE (see Demoranville).

DEMMING (see also Damon)
  • William of Mane and Miss Sarah Wilcox of D., int. Sept. 2, 1826.
DEMMONS (see Damon).

DEMON (see Damon).

DEMORANVILLE (Demarainville, Demaranvill, Demaranville, Demeranville, Demoranvill, De Moranville, Demunranville, Meranville)
  • Betsey of D. and Elias Hoar, "trancient person," Nov. 10, 1811.
  • Betsey (Meranville) of D. and John Simmons of Freetown, int. Apr. 16, 1762.
  • Charles (Demarainville) of D. and Daborah Lumber of Freetown, int. Dec. 3, 1773.
  • Dennis of Freetown and Mary Reynolds of D., int. Nov. 12, 1832.
  • Gabriel (Demarainville) of D. and Richard Peirce of Middleborough, int. May 13, 1775.
  • John (Demaranville) of D. and Mary Peirce of MiddIeborough, int. Oct. 8, 1768.
  • John (Demaranville) and Ruth Clark, both of D., int. Jan. 5, 1786.
  • Jonathan (Demaranville) of D. and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Booth of Middleborough, June 26, 1792. [Demoranville of D. and Elizabeth Booth of Middleboro, June 2 [dup. June 26], B.C.M. Demoranville of D. and Elizabeth Booth of Middleborough, June 26, P.R.1.]
  • Jonathan of D. and Niobe Brayley of Freetown, int. Jan. 30, 1824.
  • Josiah (De Moranville) [int. Demaranville] of D. and Sarah Harskins [int. Haskins] of Freetown, Mar. 3, 1793, in Freetown.
  • Lewis Jr. and Rebecca Russell, wid., both of D., int. June 23, 1759.
  • Marcy (Demaranvill) of D. and William Haskel, resident in D., int. Sept. 23, 1797.
  • Mary [Mary written above Sarah crossed out] (Demaranville) of D. and Benjamin Runnels of Middleborough, int. July 1, 1780.
  • Mary of D. and Peter Willbur of Rainham, int. June 17, 1815.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Nancy of D. and Jale Cummings of Raynham, int. June 8, 1831.
  • Nancy of D. and Noah Brailey of Freetown, int. Nov. 3, 1832.
  • Nehemiah (De Moranville) [int. Demaranvill of D. and Mary Haskel of Freetown, June 29, 1794, in Freetown.
  • Niobe of D. and Benjamin Reynolds of Freetown, Sept. 16, 1843, in D.
  • Phebe [int. Demaranvide] and William Reynolds [int. Raynolds] Jr., both of D., Sept. 14, 1817.
  • Robert (Demunranville) and Sarah Chace, both of D., Dec. 11, 1788. [Demoranville, P.R.1.]
  • Sally (Demoranvill) and Noah Reynolds [int. Reinolds], both of D., July 17, 1814.
  • Sarah (Demoranvill) of Freetown and Paul Mosher of D., int. Oct. 18, 1814.
  • Simeon (Demeranville) [int. Demanranville] and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Jean Spooner, both of D., Oct. 14, 1784. [Demuranville and Jean Spooner, B.C.M.]
  • Stephen (De Moranville) [int. Demeranville] of D. and Deliverance Borden of Freetown, Aug. 13, 1767, in Freetown.
  • Susannah (Demunranville) and James Spooner, both of D., int. Dec. 9, 1758.
  • George, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], of [int. adds S.] Weymouth, and Carissa [int. Clarissa] D. Thacher of D., Sept. 13, 1843.
  • Almeda and Gideon Gifford, both of Westport, Nov. 20, 1836.
  • Daniel of Tiverton and Susan Pettey of D., int. July 9, 1837.
  • Luranea and George D. Crapo, both of Westport, Oct. 7, 1834.
  • Mary Ann of Newbedford and James H. Ricketson of D., int. June 27, 1839.
  • Nancy of D. and Avery Townsend of New Bedford, int. May 31, 1818.
  • Peleg of Westport and Mahala Snell of D., Oct. 20, 1813. [Mahala of Troy, P.R.1.]
  • Robert of Westport and Sylvia Hyres of D., int. Dec. 5, 1837.
  • Sally of Westport and Orren Macomber of Newbedford, Nov. 7, 1830.
  • Shadrach, s. John and Hannah dec'd of Little Comton, R. I., and Abial Hussey, d. Jonathan and Hephzibah of D., Nov. 19, 1767, C.R.3.
  • Susan Ann [int. adds B., Miss] and Simmons Bennett, both of D., July 22, 1827.
  • Thomas and Hannah Wilcox, both of D., int. Dec. 8, 1755.
DENONS (see Damon).

  • Cindarella [int. Cynda Rilley Derrey], resident in D., and George Blew [int. Blees], "a foreigner" [int. "Colored people], May 15, 1817.
  • Fostena, resident in D. [int. of D.], and Paul Smith, resident in D., "black people," July 5, 1812.
  • Lucinda [int. Lucindy Perry] of D. and Abraham Lawton [int. of D.], "black people," Aug. 13, 1801.
  • Renee of Chilmark and Job Prince of D., "black people," int. Sept. 30, 1792.
  • Ruth of Swanzey and Elisha Akin of D., July 12, 1744, in Swanzey.
DEVAL (see Devol).

DEVEL (see Devol).

DEVENPORT (Davenport)
  • Charles of D. [int. Newport] and Sarah Cushman [int. Cuishman] of D., Dec. 7, 1780. [Cushman, both of D., B.C.M. Davenport and Sarah Cushman, C.R.4.]
  • Ephraim of Little Compton and Keziah Mosher of D., int. June 16 [dup. June 9], 1770.
  • Hannah of Little Compton and George Wood Jr. of D., int. Mar. 27, 1767.
  • James M., single, 24, riger, of Newbedford, s. Precilla, and Ann Elezabeth [int. Elizabeth] Tucker, 16, of D., d. Peace, June 9, 1844, in D.
  • John (Davenport) and Abby D. Crapo, both of Westport, May 30, 1841.
  • Philip and Desire Pain, residents in D., int. Feb. 25, 1780.
  • Sarah of Tivertown and Benjamin Palmer of D., int. Oct. 28, 1758.
DEVOL (Daval, Dave!, David, Davil, Deval, Devel, Devil, Devill, Devoll, Divel, Divol)
  • Abner of Tiverton and Mary Potter of D., int. May 12, 1785.
  • Abner [int. Deval] and Lydia Milk, both of D., July 30, 1786. [Devol, P.R.1.]
  • Abraham (Davil) Jr. of Rochester and Mary Bennet of D., int. Sept. 15, 1776.
  • Ailic of D. and Eber Hart of Tiverton, int. Dec. 5, 1778.
  • Alice and Jonathan Tripp, both of Westport, Mar. 25, 1804.
  • Allen of Westport and Zilpha Devol of D., int. Apr. 26, 1813.
  • Barjona (Devel) and Prudance Brownell, both of D., int. Aug. 30, 1773.
  • Barnabus (Davil) and Mary Case, both of D., int. Apr. 15, 1774.
  • Bathsheba (see Bershabah).
  • Benjamin (Davil), s. Joseph dec'd, and Sarah Mosher, d. John, Aug. 22, 1731. [Davel [dup. Davol], both of D. [dup. Aug. 28], B.C.M.]
  • Benjamin (Deval) and Sarah Brownell, int. May 5, 1762.
  • Benjamin (Davel) [int. Dival], s. Peter and Susanna of D., and Patiance [signed Patience] Sowle, d. Benjamin] and Maribah of D., 26th, 9 mo. 1765, C.R.3.
  • Benjamin and Silvia Grinnel [int. Grinnell], both of D., May 16, 1790. [Grinnell, B.C.M.]
  • Bershabah [int. Barshaba DaviI] of D. and John Tripp 3d of D. [int. s. George], Mar. 27, 1774. [Barshabe Devil, B.C.M.]
  • Christopher (Davel) "of the nine partners in Cromelbo weiinet," Duches Co., N. Y., s. Joseph late of D. and Mary, and Mehetabel Allen, d. Jedidiah late of D. and Penelope, July 28, 1756, C.R.3.
  • Cyntha [int. Cintha] M. of Westport and Ruben Crape of D., Nov. 1, 1812. [Cinthia M., P.R.1.]
  • Daniel (Divel) of D. and Phebe Brownell of Tiverton, d. Giles, int. Nov. 23, 1754.
  • Daniel of D. and Exsperience Miller [? Miller or Millen] of Taunton, int. June 15, 1786.
  • David (Devil) and Hannah Tripp, both of D., int. Feb. 1, 1745.
  • David Jr. and Mary [int. Sarah] Bowdash, both of D., Aug. 13, 1778. [Mary, B.C.M.]
  • David Jr. of D. and Abby Cook of Tivertown, int. Jan. 26, 1821.
  • Elijah and Phebe Tucker, both of D., int. Jan. 22, 1832.
  • Elisabeth of D. and Jeremiah Dwelly of Tiverton, Apr. 27, 1780. [Elizabeth of Tiverton and Jeremiah Dwelly of Freetown [dup. Tiverton], B.C.M.]
  • Elizabeth, 1716 (see Sus[worn]).
  • Elizabeth (D[torn]) [Devel, int. Elisabeth Devel] and Edward Wood [int. Wood, both of D.],-----------[torn, July 20, 1785, July 20, 1775, int. Oct. 14, 1774]. [Elizabeth Devol and Edward Wood, both of D., July 20, 1775, B.C.M.]
  • Elizebeth (Davel) of D., d. Joseph, and Joseph Condal of Portsmouth [int. of R. I.], s. Joseph, Aug. 20, 1749.
  • Gideon and Eunice Howland, both of D., int. Apr. 13, 1813.
  • Hannah (Davel) and Thomas Mosher, both of D., Feb. 9, 1726-7.
  • Hannah (Dave]) and John Tripp, Oct. 24, 1737. [Davil [dup. DavoI ], Mar. 24, B.C.M.]
  • Hannah (Devil) of D. and Abraham Russell of D., s. Abraham. int. Aug. 13, 1757.
  • Hope (see Sus[worn]).
  • Isabel [int. Isabell] (Davel), d. Joseph of D., and Constant Cook of Newport [int. adds R. I.], Apr. 12, 1750. [Isabel of D., B.C.M.]
  • Israel and Phebe Russell, wid., both of D., int. Oct. 2, 1783.
  • Jeremiah and Meriah Tripp, both of Westport, Jan. 14, 1790.
  • Jerimiah (Devil) and Sarah Allen, May 24, 1711.
  • Job and Eunice Taber, both of D., Apr. 3, 1788.
  • John (Davel) and Mary Wood, both of D., int. Apr. 2, 1748.
  • John (Devil) of D. and Patience Seaberry, d. Samuel of Little Comton, int. Dec. 19, 1754.
  • John (Davil) [int. Davel] and Mary Brownel [int. Brownell], both of D., July 21, 1765. [Devil and Mary Brownell, B.C.M.]
  • Jonathan (Divel) and Mary Lawton, both of D., int. Sept. 3, 1745.
  • Jonathan (Davil) and Patience Milk, both of D., int. June 9, 1775.
  • Jonathan Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Tiverton and Nancy Barker of D., July 13, 1777. [Jonathan of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
  • Joseph (Devel) and Sarah Howland, both of D., int. Sept. 6, 1760.
  • Joseph (Davil) Jr. of D. and Ruth Durphy of Tiverton, int. Aug. 14, 1762.
  • Joseph (Davel) of D. and Martha Southwick of Newport, int. Feb. 2, 1765.
  • Joseph and Sarah Sisson, both of D., Apr. 10, 1817.
  • Joshua (Davel) and Peace Davel, both of D., int. Apr. 27, 1751.
  • Judah and Prince Howland, both of Westport, Nov. 8, 1807.
  • Judith and Benjamin Rogers, both of D., int. Feb. 23, 1760.
  • Lydia (Davel), d. William and Sarah of D., and David Stafford, s. Josiah and Sarah of Tiverton, July 22, 1737, C.R.3.
  • Lydia and Joshua Potter, both of D., int. Mar. 15, 1761.
  • Lydia Ann, Miss, of Westport, and Ensign Baker Jr. of D., int. Jan. 22, 1832. [m. Feb. 23, P.R.1.]
  • Marcy (David) and James Mosher, May 6, 1714.
  • Mary (Divel) of D. and Joseph Cook of Pourtsmouth, R. 1., int. May 23, 1756.
  • Mary (Devil) [int. Sarah, wid.] and Nicholas Howland Jr., both of D., Dec. 9, 1762. [Mary, B.C.M.]
  • Mary and Amos Mosher, both of D., int. Sept. 29, 1781.
  • Mary [int. Duel] of Rochester and Jethro Bennet of D., Oct. 30, 1781, in Rochester.
  • Mary Jane of Fall River and Nathaniel Little 2d of D., Feb. 25, 1844.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Nabby B. [int. of Westport] and Michael [int. Micael] Baker [int. of D.], Nov. 1, 1821.
  • Nancy (Devoll) [int. Devol] and Josiah Gifford, both of D., May 14, 1797, in Westport.
  • Pardon of D. and Ailce Stafford of Tiverton, int. Jan. 6, 1787.
  • Pardon 2d and Easter Backer, both of D., int. Sept. 18, 1806.
  • Pardon and Miss Betsey Parce, both of D., int. July 17, 1807.
  • Pardon (Deval) of D. and Rachel Hefford of Middleborough, int. Apr. 6, 1810. "Westport April 19th 1810 . . . forbid ... as I have been lawfully married to him-----------Alice Devol." "pleas to disanull that letter I sent to your honour—Sir for you to not give Pardon Devol a Sertificate . ., Westport May 15th Alice Devol."
  • Patience and James Tripp [int. 2d], both of D., Nov. 13, 1783.
  • Peace (Davel) and Joshua Davel, both of D., int. Apr. 27, 1751.
  • Phebe (Daval) of D. and Richard Merihew of Tivertown, int. Dec. 15, 1752.
  • Phebe of D. and Charles Huddlestone of Tivertown, int. Mar. 10, 1759.
  • Phebe of D. and Joseph Russell of D., s. Elisha, int. Mar. 13, 1790.
  • Phebe of Westport and Abial Crapo of D., int. Oct. 4, 1815.
  • Phebee [int. Phebe] and Charles Gifford, both of D., Dec. 2, 1821.
  • Philip (Davel), s. Joseph and Margrate of D., and Elisabeth Shearman, d. William and Susanna of D., 26th, 8 mo. 1749, C.R.3.
  • Philip (Divol) and Lurania Crowell, both of Westport, Nov. 15, 1832.
  • Polly [int. of D.] and Charles Slocum [int. of Chilmark, Dukes Co.], Dec. 21, 1801.
  • Rest (Davit), d. Peter and Susanna of D., and Abial [int. Abiel] Macomber, s. William and Lydia of D., 27th, 5 mo. 1756, C.R.3.
  • Reuben (Davel), s. Jeremiah of D., and Mary Ricketson, d. Jonathan of D., 17th, 12 mo., "called february," 1737-8, C.R.3.
  • Reuben, 1793 (see Ruben).
  • Rhoda T. (Deval) [int. Rhode T. Devol] and Isaac H. Davis, both of D., May 19, 1834.
  • Ruben and Elisabeth Tripp, both of Westport, Jan. 24, 1793.
  • Ruth (Davel), d. Jeremiah of Rochester, Plymouth Co., and Samuel Howland, s. Nicholas and Hannah late of D., 28th, 2 mo., "Called Aprill," 1748, C.R.3.
  • Ruth of D. and John Cogshall of Tiverton, int. Sept. 10, 1779.
  • Ruth B. [int. Devoll] and Daniel H. Tucker, both of D., June 29, 1842.
  • Sally and Pardon Howland, both of D., Nov. 3, 1805.
  • Samuel and Elisabeth Snell, both of D., Jan. 13, 1785.
  • Sarah (Devil) and Hugh Mosher, both of D., Apr. 25, 1717.
  • Sarah (Divel) and James Mosher, Dec. 25, 1729.
  • Sarah (see Mary).
  • Seth and Mary Sisson, both of D., int. Dec. 9, 1785.
  • Stephen and Abigail Bennett, both of D., int. Apr. 26, 1788.
  • Stephen [int. Divol], single, 28, mariner, of D., b. D., s. Eunice (wid.), and Mary A. [int. Ann, nn crossed out] Shearman, 24, d. Stephen and Hannah of D., July 15, 1844, in D.
  • Susanna (Davel) and Garner Taber, both of D., int. Mar. 16, 1765.
  • Sus[worn, Hope] (Devill) and George Brownell, June 22, 1716. [Elizabeth Devoll of D. and George Brownell of Swansea, B.C.M.]
  • Sylvia Ann of D. and Benjamin F. Popple of Newbedford, Oct. 7, 1835.
  • Thankfull (Devil) and William Tripp, s. Abial, int. June 11, 1757.
  • William (Devil) and Sarah Sisson, May 30, 1708.
  • William (Davil) of D. and Abigail Hix of Tiverton, Mar. 6, 1737-8. [Davel [dup. Davol] of D., Feb. 6, B.C.M.]
  • William (Devel) Jr. and Mehetabeel Tripp, both of D., int. Aug. 12, 1751.
  • Zilpha of D. and Allen Devol of Westport, int. Apr. 26, 1813.
  • David of D. and Deborah Shearman of D. [int. d. Henry], Dec. 9, 1770.
DE WOLF (Dewoolf)
  • James, single, 20, painter, b. New Bedford, s. Thornton and Sylvia P., and Almira P. Sears, 20, b. New Bedford, d. John and Nancy, all of New Bedford, Mar. 8, 1846.
  • Thornton, W. (Dewoolf ), "a Resident," and Miss Silvia P. Booth of D., int. June 23, 1822.
  • William H., single, 24, mariner, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s. Thurston and Sylvia of New Bedford, and Lucy A. Sears, 24, d. John and Nancy, May 16, 1848.
  • Abigail of D. and Benjamin Bowls Jr. of Rochester, int. Aug. 14, 1772.
  • Alice and Albert Sherman, both of New Bedford, Apr. 30, 1835, P.R.1.
  • Benjamin of Rochester and Marcy Hathaway of D., Sept. 29, 1774. [Mercy of D., B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Edward of Rochester and Mary Badcok of D., int. Nov. 27, 1765. [m. Jan. 30, 1766, C.R.4.]
  • Eleanor ( see Elnener).
  • Ellis of D. and James Randall of Rochester, int. Feb. 11, 1769.
  • Elnener and Lot Toby, both of D., int. Dec. 30, 1775.
  • Eunis of D. and Elisha Stephens of Rochester, int. June 3, 1773.
  • Hannah and Job Jenne, both of D., int. June 18, 1774.
  • Jane of Rogester and James Bates of D., int. Mar. 18, 1763.
  • Jedidah and Seth Hathaway 2d, both of D., int. Aug. 19, 1767.
  • Luce [int. Luen] of D. and Vashti Sturtevant [int. Varshty Sturtivent] of Rochester, Feb. 27, 1777, in Rochester.
  • Meribah and Timothy Soggs, both of D., int. Feb. 26, 1763.
  • Sarah A. of Rochester and John Akin of D., int. July 5, 1833.
  • William and Mary Marten, June 9, 1744, in D., B.C.M.
  • Minis [int. Mingo of D.], "a partagee," and "Mris." Sarah Cuff of D., June 23, 1782, [Minis, "Portuguese," and Sarah Cuff, "Mulatto," both of D., June 28, 1784, B.C.M. Mingo and Sarah Cuff, June 23, 1782, P.R.1.]
  • Sarah, 1788 (see Sarah Slocum).
  • Anna (see Anne Peck).
  • Clary and John [John written above Robert crossed out] Wilson, both of D., int. Mar. 31, 1806.
  • Deborah and Ceaser Potter, both of D., int. Nov. 13, 1749.
  • Ebenezer and Sarah Freeborn, both of D., int. Jan. 6, 1809.
  • Hester and Solomon White, Apr. 28, 1799, C.R.4.
  • Jonathan and Sarah Jeffery, both of D., Jan. 10, 1771.
  • Mahaiah and John Webb, "a foreigner, 'people of Colour'," int. July 20, 1813.
  • Mary, "Indian woman," and Frankford Slocum, "Negro Man," both of D., int. Nov. 15, 1760.
  • Mary of D. and Levi Cuff, resident of D., int. Sept. 10, 1803.
  • Muda and Phillip Johnson, "black people," Jan. 24, 1795.
  • Sarah, 1788 (see Sarah Slocum).
  • Silas and Sarah Prince, both of D., int. Jan. 16, 1771. [mulattoes, m. Apr. 2, C.R.4.]
DILENO (see Delano).

DILLINGHAM (Delingham, Dellingham)
  • A[torn]a and Josseph Hathaway, Nov. 7, 1790, C.R.4.
  • Benjamin (Dellingham) and Ann Hathaway, both of D., int. July 3, 1761.
  • Darcas, d. Henry, and Ralph Earl, s. Ralph,-----------, 1692.
  • Esther and Philip Crandon, Nov. 17, 1793, C.R.4.
  • Hannah and Timothy Howland, both of D., Nov. 5, 1779.
  • Hannah and Joseph Terry, Sept. 30, 1798, C.R.4.
  • Ignatius, s. Edward and Elisabeth of Sandwich, Barnstable Co., and Deborah Gifford, d. Joseph and Content (dec'd) of D., Mar. 24, 1762, C.R.3.
  • John, s. Edward and Elizabeth of Sandwich, Barnstable Co., and Ruth Gifford, d. Joseph and Content (dec'd) of Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mar. 23, 1763, C.R.3.
  • Remember and Water [int. Walter] Wood, both of D., Feb. 5, 1777. [Walter, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah (see----------- Dillingham).
  • Thomas (Delingham), resident in D. [int. of Hannover], and Remembrance Jackson of D., Oct. 20, 1763. [Dillingham, both of D., B.C.M.]
  • -----------[worn, Sarah, int. Sarah] and Thomas Mendall, both of D., Feb. 12, 1784. [Sarah, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Jacob and Lydia Waterman, residents in D., int. July 17, 1823.
  • James of Marshfield, Plymouth Co., and Lydia Waterman of D., int. Mar. 7, 1808.
DIVEL (see Devol)

DIVOL (see Devol)

  • John and Abigail Ripley, May 17, 1798, C.R.4.
DOGGETT (Daggett)
  • Benjamin (Daggett) of Edgartown and Elizabeth Hathaway of D., int. Nov. 6, 1766.
  • Eliphalet of Middleboro and Sibbel Paboday of D., int. Aug. 22, 1816.
DONNE (Done)
  • Joshua and Eunice Allen, both of D., int. Sept. 2, 1767.
  • Levi [int. Levy] (Done) and Persie Spooner, both of D., Feb. 16, 1780. [Levy, Feb. 15, B.C.M.]
DONNOM (see Dunham)

  • Daniel S. of Boston and Phebe S. Wilbur of D., int. Sept. 17, 1837.
  • Joseph of D. and Elizabeth M. Scott of Rochester, int. Feb. 8, 1845.
  • Deborah of Rochester and Richard Hathaway, Apr. 1, 1725.
  • Edward of Rochester and Hannah Eldridge [int. Eldred] of D., Dec. 11, 1755.
  • Elizebeth and Jonathan Kene, July 7, 1735. [ [dup. Kenney] B.C.M.]
  • Luby and John Weeden, both of D., int. Mar. 4, 1785.
DOUGLASS (see Duglas)

DOWNING (Downin)
  • Diadama of Freetown and John Reed of Warwick, Conn., Jan. 27, 1821.
  • Sally (Downin) and Jirah Ashley, both of Freetown, May 29, 1842, in Freetown.
  • Almy C. and Ebenezer Sowle, both of D., int. Nov. 21, 1834.
  • Amy C. and Edward A. Shearman, both of D., int. Nov. 9, 1833.
  • Anne and Pomp Peckcom, both of D., int. Apr. 16, 1785.
  • Benjamin and Eunice Hitch, Oct. 10, 1790, C.R.4.
  • Content of Newbedford and Weaver Potter of D., Dec. 9, 1798.
  • Desire [int. Desire] and Benjamin Gremell [int. Grennall], both of D., Sept. 21, 1786. [Desire and Benjamin Grennel, B.C.M. Desire and Benjamin Grinnell, C.R.4.]
  • Ebenezer of Kingstown and Hannah Southworth of D., July 4, 1776.
  • Ephraim and Ellanor Jenne, both of D., int. Dec. 28, 1765. [Eleanor, m. Feb. 16, 1766, C.R.4.]
  • Hannah and Daniel Sumerton, Nov. 15, 1787,, C.R.4.
  • Hannah of New Bedford and Alpha Crossman of D., int. May 21, 1803.
  • Isaac and Deborah Jenne, both of D., int. Nov. 9, 1759.
  • James of Kings Town and Deborah Nye Jr. of D., int. May 1, 1760.
  • Joshua and Marcy Fry [int. Frye], both of D., June 3, 1782. [Mercy Fry, June 23, B.C.M. Mary Fray [sic], June 23, C.R.4.]
  • Joshua W., resident of New Bedford, and Miss Mary Peats, resident of D., int. Mar. 12, 1825.
  • Josiah and Content Joy, int Nov. 8, 1760.
  • Lemuel and [int. and dup. int. Miss] Sophronia [int. Cyphrona] Trafton, residents of D., Oct 6, 1828.
  • Mary, Miss, of Newbedford, and Ebenezer R. Craw of D., int. Aug. 14, 1831.
  • Nancy, Miss, of Newbedford, and Job Russell of D., int. Jan. 23, 1830.
  • Nancy H., Miss, of D., and John P. Phelps of Newbedford, int. Sept 2, 1820.
  • Patience and Oliver Prise, both of D., int. Apr. 17, 1766.
  • Patience and William Mitchel Jr., Oct. 14, 1792, C.R.4.
  • Saphronia [int. Sophronia] and Isaac Tucker, both of D., Jan. 30, 1836.
  • Thomas and Jane Booth, both of New Bedford, Sept. 27, 1812.
  • Deborah of D. and Moses Snell of Littlecomton, R. I., Dec. 19, 1802.
  • Patience of Swanzey and Timothy Maxfield of D., Dec. 19, 1734, in Swanzey.
  • William of D. [int. Oblong] and Almy Wing of D., Aug. 20, 1780.
DRISCOL (Driskil, Driskill)
  • Abraham [int. Abram F. Driscal], single, 23, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Daniel (Driskell) and Hannah, and Rebecca M. Lawton, 22, dressmaker [int. of D.], d. James and Hulde of D., July 28, 1844, in D.
  • Daniel (Driskill), resident in D., and Anner Reed of D., int. Dec. 2, 1819. [Anne of D., m. Dec. 3, P.R.1.]
  • Rebecah (Driskil), resident in D., and Jeremiah Gifford of D., int. June 22, 1814.
  • John and Nancy Hathaway, Mar. 15, 1798, C.R.4.
DUGLAS (Douglass, Duglass)
  • George of New Bedford and [int Miss] Rebecah Chase [int. Chace] of D., Nov. 24, 1811.
  • Ichabod (Duglass) and Lois Russell, both of D., int. Dec. 15, 1770.
  • Mary, resident in D., and Job White of Westport, int. Aug. 17, 1815.
  • Noah and Rachel Maxfield, both of D., int. May 9, 1815.
  • William (Douglass) and Susanna Dunham, Sept. 26, 1789, C.R.4.
  • Elisha and Ann Howland, ch. John and Reliance, [this entry written in pencil], C.R.3.
  • John Handy of D. and Hannah Hase of Yarmouth, int. July 25, 1807.
  • Samuel, Rev. [int. omits Rev.], of Stoughton, and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Mercy Peirce of D., Nov. 12, 1751. [ Rev. Samuel of Stoughton and Mary Peirce of D., B.C.M.]
  • Cloe of Fall River and Elijah Allen of D., int. Sept. 17, 1840.
DUNHAM (Donnom)
  • Caroline and Williams Akin, both of D., int. July 30, 1837.
  • Hannah (Donnom) and Caleb Tucker, both of D., int. Aug. 20, 1751.
  • Hannah and Noel Allen, both of D., Mar. 30, 1803.
  • Joseph of Edgartown and Patience Hathaway of D., int. Mar. 8, 1765. [m. Apr. 4, C.R.4.]
  • Susanna and William Douglass, Sept. 26, 1789, C.R.4.
  • Uriah of D. [int. Edgartown] and Hannah Paddock [int. Paddack] of D., Oct. 9, 1776. [Paddock, both of D., B.C.M. Paddock, C.R.4.]
  • Timothy L. and Mercy Westgate, both of Troy, May 13, 1832, P.R.1.
DUNMORE (see Danmore)

DURFEE (Durfey, Durfie, Durphey, Durphy)
  • Barton B. and Susan S. Cundell, both of Newbedford, Mar. 2, 1829.
  • Barton B. and Louiza A. Shearman [int. Louisa A. Shearmon], both of D., May 21, 1843.
  • Bathsheba (Durfie) and David Easty, Dec. 29, 1736. [Durfee [dup. Durfey], B.C.M.]
  • Benjamin [int. Durfie Jr.] of Tiverton and Rhoda Brightman of D., Sept. 8, 1774. [Durfee of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
  • Benjamin T. and Sarah I. Wrightington, both of Newbedford, May 13, 1835.
  • Boston of Freetown and Sarah Slocum, "Alias Dick," of Westport, Nov. 16, 1788. [Durfy of Freetown and Sarah Dice, "alias Slocum," of Westport, B.C.M.]
  • Christiana of D. and William Manchester of Westport, int. Feb. 3, 1818.
  • Delana of Tiverton and Samuel P. Allen of D., int. Dec. 30, 1837.
  • Esther of D., b. Westport, d. Thomas and Mary of D., and William W. Shearman, single, mariner, of D., b. D., s. William and Hepsabeth of D., Feb. 27, 1845, in D.
  • George Washington (Durphey) of Tiverton and Polly Cushman of D., int. Sept. 13, 1801.
  • Hannah C. [int. Miss] and Charles Howland, both of D., Sept. 20, 1829.
  • Job and Mary Mosher, both of D., int. Oct. 3, 1840.
  • Lusannah and Nicholas Howland, both of D., int. Feb. 13, 1824.
  • Pamelia (see Permela).
  • Peleg and Priscillai Johnson, both of Freetown, Mar. 2, 1791.
  • Permela (Durfey) and Edward Chase, both of Freetown, Oct. 17, 1790. [Pamelia Durfee, P.R.1.]
  • Phebe (Durfie) of D., d. John, and Stoaks Potter of D., s. Ichabud, Nov. 22, 1744.
  • Rodney and Inosent Wodell, both of D., int. Dec. 3, 1836.
  • Ruth (Durphy) of Tiverton and Joseph Davil Jr. of D., int. Aug. 14, 1762.
  • Sarah and Richard Pierce [int. Peirce] Jr., residents of D., July 11, 1821.
  • Thomas of Newbedford and Elisabeth Maxfield of D., int. Nov. 28, 1818. [m. Dec. 13, P.R.1.]
  • Thomas of Troy and [int. Miss] Delight Shearman of D., May 23, 1830.
  • Anna, Miss, and Asa Washburn, both of D., int. Apr. 20, 1811.
  • Charlottee and Washinton [int. Washington] Snow [int. residents in D.], May 10, 1818.
DWELLY (Dwelley)
  • Daniel of Tiverton and Bethena Brightman of D., int. Nov. 17, 1753.
  • Jeremiah of Tiverton and Elisabeth Devol of D., Apr. 27, 1780. [Jeremiah of Freetown [dup. Tiverton] and Elizabeth Devol of Tiverton, B.C.M.]
  • Richard (Dwelley) of Tiverton and Phebe Potter of D., int. Feb. 6, 1784.
  • Thankfull of Tiverton, R. I., and Joseph Sisson of D., int. Sept. 1, 1749.
DYER (Dyre)
  • Bashaba (Dyre) of D. and Joshua Shreif of Smithfeild, R I., int. June 24, 1758.
  • Canaan G. (Dyre) and Cynthia King, both of Newbedford, Dec. 17, 1842.
  • Charles (Dyre) of Newport, R. I., and Mary Lapham, d. John L. and Mary of D., 26th, 6 mo. 1709, C.R.3.
  • Charles [int. George] L., widr. [int. omits widr.], 36, cooper, of Westport, b. Westport, s. Head and Abby of Littlecompton, and Sarah A. Reynolds, 20, of D., b. D., d. Humphrey and Sarah of D., June 8, 1847.
  • Fanney P. and Parker Willard, both of Newbedford, Sept. 6, 1835.
  • George L. (see Charles L.).
  • James and Phebe Dyer, both of D., int. Nov. 10, 1750.
  • Joseph of D. and Mary Fisher of Littlecompton, int. Apr. 22, 1769.
  • Juda [int. Judah] (Dyre) and Thomas Greenway, both of D., Nov. 1, 1779. [Juda, B.C.M.]
  • Lois of D. and Daniel Russell of D., s. James, int. Mar. 17, 1759.
  • Mary of D. and Timothy Tallman, Dec. 25, 1729. [both of D., B.C.M.]
  • Phebe and James Dyer, both of D., int. Nov. 10, 1750.
  • Preserved (Dyre) and Susanna Head, both of D., int. Feb. 23, 1765.
  • Reuben, single, mariner, of D., s.-------------- of D., and Jane R. Beden [int. Jane B. Bedon], single [dup. spinster, int. of D.], July 21, 1844, in D.
  • Rhoda G., 30, of Westport, b. Westport, d. George Sisson and Matilda of Westport, and William Wilbur, single, 27, mason, of Newbedford, b. Newbedford, s. Nathan and Phebe of Little Compton, Feb. 14, 1847.
  • Sarah S. (Dyre) and Henry Baker, both of Newbedford, Feb. 3, 1841.
EARL (Earle, Earll)
  • Ann and James Kerba, Feb. 11,1724-5.
  • Barnabas, s. Ralf (Earle) and Dorcas both deed of D., and Parnel Chase, wid. Isaac of D., Mar. 14, 1759, C.R.3.
  • Caleb and Elisabeth Brightman, both of D., int. Oct. 29, 1764.
  • Christopher and Mary Earl, wid., both of D., int. Dec. 30, 1773.
  • Edey and Thomas Briggs, both of D., int. Jan. 8, 1787.
  • Elizabeth and Isaac Case Jr., both of D., Oct. 11, 1769.
  • Eunice (Earle), wid., of D., and John Perry of Tivertown, int. Oct. 11, 1755.
  • George (Earle) of D. and Susanna Hilyard of Little Compton, int. Nov. 22, 1764.
  • Hannah of D. and William Brown(?) of Portsmouth, Aug. 27, 1 [torn, 17-]. [Capt. William of Portsmouth, R. I., Aug. 27, 1719. B.C.M. Aug. 27, 1718, P.R.42.]
  • Job and Huldah Wood, both of D., Oct. 15, 1780.
  • Job and Nancy Taber, both of Fairhaven, Dec. 22, 1821.
  • John of D. and Tabitha Hall of Portsmouth, R. I., int. Apr. 15, 1749.
  • John 2d of D. and Prissilla Hilyard of Little Compton, int. Feb. 7, 1770.
  • John and Deborah Brownell, both of D., int. Feb. 14, 1773.
  • Joseph (Earll), s. John and Sarah of Worring, R. I., and Eunice Hathaway, d. Richard and Deborah of D., 12th, 12 mo., "called February," 1746-7, C.R.3.
  • Lawton of D. and Mary Palmer of Little Compton, int. Oct. 12, 1765.
  • Mary of D. and Samuel Chace of Swanzey, Dec. 13, 1773.
  • Mary, wid., and Christopher Earl, both of D., in Dec. 30, 1773.
  • Mary and Oliver Hix, both of D., int. Jan. 29, 1774.
  • Oliver and Ruth Potter, both of D., int. Oct. 12, 1765.
  • Paul of D., s. William, and Hannah Hicks of D., d. Joseph, Nov. 26, 1786.
  • Prudence and Joseph Allen, both of D., int. May 26, 1784.
  • Ralph, s. Ralph, and Darcas Dillingham, d. Henry,------------, 1692.
  • Rebecka of D. and Daniel Corey of Tiverton, R. I., int. Mar. 11, 1793.
  • Robert and Mary Cory, both of D., May 24, 1778.
  • Ruth, wid., of D., and Gedeon Taber of Tiverton, int. May 26, 1773.
  • Sarah and Joshua Tripp, both of Westport, Nov. 27, 1796.
  • Stephen and Mary Hicks, both of D., May 5, 1782.
  • Wanton of D. and Sarah Frances of Freetown, int. Dec. 29, 1786.
  • William Jr. of D. and Eidith Brownell of Little Compton, int. Jan. 27, 1776.
  • Marcy of New Bedford and Lot Cathway of Rochester, "black people," Nov. 28, 1799.
  • Newport and Grace Sachem, "black people," residing in D., int. June 27, 1796.
  • Rosanna of New Bedford and Fortune McWharter, "black people," Jan. 23, 1800.
  • George and Hannah Peekcom [int. Peckcom], both of D., Nov. 25, 1778. [Peekcom, B.C.M. Peckh[worn], [worn] 6, 1778, C.R.4.]
EASTERBROOKS (Esterbrooks)
  • Benjamin (Esterbrooks) [int. Easterbrooks] of D. and Deborah Edwards of Rochester, Oct. 23, 1768, in Wareham.
  • Benjamin of D. [int. Freetown] and Mary Negus of D., Feb. 3, 1784. [both of D., B.C.M.]
  • Jabez (Esterbrooks) of Freetown and Ruth Smith of D., int. Mar. 25, 1783.
  • Richard and Hannah Fuller, both of Freetown, Jan. 30, 1791.
EASTLAND (Esland, Eslon, Estin, Estland)
  • Elizebeth (EsIon) and Amos [dup. Amoz] Taber, May 7, 1730. [Elizabeth Eston and Amos Taber, B.C.M.]
  • Hephsibah (see Virtue, 1772).
  • John (Estin) [int. Eastland] and Rueth [int. Ruth] Jenne, both of D., Oct. 24, 1751. [Estin and Ruth Jenne, B.C.M.]
  • John and Ruth Randall, both of D., int. Nov. 13, 1769. [m. Dec. 21, C.R.4.]
  • Joseph (Esland) and Freelove Shepherd, both of D., Mar. 6, 1728.
  • Mary and Henry Negus [int. both of D.], Aug. 10, 1760.
  • Reliance and Elisha Cuishman [int Cushman, both of D.], Nov. 26, 1760.
  • Venue (Estland) [int. Esland] and Benjamin Badcock, both of D., July 24, 1748. [Virtue Hessland, B.C.M.]
  • Virtue and George Shockley, both of D., int. Oct. 13, 1772. [Hephsebah Eastland, m. Nov. 19, C.R.4.]
  • Virtue (Virt [worn]-----------[worn]) [Virtue Eastland, int. Virtue Eastland] and Samuel Studdard [int. Stodder],---------- [worn, both of D.], Oct. 12, 1784. [Virtue Eastland and Samuel Stoddard, both of D., B.C.M. Virtue Eastland and Samuel Stoddard, C.R.4]
  • Zeruiah, resident in D., and Barnabas Spooner of D., Jan. 12, 1723-4. [Zerviah, both of D., B.C.M.]
  • Elisabeth of Newport, R. I., d. Walter, and Paul Slocum [int. of D.], s. Benjamin of D.,---------- [int. Dec. 4, 1779], in Newport, R. I.
  • Peter (Eson) of R. I. and Content Slocum of D., Apr. 17, 1705 [dup. crossed out, 1725]. [Easton of R. I., s. Peter dec'd of R. I., and Content Slocum, d. Peleg of D., C.R.3.]
  • Walter of Middletown, Newport Co., R. I., s. Peter of Middletown and Content (both dec'd), and Meribeth Ricketson, d. William of D. and Meribeth, 27th, 8 mo. 1748, C.R.3.
  • Walter Jr. of Newport and Phebe Slocum [int. Jr.] of D., Jan. 19, 1783.
  • David and Bathsheba Durfie, Dec. 29, 1736. [Durfee [dup. Duffey], B.C.M.]
  • Seth of Middleborough and Sarah Delano of D., int. Mar. 3, 1764.
  • Seth and Bethiah Delano, both of D., int. Mar. 12, 1768.
EDDY (Edey, Edy, Eedy)
  • Bettey (Eedy) and Adam Allen, both of D., int. Nov. 27, 1756.
  • David of D. and Sintha Cook of Tiverton, int. Nov. 20, 1767.
  • Dorcas and Simon Simon, "black people," int. Jan. 12, 1793.
  • George M. of New Bedford, s. John of D. and Mehitable, and Elizabeth H. Davis of D., d. Seth of D. and Mary, 29th, 3 mo. 1838, C.R.3.
  • Henry and Ruth Gifford, both of D., int. May 21, 1763.
  • Huldah (Edey) and Henry Brightman Jr., both of D., int. June 5, 1762.
  • Jabez (Edy) of Middleborough and Elisabeth Jacson of D., int. Nov. 21, 1755.
  • Job, s. Zephaniah and Anna of D., and Mehetable Tucker, d. Jonathan and Mehetable of D., 1st, 12 mo. 1803, C.R.3.
  • John of D. and Linda Corey of Westport, int. Jan. 30, 1796.
  • Mary (Edey) of Swanzey and George Cornel of D., May 26, 1737, in Swanzey.
  • Mary of D. and George Morton of Middleborough, int. Oct. 30, 1797.
  • Nancy of D. and Beriah G. Howland of Westport. int. June 19, q819.
  • Rhoda [int Rhobe] and Abraham Anthony, both of D., Jan. 13, 1774. [Rhoda, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah of Swanzey and William Buffinton of Freetown, June 18, 1767.
  • Sarah, d. Zephaniah and Anna of D., and Caleb Barker, s. William and Amie (dec'd) of D., 2d. 12 mo. 1795. C.R.3.
  • Susannah of D. [int. late of Swanzey, now a resident in D.] and Tisdale Shearman of D., Jan. 25, 1778.
  • Zepheniah and Ann [int. Anne] Wood, both of D., Sept. 16, 1770. [Zephaniah and Ann Wood, B.C.M.]
  • Zepheniah of D. and Sally Dean of Barkley, int. Sept. 26, 1819.
  • John of Middleboro and Betty Ashley of Freetown, Dec. 5, 1822, P.R.1.
EDRIDGE (see Eldridge)

  • Mary Ann, Miss, of Freetown, and Russell Reed of New Bedford, Nov. 6, 1842, in Freetown.
EDWARDS (Edward)
  • Deborah of Rochester and Benjamin Esterbrooks [int. Easterbrooks) of D., Oct. 23, 1768, in Wareham.
  • Elisabeth, "Negrowoman," of D., and Bristol Peck, "Negroman," resident in D., Dec. 16, 1781. [Aug. 12, 1784. B.C.M. Dec. 16, 1781, P.R.1.]
  • Judah of Freetown and Nathan Spooner 3d of D., int. Sept. 22, 1764. [Judith of Freetown, m. Oct. 25, C.R.4.]
  • Prince (Edward), "Negro Man." of Sandwitch. and Jemima Augustus, "free Negro woman." of D., int. Sept. 10, 1763. [Prence, "negro servant of Mr. Timothy Boorm of Sandwich," and Jemima Augustus, d. Augustus (negro, of D.), m. Nov. 9, C.R.4.]
EDY (see Eddy)

EEDY (see Eddy)

EGGREY (Eggery, Egree)
  • Daniel and Deborah Delano, both of D., int. July 3, 1762.
  • Daniel (Eggery) [int. Egry] of D. and Mary Perry of Rochester, Nov. 21, 1771, in Rochester.
  • Elizabeth (Egree) of Cohasset [int. Elisabeth Egery of Situate] and Arnaziah Bowles of D., Apr. 20, 1766, in Cohasset.
EIRISH (see Irish)

ELDRIDGE (Edridge, Eldred, Eldredge, Eldrege)
  • Abraham [dup. Eldredge] and Jane Taylor [int. both of D.],---------- [dup. June 29], 1832, in D.
  • Abraham (Eldredge) and Elizabeth Reynolds, both of D., int. Aug. 11, 1838.
  • Amos and Marcy Cook, both of D., int. Feb. 21, 1787.
  • Ann [int. Eldrige] and Bartholomew West, both of D., July 16, 1747. [Eldridge, B.C.M.]
  • Bethiah (Eldrege), d. Isaih (Eldredge) and Sarah of D., and Humphry [signed Humphrey] Russell, s. Joseph and Judah of D., Mar. 29, 1780, C.R.3.
  • Deborah, Miss, of New Bedford, and Simeon Eldridge of D., int. Aug. 29, 1826.
  • Deliverance (Eldred) and Jethro Delano, both of D., int. July 4, 1771.
  • Deliverence (Eldred) and John Weden, both of D., int. Dec. 24, 1764.
  • Edith [int. Eldredge, Miss] of D. and Henry Tarr of Newbedford, Apr. 27, 1826.
  • Edward and Adne Hammond, both of D., int. Nov. 19, 1762.
  • Edward (Edridge) and Hannah Taber, both of D., int. Dec. 10, 1768.
  • Elihu and Patience J[torn, Jenne--, int. Jenne],----------[torn, both, int. both] of D.,----------[torn, Jan.] 12, 1786. [Jenne, both of D., Jan. 12, B.C.M. Jenne, Jan. 12, C.R.4.]
  • Elizabeth and John Hathway, both of D., Feb. 16, 1743, in D., B.C.M.
  • Elnathan and Silvia Nye, both of D., int. Feb. 2, 1758.
  • George H. of Medway, Conn., and Miss Phibe S. Howland of D., int. Aug. 29, 1845.
  • Hannah [int. Eldred] of D. and Edward Doty of Rochester, Dec. 11, 1755.
  • Hepsabath and Daniel Stowell, both of D., int. Aug. 31, 1844.
  • Isaiah [int. Eldrige] and Sarah Delano, both of D., Dec. 28, 1749. [Eldridge, B.C.M.]
  • James S. (Eldredge) of Newbedford and Patience Eldredge of D., int. Aug. 19, 1839.
  • Joseph of Freetown and Sally Reed of D., int. Dec. 18, 1817. [Joseph of Tiverton, m. Apr. 5, 1818, P.R.1.]
  • Killey S. (Eldredge) Jr. of Fairhaven and Mary Slad of Newbedford, Sept. 27, 1836.
  • Malvina M., 20 [int. of D.], d. Simeon and Deborah of D., and Aroet Manley, single, 25, painter, of D., b. D., s. John and Bethena of D., Aug. 28, 1849.
  • Marcy and Joseph Sampson, both of D., int. May 30, 1746.
  • Mary of D. and Stephen Brownell of Little Compton, int. Jan. 12, 1771.
  • Mary [int. Eldrage] and Benjamin Terry [int. Jr.], [bot]h of D., [worn]"ember" 17[int. Sept. 25], 1773. [Eldridge and Benjamin Terry Jr., both of D., Nov. 7, B.C.M.]
  • Mary (Eldred) [int. Eldredge] and Stephen Nye Jr., both of D., Dec. 28. 1786. [Eldred, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Mary, Miss, and Richard B. Stowell, both of D., int. Jan. 8, 1831.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Obed B. (Eldredge), single, 28, mariner, of D., b. D., s. Shubal and Rachel of D., and Jane E. Baker, 21, b. D., Aug. 3, 1848.
  • Patience (Eldredge) of D. and James S. Eldredge of Newbedford, int. Aug. 19, 1839.
  • Phebe and Joseph Trafford Jr., both of D., int. May 30, 1812.
  • Rebecca, Miss, of Harwich, Barnstable Co., and Capt. Abraham Akin of D., int. May 1, 1808.
  • Rhode [int. Rhoady Eldrige] and Zeruiah Wood, both of D., Aug. 5, 1750. [Rhode Eldridge, B.C.M.]
  • Rube and Stephen Merithew, both of D., int. Jan. 11, 1769.
  • Salathiel and Rebeckah Wood, both of D., int. Nov. 4, 1758.
  • Salomy [int. Salome Eldrige] and Samuell West, both of D., Aug. 17, 1749. [Salomy Eldridge, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah [int. Eldredge] and Edward West, both of D., Oct. 13, 1782. [Eldridge, B.C.M. Eldredge, C.R.4.]
  • Sarah and Daniel Wood, both of D., May 26, 1791, in New Bedford.
  • Shubal (Eldredge) and Margaret Bullen, both of D., int. Aug. 4, 1839.
  • Silvia [int. Selvia Eldredge] of D. and John Hammond [int. Hammon 2d] of Rochester, Oct. 17, 1782. [Silvia Eldridge of D. and John Hammond of Rochester, B.C.M. Silvia Eldredge of D. and John Hammond of Rochester, C.R.4]
  • Simeon of D. and Miss Deborah Eldridge of New Bedford, int. Aug. 29, 1826.
  • Stephen and Mercy Phillips, both of D., int. Sept. 26, 1812.
  • Sylvia (see Silvia).
  • Ephraim [int. Elsbery] Jr. of Freetown and Jemima [int. Jemimah] Shepherd of D., Mar. 30, 1749, in Freetown.
ELICE (see Ellis).

  • Elisabeth, Mrs., of Boston, and Edward Pope Esq. of D., int. May 12, 1785.
  • Abner and Hope Leveston, Indians, both of D., Mar. 20, 1766.
  • Abner, "Indian," and Polly Slocum, "Mustee," both of D., Nov. 11, 1784.
  • Hope and Thomas Johnson, "people of colour," both of Newbedford, June 17, 1817.
  • Jeremiah (Ells[worn]) [Elisha] and Deborah Jeffery, both of D., int. Sept. 22, 1739. "banns . . . forbiden by Joseph Tucker the master of the said Jeremiah Elisha".
  • Silvester and James Simon, both of D., int. Feb. 18, 1748.
  • Zilpha, "Indian woman," and Exeter Exeter [sic, int. omits one Exeter], "a Mulatto," both of D., Nov. 25, 1767.
ELLIS (Elice, Elles)
  • Barzillai [int. Barzillia Elles] and Sarah Tobey [int. Toby], both of D., Mar. 10, 1774. [Barzillai Ellis of D. and Sarah Tobey, B.C.M. Barzillai Ellis and Sarah Tobey, C.R.4.]
  • Caroline and Jireh Reynolds, both of D., Dec. 2, 1836.
  • Cyrus of Newbedford and Audra [int. Audera] Cook of D., Mar. 3, 1816. [Audra of D., P.R.1.]
  • Eleanor (see Ellenor)
  • Elijah [int. Ellijah] of D. and Hannah Mason, resident in D., Nov. 5, 1751. [Elijah, B.C.M.]
  • Elijah and Rebekah Shearman, Sept. 30, 1798, C.R.4.
  • Elizabeth W. of New Bedford and Ebenezer H. Davis of D., int. July 10, 1847.
  • Ellenor and Constant Wood, int. Oct. 3, 1766.
  • Ephraim E. and Jane C. Baker, both of D., May 9, 1841.
  • George N. (Elles) [int. George W. Ellis] and Phebe Lapham, both of D., Mar. 18, 1842.
  • James of Harwich and Sarah AIlen of D., Aug. 23, 1752, in D.
  • Joel (Elles) and Mary Gatchell, May 5, 1715.
  • John and Elizebeth Stone, June 3, 1736.
  • John and Betsey A. Almy, both of D., int. June 9, 1849.
  • Joseph and Martha Tuckanie, Feb. 21, 1742-3, in D., B.C.M.
  • Judah of D. and Lydea Gibbs of Sandwitch, int. Jan. 14, 1804.
  • Leonard (Elles) of Harwich and Miss Roeseland Snow of D., int. July 29, 1826.
  • Luke and Elisabeth Maccumber, both of D., Mar. 11, 1784. [Elizabeth Macomber, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Lukse [int. Luke] of D. and Naomi [int. Naoma] Briggs of Berkley, Dec. 3, 1780, in Berkley.
  • Lydia and Joseph Briggs Jr., both of D., Oct. 2, 1843.
  • Mehetabel, "an old maid," and Isaac Barrows, Nov. 17, 1791, C.R.4.
  • Otis of Hanover, Plimouth Co., s. Mordecai and Priscilla, and Ruth Barker, d. Robert of D. and Ruth dec'd, 12th, 4 mo. 1827, C.R.3.
  • Patience (Elice) and Edward Wing, both of D., Dec. 25, 1728. [Ellis, d. Freeman dec'd of Rochester, Plimouth Co., C.R.3.]
  • Patience and Reuben Burges, Dec. 8, 1833.
  • Phebe and Thomas Marshal, both of D., int. May 6, 1769.
  • Sarah and Jabez Stevans [int. Stevens], both of D., May 16, 1777. [Stevens, B.C.M. Stephens, C.R.4.]
  • Sarah of D. and Arnold Briggs of Newbedford [int. resident in New Bedford], Sept 3, 1821.
ELSBIIRY (see Elebury)

  • John and Serviah Lawton [int. both of D.], June 27, 1802.
  • Deborah and Job Prince, Indians, both of D., Nov. 28, 1763.
  • Hannah, "Indian woman," of D., and John Rady, "Molatta Man" [int. "trancient person," of D.], May 23, 1765.
  • Hester [int. "Indian woman") and David Butterfi[torn, Butterfield, int. Butterfield, "Negro Man], both of D., Jan. 24, 1765.
  • Thomas of D. and Mary Allen of Middleborough, int. Jan. 9, 1777.
ESLAND (see Eastland)

ESLON (see Eastland)

ESON (see Easton)

ESTERBROOKS (see Easterbrooks)

ESTES (see Estis)

ESTEY (see Easty)

ESTIN (see Eastland)

  • Elisabeth [int. Miss Eliza] of D. and Allen Sisson of Westport, July 28, 1812.
  • Hannah and [int. Capt.] John Hull, both of D., Nov. 2, 1810.
  • Joseph and Edith Wood, both of D., 2d, 4 mo. 1788, in D., B.C.M. [Estes [int. Eastis), s. Thomas dec'd and Elizabeth of Tiverton, Newport Co., R. I., and Edith Wood, d. Jesiah and Hannah of D., C.R.3.]
  • Sally and George Smith Jr., both of D., int. Jan. 23, 1812.
ESTLAND (see Eastland)

  • Mary of Sandwich and Caleb Jenne of D., int. June 23, 1770.
EVANS (Evens)
  • Henrittie (Evens) of Freetown and Capt. Nicholas Winslow of D., int. Oct. 5, 1802.
  • Mary of Freetown and Henry Hathaway of D., Nov. 17, 1796, in Freetown.
EWEN (Youin)
  • Jane, d. Barnabas and Allis, and Rev. Peter Crocker,----------, 1812, G.R.1.
  • Remember (Youin) and John Fish Jr., Jan. 29, 1729. [ [dup. Remembrance Youis] B.C.M.]
EWER (see Eure).

  • Exeter [sic, int. omits one Exeter], "a Mulatto," and Zilpha Elisha, "Indian woman," both of D., Nov. 25, 1767.

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