[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

BRIGS (see Briggs).

BRONELL (see Brownell).

  • Roswell F., single, and Annis Tripp, single, May 26, 1844, in D.
BROWINELL (see Brownell)

  • Asa of Newbedford and Susannah Shearman [int. of D.], Oct. 22, 1822.
  • Deborah, d. William and Hannah late of Portsmouth, and James Haydon [int. Haden], s. Samuel and Rebecca of Newport, R. I., 18th, 12 mo., "called February," 1750, C.R.3.
  • Elizabeth, d. William and Hannah dec'd, and Peleg Slocum, s. Peleg dec'd and Rebekah of D., 28th, "of the Month called September," 1748, C.R.3.
  • George W. of Little Compton and Miss Phebe Ann Taber of D., July 4, 1841.
  • Jane, d. William and Hannah dec'd, and David Smith, s. Thomas and June [int. Jean] of D., 3d, 2 mo., "called April," 1740, C.R.3.
  • Josiah and Philena Rounsefull, both of Freetown, Mar. 1790. [Phelena Rounsaville, B.C.M. Philena Rounsefull, P.R.1.]
  • Judith A. [int. Miss] of D. and Elias S. Phillips [int. of D.], Mar. 2, 1843.
  • Martha and James Shearman, both of D., Sept. 6, 1801. [Sherman, P.R.1.]
  • Mary and Stephen Maccumber, both of D., int. May 1, 1758.
  • Mary of D. and Ebenezer Sampson [int. Ebenezar Samson] of Freetown, Mar. 22, 1795. [Ebenezer Samson, P.R.1.
  • Mary Ann (see Mary Ann Brownal.
  • Nancy and James Crowell, "people of Colour," residents in D., int. Dec. 22, 1822.
  • Olive (see Ollive).
  • Oliver and Abigail Whalon, both of D., Nov. 3, 1804.
  • Ollive [int. Olive of D.] and Samuel Sabins [int. Jr.], resident in D., Mar. 24, 1814. [Ollive, P.R.1.]
  • Patience and Phillip Peckham, both of Westport, Jan. 18, 182(?).
  • Patience M, single, and Charles Allen, single, of D. [dup. Newbedford], s.----------, of D. [dup. Newbedford], July 14, 1844, in D.
  • Roba of Swanzey and Eseck Taber of D., int. Jan. 28, 1778.
  • Ruth of Littlecomptown and Cook Slocum of D., int. Mar. 2, 1815.
  • Salmon and Miss Mary Tripp, both of Troy, May 23, 1829.
  • Salsbury of Little Compton and Miss Mary B. Gifford of Westport, Sept. 16, 1838.
  • Thankful (see Thankfull Brownell)
  • Thomas D. of Newbedford and Mercy West, Oct. 18, 1840.
  • William of Portsmouth and Hannah Earl of D., Aug. 27, 1[torn, 17-]. [Capt. WiIliam of Portsmouth, R. I., Aug. 27, 1719, B.C.M. Aug. 27, 1718, P.R.42.]
  • William and Deborah Bennett, both of Newbedford, Mar. 6, 1839.
BROWNELL (BronelI, Browinell, Brownal, Brownel]
  • Abigail (Brownel) of D. and Oliver Hazzard of James Town, int. Jan. 19, 1768.
  • Abigail [int. Brownel] of D. [int. d. John (Brownill) of Little Comton] and Timothy Maccumber [int. Macumber] Jr. of D., Jan. 9, 1772.
  • Adelin [ ? Miss or Mrs.] and Elias S. Briggs, both of D., int. Apr. 13, 1830.
  • Almira and William Almy, both of D., Dec. 4, 1839.
  • Amanda M., 21, of Westport [int. D.], b. Westport, d. Thomas and Nancy, and Eben S. Grinnell [int. Grennill], 21, of Littlecompton [int. D.], b. Littlecompton, s. William (Grannell) and Cynthia, Dec. 17, 1848.
  • Ann and David Cornel, both of D., int. Oct. 8, 1774.
  • Anne (Brownel) of D. and Nathaniel Richmond of Dighton, int. Sept. 27, 1765.
  • Benjamin (Brownel) of D., s. Ichabod, and Phebe Potter of D., int. Aug. 18, 1753.
  • Benjamin of D., s. Thomas, and Martha Closson of D., int. Feb. 25, 1758.
  • Benjamin Jr. and Abigail Milk, both of D., int. Feb. 23, 1784.
  • Content and Richard Cornell, both of D., May 11, 1732. [Comfort [dup. Content], B.C.M.]
  • Cornelius of D. and Rebecca Shearman of D. [int. d. Isreal], Oct. 22, 1769.
  • Darithy [int. Dority] of D. and John Sanford of Pourtsmouth, Oct. 27, 1768. [Dorithy of D. and John Sanford of Portsmouth, R. I., B.C.M.]
  • David and Patience Brigg, both of Westport, Sept. 23, 1817.
  • Deborah [int. Brownell and George Claghorn [int Cloghorn], both of D., Dec. 20, 1769.[Brownell and George Claghorn, B.C.M.]
  • Deborah and John Earl, both of D., int. Feb. 14, 1773.
  • Deborah and Henry Howland Jr. [int. both of D.], Sept 12, 1784.
  • Delight and Zoeth Shearman, both of D., Oct 21, 1787.
  • Delila and Stephen Cushman, both of D., int. Nov. 20, 1833.
  • Dorothy of D. and James Burges of Little Compton, int. Apr. 8, 1757.
  • Dorothy (see also Darithy).
  • Edith (see Eidith).
  • Edward [int. Capt. Edward Crowell] of Dennis and Sarah Baker of D., Mar. 14, 1816.
  • Edward of D. and Rebecah Macumber of Westport, Nov. 10, 1816.
  • Eidith of Little Compton and William Earl Jr. of D., int. Jan. 27, 1776.
  • Elisa of D. and Charles Taber of New Bedford, int. Aug. 1, 1805.
  • Elisabeth of D. and Ichabod Wood of Little Compton, int. Feb. 25, 1770.
  • Elisabeth, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Abraham Davis, both of D., May 2, 1784. [Elizabeth, B.C.M.]
  • Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and Browning Kelley [int. Killey] 3d, both of D., July 12, 1835.
  • Elisebeth ( [torn]ronell) [Brownell, int. Elisabeth Brownell] and Joshua Shearman Jr., both of D., Mar. 3, 1774. [Elizabeth Brownell, B.C.M.]
  • Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Peleg Peckcom, both of D., Aug. 20, 1767. [Elizabeth. B.C.M.]
  • Elizabeth F., Miss, of Newbedford, and Lorenzo Woodbridge of D., int. Dec. 19, 1846.
  • Ellery and Miss Phebe Cornell of D., int. Dec. 8, 1823.
  • Enock of D. and Freelove Whealer of Scituate, int. Feb. 6, 1773.
  • Eseck (Brownel) [int. Esek Brownell] and Elisabeth Cund [torn, Cundal, Cundille, int. Cundel], both of D., June 2, 1774. [Esek Brownel and Elizabeth Cundell, B.C.M.]
  • Esther of Little Comton and Samuell Howland of D., s. Samuell, int. "first of" Oct. 1748.
  • Eunice and Thomas Gifford, both of D., int. June 19, 1785.
  • Eunis and Benjamin Davis, both of D., int. Apr. 7, 1775.
  • George and Sus[worn, Hope] Devill June 22, 1716. [George of Swansea and Elizabeth Devon of D., B.C.M.]
  • George [int. Brownel of Tiverton], s. Smiton, and Eunice Mosher, d. James of D., Dec. 10, 1750.
  • George Jr. and Lusa Richmond, both of D., int. May 24, 1770.
  • George of D., s. Thomas [int. s. Hannah, wid.], and Rhoda Milk of D., July 12, 1770.
  • George and Lydia Negus [int. wid.], both of D., Jan. 4, 1771.
  • George, 1773 (see Geroge).
  • George (Browinell) [int. Brownel] of D. and Priscilla Loring (int. Prissilla Loringe] of Pembroke, Apr. 8, 1787, in Pembroke.
  • George A. of Westport and Caroline Gifford of D., int. Dec. 28, 1847.
  • George R., 24, farmer, of Westport, b. Westport, s. Frederick and Charlotte of Westport, and Hannah R. Whalon, 19, d. Jeptha and Hope, Nov. 7, 1847.
  • Geroge of D., s. Ichabod, and Mary Tripp of D., int. Aug. 30, 1773.
  • Grace and Anson Maccumber, both of D., Feb. 20, 1783.
  • Grace and Henry Betle [int. Bette], both of D., Nov. 24, 1785. [Bettie, B.C.M. Beadle, C.R.4.]
  • Hannah, d. Thomas dec'd of D., and Obadiah Mosher of Tivertown, int. Sept. 1, 1759.
  • Hannah of Little Compton and Stephen Crocker of D., int. Aug. 10, 1773.
  • Hannah and Reuben Howland, both of D., Nov. 19, 1785. [Nov. 19, 1775, B.C.M.]
  • Hannah (Brownel) and Peleg Sisson, both of D., int. Feb. 9, 1793.
  • Hannah (BrowneI) of Westport and George Chase of D., int. Sept. 26, 1793.
  • Holder W. and Miss Lovy Baker, both of D., int. Aug. 26, 1826.
  • Ichabod and Mary Scranton, both of D., int. Nov. 8, 1775.
  • Ichabod Jr. and Delilah Tripp, both of D., Sept. 7, 1780.
  • Israel of Tiverton and Rachel Potter, wid., of D., int. Mar. 22, 1780.
  • James [int. of D.], s. Robert of D., and Ruth Cornet [int. Cornell of D.], d. George (Cornell) of D., Apr. 27, 1775, in Tiverton.
  • James of Little Compton and Hannah Manchester of D., int. Dec. 26, 1777.
  • Jenne and Glasgo Cory, "Negro Man," int. Sept 27, 1759.
  • Jeremiah of D. and Rebeka [int. Rebekah] Kirby of Westport, Nov. 19, 1789. [Rebeca of Westport, B.C.M.]
  • Jirah and Sarah Kirby, both of Westport, Dec. 31, 1812.
  • Jonathan and Elizabeth Tabour, both of D., Aug. 5, 1744, in D., B.C.M.
  • Jonathan and Hannah Hilyard, both of D., int. Oct. 29, 1758.
  • Jonathan of Little Compton and Dorcas Manchester of D., int. Jan. 3, 1784.
  • Joseph (Brownel) [signed BrowneIl], s. Thomas and Esther of D., and Leah Caton [int. Lawton], d. George and Mary of D., 3d, 4 mo., "called June," 1736, C.R.3.
  • Joseph, s. Thomas of D., and Hannah Bowdish, d. William and Mercy of D., 24th, "of the month called February," 1747-8, C.R.3.
  • Joseph and Anne Hix, both of D., int. Apr. 24, 1751.
  • Joseph and Experience [int. Exsperience] Gifford, both of D., Mar. 6, 1755. [Experience, B.C.M.]
  • Joseph and Hannah Cornell, both of D., Dec. 2, 1779.
  • Josias and Deborah Howland, both of D., July 25, 1784.
  • Juda of D. and William Records of Little Compton, int. Nov. 12, 1779.
  • Judea and Daniel Howard, both of D., Nov. 27, 1777.
  • Judith (Brownel) and Ephraim Potter, both of D., int. Sept 30, 1752.
  • Kaziah (-----------), [int. Keziah Brownell of D.] and George Tibbits [int. Tibits of D.], b. R. I., s. John and Elisabeth, May 26, 1748.
  • Lemuel and Elisabeth Brightman, both of Westport, Oct. 30, 1817.
  • Lucy of D. and Gilbert Tomkins of Little Compton, int. June 17, 1784.
  • Lydia of D. and Samuel Taylor of Little Compton, int. Dec. 19, 1778.
  • Lydia of West Port and Amos C. Baker of D., Nov. 17, 1822.
  • Marcy (Brownel) of D. and Joseph Condell of Porthmouth, R. I., int. Oct. 4, 1760.
  • Margoat of Little Compton and James Manchester of D., int. Mar. 12, 1771.
  • Martha (Brownel) of Little Comton and Daniel Ormsby of D., int. Aug. 23, 1751.
  • Martha of Portsmouth and Elijah Cobb of D., int. May 19, 1781.
  • Martha (see Patty, 1820)
  • Mary (Brownel) of D. and Gideon Taylor of Little Compton, int. Dec. 22, 1752.
  • Mary (Brownel) [int Brownell] and John Davil [int. Davel], both of D., July 21, 1765. [Brownell and John Devil, B.C.M.]
  • Mary of D. and Cornelius Briggs of Little Compton, int. Nov. 2, 1765.
  • Mary and George Sisson, both of D., int. Oct 28, 1773.
  • Mary of Little Compton [int. Tiverton] and Thomas Potter of D., Apr. 18, 1782.
  • Mary Ann (Brownal) [int. Brown] of D. and Joseph Nutter of Dorchester, Dec. 24, 1835.
  • Mehitable (Brownell) [int. Brownell] and Edmond [int. Edward] Mosher, both of D., Dec. 23, 1779. [Brownell and Edward Mosher, B.C.M.]
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Nathaniel and Rhoda Warren, both of D., int. Oct. 24, 1768.
  • Nathaniel and Susannah Bennet. both of D., Sept 10, 1770.
  • Pardon of D. and Prudance Shaw of Little Compton, int. Jan. 26, 1765.
  • Pardon C. and Ruth M. Tack, both of D., int. Sept. 16, 1848.
  • Patience and Jacob Chase 2d, both of D., int. Mar. 15, 1762.
  • Patience of Little Compton, R. I., and Abner Mosher of D., int. Mar. 4, 1823.
  • Patty and Benjamin Willcox, both of Westport, Nov. 4. 1820.
  • Paul of Little Compton and Meribah Taber of D., Oct. 13, 1782.
  • Peleg and Else Sherman, both of D., int. Nov. 1, 1755.
  • Peleg of D. and Martha Eirish of Little Compton, int. Apr. 15, 1786.
  • Penelope of Westport and Eber C. Simmons of D., int. July 8, 1839.
  • Perez of D. and Mary Greenal of Little Compton, int. Aug. 28, 1786.
  • Perry of Westport and Ruth Smith of D., int. May 9, 1814.
  • Phebe of Tiverton, d. Giles, and Daniel Divel of D., int. Nov. 23, 1754.
  • Phebe of Little Compton and Benjamin Mosher of D., int. Mar. 29, 1755.
  • Phebe and Abner Merihoo, both of D., int. Jan. 13, 1759.
  • Phebe and Jethro Badcok, both of D., int. June 26, 1773.
  • Phebe and Job Milk, both of D., int. Oct 20, 1781.
  • Phebe of Westport and George Mosher Jr. of D., int. May 16, 1807.
  • Phebe and Peleg Gifford, both of Westport, Dec. 10, 1807.
  • Prince (Brownel) [int. Brownell] and Mary Manchester, both of D., Jan. 12, 1778. [Brownell, B.C.M.]
  • Priscilla of D. and William Woodman of Little Cornpton, int. July 5, 1782.
  • Prudance and Barjona Devel, both of D., int. Aug. 30, 1773.
  • Prudence and Levi Gifford, both of Westport, Oct 26, 1809.
  • Rebecca of Little Compton and John Potter of D., s. Champlain, int. Sept. 12, 1776.
  • Robert of D., s. Joseph, and Elizebeth Tripp of D., d. John, Aug. 8, 1745. [Elizabeth, B.C.M.]
  • Robert and Judah [int. Judith] Taber, both of D., Dec. 22, 1776. [Judah, B.C.M. Judith, C.R.4.]
  • Robert Jr. and Deborah Pettey, both of D., Mar. 1, 1778.
  • Ruth and Benjamin Potter, both of D., Nov. 11, 1736, in D.
  • Ruth of Little Comton and Abner White of D., int. Mar. 10, 1745-6.
  • Ruth of D. and Joseph Wilbour [int. Wilbbur] of Little Compton, Feb. 8, 1786. [Wilbour of Little Compton, Feb. 8, 1776, B.C.M.]
  • Samuel of D. and Ruth Briggs of Little Compton, int. Sept. 24, 1763.
  • Sarah (Brownel) and Joseph Wing, both of D., Jan. 17, 1732. [Brownell, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah and Benjamin Deval, int. May 5, 1762.
  • Sarah and John Bennet, both of D., int. Dec. 2, 1765.
  • Sarah and William Howland, both of D., Sept. 15, 1768.
  • Sarah of Little Compton and Joseph Champlain of D., int. Mar. 3, 1775.
  • Sarah of D. [int. d. Thomas and Abraham Gifford of D. [int. s. Job], Oct. 3, 1782.
  • Shadrech (Brownel) and Mary Akin, both of D., int. Sept. 25, 1794.
  • Sibell and Ruben Howland, both of D., int. Sept. 29, 1775.
  • Silas of Fairhaven and Sarah Shearman of D., int. Aug. 13, 1836.
  • Stephen of Little Compton and Mary Eldridge of D., int. Jan. 12, 1771.
  • Stephen of Little Compton and Phebe Bliss of D., int. Feb. 6, 1819.
  • Susanna and Butler Shearman, both of D., July 21, 1768.
  • Sybil (see Sibell)
  • Sylvester (see Sylvester Browning)
  • Thankfull of D., d. Thomas, and Isaac Tripp of D., s. James, Jan. 4, 1749-50. [Brown [dup. Brownel], B.C.M.]
  • Thomas, s. Benjamin of D., and Phinani Cook of Tiverton, int. July 24, 1784.
  • Thomas [int Brownel Jr.] and Wait Tripp, both of D., Nov. 2, 1785 [int. Oct. 7, 1775]. [Thomas Brownell, Nov. 2, 1775, B.C.M.]
  • Thomas and Lucy Shearman [int. of D.], May 14, 1821.
  • William (Brownel) and Sarah Sherman, Mar. 8, 1742-3, in D., B.C.M.
  • William (Bronell) of Tiverton and Lydia Head, d. Joseph of D., int. Apr. 27, 1757.
  • William of Newbedford and Maria Gifford of Westport. Sept 17, 1833.
  • William O. and Ruth Potter, both of Westport, Mar. 9, 1838.
  • Sylvester [int. Silvester Brownel] of D. and Mary [int. Mercy] Church of Dighton, Aug. , 1778, in Dighton.
BRYANT (Briant)
  • Gamaleal and Deborah Swift, both of D., int. Nov. 26, 1768. [Gamaliel, m. Jan. 12, 1769, C.R.4.]
  • Lois and Simson Hart, Feb. 23, 1791, C.R.4.
  • Samuel and Miss Eliza Spooner, residents of D., int. Mar. 26, 1831.
  • Sarah (Briant) [int. Bryant] of Freetown and Joseph Weaver of D., Jan. 25, 1788. in Freetown.
BUFFINTON (Buffenton, Bufinton)
  • Daniel [int. Buffington] of Troy, s. Moses of Swanzey and Isabella dec'd, and Ruth Hart, d. William of D. and Esther, 18th, 9 mo. 1810, C.R.3.
  • David (Bufinton) and Sarah Gifford, both of D., int. Jan. 23, 1772.
  • Deborah [int. Buffenton] and Allen Chace, both of D., Sept. 19, 1799. [Buffinton and Allen Chase, P.R.1.]
  • Jeremiah [int. Buffenton] and Bathsheba [int. Bethsheba] Washburn, both of D., Feb. 26, 1795. [Jeremiah and Bethsheba Washburn, P.R.1.]
  • John [int. Buffington] Jr. of Swanzey, s. John and Martha of Swanzey, and Mary Hart, d. William of D. and Esther, 26th, 11 mo. 1807, C.R.3.
  • Martha (Buffenton) and Benjamin Chace, s. Samuel and Mary, Dec 7, 1767.
  • Preserved (Buffenton) and Sarah Haward, both of D., int. Sept. 1, 1781.
  • Sarah [int. Buffington], d. Stephen of D., and Sarah dec'd, and James Wing Jr. of New Bedford, s. James of New Bedford and Hannah, 26th, 4 mo. 1810, C.R.3.
  • Susanna and Abner Wait, both of D., int. Nov. 8, 1775.
  • William of Freetown and Sarah Eddy of Swanzey, June 18, 1767.
  • Zephaniah [int. Buffington], s. Stephen and Sarah of D., and Lydia Tucker, d. John and Rhoda of D., 30th, 4 mo. 1795, C.R.3.
  • Elizabeth, d. Robert and Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Pope, s. Samuel and Sarah, 18th, 8 mo. 1744 "Old Stile," P.R.27.
BUFINTON (see Buffinton)

  • Margaret and Shubal Eldredge, both of D., int. Aug. 4, 1839.
  • Abigail, resident in D., and Isaac W. Rogers of D., int. Sept. 23, 1819. [m. Oct. 10, P.R.1.]
  • Amos [int. of Newbedford] and Amy Gifford [int. of D.], June 26, 1831.
  • Comfort of Rehoboth and Sibble Perce [int. Sibbel Pirce] of D., Dec. 19, 1784. [Sybil Pearce of D., P.R.1.]
  • David and "Mris." [int. omits "Mris."] Phebe Peirce [int. Pierce], both of D., Feb. 26, 1782. [Peirce, B.C.M. Pearce, P.R.1.]
  • Jemima [int. BuIluck] of Rehoboth and Stephen Andrus [int. Andrews] of D., Dec. 20, 1773, in Rehoboth.
  • Jerusha of Rehoboth and John Matthews [int. Marthars, "Trancient person"), July 14, 1777. [Mathews, B.C.M.]
  • Keziah [int. Bulluck] of Rehoboth and Ebenezer Andrus [int. Andres] of D., Sept. 18, 1774, in Rehoboth.
  • Mercy of D. and George Gifford of Westport, July 26, 1828, P.R.1.
  • Preserved of Freetown and Ellen A. Allen of D.,-----------, 1841[int. Nov. 12, 1840].
  • Sayer of Rehoboth and Susannah Reed of D., Nov. 16, 1769.
  • Sibbel, resident in D., and Stephen Ashley of Freetown, int. Nov. 16, 1822. [Sybil, m. Dec. 4, P.R.1.]
  • John C. and Phebe Ann Sowle, both of Newbedford, Aug. 30, 1838.
  • Shubael, s. Shubael and Lydia of Shearbourn, Nantucket Co., and Lydia Gardner, d. Joseph dec'd of Sherburn and Unice (now Unice Taber of D.), 27th, 9 mo. 1775, C.R.3.
BURDEN (see Borden)

BURDER (see Borden)

  • George [int. Gorge] and Patience Briggs, both of D., Dec. 28, 1785. [George, B.C.M.]
BURGIS (Barges, Burge, Burges, Burgess)
  • Antony and Cynthia Young, Mar. 4, 1792, C.R.4.
  • Benjamin (Burge) and Mary Merihew, both of D., int. Jan. 19, 1765.
  • Dolly (Burgess) of Yarmouth [int. Remember Burgis of Cape Cod] and William West of D., Jan. 21, 1781, in Yarmouth.
  • Elisabeth and Ephraim Landers, both of D., int. Feb. 6, 1759.
  • Gilbert (Burges) and Elisa [int. Eliza] Ricketson, both of D., Feb. 12, 1835.
  • James (Burges) of Little Compton and Dorothy Brownell of D., int. Apr. 8, 1757.
  • Joseph (Barges) and Tabitha Mitchel, Mar. 15, 1737-8.
  • Joseph and Rebecca Young, both of D., July 8, 1785. [Joseph Bis[torn], C.R.4.]
  • Luther (Burge) [int. Burgis] of D. and Annie [int. Alice] Southworth of Rochester, Feb. 8, 1770, in Rochester.
  • Mary and Robert Field, "black People," residents of D., int. Aug. 14, 1807.
  • Phebe (Burges) and Mathew Howard Jr., both of D., Nov. 17, 1726.
  • Phebe (Burges) and Humphry Allen, both of D., int. June 10, 1775.
  • Phebe and Gamaleal Handy, both of D., int. Dec. 15, 1786.
  • Remember (see Dolly).
  • Reuben (Burges) and Patience Ellis, Dec. 8, 1833.
  • Ruth of D. and Nathaniel C. Cole, resident in D., int. Oct 27, 1817.
  • Sally of D. and John Potter, resident in D., Mar. 9, 1812.
  • Sarah (B [torn] ) [Burgisi, int. Burgis] of D. and Clark Russell [int. of D.],-------------,[torn, Nov.]26, 1786. [Burgis, both of D., Nov. 26, B.C.M. Burges, Nov. 26, C.R.4.]
  • Sarah of D. and Samuel Johnson, resident in D., int. Aug. 23, 1823.
  • Susanna, resident in D., and Stephen Russell [int. Jr.] of D., Jan. 7, 1790. [Stephen Jr. of D., B.C.M.]
  • Tanzey (Burges), Miss, of Dennis, and Elijah Smith of D., int. Nov. 29, 1829.
  • Thankfull and Robert Balis, both of D., int. Oct. 12, 1770. [Bailin, m. Nov. 2, C.R.4.]
  • Thomas [int. Burges] and Dolly Newton, both of D., June 11, 1775. [Burgis, B.C.M. C.R.4]
  • Thomas [int. Burgas] and Susanna [int. Susannah] Shaw, both of D., Nov. 20, 1777. [Burgis and Susanna Shaw, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
BURKE (Birks, Burk)
  • Humphrey (Birks) and Polly Braley "coloured people," residents in D., int. Apr. 8, 1815.
  • Jeremiah (Burk) [int. "a Mustee"] and Nancy Quach [int. Quash], both of D., Oct. 25, 1784. [Quash, B.C.M.]
  • Mary, 20, of Newbedford, b. Newbedford, and Daniel Besse, single, 23, b. Westport, s. Martin of Westport, Apr. 6, 1845, in D.
  • Pege of D. and John Booth, "Trancient person," int. June 24, 1768.
  • Polly [int. Miss] and Isaac Haskin [int. Haskens], both of D., June 29, 1808.
  • Thomas F. [int. J.], 28, housewright [int. of of D.], b. Boston, s. John and Mary of Boston, and Catharine S. Tallman, 21 [int. of D.), d. Stephen and Susan, Nov. 10, 1847.
  • Dorothy A. of Newbedford and Tillinghast Kirby of Westport, Sept. 25, 1840.
  • Thomas, resident of D., and Miss Charity Mosher of D., int. Jan. 16, 1808.
BARREL (Burrell)
  • James and Mehetebel Russell, Mar. 14, 1704-5. [Burrill, both of D., C.R.3.]
  • Love (see Freelove Burris).
  • Mary [int. Burrell of Newbedford] and William Hunter of D., Mar. 28, 1820.
  • Thomas (Burrell) of New Bedford and Abigail Butts of D., June 30 [dup. crossed out, Mar. 15], 1807.
BURROUGHS (Burris, Burrouse)
  • Freelove (Burris) and Elijah Norton, both of D., int. Dec. 8, 1768. [Love Buril, m. Jan. 19, 1769, C.R.4.]
  • Mary (Burrouse) [int. Barros, wid.] and Thomas Jenne, both of D., Apr. 16, 1752. [Barrouse [dup. Barrow], B.C.M.]
  • Mary of Newbedford and Levi Smith of D., int. Dec. 19, 1841.
BURT (Birt)
  • Lazarus of D. and Hannah Page of Fall River, int. June 18, 1803.
  • Lucinda (Birt) and William Peck, both of D., int. Apr. 4, 1821.
  • Joel L., single, 37, labourer, of Newbedford, b. Newbedford, s. Abraham G. and Mary of Newbedford, and Hannah V. Gidley, 21, of D., b. D., d. John and Hannah of D., Nov. 3, 1846, in D.
BUTLER (Buttler)
  • Benjamin of D., s. Obadiah and Elizabeth dec'd of Falmouth, and Ester Kempton of D., d. Thomas and Mary dec'd, Mar. 29, 1758, C.R.3.
  • Benjamin Jr. and Mary Young, both of D., Apr. 12, 1786. [Apr. 22, B.C.M.]
  • Deborah of Falmouth and Prince Allen of D., June 18, 1742, in Falmouth.
  • Elisabeth of Sandwich and Seth Allen of D., Jan. 11, 1725-6, in Sandwich.
  • Elisabeth and David Allen, both of D., Oct. 2, 1777.
  • Elizabeth, d. Obadiah dec'd and Hannah of D., and Samuel Howland, s. Isaac and Elizabeth of D., 17th, "of the month called September," 1750, C.R.3.
  • James D. and Eliza B. PI[faded, ? Place] of Newbedford, Apr. 10, 1831.
  • Joanna of D., d. Daniel dec'd of Sandwich, and William Lake [signed Luke] of D., s. John of Winborn Minster, co. Dorsett, Eng., 22d, 6 mo., "called August," 1734, C.R.3.
  • Lydia of Tisbury and Noah Tobey of D., int. May 28, 1768.
  • Mary and Abraham Wood, both of D., Sept. 3, 1778.
  • Peter Jr. of Edgartown and Alice Hathaway of New Bedford, Dec. 26, 1792, C.R.4.
  • Peter of New Bedford, late from Dunkirk, France, and Anna Mosher of D., July 2, 1795.
  • Peter of Newbedford and Ofelia C. Thacher of D., int. Oct. 9, 1840.
  • Samuell (Buttler) of D. and Deborah Shearman of D., d. William, Oct. 26, 1750.
  • Susana (Buttler) and Jonathan Shearman, Mar. 31, 1737. [Susannah and Jonathan Sherman, B.C.M.]
BUTS (see Butts)

BUTT (see Butts)

  • David (Butterfi[torn]) [Butterfieldt, int. Butterfield, "Negro Man"] and Hester Ephraim [int. "Indian woman"], both of D., Jan. 24, 1765.
  • Elce of Warrentown and Joseph Petty of D., int. Nov. 15, 1752.
BUTTLER (see Butler)

BUTTS (Buts, Butt)
  • Abigail of D. and Thomas Burrell of New Bedford, June 30 [dup. crossed out, Mar. 15], 1807.
  • Abraham and Mary Lake, both of D., June 9, 1735. [Brett [dup. Butts], B.C.M.]
  • Abraham [int. Butt] Jr. and Lucy Cornel [int. Cornell], both of D., Apr. 4, 1774 [Butts and Lucy Cornell, Apr. 4, 1775, B C.M.]
  • Abraham Jr. of D. and [int. Miss] Judah Head, "a resident" [int. adds in D.], Sept. 17, 1812.
  • Addeline of D. and Samuel F. Gifford of Westport. int. Sept. 10, 1847.
  • Ailce and William Kerby Jr., both of D., Mar. 2, 1769. [Alice, B.C.M.]
  • Almy of D, and Thomas Hart of Westport, int. Apr. 25, 1824.
  • Amy of D., d. Stephen, and Asa Davis of Westport, s. Benjamin, Oct. 13, 1796, in Westport.
  • Ann and Bailey Gifford, both of D., Nov. 1, 1838.
  • Anne of D. and Joseph Sebery [int. Seabury] [of] Tiverton, May 19, 1782.
  • Chace of D. and Geneve'''. Griffeth of Little Compton, int. Feb. 13, 1768.
  • Daniel (Buts) and Ruth Tallman, both of D., May 12, 1767.
  • David (Butt), resident in [New Bedford], and Rebecca Crapo, "an inhabitant of New Bedford," Nov. 25, 1790. C.R.4.
  • Deborah of D. and Thomas C. Wilson, resident of D., Sept. 8, 1803.
  • Didymus of D. and Marcy Smith of Freetown, int. Mar. 13, 1823.
  • Eliza A. and Peter Williams, both of D., Aug. 10, 1837.
  • Elizabeth and Daniel Davis, both of Troy, July 10, 1808.
  • George, single, mariner, of D., b. D., s. Samuel Peets [sic], and Loann Butts [dup. single, of D., b. D.], Aug. 18, 1844, in D.
  • George W., single, 25, mariner, of Westport, b. Westport, s. Pardon and Clarasa of Westport, and Sally S. Hitt, 24, d. Thomas and Nancy of Westport, Nov. 21, 1847.
  • Gideon and Lydia Freelove, both of Fallriver, Jan. 8, 1835.
  • Hannah, Miss, of D., and Thomas B. Gifford of Westport, int. Nov. 19, 1842.
  • Hannah R of Newbedford and James Watkins of D., int. Nov. 27, 1837.
  • Holder of D. and Miss Comfort [int. Comfort] Brightman of Westport, Sept. 24, 1818.
  • Isaac of D. and Wait Cain [int. Wate Keen] of Freetown, Dec. 6, 1759, in Freetown.
  • James and Sarah Chace, both of D., int. Oct. 9, 1785.
  • James and Mrs. Susanna Simmons, both of D., int. June 11, 1825. [m. July 17, P.R.1.]
  • James and Miss Polly Cowing [int. Polly H. Cowen], both of D., Nov. 29, 1829.
  • Lavina (see Levina).
  • Lemuel of Westport and Charity Mosher of D., int. May 16, 1808.
  • Levi (see Live).
  • Levina, Miss, of Westport, and Richard Macomber of Tivertown, Oct. 9, 1803. [Lavina of Westport. P.R.1.]
  • Live [dup. Levi, int. Levi H.] and Amy [dup. Amey, int. Almy ] Reed, both of D., Nov. 8, 1840.
  • Loann [dup. single, of D., b. D.] and George Butts, single, mariner, of D., b. D., s. Samuel Peets [sic], Aug. 18, 1844, in D.
  • Lusanna and Turner Fish, both of D., int. July 18, 1795.
  • Margaret, Miss, and Phillip Cowen, both of D., int. Aug. 24, 1823. [m. Sept. 14, P.R.1.]
  • Mary [int. Butt] and Peter Allen Jr., both of D., [Oct.] 20, 1773.
  • Mary of D. and John Briggs of Westport, Aug. 9, 1789.
  • Moses of D. and. Mary Greenman [int. Grinmon] of Swanzey, Sept. 17, 1761, in Swanzey.
  • Pardon and Clarrisa [int. Clarisa] Potter, both of D., July 4, 1822.
  • Parterick of D. and Miss Cloa Chace of New Bedford, int. Mar. 5, 1825.
  • Peleg and Rebecka Tallman, both of D., Mar. 8, 1795. [Rebecca Salmon [dup. Tallman], B.C.M.]
  • Peleg [int. adds C.] and Hannah [int. adds R.] Reed, both of D., Dec. 22, 1842.
  • Roxanna, Miss, and Michael Haskell, both of Fall River, Feb. 1, 1842.
  • Ruth H., 22, b. D., d. Holder and Comfort, and Ephraim G. Slocum, single, 28, farmer, b. D., s. Abram and Deborah, all of D., Oct. 18, 1846, in D.
  • Sally and David Fisher, residents of D., May 6, 1819.
  • Samuel of D. and Susanna [int. Susannah] Mott of New Bedford, Apr. 20, 1789, in New Bedford. [Susanna, C.R.4.]
  • Sarah and Allen Handy, both of D., int. Oct. 5, 1800.
  • Sarah, Miss, and Micael Haskell, both of Troy, Nov. 17, 1818.
  • Silvia of D. and Peter Garrison of Newbedford, Apr. 28, 1819.
  • Stephen of D. and Abigail Snell of Little Compton, int. Dec. 12, 1767.
  • Stephen Jr. of D. and PriscilIai Pierce of Little Compton, R. I., int. May 4, 1799.
  • Stephen Jr. of D. and Sarah W. Brightman of Westport, June 22, 1838.
  • Susanna, wid., of D., and John Rogers of Rochester, int. Feb. 21, 1795.
  • Sylvia (see Silvia).
  • William and Lydia Andrews, both of D., int. Nov. 1, 1823. [m. Jan. 4, 1824, P.R.1.]
  • William, widr. [int. omits widr.], 50, farmer, of D., b. D., s. David (Butt) and Rebecca of D., and Hesadiah [int Hesedire written above Maria crossed out] Hiller, 20, of D. [int. Rochester], b. Rochester, d. Phineas and Sophia of Rochester, Jan. 29, 1846.
  • William T. and Lydia W. Brightman, both of D., int. Mar. 18, 1844.
  • B----------------, Joshua of Rochester and Prudence Taber of New Bedford, Oct 25, 1789, C.R.4.
  • Harvy of Newbedford [int D.] and Naorna M. Rogers of D., Oct. 9, 1836.
  • Edward of D. and Sarah Seabery of Little Compton, int. Mar. 24, 1753.
  • Robin, negro, of Portsmouth, and Mary Slocum, negro, of D., int. May 5, 1773.
  • Fanna (Caho[worn]) [Cahoon, int Fanne Cahoon] and Thomas McDonel [int. McDonnal], both of D., May 9, 1784. [Fanne Cahoon and Thomas McDonnal, B.C.M. Fannee and Thomas Mcdonald, C.R.4]
CAIN (Cane, see also Keen)
  • Allethiea of Milton and Job Springar of D., int. Feb. 26, 1785.
  • Ebenezar, s. Ebenezar of D., and Hannah Cole of Plim Town, int. Aug. 20, 1757.
  • Jesse and Hulah [int. Huldah] Hall, both of D., Mar. 16, 1778. [Huldah, B.C.M.]
  • Mary E., 18, of D., b. D., d. Paul and Sarah of D., and J. B. Bolles [int. Israil B. Bolls], 21, blacksmith, of Wareham rent. Rochester], b. Wareham, s. Obed and Sophia of Wareham, Aug. 14, 1848.
  • Paul (Cane) [int. Kane] and (int. Miss) Sally Harden, residents of D.,----------------[1825] [int. Feb. 13, 1821.]
  • Rachel [int. Kein] of [int. d. Ebenezer] and George Rouse of D. [int. s. John], Feb. 7, 1754.
  • Wait [int. Wate Keen] of Freetown and Isaac Butts of D., Dec. 6, 1759, in Freetown.
CALVIN (see Colvin)

  • David of Barnstable and Elisabeth Haws of D., int. Oct. 24, 1772.
CANADY (Canaday, Cannada, Cannada)
  • Cugo---------------- [int. Cugger Canaday] and Rebekah [int. Rebeckah] Shaw, negros [int. both of D.], Jan. 12, 1749.
  • Dennis and Neoma Cornish, both of D., int. May 7 [1774].
  • Naoma [int. Naome] (Canada) and Robert Grossman, both of D., Aug. 12, 1779. [Noeman, B.C.M.]
  • Rebecca (Cannaday) of Milton and Thomas West of D., int. Apr. 8, 1778.
  • Juda [dup. and int. Cakenahew], "Indian woman," and Ceasor Russell. "Negro Man," both of D., Oct. 17 [dup. Oct. 14], 1765.
CANE (see Cain)

CANNADA (see Canady)

CANNADAY (see Canady)

CANNON (Canon)
  • Cornelius of D. and Mehitable Haskall of Rochester, Jan. 5, 1732-3, in Rochester.
  • Ebenezer of Barnstable and Exsperience Tupper of D., int. Aug. 29, 1761. [Experience, m. Oct. 29, C.R.4.]
  • Elizebeth (Canon) and Jonathan Toby, Sept. 26, 1738. [Elizabeth Cannon [dup. Canon] and Jonathan Tobey, B.C.M.]
  • Joanna [int. Johannah] of Barnstable and Bezalell Wayte [int. Bezaleel Wast] of D., Nov. 28, 1765, in Barnstable.
  • Joannah (Canon) [int. Johannah] and Jonathan Peckham [int. Peckhum], both of D., Jan. 3, 1750. [Joannah Cannon [dup. Canon] and Jonathan Peckham, B.C.M.]
  • John and Sarah Hathaway, d. John, Oct. 11, 1709.
  • John and Mary Landers, Sept. 27, 1744, in D., B.C.M.
  • John and Abial [int. Abia] Tilton, both of D., Nov. 9, 1780. [Abiah Sellten, B.C.M.]
  • Mary and Aleccander Terance, Sept. 26, 1738. [Alexander Torrance, B.C.M.]
  • Mary of D. [int. wid. John] and Samuel Peckham of D., Nov. 15. 1753.
  • Mary and Ebenenezer Fuller, both of D., int. May 10, 1770. [Mary, wid., and Ebenezer Fuller, m. Nov. 11, C.R.4.]
  • Mary and Walter Chafman, both of D., Oct. 23, 1777.
  • Philip of D. and Sarah Bates of Rochester, Sept. 22, 1734, in Rochester.
  • Philip [int. Phillip Canon] and Mary Cushman, both of D., June 30, 1751. [Philip Cannon, B.C.M.]
  • Phillip [int. Philip] and Phebe Card, both of D., July 22, 1780. [Phillip and Phebe Cord, B.C.M.]
  • Sarah of D. and Thomas Atsatt of Edgartown, int. Nov. 5, 1772. [m. Apr. 4, 1773, C.R.4.]
CAR (see Carr)

CARRY (see Kirby).

  • Charles V. of Bedford and Eliza Ann Hathaway of D., int. July 9, 1820.
  • Martha R., Miss, of New Bedford, and Charles F. Packard of D., int. Sept. 1, 1842.
  • Phebe and Phillip [int. Philip] Cannon, both of D., July 22, 1780. [Cord and Phillip Cannon, B.C.M.]
  • William Jr. and Mary C. West, both of Newbedford, Jan. 12, 1843.
  • Henry [int. Carday] and [int. Miss] Sally Bradford [int. residents in D.], Dec. 12, 1810.
  • James [int. Carlberg] of Newbedford and Lucy Snow of D., Apr. 5, 1838, in D.
  • Mallinda and Peter Suscanish, "people of Colour," residents in D., int. Nov. 13, 1816.
CARR (Car)
  • Debroah (Car) and Corneli is Potter, both of D., int. May 14, 1757.
  • Mary, Miss, of Portsmouth, R. I., and Lemuel Mosher of D., int. Aug. 7, 1830.
  • Robert and Mary Sisson, both of Providence Plantation, R. I., Nov. 27, 1778.
  • Robert of Portsmouth, R. I., and Miss [sic] Sally Peckham, wid. [int. omits wid.], of D., Jan. 22, 1803.
  • Amy (see Carter)
  • Zurvia, Indian, of D., and Isaac Barker, Indian, of Middleborough, int. Mar. 17, 1760. [int. Arnie] of Swanzey and Gideon Woodmansee [int. Woodmancy] of D., Oct. 7, 1781, in Swanzey.
CARVER (Carvor)
  • Grace and Thomas Spooner, both of D., int. Dec. 6, 1760.
  • Hannah (Carvor) and Job Tripp, both of D., int. Nov. 12, 1771.
  • Nancy F. (see Nancy Cown).
  • Sarah of D. and Capt. David Clark of Sherburne, Nantucket Co., int. Nov. 21, 1771. [David Clerk of Sherborn on Nantucket, m. Jan. 16, 1772, C.R.4.]
  • Adam and Ailce Cornell, both of D., Aug. 1, 1784.
  • Ailce and George Allen, both of D., int. Nov. 9, 1776.
  • Alice of D. and Charles Little of Westport, int. Aug. 5, 1798.
  • Almira W., "Mises," of Rehoboth, and William S. Bozworth of D., int. Mar. 19, 1825.
  • Anna and Pardon Cornel, both of D., June 23, 1790. [Cornell, B.C.M.]
  • Caleb of D. and Miss Betsey Cottle of Marthas Vinyard, int. Jan. 30, 1813.
  • David and Edith Anthoney [int. Anthony], both of D., Feb. 13, 1794. [Anthony, B.C.M.]
  • Edmond and Esther Davis, both of D., Sept. 4, 1780.
  • Elsie (see Alice)
  • Hannah and Jonathan Gifford, both of D., Oct. 11, 1781.
  • Hope [int. Miss], resident of D., and Jephthah [int Jepthah] Whalon of D., May 14, 1826.
  • Isaac Jr. and Elizabeth Earl, both of D., Oct. 11, 1769.
  • Isaac of Tivertown [int. Freetown] and Amy Russell of D., Nov. 17, 1811. [Isaac of Tiverton, P.R.1.]
  • Isaac and Ann Strange, resedents of D., int. Apr. 6, 1839.
  • Job of D., s. Isaac, and Mary Gifford of D., d. Jonathan, Oct. 22, 1749.
  • Job and Susannah Jenne, both of D., May 22, 1788. [Miss Susannah, P.R.1.]
  • John and Ann Hicks, both of D., int. Aug. 23, 1755.
  • John and Rachel Allen, both of D., int. July 17, 1757.
  • John and Rachel Tripp, both of D., int. Sept. 17, 1774.
  • Juda and Abraham Anthony [int. "Mulattos"], both of D., Jan. 3, 1788. [Juda Cora Mosher. B.C.M.]
  • Mary of D., d. Isaac, and Job Macomber [int. Maccumber] of D., s. John, May 11, 1746. [Macomber, B.C.M.]
  • Mary and Barnabus Davil, both of D., int. Apr. 15, 1774.
  • Moses and Ruth Lawton, both of D., Jan. 19, 1787.
  • Patience and William Cornell Jr., both of D., int. Sept. 10, 1763.
  • Peace and George Maccumber, both of D., Mar. 25, 1781.
  • Ruth and George Sisson, both of D., Feb. 16, 1794.
  • Seabury and Lydia Sowle, both of Westport, July 8, 1832.
  • Thomas and Abigail Maccumber, both of D., Jan. 30, 1780.
  • Wanton and Sarah Wood, both of D., int. Oct. 25, 1769.
  • William of D., s. Isaac, and Anne [int. Ame] Potter of D., d. John, July 2, [rec. between July 12, 1747 and Sept. 27, 1747, int. July 10, 17471. [Ann, July 2, 1747, B.C.M.]
  • Barbara [int. Barbery Custeno] of Westport and Wesson [int. Weston] Smith of D., May 26, 1816.
  • Sarah, Miss, of Westport, and Bradford Trafford of D., int. Oct. 19, 1810.
  • Caroline of Newbedford and William King, Dec. 19, 1830.
  • Daniel and Comfort Mosher, both of D., Oct. 27, 1774. [Nov. 17, B.C.M. Oct. 27, C.R.4.]
  • Joseph of Newport and Mary Kirby of D., Mar. 16, 1731.
  • Joseph Jr. of D. and Mary Perry of Shearburn, int. Nov. 21, 1731.
  • Marcy, Miss, and James Tripp, resident in Newbedford, int. July 23, 1820.
  • Mary and John Andros, both of D., int. Aug. 24, 1758.
  • Nabby and Benjamin [int. Benjamen] Besse, residents of D., Mar. 29, 1835.
  • Polly of Rochester and John Delano of D., May 14, 1786, in Rochester.
  • Susannah, resident in D., and John Sogg of D., int. Aug. 13, 1757.
  • Thomas and Lydia Allen, wid., both of D., int. Feb. 6, 1762.
CATHEL (Kettiel)
  • Betty (Kettiel) [int. Betsey Catthel], "Mris.," of D., and David Winslow of Freetown, Dec. 2, 1783. [Betty Mitchel of D., Dec. 2, 1782, B.C.M. Betty Kithel of D., Dec. 22, 1783, P.R.1.]
  • James Walker and Bettey Reed [int. Betcey Read], both of D., June 1, 1774. [Betsy Reed, B.C.M.]
  • Lot of Rochester and Marcy Eason of New Bedford, "black people," Nov. 28, 1799.
  • Leah [int. Lawton], d. George and Mary of D., and Joseph Brownel [signed Brownell], s. Thomas and Esther of D., 3d, 4 mo., "called June," 1736, C.R.3.
  • Isaac and Experience Mosher, both of D., int. June 10, 1775.
CEASOR (Ceaser)
  • Deborah and Isaac Pequit, Indians, both of D., Nov. 4, 1765.
  • Zilpha (Ceaser) and Isaac Wicka [worn, Wickam], both of D., int. May 5, 1744.
CERBY (see Kirby).

CETTLE (see Cottle).

CHACE (Chase)
  • Abigail and Elihu Gifford, both of D., Sept. 8, 1768.
  • Abigail [int. adds R] of D. and Washington B. Tripp of Westport, Dec. 10, 1843, in D.
  • Abner and Abigail Scranton, both of D., Feb. 5, 1781.
  • Adelin B. (Chase), 17, of D., d. Resolve (Chace) and Detila, and John H. Upham, single, 21, mariner, of New Bedford, b. D., s. Samuel and Edith of New Bedford, Apr. 2, 1848.
  • Allen and Deborah Buffinton [int. Buffenton], both of D., Sept. 19, 1799. [Chase and Deborah Buffinton, P.R.1.]
  • Arnie (Chase) of Porthmouth, R. I., and Humphry Slocum of D., int. Dec. 9, 1757.
  • Anna (Chase) of Westport and William [int. Williams] Slocum of D., Feb. 3, 1803.
  • Asenith and Job Crosman, both of Westport, July 14, 1836.
  • Barnabas (Chase) and Ruth Shearman, May 13, 1736.
  • Benjamin, s. Samuel and Mary, and Martha Buffenton, Dec. 7, 1767.
  • Benjamin (Chase) and Rebecka Barker, both of D., Apr. 12, 1790[sic, int. Mar. 18, 1792]. [Chace, Apr. 12, 1792, B.C.M.]
  • Cebury (Chase) of D. and Mary Crocker of Tivertown, int. May 23, 1817.
  • Charles S. and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] W. Bliss, both of D., Aug. 28, 1839 [in New Bedford].
  • Chloe (see Cloa and Cloe).
  • Clarissa (Chase) [dup. Clarecy Chace] and Charles Henrecson [dup. and int. Henrickson, int. residents of D.], June 3, 1832 [dup. in D.].
  • Cloa, Miss, of New Bedford, and Parterick Butts of D., int. Mar. 5, 1825.
  • Cloe (Chase) and Amos Cornel, both of D., Apr. 22, 1762. [Chace and Amos Cornell, B.C.M.]
  • Cloe and Cloither Peirce [int. Clothier Pirce] Jr., both of D., June 24, 1781. [Clothier Peirce Jr., B.C.M.]
  • Cloe [int adds P.] and Jeremiah Chace, both of D., Feb. 16, 1834.
  • David (Chase) [dup. crossed out and int. Chace] and Susannah Cornell, both of D., Apr. 29, 1770 [dup. crossed out, May 6, 1771]. [Chace, Apr. 29, 1770, B.C.M.]
  • David of D. and Betsey Clark of Richester, May 7, 1840.
  • David T., single, 21, farmer, of D., b. D., s. John and Sarah of D., and Cynthia [int. Cynthea] Ann Rogers, 16 [int. of D.], d. Jeptha and Mercy, July 2, 1848.
  • Dean and Sylvia Shearman, both of D., Dec. 1, 1831.
  • Deborah and William Williams, Jan. 26, 1833.
  • Ebenezar (Chase) [int. Ebenezer Chace] of D. and Sarah Snow of Rochester, Jan. 21, 1783, in Rochester.
  • Edward (Chase) and Permela Durfey, both of Freetown, Oct. 17, 1790. [Pamelia Durfey, P.R.1.]
  • Edward of Fall River and Mary Ann Hall of D., Oct. 19, 1836.
  • Elezabeth W. (Chase) [int. Elizabeth W. Chace], 26, of D., b. D., d. Arnold BIiss and Susan of D., and William H. Rich. single, 26, trader, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s. Elijah H. and Olive of New Bedford, Apr. 27, 1848 [? in New Bedford].
  • Elihu [int. Chase] and [int. Miss] Joanna Shearman, both of D., June 11, 1809.
  • Elihu and Sylvia Ann Sisson [int. both of D.], Aug. 29, 1839.
  • Elisabeth (Chase), Miss, and Weston Winslow Jr., both of D., int. June 2, 1818. [m. July 5, P.R.1.]
  • Elisibeth [int. Elisabeth], "Mris.," and James Gifford, both of D., Oct. 19, 1782 [sic, int. Sept. 25, 1783]. [Elizabeth, Oct. 19, 1782, B.C.M. Elizabeth. Oct. 19, 1783, P.R.1.]
  • Elizabeth and Rowland Rider, both of D., June 14. 1798. [Roland, P.R.1.]
  • Elizabeth W. (see Elezabeth W.).
  • Enoch E. of Yarmouth and Miss Rebecca Baker of D., int. Feb. 16, 1829.
  • Experience (Chase) and Thomas Smith, both of D., 18th, 2 mo., "called April," 1744, C.R.3.
  • Ezekell and "Mris." Lydia Wilbour, both of D., Oct. 6, 1782. [Zekell, negroes, B.C.M. Ezekiel, P.R.1.]
  • Ezekiel (Chase) Jr. and Nancy Phillips, both of D., Oct. 22, 1820.
  • Frederick P. (Chase) of Westport and Miss Elizabeth West of New Bedford, Mar. 28, 1842.
  • George (Chase) of D. and Hannah Brownel of Westport, int. Sept. 26, 1793.
  • Gideon R., single, 28, of Westport, b. Maine, s. Preserved and Rhoda of Wilton, Me., and Mary A. [int. Ann] Little, 24, of D., b. D., d. Isaac and Mary of D., Dec. 31, 1848.
  • Hannah (Chase) and George Russell, both of D., Oct. 17, 1754.
  • Hannah (Chase) and Prince Potter, both of D., int. Aug. 1, 1767.
  • Hannah [int. Chase, Miss] and Richard Craw, both of D., Mar. 6, 1808. [Chase, P.R.1.]
  • Hannah and Barnabas Collens, both of D., June 25, 1837.
  • Hannah G. and John Williams, both of Newbedford, May 1, 1831.
  • Hannah W. [int. of D.], b. Newbedford, d. of Newbedford, and John Cranston, single, mariner, of D. [int. Newbedford], b. D., s. of D., Dec. 31, 1844, in D.
  • Henry (Chase), s. Abraham and Elisabeth of Tiverton, and Mary Tripp, d. Abiel and Anna of D., 14th, 11 mo., "called January," 1734-5, C.R.3.
  • Henry [int. Chase] and Mercy Whalen [int. Whalon], both of D., June 19, 1808. [Chase and Mercy Whalon, P.R.1.
  • Henry of New York and Lydia Slocum of D., int. Oct 26, 1839.
  • Holder [dup. Chase] and Mehetable Barker, both of D., int. Sept. 9 [dup. July 23], 1838.
  • Hope (Chase) of Troy and Abisha Cowin of D., int. May 16, 1805.
  • Isaac (Chase) and Pernel Spooner, both of D., Dec. 18, 1735.
  • Isaac (Chase), resident in Newbedford, and Persilla Millard of D., int. Aug. 16, 1818. [Priscilla of D., m. Sept. 27, P.R.1.]
  • Isaiah Jr. of D. and Miss Mary Sawyer of Newbedford, int. Dec. 16, 1826.
  • Isaiah [int. Chase] and [int. Miss] Susannah Sabens [int. Sabens], both of D., Nov. 12, 1830.
  • Israel (Chase) and Mary Chase, both of D., int. Feb. 19, 1818. [m. Mar. 22, P.R.1.]
  • Jacob (Chase) 2d and Patience Brownell, both of D., int. Mar. 15, 1762.
  • Jacob (Chase) and Rhobe Martin, both of D., int. Aug. 31, 1820.
  • Jacob Wilbur and Jerusha Cornell, both of D., Sept. 18, 1831.
  • James R. (Chase) and Miss Mercy Haskell, both of D., int. May 23, 1846.
  • Jared (Chase) of D. and Miss Nancy Rownds of Tiverton, int. Oct. 24, 1826.
  • Jeremiah (Chase) of D. and Bennet Borden of Freetown, int. Feb. 26, 1763.
  • Jeremiah [int. Chase] and Ann Reed [int. Read], both of D., Mar. 19, 1772.
  • Jeremiah (Chase) of D. and Hope [int. Hopee] Willson of Freetown, Dec. 29, 1791. [Hope of Freetown, B.C.M.]
  • Jeremiah and Coe [int. adds P.] Chace, both of D., Feb. 16, 1834.
  • Jerusha of D. and Willard Shaw of Newbedford, int. June 17, 1837.
  • Jerusha of D. and Robert Hathaway of Newbedford, Aug. 5, 1838.
  • John (Chase) [int. of D.], s. Nathaniel, and Levina Hamon [int. Lovina Haman of D.], d. Thomas, Jan. 10, 1750-1. [Levina Hammon [dup. Lovina Hamon], both of D., B.C.M.]
  • John (Chase) 2d and Marcy Andross, both of D., int. Mar. 17, 1756.
  • John of D., s. Jacob (Chase), and Elisabeth Smith of D. [int. d. John], July 23, 1788. [July 15, B.C.M.]
  • John and Hannah Rider, both of D., Sept. 20, 1798.
  • John and Dorcas Maxfeld, both of D., Sept 26, 1799.
  • John (Chase) of Westport and Deborah Macumber of D., int. May 18, 1814.
  • John Jr. and Miss Sarah Jones, both of D., int. Mar. 16, 1826. [m. Apr. 2, P.R.1.]
  • Joseph (Chase). s. William of Swansey, and Abigail Tucker, d. Abraham of D., 10th, 6 mo., "called August," 1710, C.R.3.
  • Joseph (Chase) and Susannah Chase, both of D., int. Oct. 14, 1818. [Josiah, m. Nov. 8, P.R.1.]
  • Joseph and Eliza S. Wing, both of D., Feb. 11, 1841.
  • Josiah (see Joseph).
  • Kesia W. [int. Keziah, omits W.], Miss [int. Mrs.], and Samuel----------- [int. Barton], residents of D., June 5, 1825.
  • Lemuel and Elizabeth Potter, both of D., 27th, 12 mo. 1787, in D., B.C.M. [Lemuel, s. Jacob of D. and Patience, and Elizabeth Potter, d. Prince of D. and Hannah, C.R.3.]
  • Leomard M. [int. Leonard M. Chase], single, 25, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Isaac and Priscilla of D., and Acenith Shearman, 18, of Westport, b. Westport, d. Anthony and Susan of Westport., Oct 12, 1845, in D.
  • Leonard M. [int. Chase], single, 28 [int. written on loose paper, 27], farmer, of D., b. D., s. Isaac and Pricilla of D, and Hannah S. Mosher [int. written on loose paper, 19], of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, d. Joseph of New Bedford [int. written on loose paper adds and Betsey], June 4, 1848.
  • Levi (Chase) and Sarah Huddlestone, both of D., May 21, 1767.
  • Levi (Chase) and Deborah Gifford, both of D., Mar. 5, 1805.
  • Louisa B. of D. and Simeon M. West of Newbedford, int. Mar. 12, 1842.
  • Lusannah (Chase), resident of D., and Otis Little [int. Littlee] of D., Aug. 22, 1819.
  • Lydia of D. and Allexander Mason of Freetown, Apr. 6, 1785. [Apr. 6, 1784, P.R.1.]
  • Lydia [int. Chase] and Benjamin Horton [int. Horten], both of D., Mar. 1, 1807. [Chase and Benjamin Horton, P.R.1.]
  • Lydia [int. Miss] and Osman Potter, both of D., Dec. 30, 1828.
  • Lydia Ann and Abner Tucker, both of D., May 29, 1838.
  • Marcy (Chase), wid., of D., and John Freelove of Freetown, int. Mar. 10, 1759.
  • Marcy (Chase) [int. of D.] and Danford Hathaway [int. resident in D., Apr. 11, 1817.
  • Marcy (Chase) and Elihu R. Bedon, both of D., int. Aug. 26, 1824. [Mary, m. Oct. 13, P.R.1.]
  • Maria (see Maria Chanbeth).
  • Martha (Chase) [int. Chace] and Ire [int. Ira] Worshburn, both of D., May 17, 1781. [Chace and Ire Worshburn, Mar. 17, B.C.M.]
  • Martha and Stephen Haskin [int. Haskins]. both of D., Jan. 24, 1811.
  • Marthar of D. and Holder Brightman of Littlecompton, int. Nov. 30. 1832. [Martha Chase of D., m. Dec. 25, P.R.1.]
  • Mary (Chase) of D. and Samuell White of Rochester, May 11, 1731.
  • Mary and Peleg Badcock, both of D., Feb. 3, 1777.
  • Mary [int. Chase] of D. and Isaac Tripp of Westport, June 4, 1795. [Chase of D., P.R.1.]
  • Mary (Chase) and Israel Chase, both of D., int. Feb. 19, 1818. [m. Mar. 22, P.R.1.]
  • Mary (see Marcy, 1824).
  • Mary [int. Miss] and Rowland [int. Rholand] Howland, both of D., Jan. 25, 1826.
  • Mary, Miss, and David Briggs, residents of D., int. Jan.7, 1828.
  • Mary Ann [int. Chase], 17 [int. of D.], b. D., d. Ezekiel and Nancy of D., and Gershom Wordell, single, 19, farmer, of D., b. Fall River, s. Abraham and Hannah of Fall River, Apr. 11, 1847.
  • Mercy (see Marcy).
  • Lil(?) [int. Chase] of D. and John Akin [int. 2d], of D., (?), Nov. 21, 1773. [Chace and John Akin, B.C.M.]
  • (?), Chace alias Pettis," and Ellery Taber, resident of D., int. Dec. 29, 1819. "Published nine days."
  • Mercy(?) and Collumbus Stowell, both of D., int. May 6, 1840.
  • (?) (Chase), d. Joseph dec'd and Abigail of D., and Job Howland, s. Nicholas dec'd and Hannah of D., 27th, 11 mo., "called January," 1736, C.R.3.
  • Nathan [int. Chase] and Susannah Macumber [int. Macomber], both of D., Oct. 19, 1794. [Chase and Susannah Macomber, P.R.1.]
  • Nathan of D. and Mary Hunt of Fallriver, int. June 7, 1834.
  • Nathaniel (see Nathaniell Lat).
  • Nathaniel of D., s. John, and Lydia Howland of D., Aug. 29, 1779.
  • Noble M. (Chase), single, 22, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Jacob and Roby N. of D., and Mary B. Bowman [int. Mercy B. Beauman], 20, of New Bedford. b. New Bedford. d. Nathan and Hannah of New Bedford, Mar. 8, 1846.
  • Parnel (Chase), wid. Isaac of D., and Barnabas Earl, s. Ralf (Earle) and Dorcas both dec'd of D., Mar. 14, 1759, C.R.3.
  • Patience of Swansea and William Reynolds of D., Oct. 5, 1777, in D., B.C.M.
  • Patience (Chase) and Benjamin Peck, both of D., May 7, 1793. [May 17, B.C.M.]
  • Phebe (Chase) and Henry Wilbour, both of D., Feb. 18, 1765.
  • Phebe (Chase) and Benjamin Scranton, both of D., June 6, 1790.
  • Phebe [int. Chase] and Chace Babcok [int. Chase Babcock], both of D., June 5, 1808. [Chase and Chase Babcock, P.R.1.]
  • Pheneas [signed Phinehas] (Chase), s. Abraham of Tiverton, and Desire Wing, d. John dec'd of Rochester, 1st, 5 mo., "called July," 1719, C.R.3.
  • Philip (Chase) and Experience White, both of Freetown, Feb. 28, 1790.
  • Phineas (see Pheneas).
  • Preservid [int. Preserved] and Rhodah [int. Rhoda] Rogers, both of D., Jan. 6, 1799. [Preserved Chase and Rhoda Rogers, P.R.1.]
  • Rebecah [int. Rebecka] and John Rider, both of D., Nov. 23, 1797. [Rebecca Chase and John Ryder, P.R.1.]
  • Rebecah (Chase) [int. Chace, Miss] of D. and George Duglas of New Bedford, Nov. 24, 1811.
  • Rebecca (Chase) and John Mosher, both of D., Jan. 8, 1767.
  • Rebecca (Chase) and Samuel Killy, both of D., Nov. 5, 1806.
  • Resolved (Chase) [int. Chace] and [int. Miss] Delila Lincoln, both of D., Aug. 30, 1829.
  • Rhoda G. (Chase) of New Bedford and Philip Cummings of Tiverton, Apr. 14, 1828 [ ? 1828 or 1827, ? 7 written over 8], P.R.1.
  • Roth [int. Rhoda] of D. and Henry Howland [int. Jr.] of D., s. David, Nov. 16, 1777. [Rhoda Chase and Henry Howland, Nov. 6, B.C.M.]
  • Rosannah and Kempton Shearman, both of Westport, Nov. 8, 1835.
  • Rozanna (Chase) [int. Chace] and John Anthony, "black people" [int. residents in D.], Aug. 24, 1794. [Chase, B.C.M.]
  • Ruth (Chase), Miss, of D., and Isaac Bly of New Bedford, int. May 24, 1816.
  • Salley P. and Thomas Shearman, both of D., int. June 12, 1840.
  • Salome [int. Miss SoIona) (Chase), resident in D. [int. of Harwich], and Levi Spencer [int. Sponeer], resident in D., Apr. 16, 1817.
  • Samuel of Swanzey and Mary Earl of D., Dec. 13, 1773.
  • Sarah (Chase) and Jonathan Anthony, Dec. 1, 1782, P.R.1.
  • Sarah and James Butts, both of D., int. Oct. 9, 1785.
  • Sarah and Robert Demunranville, both of D., Dec. 11, 1788. [Demoranville. P.R.1.]
  • Sarah (Chase) and William Sherman, both of D., July 10, 1790.
  • Sarah [int. Miss] and Joseph Barker, both of D., May 28, 1826.
  • Sarah of D. and Noah Lapham of Ohio, Aug. 30, 1836, in D.
  • Sarah M., wid. [int. of D., omits wid.], and John Francis, widr. [int. of Fall River, omits widr.], June 6, 1844, in D.
  • Seabury (see Cebury).
  • Seth (Chase) of Tiverton and Sarah Milk, d. Job of D., Jan. 24, 1745-6.
  • Simeon (Chase) of D. and Elisabeth Cornell of D., d. Iisrael, int. June 17, 1758.
  • Simeon [int. Jr.] and Robe Washburn [int. Robey Washbun], both of D., Mar. 5, 1797. [Chase Jr. and Roby Washburn, P.R.1.]
  • Simeon [int. Chase] of D. and Lucy Howland of Westport, Dec. 25, 1806. [Chase of D., P.R.1.]
  • Simeon (Chase) 2d of D., s. Ezekel, and Rhoda [int. Rhodah] C. Phillips of D., d. Ira, July 19, 1818.
  • Stephen G. of New Bedford and Phebe A. Brightman of Westport, Apr. 25, 1841.
  • Susannah [int. Susanna Chase] and Nathaniel Hathaway, both of D., Nov. 11, 1773. [Susannah Chace, B.C.M.]
  • Susannah (Chase) and Joseph Chase, both of D., int. Oct. 14, 1818. [Josiah, m. Nov. 8. P.R.1.]
  • Thankfull (Chase) of D. and Thomas Woodmancy of Swanzey, May 30, 1754.
  • Watestill Marcy (Chase) of Tisbury and John West of D., s. Rev. ------------, int. July 3, 1758.
  • William [int. Chase] and Marcy Reed [int. Mercey Read], negroes, both of D., Apr. 18, 1775. [Chace and Marcy Reed, B.C.M. Chase and Mercy Read, C.R.4.]
  • ------------[int. Philip, sic ? Philis] (Chase), wid. Philip of Freetown, and John Crandon of D., Dec. 14, 1768, in Freetown.
  • Elizabeth, Miss, and Wesson Briggs Jr., both of D., int. May 19, 1828.
  • David G. [int. Daniel G. Cadwick] and Martha A. R. Fletcher, both of D., June 30, 1840 [in New Bedford].
  • Isaac S. and Angeline Kelly, both of D., int. Oct. 4, 1843.
  • John and Mary Allen, both of D., int. Apr. 9, 1773. [m. May 13, C.R.4.]
  • Rebeka and Paul Sweet. Sept. 11, 1794. C.R.4.
  • Samuel and Naomi Trafford, both of D., int. Dec. 13, 1805.
  • Samuel and Sally Giffod, both of D., int. Mar. 6, 1813.
  • Sarah C. and Joseph T. Whelden, both of D., int. Sept. 19, 1837.
  • Ezra and Deborah Hathaway, Feb. 19, 1795. C.R.4.
  • Susanna [int. Susannah] and Jabez Hathaway, both of D., Feb. 3 [sic, int. Feb. 16], 1784. [Susanna, Feb. 3, B.C.M.]
  • Cephus of Freetown and Eliza Reed of D., int. May 15, 1839.
  • Ephraim of D. and Amie Sheife of Tiverton, int. Apr. 23, 1763.
  • Joseph of D. and Sarah Brownell of Little Compton, int. Mar. 3, 1775.
  • Maria [int. Chace, Miss] of D. and Henry Gifford [int. of D.], June 25, 1826.
  • Elizabeth (Cha[torn]) [Chandler, int. Elisabeth Chandler] and John Winslow, both of D., Oct. 11, 1787. [Elizabeth Chandler, P.R.1.]
  • James and Phebe W rightington, both of D., Oct. 30, 1768.
  • Jeremiah and Elizabeth Cummins [int. Elisabeth Cummings], both of D., Jan. 1, 1792. [Elizabeth Cummins, B.C.M. Elizabeth Cummings, P.R.1.]
  • Mary and Henry Rider, both of D., Nov. 12, 1797.
  • Sarah [int. Chandline of Duxbury] and Noah Allen Jr. [int. of D.], s. Noah and Rebeccah, Nov. 18, 1762.
  • Sarah and Jonathan Haskin [int. Hoskins], both of D., Jan. 13, 1799. [Haskins, P.R.1.]
  • Ralph Jr. of Newport and Deliverance Slocum of D., 8th, 10 mo. 1702, C.R.3.
  • Abby and Abner Reed, both of D., Dec. 8, 1836.
  • George of Stonington and Sarah Obadiah [int. Obediah] of D., Indians, Sept. --- [int. Sept. 4], 1774.
CHASE (see Chace).

  • Walter and Mary Cannon, both of D., Oct 23, 1777.
CHEARMAN (see Shearman)

  • Israel of D., "Minister of ye Prisbeterien Church there," and Esther Tory of Boston, int. Oct. 25, 1751.
  • Lydia [int. of D.] and Oliver Slocum of Chilmark [int. adds Dukes Co.], Sept. 7, 1792. [Lydia of D., B.C.M.]
  • Mary of D. and William Slocum of Chilmark, Dukes Co., int. Feb. 28, 1792.
  • Harriet Elizabeth McEee [? McEee or McEu] and Elnathan T. Shaw, both of Newbedford, Apr. 21, 1844.
  • Ebenezer and Mary Adams, Dec. 3, 1730.
  • Abigail and Samuel [int. SamueIl] Procter, both of D., June 10, 1782.
  • Alice and Richard Grenal, Dec. 21, 1738.
  • Benjamin and Abigail Shearman, both of D., int. June 25, 1763.
  • Caleb of Chilmark and Mercy Pope of D., Jan. 29, 1752. [Mary of D., B.C.M.]
  • Caleb and Jane Nye, June 5, 1791, C.R.4.
  • Charles Jr. and Lois Peckham, Nov. 13, 1791, C.R.4.
  • Charles Jr. and Deborah Kempton, Sept. 13, 1795, C.R.4.
  • Charles Jr. and Nancy Taber, June 9, 1799, C.R.4.
  • Christopher A. [dup. omits A.] of Westport and Rebecca A. [dup. Phebe H.] Tucker of D., Oct. 30, 1834.
  • Deborah of Freetown and Wing Spooner, Mar. 9, 1729, in Freetown.
  • Dorcas, resident of D., and George W. Gardner, resident of D. [int. of Stoneington, Conn.], "people of Colour," Sept. 27, 1821.
  • Elisabeth (see Rebecca).
  • Gamaleal and Eunice Sherman, both of D., int. Sept. 18, 1761.
  • Gideon [int. Gedion] of Little Compton and Phebe Soul [int. LowIe] of D., Jan. 29, 1772.
  • Hannah of Rochester and Joshua Vincent [int. Venson] of D., Apr. 16, 1780, in Rochester.
  • Hannah and Increase Smith [int. 2d], both of D., Apr. 16, 1807.
  • Joseph and Deborah Perry, both of D., June 19, 1777.
  • Lillis and Stephen Wate [int. Wait], both of D., Mar. 10, 1776. [Wate, B.C.M.]
  • Lois of Rochester and John Bennet 3d [int. omits 3d] of D. [int. s. John], Mar. 30, 1769, in Rochester.
  • Mary, wid., of Little Compton, now a resident in Tiverton, and Constant Tripp of D., int. Dec. 1, 1770.
  • Mary of Rochester and Elisha [int. Elijah] Allen of D., July 23, 1773, in Rochester.
  • Mary [int. Mercy] of Dighton and Sylvester Browning [int. Silvester Brownel] of D., Aug. , 1778, in Dighton.
  • Patience of Freetown and Antipas Hathaway of D., Sept 13, 1729, in Freetown.
  • Rebecca [int. Elisabeth] and Isaac Shearman, both of D., Sept. 29, 1774. [Rebeckah, Sept. 27, B.C.M. Rebekah, Sept. 29, C.R.4.]
  • Ruth and Elijah Potter, both of D., Aug. 20, 1767.
  • Susan of Littlecomton and Russell Akins of D., int. Feb. 27, 1819.
  • Susanna and Samuel Proctor Jr., July 31, 1791, C.R.4.
CHURCHIL (Churchell)
  • Charles of Plymouth and Jedidah Hawes of New Bedford, Aug. 20, 1797, C.R.4.
  • Cyntha (Churchell), resident of D., and John Kirby of D., int. Feb. 20, 1804.
  • David [int. Churchill] of Plymton and Lurany McFarling of D., Nov. 7, 1776. [Churchil of D., B.C.M.]
  • Thomas and Eunice Jennee, Sept. 28, 1794, C.R.4.
  • Thomas C. (Churchell) [int. Churchel] of Newbedford and Abigail Fisher of D., Aug. 1, 1833.
  • Abiah of Edgartown and John Gerish [int. Gerrish] of D., Sept. 4, 1767, in Edgartown.
  • Elisabeth and Elihu Shearman, both of D., Oct. 23, 1766.
  • Elisabeth and Oliver Potter, both of D., Sept. 15, 1774.
  • George [int. Cloghorn] and Deborah Brownell [int. Brownell, both of D., Dec. 20, 1769. [Claghorn and Deborah Brownell, B.C.M.]
  • Susanna and Joseph Maxfield, Mar. 30, 1794, C.R.4.
CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)
  • Benjamin and Thankful Morsetander, both of Newbedford, June 19, 1828.
  • Betsey of Richester and David Chace of D., May 7, 1840.
  • Charles S., single, 22, butcher, of New Bedford, b. New Bedford, s. Thomas and Hannah of New Bedford, and Hannah C. Gifford, 18, of D., b. D., d. Ebenezer and Susan of D., Apr. I1, 1847.
  • Cyntha (Cla[torn]) [Clark], int. Silva Clark] and Elisha Copelin, both of D., Aug. 28, 1785. [Cynthia Clark, B.C.M. Cynthia Clerk and John [Elisha written above John] Copelain, C.R.4.]
  • David, Capt., of Sherburne, Nantucket Co., and Sarah Carver of D., int. Nov. 21, 1771. [David Clerk of Sherbom on Nantucket, m. Jan. 16, 1972, C.R.4.]
  • Diana of D. and Thomas Williams, "people of colour," int. Apr. 21, 1816.
  • Edward, single, 25, mariner, of D., b. D., s. John and Elizabeth of D., and Deborah Allen, 16 [int resident of D.], b. D., d. Isaac S. and Deborah, June 29, 1848.
  • Elijah (Clerk) of Rochester and Cynthia Shearman of New Bedford, Sept 26, 1793, C.R.4.
  • Eunice of Rochester and Peter Tinkcom of D., int. Mar. 17, 1745-6.
  • Frances E. and Bradford D. Manchester, both of Troy, Dec. 11, 1832, P.R.1.
  • Hannah of Harawich and Jacob Hathaway of D., int. Apr. 17, 1743.
  • John [int. Clerk] of R. I. and Elizebeth Hathaway of D., June 27, 1727.
  • Judith [int. Judah] of Rochester and Cephas Cushman [int. Cuishman] of D., Dec. 7, 1766. in Rochester.
  • Margaret J., Miss, and Frederic Dame, both of D., int. Aug. 12, 1842.
  • Martha [int. wid.], "Trancient Person." and Jonathan Comet of D., July 31, 1763.
  • Mary of Rochester and Hallet H. Winslow of D., int. Mar. 11, 1837.
  • Mary Ann and Abial Hatch, both of Newbedford, Feb. 25, 1829.
  • Moses and Hope Booth, residents of D., int. July 6, 1833. [Hopy, m. Aug. [illegible, ? 3 or 8], P.R.1.]
  • Olive of Rochester and Samuel Sherman [int. Shearman] of D., June 28, 1777, in Rochester.
  • Rose (Clarke) of Sandwich and Seth Spooner of D., July 16, 1719, in Sandwich.
  • Ruth and John Demaranville, both of D., int. Jan. 5, 1786. Samuell [int. Samuel] (Clerk) of Rochester and Mercy Hudelstone [int. Marcy Hudlestone Jr.] of D., Dec. 14, 1727.
  • Sarah, Miss, of D., and Jireh Ashley of Freetown, int. Jan. 20, 1827.
  • Seth and Jane Anderson, both of D., Aug. 18, 1774. [Jean, B.C.M. Jane, C.R.4.]
  • Simeon and Bethiah Jennee [int. Jenne], both of D., Dec. 18, 1777. [Jenne, B.C.M. C.R.4.]
  • Simeon of Freetown and "Mris." Sarah Allen of D., Dec. 12, 1782. [both of D., B.C.M. Clarke of Freetown and Sarah Allen of D., P.R.1.]
  • Susanna of Shearburn and Thomas Nye Jr. of D., int. Oct. 20, 1764.
  • Thomas, resident in D., and Polly Wheeler of D., int. Oct. 23, 1821. [m. Dec. 4, P.R.1.]
  • William (Clarke) of Middleborough and Patience Howland of Freetown, Jan. 30, 1791.
CLEAVLAND (see Cleveland)

CLEMMENT (Clemons)
  • Martha (Clemons) of D. and William Griffeth of Rogester, int. Oct. 13, 1759.
  • William and Saviah Cushman, both of D., int. Jan. 27, 1837.
CLERK (see Clark)

CLEVELAND (Clevvland)
  • Abraham L., single, 28, mariner, of Edgartown, b. Edgartown, s. Ralph and Rebecca of Edgartown, and Sarah L. Winslow, 18, of D., b. D., d. Simon P. and Lydia of D., Feb. 18, 1847[ ? in New Bedford].
  • Bethiah (Clevvland), resident in D., and Clother Peirce of D., int. July 9, 1823. [Clothier Peirce of D., m. Aug. 3, P.R.1.]
  • Clarissa, Miss, of Exeter, N. H., and Capt. Joseph A. Bailey of D., int. Oct. 5, 1827.
  • Bershea [signed Bershe, int. Bathsheba], d. Savveri of Rochester, and Butler Wing, s. Elisha of Rochester, 9th, 10 mo., "called desember," 1730, C.R.3.
  • Dorothy, d. Savery of-----------, Plymouth Co., and Samuel Wing, s. Daniel of Sandwich, 3d, 11 mo. "1720 or 21," C.R.3.
  • Margret, d. Savery of Rochester, Plimmouth Co., and Stephen Wing, s. John dec'd of Rochester, Plimmouth Co., 2d, 12 mo. 1730-1, C.R.3.
  • Sarah, d. Savery of Rochester, and Archapus [signed Archippus] Hart, s. William of D., 8th, 1 mo., "called March," 1726-7, C.R.3.
CLOSSON (Clossen)
  • Joseph (Clossen) and Mehitable Cornell, both of D., int. Sept. 15, 1760.
  • Martha of D. and Benjamin Brownell of D., s. Thomas, int. Feb. 25, 1758.
  • Sarah and Daniel Pettey, both of D., Oct 15, 1780.

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